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8-1 8:15am Tommy, soccer in the Dome?

Aug 1, 2014|

Tommy talks to Alan Freeman, the General Manager of the Superdome, about the possibility of some international soccer games in the Dome

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I David degrade merged debate continues now Jordan -- brings up a point which is a good one and if you just joined this there's a traffic study that says if if there close and one point for construction and any another lane open and they got the the barrack needs little cut little -- person in barrels Amara. -- barrels and little towns aren't leads you to the signed the big arrow on it. Do you merge in the open -- The one that's not going to be closed early do you wait until the arrows to get in do you view that is cutting if you do -- generally. And the traffic experts tell us that if everybody would uses much real estate as they have. And that's how the traffic department decides where to start the cones out take it up as far as you can go right exactly what. Yes now and then margin gringo and barging go on and uses zipper effect. Which is one -- -- the other -- in another lets the other one in their body takes a turn. But people are saying no he had to get an early and why should somebody go into the arrow if what they think they're more important but my thing is. But there's certain there. And your -- of our stock in your lord of the guy goes whizzing by you is -- the value -- -- are made the decision again and -- fine now and I'm saying if you if you. Don't how where would end. -- target and where the barrel start right well the -- built up beyond that. -- ignore the barrels and he like three miles early get in the right lane just in case it may be Elaine closure. I think you go man and the -- I go to the arrows in the and and now. He's got -- -- -- you might get some -- you said Connie and I don't think you're playing well thank you emerging are emerging yet properly marketing term to use I don't think anybody knows that that's the way to do it so there can be some conflict when it comes down to that arrow and somebody let him. And a couple of different neighbors they're the people let let you win. Suffers a summer you'll let Ian and they'll just stay on our car inches away as you know actions are right now I think he knocked dominating here is very -- get that Honda. A -- Into an area if it's three anti you'll get in but it it's to you won't. So they AC three inches away from the bumper and then there the other people. Like somebody here on -- mere mention any names Jordan -- but he rides in the lane that's going to be closed. And then mixes opening. Like give you see a big truck yeah -- yeah eighteen oil guy he's so he's got to move analog -- sneaky hand and a spot. -- races presence about no -- of the team -- I'm saying two they gets into the lane it's going to be closed early. And you are in that lane that is going to be close a year you're kind of scouting your opening comments and -- years. Here's an elderly person I don't know and that's partly as a museum lady on a cellphone owner young man on a cell -- not paying attention that could be my opening. And then use it and that part of that strategy has to be. Wait a minute if the traffic slows up in front a -- and have time to stop. And as a person behind me at halftime stuff. So it it's a lot of strategy and I think all that can be avoided if everybody uses much realists say it is they could use -- near and and then one -- of ago -- -- -- -- the Avago and a traffic engineers say you know what. That would decrease in traffic delay by 40% yeah that's exactly as they say -- funny I tonight on what's the right way to do it what do you do. Art armor. Or use all the real estate I can't murdered black -- it. But. Like in the heartland are you -- nature you by nature an aggressive person. I get but what about that a lot on the kind of migrated. Yet. -- know. Another reason I ask is I think a lot of people. And out of its passive aggressive I'm no psychologist but they get in the right lane because or the open lane. Because they don't have any conflict when it comes at the arrow to emerge but if you decide to do that I don't think you can. Right if somebody uses only the real estate goes and the arrows again in. I agreed and I exit now. If they weren't. Back or a mile back what the traffic engineers -- go out our back. But yet they weren't at at putting aren't that march if they were put a sign that that do not merge. And then block off the middle rounds. So and force people to go down and do -- -- 11 car one. Same thing no matter where you'd put the tones start with you gonna wind up. -- an -- point right what I don't -- you don't get any war or -- do not hurt close Celine immediately. In our. Weight and cost them at all. What column for you cannot merge early assessments and the languages abruptly come to an end it was going to be close. Like you. And I laughed out what you would be you'd be forced to -- which is the same -- going down the arrows right. That's right -- -- people -- are afraid that 40%. I thank you Jeff I'm glad you called don't think I would I would be concerned -- -- then again I'm no traffic engineers that venue and have people stopping abruptly without any