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08-01 7pm Sportstalk/ Xtreme Saints Training Camp Coverage

Aug 1, 2014|

Deke and Bobby discuss specifics regarding Saints offense and defense at the Saints training camp; ALSO...Coach Peyton's take on practice, as well as an interview with Mark Ingram.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We moved. Yeah. And welcome to the final how all of sports talk -- pros -- guys on him Bobby -- I've Deke Bellavia now coming up later out money for mocking them -- Saints at a -- -- go went in just a few moments. Saints coach Sean Payton would he would he would say. To the media today the black go wrap up the first weight training camp tomorrow with their annual black gold scrimmage coverage was -- at 7 -- bright early in the morning right here. On WW radio emphasis analysis that he is. And it was put on the pass game a scrimmage tomorrow and the practice announces -- that approach hook you guys on about being there. Six out of fourth Christie Garrett T Bob -- Steve -- will give the team covets here. On Saints radio. WW AM -- and on line at UW OO dot com operating jaguar paid people asking you who do you think will -- the Saints in rushing in 2014. Fans to vote online at WW dot com. Right now Pat Robertson -- everyone big time with 60%. -- coming at that point Vietnam was about thirteen experience could get a little under a cast your vote online at WW. Dot com well Saints coach Sean Payton addressed the media we kind of put this in the 7 o'clock now because what coach Payton talks. Juvenile -- that some of the players yesterday was about sixteen minutes -- -- it's about eleven minutes but he was Saints coach Sean Payton addressing the media. Our schedule. Or tomorrow morning will be the same -- I'm 850 just with regards to warmup. We should be on the upper field here. The -- field. Any questions -- it. I'm trying to balance it. Between guys that are really good again after the against the flyers have rehab start preparing for us here. Very the American straight birdies which worn out and is good you know being really good against the. Well it it's you know you look conferred. The complete player obviously we play situationally and so there's certain players -- more on the field and obvious passing situations. -- stout against the run in then yet one of the things that attracted us to him a year ago was that you know he gave you some. Some ability to do to get an edge in the pass rush show a lot of that situation a lot of it's the it's dependent on your personnel Owens didn't and then being Smart play in your strengths. No status we don't discuss injuries -- -- here and that's not new either the next question the red zone battles and here take away his offense it's the kind of went back to force it was our first installed. So you saw some Simon nurse both sides of the ball. No it won't pick that back up on Monday. After we scrimmage smaller you know hopefully we can create some red zone opportunities. Within the framework go for the scrimmage and men. From an install standpoint quarterback on Monday in in kind of have a similar practice we had today was not a new -- but just. Cover in the red zone. Points of emphasis. Coach -- -- nice play down here in London Warren made a nice play down here at the end of practice on red quarterbacks. Is it just talk about was. Yeah. Well he's got pretty good football instincts and you know and so -- for a lot of these guys their ability to pick things up in and then take it to the field. Especially where we're at now on our first week camp. Really help some of the guys that that struggle sometimes of the guys that don't exactly. Or a 100% sure what to do and so I think that's helped him. So I'm looking at him to keep your you never -- his numbers don't start. Quarterback's -- -- and a couple of them presumed death so. But we've got a couple different senators then we're rotating those players it's just a matter of us. You know paid attention to detail and then that's something that. Doesn't happen a lot obviously we need to do a better -- -- coach and -- -- impression -- they got some work after practice and will continue to make that a point of emphasis because. It just puts a damper the girls especially when the first place ourselves what good -- you wish you luck and evening and we didn't. Well and hopefully we can create. Enough situations. We typically. Full script. Throughout the period of the scrimmage special teams situations via punt kick off. But with regards offense and defense you know you've -- you wanna see guys play fast we'll limit the amount of calls that we have. And then try to get to have the really the nuts and bolts of a lot of the things we do so the players can play fast. Then. And look he'll look real close to take. Just Brandon Bowman. Well I'm glad you did good that he knows anything that. Comfort zone level. Well I think this I think he's stronger in his lower body he's a little bit further removed from the injury he had his last year the records and so. You know I see him turn his wait a little bit better. In this whole training camp and maybe he was. Able -- spring. So looking at down inside do. Selig is going to be in the fifties and talk about their business practice for the senior downhill. Battle the battle level was better today you know I mentioned this few days ago it's kind of a seven man front. So I thought they thought the third intensity in him they're they're