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Aug 1, 2014|

Northwestern University has joined a list of about 150 universities that is converting restrooms into "gender-open" restrooms. Males and females will be allowed to use the same restroom. The university says it is responding to the needs of students and the desire to be inclusive. If you're a guy - have you been in restrooms when women have come in? What happened? If you're a woman - have you ever gone into a men's room? How was it? Would you support "gender-open" restrooms in public and a work? Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has apologized for hitting his fiancée. Should the apology be accepted? A lot of athletes, celebrities and politicians do things they ultimately apologize for - is there anyone's apology you didn't accept? Also, join us we play your favorite songs as we celebrate Mtv's birthday!

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It was on this day. July 31. At 11 o'clock New Orleans time at night. And MTV. Person of the year. What music video do you remember from the early years of MTV mean you got to remember Boy George I mean he was one of the coolest chicks on MTV back in those. In those early years those flowing outfits that you Wear pads. That guy liner at them and scare. There's a lot of more effective. If you enjoy as the comet tonight on numbers 260187. -- a hassle free 8668890. Point seven -- text number is 87870. Also we're talking about. Gender opened restrooms in Northwestern University has joined about a 150 universities around the country. Converting restrooms in two gender opened restrooms. For men and women. That brings a sort of be a -- project opinion poll tonight would you be uncomfortable using a gender open restroom in public. 51% saying no and 49% say yes it is your opinion by going to our web sites to be WL dot com. We've all been restrooms where if your guy Obama has come in and use the restroom. If you're woman -- possibility that you've used the restroom. You've used a men's room because at some point maybe you just really had ago. Got a -- -- for someone says son in the French Quarter right definitely would be OK using a gender neutral restroom. No worse than feeling no worse than the feeling of being down there and no place to use the restroom at a course you think about it you're gay bar. And use the men's room. Is that like you well -- you know when you think about how men. Behave around women if women come into the men's room. Isn't this an indication that people really do control themselves. Because there's so many people say well I wouldn't wanna be in the locker room with a gay -- Well -- -- act. There -- incidents. In the locker rooms. With gay people. We've all been in locker rooms with gay people we might not have known they were -- but generalize -- sometime we've been in health club locker rooms we've been in locker rooms we've been. In restrooms we've been around gay people all of our lives. And nothing really ever happen I think the fact that guy's Q and can control themselves and behave. If a woman come to the restroom I think that's proved that it's human beings we really we can't really control ourselves. From New Orleans -- run that BW. -- -- I actually on. Happily the band -- actually several times it's something personal and other. It -- the ankles so. And down you -- actually communicating with the and thank you might well support Israeli really really appreciate it. So soak it in plain old school alternative as well -- you school alternatives that on the important that he didn't. And a couple of old school reminds me the first statement he'd be I remember -- announced that it. Hearing about the news channel that was coming out and I remember that day. Odd that you -- really -- when it actually played you know the very person that and TP. But he knows you need a really momentous point in my life but how really just super super cool. Yet you know here -- was disc jockey astute in the morning doing morning radio and music stations so I was really into music community a lot of talking in the morning but. We also played music I was on a music station so you know MTV meant a lot to me and there were people at the time who were predicting all this is gonna be the end of radio because if people can. If people can see a video with a music they're knock on or listened to it on radio anymore and I remember at the time arguing on the year that. You know no radio stock clinical way because you can't. Taken TV with you everywhere and of course back and you didn't have TV with you like you do today would be a lot easier to have something with you wherever you -- today with. Phones and laptops and things like that tablets. But back then a radio would still -- that very very unique. Unique learning and everybody's like yeah. Yeah and he did the cool part is that now I would look back. The unity Keaton who turns out that musicians is no doubt it's harder. And remember the early days in -- leopard right rocket stages and all of but on the side and -- like some of the that we play now with so we'll get. The