WWL>Topics>>8-1-14 11:10am Scoot: on unisex bathrooms

8-1-14 11:10am Scoot: on unisex bathrooms

Aug 1, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and asks whether you'd be comfortable using a public unisex bathroom.

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Good morning -- student for garlic it's Friday August the first this is the birthday of MTV. And this is one of the bands that where is born on MTV the Rand Rand MTV went on the air on this day August the first. 1981 and so we're featuring some of the music from those. Early video yesterday on the show. It is Friday we are heading into the weekend I hope you got some nice plans and even if there's a chance of rain you -- still finds stuff to do word -- the showers the movie get on up the movie about the life of James Brown opens in movie theaters nationwide today embassy over the weekend we'll talk about it Monday nights on the Scotia here -- -- -- you -- A mig Jagger was the producer that in he was very passionate about it because he admits that he stole a lot of James Brown's dance moves on stage and the stones The Beatles in many of the bands of the early British invasion of the sixties. These -- took black music in America. And in some ways change it to make -- their own and they essentially introduced black music. From America to America's white youth. So I'm looking forward to seeing this we'll talk about it Monday coming up an inexorable talk about what movie about the life of the musician. Did you just absolute -- these -- -- compelling. And -- musician which you'd like to see a movie about that has been done yet. We'll talk about that in the next hour Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has apologized for hitting his fiancee now his wife. It is should he. Should he be forgiven me did you hear the apology what will play a little part of it coming appears few minutes. I we play the entire apologies about six minutes longer on and Scotia last night. And I accept his apology however that's a subjective thing he did -- his wife in -- and knock her out. A lot of athletes celebrities politicians -- do things that they ultimately have to apologize for. And not everybody accepts the apology is there's somebody who did something wrong and has apologized and to this day you still don't accept their apology. Here are a couple of names that have been mentioned Bill Clinton Jimmy Swaggart. Pete Rose. Michael Vick. -- -- -- -- The Catholic Church. BP -- Edwin Edwards. Mike Tyson. And Michael Richards Kramer from Seinfeld who went on that. That racial rant here's a text rating and -- he never apologize if you manager and as for the comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series seventy. And -- text number is 87870. Also your Adobe have you a pretty jaguar opinion poll. Would you be uncomfortable using a gender open public restroom this seems to be a growing trend. Northwestern University has now joined about a 150 universities across the country. In converting their their men's rooms and women's rooms into gender opened restrooms. So it's not like a unisex bathroom where players. You know one point one toilet. So one person goes in and blocks adore those who unisex bathrooms men and women use a spasms were talking about public restrooms. For both men and women at the same time. The TV show Alli McBeal. With Calista Flockhart. Featured this -- -- a unisex bathroom on the show and I was -- that was kind of interesting is without the law firm where pars field or. Other interesting things that happened I mean nothing. Nothing inappropriate that they were interesting conversations if -- dynamics that went on in the restaurant but you know -- shortness of bring -- to station yesterday. As you -- I wouldn't wanna go and men's room. So believe the two -- but I don't have a choice I have to. And then it retirement this'll be on this crucial last night. That came up something shocking to me I heard from some people. The women's rooms. Or actually. -- here and dirty here. Then men's rooms. Which I find absolutely impossible to believe. Here is a text I have. -- -- general argument with the unisex bathrooms. Is being proven. That women are nastier than men. However men you know sometimes make a mistake and hit deceit. And there are issues with cleanliness. Here's an update on -- if you are pretty general opinion poll would you be comfortable. -- gender open public restroom 45% say no it would be and comfortable 55% say. Yes they would give -- by going to our web site WWL dot com -- -- WWL. Exclude. I like -- viewed the column on the PC or relevant issues. As it in my actually first uncle you all right appreciate you calling. About the issue audio on open gender I mean. I think that book -- to know what to do -- judicial department. I mean there -- any problems but. Legally in the -- the World Cup so it's going to be it shouldn't it be noted are right. Yet and we you know donated there had been problems. In men's rooms with the with the man who are perverts and take advantage of opportunities they have they're. I'm wondering if maybe the presence of women and men's room might not make meant a little bit more well behaved. -- people apparently like to study I appreciate you calling -- show if you've never called the talk show before when I was on to be a duel in the nineties. I used to refer those callers as FTC's. First time callers so she never called a talk show police feel welcome to to call our show if you have a comment to an opinion or if you. You talk and back at