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Jul 31, 2014|

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has apologized for hitting his fiancée. Should the apology be accepted? A lot of athletes, celebrities and politicians do things they ultimately apologize for - is there anyone's apology you didn't accept? Also, join us we play your favorite songs as we celebrate Mtv's birthday!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is just the official birthday at and TV. July 31 to new -- because MTV went on the air August 1 at this night but that was East Coast time so today. -- -- -- I'm protesting -- show the world the think tank it worked on to you tomorrow so there will be no scooter tomorrow right so we're talking about in TV on the show tonight. And as it turns out this is actually the birthday of of MTV. What was sort of the early videos that you remember for MTV and a number of request as the song is money for nothing but everybody calls it -- I want my MTV sort. There -- always those videos that we'll forever remind us of those early years of MTV so what video was it for you. If you wanna join Russia with a -- tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. We sent me a text numbers 87870. Tempers flared it saints' training camp Kristian -- breaks it down. And plus you've got arrested approach Bobby Darren Nokia guy show with their assessment of the offense and the defense those are just some of the things. On our web site. At WW dot com we've got an interesting it -- poll question tonight. What does all restrooms were for both sexes. Northwestern university's joined the list of about a 150 universities. They're converting restrooms in two gender opened restrooms. For males and females. Now with all do it if you're a woman there's a possibility that -- -- -- into a men's room something got crowded and you went in the men's room. And if -- -- guy inevitably you've been in a restroom where the ladies from -- so crowded you ended up being in the men's room when women were in there. So here's our WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight. Would you be uncomfortable. Using a gender only I gender open. Gender open Russia which should be -- comfortable. 52% say no 40% say yes really close -- it this year -- -- gonna tracked this throughout the show tonight. I give your opinion we're going to WL dot com from the West Bank David your description a good evening. Good -- fail. Under a deal here or it's going to be looked. And ego. Trip a couple of well that occurs when a candidate -- deal. Yeah I remember being there and and I remember actually united consumed you don't -- -- -- -- The ED real quick trivia question lawyer everybody the first video and video radio you know -- -- -- to be. -- it was say it I don't remember the name of the song to you have to tell me but which had been a teller. You're right well as to which you -- and you -- -- doing well. Michael Jack and or video with the ninety in the -- kinda would talk more than political. I didn't realize that than me that that the very first year been cheating. Yup yup there -- here. All of you might -- story Bob. In the wallet elegant you know what the public college. It only records in the true the twelve between exit to stop and now you got listened to preview you like be honored at unit in actual. But among many get. Street twelve -- Advocate to keep heat -- You ought create beautiful as well like preview on like in a preview an expert on lap at a particular fraud ever outgrew it and try. What was two months later this break and the goal. Scored -- -- try to make out what I like the world and European twelve remakes. Wide director Rambus one of those bands it was born on MTV. Will rework an -- -- David I appreciate you sharing that with -- and thanks listening to WWL. I I'd love the early years of MTV effect. After MTV came on the year OK so here I'm I'm I'm I'm the DJ on the armed and -- and -- in the morning on a music station. And I am watching MTV. And so they've got all these videos. And I thought well what if there was a TV show. But there was a TV show it was one hour. And every week that TV show played the best videos. In one hour. And had a host and a co host. While I did that show. It was cold Airways and I think was on WG you know and this must have been. 82 may be 81 I thought OK well on these what if we -- an -- show. I thought it was an innovative idea I think we only did one because it didn't really take off that nobody else saw the wisdom in -- I thought of thought it would have been a good idea. Now one of the greatest events that I have been to in my life and in terms of just musical type events which the MTV video awards. On the video music awards in Los Angeles and I don't remembered. The year. But -- -- I guess late eighties early to rise up and late eighties but the MTV video music awards will be Sunday August 24 that's going to be. Coming up and it's just always a very exciting event in and trust that after that will have taught will have to talk about the scoot your hero Honda VW well. If you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And a -- number is 87870. Also tonight we're talking about the something's been in our news and you just heard in our newscasts are sure Louisiana has attracted a very very. Significant segment of the -- population. The Census Bureau says Louisiana currently ranks number seven in the country. For for -- deals and that's a demographic between fourteen and 34. They're powerful consumers they're part of the workforce. They came here because there are jobs here. So in many ways. The economy is doing really well here especially for colonials. And these are these are voters these are people who are. Many of them are going to start to have their voices heard when it comes