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8-1-14 12:10pm Scoot: on musician biopics

Aug 1, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and asks what musician you'd like to see a movie about.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon I'm -- in forward Dodd who is in fort Garland during a think tank on Friday's. A today August the first is the birthday of MTV and MTV first run of the year on this day in 1981. And we all remember what it was like an ant -- source when there are likely they actually used to play music videos. This is one of the early videos it was popular MTV Gypsy by Stevie Nicks. And it was considered to be outrageous. At the time. That they spent 75000. Dollars making this video. It's time that was an outrageous amount of money be spent on video today of course. That's nothing. So on -- subvert the MTV we think about those early videos that we remember from MTV and when and TV and that -- -- it. I was doing music radio with the scoop the morning Cho one on music stations when MTV first went on the year. And so I was very interested in in and TV. And there were those who said that MTV would replaced radio infect the very first video ever played by MTV winners by the boggles. Video killed the radio star. And as we know that didn't happen. And and I remember talking about this song on the radio at the time. It did videos and an MTV would never replace radio because radio can always be there with you. And now today it's a little more common to have TV with you anywhere because of technology. Laptops and cell phones and tablets. But in 1981. You couldn't have music with you everywhere and TV couldn't folly can resist this concern that video would kill the radio star and net. Didn't happen. Here's an update on a WW a pretty -- my opinion poll which is inspired by Northwestern University joining a list of about a 150 universities that are converting their restrooms in -- gender only restrooms. Males and females allowed in the same restaurant at the same time university says it's responding to the needs of the students and the desire to be inclusive. So would you be uncomfortable. In a gender open public restroom 46% say no. 54% say yes -- -- shipping by going to -- -- -- if you don't count we've also talked about the apology of running back Ray Rice from. The Baltimore Ravens he apologized for. A Portuguese wife knocking her out I thought it was a very sincere. Apology but today it's its objective whether or not you accept that apology. And has somebody made an apology. That to this day you still don't you shall accept. -- got names like from from textures and from callers Bill Clinton. Jimmy Swaggart. Pete Rose. Michael -- David -- Edwin Edwards. Canyon west. Jane Fonda. Michael Richards Cramer from site he'll do -- -- are racist Brent. Mike Tyson. BP oil. And the Catholic Church. Does somebody do something wrong and then public apologized for and to the state you still don't accept. There apology and you accept the apology year of running back Ray Rice would -- -- it was terrific. But he really is -- and it was an isolated incidents. The forgiving if you wanna join Russia with a comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines are setting and checks and receipts are idiots out. The movie about the life of James Brown get on up opens in movie theaters today the movie was produced by big -- Who was not just a name producer he was -- hands on producer. He talks about passionately. Being involved in this movie because he admits that he stole -- James -- dance moves. And the stones in The Beatles and many of the bands of the early British invasion the sixties. They took music from from black American performers. And it made it their own but essentially introduced black music. Two young white America. Here's the trailer for the movie get on up and opens today nationwide. -- -- The speed he would look up and today cats and. That's the trailer for get on out the movie about James Brown over the issue like I'm gonna see it this weekend we'll talk about it Monday nights on this -- -- But as you think about this new movie coming out and that the previous that I seek court making it look like it is an excellent excellent movie and I love that Mick Jagger says is to produce of this movie. What movie. About the life of what musician. Did you think was just an incredible. Story about the musician. Now I realize that there is some creative license taken and these are movies about the lives of of real people. And I would think that in a lot of ways they're they're accurate but that does it mean that in some ways are not a little bit exaggerated. But what movie about the life of what musician did you really really enjoy it. And here's the other question. Which musician which you love to see a movie done about. I can think of one in particular but I can think of a few. But one in particular. What movie about the life of -- musician that you really love -- what musician