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8-1-14 3:10pm Angela: on what's trending

Aug 1, 2014|

Angela talks about what stories are trending on social media with WWL First Take host Todd Menesses, Steve Suter of Magic 101.9, and WWL-TV news anchor Eric Paulsen.

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And we are trending a little later today instead of our normal 1 o'clock hour. But we're gonna wrap up the week with those -- -- know trending in news sports and social media. From the world sport's top Manassas. Cohost with Steve court under the WL. And that's not the case or at at and with the latest training and social media Steve -- the program director magic won one point thank you. So happy that you -- here and from my god this is really one week. The evening the man. The newsman who many wake up to. Channel -- long time anchor reporter. Eric Olson reading between the lines Sallyann what's in the bill. -- -- Eric we have waited for the special moment to catch and how better to do with the trending because you are always. On top of everything. And you know we ask people each of our our wonderful guys here so just five or six in that are top trending what does Ericsson. Don't win the cart action. -- car -- in app in your representing news. When I looked -- but this is news it is and it's as much as you everybody loves to hate Kim Kardashian she is a money making machine. How they -- stayed on the air this long. God only knows. But I mean -- -- you -- -- got a game now it's an app that it's a free app. But you can spend up to 99 dollars a year buying fake dollars virtual dollars. To buy things to go from the EU list through the -- list in Kim's celebrity app. Now have you gotten this and that's why you know so much about it known and and I don't know but I did downloaded to take a look at it and -- what any idiot can play this game and pretty much did in the news this morning and you know we're here -- I know there's a -- here in the first the first five days it's made. It's made. Like one point six million dollars on leader and Russia want to think she'll make 85 million dollars that's just that just that. It just and and you know and -- she makes. An awful lot of money from -- can actually in all reality she's Smart businesswoman you know for someone who has no talent. Other than she's Kim -- I mean she is made a huge industry. Is ultimately as his production and we should she she can't account some. Years ago. For fashion show I am -- and two weeks. She's a very nice person but I agree. It's everybody coming down to what she has no talent what -- do. She makes money she has to have an acumen for that veteran -- be Smart enough to surround yourself or people who do. Apparently that sex -- she'll vote it was pretty incredible. Because that really launched her career. Eric what I'm a complete and it's a that may be what people in the open and Canada and help -- -- at yesterday's news. Now it's all her and Kanye dominant and it's on northwest maybe it happens and it's them. Yeah well and bridal and -- -- do you know that are under showdown Angel and I'll take it to a new place and -- car -- in our. I. Go over to -- it's probably praying for me now -- -- and that's why you all are such a great couple together on the air because I know she keep your feet on the ground. Well something something. Let's talk about the -- about what's happening with the saint. Well. Sent out practice again. Today and people trying to read something in the that of course coach Payton who ever. The student of Bill Parcells. Says you know we don't discuss injuries during training camp. -- -- blame him when he was asked him why he wasn't there are so mean and say he's injured if feature is tired of the it is at the day off or Indians say anything so. They're gonna try to find a little bit more about that but would what is also interesting nationally. With the saints because everything that's happened training camp. You get on our website Smart guys. But saints' defense of coach Rob Ryan. Was quoted as saying -- He's always he's always ready to get weird. Meaning. In his defensive schemes and Kevin Clark the Wall Street Journal was talking with -- at some other league insiders. Are saying that he is quote quietly crafting an unorthodox scheme. With the potential to change the way defense has played in the future among NFL boom that's how innovative. They think rob Bryan is going to be this year and they think the saints. Where is the guys are watching. Mean our guys watching where they seen any differences they're saying that the defense and the offense are really go on it. They are there's very very much competition they're very -- with each other. A couple of more. It's skirmishes I guess you could say happened today. Between a couple of the guys are Christians got a pretty good breakdown of that on our website as well. But. Yesterday we talked about or yesterday actually happen practice -- Robinson. And Curtis Lofton kind of got into it. And Drew Brees had to bring him up to it bring break apart. You