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7-31 Scoot Show 11pm, Gender Open Restrooms

Aug 1, 2014|

Northwestern University has joined a list of about 150 universities that is converting restrooms into "gender-open" restrooms. Males and females will be allowed to use the same restroom. The university says it is responding to the needs of students and the desire to be inclusive. If you're a guy - have you been in restrooms when women have come in? What happened? If you're a woman - have you ever gone into a men's room? How was it? Would you support "gender-open" restrooms in public and a work?

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It was on this day in fact it was just about this time in 1981. That MTV first went on the -- It was 12 o'clock on the East Coast August 1 but it was about right now August 30 like July 30. And TV first went on the air so tonight on the Scotia we're remembering some of the early videos and remember for the MTV. This is one of nearly videos Stevie -- Gypsy. It was outrageous at that time but it was it was said that they spent 75000. Dollars doing this video. And it was a very nice video 75. Grand. And it didn't take long for the cost. Doing videos to rise dramatically is there a song that stands out in your mind to who -- First early videos from from MTV we're talking about that tonight there were going in and out of our breaks for some of the songs -- reminders of the early years. Of MTV if you would join us with a comment on numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668890. Recipient -- -- -- 77. I talked about to re into branding of one of their favorite best concerts have been -- -- of concerts of restraint to render -- persecuted before. And I was really interested in seeing how band was going to. Two to pull off. A concerts. Where there would be a lot of young people who were used to seeing all the close ups from MTV because this is one of the -- to rent -- -- that was born in TV. As I said earlier you know when you and I would go to Led Zeppelin -- The Doobie Brothers or. Anybody that we -- see. We never saw all the close ups. Yeah we we just heard on the radio so it didn't matter how far back we weren't in the stands and how little they were on stage -- we're just thrilled to see your life. But I was really into effect I remember I think it was stern a week to write it and not remember. Doing the morning show. And Steele going to that concert during the weekend in -- and I think it was I think it was at a week the right. But I wanted to go anyway because we -- interested in seeing how the span was gonna manifest this image. Not being born and empty be -- to close ups and they had three big video screens. And so the crowd got all the close ups of Simon Le -- Nick Rhodes. John Taylor Andy Taylor and whenever they were -- close optic did you know the people who were in love with that particular guy just you know went crazy. So it was a very interesting phenomena first -- video screens of being used. You know in a conversation I had to on the show with Rick Springfield not too long ago we we talked about those early years of their TV because there was another guy who came along. Actually -- he had a -- count before MTV. But his career really took off in the early years of MTV affect your muscle will put a break with or break with a Rick Springfield storm. -- Jesse's girl when those early part of Springfield -- -- I was hoping to talk to him on the show but he's really busy wrapping up his his tour with had been a two hour. And it wouldn't have time to wouldn't have time to have a conversation -- this but it's it's fun thinking about what MTV once met and there was a lot of talk about how MTV was going to change the way we we looked -- television changed the way we appreciated music. And we think about all the shows that are not music related on MTV now. It did change things for a while but not a for effort here's an update on tonight's double W a pretty general opinion poll. Would you be uncomfortable. Using a gender open public restroom. It's been close all life 41% say no but 59% say you know -- and comfortable. We're talking about this because Northwestern University. Has joined about a 150 universities in converting gender opened restrooms. Four males and females. To use the same brush stroke. I ended TV show Alli McBeal. They had a unisex restroom at the law firm where they all worked. And there seem to be some interesting things that they went on and they either -- that was really interesting in this is kind of an idea that. It seems to be. Catching on. I don't know that is gonna totally catch on but I think to our credit as -- people men and women. We do know how to behave when -- somebody else in the in the restroom with us because we've all been of those situations where women are in the men's room. And -- in the women's room but there are situations where women are in the men's room and the women are obviously comfortable to be in the -- -- at that point I guess it's kind of an emergency. And