WWL>Topics>>8-1-14 10:10am Scoot: on unacceptable apologies

8-1-14 10:10am Scoot: on unacceptable apologies

Aug 1, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and asks if you've ever heard an apology that you just couldn't accept.

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Good morning I'm studio for Don Dubuque who is in a think tank on Fridays for -- glacier where the issue for our forecast possibility of rain but. Hey it's Friday it's the weekend so hopefully year in -- good mood. A today is the birthday of MTV's it will do a few songs -- throughout the show just reminding us of some of those early videos to an MTV actually played videos. What is restrooms were both sexes. Northwestern University of Jordan a list of a 150 universities. That are converting restrooms in two gender opened restrooms. Males and females allowed to use the same restroom at the same time. The university says it's responding to the needs of students and the desire to be inclusive. Now if you're a guy -- didn't restrooms saints' games -- concerts or wherever where their ladies room was so crowded that women come into the men's room. Did anything happen where you well behaved. And if you're a woman you've obviously -- -- men's -- did anything bad ever happened here's -- W if you up pretty -- opinion poll this morning would you be uncomfortable. In -- gender opened public restroom. Give your opinion like going to website WW dot com it's up to will be talking about on the show today also the movie get on up the movie about the life of James Brown. Opens up -- movie theaters nationwide today the movie was produced by Mick Jagger and Mick Jagger was not just. A producer by name he was a hands on active producer. And Mick Jagger said he was very passionate about producing this movie about James Brown because he admits that he stole a lot of James Brown's dance moves when he was on states. And usually no secret that The Rolling Stones in The Beatles and many of the fans of the early British invasion of the sixties. Took the music from top American black performers. In some cases made -- their own and essentially. Introduced black music to America's white youth. I'm -- -- is over the weekend we'll talk about it Monday nights on this Puccio. This was in for the trailers that I've seen it looks like this is going to be an excellent movie. What will be about the life of -- musician. Did you really laugh. And wish musician. Which you like to see a movie done about something else to talk about it if you wanna join us with comment about anything we're talking about. Our numbers 26 so. 1870 -- -- free 8668890. Point seven -- -- number is 877. I was listening to Tommy Tucker talked about this idea of merging. Merging late it's called the zipper and apparently in other countries they do a better than we do in America. But you know I never wannabes the guy. Who -- to last minute to merge because we all get aggravated at those people. And so what we try to do is is keep them from zipper you know like is a perfect -- we keep them from. Coming over because we're aggravated that they think their title to beat that open -- so we all tend to merge early most of us. But when we all merge early in a -- -- talking about tennis that creates. The big traffic to him. And I -- this one area I don't drive this during rush -- I've I've had friends who have told me about this recently the wings were wide and on the interstates by the veterans exit. And others to lanes exiting at veterans. And that has apparently not really worked out that well yet because traffic gets backed up there hopefully it's its air flowing a little smoother now. And hopefully that will all smooth out. But everybody tries to get over soon as they know that there's going to be -- change. Orleans and come to an -- everybody tries to get over at that moment and what that means is everybody trying to get -- same time so therefore it there's a backup. So maybe we should learn. From other countries that we should not be so bitter and angry. If those people who were in the lane -- try to get over even at the last minute and maybe we shouldn't be so quick to try to get over I don't know I would like to know that this would work. In America. It is Friday August the first 551. New laws take effect today. He's a laws passed by the 2014 legislative session. What new law going into effect today gives you protection to the personal emails social media and on line accounts of employees. Firing or disciplining an employee who refuses to provide private information about emails. FaceBook Twitter all social media sites. Is now banned according to this new law. Do you think an employer should have access to your private social media conversations and comments. Has the company ever pried into your personal accounts. Also if you're an employer. Do you think that you should have access to your employees' personal emails. Their FaceBook the Twitter accounts. You can't see a lot that they basing on on on FaceBook but if there is something private of they've blocked you legacy have a right to do that. Then. You can't get mad at them should you be able to get their private information fun. And if your employer have you ever fire somebody. Because of something they said where did it. On social media -- -- from work. This -- for the big topic of discussion and if I guess it it started recently with comments made by Donald