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Aug 1, 2014|

Dave talks about a three day work week, What is Wrong with People, and the Black and Gold scrimmage

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I've AM. Nine Friday it would -- Albert. Nine minutes after Friday -- the early edition of WWL. First news on this the first of August while 1014. Big old she -- I app you have no idea how much honor and pleasure it gives me to wish you a happy. -- days. I was glad that we are there -- thank you so much that because you have a week and has arrived thanks god I'm very proud to welcome news. It's Friday. The wholesome good. That feels good outside humidity back that he. It is obvious. And we do have tropical storm -- had a right on time you know it's now August things got to pick up. But all of the forecast and almost all the models at birth that doesn't get into the government. And that's what I like to -- looks like it's going to curve to the north after crossing over near Puerto Rico its annual. Dominican Republic -- a little closer than these other ones have been more than you know way way out in the middle of the Atlantic. But like you say it's it's going the right direction yet there it is not even -- year legal. Person. -- in tropical storm -- Keep Diana magna contracted -- Debbie WL that count but buying market thank going to be. OK excellent -- amity that is welcome to Friday Dave cute. Yeah you know it's funny of people do that it is -- -- -- squared. We have three games feud game and spots right in my now three days of gas and actually be three day when I'm multiplying each other words were not being multiplied by each. That would be wrong especially you know on the rate. Three days yet three and he -- with thank you for welcoming the Friday. Now. I think a lot of us are ready for this week you -- to one of the wealthiest man in the world. Is suggesting that we're just -- -- -- that because we're working leader in life no one very. Small percent of people are actually. Retiring -- sixty Arianna with humans living longer and longer than most people seems too early or her with the humans entering more and more debt and net saving and glad -- -- has a lot to do with a junior got to keep work in the Geneva money's on the and on the table so what this guy is saying is hey let's just work three days. They can be maybe 1012. Hour day you know -- some people they work fifteen days three days a week and then take four days now. You and I have discussed many times the four day work week suggest yeah what's amazing. Possible climbing I don't know Whiteside has go from 533. Let's at least slowly transition war floor -- guard and then look it perhaps if we -- -- have victory in Iowa I think afford it -- would be fantastic. And I think in many businesses that works. Model is good reason not to weather for full time or part time employees. That you can make that happen especially if people are available with today's technology you. Tablets and laptops and Smart ones do if they have to jump into the for now. Do so on those undertaken just. Go to the equipment and plug union -- it's already plugged them just enough pop it up and get a taking care of on line but it is interesting some of the people would. -- hands -- talked to sounded. Liked her so ingrained into. Doing like ten and twelve are days when they I don't think they know what to do. If they had that much -- Now I highlights and hear that one titled -- does that. If I had to work three days a week and maybe I'd get another job. Three other days and yeah. Are working even more so yes network and twice as much if you have that in two full time jobs then. Yeah I think three days is too far I think four days should be just right and he'd get there. But I know you know a lot of small business owners that it works them we mean I've got on your business up and running a pair of the business part of their work hard and union may be they have an employee year to board generally area it. And to say to someone like that it was just work four -- -- me yeah I want you just cut off one mile or. You know -- -- is that it would it be like it is -- does make -- -- -- dollar -- now from analysis to X rated 787. How many days a week is the right -- number to work and this -- a great day on TGI after last required because this is the end of the work week for most people. Not everybody. And you know in this town where we have so many restaurants and hotels and hospitality related industries. There's never a day -- for the business now whether someone has to work on those days -- another story that's about scheduling and planning and things like that it. Whatever the days -- Whether your work and Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday and taken three days whether you know whatever it is. 13 day work week a four day work week we've added a five day work -- -- and it's 77 -- now what would be ideal for use. For the work week on this I today. Guess football this weekend the hall of fame game. First pre season games saints play a week from today in their first pre season game. In Saint Louis we'll let out up to west Virginia Tech game where there Steve Geller was saying United States camp this morning. Here on WWL right after this and the pinpoint forecast center for your weekend forecast in for missile meteorologist Laura but so we'll check in with -- this moment WWL. AM mass famine that -- I can't say this too much patties. I. Well I know I'll show up today at 1 o'clock with Angela tells you what's trending