then. Men behave. And nobody tries to break down the door and get to the woman who's in the stall. So we do actually. Behave. If you at a tourist item number 260187. Toll free 866889. Steroids every text number is 87870. We'll update the poll coming up here in just a few minutes so. Get a share opinions to close all night would you be comfortable using a gender open public restroom. Go to WWL. Dot com anymore more text for people who remember certain videos from MTV flock of seagulls. They hear that guy had. And that's on fire brand that was one of the real early classics on MTV. Has a text the tubes she's a beauty a Twisted Sister it was really a band born on MTV. Here's a text like SE goals Falco. And Boy George. Who arguably might not have been a boy. Here is attacks desk outta my guy she took the words right out of my mouth. I'm just is freaked out about it via CDC. Bringing the suitable patients to the US. Heaven knows how many times they have. An isolated had isolated branches. -- -- isolated preaches and considering how easily. It is the strain is spread. Hope no one screws up and CDC. -- they'll be dropping like flies. -- this whole this whole Ebola outbreaks so reminds me of that movie outbreak with Dustin Hoffman. Who else was it to. Renee Russo and -- her name and two. I'm gonna play here. You Morgan Freeman was that I think and Donald Sutherland -- a lot of people aren't. Also tonight we're we're talking about Ray Rice. The running back for the Baltimore Ravens he has apologized for what he said was the biggest mistake in his life. But he punched his fiancee. Knocking her unconscious. And coming up this half hour will play the entire apologies about six minutes long. You decide whether it's sincere or not. And they will both talk about. And is or somebody who has done something wrong who had to make a public apology. And you didn't really to this day you still don't accept their apology. Now from New Orleans Janice you're under the WL. I'm -- and good. Personally. I don't thing is the bathroom -- the men and women use this same bathroom is such a good idea I think that. Got to be taken advantage. And it could be a -- made some maps and yeah. Hasn't happened after this point even though women. Women use of the -- sometimes. Well I just don't doubt going to be demand that's a lot -- wanted to ornaments. Even when it's an emergency Janice. Not been amend this until I can't get back to take it back. Went out and let them instead of the character and abilities. That you can amount of pure -- right. And I definitely think there was nobody doing anything. I don't understand human alien amnesty and a ticket and after the round. Went home. He you'll have a problem reading list yeah. Mean as little as there is little. You know what candidates I don't know what he would not an excellent and I got a -- at -- -- an independent. And at that time -- area. You stand up and attempting to sit down there that they mentioned that he recently announced that. I just couldn't I had been. In the men's bathroom. -- and then have the style which state you. And big. We have to stand up and -- assailant intensity and it's. I don't know they're showing anything. Sometimes that's. And that's the bit to let me just the style of you can use to talk about what I can do -- I don't -- in the meaning of the UN when he got to stand again. No I don't well I guess it's more convenient and I'm assuming that the construction of the Euro is cheaper than the construction of a toilet. And then down there yet. And nobody is sure I'm kind of been my line and please please do yeah. It can -- I think. I don't think that. You know Janice. There are times it that they went on out there are times that people will recognize me and -- -- -- I tell you the most uncomfortable time and it happens more often than you would think -- zero AM I'm standing at the Arnold someone will look over me don't pay Scott hi -- nice if I don't wanna be recognized here. I'm doing and how that can do a little bit but I can -- you know. There in the current style you know the -- Not to surgery. Janice I'm glad you called the show here is a -- Cuba Gooding junior was also in the movie outbreak yes he played a great character in the movie. Upper Mississippi Wayne your WWL. Anybody mention. They build all that and the that was literally video. And the short story. In my twenties when when PH -- K outlook on the marketing. And play knee. -- area where it let me Ernie. And -- And we've marketed. MPG. And two huge promotion you promote. It and all that. Doctors groups urged the green one with the Beagle empty. So are we we've we've war and we are -- debt. At a club in -- that we -- everybody about it PP well. We get that we put out. There and it will frighten wanna hurricane pretty good you know. -- -- -- It was a lot -- that was the moment -- we have a long. And. He's got a voice it was quite a phenomenon it's still is today and anyways but it's really become just another cable channel. Promotion and -- I don't know yes. Like it like it was like. Cutting