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8-1 7:10am Tommy, merge early or late?

Aug 1, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Bethany Stitch, Associate Director of the UNO Transportation Institute, about whether merging early or merging late is better at reducing traffic

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David Blake we've had a rough beginning to today -- friend parties got off the tracks a little bit and I -- them and some people texting insane it's at another penalty. -- -- -- in nearly equally game yeah I -- you know the old saying when you're the guy hides the ball ago was pass recorder by some all I hate that goes goes -- -- -- -- that makes the NFL -- real you know I'm saying. And I bounce it around and heading. Better for the end zone -- no absolutely and right now and Dylan is time. To avoid another penalty. I'm I'm talking to the refereeing in order to get the other players in the game OK -- we're ready. Credited Dalai we come back to talk about this study and we'll talk to the guy that conducted it. And I think it is a very controversial issue that a lot of people had some very strong feelings about. When you come to the area where one lane is closure yet emerge in the 02 lanes merge into one hour. Do you wait till the last minute Gupta the arrows and and merger do you get in the line early and -- think everybody had a view is cutting in -- out and you and if you do that then you you stay angry. As all watched -- if you're in front of yours they're human -- and exactly -- see what -- do what is more important what I -- a blood pressure's going to -- a special. You gotta go ahead of everybody else you can't wait -- study says. Actually by doing that get in line early. And not let in the two lanes that are less burden and let one car than another one -- than another traffic has delayed by 440. -- -- so glad I've been right on. Gloria good drive. And on interstate and going to. Got that look on her face like is as fast you should drive I like this link is it's smoother I don't care I'm not pull it off. Act which is not -- -- -- debate. I don't know if this is homophobia I don't know this is. The reverse of political correctness we think as far as we know. -- wonderful producer Jordan Spiegel did some check in -- That this is not one of those onion stories as it was reported by the Salt Lake Tribune which is a legitimate newspaper. And it concerns. From a -- -- English language school in Salt Lake City. And 88 in big cities where they have a lot of people that are from other countries that -- needed jobs. It's called English as a second language Kara this particular school is is moment school -- me and Norman and is bound to help remodel on. Nominee is no man I wish this is true Wear them. Time we know in -- manner. And -- let me get around here's the deal. Blogger on the website for that school and his name is Tom. Other departments on name school his name is no no it is -- and global language -- told here and a mom. Did the guy wrote a lie get teacher -- and attempt torque Woodson. About home -- phones. HO MO PH ONE yes. And as -- language school apparently they didn't realize that I almost phone is a word that sounds the same but has different meanings in different spelling it certainly does -- he and be. Through and through TH RO UGH in TH RW. There THE IR and there THE RT. Well he says when he wrote that blog to try to help people who are making English their second language. They called him and the office and -- now our school is going to be associated with homosexuality. Asks. And he said he was careful prefer to -- forward straightforward explanation of home phones into the home all part of the word could be politically charged but he thought the explanation of that quirky part of the English language would be educational. So just to be clear -- home phone is not. -- any kind of communication device. Now it is just a word this. It looks the same sounds the same spelt differently and it has different meanings and yet. Fired for that Bausch and even given so much trouble I think -- and online and next thing you know there there either. Attack criticize her fired. Bed and I think we ourselves. Touchy touchy about everything these days image and about association and the ironic part of this to me is that this is a language school in the administration didn't Oklahoma phone ones. So come back talk about emerging -- says if you go to the front of emerging -- you're simply an -- hole. Well I guess it makes David Blake and I a lot of people eight holes but this -- and have a nexus if you don't you're tying up traffic back and reflections of the W. I sevens -- -- Tommy Tucker muggy 78 out right now cloudy hot -- 30% chance for a spotty showers or thunderstorms highs around ninety then. Chance -- 40% Saturday 50% Sunday and we -- back. Two routine August in New Orleans after that. Wonderful respite that we had on Tuesday in. Wednesday. Doctor Bethany -- joins us right now and associate director of the UN no transportation institute you know my alma mater to talk about. This study that set -- very controversy you'll emotional issue when it comes a driving. Because I get -- -- comment Wyman says and these are from different numbers. It be go up to the front of the merging lane you're simply an -- hole Allen Everett resorts and name calling this quickly I know were on -- -- and another one says the eight holes of the people in line who went who won't let other cars blend in and -- jaguar opinion -- Is asking you when. You're coming up on -- closure do we you -- immediately or at the last minute. 