know Robinson was I mean. Off there was basically telling -- -- bring it bring it come -- -- -- and then they're -- intends to each other. And -- and -- and I think today that Zach Strief. And Tyrone walker got into it. So. With the throwing punches so really what the coach wants to coach why they want that intensity on both sides the defense of squad wants to win the day the office of squad wants to win the day because they know. The alternate winner is the team when they get to the regular season. Because they're still going to be that intensity with whoever their face and again it's across that line on the other teams so. But it but to think that he could change the scheme the future united defense is his dad did it. Buddy Ryan did it with the Chicago Bears good history good genes and he created that defense that brought them that monster defense of four -- 46 defense that did that. Dominated that year. And -- interest and with the twins you know Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan who. Rex kind of got his dad's flamboyant C to say the crazy and outlandish things. It looks like rob got the DNA to be creative with the defense where you need it's ranked so I think we got the better of the two Ryan's. I think he's great it -- -- -- I'd like to watch him on the field you know yeah he's great nano gets into it and you know that's -- you want that intensity and the coaches and players want to play for coach who's that into it and that concerned about he's just as intense as they are out on the field. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's keep it right. Up. Maybe you should do locks for love. Mean how they cut their hair that caused a gorgeous hair I don't think you can cut it that short OK but -- -- who -- a buzz that we don't see you on now. I want everyone to stay with -- we are trending. And we are going to go to -- -- right after this to see what's trending on the Internet. And were wrapping up our week with our trending with top Manassas and sports and Erik Paulson thank you so much for being here with great news about Kim Kardashian. And Steve Souter wanted to actually -- You know what you bring the cute to us. Well I guess I don't know what should a should apologize before I start talking every week it's always a but a cute puppy cute chatter cute kid. And I don't have anything different it's cute kid that is the at the -- the exhibit this week over two million views so you may even know about the -- eighty. Video CD is cute little girl. And they were sitting in the living room talking and all -- -- started running video water and today capital new baby boy and servicing old. You know forget he's gonna grow up. And -- while she freaked out and she started screaming and crying having a bit. Because seated but the will be to drop this is so Q what incidents went on and on and on Silvio before it is adorable cute factor -- given out at ten that I did attend yet you know it's. Knowing this kid that makes you feel goods and and as I said to you shall be beating him up in a few years yet today he's cute that's what she was and she's so cute I don't want and a girl and it became news you know it's it's amazing. You know you think -- reasonable Cronkite was on the news I mean you can -- a video vote for the couple who met making the news but I -- what does it does. You know action Walter Cronkite going today -- -- -- Sheehan. Well and he was -- -- -- he was such a stickler and he knows whom knew it was a mistake later on. When Elvis died he wanted to leave with something else shall securities -- thought that was much more important story. And it was German hero. We we are trending but the he missed that. He missed that but he was still a great man and -- Obama ask anybody admitted later on he made him an obesity should have been -- -- -- that's something that is very interesting that is trending. In New Orleans or in the state Louisiana the 500 new laws that take effect today that amazing and you have to memorize all of. -- -- But the one I really like is the one I dealt Dolan forced the most and that's the one we throw the cigarette butt out the window we're on the ground this was to be a fine. That you with a -- is but I mean. -- the first finest 300 dollars and eight hours community service that's for your first offense and -- go up higher. But I really wanna see how that's enforced because how would attempt to deceive people. In front of -- -- yeah throw stuff out of the well and nobody has a word right. You know many other ones and they the other outlaws yeah there's some -- beginnings. Cellphones in. In saw so little else that's what he's got to be market's going to be market Kennedy's cell phones teenagers cannot. Used and -- it'll -- -- anymore. A bunch of talent that what about social meet the employees cannot. A look at their social media employ other boss take a look at their employ social media count. I think there's an end to that effect can't be repercussions work for some time doing social media you know that's that's that's gotten us this is actually a good one. Domestic abuse. Is now grounds without the requiring. 