to politics timetable ultimately grow into the establishment. Establishment like we did. But right now 32% of the population in Louisiana. Is these colonials. And many of them are people who came to help after Katrina they fell over the city and state. Any others in that age category candidacy and they just don't -- for the city and state. And on the show and also in in real life -- I've talked to people who came here and why -- you here came here and film over the city. Absolutely state. Did you come in Orleans and staying. Did you come -- did you -- or something about new worlds that you just fell in love with. Whether it was right after Katrina or more recently as something else we'll talk about there's so much construction downtown so many apartment so many condos being built. It's just amazing to see this resurrection of the CBD at the downtown area. As a major residential -- In the New Orleans area and a lot of people are moving back into the city after being part of the whole exodus to the suburbs. Years ago so if if you came to New Orleans in just don't love this city I'd love to talk to unite. And if you've never called the radio show would love for you to be -- first time caller and FTC real simple just -- -- what's on your mind. But if you have fallen in love with the city I'd like to know what it was about new world is that meet you wanna -- If you are tourist site with a comet are numbers 260187. -- all free 8668890. Point 78. And a text number is 87870. And going in and out of breaks will play the songs that remind us of those early videos on MTV. Here's a text -- I remember enjoyed out of touch by hole notes. Other videos prevent error are running up that hill placate bush Union City lose by Blondie and the road to nowhere. By Talking Heads here's another tax rapture like Blondie. Arguably the rapture was making the first rap song effort. Don't look like that a little bit later. Also Ray Rice the running back for the Baltimore Ravens. Has apologized to replace full apology coming out and has some public figure apologized. For something and you never really accepted their apology. Got a -- you're says Jimmy Swaggart apology I don't think it was sincere. He got busted and turned on the water works. If you got access Jimmy -- -- This is the Schuylkill will be right back. Like -- WL. Got request for this when. This is a video of his stance that if somebody's mind from the early years of MTV a lot of a lot of creative animation when he did this land of confusion Phil Collins and Genesis. I remember that well if you gonna join us with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven or text number is 877 here's quick update on tonight's WWL pretty general opinion poll. This is an idea that seems to be spreading around the country now northwestern has -- about a 150 universities nationwide. -- converting. The restrooms. In two gender opened restrooms. Would you be uncomfortable. In a gender open public restroom. 45% say no 55% say yes. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot -- toward your text here in just a moment from Metairie Cassandra your WWL. Try to Cassandra I am -- good. Dvd videos out there actually. -- -- in one. And it. Acts. And the other one tech community are trapped. It -- time I completely. Feel. Happy. Parliament. Second. That any one that I. And the scene and walk away and the completely. -- out completely. Even an -- at each element. -- Pensacola. -- the hold on -- well. Went and that was that would have been much much later. Doesn't act and come on didn't around for a for awhile now that was a song hold on that was done by Santana that reminds me of the very very early years of MTV. It -- obvious on the -- recognized by the name but will play that little bit later might be something you recognize we're here. I. Am a bit like in my money you I don't know why. You might not. And that's okay. Not so bad bottom -- and it killed by that age when matter. Well I appreciate you calling a show Cassandra thanks for listening. All right you -- if you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven your text numbers 87870. Here's a Texan reason used to watch MTV -- and listen to -- in the morning you know those were really great years on radio and yeah we we played earlier who played again and later but the very first video that MTV when the airwaves which was August the first at midnight August the first 1981. That's tomorrow. But says it was at midnight East Coast time today July 31 is actually the university of MTV in New Orleans and in this part of the country so we're celebrating it. Tonight's rather than to market puzzle -- for Garland ten to one. Tomorrow -- station I'm so the first video they were played boys by the boggles video killed the radio star. And then I remember I mean I was on radio and I remember people in the music business saying. An MTV's gonna just wipe out radio there's gonna be no need for radio anymore. And I remember being on the you're talking about -- thinking no MTV -- and replace radio because MTV can't go everywhere that you grow. And radio will always be there to be with you wherever you go. So I never thought that that would happen but there were some people who thought that video would kill the radio star and that's. Did not happen. And I just think it was very interesting to see how bands that were born on MTV figured out a way to. 22. Entertain people who knew them first. With all the close ups that came with a video. Again we were going to concerts a real mean. You saw Led Zeppelin or somebody like that in concert and my guy should be way up in the stands and they would be small on stage -- it did matter because you know you got to see him and all you did before was with -- more radio. But MTV really made it to more difficult for a dance