would you like to see a movie done about. And the movie about the life of James Brown era comes up this week. If you wanna join us for the comets are numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- here which seventy. And a text numbers it's -- every I wonder how long it's gonna take for somebody to mention the musicians that I would love to see movie done about. For number of reasons. But there has been a movie about this person. Here's a Texan reads one -- it was great. Love that movie. About Ritchie Valens. And here's a text Selena now as another movie -- that I really enjoy fascinating. -- about Ray Charles and walked the line about Johnny Cash. These were all excellent movies although I have to admit I'm kind of embarrassed to -- this. I never -- brain. Let's see a lot of scenes from a but I never saw right and Jamie Fox's what I've seen just unbelievable that movie so that's. That's on my list I needed to see that but I loved. The movie walk the line about Johnny Cash. Played on Joaquin Phoenix I thought did an incredible job. So what's a movie about a musician. That you really enjoyed. And what musician would you love to see a movie done about it. If you what did you and -- showed your comment on numbers 26 so point 870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And -- -- amber is it's every Saturday here's a text the movie Buddy Holly and I thought. I thoughts. It's I can see the teeth I can see the hair I concede that I conceded teeth. That's the first thing I think about what this guy Gary Busey that's right and he did a phenomenal job of that movie out from New Orleans Morgan here on WWL. And think how much might -- -- I think won the -- Toward them efficient. Rate child shot more -- Yeah I have to admit I haven't seen but I'd Angel actual launch and the movie that we need to make out of -- buying more people. And have done they're very well some Hollywood -- image that Armstrong. No movie ever in life. And he -- first should start there music and probably obviously are are natives aren't so need to be done and. And that would that would be so interest in the crisis there would be -- a lot of stuff -- that movie about the racial tension of the time and end to discrimination against somebody a black musician like Louis Armstrong. That's right and it also travel history. You know Marlon in the early days to check out all I'd get it up -- -- -- -- out -- Racial. That -- great great suggestion a movie about the life of Louis Armstrong. And if any and if anybody knows of one and it's already been done these commercial mortgage you have a great weekend and thanks for calling. If you wanna join Russia with a comet tonight's our numbers up tonight instance used to this -- Our numbers 260 he would like to join us this afternoon. And WL and numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. I text there was a 7870. I wonder how long is gonna take some money to mention the movie about that I would love to see abouts a musician. As a movie hasn't been done yet I'm kind of surprised it has been done yet but maybe it's too soon but no I actually it's time now. What movie is it for you who would you like to see movie done about. Campbell was a great movie about a musician a -- back toward your calls coming up this was of course one of the very early hits on MTV -- season midnight runners. I still remember him bouncing around and his his pants are all rolled up than him but it was a one hit wonder but it was wonderful video. We're remembering MTV because this is the day in 1980 when MTV first went on the air. I'm -- you'll be right back on to be of -- Good afternoon I'm skewed in four Garland so this this movie comes out today it's open up nationwide today. Get on up it's a movie about the life of James Brown in theaters today. Produced by Mick Jagger who was very passionate about producing this because he took so much from James Brown in terms of his music and also his his dance moves. What was a really great movie about a musician and it's you want to watch whenever comes on. And what musician would you love to see a movie done about it. It's abort your -- just a moment from mid city Tommy here on WWL. Eight ignore it. It would be -- the Jimi Hendrix. It would be great to see movie by Jimmy Hendrix I'm kind of surprised when hasn't been done no I'm actually very surprised when asked him to. Definitely. Intellectual. I'll be involved. In that you know really. Will be back. It would be very very interesting to see historian and again there would be a lot to come out about race relations and -- -- appreciate you calling a shooting of a great weekend. A tremendous they'll share a year under the WL. Is it selective in the be done about Carlos Santana. He went around what stock of the White House. And yet you between math and a fascinating and I just wonder run that by you can't say it one more quick thing about the -- that you out of people and it. Being up about. When you go to