it don't change -- It was so phenomenal way to glad to call the show thanks assuring that witnessed. And you know I was doing music radio enters. School in the morning on -- on music stations win MTV was just starting out it's so I was really interested in MTV what was gonna happen here what it was is gonna mean I was paying really really close attention to it. Would talk about the videos are quite often on on the show and you know here it is all these years later and I'm still talking about those early videos so it's kind of a comforting thing that we. -- still remembers those things and still talk about it. Here is a text about. About gender opened restrooms. I just talked to my boyfriend. And two wondering if it was we years that I thought that coed bathrooms -- not a good idea. Since. I think my first text was valid. And it should have been red like I can't it to everyone he agrees. That he does not wanna have coed bathrooms and added that a lot of times girls are more disgusting than guys. I hear you mention girls going to the guy's room. But Detroit going to the girl's room. Okay. And on and on it it's a little graphic here and there's no need to go into that but yes there. There are. Things that we do their things that that happened there things that. Involve men things that involve women that don't fall men and a lot of people find those things to the on the unpleasant but the you know it's it's part of being human being. Now in this country I've never been to Europe but in this country it's. It's a big deal. Apparently the errors a lot of sharing of restrooms in Europe. And is that a problem there would be a problem here from Hammond Rodney RW WL. Execute a disorder remind everybody. Slightly off the path they're on. The VH one series back in the early seventies and I -- early eighties behind the music. And it looks like it's DMZ of the time I mean it was an act you know -- -- all these people and it was incredible this was absorbed with a. That would be in the that would be in the eighties not that not the seventies the idea behind the music I do remember that and I love the MTV series unplugged. Did you think of people like Kurt Cobain and Nevada. Being being there is just amazing. Robbie I appreciate you calling her show thanks for sharing that -- -- Dean year on the -- -- and -- WL. Good. -- and now. What -- I say. You've just now -- nobody -- job -- -- him because he was one of the main character I am -- Did that movie just freaking -- just a little bit. Do you see the parallel I mean even though that as an exaggeration of what's going on in reality with the Ebola outbreak. I can't help but think about that movie when I think about this originating in Africa and and getting to the United States at some point. Well you don't -- areas like that was the original. Chemical warfare young. And now and such really areas -- remarkable -- countries coming in what. He also there's a plane in route down to go pick up the Americans who are. Suffering with the Ebola Virus now. A bringing him to Emory university in Atlanta and a whole lot of people weren't comfortable with that we can only assume that all the precautions are being taken in the plane in the vehicle and a reading that there the around. While they have. On another. I soaked shirt material -- as these usually nowadays. We shall follow up then there's partitioned off that that would hear them as partly -- But also wanted to say. Not ranger. -- a -- on MTV on the original lead and it was called don't Camilo. And now sought documentary film. And somebody gave them 101000 dollars to make the video and the reason that you heard that salt. We talk on the day's visit -- old videos time that it it will loop that. And there was there was actually. A few times where an early in the years on MTV when. When they would be a little you know just dead -- there would be nothing on the screen because they were literally. Putting the tape in the machine and they were these big ball -- Tapes in these big ball -- machines is life different today bribe right backcourt and it was what they had to physically put -- at the -- in the machines. Back to about -- not capped -- around but. Our problem what and actually harder in bullet train they have. On the main tour of the casino or what their -- -- current. Is Blake. It's boat but you ever want Anders the same place but then. Really it breaks off. There's just a place -- but it wash their hands and stopped and it gives an opportunity to actually talk to people treat you like -- Trying to meet somebody at the Barneys which were -- after two run. Then there and then that would -- like watching -- in my short conversation. Can -- you know I haven't seen -- -- the Gulf Coast but I if I forget what city or resentment there was there was a bathroom and missive is a famous -- it was a nice bathroom in a nice place. And -- where you wash your hands it was it was it was open and you could see the well you you could see the men's room or you could see the ladies are depending on which went