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8-1 6:25am Tommy, Saints update

Aug 1, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL's Steve Geller about Saints training camp

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Iconic target -- WL -- in this Steve -- one of the many members of the sports team we have this guns did. At the Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs West Virginia of course you guys aren't actually staying at the Greenbrier. -- in the luxury suite there actually it's again. Actually have that luxury suite there bomb in the presidential suite -- Presidential treatment good for you all Tommy about what happened at practice yesterday one of those training camp fights which always happens and I wondered sometimes coaches don't put him up to. Well yeah the intensity was cranked up a bit since the players were just coming off a day off they seem to be. -- amp up even more book -- Robinson. Running back at linebacker Curtis Lofton with the ones. Really that kind of got into another map that was really just put up pushing shoving. Oh Lofton and Robinson even went to the ground wrestled the bit. And the piece speaker Drew Brees comes in and separates the two it's like whoa whoa we don't leave the scene like that you know -- -- Drew Brees. Diddy Diddy separate hammered did he come in after everybody was pretty well restrain. Not a -- step right it separated. So native new avenue noon no we don't. He drew with a torn rotator cuff because two guys who work. Just full of equipment that could prevent him from getting hurt are fighting right. Exactly and I mean it's of course cute to see -- doing that and that capacity because he is the leader of the team. But other than that there was really kind of minor pushing shoving here and there like him Jordan defensive bank got into it. With a rookie offensive tackle to Von Brooks who was kind of hoping -- but I guess -- didn't like that too much. Afterwards Jordan's that you know what. He was wearing a white Jersey which all the offensive guys do it he's like. Certainly don't like those guys anyway you know throughout my team. And there was also problem in the presidential suite yesterday with some -- an -- -- I think hokey and Jim got into it right and who just Christian jumped in a break it up. Yet but unfortunately K dog is a he was sent to the hospital Hokies got it a good right cross him and hit -- great -- And -- handers in the black belt Lotta people realize that. Of those two are all both an intensive care after going after each other. Tell me all about practice when we come back quickly just about with the weekends again a hold of the black and gold game tomorrow I think it's 730 here on Debbie WL. And then boy count down to the hall of fame game so Sunday night I think it is right. Yes Sunday night and then there man we got football every weekend all the way until. I guess the AFC NFC championship games and get a two week break then you go to. The Super Eagles 630 more with Steve Geller when we come back -- any questions about the saints -- 87870. That's the number. To which you can text -- -- can also call a security breach gonna play -- -- waited hours and it means it's out -- for everybody of course it only it only says no one minds is kick the ball through the opera are okay. That's what he has to edit stressed that demagoguery tweet that that's what it says Steve -- joins us right now from White Sulphur Springs. West Virginia the Greenbrier resort. Steve did today a leading into the black and gold game. Tomorrow would the intra squad scrimmage or are they gonna go out and pads today. Yes absolutely I expect the intensity level to continue to be ramp up even more. Whether it's threatening here could be a wet one. So things could get interesting as well some guys that have been shining. Are like quarterback Patrick Robinson. Made another pick yesterday. He's really having a good campaign. I I think he can really challenge Champ Bailey for that number two quarterback job. Robinson was a former first round draft pick for this team kind of dropped off a bit and then. He had injury last year when he came into this season having a good camp got injured in week two missed the rest the year but looks completely healthy now. Has made a lot of plays that would have a lot more picks if he could hold onto the ball but definitely one of the quarters to watch out for. And still at wide receiver Brandon cooks and nick -- Continue to have phenomenal camps -- had a great series of catches yesterday including and that and the session. He made this diving grab looking Kilgore a rookie quarterback. Really overthrew him to be let into the air to make this ball -- -- has grabbed -- says -- drop the ball all camp. And nick -- and continues to build an end and make catches and has chemistry with these quarterbacks I looked for him to be real force this season. Hall of fame game tomorrow night we were saying you know while we are so starved for football we all watch it and is different when the saints were we're in -- a couple years ago but. Did did the players there a plan on getting together and watch in this -- is that they're doing it a break from football is they're not football -- disappoint them trying to make Vegas. The players after the black and gold scrimmage on Saturday will have Sunday off but I doubt they're going to be tuning in to -- pre season action from. Our vantage point at least you know local New Orleans crowd. You have Eli Manning going to be played for the giants some LSU players for the New York team as well unfortunately. No L -- Beckham you go for the giants their first round draft pick. He has been dealing with a hamstring injury. And might be able to play in the giants' second pre season game but won't be around on Sunday and it's four as the Buffalo Bills. A young team that's been building a lot of folks -- are excited to see what wide receiver Sammy Watkins is capable of doing he's been generating. A lot of buzz during training camp saying he's been a beast. I thank you Steve.

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