early days of the race and currently I'm at Kerr and the girl went down there right in early gains in access and got in music. And video that we -- that -- but achieving. Yeah it was a it was a very interesting time and Jeff I'm looking forward to hearing soldier that you guys seem to playing on nights when I'm on the air and -- -- it'll work out soon and it's it's nice that there is there a cover band that's doing more of the contemporary things inducted is anything wrong with all the government do all the stuff that they do it you guys. -- found something a little bit unique and I appreciate you listening ecological -- -- by Jeff thanks. And from -- -- bury your Honda VW dog eating bearing. But the music. -- -- -- Yeah I remember Padilla witnesses to. Rapid not an up and widget on the joggers that -- under that he election but you know game LL cool game. -- reflect well. Quite a -- the year ago to a program that does so we'll just so many -- -- -- and I got them appreciate Madonna and and it's only detect and -- so many people. But only if group a rapid one particularly appreciate it and -- -- and promote girl. Yeah. Yeah I'm very those -- were great ties very I appreciate the call thanks soliciting. It was a color barrier in MTV in the early years especially in 1981 to 21983. What's interesting about that he is MTV's original head of talent acquisition. Carolyn B baker. Was a black -- And it was even David Boley who question I think this was in an interview with Vijay mark Goodman. And David bully questioned why MTV had a quote lack of negro artist. During -- on on their view of boy wonder why there was a lack of negro artist on the year. And and again let's go back to and we talked about this recently with The Beatles and that the -- brown movie the movie but James Brown's life. Gotta get up for a coming up on. We will play good player thriller got to admit I'm -- this new James Brown movies coming out tomorrow. And I can't wait to see over the weekend we'll talk about Monday night on the Scotia effect on the talking about this tomorrow be for Garland from ten to one -- won't talk about. That movie that's coming out and other movies about. Other movies about a prominent. Musicians and rock stars in country performers as well and what movie hasn't been done. But she would like to see done. About a famous. Musician we'll talk about that tomorrow on -- WL. But we're talking about their lead the early Beatles and The Rolling Stones which we've talked about recently and and James Brown Mick Jagger was the producer. And a very hands on producer not just. Just producer who is they are by name but even hands on producer of the change for a movie admitted that he learned a lot of his dance moves from the from a James Brown. And nick -- and The Beatles admit that they took American R&B. They took America's black music. -- -- and introduced it to young white America. And so it's interesting that theirs this is this relationship between. What MTV does what to what to radio did what what music is done in terms of of bridging gaps and there was a color barrier in the early years but -- it was quickly broken down if you wanna join Russia with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Ninths nearly seventy. And a text numbers 870 -- every I've got a number of checks to remember at a match is one of the early performers in one of the early videos and MTV it. Leo remember this wouldn't goody two shoes and -- since this is throwback Thursday it was kind of appropriate that we're talking about MTV on this the anniversary of the first going on the year at 11 o'clock New -- time July 31. This is this good show and we'll be right back. But to -- WL. Remember this early video and MTV. I quickly did this in Venice I remember a line hit -- line and Madonna -- one of those gondolas. -- Got a check for -- said that this the song reminds them of the early years of MTV and Danny yellow plays -- dead. And the Twin Towers in New York are in the background. It's really. Creepy to see those those Twin Towers. In in movies in videos and scenes from the early years of on MTV Europe movies where they were. Edwards shooting up in the sky when the movies were shot. This is -- -- -- winner tonight we're celebrating the university of MTV went on the air officially at 11 o'clock. On the night of July 31. And July 31 new world it's time it was actually August 1 East Coast time at midnight so we're talking about some of the early videos and MTV and what is it that you remember about MTV. I if you wanna join us would -- -- -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which sanity and or text numbers 87870. The manhunt is over not police have now captured the suspect in the murder industry and Bruce bush law. They have captured him. So the manhunt is over -- believe they found him in independents Louisiana. There will be more tomorrow morning WL first news Dave Cohen and David Blake we'll have the latest for you on that -- capture. For five to 6 in the morning than Tommy Tucker and David Blake we'll have the latest on that. -- during W real first news. From six to ten here's an update on our -- give -- a pretty -- opinion poll would you be uncomfortable using -- gender open public restroom. 