180 days and the media -- like what you do now domestic abusers who restraining orders against them are now banned from owning guns. And those convicted of crimes can't possess guns for ten years. Yes that and that was a huge huge success because the NRA did not fight them. Kim sport and a whole group -- going to be honored -- we'll put that together those are very significant laws. And they put to the Louisiana at the top yeah as far as comes. To do with that. As I got on -- -- good parents who get too rowdy addict kids sporting event. I can we sweet -- happened before they get in fight to the -- reasons stuff they can spend time in jail for that. And so if you -- a little rough for the refereed and spent five days behind bars and even more if the ref has entered. Not this is pink so that it actually get interesting do you think that'll be enforced. How when we -- yeah that would -- it that kids' sporting events here you're talking about you know -- though our saints game Torre thing it is would have the anatomy on the robberies but. But you can't throw anything at the revenue would get rejected. But there was the incident with a refereed were arrested last year and cultural and -- sure. First confrontation with someone on the sideline and again and silent were confronting happen to be a police officer undercover or off duty so. The arrest -- so I guess this is protecting the referees because for awhile. A lot of reps at willow were not just gonna call games of this is gonna happen you know we don't know the guy who the guy is it's disrupting the gamer whatnot. Then. You have to run games and Alison I think this might be a compromise. What I wonder is if somebody processor accurate putter -- reaching -- and -- get him on to gonna. We -- -- the cigarette on the ground and -- for a slightly to wrap up. It -- to president. These are very good -- it today is a big day 500 new laws like fifty actually 550 my gosh. -- our legislature was very -- yeah ha ha ha ha. Busier than congress yes this still may go down as one of the worst congressional. Ever. Awful okay let's go back to sports Ray Rice who got an update. Well yeah everyone was waiting to hear we hear from Ray Rice yesterday about the whole suspension and talked about -- -- abuse and and he talked about it his apology was very sincere prayers and leave -- very sincere. Well everyone was still asking what wins Roger Goodell gonna say something because the only got a two game suspension some -- saying it's not enough. While Roger Goodell did speak today is he was expected to because of the hall of fame weekend -- -- that the players in the hall of fame tomorrow. And all the -- game will be Sunday. Which it is the official first official NFL game of the season in Europe of you know well it's the giants and bills so from now on you're saying every weekend guys have to rearrange the whole weekend -- on the games. Well if you ask you out yep you -- -- court not until September real football. But at least it's three seasons -- -- -- get to feeling good about it but that he basically said. He's defending the two game suspension of Ray Rice he says. Domestic violence is not acceptable. But the emphasized the length of the -- consistent with other punishments that they've done with the league for other players he says. We have a very firm policy that domestic violence is not acceptable. There are consequences for that. Obviously when we're going through the process of evaluating -- issue whether there will be disciplined. You look at all the facts that are available to us now. When everyone keeps. Comparing it to the guys got suspended for the year for the marijuana protesting from one of the Cleveland Browns wide receiver. His defense now -- it was secondhand smoke wasn't is. Which is funny in itself. He says ladies you've got to compare. Apples to apples and oranges to oranges the difference here you gotta deal with the right facts OK because. The collective bargaining agreement that the league has with the players. The way it handles drug testing is completely different from everything -- If you've been. To get four incidents then you get the year suspensions of mrs. Like the fourth time this guy has tested for something. So that's how he got the your suspension for that decency can't really compare. Their attitude he says when it comes to this sort of thing. Two games is pretty much what we've done since it's his first defense. If it happens again like in Ben Roethlisberger case they've brought that up he had. A second offense against something in indicating with a woman he got a four game suspension second. So he's saying this is our hours ago bored with it could change if that's what. The policy be or do you know with the policy is if if a player were in a bar and disqualified and was charged with assault. Beating up some guy in -- bar. Ben Roethlisberger was under its league violating the league's personal conduct policy that's kind of a big umbrella that they can get everything around