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Jul 31, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Look at George showed -- night I had been talking about doing this tomorrow night party died August the first the first day of MTV I have been asked to do Garland show tomorrow in the think tanks or done to you. So we will have a -- show tomorrow night so we're gonna touch on the MTV topic tonight. And this will always be one of those early videos that I remember from MTV. Unfortunately we're not gonna have a chance to talk to me to black was one of the original BJ's but are trying to set something up with her talk to her one day next week. On the Schuylkill. Glad you're with us tonight here's -- WW a pretty -- opinion poll it's going to be something that comes up in the top rated -- one of the things will talk about on the show tonight. Would you be uncomfortable. Using a gender open public restroom. This seems to be. An idea that is spreading. Mainly on a college campuses in Northwestern University has now joined about a 150 universities that are converting restrooms into gender open restrooms. Would you be uncomfortable. In a gender open restroom. I mean I think we've all kind of been there where in the men's room there are times when the ladies room is so crowded ladies come in to the mantra. Anything bad ever happened nor does everybody behaved. I give us your opinion by going to our web site -- WL dot com what practical throughout assurance can be attached to see how that how that works out. Did this all makes me think about the TV show -- big field Alley McBeal. Because they had a a unisex bathroom and -- that was kind of interest it's time for tonight's top eight at eight here's a topic things we'd like you to know we have to get our show tonight. On WL. Number eight. You can assure you can't talk about this in the news Louisiana has attracted to a short segment of the population known as -- deals. Ranking number seven in the country in this age group fourteen to 34. Morning -- are powerful because they toward the workforce. Favor present a lot of consumer spending. And this group in Louisiana is now estimated 32% of the population. The recent. Good employment and a lot of people came here to help -- the city rebuild after Katrina. And and they stayed I would love to talk to you if you're a -- or even if you're not believe you if you came to New Orleans recently came to New Orleans after Katrina. And you decided to -- I was talking to people who instantly fall in love with New Orleans and there are so many people who do. Sadly there are people who were born here and live here who have a very bitter attitude toward the city not all the obviously some. And there are some people who come to the city and they just instantly. Fall in love with it so we'll talk about this on the -- like if you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. Series every text numbers 877. Number seven it's nice list of the top eight at eight. You see on the news the Ebola outbreak. Yeah I gotta tell yeah I I'm a germ a phone by think about this all the time the World Health Organization is not recommending travel restrictions. Or closing any borders because of the Ebola outbreak. They say the risk is very low for passengers to be infected by a person if they did fly on the same plane. Did you see that movie outbreak. With Dustin Hoffman. -- Donald Sutherland. Birdied Russo. I had a difficult time going out in public. After a song that it is difficult to fly in a playing. Patrick Dempsey was one of the year of the first people who who got sick of memories and Africa. As a kind of contact with the marquee. And got sick he was flying into to Boston's Logan Airport was coughing again he's sick. Was sick but he got off the playing that than other people on the plane were sick that movie freaked me out. International Air Transport Association hand is on issued a statement now saying that they are. They're not going to require any kind of -- any kind of restrictions when it comes to traveling. Now according to experts the -- -- in a virus is transmitted when a patient is displaying signs of severe symptoms. Fever. Weakness. Muscle pain. Headache sore throat. Vomiting diarrhea. Impaired kidney liver function and ultimately internal and external bleeding. And according to some medical experts it's. Very unlikely that someone suffering from those symptoms. Would be well enough to travel. It doesn't mean that they wouldn't but. You know if -- were sick like that you've probably. Wouldn't -- travel but. You know you and I have all been on planes where of people I have been on the flight and they seem to be really sick especially in the wintertime. Through the flu season. And you know you're you're stuck in this metal cylinder. In the air. And Ayers -- I don't I don't even like to think about it. Here's a text yes I've seen both the outbreak and contagion. Outbreak is forget contagion was the other movie. I've that I saw -- -- it you know if you're sure muffled I don't recommend these movies to you but you know they're really pretty exciting I think one of the reasons -- exciting is because. They're just seems to be that slight possibility that it might happen. I mean really I I don't remember that much about contagion. But outbreak. Really does seem to parallel. This this current crisis I mean obviously in on. Hollywood cinematic exaggerated kind of way. But it does kind of follows this this pattern of something starting in Africa in the US tried to. -- attempt to stop at all tried to blow open entire village in Africa to prevent it from coming here. But he came here anyway so so far they're telling us that we're we're all safe. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. It to Michelle Bachmann Republican from Minnesota. Says that she believes the US government. Wants to use thousands of undocumented immigrant children. For medical experiments. She said this today a radio show called wall builders. She said that the that the president should I attorney for personal experience. That's. We don't have enough Foster parents and she thinks the president is trying to bring these kids -- to be used for medical experience. She said we certainly don't have enough Foster parents for all the illegal aliens. Here's how she where this is a quote from her all the illegal aliens. That the president is trying to bring in right now. I thought these kids were being brought here I thought they overcoming I didn't know the president was trying to bring them here. I just wanted to to to point that out. She says that hospitals get millions of dollars in government grants if they can conduct medical research on somebody. Suggesting that hospitals. Might wanna do research on undocumented children here's the quote from Michelle Bachmann a little kid. Can't say no. If there ward of the state. So. Here you could have this situation. Getting millions of dollars from our government. To do medical experimentation. On a kid. That can't even saying no it's -- A quote from Michelle Bachmann. Do you think the president is bringing these undocumented children in here for the purpose of doing medical experiments. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. There's. There's a new report out. And and this information actually comes from author Tom Vanderbilt who wrote a book traffic why we drive that we we do and what it says about us. This. This author and is talking about a report that really does indicate. That sometimes it's. It's because of good drivers. That we have traffic chains. Is that sometimes the best intentions lead to lead to problems one thing that he says he's very critical of in the United States is what's known as the zipper. The united nobody really had a name the super. It's 11 -- hands. And everybody gets over into the the at the late -- a year -- -- let's say Iran a four lane -- in -- there's a new area that it seems to be may -- it's it's gotten better. But I had people tell me it's it's really bad I mean I don't drive history. I during rush hour but the interstate was was widen I ten westbound in Metairie. And would you get close to the veterans exit down there -- two -- that now exit off veterans and and apparently. There's there's a big build up their because I guess people aren't really used to. But it's called the zipper went when went cars and it I guess it would be like as a perfect with cars come over into. Entity delaying. The other lane the next link in the lane it's ending. The problem is is that everybody tries to get over it warrants. Because in America we have this idea that wasn't well and of course we all get aggravated with those people with the very last minute. -- to get over. But if we all. We're in such a rush to not be that person. That it might go a little bit more smoothly. That we need to do a better job. Of merging. And that's something really interesting to think about nobody wants to blow again some people do wanna be that person some people or noxious and wanna be. They wanna use an open lane to the very end and and they they won't let you win an Indy you don't wanna let him and but if we all did a better job of not getting over. Not all at the same time but if we it may be. -- little better at letting people in and out and creating better of a zipper effect and maybe things would be better so sometimes good intentions and good behavior on the road. Leads to traffic -- will be talking about them on the show tonight if you wanna join us with a comment about anything we talk about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- seventy. And a -- number is 877. Never for a tonight's list of the top eight at eight. This is something that came up on the show the other night. Is society suspicious of men who go places alone. Now I've been single for a long time anti -- lot of places alone. Sometimes -- get the feeling that the people might be suspicious of me in certain situations that I talked about this when I went to the MK TO concert. At house of -- Sunday was -- Ali -- show. So a lot of parents brought their kids but that meant that there were a lot of single fathers older men who were there and showcases older women. But there were older men there. And at a crowd that really was dominated by