WWL>Topics>>8-1-14 2:10pm Angela: on what to do this weekend in NOLA

8-1-14 2:10pm Angela: on what to do this weekend in NOLA

Aug 1, 2014|

Angela and Ian Hoch talk about what to do this weekend in New Orleans and talk with Jude Borque about which movies to see and Marci Schramm about the Satchemo SummerFest.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I want our listeners to know that Jim O'Donnell and is another room still taking calls I'm so appreciative of the -- who would do something like that the -- He he's very good about coming in answering all the kinds of questions that. We all -- mean insurance is complicated and and hoodie when he did so thank you Jim -- who again is in another room answering those questions but guess who's in here with me. Jim O'Donnell and not Jim O'Donnell in mr. wonderful in ho hi yes. In -- here because as we know he is happening meant and he knows everything that's going on. Because he lives pretty much everything and doing everything absolutely so talk to me about what you're going to be doing this weekend. To this weekend is sort of exciting because there's -- events happening. Debts you know it's sort of -- the origins story of these two events Tuesday here we yards the dog days of summer there's nothing happening nobody's making any money nobody's in town. So we have white -- -- yes and we have -- fast and we're gonna talk about such us Drexler coming up at 235 -- -- -- -- so -- won't -- too much in detail about -- just say I'm gonna stop -- -- tonight and -- dirty dozen brass -- -- James -- And I I just passed by it. On my way to work this morning it's everything's out at the -- you know and I'm passing by on the bless. And there was already a lot of people out that's ranked around eleventh so I think you know is whatever. Whatever perceptions or been in the past about this being a slow time for things to do in music and all that so wrong completely. Out outmoded I mean there's a billion people I'm thrilled to gonna go to white -- like -- if it is just the twentieth year I know it's I just was reading about it this morning I can believe him and for twenty years and yeah I'm really looking forward to it I always do what makes a beautiful I think is that. Most people do just put on something like this it is time is gonna. And then it's free -- And people like that and you go down Julia street. It's such a great opportunity to see the great artists I'd love you know I enjoyed walking in the galleries and stuff anytime play it. When there's a big event there's a big party everybody's there for the same reason that's that's what I really liked most about that as you know. Is it just feels a little bit more like an event that's my favorite way to experience are really. Is with a large group of people at a very specific event and you know it's funny and that -- dole beverages going out beverages and other adult beverages. I think that's iced tea with a little something with a little judge yes do you have a wonderful weekend last weekend policy act is kind of a long time ago. I know I I posted a lot of some stuff to the website for saint camp. -- that's a cool thing you know we have the black and gold scrimmage that's tomorrow morning again so everybody needs to get up early in tune -- were going to be carrying that live on AM FN dot com we'll have much time -- in the coverage starts at seven and I understand the scrimmage itself election began about 730 -- 7:40 -- eight -- so it's going to be an early one for me. And then we you know will spend the rest the -- kind of taking care website making sure everything's got to have a short rehearsal. And then and negotiate play on Sunday night a friend of my ministering showed the shadow box theater which we've talked about going times so. You'll support that so again Friday Saturday Sunday -- -- You lord that there's a reason you're the happening. -- and that's very special one of my favorite groups in the city. Is the young leadership council I was around when they started in 1986. And they've just done remarkable things and continue to do. And one of the really great things they do is an honor role models. And so they're big event is -- is this weekend it's their role model -- And how lucky for us that MacKenzie Kirchner who is the chair of this year is Gallen is with us hello MacKenzie. -- are you today we're doing great and I know you've got to be very excited about tomorrow night. I won't be quite on it -- arm it's Saturday a week were -- houses next great. Yes this -- at a time everybody into the white and I and then weakened pretty. You know and that's right and I even wrote that down is that that's a very good idea. For you -- I -- planning hopefully people to go to white linen and other events such now but to plan ahead. Because this is so beautiful event. Yet Smart you know very excited I call upon a wonderful event -- -- it just that populist speech and that really comedy and really. Brings up at -- you know level that we wanna show that while model how