right. Well with 50% of the people that say that they don't like he had been a problem is that it is a completely share restroom -- -- -- -- -- -- house. They do ladies would have. Anywhere and have their boardroom meetings. Whenever I don't know that's that's true you know women go in in groups to the restroom and you know you always get the impression that they're they're gonna talk about you and I guess we're talking about them at the table. But you know be really weird if if guys today to Jose and fifteen point I'm in and the men from which come with me. Hunt and what are you really weird. But women do that if we don't think anything of it. Right exactly. I don't think that I think that. It did that Baffert probably serve more purpose than just going about your. I don't Dina I'm glad to -- -- showing it's kind of like on a board meeting for our for the women. Here's a Texan reads men at work down under here's a text big country. It was in their song. You know I think it was big country by in a big country. Remember interviewing them -- Behind seven is very very. Early years of MTV yes they were I think they were from Scotland. Here's a text. Just quick off the topic no -- please remind everyone that Friday Saturday and Sunday -- tax free shopping days. Yes text -- shopping days for the the upcoming -- we know is that for the -- signal that was the that was earlier the -- shopping days are coming up this weekend so you might wanna think about that. Ray Rice the running back for the Baltimore Ravens apologized he said by punching his. His fiance announced wife that was the biggest mistake of his life I want you to hear the apology to play the full apology he met with reporters today. And apologized. To reporters. Whose wife. This child. To everybody. You decide if it was sincere. That's coming up next. Rick Springfield. Just became a huge heart -- success in the early years of MTV in fact I think this song came out in 1981. The song and video came out the very year. MTV first win of the year. This is this can chill and we'll be right back on -- if you well. I disagree on some some kind of that. And. -- Just got a sense if somebody says has anybody mentioned Billy Squier. No glad -- -- because this was on the former isn't really did reap the benefits of your early years of MTV. Loss. Because there and videos that he did. A lot of rumors that Billy squire were day. They believe. And what it feels like when people think you're getting. This is this to show. Here's a quick update on IWWL party general opinion poll would you be uncomfortable using a gender open public restroom. 43% say no 57%. Say yes give a sure thing by going to our web site WWL to account. There is attacks stick even though these movies so were geared towards the Ebola Virus. Specifically. They were about viruses. -- 28 days Tony eight days later those movies freak. The heck out of yeah I was talking about outbreak and I saw the movie contagion. As well and that was and other really just scary movie. If on. If you haven't seen the movie outbreak recently that might be if I say fun movie to to rent. When when when a movie is really good to me. It's a movie that it's somehow possible. That may be this really could happen. That's what makes a movie really exciting to me if it's. Not an -- about comedies have talked about two movies that bitter about that things dramatic things. If it's just impossible that something would would be that way then it's it's not news it's not his. Compelling as if what you of this weekly possibly could happen. And if you watch the news. And if you -- rent outbreak this might be a good time to two to watch that movie or or contagion because. It totally relates to what's going on in the news a -- we've also talked about Ray Rice the running back for the Baltimore Ravens who apologized. He said that's hitting his spent fiance and now his wife today. Was the biggest mistake of his life how much you'd hear his apology we're gonna play in its entirety he met with reporters today for the first time addressed the media his wife. His daughter dressed davis' teammates. Just addressed everybody. And you decide if you think this was very sincere. Harrelson notes com. -- today -- going to be. You know another very different day for me my family. The first thing I want to. Talk about my accident that -- -- comes. Inexcusable. Not a nice. Cars for display and I in the -- replay over and over my eyes. You know that's not me maximum inexcusable. And you know something I have to live -- arrested have to live with the rest of my life and you know the pain and I'm talking about living -- is that. Is waking up every day and my daughter's two years old now and -- little girls very Smart very intelligent. And nowadays you don't know the power of Google. And we have to explain that to her. You know what happened that night. So. And I know that's not who I -- as a man. No that's not -- -- -- -- who -- mom raised me to be anybody knows me and knows me that they know I was raised by single parent I know my