with the cast of characters that. Does that program Daley wanted to great show if you if you haven't had chance to try yet I suggested tuna one and listened and yesterday David Blake was Thomas what's trending I'll be back with Angela today. And we'll see who shows up from sports in the world of social media and entertainment and other Dave knows Obama showed up to give us our weekend forecast. Expect clouds increase during the day making a mostly cloudy it's can be very warm and humid with 830% chance -- that it showers and storms and high ranked 89. Fortune I'd be mostly cloudy mild and muggy with a 20% chance for a few showers out there overnight at a low temperatures be around seventy north of -- in 77 on the South Shore. And the connector Saturday expect him mixes -- clouds it's going to be hot and humid. But keep that umbrella as -- have 840% chance for scattered showers and storms -- the high coming in around ninety. The pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist Dave -- And a little -- a little more muggy today it's cloudy and 77 at the airport in Canada relative humidity up to 79%. Actually coming in from Metairie a little while ago. Ran into about. And the rain drops -- into the early rain for just a couple of seconds and it wasn't behind a car sports in the windshield and that it was legitimately rain. So we've got that out there just here and there on Wednesday evening to worry about this morning on the North Shore seventy -- in our sixties. And mostly cloudy as the in National Weather Service office in slide now Carlos Slim a second. Richest man in the world. As proposed a global. Proposition. At a recent business conference where he says. But people work three days a week. He says eleven hour days and give them forward days on -- We've talked about a four day work week many times on this show and obviously from us folks that never caught on but the people who do it love and get a text -- 8787 -- I work 410 hour days. And I love it -- got another person says I work every day if I could in the field where my passion lies but until then. I'll take a three day which he. Is not doing what you love three days is probably planning if you are doing to you don't mind working human that it. Work as a four letter words of its nine AB if you enjoy it is it really work. Doing -- -- construction workers texting and interest once it says I'm a construction worker. And I work four days a week ten hours a day always have Friday -- say this Sunday off I love it. But then I got an -- -- couldn't do it in my profession it would mean less money less productivity. And other construction workers -- in construction there's no way. That it whatever works so apparently some construction vote it. -- automatic detection -- and I don't think it'll ever happen but I deserve from a construction worker word does that. Look at it is discussion -- -- 7870 how many days a week should people work for 53. Seventh the others say it's worked seven days and broke out one off another Baghdad and on the practice field. Steve dollars while hardest working man man in sports covered it all for us up in the mountains -- -- Am a bit -- saints' training camp as we saw some offensive in defense of players that will call extra pushing and shoving defensive end Jim Jordan on if tempers were flaring just the -- No not at all you know is set precedents I mean -- this defense will be speaking. I don't really like offensive -- and even though they are my teammates who put the feds are not among them. Left tackle Toronto Armstead also showcase his strength and power knocking back defensive linemen and even tossing a few to the ground how does he feel going into year two of his career. A lot more comfortable with the playbook the terminology plan with the same guys go out. That has always gonna help you feel more comfortable Cleveland Browns coach Mike Mateen says -- quarterback Johnny -- and Zell will start to get some reps with the first string offense soon so far Brian lawyers gone all the snaps with the first team -- himself has struggled to complete passes with the backups beast -- back for. Is Seattle Seahawks Marshawn Lynch has ended its hold out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So I'm Tony -- Dave -- New Orleans Steve gallery in West Virginia. Football this weekend giants bills Sunday in the hall of fame game in the saints' first pre season game is at the rams a week from the day. Get a quick preview from Steve Geller coming up. When we take this time after we take -- retirement your debit WL I wanna ask you might think about number thirteen knows your number fourteen. Wisconsin. We can -- to college football season. All of that in Maher after this. Five point seven Dave Conan -- on Steve -- up in the mountains of West Virginia and saints getting back on the practice field yesterday after their first day off and get a little chippy -- -- is nice to see the players got I guess got a day off the -- energized coming back him. Can't Jordan mentioned that it was a you know a mindset to set the tone early could be a physical team. Today he had this bothers me a little bit that when Curtis Lofton and Kyra Robinson got into it Drew -- steps in to break it up now drew don't do that -- somebody tells you break it up look at. I didn't know if you go to the peacemaker Drew Brees hits like -- announced in the middle of that. -- yes this tell you drew in the middle while that we do our football this weekend. Sunday. What is it bills' and giants' in the hall of fame game that's kind of