a young females. Some of them teenagers. Some of them older teenagers some of them younger teenagers. When you see a man alone at a movie or any place. That is usually is setting for couples or people who going somewhere with a friend. Are you instinctively suspicious of that man who was alone. And if so why. He's -- guy alone in a movie. Does that creep you out just a little bit and if you're guide you go places alone. Where do you go. And do you think people. Look at Q&A suspiciously because you're alone we'll talk about pets on the -- shall -- three -- nice list of the top eight at eight. What if restrooms. We're open for both sexes. Northwestern University has joined the list of a 150 universities that are converting restrooms in -- gender opened restaurants. Males and females will be allowed to use the same -- at the university says that it's responding to the needs of the students and a desire to be. Inclusive. If you're a guy. Chances are at some point whether it's a saints game or at some point you've been in a restroom where there -- women's room was so crowded. That women winning the men's room. Sometimes they go in with a boyfriend or somebody there with and the boyfriend watches the door sometimes they just they just go -- -- Now in a women's room now that I've ever been in one but I hear. That they don't have euros in the year. So all the doors would be would be close and use YouTube going to be individual stalls but if -- go into the men's room no guy serve. Guys heard guys -- there. And it's a French guys aren't that careful about you know turning around when they're getting ready to to leave if you if you know what I mean. Would you be uncomfortable. In a gender open restruct. If your guy you've you've been in a restroom where women have -- and did anything bad happen did you behave. Andy and if you behave then maybe this isn't really a problem if you're a woman have you gone into a men's room. And does it make you nervous to go into -- -- from the you do it just out of cashier emergency. And when you do. Are you comfortable in there do you think that guys respect she. I remember -- that deal they had unisex bathroom I guess unisex really more the first to the bathroom it has. You know one went toilet and you -- when you lock the doors for men and women but men and women are not in -- the same time. -- -- talking about larger public restaurants. I if you are if you're a woman and you've you've billionaire. Where you were comfortable. If you would join us tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's every Texas 870 semi tech started coming and here's a Texan reads. I just got back from France and all bathrooms or unisex. Guy next to girl insults. -- why is that something that can be done in Europe. And it can't be done here. Does that tell us that we we have this perception that we don't really know how to control ourselves. I mean I've never seen. Any any. Any kind of deviant behavior. In a bathroom where a woman came it. So is this something that should be totally acceptable. We'll talk about this tonight number two tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Ray Rice the running back for the Baltimore Ravens said that he made the biggest mistake of his life. We have his entire apology. Which we will played on the show tonight to ever if a sample of the apology tonight -- father -- on. He made this really incredible apology I read part of now what he was what he was set thinking last night and and and I I totally. Said to accept his apology. But Ray Rice met with the media today. And it's about six minutes long so we'll we'll play the whole thing a little bit later shot Michael played a couple of times. But this really does bring up this question do you accept the apology. Do you accept the apology. Of other athletes and celebrities. Who have made mistakes. And is there anybody who did something wrong. To apologize to you. The American people whether politician. A celebrity. Or a sports figure. Did anybody apologize to you and you didn't think it was sincere. You didn't accept the apology here's part of what Ray Rice sent to. The media and to his team today. You know violence of any kind especially man or woman. Does this it is just not right. You know it's not race and be tolerated. It's not right for society. No matter what. You know that's something I'll stand by and I have to pay for it. But me and my wife when the time is right. We will go out there and help as many people as we came to go out there to speak out against domestic violence. And I'm here today to tell you that you know I made the biggest mistake in my life. Me she can do no wrong she's an Angel. I want you to hear the whole apology because it really is so very compelling and and I accepted but do you accept the apology he made a mistake. You might considered a big mistake because he had a moment but he he made a mistake and he admits it and is -- somebody -- apology to the public. You didn't accept. Our numbers 260187. In toll free 8668890. Point seven got a text Everest 87870. And finally tonight's number one on tonight's list of the top eight and it's. We