much we you know respect and my -- that what the article and better. You are honoring 25 people how do you choose them. Yeah how we actually arms just put out -- general. Validity in nomination throughout the community each year. And we usually they accurately read -- -- -- over a hundred in a nominee of either ran young -- action occur from other community leaders. It just an open nomination and we received over a hundred and. Let's say you've got a great crop of them -- to car on the onto is the general manager of the airport is who has done a show with us just a real. Star and he just hit the ground running so glad to see that in Brian backed who is so revered. David blossom with the vita brewing. Jeffrey gold ring with that with the says direct company I mean an and a wonderful mix of people which is nice. Exactly we always look and act Edberg but he can make sure that we're -- Iraq -- -- -- all of the people that really work as a team and really make an impact altogether in the community make it different. Your degree in Portland area. You know I love. In colonial shining stars -- relish in -- of the Crescent City connection. Because it was that young leadership council that got the lights on on the edge. -- So very true when -- for accomplishment and bonding bill. Very proud to this day I love that we can have you that these -- for mark on the city. But you also did the a proud to call it home campaign. Yeah that was one of our more recent ones. -- EC you know kind of bumper sticker that I need to around town. -- kind of reinforced the idea that we truly are proud to call -- in some network show Bayerische excited. And still are just proud of everything that we can do to -- reinforce all of the wonderful. Oh culture and all the wonderful. That the community of bank into the young professional -- that we can impedance the somebody -- group. Are there are many ways I mean we have jumpstart. That they can actually -- beyond we're building. Becoming involved they can't meet -- about the happy hours and networking event or they can get. Go ahead and come and start to volunteer or one of our community projects. There are such a multitude of -- At where Ali. Creeping again packed with new people. I get rated really find your niche -- Potentially he would get -- is our web site at while no outward. And look around -- that were always you know willing to engage in members reach out. Why you'll see -- dot org. And you know it is a perfect way use the word network but it's really to build a whole bunch of new friends. Exactly. I am I'm an out at honored in my belt and it would truly -- on your account and going out and it's where which we. You know for twelve weeks eerie green. And that truly how like kind of -- -- or read from the city angrily. Like on here in new Portland. Now that is that is terrific I wonder -- there's dancing and entertainment and a silent auction to tell what kind of things that you got on the auction block. Oh yeah eight it's such a fun about it truly Leah good option. We're doing a little bit different this year where were actually. Doing a -- of new Portland series that we have. Over forty restaurant that we. -- -- Dinner packages coming and you know everywhere from commander talent and beekeeper and and today you -- Organizations that is general app is -- membership this year dole we. Yeah that really exciting is that you know people -- the candidate won and obviously not in the evening are not normally be at getting people back to -- That much that. Be kind but the epic iron. This dinner auction for the year. And entertainment you know and -- what is. MacKenzie -- just on the court again this is not this Saturday but next. And go to the website will -- Why he'll see -- dot org and find out about the organization and about a great party a week from tomorrow. Yeah and tickets are still available sponsor -- packages are still available as well. We'll have a great great night and congratulations to those 25 role models. Are generally having me. Everyone stay with this work continuing to find out what's happening and we're going to be talking of the movie -- right after this. Hope that your planning your weekend fun and there is a lot of fun to be had but if you just wanna -- in the cool maybe a little popcorn. We got the guy here are -- Bork. -- -- Is that good to talk to -- today. It is fantastic -- you're right into the you know it's people don't want to go to quit Lyndon night they go through. He. Now my brother in law courts would never Patrick and poverty beat anybody in -- and -- one where other. But there's some great movies that are out there to do one and so excited about and eager to talk to the big board. Guardians of the galaxy. Well you know. Well it might have a and nephew who is cinematographer -- DP here in Packers need also a photographer. I think he's a different generation. In me he went to the last night. And the -- he left the party you don't. He -- -- is slightly. And it is it's a movie that I'm really. Did not be