the radio you're thinking about something when we're talking place and Kohler show. I quite often hear people symbols could have listened to you today and I wonder called blight. And I I was still well hey just call our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series seven. And a -- -- -- 37 a mortar attacks are coming up from memory Jeffrey you're on WWL. They knew what sort with which -- on current debate broke into the Atlantic it -- -- more pre season. Anyway about digital people that situation and working age -- old company or old job. And we had to -- an email just just speak with email. Users of where the restroom -- -- hygiene problems in there -- would that are trying to court. Or. Really so. I always got this impression that these -- in the women's restroom was a lot cleaner than the men's restroom. Always thought that I would actually got all the do certain things that both adamant. Yes because guys are very good at aiming. Right but we -- through with with you know our target he called and erect our tuition. While did did did that take care of it when she -- -- SHR. Yet it would about a week Patrick for the women and all but after that. -- Jeffery have a great weekend thanks for tickets under -- show if you wanna join us with year comment your your thoughts are numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 86688. -- -- -- seven and our text number is 877. Here is attacks Cisco I watch my back in all men's restrooms these days. Well you know you have to remember remember there was an incident with George Michael for women the men's room taken in California somewhere. From memory candy you're on WWL. -- -- -- On -- And for once I'm in Russia -- I have definitely eighteen and. He's direction crowd meant and she couldn't wait along line and should it wouldn't. How is unbelievable lenient really strange CNN but it was so popular I'm OK with it. My question all the looked a little while the. You know all. I had Colin. At Google and people talk about adult with a little girl now. You born I -- call you know play and all of a twelve field you know girl watching a couple pointed -- shelves you know until comparable. Kenny I can totally. Understand how you would feel I'm I'm I don't know what that's like I don't have a daughter but I can appreciate how how you would feel. You know it it made it happens in Europe apparently and it's not a big deal -- it's a shame that. Maybe we're not to as civilized and in control we should be -- really shouldn't be a big deal. And I think if you think about it you know over the years. Even more so and maybe just you know you think on an open -- well done it before they can do that. -- -- bonds at a recreation reform playground on new years ago and. Walk around -- -- duties bought an area that was that night and all of in the ball and baseball and noble why. You've brought on board that quote why. And protection to people you know can go back then and finally got to wait wait if you -- -- You know and not I'm not -- order -- you know. An outlook in the opposite shield teenage male and and actually it was my little girl walk around. You know it is Tom an award there but it may be that the girl to -- to -- you know it journalism well together a few of you know make -- alone in. You know I can't tell you -- I tell you why that's scary because first of all we don't have this precedent set up that's not a a restroom that anybody supposed to respect males and females in. And you've got teenage boys who can tend to be very -- he has. And aggressive in some ways I can see where that would be different than if it was just if it was set up -- -- and the saints game or at a concert you're a public setting and the restrooms are gender opens so people know how to behave in that situation where that is not the president I can see where you'd have a problem. On Monday security in the back. Young. And if you look at it slightly. The hour 24/7. Ford Herbert also got a sexual you know -- Well but you know their there are a lot of there are a lot of male perverts who take advantage of opportunities to -- in the men's room every day Kelly I'm gonna get to break been glad to call the show. If you wanna join us for your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. -- Amber's -- 7870 here's the text will be your girls beat installs or will they be in the open. Here's another text managed restaurants for thirty years of women's restrooms always dirty here I am shocked. And appalled. Here's another -- aren't it was very popular in the early years of MTV prince when just try. I'm Stewart in for -- who's in for girl and Fridays and we'll be right back into the Euro. And this is from the new better than -- for CD. -- is called crazy lucky. It's a Friday on -- scale we are heading into the weekend. We're talking about it. Gender open restrooms. Would you be comfortable with the gender opened restroom. Here's a -- breeze I was in Germany in the eighties the bathroom thing was happening back then it's only do here and also it's not uncommon for females to -- topless on the beast that is from block in a truck. And a bucket truck says he rarely rarely agrees with anything I say but he loves to listen to -- -- which I -- like. Yeah so why is that that is something that can that human beings can do and other countries but we have -- problem doing it in this country or what it really be a problem his -- WW a pretty general opinion poll would you be uncomfortable using a gender open. Public restroom. From ten or lose -- into the