didn't do this tomorrow night August the first because August 1 is the birthday of MTV MTV went on the air. At midnight August the first actually it would have been 1101 New Orleans time. And so I guess actually. This is the anniversary of MTV because MTV is forests and our time is concerned MTV went on the air. On this day. July 31. At 1102. They went on the year with the words ladies and gentlemen. Rock and roll. MTV. We're supposed to have changed everything. MTV was going to change music and MTV was going to change radio. Radio still lies in MTV certainly not what it used to -- So we were scheduled to do this tomorrow night I was asked to do. Garland show the think tank tomorrow for don't abuse albeit from -- -- to one tomorrow so there will be a -- -- tomorrow night. So we're gonna talk about MTV tonight. And I just figured out that technically. This is the day that MTV first went on the -- New Orleans time and in in this part of the country. What are some of the early videos that you remember from MTV type price saved MTV early years music video. What's the top video that stands out in your mind. I just laughed the early years of MTV and -- Different BC radio stations at the time and I just could totally relate to what they were doing. And I loved the video with with the music. But there are also interesting aspects of that they were bands that were born on MTV how were they going to manifest this image. Of of of people seeing them in close ups on stage it -- when I was growing up. It was. -- his radio news you can see the stars so you know if you went to a Doobie Brothers concert for example. Or Aerosmith concert you weren't you weren't used to seeing close up to the guys. So you could sit back in the crowd and even though they look small on stage it was still OK because at least you got the city of but bands that were born and MTV had a real challenge to satisfy. Those people who. Solvent for the first time on MTV used all the used all of the the close ups. I've said that -- the two renter and cancer in 1984 van rouge. That was a concert I saw video screens use for the very first time and that was a band born on MTV one of the reasons I really wanted to go to the concert. Not -- to like directory and I went to see how this man was gonna pull this off how are they gonna satisfy our crowd of people who have seen him on MTV. With all the close ups if they're doing concert and I didn't other reviews video screens but I thought that was rather impressive. So let's go to break with the very first video MTV played on the year. A song. By the buckles. And it's video killed the radio star. Which it didn't if you -- -- -- with a comic tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 260270. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text. Is a 7870. I'm getting a number of text of to those initial videos that we all remember seeing on MTV and replace him that music going and never breaks tonight. This is the -- show what will be -- right back. Whatever WL. It's the news talk and sports leaders WWL. To join in the talk -- call 5042601870. Or toll free at 8668890817. I am already getting a lot of text about songs that people remember. Being from the early videos they saw on MTV. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And when I realized that MTV went on the air at. I guess 12011202. Eastern time. That it went on the air actually -- August 1 but it went on the air on this day July 31 hearing too little incident in this part of the country. So going a lot of breaks -- -- remember some of those usually videos from MTV. What video stands out in your mind when you think about these early years of MTV's. Our numbers 260 -- activities. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text of the State's 77 and remember innocent until Siegel for the Texan this just a moment ago you definitive -- -- -- 7870. Here's an update on our W if you -- pretty -- up. New poll would you be uncomfortable using a gender open public restroom. Northwestern University has joined a 150 universities around the country in converting restrooms into gender opened restrooms. Right now 50% say no they would not be in comfortable. And 50% say yes they would give a -- opinion I go to our website W of fuel to account and we're also talking about the apology that every rice made their running back for. The Baltimore Ravens do you accept his apology and did anybody make an apology a public apology for something they did. But she still haven't accepted a from -- Josh you're on this crucial WL. Still didn't Josh. Called. Rewrites and then you got to understand GP they saw on our two or okay well. You know would -- rights. Just so much discussion or let's say though to me -- that that was everything you do crawl. Do except -- a party to a certain degree I watched a lot this morning. -- -- started out on the theory goes those things that but I saw a certain degree. But remorse. Here earlier in the week but to me which. And right now this. In -- way -- -- after China been his fault it would stowaways being treated. Being treated and so -- as -- -- Itself as mr. tremendous