on the radar but people have been buzzing about. Form I'm listening audience out there it's from the more bull studios. Comes from. Comic book that started in 1960. Way back we. And real remember point story where -- -- -- the normal noise that great choice would be in all of their friends in the written this deployed. But they were scared. And the -- that it's sort of normal -- and now. That's what. Sort of the Chordiant that the galaxy. There -- is deployed. That turnout to be fun exciting. And wrap everything together so well there's no Captain America there's no four. But there's a whole new crop of characters. I keep seeing them in -- -- -- -- Vin Diesel being interviewed on every talk show and into and he plays the tree home. Which I think is a great Carrick I had noise when he does he only says three words the entirety. But that. And and -- under the fund things that. This movie and then I give him credit the writer has done a great job at taking what could be yes dale. Story line and has. Presented it in the very first waiter a lot of references to pop culture current things. That audiences. Is sort of being -- cat but the same time love and yet this or riding. And support -- the that the writer and director Jane gone. Is the same person who wrote -- story. Do they do and doobie dude two. Yeah. But he is not only. Making any name for himself and everybody's tripping over themselves congratulating him on this Chordiant that the galaxy. They've already signed up for the next sequel. It made over that in million dollars last night predicting. A hundred million for this weekend it's so. And find you movie that big crowd that loved it so if you walked -- and -- -- the guardian of the galaxy. But it not for you. You may want at the numbers that are in going to be in mind for its food -- ground biopic. Get on -- and he's seen the -- far you know line excited he'd just looked very. Com. They're getting to steal and the atmosphere in the music right at least in the four and the critics have been -- that only four. Spear of the -- but the main actor. He has done just an amazing job. You may remember the movie forty Tuesday came -- Q2 years ago. Jackie Robinson movie exactly yes OK good. And does the store that chat that Bachmann. Who started Jackie Robinson he's going into Libya's James Brown I mean talk about two movies to our Carlyle rolls. And the critics are all -- all clamoring to say -- and what a great job he does not. Trying to mimic James Brown but to embody him make him his own -- played them from age eighteen. To win he's in his sixties well. 21 of the things that now there -- other bio -- that are out there. But this one is directed by Kate Taylor. He is the director who brought -- the movie. The help. Few years ago. Oscar nominated is also won an Oscar for best supporting actress. And he had a great vision and help but taking. The sixties and bringing. Racial issues. From a human standpoint and not making him -- BA broad rushed. Storyline. But individuals storyline. And with him at the Helm I'm hoping that this will be the same -- get on up will be not gained ground as they. Big sweeping story but an individual's story and I think that that's what's going to make it a lot of fun I'm excited about that yeah that's awesome. Two great choices. There also some movies that are still out there from the last few weeks last week we talked about Lucy would turn out to be the number one movie he'd be Hercules last. Saw ant I saw it to you did yes O -- And I liked it it's very different but he kind of go with an open mind as a sanctuary and it's thought provoking but she is excellent int yeah. And in a good paced movie to be friends that I thought that saw it all said you know hey it's not too long it's a fun. Movies and they left enjoying the time there to about to Detroit that's still out there. And here in a lot of places we talked about it last week to view one more shot out. The Philip Seymour Hoffman movie -- most wanted band. It's not only still in the theater but it opened in more screens. So. There -- it is the story it's a front page on the coloring book. So -- -- -- real story. With lots of twists and turns. Extremely well acted. And it starts with people looking for this weekend there's an -- are great a great movie. You know that we tried to get and then they'd already sold out while you're out and over resistant. That time but I look forward to seeing them very much. So good choices for all of us I hope to see you at the movies this weekend. Are what are you going to do this weekend are you coming in for what -- Well you know few easy out there and you'll see me out there. I'd like I have to say that twenty years ago I was I was in line a lot of those art. Galleries. That there -- wonderful. It is. Art galleries and -- street gave it to shut out. I think that they invented to downtown warehouse district. That young leadership count he talked about today helped. Just really reinvigorate. The wall and in the eighties. And win. People just