get -- was very good we will see on film but thought they. Compared to the other nine on seven some that stood out. But you know them better. Different yeah. Training games here. -- the Yankees -- you look at -- well yeah I mean obviously. By the temperatures are different so it was noticeable to me -- you could soar with the -- season and the lack thereof but. You know the water breaks we take don't have to be as long day that we don't have to have as many you can kind of sense it. And one of the things and won't put down one on one break. -- practice but whenever we've been in heat you know in my before really where they hydration and we take what what time is necessary even after special teams drilled a lot of running going on the -- have a break. It seems. I'm fairly certain recovery though there's been quicker -- in the amount of breaks we've had to take that they've been fewer do you think is really a good. And -- the big. It might help. Us all. Down the road as they were all looking -- -- -- -- everyone is looking to reduce those type of injuries that hamstrings the drawings -- all of those. They give you could give you problems in the more moral. Research comes out the more and more you hear about hydration and and so I think from the simple fact of players' hydration levels -- higher it's something we have to pay attention to we get back home and transition from here you know back into the heat of Metairie. But I think they do go in -- Didn't really -- some young players to stay focused the weather and maybe not hit that we'll also Orleans turn I think for all them. You're you're always trying to avoid that point in practice where they're just trying to get through it and I think that. Is a much higher -- here than there would be if you're in hundred degree temperature. But there's still have that balance of -- -- condition. So but I do think from -- Retention standpoint teaching. Environment it's better so how many players would -- Yeah. I'm sure there's a lot of former players and better it's hard the other thing it's hard to. It's hard to envision that the environment here you know everyone of us before we all got here last week. That may be a little idea but the staff here. Everyone involved. Him and get this facility ready from the fields to -- -- care center of the weight room. There there was a lot of work done in its. It's obviously exceeded everyone's expectations. They've been great. And I and I said this the beginning you know when you have a good training camp experience it's not really about buildings or field just generally about the people. And this has been a fantastic at what he did yeah -- well yeah. We get back. Well he's very consistent kicker you know statistically his numbers over the course of a career been really really good and in these. You know in the brief time we've had him he's been very consistent period there. -- the last game in Seattle which was really almost. Impossible with conditions but. We got a good competition there he's someone that as a routine and he's in good shape I think -- one full off season with us is very good. So just does that consistency in him no one kind of the distances and then. Where the comfort zone is. When it comes to making a decision as to hey let's get inside the creator inside the thirty for a field goal but his percentages have been outstanding. Well look I don't it. But. Yeah a lot of a lot of -- today. We had two or three different staffs we don't know Virginia Tech was here and a Marshall was here. We have West Virginia earlier in the week we've had a number of college coaches come out in. I think it's beneficial even if you come away with a drill that you didn't have before you -- more maybe a technique or something you saw. Yard seems like awhile ago but when I was in college you know we went and had a chance to visit with the Steelers and had a chance to visit with the Bears soon and actually spent two days. Local Wisconsin visit with the Saints when when I was coaching at Miami of Ohio and you're always come away from those trips. I think -- -- a little bit more and then try to pick up won't -- a few things that might be applicable to your team or your position group so. We like Kevin Na min pin and then we'll have a room where they can watch tape. And certainly go -- time with position coaches for questions in. It's it's always good -- ideas back and forth we actually gain something as well you don't we have a chance to visit with them. About their scheme about their players coming up next year for the draft so we always try to open the doors to. The coach coaches as well -- -- school coaches. Yeah. I think I think the assignments with regards to pass protection. That's probably the most challenging. Element for a running back you know. There's there's a handful of different protections and so becoming more familiar and do more functional and nighter they'll be -- here. Barack -- stay back yeah can you talk about being helpful. We've always said we've always had a good close relationship -- there clearly was CJ now being the head coach there. Whether it's a bowl game scheduled there on four but whether schedule and you know with the building of their new stadium. There's a transition facility wise and we're always. Open to helping them anyway we can so that they've been great supporters of our program and I feel like we try to do the same -- -- -- -- more. But those veterans -- the intensity the last couple