89% are saying -- immediately 11% say -- at the last minute. And I I presume. Doctors stitch from what this news studies said. Assuming its accurate that the people that get in line early our cause and actually more traffic problems good morning -- you do one. Great. What it is a study accurate and I guess we should talk about the study before you comment on. It's really -- and real estate if there's still room and if you're if you're merging into the right it is still remain in the left lane. Been using on the real estate that's available -- we'll keep you from backing up even farther and thereby be -- -- that perfect one at a time. Going in and out instead of merging -- -- saying there and then giving it to the front of the line and not letting people. You know some of the so many times. I think personalities and -- driving when they shouldn't. I think aggressiveness enters into it and I just wonder if people. Won again in that lane it's open say the right lane of the left one's going to be close -- lane closure because they don't want the the conflict of heaven look over their shoulder and hope somebody else -- a man is is that anything to do with leaders of a cultural thing from state to state. -- pretty much consistently across the United States we are currently is sort of unique saint -- -- states. But that the question. Really is more. We get to the front line indicated the Clinton making eye contact and getting attention that you anywhere. -- not interact. But the -- he's got a technical and we like our states base in our automobile. So we're we're not really interested in keeping with other drive Frontline -- giving back line. Now what about the people and column passive aggressive way there. They merge early but then they feel as though. There are somehow the law makers so they have to block the lanes and nobody else can get through on that left plane would be the worst of all possible cases. -- -- -- -- You know beat the Calgary we have -- -- line and say. We proceed and that is interact. When in actuality if they're pulling out the -- -- the let. There actually being the most efficient way to -- -- let our market we perceive that it's -- against we've waited that night. Why are you cutting the line -- why did you get annoying too early. What do you would LA now and I heard you say we -- and I don't know it you know you'll your approaches from a very academic standpoint about. Traffic and transportation so what do you do personally. No I get in line in the back in and wait but I elliptical art didn't. And I guess. I'm wondering is that now function of education should we tell people any any if you -- to educate everybody and say look. It's gonna go a lot quicker if both lanes merge at the last minute one car one car one car one car one car. If everybody knew about that would then. It would make it easier for you as a -- -- in two earlier which is technical term -- -- Hectic -- the technical matter you know I don't know that the education -- we can certainly trying to think. Part of the book is is to try. And get the patent and we'll review by -- up and you know return signal and are we up bead -- we break club -- I am and I don't know that educate and it's a cultural issue and we drive. How we think it should be done not necessary -- It is necessarily the best way to be done so that we make some direct support choices. But it's typical I think we need to. Get -- little bit of a break -- any good pretty sophisticated. -- was -- doing speed that we are evolutionary not capable of dealing and I think we need to get our social -- the great. Nolan saying earlier we don't use -- what. Occurred. When his. -- Mean to -- You mean the key holder. Is that what you're talking about. It but actually the park and all of the program what made you wanna study traffic and just curious. How that world people make that commitment did you want to listen -- on your young. Actually that flight attendant and I was at that point one and I was. Fascinated by all the people killing all the places particularly bad thing I wanted to and then -- switched gears and started trying to -- I didn't mean to -- any personal and legislative you've gotten Anderson's sorely like to talk to you further one point active Bethany stage. Associate director of the you know transportation institute thank you so much free time and good like parking with the new fall semester start you know. A lot of talk about exactly 725 time related traffic. After that we had a terror Robinson -- I imagine concede if people are. Merging smoothly I Tommy Tucker talking about are ready jaguar opinion poll and I'd love to hear from this from you rather on this and what do you do. When he coming up on only inclusion do you emerge immediately or at the last minute 89% -- immediately 11% merged at the last minute. Studies around saying that if everybody emerged at the last minute. Well then the traffic could be reduced by 40%. So you tell me at 260187203866889087. -- what do you think of the people who merge early. What do you think of the people who wait till the last minute to emerge do you think the traffic would really be reduced by 40%. And what about the people that are in the middle. The people -- merger early but then block off the second lane so you can't get to it. David is this auto correct