didn't know. How I give credit to the arts community. And that truly found. Young leadership council for doing great projects and getting people just up there. Since Katrina there's been this wonderful revitalization of this city everybody talked about outlaw -- is. So wonderful and so new and it is it is so great now. And I remember twenty years ago that same feelings started with the park community. And the young leadership council they were doing so many great projects. They really have and they continue to and it is because we're having such an influx of young people which thank heaven. It is a great way for them to to meet new friends. Yes yes it is it's wonderful. So -- you make seemed there. It is it's like -- said one of the best ways to see art is with a bunch of other people. You get to enjoy to experience two laps to small. And in is people themselves -- sort of are performing art by themselves Arctic. Yes they. You are you're absolutely. Thank you do so much you have a wonderful week in Tokyo. Audio. We love him yes and we should kind wonderful talented interest funny yeah. It was is that Mardi Gras -- news that he was able to appear I think one yet it is in little Marty. And again an act -- -- Everyone stay with us we're gonna check in what's happening in the blues and then come back as we hear more about what's happening right activist. Indeed -- being in New England we're talking about everything that's happening in our community and I think something very nice that's happening and that is. This Saturday tomorrow at eleven -- him. Thirty probably thirty soldiers are are going to -- with a 4169. Financial management support senator. Will say farewell their unit is mobilizing. -- to deployment in operation enduring freedom. And this is coming from our wonderful arm and they're gonna have a farewell ceremony in New Orleans. At the World War II museum. This Saturday tomorrow at 11 AM. If you want to wave goodbye and cheer him so it is and I love the idea that they're doing it at the World War II museum which. -- -- I can't talk enough about just I think I mentioned this before but. Justin and other many people party scene. But the new addition it has to do it airplanes what's the name of the oh my gosh there right now buyers and -- to -- it's like going -- Yeah I think -- Yeah you can't believe -- in there with these planes into buildings you walk in and you see them on -- are different levels you can look down on the record it's they've done everything beautifully. But -- good luck to all of those wonderful young men and women who will be serving our country. Also wanted to mention before we get to march -- That's this is very clever you know this is the time here we -- huge. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the Louisiana SP CA as every shelter. But they're doing a very clever thing today tomorrow and and Sunday. They're calling it the clearance than a 180. -- available desperately looking for Hong Kong and there and a lower their rates. Special -- regular price eighty dollars. Well the cancer free. And that means let me tell you that's spay neutered every this is your chance to get a -- Kittens they're going to charge 25 dollars. Everybody well -- that's what you think having more mature cat is yet that and that's over you know where that is I just hope they can get along with my rats okay. This is not a good thing peeves and probably now. You do have a little -- about yeah by the big. Did you. I mean their regular I don't think that's a good mix. -- Keep the rats that. A visit cats they'll tell brilliant -- next week I think that I don't mind I really am not afraid this week. I'm sure -- there and -- if you raise their he would absolutely let this time and RC bit and that Marcia ram. Is is the woman of the hour and she is directing the entire Secmen fast -- Aren't. -- exhausted yet because like I keep seeing you on channel four. -- -- It turns out in the crowd there may well. I was just analyses shocked but I was very pleasantly surprised I was taking the -- down Decatur street this morning so what is our old. All. And there's people out in the street in the neutral ground all over the sidewalk it looked like huge throng congratulations. I don't think it's only her second year however during the fold it up on Friday and it is obviously caught on crowds tore through here local partner. People -- in Asia -- region along in the -- or bank. -- birthday and you have had such fun things I -- the swing knew they had at noon today free swing dance lessons of the events that. But tell us about how we. Aren't the kind and you bigger black markets and -- So tell us again what you gonna be doing especially tomorrow -- and Sunday. Sure we'll tomorrow. We have the stature seminar in the beautiful air conditioned auditorium in the dirt or do you mean that all being. -- -- -- -- -- -- And then. Music stages in each state news in -- until nine Saturday in 08 on Sunday. And on Saturday archived area open to an incredible record for Clinton