W well. Yeah. I need to make me say hi -- -- and make it on. -- appreciate. You were and I'd like that he apparently. And you. Just. Get. The that you. Well I'm I'm honored that she would take time to call now what you have a great weekend. -- -- -- -- -- Our pride thanks. If you wanna join us for your comment on numbers 2601878. -- free 86688. -- -- -- seventy. Our text -- -- 7870 hears it takes it reads my wife as a manager. I won't name the -- the storm and it's it's a big -- my wife as a manager this this chain. It is true women's restrooms are much more disgusting -- the men's -- I'm shocked. Ladies come on what is going on in there we're supposed to be the -- you're supposed to be need to clean. And you're supposed to set an example for us. Here is tax it breeds. Scooter very crowded situation like a football game or concert. I don't had I don't think sharing a restroom would be a problem. But what about the situation. Where one maybe 23 men in a bathroom and a woman walks in. I would think that she would feel uncomfortable. At that point. And that's that's why this is an interesting discussion would you feel and comfortable in if you would feel uncomfortable why. Does that mean that that man can't be expected to behave in that situation. Because whenever I've seen. Women in men's rooms which has been often over the course of like. Everybody seems to be well behaved and -- springs dot org -- WWL. Our money student we keep our parent club on our -- in the mid ninety's and you are -- The first couple hours but -- -- disaster. We we got a point where. We will open a couple of nights. We just quote lately. And he made it ought to demand one -- -- -- Real -- -- -- to promote the stop. Told it was everywhere out -- well obsolete comment about. This this is absolutely wrong. Pro apparently you know -- one you know got beat out its -- illegal and bring them. I'm -- yeah -- agree with -- -- that unfortunately. You -- radio on the way ladies and -- who. He would get more restrooms and did you. And this -- to a lot of people is really surprising information on but the ladies room is all neat and clean it quite often aren't quite all have a chase lounges they've got -- sofa in the air. And I always thought it was a paradise compared to the men's room. Unbelievable I have a great -- -- Donald you have a great weekend going to called if you wanna join us refer your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- having a text -- 77. Here's a -- reads I am a mom of a seven year old boy and he does not like to go into the women's room with me. But I make him. I think unisex restroom would be helpful that way we can all go together and he would not be embarrassed. I understand it. I we're talking also about -- running back Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens apologizing for. Hitting his wife she -- his fiancee. And knocking a routes and I'm sure you see the video of him dragging her went body of an elevator the casino hotel in Atlantic City and -- laying her and her body on them on the ground. It was a brutal to see that we don't know what happened in the elevator it's my understanding that maybe she hit him first and a lot of guys say hey if you hit me I'm gonna hit you back. But if your football player and you have or rather petite wife should you really hit her back so I I think it was a horrific acts. However it was a mistake and I heard the apology. And I accept ray -- apology if you haven't heard it will play part of it coming up after this after the Sudanese break. But Ray Rice apologized and I I thought it was a sincere apology however it excepting an apology is a subjective thing. Is there somebody who did something wrong and made a public apology and to this day you still don't accept their apology. Somebody -- has been -- to the list. And it is a super confine this this Texan who we're getting names like that Pete Rose it. Governor Edward Said David -- and Jane Fonda. Here is. A Texas says. The Catholic church and chained O'Connor. -- O'Connor. If I'm not mistaken she ripped up a picture it was Saturday -- years ago she ripped up a picture. Of the Pope. On television. As her criticism of the Catholic Church from -- David -- under the WL. It's -- I'm a man apparently major retailer big box store. And I can tell you the -- corruption there are all wearing -- every game we have to have someone go in there. Probably every hour make sure straight. Our summit but I think it's completely like harbor. And they're not catastrophe and then -- -- aim it even more -- Our bread and inevitably. In the united Merkel -- not men's -- pretty decent you know it's a little -- Buehrle. Got about. And our clean. While all all of this is -- as a redeeming the male gender and date and have a great weekend going to call. It's 1130 times due to -- -- -- who -- usually in four Garland who think tank on Friday we'll be right back with more. After this W you will lose updates with Chris Miller. Northwestern University has joined about a 150 universities around the country in converting their restrooms to gender opened restrooms. Talking about college campuses. Males and females allowed in the same restroom at the same time. He -- she says it's responding to the needs of students and the desire to be inclusive. You guys have seen women going to the restroom for emergency purposes all the time as far as I know everybody's well behaved. Here's I never give you a pretty general opinion poll. Would you be and comfortable using a gender only public restroom give -- opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. And I'm just continuing to get text after text saying that women's restrooms are. Nastier than men's restrooms here's a text though it says -- On this bathroom thing is crazy the women's bathroom where I work is spotless and yes we have the caption it. You know I just don't trust guys but a couch in the men's room. Women do happen to use more paper products and then. And maybe introduce a little more. As goes on to say yen may -- that mention borscht or hands or more often and bathroom is these callers are describing are in places where your. Every when he is drunk. I would expect a mess were also talking about apologies. There. There was an incident where. NFL player running back for the Baltimore Ravens Ray Rice apparently punched his fiancee now here's his wife. Renders her unconscious. They're now married. He apologized and apologists are subjective. View you have to decide whether or not you accept the apology here's part of what Ray Rice -- to the media the day. You know violence of any kind especially man or woman. Does this it is just not right. You know it's not race and be tolerated. It's not right for society. No matter what. You know that's something I'll stand by and I have to pay for -- but me and my wife when the time is right. We will go out there and help as many people as we came to go out there and speak out against domestic violence. And I'm here today to tell you that you know I made the biggest mistake in my life. Me she can do no wrong she's an Angel. I thought that was a sincere apology. But again it's a -- whether or not you accept that a new name has been added to the list of those who apologies are still not accepted today by some people. Kenya west if you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or seven or text -- 877 younger to a more through text year just a moment. From Wheatley Mississippi doctor -- -- every WL. You almost get real quick because the first round last spoke to do you know I'm up on me. -- -- It obviously -- what you're doing. And I think it quickest way to accomplish what you want to accomplish it why don't we just couldn't sign on the the war. It says LG BC -- And that way that covered the media is limited number of people in this population. Cool probable that can be saved. Here. Why is it worked in Europe. Hello I don't know. Well apparently does so we had to. -- -- -- you get your your information. Out here today. Statement. -- That are act. Nothing more. That statement -- room. That's -- it located apparently works in Europe I've never been to Europe but I've received countless. Texts from people want to Europe why are you argue are you saying that it doesn't happen here. He may have happened here that's when -- -- It may happen on some of the college campuses now could be in close yeah. And that's because they haven't figured out you know you gotta do is put out GDP up there and end that way. The people who -- proselytize group. -- -- But LL GL DG team does include straight people. So where we're street people go to the bathroom at this and LB GT dance. It went straight people wouldn't put LG DP only. Yeah then none of that. Obviously. This Obama that males just block that females. So you don't you wouldn't be comfortable restroom -- went. I have seen so many naked women I've seen them by electing -- would you be comfortable in the restrooms when. What I -- -- -- have you reviewed progress from the slot. My training back round out -- the ability to simply ignore it so you wouldn't you address some acne. I wouldn't trust somebody like you well but I don't want to hurt your feelings about any argument and solve the problem. You go and to have them back. And the general rule. Bathroom. Etiquette is men don't talk to each other -- -- And if someone start a conversation. That person is automatically. He's there. So in other words if this happens to be countless times and in my career. I mean to arrest from the line at the urinal and somebody just glances over and says hey -- your scooped. So should -- be suspicious of that person. It depends on what what what can happen -- -- They're looking in my face. So it's OK to have a conversation you shouldn't be suspicious of people just have a car. I've maybe the hypocrisy is. Double yeah. I'll call one illness and that at an opening start a conversation. And hit Eric -- -- -- -- What's going on. But it doctor Lucas on the place and -- I have a conversation but I I don't wanna be -- more -- -- wow what do you want to grow. My brother have a conversation outside of the mantra I appreciate calling her show and -- It might be a store before you but I really hope we have a great weekend. All I always at a greatly. No. -- surely that a beautiful part of the state misses have been some. Actually. It it appears that way on the surface but it actually. Well I'm a surprise you find something negative about wasteland but again doctor -- I appreciate -- -- bear. -- I appreciate you calling. -- -- -- If you wanna join us with their comments are numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668890. -- seventy. And -- -- numbers 87870. It is the beginning of the weekend here's a WW a pretty general opinion poll have you been to Europe items in Europe so I don't know. I know they're partners a lot more openness in Japan I've been to Japan. Have you been to Europe -- have restrooms that are open to men and women. And does that work and would you be uncomfortable in a gender open public restroom I think this