opportunity here. You know look at some were trying to say is greater rights to -- plea for two games. Some action in order. What to do was. We know it -- So chipped it -- that it missed the boat on this one screw. -- a lot of people assume that fit the DN FL what it was here is is tougher on people who smoke a joint. It's true that this decision. To order true if it's truly the first ever get it that's no question to do. But this thing -- He isn't counseling and it proved that today he didn't make -- count when you're doing it together actually drop the charters. I mean charters with -- war personally burger and the -- did just that true. Then the -- changed. -- But that's not going to be tolerated and it took it -- gritty. And -- And got to start from that area. There and Josh we're we're seeing you know marijuana decriminalized. Legalized in some states and I'm sure -- be legalized in more states as time goes on domestic violence will never be decriminalized or legalized -- a lot of people a lot of people agree with you about how the N affiliate office. Figure it was a mistake course. And I just like dementia due to a conversation about it -- you know and -- restores natural quickly committee. That a lot of stuff to go to what. Never was even. Aware. Of so much of the Michael Jackson stuff that sort of watched -- it felt that that was ball -- and GP. They were sick and Judy I think it would uses small book as -- and those were great great videos. Did -- really worry you don't videos and most videos today have just gotten too complicated and there was a time when they were simpler there was a time when. Like thriller and I'm also thinking about pat -- tar -- as a battlefield they were almost like little movies. And it has still there is such a huge addition the creative genius -- whether there are. To me. Rhapsody came out for him to be an -- -- and -- chat it's thanks so I think that. You know that was sort rural part Ayers the cartilage for Mercury changes it to me. Four faces all our products use exactly is about it and keeping a different. Yeah I would think so. -- Yeah and I mean you could even go back to the early. The only early films of The Beatles. Hard day's night and in some of those early video says that when they were videos they were. And we -- films. The deals mean there there were shows and there were bands that did do they did do videos but. You know MTV was the first to just -- back to back videos for all the music effect in the very early years. -- sometimes there was occasionally some some black. Black time wanted David -- space there was there was -- -- because they had to actually literally put the tape in the machine. Pitcher is pitching a lot of people who Ali just because somebody somewhere along the lines somebody that edit it faster and achieve and you get like. So it was investors it was terrific. Josh appreciate you calling in thanks for listening tonight if you are joining us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- company. Text numbers 87870 this was a song from one of the big music videos on MTV in the early years. I remember it well because it included. Blades. Something that I've always been attracted to it. It's -- tough. Which -- do you remember from the early years of MTV MTV went on the air. On this day in nineteen anyone in this area of August 1 is the official -- they've participant in the year before midnight this is the -- and MTV. What are they will talk about this computer night and we'll be right back to the WL. Seven 65. Or we've gone for main engine start we have. Ladies and gentlemen. Rock and roll. This is fit. Welcome to MTV music television the world's first 24 hours stereo video music channel. -- just moments ago. All of these days and the crew here at MTV collectively and our executive producers who Steinberg over the head with a bottle of champagne and be holed a new concept is born. The best -- TV combined with the best of radio starting right now you'll never look at music the same way again. We'll be right back to introduce the other Vijay had folks are gonna be -- on MTV. I'm Alan hunter. I'll be with your right after mark will be covering the latest music news coast to coast here on MTV. Music television. I'm Martha -- the musical continued nonstop on MTV music television and newest component of your stereo system all right I'm. JJ Jackson I'll be fitting in with the latest video music performances the way they were meant to be that since stereo. On MTV music television you'll never look at music the same way again. Hi I'm Nina Blackwood and I'll be reviewed after facing right here on MTV the world's first video music sent out. All day all night in area. -- who's got the best we are so excited about this new concept in TV. We'll be doing for TV what SN it did for radio and let's get into it right now on MTV. And that's the way it sounded when MTV first went on the air -- -- -- the of the original Vijay say we're disc jockeys but then they were video jockeys they -- -- days. MTV hit the -- at midnight August the first 1980 warned. That's tomorrow but since it was midnight East Coast time. Today