came -- on the second floor inside and and where are we supply everything everywhere need and keep you keep what they may still. They're decorating technically number the current hit parade -- -- to -- -- used here in the coconut decorating your own. -- You'll apply agree with that this year and a book that kid that although we are strong chance music group. And looked and looked and looked -- the -- thing to jail. I'm an important they're agreed that we currently restaurant partners that are just amazing ever been from Antoine. You'd probably in connection. To -- solid part that is great great -- to the culture in the. And then you have but -- I love the name of this is that. The Cornet -- -- stage. And on. On stage in accord three. Came about is directing in Europe that. Are in the latter of course under -- And it's free. Spree you know into the public. Everything we do we're you know community -- based in non profit -- the great treatment and Q now. Becoming -- -- eight and and average and a teacher here are your words that are now. And kid friendly and a dancing friendly and music friendly and it's. Again on an August day some -- what -- Located in the Q what -- Kept secret. That local don't know so much up the court know about it on Sunday morning we and it incredible and they got in church and from day and it got. Such a beautiful church of the older African American church in the country. And we have a traditional chat app they're attending -- Learn on the you know Catholic -- the -- -- -- to it army brat and you're sure trauma played in all the great music. And then what -- and there's the theory. All rocket to -- amazing traditional -- and cricket coach from the church to arm stroke heart. And then an -- by a lot and it's a debate all the really early. On March. -- really do believe I'm going to attend. There's no training camp on Sunday so much for the website and on the news in the morning and -- go. -- Complete I'm currently we have are each of the Assurant. I -- that's an animal which there is they've really -- took a line early. Can I ask -- briefly I know he probably -- -- talk about things are very happened but yesterday you had this reception at the monthly you -- home. It was a sold out and I just want to hear how went in and if you could just tell us a little bit about what happened there. -- only what an opening part he ended abruptly at night. The incredible -- Georgia community scholars you know people from the university the grammys and an important. Part of that incredible catch -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in the media let me come and it is so we view -- action and how -- you know each and every year something really significant of course and you -- Armstrong so are predators last night. Where -- -- Carty who is the archivist truly are trying to museum in New York. In the present it which it co producer Scott went -- their record and they talked and played music from that -- -- that it is incredible view. We are our accent that you cannot Olympic record it's ninety he'd been books. She and it them naturally never ever been curbed export it to -- more accurately what -- strong. Brand new unreleased. Sensible options. I was what you are are. Larry aim at Carnegie Hall concert -- -- covered. A lot of interviews. There are so much buy or -- for being. And south and very casual had a lot of buying into colorful language. It -- again Latin music and laughter interferes. And it's happening medium -- and -- what the rank and what he is covering. Urban communities on. Our hopes to launch an irritant is great things. Is this the only -- national festival. Ever. It and you know it was our turn on the world which -- -- great friend Laura yes look at a cleansing that's great while I used cars you know there are currently. -- you were wonderful if you always are and I know are seeing a lot of work and you do beautifully you make it look effortless it's not. But it's to be enjoyed and that's the message and it's on the all the rest of this weekend -- pick up the family go -- there and -- Thank you and I had not mentioned that I could on the schedule is to talk to expect talks. That's our majority camping career that you before you come to play -- day RP magazine has -- looked at the glued into the market to pick for offbeat things in -- -- -- -- -- -- chemical that's. That's a great -- very useful enjoy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Do such a beautiful job and then of course after this they'll get together for the whole Christmas. In the quarters -- in the present not yes and and they just again failure to look right to count which is why people continue to go out. We want you not to go where we want you to stay we're gonna take a quick break we're going to be back immigrant talk about other events are happening. Financial is going to jail and I like this habit of your well being. We are back in hope and myself. Talk about things that are happening this weekend and and we love our weakened with