when people text is something because there's one comes in and says. I am an engineer. She has no idea about what she is talking about and then as what it says right. Marriage early or late it doesn't affect how much flows through the restriction. I certainly hope that's auto corrects. We shouldn't make any money should put a body but a -- cheeks. And gentlemen -- do that but when Bobby was with us he's a -- guy. Wouldn't be right. I don't know little it's about but anyway let me know to do when you drive these. Emerged in early. A few right now it's time for them WL first news that we go to David Blake -- a friend of ours right it's Emeka. Drew Brees weeding out yesterday a picture of his practice Jersey with the Rogaine. Sewn on to lead the place where the Chevron logo are usually is for the practice jerseys and her parents on Peyton. Taking it corrected -- receding hairline seems like a lot of football players. Lose their hair -- I did notice I is this on the deal with that helmet or I don't know but it just seems like a lot of football players and lose their hair. Our Ahmad traffic in merging what's the right way to do it if you come and -- it's closed. They got the cones goes from barrels and then narrow cone areas of their of their merger in your armor you see the big arrow down the road down the road is narrow down their and you -- people zoom in down. The lane that's going to be close and cut in front everybody in your -- yourself man what. Why who. Now how dare you could just smack him. Yes well a study out says and trapping engineers that we know if everybody were to use both lanes is much real estate is our guest doctor. Stich said world traffic move a lot easier. But it seems like it it comes down to maybe aggressiveness of the driver award habits maybe it's but how -- you are I don't know David and Letterman hi how you doing your -- -- to be well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah but that margin drop for especially the 32 years over the and you're well aware of course and rightly in the -- won't let it emerge in and everybody. Right now when you say right -- you mean if the left plane is gonna be close. -- Get -- terrain. And sit there and and you know. Bottleneck there -- been no -- let that person because they didn't wait they're tired or -- Portland's. Current year. That would be a difference. David YouTube made me think it's something else because they're the people. That merger early then they -- half way in the other lane -- everybody else but then -- the other people. They wanted to merge but they don't but they don't wanna wait in line so they go half way up stopped and took a turn signal on. Won't be a problem with people that actually get away. Stop before that it's the construction zone and it appears little is 3040 miles. So why they stopped. At the plate and people will stop all you do that so what year. -- -- That I need to be here for. Me to board yeah yeah O worker and long here. -- People. If people mature older. Shall -- get the ball. None of these children on the -- Well it's funny. And so that. -- -- -- -- -- But but they say -- -- -- traffic that if you if everybody would use all real estate go to the end and one car one car one car one car that it would go mark -- If you. Stay put that particular. Reporting. Actually work in the construction -- You've created. Because the guys in double in the picture because. You and just manually they tell me game and -- disagree as a professional driver of this great guy and lady called me. -- -- -- -- Construction -- and and try reporting the lot where bloody -- if you keep. Murder generally land you pleasantly online earlier right well. It it's. Such leeway. You draw the line and because they're -- is getting enough. In the right lane. -- they put the cones that tell you when you some blows our merger and so if use are doing it at the beginning of it will then you only have one lane and then of peoples are doing at the beginning of that then you only have one lanes on -- he got five miles of barrels on June. They. Cannot seem to interstate backed up -- -- because people do. The last minute because that has been there not been trapped for thirty minutes. Deeper -- -- hill will lose a seat. Yeah. -- -- here's speaker here but it but it didn't take the Victory -- at fifteen under the -- black. And the people out -- implement them in without being an immediate and you'd pop -- to you here. Merge. Into traffic what moves who -- there. Hi Dave noble that's not what they're Sainz and we'll continue to take calls on this -- 601878. Till three. 866889087. What is the proper procedure. When when they got a bit -- -- barrels and Annika -- closing off the lane. Say the left lane right lane is open. Do you -- way early as soon as you see that -- barrel. Do you decide what you know what I'm going to the arrows and halfway through chicken out and saying now now I'm not I'll just stop and blocked his merge lane. And hope somebody lets me through halfway to. The arrow and then there are you one of these people it goes daddy gets an early goes down the arrow and in some -- goes down at the end of the merge lane. You'll let a man. But then the guy behind you let's demand. -- get this awkwardness of somebody that you got into. A standoff. Vendors stand off with OK -- -- TN and offenders come close to an inch of touching. And now all of a sudden he's behind you for some -- bumper to bumper traffic Tommy Tucker -- -- -- -- we