ten days in their bodies in the saying the opposite that of the stadium the day when the talk about it yeah and everybody is in the same spin to dish out there but it. What about him like the plastic club. You know the. Yeah I I like that idea you know I did I sometimes I do have a problem it at the series -- antibiotics and I -- -- it's true as long as it died and about people. -- -- That's true so it's hot you know I -- really thought about definitely using the same you to utensil or even if you go to like a salad bar at a grocery store or someplace like that. He used in this same -- you out there day. It I can bring now plant. We'll let you know it is like -- it's like that teach you do sitting in the prevailing. Is out of heating if you would talk about it in the event that comic. But I don't that you brought it up but it's optimistic about. I didn't think about I really think about the menu quite often and protection and you look at again and and and go to the bathroom. Or. -- hands up on the board member of that I don't I don't got to. Like yeah so that a cut in my part. But in this is something that they get and it's his growth when you when you're really think about their bite you in the same. -- Now I don't like to remind him cherries may violence even worse now that you feel better you know wonderful -- calling have a great weekend. And struggled plus Joseph you're under the W well. Do their job. It correction. In or addiction. And -- that. -- Red and let us. It's more on news. You're the -- -- you know consideration. And it is -- -- Intentions. It was a because it is. Sort of between. Two different this year. It is the old. About strategy and -- Like this about Duke Ellington. It would be interesting show I'm glad to -- the showing of a great weekend got a text that says they'd love to see a movie done about kill us which would indeed be interesting. Frank Sinatra made -- Jackson reaching black more. Jimmy Page. Janis Joplin. And here's a Texas says it's oh wasn't moving down about Janis Joplin yet. I don't think so but wasn't. There was a movie that was. Was was the movie the rose with Bette Midler was that's supposed to be loosely based on the life of that Miller -- like I have a recollection that. Here's. Attacks that says it like to see -- movie done about a Bobby Darren. And there was a movie done about Bobby -- is called beyond the sea with Kevin Spacey. And Kevin Spacey was incredible as -- -- from Venice -- your WWL a good evening I'm good afternoon. Ask him. What I remember about -- GB -- and you know local milk and. I remember the -- he would the round and round video yet but at our government. I was Milton -- it. -- -- But what what oh -- -- We did that was one of the that was one of those videos that really stood out in our minds because it was weird. Exactly exactly OK I got. -- -- glad you called if you wanna join us for your comment on numbers 2601870. Told free. 86688907. Or -- Amber's -- 77. Here's a text there Whitney Houston movie would be -- got a lot of people think that the movie it's -- Whitney Houston and Kevin cost of the bodyguard was about Whitney used to but I don't really think that was about Whitney Houston. Here is a tax not a musician. But would love to see a movie about Dick Clark. -- -- I'm surprised that that hasn't happened yet as well here's a Texas Mick Jagger stole moves from James Brown. He must have given to someone else that dude can't dance to save his life. So I think Mick Jagger is they're quite active on stage but he he said that he -- the with the boos from -- I don't think he's as good as James Brown. But he did to he he he did steal some of the moves. Stats and -- WWL. IQ are you I heard greenery that that it. In production. A retreat and from. I would be on the road and get that -- Staff and I appreciate calling I hope that is the case because that legacy movie about it. About Jimi Hendrix is your whole state witness will be two -- your calls -- more of your text coming up. What movie was about a musician that you just want you were talking about this decay is again on up with. James Brown movie produced by Mick Jagger hits theaters nationwide today and it looks like it's an excellent movie about the famous poet singer. I'm James Brown too was very innovative and deal with a lot of racial issues at the time that he was becoming popular -- did not have the pristine life ended up in in prison I think more than once. But paid his dad and it came out and continue performing. I'm nick -- apparently sent a great job in this movie but what was it other movie about about a performer that you thought was really -- good. And what movie has not yet been done about a performer that you think. Would be really great and getting a little more information about it Jimi Hendrix movie that is now in the works. And we come back after this distaste break I'll tell you they've done performer I got I've got one text on this the reformer that I would love to see movie