loved the jam packed he got to really do have to -- them. Whether it be just you know what I'm gonna stay home Manama. Net promised at home and watch television watch how surprised -- the entire house of cards that are left over again because Asia. Or go to a movie is to borders and go to the wonderful such -- festival and their inning and of course white linen it's very special and we should mention. This tomorrow night -- white linen and the you know following Saturday. It is dirty land. But I guess that that is always following the next week and -- it's in the French Quarter and it's the same idea you walk around to go to the art galleries it's free it's fun. And something to look forward yeah I think there's acting as a for about crossover between those two crowds that'll -- because you spoke to Wear the same -- that you wore. The white -- -- you know aren't able to get well thirty and installed some wine on it maybe -- 830. Now this is a wonderful thing I love that dirty linen one hot night. And they'll also have great music and some other fun thing I love that I wanna tell you this is already passed and I wish it were continuing. Because last week -- and went to the World War II museum I mentioned to seat jump jive in -- yet. Let me tell you it was a it was a tribute to Louis Prima. Yeah this group. On -- believable. Every the guy who plays -- prima now is the body of Louie prima. Cool the woman who was a singer all of instrumentalists. Were and they apparently they. Pattern themselves after his guys they did such a great great thing and I really wish it were. If it's ever back that's my whole point that bringing they had brought it back for yes I'm so that is already while it seems fairly like is that the -- but it is and it's interesting because just yesterday. Louie prima son who was. Now band director you know on donated a bunch of money from this foundation. In honor of his father for. Something that they're going to create which is could encourage. Young people to become involved in jazz music cool for all the right reasons but it was like this is -- era of Louie prima yeah. And of course -- that the great program with his daughter who is now -- living here full time so talented yes and sings at the -- on things around town. So it's just the next generate. So cool I feel so blessed that my dad introduced -- -- prima you know grown up in Colorado I think I've felt I remember the first time I heard that we were driving around. The desert somewhere and he played this CD obviously that the criteria on collection -- build -- previously -- it's just I just. I love that album so much that I remember that as kind of being the key feature. Of this road trip that I took with my phone isn't that something 1980 -- something which you know he was in movies he wrote music. He was -- entertainer mean and even his son mentioned that they want him. People to remember him as the great musicians that he was yet which you wise and not just the great jokes stir and -- That's also a talent but it's good for us that he was in our lives for -- long -- you wise you know being alone next time. Well. You are just. That might be my favorite. You are something else now tell me what else is happening around. On that -- so I mentioned there's the show I'm -- -- -- on Sunday at the chatter box call that dying city by question it's kind of an interest in peace because it's produced by three. Individual artists who aren't part of -- collective -- particular -- company just three people who just fell in love with the script and they decided they wanted to do it. And you know I always liked goes support what they're doing the shadow box but the show itself sounds pretty interesting as well my understanding it's. Gulf war widow who is trying to put her life kind of packed together and then. Her husband her former ex husband who died in the war in his twin brother comes back. And I don't know very much more about it -- that but I thought that that was a pretty dangerous absolutely inning to apply you know I don't know that becomes romantic interest or. You know just having yours yours your husband's twin brother back in your life at that time when you're just -- -- Also we want a reminder but he kids during summer. River town theater does a great thing river town theater for the performing arts. On their whole summer season's gonna close out it's not this weekend or next but it's August 15 -- 24 but again he plan ahead. It's the Susan Cullen -- that shows put on a typical junior by kids for kids. So you know. Support the local talent as they say there is some not local talent is here tonight Sarah McLaughlin yes he's playing at the -- If I didn't have an excellent pre existing plans and -- -- go to to real soft spot for those like I don't know ninety's. Fan you -- -- voice yeah. Always -- And I'm not afraid to admit I would -- to -- -- -- owners and that would mean via via a sheets are still on sale started forty. Which I think is a pretty fair price to -- Sara McLaughlin I think