mother. And -- You know sitting here today. You know every plated things that. You know my mom raised me to be -- not let her down I let my wife down. And I'll let my daughter down. I let my wife's parents now. I let the whole Baltimore community down and I got my -- -- is important realist my teammates down you know I let so many people down. Because of thirty seconds in my life. And I know I can't take that but. Speaking on that -- what I've done going forward. You know I'm -- man say that I needed help and wanting are realizing man I'm not ask for it actually help. And just touch on something last time I didn't. Publicly apologize to my wife. And he did not realize that hit home what a lot of people. But it does -- nice that me and my wife sleep together. And we still have to deal with this and her pain is my pay my pain as her pain for one thing that I wanted to do today was you know apologize to my wife. Who I've known since high school. I've known her since a kid. And I'm better at high school way. She's say Rivera mound or she is great mother. And knows she's a great wife that she supports me you know throughout and in -- time is right when the time is right and I say that because. You got to fix yourself before you go out there and help others. And -- write me and my wife. We wanna go out there in and help people anybody. You know violence of any kind especially man or woman. Does this it is just not right. You know it's not race -- be tolerated. It's not right for society. No matter what. You know that's something I'll stand by and I have to pay for it. But me and my wife when the time is right. We will go out there and help as many people as we came to go out there to speak out against domestic violence. Because it's something that shouldn't be is just is just totally inexcusable. And I'm here today to tell you that you know I made the biggest mistake in my life. Me she can do no wrong she's an Angel. We're council and we've taken the necessary steps to move forward. And cannot say I -- counseling because counselor does not want to -- as you go to and things. Things is automatically get better. But look counselor and has done for me is allowed me says it's Iraq what my inner self. It's let me know where I was weekend night. Because honestly on. Score touchdowns and do what I do with the NFL player you know is a very big job was very small in terms of being a parent. And be unfulfilled husband. Because anybody knows the rules of husband if you go biblically you know husband is head of the household. And my job -- to leave my family my job was to leave my wife. My job is to leave and whatever I do. And if I'm not being the example for my family crumbles and you know today. And you guys Jarvis -- report my highest highs and lowest lows but my lowest low. I made huge mistake and I wanna own I wanna -- from our teammates tell -- made using -- -- two games don't -- These two games don't hurt. No because. And I have nothing grown up on Iowa's football. And just to have that -- taken away from me and I can't be -- who got the first two weeks it hurts. -- knowing. And I appreciate you gotta support. You know and I also you know appreciate the fans of Baltimore who. Gave that ovation you know I just don't know what to expect some time because you know I still got kids out there where 27 jerseys and I just wanna tell them that you know please don't make the mistake that I did. Always talk about you know I don't -- too bad decisions you dream to become a nightmare. And I was truly living a nightmare and but our own -- way. I'm doing the best collection to my every day focus on my teammates. And I just wanna just apologize. Once again to any woman. Who's been involved any domestic. Or anybody who've been involved any kind of violence you know my sincere apologies go out to you. And I say when the time was right. And I give myself completely. Ready to go out there. And do the things I've been donor community. I will go out there and help as many people as we can ask myself in my life. What do you think of that apology. From Ray Rice. Running back for the Baltimore Ravens. Apparently. Knocked his wife his his -- fiancee. Who knows wife unconscious in an elevator casino hotel in Atlantic City. It was video of him literally dragging her limp body out of the elevator and placing -- on the ground. What did you think of that apology. Did you think it was sincere. To accept it. Our numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. -- seven and a text Amber's -- 77. And has anybody done something wrong and given up a public apology a public figure of some kind. Politician. Celebrity. Special athlete. As anybody -- of the growing and given an apology did you did not accept. There's apology to this day do you still not accept. 