exciting albeit pre season. Yeah unfortunately for LSU fans there will be no -- Beckham junior practicing he's been tampered with. Are playing he was hampered with a hamstring injury New York Giants camp. We DC yet to see -- it's still -- rentals over there as well. And on the Buffalo -- side ethic their top draft pick Sammy Watkins has reportedly been lighting it up the training camp every once anxious to see what this wide receiver has store. A week from today saints rams is an appeal on that if I get excited to get go hit somebody else in a week. Definitely because like us that we were saying the -- forget the little heated. With each other's arms struggle looking forward to taking it out on another team and Saturday is the black -- group it will have for you live at 7 AM. Obviously they get -- each other on Saturday we'll have that for you right here at WWL to an entirely the black and gold scrimmage Saturday morning more from Steve -- in 25 minutes. -- coming up what's -- the movies you tax how many days you wanna market why probably people on this I today. Seven minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news it's August it's the first. It's when he fourteen fair it's GE GI. Asks David. And everybody else. I wish you happy and it welcome you to do. Everybody let's jump around and all alone. He doesn't plunge back to driving job deadly. Nobody else comes to hold back. Yeah it does business flow and get the adrenaline going to jump around his car. -- -- The good news coming. -- -- we've been asking people about this night. -- work and not a -- -- -- as we've talked about for years trying to push it too. But a three day work week at the second wealthiest man in the world is suggesting. And I haven't found anyone -- to mediate 787 yet you think -- -- good idea to work three days a week on presences for days would be fine if overtime started at thirty hours. And it -- four days worked in shipyard people live like the change the portends well. Now. See that's what they do that you're gonna have to pay the price that are on those four days and longer hours but. I don't know I still like -- three day you you know three days off thing thank Eleanor works in the oil field today I take five days better than savage -- but the -- toward -- now and a and us as -- work every day mica added in a field that I loved that a couple people felt that it that. And another person says ideal for me would be to work no -- That's not an option he does right now is working seven days in Oakland at an apartment up try to make ends -- and -- and still aren't meeting. He says -- fairly easy for Carlos Slim has more money than you know not just of -- anybody else is the second wealthiest man on the planet. Now I will continue that conversation. Lots of movies. Now and you know you think just -- at the end of summer could be trailing off but now we -- guardians of the galaxy. It's opening today in the far reaches of space in American pilot named Peter -- Finds himself the object of a manhunt after stealing in -- coveted. -- -- -- -- -- -- this thing marvel movie got it ties in Italy and -- with -- vendors human characters there. Now they're not quite as serious as steep of superheroes and now it's worth the raccoon thing you get a super powerful record 19. Business that we sell about who's one of the stock as of this movie. Is very concerned because this superiors she played -- And she said green is like the color of vegetables the swamp and bloggers. So she worked very hard is it to find a shade of green that will be sexy pop so you have this it is there was -- Obama looks sexy high adventure she she she does congress recount of that rain teenage mutant ninja turtles. It's making a Compaq IE. He had and darkness has settled over New York as shredder and his evil plan. Have an iron grip on everything from the police to the politicians so who's gonna save today. He had mentally we ninja -- Megan Fox also in this one Will Arnett. It's pretty good cast and this is getting it buys about other movies though the hundred foot journey with Helen Mirren opens into the storm. In the trailers on this this -- while this looks like twister on. Stare out got 200 mile an hour winds in the and in -- keep going up after the out as -- step up movie opening today stepped up all in -- anise. As a movie called what if that's opening today. Does the budget vote. Well and the red one and I've. And you know -- I love bio pics especially of musicians that I've enjoyed over the years. And we got James Brown kid on up. Opening today and got a story I'm not coming out of the top most that filmed in Natchez Mississippi. Yes so very close to Louisiana but not quite get on up Chadwick Bosnia and getting great buzz. For his performance in Akron also in this one chronicled James Brown's rise from extreme poverty to become one of the most influential musicians and industry to David Blake. Your prediction on what will be number one at the box office come Monday morning. I'm gonna go with the marble gang idea I just jealousy Apollo power can go wrong there. In those marches on like to see James brown and I think that's going to be one. I'll just because there's so many marvel law. You know Britain's not ninja turtles you don't think that well. It's a chance. But I you know I have seen the marketing for that thing is amazing you know -- -- things and down all the bad thing and now I'm gonna you know on May be wrong by a buy hair but I I think guard. The number undergo what they called again thank you forgetting the name