sterling -- a private conversation. The NBA said that reflected negatively on the NBA. And many people said hey it's a private conversation. Does any of right to freedom of speech. Does it Ted Nugent all these other people don't think for right to freedom of speech why are they being condemned for freedom of speech. Well if it reflects negatively. On others you are held accountable you have the freedom to say it nobody's questioning that. But if something does reflect negatively. On line. And what you do what you say even if it's outside of work quite often your held accountable for that. Is that fair. And have you ever had a fire somebody because of something they did. A social media or away from work that reflected negatively. On the business. I have a responsibility. To. Behave to act in certain manner there's certain things that I would never do even -- I might have a right to do -- in my own private life. Because it would reflect negatively. On the station. And has an employee's personal life ever damaged the reputation of your business. If you wanna join us for the comics are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seven. And our checks and -- have -- seventy also starting today individuals with a concealed carry permit will now be allowed to bring concealed firearm. In two restaurants that serve alcohol. Now they still have to have a majority of sales from alcohol and this is not giving permission to people to bring a concealed weapons into bars. And there are some people who are concerned that that's the message that they might get that this is clearly. About bringing dirt concealed weapon into. A restaurant that serves alcohol not a bar that serves food. And another law that goes into effect today August the first is a law requiring jail time for parents who hit or attack a refereed. At their children's football basketball baseball soccer game or any athletic event. There was a time and it wasn't that long ago. When attacking -- for -- over call was just unthinkable. Why do you think this has become a problem today. And what are you seeing out there. Have universal the parent or ref -- control. And is this really a problem do parents. Get so caught up in the game. Is that. They lose control over call. Love to hear your story. It's been a long time since I've been to a Little League game or -- basketball game my son's grown. But I do remember parents getting very upset and I've seen a lot of things on the news. Indicating that parents and even players. Even young players get really upset with with -- race. Why is this a problem today. Weis has become a a bigger problem. Do you think some parents are so protective of their children. It verbally or physically attacking a refereeing. Is their way of standing up for their child. If a parent doesn't respect authority of the referees. And how can we -- we expect children. To respect story. I'm scoot it for -- If you at a -- with a comment this morning -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Their -- every text. Is a 77 meters are to -- W a pretty -- opinion poll would you be uncomfortable. Using a gender open public restroom. Give us your opinion by going to WW dot com and we'll be right back good morning I'm -- in four Garland -- -- talking about. Whether or not you would be comfortable. You know and a gender opened public restrooms. -- little bit restrooms where if you're a guy women have come in there and as far as I know everything has worked out okay as happened constantly in my life. Saints games concerts where the -- -- is so crowded women just have this emergency need. And so they've run in the men's room and I've never seen any problems guys were very respectful. And I'm sure that the ladies who have gone in there have found that it was a rather respectful players so would you be uncomfortable using a gender open public restroom that's a WW a pretty general opinion poll this morning. Here's an update. 45% say no but 55%. Say yes they would be uncomfortable. It was shipping by going to our web site WW dot com -- -- talking about some of the new laws that are going into effect today. And one of the new laws it does does protect. Those employees that don't want to give give their employers. A private information about FaceBook and Twitter that stuff does remain private and you cannot fire or discipline somebody. Because they don't turn over that kind of personal information. Here's a Texas -- I had to fire a friend coworker. Because she posted on FaceBook that she cleaned her kitchen so much that -- had cuts our fingers. And so she asked people not to order -- hell -- -- is because it hurt. When she grabs on. Not knowing that she has these cuts. The boss said in implied handling food. With open source. Is it when I first started reading this I was thinking that the the boss was upset because it was telling people. Did not order the -- But now I see that it does imply handling food with open source. He is a text I think that because of far intolerance. Of unpopular speech. Things that me. Need to be said. I could be suppressed by emotion emotion is a woefully inadequate tool when trying to discover truth. Emotions are great. And informing us. About reality but it shouldn't shape. Our reality if you -- Jonas of the comments about it -- were talking about this morning -- numbers 260187. Toll free 866889070. And a text amber is -- 77. Also