to two to pull it off when he performed in front of like groups have been and then you got to the point where some of the videos. If if the videos were too extravagant. I'm. In the band couldn't pull off the image that they would pull off at a video they couldn't pull that off life and people were disappointed. I mean there were some videos that made -- and there were some videos that ultimately. It didn't help bands at all because they could not do it outside of outside the studio. So what's so what's a song from the video that you remembers one of the early videos on MTV one of the things are talking about tonight on the -- -- our number is 260. One a seventy. Toll free 8668890. Or seventy or text number is 877. It's more of your text here in just a moment also here's our -- to view a pretty general opinion poll. Which you be uncomfortable using a gender open public restroom. Give us your opinion by going to WWL. Dot com. The apology by rewrites. The running back oh look like officially up very quickly. I did a show called airwaves which was a dance show which was on for a thirteen Tony weeks or however long. That was that the originally aired on WD issue channel six. But I did and their way to show after MTV came out I had this brilliant idea well. If MTV's like got 24 hours of a videos what -- the show came along and was on once a week and had one hour. Just the best videos when people not watch that. Yeah I actually called that Airways and that was. That was before Airways today -- so you're not confused if you think that there was that they actuaries -- is indeed there was and it's still on YouTube. Forward. Welcome to Wear away so I'm -- tonight a new look new music and right now here's -- that we don't party like it's 1990. Like to take that back I would. Not to mention the outfit that I was wearing niche you know I'd look let's get to ray -- apology. Sometimes people like mistakes. In fact I made mistakes I'm sure you have to Ray Rice. Running back for the Baltimore Ravens. Punches -- for. His fiancee at the time. Knocked her unconscious. There was video of him carrying her limp body dragging her limp body. Out of the elevator and placing it on the floor in front of the elevator at a casino hotel in Atlantic City. It was a horrible moment. And he said it was the biggest mistake of his life. Ray Rice apologized. And here's the apology. Harrelson notes com. -- know today who's going to be. You know another very different day for me my family. The first thing I want to. Talk about my accident that -- -- comes. Inexcusable. Not a nice. Cars for display and I -- replay over and over my -- You know that's not me maximum inexcusable. And you know something I have to live -- arrested have to live with the rest of my life and you know the pain and I'm talking about living -- is that. Is waking up every day and my daughter's two years old now and -- little girls very Smart very intelligent. And nowadays you don't know Powell who. And we have to explain that to her. You know what happened that night. So. And I know that's not who I am as a man. No that's not -- -- a minister who -- mom raised me to be anybody knows me and knows me that they know I was raised by a single parent I know my mother. And -- You know sit here today. You know we played -- things that. You know my mom raised me to be -- not let her down I let my wife down. And I'll let my daughter down. I let my wife's parents now. I let the whole Baltimore community down and I got my teammates just -- realist my teammates down you know I let so many people down. Because of thirty seconds in my life. You know I know I can't take that but. Speaking on that -- what I've done going forward. You know I'm -- -- say that I needed help and -- are realizing man I'm not ask for it actually help. And just touch on something last time I didn't. Publicly apologize to my wife. Andy and I realize that hit home what a lot of people. But it does -- nice that me and my wife sleep together. And we still have to deal with this and her pain is my pain my pain as her pain for one thing that I wanted to do today was you know apologize to my wife. Who I've known since high school. I've known her since a kid. And I'm better at high school way. She's -- -- -- down there she is great mother. And knows she's a great wife that she supports me you know throughout then. -- -- time is right where the time is right and I say that because. You got to fix yourself before you go out there and help others. And -- write me and my wife. We wanna go out there in and help people anybody. You know violence of any kind especially man or woman. Does this it is just not right. You know it's not race and be tolerated. It's not right for society. No matter what. You know that's something I'll stand by and I have to pay for it. But me and my wife when the time is right. We will go out there and help as many people as we came to go out there to speak out against domestic violence. Because it's something that shouldn't be is just is just totally inexcusable. And I'm here today to tell you that you know I made the biggest mistake in my life. -- she can do no wrong she's an Angel. And you know -- We're council and we've taken the necessary steps to move forward. And cannot say I -- counseling because counselor is not one -- thing as you go to and things. Things just automatically get better but look counselor and has done for me is so allow me says it's Iraq what my inner self. It's let me know where I was weekend night. Because honestly don't. Score touchdowns and do what I do with the NFL player you know is a very big job was very small in terms of being a parent. And be unfulfilled husband. Because anybody knows the rules of husband if you go biblically you know husband is head of the household. And my job -- to leave