days that it do you get a sense that there. Pretty ever felt going into tomorrow tournament. Yeah I mean I think they treat each day. There is an important. There were down where we're earlier one practice today as opposed to two so it's a little easier. To get yourself mentally and physically ready for that one practice with this -- being -- walked through so. I expect the same type of intensity tomorrow morning and then we'll be a break and come back Monday and start again. Saints coach Sean Payton against the media Bobby talk about several things they have of course asked about the players does not immediately talk about practicing -- -- -- -- to do. And also we talk about it look at what he wants to accomplish them all as one of the things is. John -- situations similar to -- some red zone situations and they kind of small confined area how often your empathy for both react it was kind of crunch time situation. Well you know he wants both sides of ball obviously to succeed. Whether he can have a 5050. Ratio as far as the Davis making plays an offense that you don't know how outcomes going to be. Not him being and all that the coach though he'd be extremely disappointed. It did not successful on third down that's how you move the -- also. And in an in the rental. If the united converting -- down there -- totally getting in the end zone and just kicking field goals. The money be good enough two when McCain. But he also realized that the defense has to do. And with the big. You know important factor last year to have the success. We had the fourth rank scoring -- it's only given up nineteen points a game. That'd be you do that and considering. What all of -- as the comets to 2006. That you negate the double digit wins. So with that being said. You -- truly he's gonna be objective. And obviously like we said before with little offense. I don't know if you want it to be a 5050 deal which you don't wanna be -- that you don't want it to be a dominant performance. By the offense. And it where you know rob Bryant dog -- them like a sailor. Because nothing is getting -- -- he doesn't want. The defense that totally dominate. You know -- Dominic because then he's teed off at about what went -- to be. But but I think that's that a number of cans. You want competition obviously and and you look at me the best man win. And there's that that no game plan and it's more want to one matchup for an individual place but you have different scenarios whether it's the first down. Second down can't convert on third down. Actually it's been four. Now we're most proud situations that reveal at the -- -- led the NFL. Now I don't know that was 9192. We. And completed forty -- percent on third down which is close to 50%. And we led the league wall. What it's even when we became degrading Showalter. We we'll ride it out wanna -- like 58%. Which is unbelievable. We mutually consider what you doing well on third down. Does that so there's a fine balance it will know we have alternately that trust factor. With the offense Drew Brees facility because it it has occurred. His 2006. But whatever it a crummy lately we've been kind of honor roll calls though the fifth what you look on the courts bags. How love we basically went. From coach back to rob Bryant went from worst to first so you wanna have that -- ran a -- you where you got to flash in the pan. You can't do it in back to back seasons so I would hit -- or. I'll look at it a black Eagles scrimmage. -- that the fifth I have a slight and -- -- for from a confidence standpoint. You know going far before he collected a pre season. All right that's the case camp by being there I'm the ability welcome back -- a lot more things that he too including giving up top guys. Player of the day I also -- give a special thanks out to some folks who came in -- -- on from the battery -- from veteran but now they're living in Baltimore they came into. Say hello and see the Katie Katie and Bobby. Yeah Craig eighteen -- right there right here right here look at at us and big part of The Who dat nation. It just shows you that a Louisiana. You might have your roots there but then there's the global society. And -- we're ready to get over Japan. England here Australia my goal is now we -- good -- West Virginia. Here what would you have him being there with the food at the moment you do. What they hear that you are right this is sports talk or that you -- -- yeah. And welcome back to sports thought our resident -- OK guys I am I'd be very it would is that they'll be tomorrow. We wake up bright -- -- -- a black ankle practiced thoughts at 7:8 am -- on -- treaty. That you did you go in and then -- dot com Pro Football Hall of Fame will be enshrined. Tomorrow night and Ohio and there are some great. It going in an issue all the things we talked about some already. It being Michael Strahan -- Williamson guys will be guys out scouted that they scout. Walter Jones about way of Florida State the Pro Football Hall of Fame also with a home community college in Mississippi there Brooks great lap back with him we've spoken he has. Country read also -- conference. Ray guy Michael Strahan Anthony's we just either lose that those guys -- -- known -- care of both Florida State. While while -- home community college in in the fourth they Andre -- with the Coyotes now college Pennsylvania. Claude Humphrey. Tennessee State -- birth rate that University of Southern Mississippi. Michael Strahan Texas or university