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8-1 9:45am Tommy, LSU ranked 13th?

Aug 1, 2014|

Tommy talks to Mike Scarborough, Editor and Publisher of Tigerbait.com, about LSU football

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker -- to be that timing -- in downtown LA she ranked number thirteen. Nice to be talking about polls again really thirteenth in the coach football. Pre season the opening it's too -- to -- -- just right let's let. Our resident -- issue goldilocks thinks Mike -- was -- in the three Beers editor and publisher of tiger -- -- morning Mike. I'm well thank you to think you've taken the time with a semi about it thirteenth in the nation. I think that that's about right I would say it was human genes just you know going in the off season and we shall whispering in. The question mark as you as a quarterback in new receivers. To me that that's about like looking at were you know Alabama got back Albert it was amazing music. You know old tricks in them is that on issue number twenty. And yet -- kicked it in the SEC west that you shows you how strong an insult media EC west is. We're just about every team except Mississippi State and even make a great -- did they bother -- there -- senior. They're not there and neighbors Arkansas but it but he is in the top two -- Tell me about dumb LSU and quarterback what are we likely to see this season. Well you know get to work Monday and it's you know without -- -- -- and -- -- BC I think. Most people including myself think -- -- is the more talented of the two but he is true freshman. But I'd. You know I I think it's highly -- which he built quarterback throughout the season. I don't know the one guy separates himself and he used. The real steady all season long I think there's going to be. -- Valleys where somebody. Just doesn't have a particular date that it starts women and in the games to fascinating media kick him out at the other morning and so. -- and what they like about here -- these. He certainly is got a bit of swagger these kind of cocky. I don't think if things go south on him. The if you wallow -- and I think he'd be the type -- -- bounce right back in and forget about it. Having seen Leonard Cornet playing -- several times. It seems to me like rather than a freshman he's in his fifth year college is this guy looked like. He has college running back from the time I think he first at the field that saying on so tell me humbly how much you think he contributes this year. Not think a lot and not just in the running game but is in the passing game because he's he got very good hands. Involved a lot of seven on seven football. You know could very well be used in the passing game. You know the -- you're you're right about bird you know -- Cummins -- -- grade and he's. You know very important -- and did very mature effort page. You know and that he's definitely we've never seen before that put the ball on the ground in an Indian problem or make mistakes. You know back to -- that that would that would hinder him from being on the field. I think of the running -- those people certainly indeed. In Hilliard basically is we know now and this is easier to that has stepped up. But I think it's a maritime world report that there exerts himself in Indian it becomes one of those. You know freshman running back that this is the in the country. I AT and quickly before really to go Mike is -- just about out of time about it receivers and big losses for LA issues to step up and take their play. So that's no trend around the top returning receiver. But you know look at those freshmen. -- I do pray and -- -- and those guys really need to step up into work and also look. You know and that's that to me that's why you put -- human genes in the polls. Because the quarterback and receivers. That you feel great about the run back for the opposite mine you'd think to be vigilant and be much improved from next year. These these quality one of the best and in the country not these best unit linebackers hoping to be improved so to me it's it's all quarterbacks and receivers. And how quickly those that come along or where they need. An expectation was. You know what you think 93 years and high in -- new look -- think eight and force probably about right. I'd go to tiger -- that compliment to find my. Just put up in Wisconsin. The 2014. Season preview. And Grassley voted down with recruiting content. And get ready for all practiced covered which will start Monday morning practice sports photos and video. Thank you Mike appreciate -- time. Thank you amber we can you do sir might discover and publisher of tiger make dot com will be back in a flash and other W.

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