is actually the birthday of MTV in New Orleans and as part of the country because it was 11 o'clock if you wanna -- Russia with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Recently Texas a 77 what do you remember about the early years of MTV. It will go in another breaks tonight to with some of the songs that remind us of those very early videos. Now we're not talking about just 1981 you might have been coming of -- in 19851986. It's so there's another MTV video of that that you remember. I miss those days and I guess because there are so many different sources of music. It was it may be the need for MTV the -- there was in 1981. I still miss it I thought it was phenomenal and then when MTV started to to dvd -- direction. Then VH one cable. And they were awesome and now they really don't play very many videos except an early on a Sunday morning sometimes for -- I'll catch the top twenty countdown -- Early morning videos on on VH one. If you graduate are shorter and our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven or Texas 87870. Here's an update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight. Would you be uncomfortable. In -- gender open public restroom. 55% say no they would not be and comfortable. 45% say yes they would. To -- opinion by going to our web site WW -- -- come from New Orleans Steve you're on the -- show good evening. It's cool great or good -- they are hurt yeah yeah what you would be -- -- will -- earlier. I don't understand why are truthfully. Makes such a while statement that it is just ludicrous to -- up. How all you say immigration. The cross rebel -- for a bag you'd think. That influx coming across the board what do you think -- fought back. Well probably from that visit the beginning of this this country. -- -- in and that -- you know our our our ancestors that their forefathers of this country we were illegal immigrants when we first came to this country. And I appeal which is seeing it's it's been developed in the last eight years glare when he has the last thirty in the happened along our. And now all the flattened. You know it's it's it's it's it's the biggest problem you know. We would want to close the border it's it's impossible. At this point to try to close the border. But we are politicians in the war -- would all work together gridlock and they had their grade they'll work with the president get forward as Republicans then. And and coworkers together trying to follow -- -- always the big fight. In a big battle you know people -- inaudible the clip their salaries and have been -- -- packet is. Arab Americans we -- -- and expect them we vote that we could do salaries you'll benefit packages and Mabel look it's just. Always do something like that. Well the problem is they get to vote for their own races which by the way they haven't done in awhile but it doesn't mean that they're certainly not attempted to do it and I I don't like the idea that they had that the power to do it. Steve I quite often you know talk about deficit we've we do have a problem with people coming across the border we can't take care of everybody but it's a problem it's a rather than. The president blaming Republicans and Republicans blaming the president. We as a nation deserve to see both of the parties worked together to figure out a solution find a way to solve the problem. It is the game and so the blame him one person talks. Couple of people on. Of the border problem if they come together like we come ago in cry should you. Editing audio of the faster we will comment will from a group were there. What we -- come together on this problem that. Effective. Everyone. Steve I I totally agree with you and I appreciate tickets under Kosher -- listing from Madison joke when you're on the -- show on WWL. Speed and created take on an -- questions for him Korea. You know what the first ball and -- video that was political and community and expect. Yeah I do and we did just a few minutes ago but I don't argue that no it's okay because people are just joining us just like Q. It was video killed the radio star by the -- All right thank you talent or go to bed and had to jump on the part of -- That's all right Glenn you know sometimes we we we talk about things and somebody just -- the show don't ever be afraid just say what is on your mind don't think that old baby was said before just -- you wanna say in. Will tell if it was said before. I am just getting I'd -- number of text. About videos that of people remember it will continue to play decent throughout the show or was what are your favorite videos who was what when you when used when you think about the early years of MTV. What video stands out in your mind as the video that you remember as. The first video that she really remember when MTV in just a lot of great memories and our our text. And and what do you remember about MTV are numbers 2601870. -- -- 866. 