done about. As have been -- yet. I'm screwed in -- -- who is in for crawling on Friday. And we'll be right back with more here's another WWL news updates with Chris Miller. The movie about the life of James Brown get on up opens up in theaters today produced by Mick Jagger or some previous last week dollars a at the -- the purge anarchy. And a six like a really really good movie in fact. The person I'm dating her her daughter it is 1920 years old. And -- I was surprised that her first reaction I really wanna see that so there are a lot of young people very interested in this movie about the life of James Brown so what. What movie has not yet been done. About some performer that you would love to -- -- this one -- -- were talking about but new orleans' Louis you're on WW well good afternoon. -- -- -- -- I -- to all of -- -- 88 years old. My grandfather. Who aren't sure I am actually well -- and -- Thought I would. It's are ample and market. To do something about mark -- -- Is going to be there. In La. -- let you know -- out until it all up. -- -- -- You don't man. Well I'm doing good Lewis -- you're the grandson of Louis Armstrong. -- I'll start my daddy aren't -- pop. I'm not I'm atom bomb you know bad at all -- You know witness aggregates and everything able -- -- -- -- you know it still better. 88 -- ninety slightly. In February. Mardi Gras day. Yes it -- -- I had. I'm up in Asia -- can't chat a while. But I'm still can't -- But it's a pleasure it's it's an honor to talk to you actually in and I hope to carry yourself. Yeah about you know why do you do it -- -- Gently as well I think I am Margaret Love it out. -- Well we're. I'm. Not into my granddaughter. I bring me on. And it. On May -- goes -- a little. Ballpark. You know what I mean. Well -- you take care yourself and I love your spirit I'll -- predatory. Yeah UK JIR. And they paid. They act in a lot of weight there to be like to go back. I I've -- appreciate you calling says he's the grandson of Leo I'm sure we're talking about movies that they should be done about it musicians. A a modern day movie about Lewis or -- it would be unbelievable apparently it TV version of a movie came out two years ago. Some getting a little more information about this movie that apparently is in the works about Jimi Hendrix biopic starring Andre 3000 who is from outcast. And if you think about it kind of looks a little bit like Jimi Hendrix and I believe the movie's gonna be titled always by my side. But yes there should be movie about Jimmy Hendrix and there will be a lot of a social issues that would become part of that movie I here's detects a movie about Stevie Ray -- Here is a text Sammy Davis junior would be great movie yeah agreed definitely part of the rat pack that would be very exciting. I'm getting a number of text about it Michael Jackson and here's it's actually enjoyed the Buddy Holly story with Gary -- I thought that was an excellent movie also a -- to Obama. A really to a walk the line with not Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. If there's a movie that you. -- still thinks stands out in your mind about position at some performer. It was a leech agreed biopic what was that movie and what will be has not yet been done about a musician. Going into this next break. I've gotten one text about this and -- I'm surprised. Take is the one person that stands out most in my mind about a movie I would love to see done about this person if you put into an issue with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And a text interstate 77 here to text my favorite group going up which Led Zeppelin song I would love to see a movie about them. That would be -- -- the song remains the same as it's kind of documentary which Led Zeppelin but we're talking about a movie it would. It would be bouts. About their lives and I would think that a lot of that would have to include their affection for New Orleans. Led Zeppelin spent a lot of time in New Orleans. They had their big 707. Customize seven of seven. And they would use New Orleans as a base and at the time they stated what was the Maria Antoinette. In the French Quarter that was their home base. And I don't remember the exact cities but if if they have a concert in Miami. If they had a concert in Atlanta. Memphis I think even Saint Louis and Dallas and Houston if it was anywhere in this general region if it was within a a couple of hours of flying distance. Woods opened with live here. During that part of their tour. And that they would get on the jet in the afternoon flight and do the show. And get on the yet. And and fly back I actually briefly dated somebody who did go on one of those trips for them although I never really -- Very much about it. I'm curious text movie on The Rolling Stones and a movie on clean here's attacks Selena yeah I've thought that was an excellent movie as well. We'll be back -- your calls here in just a moment. I'm getting a couple of text on this this right