of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and we can touch on this today apologized for hitting his fiancee. Now his wife -- Did you hear the apology. I thought it was contrite. I thought it was sincere. And it sounds to me like this guy just did something that is very uncharacteristic of him. I accept the apology. But not everybody does. A lot of athletes. Celebrities and politicians do things that they ultimately have to apologize for war. Has anybody done something wrong and made a big public apology. And you to this day still don't accept that apology. And who is that person. To join assure your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- seventy. And a text number is 87870. And we've also be talking about the new concealed carry law that goes into effect today starting today individuals with a concealed carry permit are allowed to bring concealed firearm into. Restaurants to serve alcohol. Now this is different from a bar that serves food. And there are some people who may try to push it -- if it's a concealed weapon. There's a possibility that people already doing so I mean not everybody with a gun not everybody with a concealed carry permit follows a lost -- this unfortunately may already be happening. But there seems to be some concern that people are gonna get the wrong idea. And think it's that you could carry a gun into a place that serves alcohol you can now bring a gun into a bar. And that is clearly not part of this new law that his his gone into effect. There's no intent to. Now open the door for firearms to be part of divorce and it quite simply if if you have a concealed carry permit. If you're expected to be responsible person. If you have a garden if you have a -- legally you're expected to be a responsible person and if everybody responsible and I'm assuming that everything will work out just fine. Also what we are talking about this interest in new and interesting new trend. About. Gender open bathrooms. Using the restroom on with other members of the opposite sex. I talked about this briefly at this crucial last night and a couple people called and said I don't know if I would like enemy would if I'm hitting on some girl on the ball -- I go in the men's room and had to do something rather embarrassing. And then they come out and she's standing right there. That's probably get a cut -- on my chances to actually meet this person in Britain think it and and a woman call last night and she said. You know I don't know about this because. I like to fix myself up. When I'm in the bathroom and I wouldn't wanna have to fix myself up to go in the bathroom and if there were guys in the air I might -- repress them and picked myself up before -- go in there. It just to join a show with a comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. Tech's number is 87870. Here's a text that says Bill Clinton somebody who apologized and as somebody's apology was not accepted do you think of the famous person. Politician. Celebrity athlete. Who apologized and yet. You didn't accept their apology. I really wanna get into this discussion about why this new law is necessary new law going into effect today. Requires -- talk. Not a long time but jail time maybe just a couple of days but jail time is required for parents who attacked or hit a rep for read. And their children's football basketball baseball soccer any athletic event. This is a relatively new problem this didn't used to happen. Why do you think this has become a problem today. Why do you think that -- our ability parents have always stood up for their kids but is this -- case of parents being overzealous. In protecting their children. They're so protective of their child. That they're willing to attack verbally or physically. They're willing to attack. Periphery. If a call. Goes against their child and they disagree with that call. And what have you seen when you go to these these games if you have kids are rated if you have kids now or if you've had kids in the past that it didn't these. At these these these these games these sporting events. Have you seen parents lose control have you seen officials lose control. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or seven or text number is 8787. Here is a text Michael Vick. Apology not accepted Jane Fonda another text Michael Vick. As she accepted Michael vick's apology but did not everybody hats. So what I I hear Ray Rice supporting -- for the Baltimore Ravens apologize for knocking his door -- -- unconscious in that the video which just. So hard to watch you don't actually see the the contact but you see him dragging her literally live body out of the elevator. And placing it on the ground at a casino hotel in Atlantic City. And apparently this is uncharacteristic of his behavior. And he says he's changed. He's getting help it was the biggest mistake of his life. And he's never gonna what this does happen again and he and his wife were gonna work on the whole domestic abuse thing. He says he'll let his wife down healing his children down his child what he is -- friends' latest team eastern -- let everybody down. I thought that the apology was very sincere but that's a subjective thing. Some people accept apologies and some people don't is there somebody a public figure. -- apologized something and you didn't except. Their policy. Here's a Texas says Michael Vick can forgive him another tech's Michael Vick