49% saying 051%. Say yes. Give us your opinion Michael tour website WW olds I come very close poll tonight so you can influence it we're tracking that throughout our show. Also before you -- your calls and text that would remind you that Saturday we're gonna bring you the saints black and gold scrimmage -- from the Greenbrier in West Virginia. Coverage starts at 7 AM scrimmage at 730. And we're gonna bring you the action between the offense and the defense analysis from our resident pros. Bobby -- or hokey guy show on a full recap with the coach Sean Payton's saints players. Also big chief Deke Bellavia Bobby hokey Kristian -- on the sidelines antibody -- Steve -- team WL is. In West Virginia remembering all military the saints black and gold scrimmage starts at 7 o'clock tomorrow on nets -- 7 o'clock Saturday morning. And the scrimmage is a 730 arena -- until high noon on Saturday -- radio WWL. Out Robert you're on the Scotia believing. Okay you want to part via the lack of black or early on in PP yeah I'm probably because it is they were. So it -- but he. Beat you know without even -- -- the lack of black course. What about the flavor of the moment I issue it's a new felony they. -- well. You know -- with what would go even felt. Probably -- they they perceive the audience for MTV to be. A young white suburban audience. And so that's what they targeted it wasn't about terror races and it wasn't about eliminating them. I've that there were not many black artists on MTV in the early years even though one of the the original of people who was in charge of talent acquisition Carolyn B baker. Was black and she once said. That the of the party line and MTV was that they were -- black music because of the research but the research was based on ignorance we were young. And we were cutting edge. And we didn't have to be on the cutting edge of racism you know yeah I think it was just go -- They were just an appealing to a certain audience and realize that there was another audience out there I know that MTV in the very early years rejected some black artists like reaching super freak. And they say it didn't fit the format and Rick James -- it's not real happy about -- -- Robert what's one of the early videos that you remember from MTV. Oh you -- from the newsroom live well it is that it could this is it you know. Yeah news content can't be videos it feel like playing their instruments and you know. Would wait how water and well we're but my eleven year old mind at the time -- all of Bob via the -- -- Don't if you victory at times -- Michigan Buick the pretty girl in the world on the she would she would not. You know there were a lot of attractive people and in videos and there were a lot of people who complained about the the sexuality and the and Roger and me. It was in a lot of -- NT get yours. Thank you aren't Robert I appreciate you calling your show if you wanna join us with your comment tonight turnovers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- -- a -- 787. Here's attacks that needs a double standard -- year old woman you can going to a men's room if you're a guy. And you go into woman's room you go to jail. Okay line I do understand and and we we know why it like on paper. It might not seem fair. But because of the -- Mann act compared to the way women act in general it's a generalization. We know why that's the case but I didn't countless. Public restrooms were women have gone. There have been women who have come into the restroom. At -- -- Concerts in many different cents. And I've never seen anything inappropriate. Usually the girls will joke by a pretend that year. Usually they'll say something rather humorous sometimes they have somebody blocked the door but nobody really tries to get in in the stall door. So this seems to be a growing trend and TV -- Alli McBeal. They featured. A unisex bathroom at the offer where -- worked. And that was kind of uninteresting things -- I guess that was in the early nineties late eighties early nineties. Would you be comfortable. With the gender open restroom and pop in and haven't you behaved if somebody of the opposite sex was in the restroom with you. And wouldn't you behave in effect -- honestly if women came into the men's room on a regular basis maybe guys would be a little more well behaved. Consuming got you pretty discussed. I super recruit. A sort of -- decision earlier she said I would wanna go into a men's room. So I don't -- but I have to. Mean you know men are mass. It's sometimes. Can people best seats with the I mean guys are a -- if you -- tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or severe tax receipts MV seven is detects it brings back a memory everybody have fun tonight wing -- I was a small child in the early eighties with -- Fisher Price for McGrath. And a song on 45. Here's a text Bon Jovi. Here's attacks all of the Michael Jackson videos were awesome bad beat it Billie Jean thriller still scares me also I've always enjoyed your show. A -- of the theory and you just keep listening appreciate you're taking time to send text. Here's a Texan reads it's a shame and possibly telling sign of a pop culture that there isn't a single music related show. On MTV today. And I remember when MTV started to kind of get away from. From videos 24 hour videos that VH one Terkel. Now and TV shows on in VH one shows on. And these are big production budgets to put all the shows -- and with with very few exceptions only time I can think when there are videos consistently on and maybe it's it's late at night you know doing the show wouldn't get home and I don't really see videos on maybe they are on but it's it's Sunday morning right get at some rights for Churchill put on VH one. And -- got videos on before the -- top -- -- I forget exactly when it is but early Sunday morning at the top twenty countdown -- on before that I really endorsing that. And -- just kind of remind me of the early years of MTV there was a brief time in my life when I had a fuse the fuse network. And it seemed to me that -- I don't it is his views still near deep do you have any experience with that. Few seemed to be like it was kind of a modern day version of MTV in fact that's where I first saw the band up her more -- -- has really taken off. My first appear more confused and I thought this schools expands the -- canceled. Minutes of the special. And this was an opportunity to. At their music play eight guys so I don't put -- set out with now. Understandably. YouTube. Has taken place against -- in some ways in fact a lot of people in concert went to Sunday at house of blues and -- TO. Those guys first started on YouTube Justin Bieber shorter and -- So it's a chance to get video out even if you don't have a record contract and sometimes that's a way to get the attention of a record companies -- -- generally people would have a contract with the record company they would to a video. And then there songs would take off from there. I remember when the song. -- important song Gypsy came out the video for Gypsy with Stevie Nicks came out. And I can't wait to tell you how much money they spent it. -- -- -- coming appeared in just few minutes from Algiers -- you're on the -- shall and to VW well. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah our country garbage in the -- Can't. All all -- and oh. Can you learned as an adult and the women's Milan this year along. Sarandon they use -- and goal and an enemy involvement will be. Open at a problem. Yeah I mean that we have been well behaved in the restroom when a woman comes in I've never seen any prod to mean yeah I've I've heard a few of you know crude comments made big generally speaking. I guess -- somewhat in law even though it happens often they're somewhat in all when it happens in. They don't misbehave. Almost immediately. And and number problem and you mean. There and -- about the door but she -- and a bit about double B and it and protect the so you don't argue daughters. On courageous wrong. Yeah and then sometimes there's a woman standing in front of -- or in the -- from protecting your wallet her friend goes in her female friend goes in and uses the uses breaststroke men but nobody is trying to break down the door. And I I think -- ball well unitary. And -- on whether it can be anybody around you know. And health problem what are they I don't eat I get a kick out of that record. Well any air and also you don't don't you think women in the men's room would make the men's -- a little bit more tolerable I think the guys would behave a little more. They're available available very cute little bit dark and -- Well that's true dirt on political show many thanks listening to WWL -- night. Here's a text Billy Idol rebel yell ice without a face we're talking about to lose music videos of reminders of the early years of MTV. Here's a Texan reads VH one classic is a place that I find to a lot of the old videos as a show called totally eighties. I don't have that I have to call my cable company find out about VH one classic at some point in my life I did have a -- do remember that. But I don't think I have any channels right now. That actually play -- all the time. So it was on this day it was a 11 o'clock New Orleans time 12 o'clock East Coast time August 1 when it was 11 o'clock the world's time on this date July 31. That MTV. First win of the year. And this is exactly what it -- 765. Or we've gone -- made it just starts we have. Ladies and gentlemen. Rock and roll. For those kids. Welcome -- cheesy music television the world's first 24 hours stereo video music channel. I just moments ago. All of these days and -- MTV collectively and our executive producers who Steinberg over the head with a bottle of champagne and be holed a new concept is born. The best TV combined with the best of radio. -- starting right now you'll never look at music the same way again. We'll be right back to introduce the other Vijay is -- the folks are gonna be with us on MTV. I'm Alan -- I'll be with -- right after march we'll be covering the latest in music used coast to coast here on MTV. Music