come back on WW. Tommy Tucker and -- WL of the great -- debate underway in. It happens all the time lot of construction going on in the city they have barrels setup than they hand cones and a an inning of the blinking arrow to -- lanes closed well what's the proper thing to do do you get in early is early she can. Andy openly in and then when he do you go halfway down. Then bail out in black pit -- might try to yen and do you get an early and then block. The access leniently and it's going to be close. Where do you go down and merge in an abusive to the -- and virgin and if you get in line early in the openly India let anybody in. But he says on the brakes and stay right and into -- from the cars ready and make sure that he's not gonna gain in her she's nine and again in his haircut no line. And the person behind Angela it's an NC at this awkward thing where you're going into the time with somebody behind you that you got -- war with about let numbered. Amelie in man development pronounce your name -- Homily that is that is a beautiful name -- load -- name. It. Also the discussing it -- earlier on New Orleans is exactly married. But when I am in my radius at that particular you know situation presents itself. Always have the right away and -- you maintain my spot and allegedly lately that anchor and. The only and the wait hang -- is anomaly among. I'm so. It would mean you always have the right away you know -- Or -- -- Intel is. Angry -- exit of -- do you get -- in the openly in early. You -- not. Are ready -- that's the way at a time and a light or whatever he would count on protection situation. Like I said at a time when. I don't eat out. Well trying to get on. An amber you -- anchor -- -- at the end of it now kind of let me. But got a problem he -- at -- -- -- in a teapot. The people are on their content texting or talking generally paying attention to what they. And if people understood. How much I hate to wait for your perk free agent meaning here how easily Beijing you'll only see what did he. Senior per agent when he personally. -- Well take -- into consideration. And paying attention that has people. So base -- on that pretty much of how many people are paying attention and yet they signal a simple. I'd solid being said I'm so confused do you get an openly early Diego have played -- indeed all the way down the arrows and and I didn't. I -- beginning as early as if you get in as early as possible -- a decision that you army and vote and deeds and get man at the people better. Go on down the arrow because it's what they think you should do an -- in essence are you viewing that is quote cutting the line. -- depend on the situation that some people. Initially getting married in had been buried again. And they just. Gillick beanie and his own people say it. -- why it really depends on the situation. And you think you're really. I will obviously this then theoretically. It as a traffic experts say everybody was to use that -- until the last minute -- all of the reels realistic it's possible. Then he uses zipper effect where one person -- know they let's not even going to be quicker. I think everybody here could do that in -- nines. Got to -- thank you appreciate collar really deal will continue to talk about this a -- six culminate 7203866. In 8908 semi please don't think -- of me. But I agree that the traffic experts and I always gonna -- arrow and virgin because I think that's why the barrels or tapered that way they would Machida. To emerge earlier data put the barrels back half a mile or mile so no time to think Tommy Tucker 753. To handle in traffic. That Tehran province. -- tax cut -- W audience and -- trap regular if you text the word crap. 28787. Ian and his -- from a phone crash blocking lanes Crescent City connection. Heading to West Bank I certainly hope a nobody's certain -- it was an emerging issue. So we're having a great merged debate here in and I think it's something that a lot of this goes through and struggle with traffic expert saying that it. You wait until the last minute go down the barrels as -- narrows go to the arrow and and -- in and one correlates the other -- zipper effect. Left right left right left right left right -- can move 40% faster. But what is the right thing to do it when you consider the right thing to do. This -- says I totally disagree with merging at the last minute that's what's wrong with this society no one wants to wait their turn. No way do lightweight and let someone in no way but you chose to wait. So I think if you don't want a conflict. Of going to the arrows and and put you blink her on it opens a -- let's yen. I don't think you can gripe if you choose to merger early and other people don't. Using Japanese -- tandem morning on WO thank you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm definitely. Happened and the other question is if they didn't what -- -- -- why would they set the barrels up that way in the narrow because if you think of as a truck drivers said look no disrespect -- thank you for calling. And he probably knows more about you'll put -- more about driving now no but. How well do you take this back to know. I mean as well back to infinity right where he got to get -- before it's closed now you would think the starting point would be the barrels but if you're saying not how far back ego. Tell me when we come back -- -- -- way to fix -- -- your calls when we enter.

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