warning. All of that the cones in the barrels and and you have a lottery or encourage collisions tell me what is the correct way to merge. As you drive around dias at in the right in the open lane and Amanda people they go to the arrow should you go to the arrows. More when we come back Tommy Tucker -- W. Thanks Thomas Tucker were gonna continue the great merged debate and a couple of minutes and to see an art museum and car getting ready to emerge traffic experts at least two we've spoken to. So it's a lot easier if you go down. And use all of that lane that's going to be close follow them barrels all the way down -- the arrow or until only narrows so that you can't use it. And then merge in a traffic. -- and some people get on the plane that's going to be I get out of that plane that's going to be close in the open lane early. In an angry when people use all of the real estate. In and out of the arrows. We take a break first though talked to Alan Freeman a -- Arnold stay there general manager of the superdome morning Allan. Good morning. Coming about. Gold cup soccer and I hope nobody's company gone on as they get to yet I wasn't much of a soccer fan before the World Cup and I still don't know anything about it. But if you were to get a gold cup match at the superdome. Real teams real games that matter you know assume they're very competitive I don't watch. Well honestly I'm sort of in the same position you're in I don't know a whole lot about soccer never attended allies soccer match did watch. Some little of the World Cup matches on TV. And we're certainly aware of the large watch parties that to put all the countries so it seems like they're -- groundswell of enthusiasm for soccer right now. We were given the opportunity. By a the folks that manage the local regional gold cup. Matches that take place next July to bid on those matches. We prepare to be it and we will learn in November if we're on the award for the dates from dissident. Have you done any kind of surveys. To see popularity how many people would go or is it just based on the excitement from the World Cup and I hate to say anecdotally but. Because of the excitement that you saw here in the new loans and I guess the region. -- a little bit of both to be truthful. We we did reach out to some of the you organizations. And semi pro organizations to. You'll take their polls all put not to have worked on here they were all obviously very enthusiastic about it. Since the announcement was made that are -- LS ED meeting. Last week we've received numerous emails from other organizations. Indicating that this would be great for New Orleans that that would account of the by and large blocks of tickets so. Whether or not we get it I don't know we would put very attractive proposal and based on what we've. Received the feedback before we think it might do very well. -- so with ten being the awarding of the of the site -- with whom new loans competing. I suspect it would be most of the cities they have NFL stadiums. And some of the other cities that have -- that built just for soccer so. It's going to be a pretty significant field of competitors. -- -- In advance or like the World Cup the way it's organized. There's going to be a series. For the policy group rounds and these take place in many many different cities. And in the group round. The group well I think eight teams emerged. That will be in play in -- files and files that obstacle mating and while Egyptian. I so in terms of the process with ten being the selection of the city and one BN. You invited to take even did where you think we are now. -- I would say that New Orleans is an unproven commodity as far as. He'll host in these type. -- well my chances again and -- just in terms of the process. Like you know how far out from now today. Decide which city gets it when will we know. Is we like halfway through would be like a five out of a scale of ten of the process of them determining who gets it. The bids were submitted about three weeks ago -- the first -- We were advised that if there's. Sincere interest. And any host city that wouldn't be contacted for site visits have been the ultimate decision will be made in November. So I guess around a four out of ten. Process lines got a chance of getting -- the process. Right now. Did it what kind of changes which you have to make an historically I don't know that much about soccer had -- been big matches in an indoor stadium. There have banned but didn't -- -- their four lane for the simple reason that. Fifa requires all of these type matches to be played on natural grass. We would have installed that progress to host an event collective there was some concern earlier as the bush the footprint of these super gulf war was going to be large enough is just. To be able to post this so. We will -- that would be able to put people's sites field down they require us putting. The turf on the concrete floor itself so forcefully can't play on the artificial -- these -- gains but the we can certainly make this work. How long does the whole match -- would they take and I'm just wondered Heidi keep their grass alive in the -- homers that a big problem. Well -- concerned. With -- work it would only be awarded one day we're fortunate to even get one of these it would be a double -- So it will probably take us two or three days to install the turf they do require a practice day the day before the matches themselves then. He keeps you play the two games that you immediately take her book so it would be -- you know six or seven day. Overall process. And I don't mean to. It says it just go and of these that the use micro details of this but. When you wayside like that the have a problem with scenes -- you can somehow tied together where -- who would be happy with -- Well there's a couple of different methodologies for doing this one would be to bring in. Huge roles -- it would not be like mobile small pieces that are reciting orders be huge roles and they they typically pretty flat themselves. Of the other methodology would be to have -- audience and in individual trees. Or lightly pocket squares it will let -- much bigger. Well ID to even touch challenges I'd like to know but I would definitely go to see it is I think you'd be. A lot more exciting lives and on TV. Well we're certainly encouraged by the speed that we've gotten thus far and where -- -- keep an -- -- would load vehement which has social the world that fuels as a soccer market. And maybe get in the rotation at that point -- on insane and then before you know it becomes a regular thing thank you Allan appreciate your time like so much have a great weekend Alan Freeman general manager of the superdome so. In addition to the great -- debate if you're on hold will take your calls when we come back. Would you go see a gold cup soccer at the superdome if it came. And when it comes -- sports. What's better lives than in person and what is the most exciting lives sporting event other than NFL football or college football. That you can go to -- -- in -- when he six timely get traffic they can we just take a second to acknowledge Jordan -- when Shelden Williams. I like to do this on Friday and Ryan Newman because without them we couldn't do anything today it'll year right nor any day so thank you all very much -- your help and we're talking about in addition to the great lane the great merged. Debate let me make this distinct. Clarification. If I may. This says nothing to do with exits. Because when it comes to exits. I am of the Knoll. Get in line. And wait I have no patience now for people who feel as though no they don't have to get in line to wait for the exit. They can go right up to where those things -- that you shouldn't crash into the -- same -- And they got that white striped area where you're not supposed ago. They go right Arnott and call it. I don't either but they go forward John assailant and talking about don't they go right up there. And then put to turn signal on and I am certain behind dense and dull men. Why are you let them and now that to me is cutting are gonna carrier right now there -- ya well they do you do that. But the truth Qaeda and yet now I think if -- get in and taken an exit. Wait your blanket he blank terror yeah absolutely I am gonna -- hours -- on the but if it's. If it's so lane closure the experts listening new result of the real estate that you possibly can. Go down the Arab world and uses Everett back and let one person goes and another another person -- -- another another person goes -- another. But again that's got nothing to do with exits -- worlds of sports that are better live. Then on TV any -- your -- baseball. And I would have to agree with this for the life of me. Other than it's a World Series assembly in game plan you know I think I'm over here going I don't know who could watch the cardinals play. Did not without answers that the Braves. On a Sunday afternoon or Saturday afternoon in. Pick a date pick a month rent the June. I don't know who rule. And I criticizing you I'm just saying I don't know who could watch this. Now in person it's different. In person again different things going on between innings relishes that atmosphere. And -- -- it is yeah he would but only days ago. It all. Italians basketball a text comes and they would like to see that NASCAR I think it's a lot better in person. Then on TV and I never been to a NASCAR race in view. Now and a -- would you like to gamble sure -- enterprise log into a -- -- but on TV does nothing for -- and there are. And I think in personally it's Eagles and one. -- -- -- that Formula One was a budget I'd I'd go back and do that again and again there was wonderful they have one of those races here a long time I remember in this meeting not that long ago when he is right down around the dome. Yet Clinton frank wanting -- morning on -- W I'll tell me about the great merged debate. -- -- Tell me tell -- one insert tell me about the that the great merged debate with the barrels and cones and the arrow and getting into the openly in early wait until the last minute senator. -- -- Will you. -- It. At. Very. Well. -- -- know -- when using emerge you mean when the barrels start. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- do you give him a bit of traffic experts is saying if their -- go to the arrow uses much real estate it would make it moved 40% quicker you agree with that. -- -- -- -- Real try that I have seen many actually. People -- it. -- -- In other. And -- would change would break and then it. But if everybody had not gotten in line too -- wouldn't -- that not a man and not moderately -- -- get on and it. Cause and then Beck and each other right. Yup. Yup yup and each other. Caught. I got to me as your equipment you said rocket scientist. You do know we went to the moon came back Greg. Some of it does work. Like. Yeah I wish some of it does work thank -- -- -- dating -- -- appreciated and I more calls we come back. Among the things you can talk about. Is sports what what is it now goes back to soccer they they're thinking about it please make it a bit on getting -- gold cup. Match witches I guess in the years in on him the World Cup in the superdome would you go to see it. After maybe didn't do stuff about the World Cup I would because I think any more exciting in person than it is on TV. Although like I did find the World Cup pretty interesting. And what sporting events do you think I'm better lives. Then on TV and which ones. Would you like to see in what is the most exciting sporting event besides. American football. To be there live and watch it but of course a great -- debate continues here at WW. Cloudy hot human to date 38% chance for showers we are already at eighty degrees. Highs going up to about nineteen then. Tomorrow hot humid cloudy 40% chance for a few scattered showers and thunderstorms and you know if you are under one. He can be pretty heavy Indian downpour -- About ninety degrees of feeling -- I've -- -- hundred and Sunday pretty much same thing of 50% chance of those scattered showers and thunderstorms some downpours possible. And highs around 89. The great -- debate continues about when Elena is closed and you see the cones and in the barrels or maybe it's barrels and then -- -- do you get over early into the Lane's going to be open. And then get mad when people go down to the arrows. Or do you followed -- the open lane until it closes. And merge and in the traffic experts are saying that if everybody uses much real estate as possible. And either state -- they were in a -- -- -- it's going to be close solely down the arrows that one personally another end. And and the person behind them that somebody yells in in terms they call a zipper effect in traffic would be 40%. -- -- -- -- lot of text lot of FaceBook comments having gotten to -- -- says of people had their turn signal on yes. -- let them men if not no. But like -- see there are some other people. That will just to ride the bumper of the car in front of somebody is their turn signal and on rather now I guess it's different in this case emerging because they note. Aren't well eventually you're gonna hop and then playing but I guess the turn signal carries -- that the implied question. If you stop on side of one vehicle will you let me in which is ironic because of vehicles on site yet can't see the Terrence thing. Now a couple of other things that bother me is when I let somebody in and I don't get away. I know that sounds minor. Where's my way back. Come on I'll -- -- and I got to get a bank again not I don't get a smile. It away again now that irritates me because that to me senses. I get a sense that this person felt they were entitled to cut in in economy. So like away like some kind of of gesture indicating you know what thanks a lot appreciate it. Tommy about following lane lines this text says Lee circle from saint Charles Howard both planes can turn right. On to hollered with the right lane being right turn only a drive -- three times a week every time the person in the right lane continued on as saint Charles. Blocking the person in the left lane from making a legitimate right -- turn. Is this tax on the -- emerging is don't use your turn signal. Here's another one you should definitely use all of the real estate. It is like -- merge lane most drivers stop at the yield old does that drive me crazy. Like on -- where you make a unitary and and they have a big lane. Way of the traffic and move up and merge into the oncoming traffic and people stop right at the bend. And don't move up. So anyway years old reels they'd like emerge -- most drivers out of the yield in setting continuing in the lane until the end. Com. Every time so called experts this one says. Every -- the experts change of pattern of traffic gets so screwed up I'm not gonna take their word on this. And then this one David Blake syrupy voices like warmed to motto soup in my heart. With that nice 854. Time to take a look at traffic while I get the phone and here's Sarah Robinson's. Ready Tommy Tucker when we come back we're gonna talk about well everything we've been talking about as well as this and that this kind of interesting. Laura Lyons -- is gonna join as a financial expert and a certified financial planner and I think when we consider back to school when we get to this time a year we think of maybe high school may be the kiddies nine dollars -- the global -- launched its and so forth but a lot of a lot of older children start college. And there's new survey out says Americans are -- borrowing less to send their kids college what about you. And if you head to is it better to sell your house and then you rent to keep your kids from taking out student loans. And is it better for them to have a house to inherit. Or not an inherently an a student debt.

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