now. If he were attacked. And he didn't start the fight you were defending himself I think things would be a little bit different. He started the fight that I'm sure he has suspension so. It's just interesting the whole thing is interest and that's what they say give this a -- to know all the facts and he talked to Ray Rice and his wife and his wife actually ask for leniency as well so. Yeah yeah. And we have to congratulate our local gun going into the whole thing is and Williams. Yeah yeah. Let's get a sports expert here just don't want to hurt yeah so I I carried around this I'm shuffling paper written. We'll get to that after the news you know we're gonna do we're gonna to handle analyst here in nine and now we're gonna come back and surprise everybody is staying with this let's talk about -- guy. While we are back with top Manassas and Steve -- and Erik Paulson as we look at what's trending this Friday. As is -- continues his great search now. Well it doesn't mean it's William Aeneas Williams thank you threw me off when he said Williams is our microphone William growth from a Whitman here but he here it is an ordinary in -- hall of fame so. -- -- Williams played at at Southern University. Local product was able to made a splash in the in the NFL was kind of one of those. Wasn't expected. To be that big cardinals took him and kind of go on full circle we're talking all -- defense is about. The Ryan's well Buddy Ryan the -- the you know the father of wrecks and and Rob Ryan was the head coach at the cardinals at the time. When they took it and that's when their defense took off with a Buddy -- defense in these Williams made a name for itself made Robles several times and he he kind of credits that that buddy Ryan's system. -- that -- -- it there so I think that even when he went to approval like six or seven times just a real good for him local guy makes it. Steve -- and go back to you as we gotta talk about Justin Bieber. Well of course of course we we did Kim Kardashian and announced Justin Bieber time -- where. Some fists full Lyon and AM big party that he attended it seems that he had some type of relationship with Orlando blooms girlfriend prior life that his wife like here -- Like now I'm not sure the girlfriend then when they get together -- -- aspirin rumors but had spread they were at the same party at the same time and it seems that from the video Orlando Bloom was the one who threw the first punch. And actually Orlando Bloom is soul upset and emotional that it there was a picture of him almost in tears. Must be something serious. Going on there although apparently just considered to Portland coach he was good. Or something like that in the punching through -- the deeper though. We'll also beaver like I saw the video is surrounded by a team of people and yet no one was going to hit him. -- get to him I mean it's a complete and thorough exam at him now as Lisa did not throw both Israel and often Carla Leo yeah. You know we need to talk about which is a very happy thing because we as they were opening river walk we did the budget shows -- it was important from our walk. Reopened and if you go on if you have ongoing need to go great it's just beautifully done it is and just re done it's done right everything 7% off. Yes that is yeah just it's that's a good run literally gotta be they've brought the river to people it's just terrific and this is which are gonna talk about. And they're expecting their one million yeah. Visitor tomorrow. While and they voters don't like ten weeks yes I mean it's amazing it is a nice -- a possible my wife -- with an -- yet essence -- it was you could not walk we were there essence as we can you could not walk through the river walk it was so packed and I've not been there yet I've been to the new one and I'm dying obviously you -- -- I know I heard it. I had friends that are gone they say it's just wonderful myth than a magnificent job renovating it so it. It's good you know for so long -- I live down there after Katrina and so many of the stores pulled out. I just cried for the people who stayed and you know it was a ghost town many many mornings undergo their yeah sometimes -- -- and walking down. So to open it up and bright light and to see people. Is just. And make you happy with the one thing that I miss about the brought I'd probably still through their members to that torture with train that Goran have you. It's still air they have that Obama -- some of the once did stay yes they have the fudge thing. I love the Gloria again they have fun fun. Got it takes a little to make me happy with what what makes everybody had a does -- is happening let's go back over there to what sports and talk LSU. Yeah we'll talk LSU and and someone text yet it was. And he is weak but fortunate that's what -- thank you -- trying to hang on. -- played on. Throughout the whole the whole thing Hewitt played Peewee football and -- park. Carter G Woodson middle school and then the Portuguese guys so to the whole thing all the way through this other as a role model airplane all