television. I'm Martha -- the musical continued nonstop on MTV music television and newest component of your stereo system. All right I'm JJ Jackson I'll be sitting in with the latest video music performance is the way they were meant to be -- stereo. On MTV music television you'll never look at music the same way again. Hi I'm in a black clinic and I'll be reviewed after taking right here on MTV the world's first video music fan out. All day all night in area. How those guys the best. We are so excited about this new concept in TJ. We'll be doing for TV what SN it did for radio and let's get into it right now on MTV. On this day in 1981. Television changed. And music changed and TV premiere for the very first time and this was one of the early videos that we all remember -- From MTV. I'm students and be right back going to be to help. -- Yeah. And the MTV music video awards are going to be coming out on Sunday August 21. Always exciting always controversial and whatever happens probably don't last year wasn't really that controversial. But that everybody was really well behaved. As so we'll talk about its the next date on this -- -- Here -- -- -- if you if you wanna join us with a comment about any we're talking about tonight our number. Is 2601870. Toll free 866889. Here which every -- breezy 77. On Israel and Hamas are going to apparently entering into a joint cease fire. And that is expected to take effect in less than ninety minutes I guess that's going to be it to 12 o'clock our time Israel and Hamas agreeing to cease fire. So hopefully that will lead to something good because it is just heartbreaking. To watch that monitors. Not to pick sides it is heartbreaking to see human student. To each other. And I realized appears -- so much passion on both sides of that -- issue Israel Hamas and it's essentially a battle over land that. Both sides to believe they own from. Thousands and thousands of years ago and -- I would hope that one day there will be peace that there are so many times since I've been on the Euro over the years talking about this peace agreement and at peace agreement and they never seem to last and hopefully. And hopefully. People figure out how to live together. Here is an update on our dubbed W a pretty general opinion poll tonight the side oppose inspired by. Northwestern University joining about 250 universities around the country converting restrooms into gender opened restaurants. Males and females allowed to use the same -- the university says it's responding to the needs of students and the desire for inclusion. If -- a guy you've -- interest from two women have come and did anything go wrong which you have a problem. -- restrooms with with women. And if -- woman you've been in men's rooms or maybe all of you but many of you have. Was there ever problems here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll would you be uncomfortable in a gender open -- 43% say no but 57%. Say yes. Give your opinion by going to our web sites to BWL dot com. Sunday night as a descent concerts -- house of blues it was only to show MP TO. And it was primarily. In the 98090%. 95% of the audience words which young females. And facts. Somebody commented to me. Look at these poor guys who were dragged there by their girlfriends just a few guys were there they didn't look like they were -- because they wanted to be there so it was like it was it was all women. So I'll tell you there was never a moment we and I didn't have just a wide open spot go into the restroom because there were no men there well there are few fathers there. And and a few employees who were mailed but for the most part. The men's room was empty and by the way if you just joined us tonight that the manhunt for Bruce bush war is over. A police have captured him he is now in custody. He is the suspects in the stabbing death of a young woman and the standing of another woman. In a lot of states and restaurant the other days of Bruce -- law. Has been captured. -- -- Cohen David Blake we'll have the latest information on that in no will be information on developing overnight. Will have the latest for you tomorrow morning six to 500 BW -- five to six under -- VW offers news. And then Tommy Tucker and David Blake we'll have more on that for six to ten whatever WL. -- from the world c.'s Linda a year on the scoot -- needing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right so how would you feel about -- -- we're talking about it gender opened restrooms where it would be the restroom that we would be the big restrooms and everybody goes in and men and women would be allowed neither one. A flat out what might yet. When I guess I'm just curious why would you like that and all. It would. Like. OK so you'd you'd have to fix yourself up for the guys and and we you're going to with a bunch of women you don't care ideal. Well as -- don't think guys don't do that as well. You know maybe -- -- -- -- all maybe we'd all be a little well well more well behaved in the bathroom. -- -- -- you. Are an. Idiot. You know. I haven't been to Europe but I know this is a very common in