260187. Toll free 86680. Dines there were seven and enter -- amber is a 77. Potentially from -- said Jimmy select. Another text said Ryan leaf the quarterback to San Diego Chargers who apparently had -- a big confrontation with a reporter. And I don't remember this but I of the text said that Ryan leaf -- an apology our notes and then through the note on the ground I don't remember that. Somebody else sent text and said they did not accept the apology from Tiger Woods. -- Austin, Texas said Kobe Bryant. Who was charged with rape. Now the case of Kobe Bryant. Based on what I'd I'd do about that case I didn't think he was guilty. So if you if you apologize for something that you really didn't do if you really didn't rape her if you was consensual. And for some reason she failed badly about it afterwards. And claimed it was rape or maybe -- was gonna try to get money. And maybe she did I don't remember exactly how all of that and have -- right to achieve I think she -- get money but in any event. If he was charged with rape and if he really didn't reaper. Then how -- the apology be sincere. Here's a text Lance Armstrong. Somebody you apologized. And they don't accept the apology. If you rejoice like with your comment our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688907. -- -- number is 87870. On the breaking news tonight is that the manhunt for the suspect in the stabbing murder in or money industry hand. Bruce bush walk is over. They've captured him in independence Louisiana. And he's now in custody and there will be developments overnight and Dave Cohen David Blake we'll have the very latest tomorrow morning from five to 600 WL first news. And Tommy Tucker and David -- to a news will have the latest information throughout the morning. From WWL first news from six to -- and also joined tomorrow morning atomic Tucker wake up and always -- over Tommy Tucker among other things to talk about. On to talk about. Courteous drivers. Actually causing more traffic jams and this is it's an interesting result of of a study said he says that people who merge too early. When a win win. A roadways gun coming down to fewer lanes -- -- winners of this submerge going on. And right now -- -- of a big. Area where the interstate ways that was widened and now there's there's two lanes when your westbound on the interstate. -- at the veterans exit others two lanes they are in veterans but everybody gets over so early it's called -- and the super effect. And everybody gets over sorely. Because they don't want to be that last person in line that it actually causes more of traffic champ. And in other countries. There are not and is. Well I guess it's because we are in considered as drivers so we don't we don't want to let somebody at the last minute. And so it creates this this back up effect because everybody gets very I do it as soon as ice. Elaine sorting and I get over right away with when everybody else sees it everybody else is getting over the same time so that's what really causes the delay. It would all be little more courteous wind when people are. In that lane in the diverge over even if they're driving along in the lane. If we would do a better job of letting people in and you know I feel the same way you do in a scenario would let him in because -- what do you think you war. You know you -- or you don't lanes open you're going up to the end -- morally you win. And and that's what causes the problem but apparently it's not as big a problem in other countries. That is so one of things that Tom you talk about tomorrow morning wake up to feel good Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning and we case under the W real. Here is a text me and my guy friends always played joke. When we're with a big group. Of people and we go to the bathroom together just like girls do. Just shows you how weird people think it is win ties do that. And you're only seventeen year old all my only seventeen year old hipster listener Tre -- I appreciate I appreciate you saying that. Tax man and it's excellent for listing. Now this was a school night I'd probably reprimand you for being up this late. But it's a summertime so you couldn't hang out with -- -- till it's over at midnight -- appreciate you listening to you friends of with the show. Project you know women do that but what guys did that thing. I'm a -- under the bathroom much to with the equipment do that. It's to do it why I mean we live when it talked to we met or talked about the girls -- with too because we know they're talking about us. We'll be right back for more forgiving if you will. Remember this video from the early years of MTV. Animation. That went into -- like cartoon. Script and then it went into. Real life and -- of Texas says I cannot believe that nobody is going to take on me by our high nobody had ever done a video like that. Before MTV was only four years old when that video hit. The Airways. Here's a text adamant Tom Petty. Bryan Adams and the waitresses. All -- to remind people the early years of anti do you river band called haircut 100. They did a band a -- a song I think it was one plus love plus one. What's to define that but plus one -- find that -- who go to the next break with a haircut 101 of the early bans on MTV. It it's it's -- to think back on some of those videos