so and she's just wonderful. The wonderful one for the humane society's right now I've had grown men tell me I cannot listen to song. Yeah because -- get tickets are weeping in such a beautiful song sung by her means. With pictures of the -- please adopt me. Also the mayor and opera house not this weekend but next time you're planning this. Appear rallied local dance troupe audacity dance collective Ali -- and that's going to be August 9 and tenth there any opera house. That's another venue how lucky we are note just on not it's just right around the corner from my house and now -- they cut the we're in the courtyard they have like a little yard offering you know now they put up a really nice points in the economy you know more inclusive so. Now -- -- indoor the old church with the actors and so beautiful architecture and then also the outside spaces I think really going to be. Cleaned up there I think if you look for a lot more. Weddings parties galas fund raising that nothing happening there yeah it is just -- really great venue we just to think just two or three years ago is just. Just a billion to church with weeds and cracks in marks and now. That's the premier place to go in the -- Stay with -- everyone we are still gonna talk about other things that are happening this weekend right after this. Welcome back and again I hope you're gonna have a beautiful weekend. If it -- so watched. You know I don't ignore looked at forecaster William -- tomorrow night it looked pretty it looked pretty OK for tomorrow night for -- and I mean I'm certainly not. You know meteorologists should listen to. To pinpoint forecast center for that stuff but mighty completely amateurish. Forecasting predicts and nicely and money concession in -- the fast. And you know I don't know if you were watch American Idol but this wonderfully young woman who won one year fantasia Perino. And is playing this week end here in New Orleans with them I'm hope I'm saying this right Kiki -- It is going to be at Xavier University the convocation center it's a fund raiser for the divine foundation. And it's going to be at 7 o'clock on non on Saturday and she is so ever loving talented you know when he got to be for your. Skip to the top of that show do you only think about how many people they really do you know that down from its just astronomical odds and let me let me remind everybody we had that. Last week yeah this two outstanding opera singers and those who -- all of their training at Dillard. And then now have made it to one of those things it's Tuesday night. And then -- don't have yes Tuesday night and we'll get to see them again and we're going to be cheering them on me not just talented. But wonderful human being yes periods when young you know there is concert tomorrow night that I think has kind of flown under the radar but I think people -- audience and certainly -- know they'll Hank the third. Hank Williams yes seniors grandson Hank Williams junior son. Whose name is Shelton. He's going to be performing at the house of blues tomorrow night at 8 o'clock. Tickets are still available so for music fans that are you know that's their -- they should probably wanna go check that out I mean -- I don't know very much about his music. But you know what could possibly go wrong what could go to rolling Hank Williams so that's -- Let me take if you are in theater person down and we'd love that city theater meaning they do such a wonderful thing if such a fund venue. And -- and we're just cheering them on. All this week it's a midsummer night's cabaret an evening of sin and song mind and as the critic says you don't want to miss -- me. And they you know it's all the great people show on Paterson on Jefferson turner and not just -- people and final four shows are going to be tomorrow Sunday and the next weekend. So again I always say support support our look at theater absolutely and bit on the sixth and seventh and this is during the week. Pat bush wants to -- Corey -- is going to be another great talent yeah look that's and all of that yes and one that you know we have. And keep saying we need to support local talent we do but this is original. -- they have this isn't just yes and that show in particular is the weekly serial the weekly so -- what does that do every month or every couple went -- -- I don't know how often they do it but they every. Every time you go see it. It's a continuation of the narrative from the last show. In it sets up plot points for the next edition. Actually get to see the same kind of actors kind of days of our lives Dallas kind of things are the stories we even in out of each other from month to month I think that's so clever she's into a for a long time. So big thumbs up -- -- I hope you have a wonderful weekend I hope so too I expect that I will and I returned the sentiment. And to everybody out there listening. Have a wonderful weekend but stay with this because the next hour we're going to be trending yeah and we have a special guest our own Erik Paulsen. Yeah.