8890 it's every text to -- 7870. These girls were essentially born on MTV they go goes somebody sent in this request this text we got defeats. They remember that video from NT thing. We'll be right back at war. And if you will. Attacks requested this songs. Because this was one of the first videos they rehearsing an entity. Yeah. 99. Built to lose. In fact it was interesting tonight is that eighty cents. When I Jackson French Quarter where they played all of these site. We're celebrating the birthday of MTV went on the August 1 but since it was a -- o'clock our time this is actually at the anniversary MTV. If you wanna join us for the coming -- light on numbers 260187. So free 8668890. Point seven -- Texans played 7870. I shoot -- nation are you ready we're gonna bring you live coverage of the State's black and gold scrimmage. Life from the Greenbrier in West Virginia and -- Saturday morning at 7 o'clock. Scrimmage is at 740 we're gonna bring you the action between the offense and the defense. Analysis from our resident pros Bobby -- hokey garage on that a full recap with coach Sean Payton and saints players afterwards. And join the big chief Deke Bellavia body hokey plus Kristian -- on the sidelines -- Bob Hebert and Steve Geller. Team WWL is they're the saints black and gold scrimmage coverage begins at 7 o'clock Saturday morning scrimmage is at 730. And we'll take it until like noon right here on state radio Debbie did you well from Hammond Marvin -- on -- WL. -- -- -- First the video remembering those would anymore and next week jury looks sweet dreams I remember that when -- Anheuser minutia of the seven year greens sol. One content but I. That's right that was another one of those songs that just had never been Britain but if people hate to admit they're right because it's actually of a funny -- Margaret I I appreciate you calling specialist. Here -- earlier caller. Thanks and thanks for listening and and you know you Collison call us anytime you have an opinion about a topic and I always love to encourage those people who were first time our callers. He's Colin FTC's runners on WL. -- in the nineties and if you've never called the talk show before it's just like having a conversation. And sometimes have learned to people who will quite often say -- -- half a century and I wanted to call and but I didn't. Well it if you have an opinion the comet it's real simple just just call the show and we love to welcome in a first time -- From gin chilly Justin Euro on the scoot -- -- W well. -- Stuart thanks to Michael great Celtic -- remember. I can remember the first time. Artistic course apple will they at least be disbanded in 1980 and -- when Robert play that we came out. With. -- present eleven and the -- -- which is one of the first idiot. And I also remember a big law which is from principles of knowledge -- second album. -- as big as the great. And its debt problem sound like -- to an interview with Robert Plant and John Bonham missiles in 1970. And you're interviewing them -- -- acts and now. KG got to -- their original and TV lesions. A lot of plates and a bit he and articulate what it certainly you know he went -- -- thing that. Don't like certain video does a great subject -- -- -- and they add that to. I appreciate you calling Justin and again if you've never called the radio show before this idea of the perfect night to do it talking about it MTV we're talking about other things as well. But this tactically is the anniversary in TV going in the year it was -- 12 o'clock on August the first witches. Tomorrow so it was actually technically today when MTV first win of the year if you and join -- tonight with your comment our numbers 2601870. It's all free 866889. -- every text numbers 87870. Also tonight we're talking about the apology by Ray Rice the running back for the Baltimore Ravens. He said he made the biggest mistake of his -- coming up in the next half hour. Or replace the entire six minute apology. That Ray Rice gave to reporters. Two team members. Two here's his wife we stay here but Judy rice. And I think this was a really goods apology. I accept it not everybody will. Is there somebody who made a mistake who made a public apology. And to this day you don't really accept their apology you don't think they were sincere. A southern -- were talking about so on the show tonight. And here are a couple of text is scoot disorder when request is I want my MTV yes we will play that was dire straits. The best which thriller by Michael Jackson. I remember the debut of madness must have been 84 I'm just guessing here -- have been around 84 when thriller came out it was like a little movie. And and even the videos they were not extend it like electoral what's the beef close to fifteen minutes long even the videos that -- Even the normal length of the song. On many of them were like. We're like little movies and I'm done I'm thinking about -- better tar. A better tar. Love as a battlefield that was like which was leaving home had a problem that parents it was like a little movie. Here is. A text. You do miss this year. Well I love it and miss you miss the old days. You know I I this is as much fun as I've ever had radio I do miss MTV I love life today -- I do miss those days where NTT was actually playing videos. This is this coach -- will be right back after the news on -- -- -- well.