my family my job -- to leave my wife. My job is to lead and whatever I do. And if I'm not being the example in my family crumbles and you know today. And you guys Jarvis -- report my highest highs and lowest lows but my lowest low. I made huge mistake and I wanna own I wanna say from our teammates tell -- made using -- noticed two games don't hurt. -- -- -- -- No because. And I have nothing grown up on Iowa's football. And just to have that -- taken away from me and I can't be what you got the first two weeks it hurts. -- knowing. And I appreciate you gotta support. You know and I also you know appreciate the fans of Baltimore who. Gave that ovation you know I just don't know what to expect some time because you know I still got kids out there where 27 jerseys and I just wanna tell them that you know please don't make -- state that I did. Always talk about you know I don't -- too bad decisions you dream to become a nightmare. And I was truly living a nightmare and but our own from one way. I'm doing the best collection to my every day focus on my teammates. And I just wanna just apologize but once again to any woman. Who's been involved any domestic. Or anybody who've been involved in any kind of violence you know my sincere apologies go out to you. And -- say when the time is right. And I give myself completely. Ready to go out there. And do the things I've been donor community. I will go out there and help as many people as we can ask myself in my life. A quasi apology from Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice did -- like a contrite sincere apology to you. Is it to me you accept his apology if you graduate as for the comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- are receptive tech's number -- 87870. And is there anybody who gave a public apology after doing something wrong. And you didn't really accept your apology effect to this day you still don't accept her apology. Sort of send text about Jimmy Swaggart. And I had a hard time. Where -- I know we're all supposed to forgive. But I had a hard time believing all that's what I thought was fake crying. By Jimmy Swaggart would he apologize for being -- a prostitute -- You know -- of religiously but he's -- he's going to come back I don't think he's as big as he he once was but occasionally -- for channel surfed and see him on television so. He still making money that is the way he used to make money before again -- with a prostitute on airlines. But that was an apology it was really hard to hard to take because it did seem very staged and and very fake. Got a text here about Ryan leaf apologizing and to be honest with here brightly for a quarterback in the NFL I don't really remember what Ryan leaf did. -- -- -- -- -- he was sick quarterbacks and you -- I don't remember what he did. But this -- says that he he read his apology from the notes and then through the note on the ground. Well if that's if that's the case in apparently he went off our reporter. If that's the case that it would be hard to accept that apology. If you're a tourist site are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- -- -- separate text number is 87870. Also tonight we're talking about is society suspicious of men going places along. -- -- a lot of places alone and dating somebody now but she's industrial and cheers and teachers. And so why don't live there I don't spend it right there I still school lot of places alone. When you see a man alone. At a movie. Or any place for that matter as especially in a setting where you used to seeing couples are more people with France. Are you instinctively suspicious of -- alone. And it's a -- If you're a guy do you go places alone where do you go -- do you think people look at you. In some kind of an. -- -- make you feel like they think you're you're suspicious for summaries. Also tonight we're talking about this trend of gender opened bathrooms. The university of nine well I guess it's Northwestern University. And Northwestern University story to a 150 of the universities across the country. In. Converting bathrooms. -- into gender opened restaurants meaning for both sexes. I've dated many bathroom settings in my life and women have come in and use that are the bathroom because the women's room is so crowded -- year old woman. Have you been in a men's room. Where you really and comfortable the mantra or did you feel like you were respected. Or did you just do it out of the absolute. Necessity of having to go -- you know you gotta go you gotta go. And sometimes the ladies from -- Israeli backed up. So. Did you feel uncomfortable. And if you're a guy. And a woman came -- used -- the restroom while you were in there in the men's room that it's happened in New Hampshire -- you. If that happened you. Did any impure thoughts come to mind or did you keep yourself under control. I've seen this happen quite often throughout my life and I never saw anybody do anything inappropriate. So are we civilized enough to have gender open veterans. As -- -- you a pretty general opinion poll would you be uncomfortable using a gender open restroom in public. 51% say no they would not feeling comfortable. 49% say yes they would give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com we're tracking that all throughout our show it's a closely tonight. We'll give you an update coming up again here. In just a few minutes -- -- Texas said this is the video that reminds -- of the early years of MTV the clash. For -- thought. Yep and I do remember this one as well for celebrating the birthday of MTV. Quick video remind you of those early years of MTV. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Steroids every -- over -- 7870. Here is attacks that reads. November rain Guns 'N Roses great video remembers that and Billie Jean that's the Michael Jackson video I remember the most because I think that came out before -- it certainly came out before thriller. I remembered -- Early eighties Billie Jean video that this is this good show on Thursday nights and we'll be right back but well. -- Many people have argued that this very early music video and MTV was a video first song that was actually the first rap song ever. -- -- -- -- It's called rapture I do remember the video and I remember that pattern. A singing it did sound a little bit like -- Although I got a text out here is a Texas says that I -- I believe country singer Jerry -- was the first rapper. The telephone song and she got the gold mines are perfect examples and that's facing covenant -- will have to have to look into. We're we're celebrating the rappers delight. But I think. Are we talking about the early years of -- TV since this is the anniversary in TV going of the year -- on the year. At 11 o'clock our time on July 31 and if you wanna have a split one of the videos that you remember from MTV numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668870. -- a breezy 77. Wake up and feel good with Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning tomorrow on the show new laws go into effect tomorrow August the first. What can. And can't you do. No more bucks out of the window and I don't think that has anything to do with moaning. Tobacco law and state college campuses cellphones in school zones. No prided booting of cars. And steeper fines for salting -- race. Will any of these flu not a new laws actually make a difference that's one of the things Tony talk about tomorrow morning also. I've courteous drivers actually cause more accidents it would turn but the surely atomic gonna continue the conversation two or more so. Wake up and feel good Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning W you'll first need 6010. On -- if you are for Texas a Howard you're on this crucial. My name was blinded -- with it. Thomas still be remembered that the guy had leads we heard round glasses and my institution yes yes and out so early. That was a classic -- divergence and you know they were a lot of one hit wonders on MTV that was one of. I would -- He'd be good old days -- TP like the good old days but those -- to -- wants scoop. How I appreciate -- I thought I'd Tyson listing. Here -- attacks about rape crisis apology. I'm old enough and apologies that are not accepted did not believe Tiger Woods' apology. He ran a pre written scripts. But someone else that someone else probably wrote. Whichever Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens running back who punches. His then fiancee and it appears that he totally knocked around he is very apologetic and we played -- the full apology just few minutes ago. I thought it was a very contrite. Sincere apology and I accept it. Maybe you don't. And I I've gotten a couple of texts that say knocking on your girlfriend is not a mistake. Well I understand the semantics of that now okay it's not a mistake because you know you do what you were doing but looking back on it. You can look back -- as -- mistake so I understand it's a medically you might argue that's not a mistake but. In reality in the context of what we're talking about like I can see that as a mistake and which there's somebody's apology. After they did something to publicly apologized. That you didn't accept. An -- Tiger Woods Jimmy Swaggart. And Ryan -- quarterback for the San Diego Chargers. Let's join our Charlotte are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Certainly seventy. And a -- -- is 878 cents a Jake you're on the -- show good evening. But it means to our -- aren't very good -- Eight community again tomorrow. I'll be -- for Garland tomorrow which is where we do in the MTV thing tonight I was scheduled to do the show tomorrow night or two it'll be under more nights ago were during the MTV. Conversation tonight and and and it works out fine because technically. Technically MTV went on the year July 31 New Orleans time because it was it was 12 o'clock East Coast time August the first which would have been 11 o'clock. July 31 today. Very well -- I had the chance to operate you do. To Muster the tree. The studio. I guess on all the tourists were near -- I remember our -- -- asteroids. And did you and your very gracious and Alison you all are. Jake I appreciate I appreciate you saying hi it's always great for media to put a face with the -- people who listen to the show so I'm glad I got a chance to meet you. There -- their current premier. You -- -- -- -- -- Baltimore. Which makes greater rights. -- Relevant at. All. Art are related. To me but. You know our our city had hurt his apology heard about it in the agent told me today. But I heard it I see you. You know I I think that com. We are brought to the you know -- any angrier -- Never related order but. Because of the city just because. You know -- he -- collect. Organ not -- realize that. -- pocketed and well. You know. Help her or you know there are other options. If she's you know. Been -- me. And you ridiculous but certainly we were dating and just grabber. And senator. And well. I do believe -- apology. But he he. You know -- do it. World loops and Syria does not -- to -- something much Michael Vick. More do people that I think clearly. But -- -- that they can turn it into positive. And a almost like. You know increased awareness in the community for domestic and opinion will be there -- you know. I agree I thought the apology was very contrite very sincere and and I accepted it it only time will tell whether or not this really was a mistake in his life and not not part of a pattern but. Nobody seemed to think that he was of violent person. Now I wanna be careful -- I say this because this does not justify what