guardians of the guardians of the galaxy. -- put my money there. We're gonna go live and direct to the pinpoint forecast and coming up right after this David Michael talking about twenty minutes more for -- is Chris Miller joins us. From campus college campuses in Louisiana smoke free effective today more on that at the top of the hour on WW well. 545 let's go to the pinpoint forecast center at WW LTV and get your date of this bomb weekend forecast. For the day today may wanna throw the umbrella in the cars while -- 30% chance for some showers and storms popping up otherwise mostly cloudy very warm and humid with a high of 89. As we head into the evening hours will still have a 30% chance for a few showers that temperatures in the eighties. In overnight tonight into Saturday it would have mostly cloudy skies with a 20% chance for a few showers and storms. A low temperatures will be in the lower to mid seventies. And quick sneak peek into weekend play for rain with a 40% chance on Saturday in a 50% chance on Sunday with highs around ninety. For the pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist Dave not -- And right now out there we have a few tiny showers here they're very scattered otherwise cloudy at the airport 77 degrees relative humidity up near 80% against flight now mostly cloudy 72. And the relative humidity up near 90% with no -- nine gave -- when it's the early edition of WWL first news. One is. With people the story comes to us out of Ocala Florida where a man is charged with going postal according to authorities. Eric Bernard cement. Punched a letter carrier and through its share at the post office rock because. He got no mail. No males showed up in his mailbox and so he went crazy a -- police say that the letter carriers said. That the -- man hit him with an open hand at least three times. He says -- later three broken chair or stool at the mail truck he now faces battery and other charge it's. You know to me if I get no mail let me know what sent me a bill means that would send me junk mail trying to convince me to buy something. I have no oil shows up -- my mailbox. Fine. And crazy. That you wait at checkers -- that I can understand Europe's out of it doesn't job but it's that the mail carrier's fault you didn't get it man and -- and people file by the way if you really want -- Just to check your inbox in your email your spam folder property gets then. Sports time now on WW -- hope the that we go to West Virginia and Steve Geller. Good morning happy Friday who dat nation while the temperature may be cool up here in West Virginia that tempers and competition it -- training camp are getting hot Pro Bowl defensive end Kim Jordan says it's all about attitude on defense and that he in the rest of the unit plan on bringing it all year long. I'm really trying to put on the line make sure that we have other person we need -- gaps hole that they would have to beat. And really be that run stopping pass rushing defense unstoppable decency should be. Over on the offensive side of the ball second year left tackle to run Armstead is a mammoth of a player and is -- easily pushed around -- likes to mix up what the defense and says he did a lot of work before camp even started to get better. As we come and its ignition. What's in the best of us do it wasn't a -- wasn't the same style says same hand placement is trying to mimic those things implement my own style. Johnny men's Els admitted publicly what's been evident on the field the first week of Cleveland Browns training camp is learning curve is steep Johnny football has been struggling to complete passes while running with the number two -- fans head coach Mike Mateen says that -- Zell will get to start some reps with the first string offense soon. The Florida State Seminoles will start this college football season exactly where they ended the last one -- number one the reigning national champions were the overwhelming top selection in the pre season -- coach's poll the FCC will have strong contenders for the inaugural fourteen college football playoff leading the -- with seventeen of the top 25 including -- in the top five number -- Alabama and number five all -- LSU meanwhile comes -- ranked thirteenth and remember LSU -- if you're -- hopeful he'll make his Major League Baseball debut with the Red Sox tonight as Boston -- the New York Yankees -- -- -- on sports -- to hear from coach Sean Payton plus Mark -- from -- -- Stanley Jean -- and more from -- camp in West Virginia Steve -- WW Welsh -- I say there's Stevens sixty seconds we'll be back here to talk more about saint camping getting ready for the black and gold scrimmage on Saturday. After apologize folks not a computer glitch. Teenage mutant ninja turtles doesn't up until next week along with into the storm. And stepping up as this weekend is just guardians of the galaxy. And get on up along with. How -- -- -- the galaxy and get on up will be the big competition at the box office this weekend sorry about that. It's pride and it's all be happy though Steve Geller Bakken sixty seconds. 