now. This is the person that I would love to see bio picked on about. Kurt Cobain Nirvana. I'm scoot into -- to think tank and we'll be right back on Debbie WL. All right -- nation wake up early tomorrow morning get -- coffee. Irish coffee Spanish coffee. Coffee and trickery whatever they -- drink in the morning. Get it get your snacks get to breakfast ready we're gonna bring you the saints black and gold scrimmage tomorrow morning live from the Greenbrier in West Virginia. Our coverage begins at 7 o'clock tomorrow morning. Scrimmage is a 730 we'll bring you the action of the offense vs the defense analysis from our resident pros Bobby a -- looking guy John. And then a full recap with saints coach Sean Payton and saints players. Also as the big chief Deke Bellavia will be there Kristian -- sideline reporter Tivo -- -- and Steve Geller. The saints black and gold scrimmage coverage begins at 7 o'clock tomorrow morning skirmishes at 730. And we'll take it until high noon tomorrow on sinks radio WWL if Gillis into the mutual fund show you can catch that tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. On WWL. -- -- talking about. A movie about Kurt Cobain. What would be interesting about a movie about Kurt Cobain is there a lot of people to clean my generation. The baby boomer generation I don't think -- Kurt Kurt Cobain the credit he deserves. Did this was part of a movement that was a significant change in music. From with The Beatles and the British invasion had established in the sixties. This in the and in the early in mid nineties this was the biggest departure in music it was just one group but they're -- it was. I guess the lead grew but it was Pearl Jam and sound garden Alice in Chains. But that growing sound that alternative sound in the nineties was the first big big departure. From everything that had been established from the sixties and I think that's something that would come out in a movie about. Recovering. From Mississippi -- you're on WWL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Yeah. Out. Well raised by -- street but Illinois Iowa. A grand old. And interpreted -- in Korea and outlawed but. Amicable. What is it about his life beyond the music that you think could make the movie interest. Well. To -- -- -- do -- are papers are allowed to realize that well it probably be better it is the very early -- Rivera right -- And deputy. He looked pretty good -- -- -- -- very delighted that he actually called me a lot of thought allowed book that brought you through life a little. I thought but you know being directed you know what -- written. Eric is a lot. I thought that will be area to -- -- -- to -- me about him is like. Drive or my appreciation witness and have a great weekend thanks for calling. From Guerrero Steve -- under the WL. They go to about a movie about lacked Clapton. You usually that we get around along -- essentially guitar player you know we had not died at a at a young age and I think struggle with that. But he did he did his son died and two maybe three or four he fell out of the the apartment window. In New York City remember talking about this on the -- when it happened. Eric Clapton rotated it tears and haven't. Inspired by his since his son's death -- -- a horrible horrible death and you know maybe we shouldn't wait for people to die before we do movies about it. I'm Steve -- the show specialists. Here is attacks that reads scoop there actually was a movie and I don't remember the name of it. In my opinion that what is. More abstract or just artsy. I saw it on VHS tape. Eight kids if they give you any clue about how old it is. You can look at but I agree I would like to see a really good movie done on him most about it Kurt Cobain and what a great bands. And and and person he was. What a cool person he was I know Kurt Cobain had his his demons and and many people have their demons that I don't criticize you for that I think actually sand that he's not alive today. Quite often talked in this crucial about. One of -- the satisfying things about being part of the baby boomer generation is all these these stars that are still performing today. Last Saturday Mick Jagger turned 71. Big -- there's a great grandfather. They -- which was part of a generation that didn't trust anybody over thirty. And at some point only in his career -- every -- generated set I don't wanna live past thirty. He 71. Paul McCartney seventy and we -- Bob Dylan 71. The fact that these people art -- this age. And still performing and -- about how active somebody like Mick Jagger still is on stage. I mean this is very reassuring and this is showing that the baby boomer rock generation. It is continuing to redefine every area it occupies and I was three defining what it means to be. Well anymore it's a senior what it means to be older. I think -- just very comforting thing and what Kurt Cobain did was robbed an entire generation. If not seeing what would happen to his life and in what he would