Europe. And it's not a big deal there in this country is on a very big deal Linda I appreciate you listening and pledged it time to call our show. If you wanna join us with your thoughts your comment tonight are numbers 2601. A seventy. Toll free 86688. Earns nearly seven and a text number is 87870. Also tonight we talked about something I think it is absolutely absurd to Michelle Bachmann says it and I'm sure you're surprised that Michelle Bachmann would say anything absurd. But -- congresswoman Michelle Bachmann said that she thinks the United States government. Led by president Barack Obama. Is going to use thousands of undocumented immigrants. For medical experiments. She said I can tell you from personal experience we don't have enough Foster parents now in this country for the kids in America we certainly don't have enough Foster parents for all the illegal aliens. That the president was to do this word is is a quote from -- All the illegal aliens. That the president is trying to bring in right now. I thought they just got here and that's the problem I didn't think the president was recruiting them in that the president was bringing them into this country. But I guess this is part of their political divide. I'm Michelle Bachmann went on to say that hospitals get millions of dollars in government grants to do medical research on people. And hospitals would be doing research on undocumented children she says a little kid can't say no if their ward of the state. So here you would have this institution getting millions of dollars from our government to do medical experimentation is on a kid. Who can't say no. She says that's it. Now if that really were the case. That would be sick there's a possibility that you agree Michelle Bachmann. And you're entitled to that a thing I really don't think that's that is the case. Here is a text. That reads we may end up with a president who makes Rick Perry look like JFK. Because the Middle East is collapsing. And. All buried this is all it all Perry does is go out for a barbecue. And fried chicken here's a text I would wanna take. OK I can't really say that that I -- -- a blank. And then. See the girl and I'm trying to hit on outside of the stall door OK I understood that -- personal things happen in the restroom I understand it. And so I guess. There was the opposite sex and there you might be a little more cognizant. Little things that you do in the restroom -- I mean it's you know we're human beings -- things that we we have to do and Ilya that would be a little embarrassing. Mean if if you and in ninety's yeah I mean. There's so I mean sometimes it's -- bears -- around. Round guys. Anti that's not something I've wanted to go to a public restroom. Electrical home. I like to be at home base. For us. They'll likely be -- anywhere. The -- such as my -- a phobia that's just as Disney. If you wanna join us tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. Or text numbers 87870. Here's a -- -- fourteen grocery retail for fifteen years on the north and South Shore. I'm the man in my experience the women's restroom. It needs way more. The women's. Restrooms needs way more emergency. Attention. In the men's room. I wouldn't wanna share LO well. I mean is that true I was at the impression that women were a lot. Tight -- than men. To -- true. I mean if you're Mormon would you ever would you ever. -- you ever wrap on your gender. And save the women's restroom -- is nastier in the men's restroom. Is that I was sort guys. Get their mess. In fact if you think about how guys. Can't really aim it's a wonder that -- never control. And before though the fires -- Fire over this way because I mean guys don't you know -- -- -- -- could be written evidence. -- -- nation Saturday get up early Saturday morning because he got the saints black and gold scrimmage -- from the Greenbrier in West Virginia. A coverage starts at 7 o'clock Saturday morning scrimmage is at 730 we're gonna bring you the action. Between offense and the defense that we're getting very close to the first pre season game not far away and we've got team WL. -- In West Virginia -- the the latest information it's on our website every day it's what sports talk every afternoon it's a double coverage. Our sister station thirteen fifty. A three WL. And we've got the State's black and gold scrimmage and to be WL coverage starts at 7 o'clock Saturday morning. And from a shorts at 730 we're gonna take -- -- high noon Bobby -- -- -- show on comments from coach -- -- players afterwards. The chief. Kristian garic -- they there. And Steve Geller they'll all be there. Think about the songs. On MTV as early videos to introduce us to really interesting here and I remember the lead singer at the distinguished low ball. The lead singer of cock eyed Google here a continent that shade side and then dad died here on top. -- go go I think they had another song. It essentially favour of one hit wonder that this was one of the early videos from MTV. This is this -- if you wanna join us for the comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 text. 87870 we're coming right