551 Dave Cohen here in the call me steamy. Semi tropical New Orleans Steve -- up in the Appalachian Mountains with low humidity cool temperatures. As the saints very early tomorrow more mornings will take part in the black and gold scrimmage how exciting is this Stephen. Well it's going to be a in actual -- so what we're gonna see a week from now at Saint Louis you can -- guys. Really. You know giving it they're all because it is a scrimmage and players. Have been getting -- -- drills so we'll see what happens. What is actual. I guess you could take a game of football being played now com. I just wanna see more Brittany cook is speed and also the fact that the receivers Drew Brees really seem to have a great connection especially. -- -- you're seeing this year come alive I feel like raving about him every day and also like I said Breivik -- doesn't look like a rookie out there. And I don't know what they want the NFL's going to be able to catch this. Guys yet again now that. The question I guess is can they get the timing down -- Ian drew got the time at a point where he can now run just about any defensive player. But it can drew get him the ball and can that all -- -- What -- great -- -- -- is we've been taking a tally and he has not dropped out past the -- the guy's amazing he's got their hands he's got the speed. Definitely looking forward to some you know the -- action and also to see what he's got the pre season against Saint Louis. Next week so which saint offenders gonna get to try to do slow him down our doors to derail him in the black and gold scrimmage. Well we'll probably see maybe like a safety like Geneva car want him since he's gonna be probably the slot receiver when you have -- then. And I guess at saint nick to on the outside right now since Kenny stills as -- beside -- Lot of injury are right the black and gold scrimmage we'll have it -- -- is starting at 7 AM central time. Tomorrow morning right here at WW out. Yeah we'll have the highlights will have analysis from Bobby hokey and then afterwards we'll have all the -- deep stuff which shall pay and the players thank you Steve gallery enjoy your Friday up in the appalachians will talk to about fifteen minutes more sports here on WWL. And -- them and that count now it's time for your forecast. You'll notice the humidity coming back up today we'll have some mostly cloudy skies be very warm out there with 830% chance -- mice that it showers and storms with a high around 89. Fortune allocate the clouds around it will be mild and muggy with a 20% chance for spice shower overnight. Well it was north the lake will be around seventy in south of lake around 77. And heading your Saturday expected mix of sun and clouds it will be hot and humid but they 40% chance for some scattered showers and thunderstorms but the high coming in around ninety. For the pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist Dave. Now -- today can definitely feel the Monkees and the temperatures are back up a little bit 77 cloudy at the airport and Karen mostly cloudy 72 in slide down line gave going to the early edition of WWL first news -- days you wanna work. The second richest man in the world says look at a three day work week. Must be texting me at 87 indicates and he. On prisons as three days of work -- wait -- Tuesday it would become hump day and the day before when days. And a person says who is the wealthiest man in the world to be okay it's. Got all the money. All of -- obviously but when anybody else. Back with more after this -- that for the next four hours of fun. 557. Days ago in the early edition of WWL first news are you ready for some football 7 AM tomorrow the black and gold scrimmage here on WW -- the saints play there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- for the science that any man I am actually believe and not on for the defense just because I know the offense is awesome. As wanna see if the defense can match him and they can keep up with them that -- rate they'll let -- ago. I don't know which says it. That and to be closed gains on debt it will be and that those coaches get involved to make it a close game. The giants in the bills in the hall of fame game you'll hear that right here on WWL 630 on Sunday -- out now. It's football David. We all watched then all of -- game. Because. Now we'll watch it now like Audi Q because they're so desperate to see any kind and put all ago. For real football and it's early in the reasons and first senator to his far right then after that it rapidly declined -- we still want to round I will be that whole thing game actually missing explained the urinary can't. Running down and at liberty stadium given Christian -- time. Sleazy deal the Arctic that we know rapid decline coming up for the next four hours that Tommy Tucker which again on this floor we're trying to avoid it Dave. Yes there are no guarantees that al-Qaeda -- I'm anxious when you're on a highway. And you know driving cones they get the arrows what Waller yes it's like it was in -- here. But city and highway driving inning ending at the -- come and not board the the big arrow you know thing maybe accounts and -- -- -- in traffic right. You hit in early. Italy and it's open or you go right up to the hour or narrower -- cones and merge and if everyone would just merge in at speed may -- Now quarter mile at a time we never have any delays it probably is the jerks who say -- -- Up to the very last point and that forcing might weigh in and that slows everybody you are wrong traffic cone -- Because there's a new study out that says if everybody in both planes where to go one card -- time. Then traffic could be decreased by as much as 40%. You believe that. If everyone that one person yes if federal people getting into that rightly or orally. And and sit and wait and Lleyton in steaming think Elaine and their cotton and cotton went in -- -- -- mostly I'm just tell onion. And yet -- California. We have funded. Font on Friday goings on and on two yeah I'll be back in the.