and Indians Williams Southern University. May -- that this clients. Have a -- and when you think about. All of those those that's unknowns who so to speak you beat them college football. It is incredible and I know if you've heard Bobby -- -- -- time you know if you could play. It don't they don't typically go -- they'll find you but I mean you'd. -- thinking those names right there and if you don't really and truly. A lot of fans don't really know where some of these guys went to school inning when you start here and those things. There's so many in a way out that it would be you know that. Well at Texas southern immediate right guys the work the university east in. Back there I mean -- right -- it Brady yeah I mean it's not I have the mob it is even that far at times and the court you know we all in. In Louisiana they know -- at Southern University but there's a lot of people around the country that. You know okay does that they think what got him -- -- And I exactly a southern town but if you know -- or something like that but now that is a tremendous plant from a lot of golf here at the right idea. If he goes to. At that time of all the definitely coming out talented and gets the biggest university and let the government would -- that again. That and then of course Jones broke bullets that are great idea that led up to jones' stories of the glamorous -- on their home community company. So bad then make the throughout Florida State and -- if -- got to a -- of all all out yet you know how to behave. No matter where you from so you get the -- has been trying and they are all great. What you beat -- -- that whole thing I guess you're human if you on it well. He is -- back. That was granted by the Saints in 2011 of the first round I think thanks to do that the the first round taking. Did you feel this could be the year which he has he's been a season because the way he he did -- here. And rushed for over willow before yours appeared -- -- a fabulous care on him this season. He met with the media today here -- Saints running back Mark Ingram. I markets -- Martin's discriminate. Just the all I've -- Extremist closest thing we Hingis who votes and then you're a game until the pre season so I think it's important to come out and everybody just know that good show us likes it. -- -- We go live feeds into the ground and pound defensive players. Don't actually wrapping -- things -- ground us Americans have cool isn't enough to see them live aspect of it I think is good important. Clark always yeah Pierre helps you read it every down back. Where you know hundred presented -- I will be doing really not only learning the ball went into the locker room it's. Bigger. Do worse since I came in -- -- has frozen though. -- you know -- -- -- finding any questions or do you know if I needed any advice you know they're always open and Pierre especially spending program good. -- Just always have a question and about anything they ask him he'd chosen me and not a size of US AU I don't know if you put Tokyo last knows. Yeah this is this what things steady and hero in. Do things you know we have people woods returns who -- around for a -- because that's big man just questioned him. -- says he's had over his career you know I'm just trying to lace them as things in my game. Same thing was -- things that you sodomy. -- it's always good to have veteran guys that can have a go ahead and the -- again. -- it's. Quite confident. His team. Oh yeah does he does management's in his care where we're about whatever this past you know we just had -- -- say you weren't there it's time and we know we have a good -- of players. Great coach and staff spent. -- we know that if we just when he stay Monday as time. Talk we continue to get better casino truly show together you know we know be gracing. I didn't see it through this in the NFL but didn't argue over the last three plus seasons. Develop certain -- the thing you have -- besides a -- Alabama there's certain. Aspects of the game you try to emphasize more than just maximizing the value. I mean he made things as David nursing reimbursed so I don't know. -- personal cousins is one of the -- as a NFL and his. Take. Which you learn in the Lee Janzen switching to a practice and actually tickets to game perform and produce in the game so messages have been doing just have to beyond. -- -- you know make this transition from north Glenn and what you learn in meetings in Croshere oh prejudice interest rates again we could produce and be successful. Hey union pulled back here -- there. How have you been working with Clement and what -- you see that as. Running. He's big he's physical and he's Smart so he's picking up one system quickly and bogey goes in there and he's not scared put his head down -- then move people other ways so unless it's UN will break him. I think I think everything as we go so go -- on -- infield reserve where he's gonna call it that is their -- -- Verizon. No reason to pick up how he's a position yourself to pick him up. So all I think just. -- they were game -- mark covered with each other. And adhere to let -- a tackle here earlier -- -- got a doesn't realize. Practice -- game -- springs at the manager. Oh yeah. Who knows us outside this -- slower -- in you know -- after a player very very down but -- you know as part of it and this would -- end but that's that's a short. Maybe it is keeping you should say QB showed nothing in. Doing that's another team we