he didn't make a mistake. As he proclaimed. He out and out. Of these temperance of fast when we're over reading when they come in. He out couch was a belligerent criminal and got off easy by allowing. By being allowed to serve day. Trivial amount. Of time and to play professional football once again. He knew what he did was not write any -- until he got caught he rolled the dice. And got caught. That sort of mentality. Is not a mistake. Is there somebody -- apologize for something and you don't accept your apology. But come right back with your comments are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- here -- separate text of receipts -- seven. And also they were talking about why is that a problem today to -- used to be a problem why is -- a problem today with passing a law that protects. -- -- During kids' sporting events from being attacked by parents. I'm -- -- girl and it's 10:30 on Friday morning weekend is here and here's a WWL news updates with Chris Miller. It is the beginning of the weekend I'm -- in four. Don Dubuque who is in four -- rob Burnett on Fridays on the think tank -- to -- possibility of rain over the weekend but hey it's the weekend it's going to be a fun. Anyway later in the show we'll talk about this a new James have brown movies it's released today it opens up nationwide in theaters. And it looks like it's going to be an excellent movie. Again on up James Brown a very very unique musical -- our country we'll talk about. Both -- were really great about musicians and also what movie has not yet been done about a musician that you would love to see double talk about that a little bit later in the show. A right now we're talking about some of the new laws that have gone into effect also Ray Rice the Baltimore Ravens running back. -- apologize for. For punching his wife and he was suspended for two games of the NFL. Here's part of what Ray Rice had to say what he met with the media the other day. You know violence of any kind especially man or woman. Is this it is just not right. You know it's not race and be tolerated. It's not right for society. No matter what. That's something I'll stand by and I have to pay for it. Let me in my life when time is right. We will go out there and help as many people as we came to go out there and speak out against domestic violence. And I'm here today to tell you that you know I mean the biggest mistake in my life. Me she can do no wrong she's an Angel. That was part of a suspended -- apology. And they took questions after that. Accepting an apology is subjective. Which you've heard from what you've heard do you accept his apology and whose apology do you still to this day. Not accept. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's having a Texas each of the 87. We had to abort your text here in just a moment I Jenny you're on the -- showing I'm sorry your hunch that thinks so used to saying that. You run -- derailed in the think tank. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On the actually. He has. We finally. Happened some years -- trying. -- you get a lot. Age statute people who are straining your. Truck is -- create an -- court. -- -- -- in the Buick recovered at an immediate feature. -- -- -- -- right I don't and I mean I guess this is a way of appealing to those partners is that. Believe that they have a right to I guess technically they have a right to put their dogs in in danger in the back of a truck but. I don't understand why that's such a big deal there were I don't think was a governor it was some politicians who is introducing this bill that dogs need to be restrained in the back -- a a pickup truck charity. And he said well if you're in parts of north Louisiana you can't get to where you're going analyst Hugo on the interstate. And I thought that that was rather surprising because weren't there roads before the interstates -- should get anywhere from somewhere without going on the interstate. -- -- -- The day. Me and -- Oh all over the. -- -- -- -- And the protection of all. People -- -- Made in wooden. Company Airways frontier K entry and create epic. Two lead in particular and then -- -- It's ridiculous to me if I discovered they get that you can -- I would agree with you -- and I think that launches of masked it well it did didn't it it should decide. Haven't yet it's out governor Jindal is doing a -- to position himself for here's run for the presidency in 2016. Jenny before a little. Would you be comfortable -- agent -- open restroom. Absolutely I view and veteran from congress at the air operated on too long and it's not an eight and nothing's ever. -- -- -- -- And no problem. Gerry and let's tell the show you have a great weekend. I'm from the West Bank -- your WWL. Yeah -- bought Jane Fonda and they had no way an element of American people should give our. -- -- No -- no way I mean element. During the Vietnam War. Back and John Kerry so -- you know and then it known that north Vietnamese anti aircraft gun and turn a prisoner and because -- adaptor -- no now -- know way. Bo I appreciate you calling a show I've getting a couple of text about Jane -- here are similar Texan I've received about apologies not accepted. Bill Clinton. Michael Vick. Jane Fonda. Here's an interesting one. The Catholic Church. For bill chase -- here on WWL. It really does it. They. It's you know people say and that it'll -- the ones. For the apology. But