he did it doesn't justify hitting a woman. But we can all think of times in our lives when we have not handled our anger properly. And when something like this happens. It's it's it's a good opportunity for us to put ourselves in check and realize that we're more on the road or were -- in any kind of situation. If we have gotten angry maybe we didn't do anything like they hit a woman. But if we didn't handle our anger writes that this is an opportunity to remember it can't happen to anybody and and people. Sometimes don't have that right and they really truly regret it. Absolutely and I agreed to stand. As larger MTV -- -- -- -- Born in 1969. And didn't. How is our last teaches. Parents that -- -- when they were sixty or seventy so. And it -- works -- outside Baltimore Maryland. Or sore right here. But. He's solo you know anarchy. Certain -- GB. You know. Are a lot more hours and I -- Position in the. When you watch or MTV then you spent hours in the classroom becoming a physician that's interest. Absolutely. You know more. About seventy. Go to who. And this goes straight. -- went to school. Girls Stacy her brother is in this Cutler. And apparently the outlived his welcome in store. In Maryland. And this is gross and creepy you know atrocity. -- it could be. It would best be used ten -- well while your year. And we've been you know. But it would go in -- was was harsh. -- It used to be injuries smoke marijuana. At tattoos and rushed only one well. On the side that is but he would. Every time or anything -- normal on Tuesday. He sent -- you know ego oh. Just the issue -- -- and he used to say. He. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the I realized. I've missed out you know angry over his friendship guidance and course. It's. Probably gave them also. You know but only some girl. Some decision on chairs. In talks. In the anyway he told me that you know rush but the agency told me hello. Grow out. But it got -- realized. You know now all the media clips are watched. So the other direct your arm and he. And I would never tar patties and because -- you know company's -- -- Florida or whatever he says you know. I accepted as possible. I watched this show are realize how low is music. And their superiors -- you know where he struggled to -- you know. Punched a wall and then brokers and did not play music and they speak Nixon speak in Libya. Corporate it just made me. Paralyzed a -- to video. Me. Economic and open -- rock. It is not so Smart but they hear him -- all throughout this program. Actually to me. And you know kind of evolved with MTV is hardly perfect. Yeah he did he was out but he was out there you don't before MTV but also flourished -- a lot of a lot of people like I Ted Nugent did early on not to picture a lot of people like -- talked -- Did flourish when MTV came along. -- really benefited and I love like yo lo loved the the the bare hands you know with the grandiose presentation of America that you see you know no matter who long ago. This is fascinating to -- the way music is all. -- doctor -- -- I jury Kohler show I've got to get to break and I think you're great example of latchkey kid can succeed -- not everybody who has alleged. -- Well I appreciate your show -- pursuing your talent last year down here in New Orleans. -- -- Major -- and got bush to -- but to call. If your -- -- -- this this is dispute -- we'll be right back on deputy -- -- -- I so remember this video -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Videos on MTV. I'm seeing this MTV hit the -- on this day the New Orleans time and 11 o'clock at night July 31. They official birthday is August 1 but it it was midnight it was actually 11 o'clock our time. So we're talking about the the early years of MTV and those those videos that will always reminders of those early years of MTV. If there's a video that you want us to to try to play going well we're playing the songs from the videos. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Series separate attacks number is 87870. From -- Dave you're on the -- show good evening. Hey -- got a good idea I just want to say that I -- normally the -- nineteen. That I was going out with yet the -- occupant and you know both in the trade. I mean when that did warrior -- to extremely. Important it really -- like though. But. You know. I did back cancer and non you know. I can -- that. -- you later. He can really be pushed over the edge special young and I probably so in that situation so I guess I was -- Thirties may have done but. You know it's it's not done. Doesn't really matter they can almost that -- political screw and a pretty much -- no recourse but much to take at all. Dave there there will always be those moments depending on the woman depending on the situation when you would have to defend yourself and that might mean physical violence. But generally speaking you know we've all been -- taught not to hit women and and it may be subconsciously. In the DNA of of women is this idea that well. I can hit a man because he can't hit beat back. Unfortunately as some men do but in most cases men have the the ability to control the situation and and it's not really. It's not really defending their their life they hit because it's retaliation. Anger -- so I mean bottom line in which you get up to a certain point just. -- boil overs match at all happened you know I mean now it's a whole different ball park and walk forward. -- where. But back then you know Buddha. -- -- -- -- Package via I got it you know works out at him and shop caught his job you know people get so well. We get a lot of lot. Hey I gotta get to a news break I really appreciate calling -- -- specialist to get your -- stay with us were coming right back after the news with more of your comments and more music from MTV on WL.