is really bigger -- a question by just the restrooms I think this is question really about. About us. In America. And about our behavior. I think we can be -- I think we do what do you think. I'm -- for Garland will be right back on WWL. I think they appear at the radio station just have walked into the studio during a break and she was series giving me details about why a ladies' room is messier than men's room. And she says it's because women are actually -- than men. And women use more paper towels than men and more women wash their hands than men and since the the the trash can is not always right by the door. Women turn to throw the toilet the that the tissue that they used open the door and he told the paper towel -- try to get it into the ended that the paper basket and they they miss it or if it's even close adore it -- a -- because more women use. The paper sells is that true here's an update on a WW a project opinion poll would you be and comfortable using a gender open public -- 47% say now. 53% say yes -- shipping by going to where -- at WW overcoming its -- your text here in just a moment from Picayune -- a year into the WL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They beat company him in now. Neat part. Much better clean Amy entrench their own. And I would image. I would -- -- you Indians catcher. They're cleaner. He may or may end that we. Inch can tuck tail and act at all. It's. It -- cheap women aren't. We -- in my knee. Cap Pratt and pan -- Would this. Everything I need to. You know all and part. Income. In -- we hope -- me you know. -- -- if you thought you'd like a gender opened the restaurant because well okay one think could happen here though. If women start using the men's room with -- -- that might make the men's room this year. Out of -- -- I'm lucky. They're. You know people being -- and or. Fear in that you know. -- they. And you've got firsthand experience which I don't path I S I assumed meant warmest year. Tonight -- I'm all. I appreciate you calling a show and you have a great weekend. Thank you all right here is attacks that reads the Netherlands have had open stand up you're Knowles for years. Four sides than it faced -- sites that faced the middle and there is a receptacle. And you're totally in public view. I'm just your fraud is up against the the middle Walt. Here is attacks ultimately. The only people that -- about apologies ultimately the only people that should be considered. Four for accepting. His apology. If ray's spiritual is. Is god first his -- second and his children and deploy your third everyone else's approval. Doesn't really matter there -- a lot of people who do make public apologies that we talked about that this morning. Is there somebody who's made a public apology did something wrong and -- to this day still don't. Except their policy here's text at that guy makes my skin crawling assists as the caller earlier we had. I feel sorry for people who live in a negative world. Another good place to be happy sectional fest this weekend is sectional fest in the French Quarter. Here's a -- I lived in New York City and I've been in clubs with unisex bathrooms it was strange at first I quickly overcame it. And had to issue. Here's attacks France. And is more means of disposal in bathrooms than we do well maybe that's something that we should change I think this. I think this discussion about. Opened gender restrooms is is bigger than just about the deal -- restaurants. I've really think it's just something about us. As a culture as as a society. Why why is this something that is a problem are we saying that we we can't behave. Are we saying that we can't control ourselves if Hoover in a situation where if your guy and a woman came into the demand from you you couldn't control yourself. Certainly you've been in that situation before you have control yourself. So why would that be an issue. -- of times we've really react hysterically to ideas of change oh my god women in the men's room but think about it from a practical standpoint. Are you really gonna change your behavior -- what is what is gonna happen. Here's -- -- -- good I was in Austin, Texas two weeks ago sitting at a red light and saw a topless woman walking down the street nobody paid any attention to our. But me and my friend I was sitting in the vehicle and could not get a different. You know things like that. To happen but OK but I'm not suggesting that that's the right thing to do would nobody should be walking around topless if they're not supposed to date. But did anything bad happen. And even you and your friend were sitting there in the vehicle you couldn't get over -- but did you do anything wrong. And this idea of of topless beaches in this country is much more outrageous. The topless beaches in Europe and I've got an effort windier. But I've certainly read it I've talked to people who have been to Europe and I understand that there are a lot of topless beaches in Europe. And and people don't misbehave. There are new features in this country. And people don't. For the most part don't -- they are not problems it had nude beaches. But yet if you if you if you tell some people about a new beat oh my god I don't know what I would do or think about me what would you do. You don't think he would controlling yourself. If you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668870. And a -- Amber's age 77. And and honestly there have been problems in men's rooms with meant was that there congressman from somewhere Al west. Idaho somewhere