you gotta realize that we oh excellent. Andre Agassi that you know Padilla might -- Michael wasn't actually like that though that was -- he has property in the cardinals right though and it doesn't are killed in. So that they do. Some leniency. -- Michael actually get somebody. And you talk about not forgiven -- Clinton. And committed people that you or your wife. You know people -- Don't well vetted through Internet certainly is it hypocritical no there are a lot of people who don't forgive Bill Clinton but they wanna be forgiven or maybe they haven't been caught yet so they haven't had to apologize yet. Did because he was the president of the united space don't stop them from being intimate. Well there are people who hold the president and as certain people in our society up to a higher standard and I do understand that and I think one of the most. Unfortunate things is that Bill Clinton I decided to act on his. Sexual instincts in the White House in the Oval Office which would say a bigger mistake that had he done it to privately it's it would have been the statement it was an even bigger mistake doing it in the Oval Office. And with -- that these talk about the Catholic Church. That's not a reason for oh proposal that the man. That's coming. First oval sexuality would get to us. You know -- And the woman to come together as 1:4. -- to deal. So. Terrorism at its natural instinct to want to beat somebody -- can't beat somebody because. Basically -- Running I appreciate you calling a -- got to get to break you have a great weekend if you wanna join us with your comment this morning are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. And our text -- 7870 here's attacks. That read so what happens with minor children alone. Who have to use the -- Well there are minor children are going to restaurants now and we all know that there are perverts everywhere so if you -- your kid into. On a rest from a -- room there's a possibility they'll be on. Harvard and I I'm wondering if maybe if there were gender open -- if we all might not be evil little more. In -- restaurant I've stood for girl to come right back with more vehicles and more of your text on WWL. Today's the birthday of MTV MTV went on the air on this -- August 1 1981. And most of us have great memories of those early years of MTV. When music videos were even the ones that words same -- as the song were actually like little movies and I remember the video for the song with had been a tar. Love Isabel it was -- are part Paris ran at there was some big conflict I just remember it was like it was like a little movie. If you -- remind us of some of the songs that you remember those early years of MTV and a semi it's actually 78 Stephanie. Ice coated for Garland here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll. Would you be uncomfortable. In -- gender open public restroom 44% say no but 56% say yes. Give your opinion by going to our web site at W don't -- Ross are talking about Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice is apology. And then also ESPN panelists Stephen A Smith and his apology. I accepted both of those that's very very subjective you don't have to accept somebody's apology a lot depends on. Well how -- the the apology comes across to you whose apology. Have you got except. A public figure. A politician celebrity and professional athlete who did something wrong and publicly apologized. And to this day you still accept their apology. It's what you texture just a moment go uptown Trudeau you're into the WL. You know. You know question you know. You do you do everyone because. -- -- -- What do you know -- as and that's it it's a challenge for people to actually. Manifest that part of christianity because it's not always easy to forgive. Yeah now it's a challenge -- -- -- you know. You know. Trudeau would you be comfortable in -- center opened restroom. You know and I'm not sure maybe and a. -- -- -- and restaurant where women have come in and use the mantra. I mean it is not dead. You know -- I don't know. -- power how -- us guy's gonna talk about women if there in the restroom with this and we need to get away and talk about and ranked. Would note that necessarily. -- -- -- you it would be. It is I've never been to Europe. It's it's common Europe but he says it's taboo in America but it's a growing it's growing track especially in a campuses. I can adjust to it. Yeah I can get to you know which -- sort of you know we -- to -- Trudeau -- you have a great weekend thanks to take its time to -- show here's a text aboard racecar driving and I ten on my way to work enjoying the show. Don't worry I'm using the voice feature to text you that's always nice to know when you're depriving. In any event regardless of Ray Rice -- apology to one person he did not ask for forgiveness of was god. And in the end. It's really his forgiveness and no one else's that it really matters because. All have to answer to him for what we've done and that is from Cassie Cassie thanks for listening -- thanks for safely texting while you're driving. Here is sent text from Iran from Metairie. I accept rice's apology but I think the punishment should have been. As harsh as to fix minus the jail time now I also accept vick's apology and believes he's rehabilitated. Yes what he did was wrong yes herding animals is wrong but I find it funny then it's. The difference in the