and and you know here was a big deal in the early eighties and really throughout the eighties and here's a big deal now -- a lot of similarities. Between hair styles today as some of the hair styles -- from the eighties a lot of close a shave and sides. And side cuts with a bit more here and on topic. You know just although again there are some similarities with the eighties now in week quite often on the show talk about. The similarities of music today with the eighties some of the new stuff that's out today sounds very similar to the eighties. Here's a quick update on our -- to -- a pretty general opinion poll tonight would you be uncomfortable using a gender open public restroom. It's very close 43% say no and 57%. Say yes. The James Brown movie this is a movie was produced. By. Nick Jagger and he was an active hands on producer he wasn't just they're molesters -- -- so we've got his name on this discredit. -- big jagr was an active producer of the show this movie. It's -- get on up. And here's the trailer. From the chains Richard -- movie which opens up tomorrow in theaters. Can't live like. -- -- The skinny kid -- looked up and. Today cats and. That is a trailer for get on up the movie about the life of James Brown opens at the decision by tomorrow to see it sometime over the weekend will be talking about it Monday night. On the scriptural I'm gonna talk about this tomorrow on growing shall be in tomorrow for -- to once so there won't be as could show tomorrow night. Which is why we're talking about MTV tonight but it worked out well because it technically. This is the anniversary July 31 is the anniversary in TV going on here in New Orleans and in this part of the country because we're on the -- at midnight August 1. But that was East Coast time. So and actually going to be here at 11 o'clock. July 31. -- -- talking about this this tonight but tomorrow when -- -- post Arrojo our talk about this this movie produced by big jagr. And also talk about other movies about musicians they were were really -- to what was it. We're gonna talk about the -- talk about the store one of the things will get into the morphed into one. What movie about a singer performer or ban was a really. Great movie. That you that you still think about today that you will watch over and over again and what movie has not yet been done. About some musician. That she would like to see done. And the previous that I've seen forward get on up look look like there is going to be great movies and look forward to that if you at a Jewish site with a comment about -- they were talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86680. -- early seventy. And a text number is 87 B 870. However remind you that we have got all the latest information on the saints from their training camp at the Greenbrier in West Virginia it's on our website at WW real dot com tempers flared at the saints' training camp today. And Kristian -- breaks it down. In our resident pros Bobby -- -- guy shall give their assessment of the offense and the defense. And the voice of the saints Jim Henderson says he likes what he sees. In the 2014 saints. Fight out exactly why he likes what he sees. Plus -- Deke Bellavia goes in deep with the saints wide receiver nick toon. And he gives his top NFL top ten of the training camp addition. So all of that and more treading on our website right now at WWL dot com and this is a good time to remind you that you need to wake up early Saturday morning. Starting at 7 o'clock we begin our coverage of the black and gold scrimmage the saints are gonna scrimmage offense and defense at the Greenbrier West Virginia our coverage begins at 7 AM. Scrimmage is at 730. We're gonna bring you the action between the offense and the defense analysis from our resident pros Bobby -- and -- guy John. And then we'll have a full recap with coach Sean Payton and saints players afterwards. On the big chief Deke Bellavia is there Kristian -- will be on the sidelines has our saints sideline reporter. And -- Bobby -- and Steve Geller will be -- well the saints like legal scrimmage coverage starts at 7 o'clock Saturday morning skirmishes at 730. And we'll take it -- high noon. I hear on sinks radio WWL. John your on the -- show good evening. Eddie who played all a good job. Great it will be a musician. Grade and it -- not doing it are displayed. Tech art or. Well what a great job or. Spectacular. Wonderful story well. Of adversity I am not a bit. Keep an operation paid that. That was then they'll buy it mother and perseverance. All all the common addiction and all that all of that game boxes. How did you -- up made great at all other one of the best movies I've ever seen but. That's only -- bet this far. Like football musician. Jenna I appreciate you're calling assured -- it would you be comfortable with I gender opened restroom in public. Amicable you've -- -- the men's room when women have come in ranked. Yeah you. Walk and no question. Do all of yeah I would be culpable for my mile. Much of -- But maybe we maybe if we all did