I don't remember saying that a congressman somewhere got busted. Doing inappropriate behavior. In men's room. So maybe we should feared the -- in the men's -- more than we should fear women going in the men's room. I'm scoots in for Don who is in for girl and authorities on the think tank. If you -- join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Certainly Stephanie. Dexter was a said the day seventy will be right back on Debbie WL. I've screwed in Florida Garland we're getting close to one of the twelve noon lunch hour it's it's Friday you've heard in the forecast there's a possibility of some showers this weekend today. It's that time I -- we used to that should not affect your plans and I don't really look forward to the fact that it is the weekend. With field have Angela realist part of already a -- now -- W well she's always got a great show like today at 1 o'clock picture questions ready for insurance commissioner Jim Donnelly. Health exchange policy rates might rise 20% in Louisiana. Blue cross blue shield of Louisiana proposing rate increases between eighteen point three and nineteen point 7%. Because the state is seeing more more people. Accessing the health care services than expected and the claims are higher than in previous years would you be able to handle an increase in your health insurance premiums. But it took clock Angela will have fun it's let's have fun Friday with Angela. I'm guardians of the galaxy a new movie coming out again on not James Brown a biopic produced by big -- talk about that did in the next hour of the show. And last week's big hit Lucy starring us earlier -- -- talking about all of this plus the fun thing to do over the weekend like begin leadership council's role model gala and the -- most summer -- Then at 3 o'clock the most fun you can have on the radio what's trending. On -- he will join us for our candid -- in depth discussions about. The top top trending stories of the week with this time with Eric -- from WWL cohost of the -- morning show news or -- suggested such a legend in this market. Steve suitors from magical or one point nine Todd Manassas co host of fans first interesting season with Steve court an open mind with the legendary Angela hill this afternoon and weekdays -- -- four. On WWL. Here's a Texan breeds -- -- put to this about it open gender bathrooms. Wouldn't put too much stuff in the toilets and stop them up and they don't do anything about it and I agree with the lady who cleans. We try to use paper to not touch anything -- the paper ends up everywhere. And somebody from governor of Google brought that up just a few moments -- game is suited during a break and women are actually cleaner than men and that's why there's more. Toilet paper that's why there's more. Paper towels and all itself on the floor because they don't -- touch anything. Here is attacks I think there it's we if we had to use the men's room we would use even more paper. Wouldn't wanna touch anything LOL hey I have to use a men's room because of my gender. And honestly. I don't touch anything in here so I totally understand. What that would be. We've also been talking about some new laws that go into effect today it's August the first 551. New laws go into effect today. And I guess the real question is is -- gonna really change. You can pass laws. But it doesn't do any good if people don't Obey the laws. And there are so many new laws that and it passed texting and driving throwing cigarette butts on the ground that new law goes into effect. So many laws are passed. But it doesn't do any good if people don't follow the law. If people have no respect for the law. And a lot of people don't. One of the new laws that -- go into effect today is attacking a -- for re. Which -- one point was unthinkable. But I guess it is becoming so prevalent today that there's a new law requiring jail time for parents who hit or attack a refereed. At their children's sporting event football basketball baseball soccer would have a sporting event. Why is just become a problem to. We used to see this. And what are you seeing there -- DC parents attacking referees. There's an apparent are refereed lose control. I remember seeing it when my son was playing baseball and basketball when he was -- -- young. So it's been -- times as I've been around this but apparently it's becoming an even bigger problem. Could SP because some parents are so protective of their children. That verbally and physically attacking a refereeing. Is a way of standing up for their child. And I'm protecting my child. -- official can't make that call against my son I'm standing up for my son or in some cases against daughter. Maybe this is a way of Paris becoming overly protective of their children. There -- standing -- for kids. And if parents don't show respect for. For the authority of the officials. -- how can we expect children to have respect for authority. And there are more more young people who have no respect for authority we see this in every aspect of society. And many of these. -- there are far too many cases of of young people who are attacking. Officials. And one died I think he and then in Utah. Coming up in the next hour the new movie about the life of James Brown -- on up opens nationwide -- theaters today amnesty at this weekend we'll talk about it. Coming up Monday nights on this crucial. But we'll talk about this movie and other movies that have been really good movies about the lives of musicians and watch movie would you like to see done about what musician.