punishment is -- ideas we seem to value our pets more than our own kind. In my opinion and that is sickening. Yeah that's I think I understand that commanders that some truth in that and and also when the NFL suspended -- Ray Rice for two games. Many people were outraged because if you smoke a joint. You will get more suspension you'll get you'll you'll be suspended for more games than than two games so. Smoking marijuana which is something that is becoming decriminalized and even legalized around this country I think that -- gonna continue. That brings a harsher sentenced to the NFL. The domestic violence. And domestic violence is not being criminalized. And never will be decriminalized. Or legalized. It Georgia and Russia with the comets are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. -- tech's number is 877. Here's a Texan Reid says Vick can't be forgiven he's a punk thug and there will be those people who believe that. Here's the growing list of people whose apologies have not been accepted. By some people Bill Clinton. Jimmy Swaggart. Pete Rose. Michael Vick Jane Fonda. The Catholic Church. David -- BP oil. And Mike Tyson. -- -- a does something wrong and apologizing you don't forgive them. Our numbers 2601872. -- free 866889. Steroids every Texas a 77 -- our studio for Garland. And we'll be right back on WL. Who'd had nation tomorrow is -- -- wake up early tomorrow morning get to coffee get to doughnut should be NEA's whenever you're gonna get did -- early tomorrow morning. And wake up with this week or bring you the saints black and gold scrimmage line from the Greenbrier in West Virginia. Our coverage starts tomorrow morning Saturday morning at 7 AM. Skirmishes at 730. And we're gonna bring you all the action between the offense and the defense plus. The analysis from our resident pros Bobby -- -- guy -- full recap with coach Sean Payton and six players after the scrimmage. And the -- chief Deke Bellavia. Kristian -- -- sideline reporter Tebow they Baier Steve -- they are all they -- the saints black and gold scrimmage coverage starts at 7 o'clock tomorrow morning. -- is at 730. And we'll take it until high noon tomorrow on sinks radio WWL and if you listen to the mutual fund show you can catch that tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock -- into the W -- I've -- in fort Garland and from Metairie Jay -- on to -- -- -- well. Well -- it is still mourning mourning. This morning yes of as we get confused. Yes yeah supporters say without apologies attack -- -- conversations kind of laid a little bit. You know the great -- Apologized for his comment. And you know I think people apologize if you read and paid a truly remorseful are being they're trying to minimize the consequences. And I would much -- somebody not apologized to me move forward with their actions. And his status sorry to try to. Get the situation Google. I'm going to take say gentleman apologized for comedy mean the comment about Jesus Christ. Yeah when he -- in the -- more popular than Jesus Christ because. The report that actually reported that one year she can't didn't -- she took it completely out of context. C and I always circuit. The -- John Lennon meant it in the fact that he he said The Beatles at one point were more popular than Jesus Christ. Didn't mean he he thought that was right he was cut as saying it's a shame that people know more about it's -- about Jesus Christ. And it was it was taken rock -- I I appreciate your call. And I guess we do live in a world where there are so many apologies which brings to mind that Nevada song no apologies. If you wanna join us for the comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Saturday. And -- -- Amber's age 77 here's a Texas in 2014. You've grown adults cannot use the restroom together in public in the world is doomed people need to grow up -- Then answered -- W a pretty general opinion poll would you be comfortable using a gender only public restroom. And I think about it we've all been in that situation. So we do know how to behave. I behave if their remained in the men's room. And women I don't think feel threatened if they go to the -- from if there weren't any kind of significant problems then I don't think women would be using the restroom even if it was. And emergency. Also this morning we're talking about some of the new laws that go into effect today Friday. Friday August the first 551. New laws go into effect these laws passed in the legislative session. This past this past year. One of the new laws going into effect today -- gives you protection too personal emails social media and online accounts for employees. Firing disciplining an employee who refuses to provide private information about emails FaceBook Twitter and all social media sites is now banned. Do you think an employer should have access to your private social media comments and conversations. And if you're an employer have you ever had to fire somebody. Because of something they did away from work something they did on line or away from work. Another new law going into effect today I think says a lot about the times we live and in -- state of Louisiana. Now jail time is required. For any parent who hits or tax refereed. And it child's sporting event. There was a time when this was just unthinkable. -- why do you think we have this problem today we'll continue this conversation coming up in the next hour.