back. I love the name of his fan. Quiet. Videos of -- MTV. If you just -- this -- -- glad you're with us tonight he was on this day at 11 o'clock New -- time July 31 that in TV. First hit the year. And changed. Music television. We're not forever but for awhile as long as they played music videos. There is a text about a public restrooms being gender open speaking to public restrooms I have to use my foot to fly should ever since I heard you say months ago. That that's what you do it was good advice and I chuckle thinking about you saying that. Every time I do it thanks for the hygiene tips yeah I do I mean I don't I wouldn't touch that's. I wouldn't touch there of amateur ruffled by it I admit it. So I find that a flush the toilet if it's on an automatic washer then I'm gonna use my foot. So said this on the air and here's somebody that's now doing that but what's interesting is they think of me every time they do -- that's at a place and what should be thinking about me. Okay in and out but it. Jerry you're on WWL. You -- air road. I inherited you know I don't too must be out of better -- the year. And the main thing that really it would bother me the ball to be the fact that will stay that men. Are little more audible. For the most part I don't know but there's a lot of noises going topics. -- of the I don't know I instead -- -- you -- with the humans detail but I just did it exactly what you're saying if that wouldn't be. I mean sometimes it's really you know. The other thing to come. Before -- the truck driver I worked. It. Retail industry. Cleaning both men and CE mail room yeah you know I -- in the Arctic. And I men met -- -- call or bad by arriving all. What while on company. Like. Even though there are scary thing is when and you and down. Seven time that it and the woman's room and the are there to the putting -- I'm shocked but I'm shocked by this and and tenure at the first person to tell me this tonight. And -- there's another thing that he didn't and women -- better despite what are you kidding me you know -- Bottles of he -- During. Bloody. Now joy I have that I -- -- -- -- Jarrett out on the show thanks for listening you know some things are just part of life. Here is a text or commenting on what I just said about their representative Michelle Bachmann Republican from Minnesota who says she believes that the president. Is trying to bring these children into the country. Because the United States government is going to use these thousands of undocumented. Immigrants. For medical experiments. This text reads no way in heck do I agree with Michelle Bachmann. This woman is practically comparing President Obama to the Nazi doctor Joseph and Angola. Who experimented on Jewish children for his own sick and selfish motives during the Holocaust. Whatever Cooley Michelle Bachmann is drinking. I'm staying far away from it. I'd I just think this is just such an outrageous thing Michelle Bachmann made this comment. And a radio show which is known as so wall builders lines and she read the comments yesterday and I guess I'm a little surprised -- this student gets even more attention that the government wants to experiment on these undocumented children which is why the president. And and I'm quoting here the president is trying to bring in. Right now talking about bring in the children and bring them into this. And his country I mean I thought it was another reason why they were here and it wasn't because the president was trying to bring an end. The World Health Organization is not recommending travel restrictions. Or border closures due to the Ebola outbreak. And they say that the risk of a passenger getting it from an infected person is very low. No wonder exactly how low. Right now it's my understanding that there's a plane in route to Africa to pick up the Americans. Who had been infected with the Ebola Virus. And they're bringing to the United States. The gonna bring -- to Emory university in Atlanta. Let's think about this. Now OK I realized that some medical experts say the possibility is is a very slow very low. Low possibility that you're gonna get infected from another person but I mean isn't that the big fear. That you will get infected from another person maybe you have to be at a certain stage of of of sickness with people before you would get a point. Mean would you would be the -- I'm assuming this is a private jet charter jet. Would you want -- to. Navy. The pilots. Who's got a clean up that plane after. I mean what -- the plane had to go pick up a CEO. Or two are the plane's gonna pick up and Justin Bieber or some I don't know and some rock star. Would you want that -- to be really clear and what about the car the vehicle that takes him from the plane to Emory University. But governor what OK you know as a germ -- -- I have to admit I'm a little paranoid about it and not -- when I see all this coverage. About the Ebola outbreak I can't help think about the movie outbreak with Dustin Hoffman. And -- subtly. That movie was creepy obviously an exaggerated version of real life. But it does remind me of Ebola outbreak we'll be back.