the way through. Get LSU has put out a new -- video about their newly expanded. Tiger Stadium. And talking about how you know it's gonna be beggars -- seat over a 100000 people now. Everybody has -- videos for everything in this one is gone -- gone will be the viral. But what's interesting is it's gonna make it the second largest stadium in the SEC. Can make -- the sixth largest in the nation. For college football. However there have a hard time -- and it this year for the home I'm shocked I'm really shocked that because of and summer saying it's because of who their scheduling and the other their schedule when some of these teams that people don't quarterly wanted to see okay I'm not so shocked yeah though. You know that was a question and Tommy Tucker did good the peace about it on our web site this week. Asking folks about that should should LSU do you wanna see them you know play to answer chumps I mean he wanted to see you play. At Tiger Stadium and you know plus they're also playing a lot of teams away they started out one of the home games is going to be in Houston this year and last that we want Dallas and it's all money I mean they give money for the school to do that it puts them on a national scale -- you get this be seen nationally. But at the same time. You're doing a disservice to the fans who wanna see yet your own stadium hold on -- do you think college football's about the money. Oh I didn't say it was about the money. I said they get money for the university for -- libraries and for all the other things that go that's a cut on -- They're my wife some of the some of the students wanna you -- unionize Khatami you know. They are put blood sweat blood and -- -- -- and education for it but a lot of times I mean -- -- -- -- a lot of time. An effort. Yes they do and they -- right they do and and and they get a free education they get a free education but but a lot of and says it's Obama really take advantage of it there are others the kind of skate through. But -- I mean how much is it when you when you put on the of the scale and and keeper brought the center. And education at -- -- calls one a four year education nowadays it's warmer with a two lane for Mercedes-Benz. How much for Mercedes-Benz eleven Mercedes-Benz OK you're used in the how much does the university may. On Jersey sales. On football's. On 800 rolls Royces and yet exactly. So filled with gas so if you are when you put it in that aspect yet you could see were the players like wait a minute and they get what if the -- five under -- -- may eat. Qualities do they continue to make the stadium bigger and bigger which is great but they still have to deal with the traffic situation when the stadium was smaller you still couldn't get through it you know bigger and you still at the traffic routes are just terrible the guitars and did they -- hires that company that went up higher -- at the video was great -- tiger fan you're gonna get -- equipment the video ready for the season and that's but the question is. A lot of these teams. That were playing. At home return tickets begin nobody wants to come here one to play because it's one of the most -- and in fact it was voted. The most intimidating place to play college football a couple of polls. And to now you got to find. Fans that wanted to go to see some of these teams that you know they're going to be out on today while it at all. It will visually look bad if they don't have it. 50% at least O'Dell of the -- to -- oh yeah I don't know what mentally more than act and you know the Alabama you sort of sold out the Alabama will be sold SEC game to give you to yeah well there's some SEC games now -- Well. We're gonna have to take a break guys -- and we're gonna continue the trend in we're going to be back with Erica Sanaa. Warn us about high prices overseas stay with the signing Angela under the anyway. Well we are back trending an Erik Paulson I'm so grateful that you have spent the afternoon here and you have a couple things about high prices overseas. You've been overseas you've been really haven't you yes there and you know when you go to it was into it a restaurant I mean why prices are cheap yeah. You know -- get a great table wine for a couple dollars a -- a couple was in Italy. They they went in with a relative to an ice cream shop they got. Three ice creams in a bottle of water when there were on the asked for the bill was 56 box US. And they populist and Heidi paid the bill. They came back the next -- with a police complaining saying that they thought the people rip them off. Say what you just read the menu. -- -- it is a select a ten dollar -- income yeah. And like I said Warren is cheaper. You can just the lead. Now what about that lady in -- -- awarded Michigan a single mother. One -- the 66 million dollar Mega Millions jackpot. She -- on Friday the thirteenth. She just found out that -- that she she she won the well. -- 38 million dollars in -- After tax shall take home 27 million. She's got a boyfriend. He is happy is lower. She's quitter she had two jobs should quit both