be doing today. By like committing suicide so young generations are robbed of the opportunity seeing. Who he would be today here's an update on our -- Euro project -- opinion polls is based on a story about the your idea at northwestern university in Chicago. -- a re doing all of its restrooms to make him gender open. Gender open Russians were male and female at the same time. Would you be uncomfortable. Using an open gender restruct 45% say no but 55%. Say yes skittish opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com for Carradine your WW -- good afternoon. -- nobody. -- -- on your own. More engaged in any Democrat you know what was the oh well maybe making music no doubt it. -- Even though local -- -- somebody or from doctor John you know background and -- it. Think you know I grew up with the republic of being the -- my dad played here two years. And and should note. In and she even had -- day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bet that -- come out. When I was -- you know what on earth I mean it's guys load of very very very old in Berry Berry interrupt. And losses you -- -- so respected by a -- top musicians around the country. Actual apple like I mean I think that that would you know -- here in the -- I think we appreciate it more than other people do. But while what life. Dean I I agree with you that would be an excellent movie to octagon I'm glad to call -- -- priceless admitted the movie can be titled Wright place wrong time gut checks only for so I said that would about a movie about Fats Domino that could be titled. Walk into New Orleans which you know I guess kind of seems like -- a no brainer. -- -- rejoice for the comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866. 8890 point seven and it takes a received 7870. I am now getting -- -- Texas Bob Marley. -- about a movie about the life of sophomore. But I could bring in the whole discussion about marijuana because I heard that he used to smoke a little gunshot. And scoot it for Garland will be right back to -- WL. Says that it movie about the life of third James Brown get on up opens up in theaters nationwide today Angelou will be talking about this in the 3 o'clock or for sure -- coming up at 1 o'clock. We're talking about their bio -- -- musicians they were really agreed and did bio pics that should be done that haven't been done -- what about a movie about the life of Perry White. Now. I can -- Austin. Here is attacks that no more text about a Bob Marley hears it takes a skewed how about a movie about. -- just pause for secular service. I I love this song. This is sort of assault -- you can either dance slow or fast too. He has that was one sexy sounding -- -- don't take it wrong that I said that I here's a textile racecar what about a movie about the warehouse it's history and kind of like a movie about Woodstock a couple of years ago that's from the blazes in Pensacola out from west we go. Eric's UW. He. -- the only thing that although beat me. Kerry he carried. Others on the cell -- -- -- -- yeah I've done. Double -- about that Jack I appreciate calling Kerry and getting double takes about Stevie Ray -- that would be an interesting story. -- -- -- share something with you that a played on the Scotia the other night when we talk about some of the legalization of marijuana. We still have to talk about America's. Rather. Would like considered to be hysterical few of pot I don't smoke pot to not promoting it. That wouldn't -- if it was legal but I I think it should be legalized despite my personal opinion. But there was a hysteria. About marijuana that goes back to the 1930s. The movie reefer madness came out in 1936 and it was a propaganda campaign to demonize marijuana. I want you to hear the original trailer. From the movie reefer madness this is what America first thought of marijuana. It's. -- boys and girls are having -- top of the local soda fountain innocently they then. Innocent of a new and deadly menace lurking behind closed doors. The burning we need to win its roots. Didn't have -- Okay you'll dvd you do which is vicious crime can be grown in your neighbor's yard. Rolled into harmless looking cigarettes. -- didn't and then it. Or watch case. You'll meet good old. The ones from pride in the strong well. -- -- Destroying Greensboro they -- behind the moment's pleasure. -- Okay. It is -- its. Campaign to demonize marijuana. The original trailer for the movie reefer band is if you haven't seen reefer madness now watch it's like a likely they say rolled into harmless cigarettes. I think we've learned that cigarettes are so harmless. -- to think -- Newman our executive producer Ellis intending or associate producer mark Bernard our studio producer and also with all of the stuff going on with the Ebola breakout. You might want to rent the movie outbreak with a Dustin Hoffman and oh my gosh Cuba Gooding junior and many others interesting movie. Had a great weekend it's Friday I'm -- -- in New Orleans.