that and maybe we would learn how to act and that wouldn't be a big deal. Yeah well. -- -- military so you know it was all of every now and then you know everybody that you'd be rushed to ship -- loses -- has -- in -- -- Mind your own business. Now. That I -- appreciate listening to W -- at night by two color show here's the text. I'll put about a movie about prints here's attacks the movie -- bomb -- It here is attacks still what about a movie by -- order to get into this tomorrow when I suited for a -- tend to -- tomorrow in the -- tonight. We'll talk about the movie again -- up with James Brown. And we'll talk about other movies that are really great movies. -- just mentioned re. -- really great movies about. Celebrities and musicians. And what movie hasn't been done about a musician that you'd like to see done we'll talk about all of that tomorrow from ten to one here -- WWL. I always remember this man I don't know why I've limited the to classes that the guy was wearing and his hair was so short kind of long on top. This is a band called haircut 100. And I think this song is -- plus one. And this was one of the early videos and MTV this is this good show and we'll be back. And definitely well. And think well. And commitment and compassion and and and and didn't. -- Very cerebral. -- -- -- -- but we're in a very good play but this video it's just so let's so it's freaky. There's attacks I just got in the car turned on the radio and heard the poll. In open gender restrooms I think more guys -- wash their hands. I'd like to think so I'd like to think whatever it would take guys the -- and I hear I mean I it's it's not -- -- women's room I don't know. I hear a lot of women say that there are a lot of women who don't wash their hands and I would think that that would be just one of those natural things that everybody would do. Here a couple of text about it videos that remind people the early years of MTV. Pop pop. -- pop pop pop. Music yeah I remember that song and Depeche Mode parts Billy Idol night Granger. Max Headroom video and CC top one in my area -- great favorites on MTV and here is a text and Whitney Houston. Paula Abdul and Madonna Madonna was was very prom and I I love that. That McDonald's book that kind of from -- I guess high school girl kind of looked -- she had I I'd like love that look at those early videos like lucky starred in a borderline and and -- and holiday. Of course you can't. Stay away -- -- time -- you have to change with the times and she certainly has that's where it's going to be interesting to see what happens with Miley Cyrus. And he she can only fall -- -- -- did. A lot of people are saying the same things about Miley Cyrus that that people said about Madonna. Which you for short talking about how sexual she is -- talent necessary all that she's doing is in she should. Focus more on on the music. I think at this stage in her career. Miley Cyrus is a much better singer. Then Madonna was at that stage. What would it be like two and a thousand dollars. Well WW -- was to help you find out and we had a winner at WW Willis are right here in New Orleans. Every weekday we give you a chance to win a thousand dollars and on nationwide summer splash cash contest. Just listen weekdays right before the top of the -- news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM for the code word. And tax code worked seven to 81 for your chance to win without ever putting on your phone. That seven to 81 every weekday four lucky listeners nationwide -- thousand dollars each. In -- settle the money sign up now for the WWL cash club pretty give you a text reminder about fifteen minutes before we announced the code word. And that way you're certain to listen and you'll miss it if you wanna join -- WW real cash club. Text the word cash. To wait 77. Text the word cash too late 7715. Minutes before we announced the code word you get a text alert telling you the code word is coming up. It's the 1000 dollar nationwide summer splash cash contest and don't forget those times solicit right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM. 11 AM. 2 PM and 5 PM. And good luck for short radio -- And all of us that every of you well remember we never charge for textbook -- individual. Plan text in generates. May apply. We have -- talking about this. Growing trend in college campuses -- open gender restrooms I don't really think it's gonna happen here but if it works in Europe if it works elsewhere. It does kind of make us stop and think about how repressed we are in America when it comes to a lot of things. And maybe we should not see everything is something that is so sexual and you know we've -- guys have all been in in men's room when women have walked in there and I've seen that constantly over the years in. Nothing bad ever happened in women obviously feel comfortable enough to come in their. Don't think it's gonna happen but it is an interest in talking about that tonight and I'll be back for -- morphed into -- one -- John -- -- studio producer. Love -- New Orleans.