of them. She called whatever motive today. Never believe what happened in the relative goes -- pregnant no no you're getting married no no I want the families know really what happened. Would you share. Well lecture what if you want with us friends okay. I remember these I I told salient if if I went off that a fund you can call the fund manager and make your plea. Like everybody else human individual date like at the Eric Paulsen and Eric is beloved let me tell you what you are I have to say. Known as tight. Frugal frugal frugal that's another word I don't know I don't know. I am -- -- practically every serial number on every dollar markets were just in case it's still. Which are at a dollar and how to -- parking meter in a minute ago -- you don't poker player this man. Hook 20 my gosh -- just makes me worry yeah this is just incredible I don't know a lot of up poker but that don't look at me there were left with two guys in the big poker championship. Connor Audrey and and the so ago. He lost a million people -- million dollars going for million dollars two guys in there's video of it as the viral video. Two guys really tests are going at temple on the cards. And it was a one million dollar support. And -- to the crime. He did you -- to see the video it's hard to see you -- going through a lot of different emotions. -- sunglasses on that they do that allotment. But you could see those kind of slipping down and yet he was -- assuming I'm assuming he lost his poker face -- the World Series of poker he lost one million guy 11 down two guys the guy who won was jumping up and down you really wasn't a concern I think he felt so bad. What a loser because they were discussing it before and it's a report cards like I don't know how this can ago. You know Europe -- down you get 30% chance of winning -- Alison you know it happened and he really I guess he didn't want to get too excited because the other guy it was -- at a state a million dollars and that's that's the problem with gambling. I'm hoping it was going through his head at the time was eager to know window a little bit and the -- ethnic. Kenny Rogers hit a look at. Don't you love that that commercial he's now insinuating that is so bizarre to look at Kenny Rogers I mean I'm going yet you -- is weird guy -- and now. But he's still very -- Up real quick we're gonna go over to -- football. Real quick got to get real quick thing at Tulane football course they're gonna have their new stadium. Did you hear their accent very excited about that they've. They entered the American athletic conference going to be in a new conference now. And they've also revamped their logo. A little bit so so they're trying to hold new fresh start there they get new helmets is the only the logos about the same and use it will be a brighter green collars. As the features a number one. On one side of it in on the other side is that of the on the back they have a green wave on the bottom of the helmet in this that tooling with the Greenfield -- so. They're pretty excited about having their open stadium I know I I hope to get to see game there. This year. I remember seeing -- doing games at Tulane stadium playing Georgia Tech is one I remember. Vividly in which is it's just there's just something about watching a college. Football game on campus right outdoors out don't just was never felt like home for tooling foot though and I hope. They can fill that stadium because they could not fill -- dome right now and not to brag but they did debut the new uniforms on the -- morning I'm -- awesome the yes that was wonderful and they do look at Toyota look good they look very good no I think -- -- all pumped up and. And hopefully they've made peace with the neighbors and neighbors are going to be. Because I think it's gonna be good for the I mean I live close second walk of the game you -- yeah. So now we know where to stop in pretty good -- right right rainy days ago. We have to end on I'm sorry Steve you can't get on the lay's potato chip. You know -- had to go for some new flavors and decided to on line. So after fourteen million entries they decided that she was the one cheesy garlic bread one last year you ready for this year's new chip yeah okay. It was cappuccino. -- Cap on the Crocker got. You know potato chips one of the entries was cheddar bacon Mac and cheese that's that's that's a killer out. And then -- cappuccinos -- -- yes well call -- over now over the cheddar bacon Mac currencies though -- angles also -- cappuccino chip is now going to be in stores by the in the and so it makes them onto money yes one million dollar yeah one million dollars that's competence. You all the best thank you thank you thank you we'll -- next -- have a wonderful weekend everybody. Todd Manassas the last trend last thing the cowboys sent out their season tickets this year. And included the playoff tickets in the -- and everyone. Yeah Jerry Jones is very optimistic apparently very cowboy fans are just shaken their hits and scratch and. We're just saying have a great weekend perfect -- -- and --