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WWL>Topics>>8-1 6:45am Tommy, new Louisiana laws

8-1 6:45am Tommy, new Louisiana laws

Aug 1, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL News Director Dave Cohen about new laws taking effect today

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Cohen joins us right now some. 500 plus new laws I think it is in the take effect 551. Louisiana laws go into effect so -- is in outline Amal Fuller terrorist wanna I don't hang around he'll go through with Don Dubuque if he has doodling around for Angela and actually. I do some sports talk however long it takes to explain all of these 551. New laws collect oil right do is read the law. First this for me as bad as it's actually printed. And then explain it -- -- let's get started I'm I'm gonna go place and -- -- Now some of them the more notable ones yes. Let's disk and I dating define increases today for 300 dollars for every cigarette but you throw on the ground. That's it for -- that Tobago one opera -- -- if anybody actually start if you see. As many bullets being thrown out the window if she used to and if anybody gets Bogle. Yet I've -- delegates will will will will try to -- tendency when the first person gets charged with that all college campuses in Louisiana. A public schools must goes smoke -- today many of the private colleges and universities. Choosing to take part and also many of the schools are expanding it not just smoke free. But tobacco free completely -- chewing tobacco either on most college campuses and that's illegal on the public college campuses to smoke. Starting today and -- got to College Baseball game on campus. At -- not from a -- to Becker. If the end a lot of the schools are including chewing tobacco in their policies and appear on campus. No tobacco use -- all. Nine ticket boxing become a -- eagle today as the state expands its ban on cockfighting. Some had actually see some organizations some individuals that actually found a way around the cock fighting man by calling it chicken boxing him. Putting little gloves on the chickens. Talent as well where they chickens put in little rules of Nichols and their hands. But that I -- -- await their talents now that that I know but ratings -- being used -- speaking of boxing are punching anybody who attacks a -- at a child's athletic event. Under the law today if they're convicted must serve jail time while and it put some teeth and that's enough physically attack you pay for parents or anybody for that matter. He decides that the referee -- -- -- -- -- dangerous unhappy with the way things went and they. Attack them punch that hit them they must face jail time click and you can verbally assault talk about their -- EG if you like. -- to recommend it good news that tonight covered under the law. Speaking of violence. Domestic violence laws have been strengthened. Two give a little more power to the victims of domestic violence the bail. Requirements have been increased if you ward and jailed on a charge of domestic abuse. There are also. Types of violence that have now been included. In domestic abuse and eligibility for parole and probation for those convicted of domestic abuse. Oh will not be. As lenient you'll be able to own a gun for a decade. Now if you are convicted of domestic abuse battery and even a misdemeanor. Wow now you see now that once notable because if whatever reason a wife and husband and -- goes back to a retirement yesterday with Ray Rice and and domestic violence if he gets knowing he said she said and the guy is even convicted of put in his hands on our order a herb put his hands on him -- her head around him and even -- it. If they're convicted and they're convicted -- -- a misdemeanor domestic abuse battery so. Touching so embarrassed to find an unwanted touching usually it's hitting but. So if -- can be if you are convicted. Putting your hands on somebody. In a domestic situation you can not own a gun for ten years under the new law that's pretty stiff yes speaking of guns you can bring them if you have a concealed weapons carry permits starting today. Those folks can bring them under restaurants. In Louisiana that allow it. So in the us the restaurant has a sign posted that says no guns. If you have a concealed carry permits starting today you can be pack in heat. I can be on your ankle in a holster underneath your shirt wherever it is you conceal your weapon you can bring it into a restaurant. Still cannot bring -- into a bar and the differences. That if it's a facility that generates more than 50% of its revenue from alcohol at the bar. If it's more than 50% from food it's a restaurant. And it's the kind of the same laws and we can smoking and smoke in a bar you can't smoke in arrest so he could smoke they can't every gun there. If you can't then you can bring your gun and if you have a concealed weapons carry. Permanent you know I wondered about as if you know I know they -- -- -- -- -- an open carry state but we don't know practically speaking. If you like down the -- caring -- and chances are police offices and stop you Wednesday that it would appear. And -- can Amex says but what if you open carrying -- concealed carry permit if all of it goes away at that point. Well these you know you can open carry without concealment and -- and the changes are you going to be stopped correct and you can currently -- and any. Restaurant in Louisiana. With then open -- if you're holding your daughter ever gone on your head you can walk in there. -- -- that I can ask it Oliva called account to find out what your -- But legally can do it entity so bring it concealed into the if -- got a terminal illness. And the drugs that they're using to try entry you don't work starting today in Louisiana under the law. You can have access to experimental drugs or experimental procedures. That are not currently approved by the US food and drug admin it was illegal before you correct and I did it this could end up in court and legal battle with federal regulators. But for now what they're saying is -- looks like you're gonna die and there's nothing doctors can do for you you can't in Louisiana now get some experimental on approved. Treatment or drug. To try -- it as opposed to waiting. To be approved imminent long gone in most likely and that's you know he's in there will be some questions about it has to be an actual trial on things like that it. That one takes effect today new disinfectant requirements for water systems. In the Louisiana officially become law today most of the water systems are imposed on this is about that brain eating amoeba. That was founded to water systems in the state. Starting now they have to increase the amount of treatment and really chlorine in the water systems to make sure that there is -- Brain eating amoeba in the water in the temple I don't want to and -- breaching newsman in independence. Or impartiality but would it be accessible acceptable to ask you if you drink tap water. I do drink -- from time to time and I don't -- big glass of that we do have bottled water. But we cope with a -- -- -- You know. Pain reliever usually just -- -- one off that. Generally speaking when -- party veteran to again. This is not because a lot of people won't -- on odd but it's -- -- and a little another paradise that. And home mule -- drink it but it restaurant mr. -- and yeah -- -- -- about a week and asked about water and pay for it yet but -- of them glass of water is on the table it's going to be -- eight thank you so much for -- for all of that and will be will be interesting to see if there's any enforcement and -- -- law enforcement officer -- note that roll -- -- said. I'd like let's be -- -- cigarette butts. That's careful it was right -- -- And I'd like to hear from the audience and no it's because now you subjective 300 dollar fine is gonna keep you from flicking a cigarette butt out of the window thank you Dave starting a new laws at WW dot com nine L 551 room. Now battle and some of those things -- very procedural where it's to move this. Called this fund that senator.

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