get a chance. -- -- the kind of city are you practiced physical he can play physical and be a physical team we don't you wish you do practice. Treasures again so sure that we're going to take -- -- -- work and -- Lopez lotion over harassment of the network and all the small things come out of the Expos in the game so. They're physical. And being tough cause -- Star -- here everything. Did he not -- Do it in the game gets extra practices. And it's important to villagers just say that in practice and that's what trash again so. If your physical bullying wrapping up then. We do all the small things -- -- shared dorm and again and never exposed what. Guess we're different ways and remorseful for us. What the leaders by action of local leaders on bases you once you guys Jason within your personnel you have to -- have been talking Buchholz and the way you. No -- home. Coast and he doesn't say much she's quiet but. Yeah he's a guy that. If you need him he's always open you can go sit down Suggs told the whenever it. No it doesn't matter he's a great guy great person great friend great player managing you don't. No matter when it is he's that he's available column this parcel of our personal life forever that's I think this is how he. As a leader on this team he goes out and and so -- doesn't feel in this open he's done over his career but yeah. Home and doesn't say much you know it's not like Guerrero are our guy but it's if he feels like something needs to be safe to say anything you. Need to go talk to him he's open and he's just very personable and down there so he's -- you have the -- And did you -- you hear all of the good everything but he's he's certain differences that can make the three of you combined. They made the running game more formidable against with a brilliant -- -- Yeah are we all have different every runner has their own personality. It's so. Of course going to be home all around it. Buffalo every down back. But every runner has there been different personality tell how to -- -- how to pick up blitzes to how they just play the game. And just about three of us together and just contribute in and then working with each other I think you're -- -- get a good young the young guys like -- and no so. Just -- I think us three zone the other just I think there's -- I mean out think many teams have moved. As deeply as the tournament course we do and as good as a -- of -- we -- -- are horrible -- anybody in the league so. I think just to say there were all working hard and we push each other -- be better vessels and helpless tell us assists this season as a -- And it is Saints running back marking him address the media after today's practice operated jaguar paid people on line if you -- -- Derek -- Asking you who do you think will lead the Saints in rushing in 2014. Would have people in a repeat Pierre Thomas would be to risk it -- -- every Robertson right now right success -- use thing. It will be carried Robertson came -- on line at it give you real. Dot com where it's now time for the top prize player of the big -- player of the -- football improper as world famous chicken. The perfect score and they overruled the defense if well I think because over overall companies it was a little. A little skirmishes one it was extreme but he did extremely well in the one -- -- he's been active account look at. -- defense that -- standpoint a goal and a guy who's the whale at saint beautiful parent ballclub I like he's a -- -- so to speak I like the way he performed. Kahne won along all week at all and he is going to beyond our -- player of the day is Aaron Walker. -- has football and privatized world famous chicken is the perfect school. And right now 40% he was saying more and will lead the team in rushing and 13% -- saint Pierre Thomas round sentencing. Tossing taveras could get off of it tomorrow when you Waco who -- nation will be on the air bright and early but those you getting. Sit at the radio on at 7:8 AM in the morning is over it was thought. -- you will be attained the NFL officials as those who have appoint any rule changes that are made. For the 2014 NFL season you have it for you on the program and he would talk about saint practice. If he ED press conferences that -- after the practice. We'll have it for you also will cover everything up in -- there -- things -- at noon in the one hand it off the top that's the most for a special addition. The food tour right now online at if you -- view it dot com Steve -- has featured his daily rookie -- Christie Garrett with his quick hits. -- are they -- if they they blocked let's take a look at Bobby. -- at myself what we think is going to be some things to point out and look for in tomorrow's black and gold scrimmage so all of that is a point line. At that you give you -- dot com and tomorrow if the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Kent Ohio induction ceremony pizza tonight. It's the first game of the season we bring you pregame at 6:37 PM kickoff. Eli Manning in the New York Giants and new look Buffalo Bills quarterback EJ Manuel wanted our draft picks in this years draft. Sammy Watkins had a Clinton at the hall of fame gaining can't Ohio 630 into -- in kick off. Football time right here on that -- in the Pro Football Hall of Fame game. Sunday night we'll take that timeout will come back and -- hear from saint senator John finger were alone will -- guys on him Bobby -- -- Deke Bellavia is. -- and welcome back. The sports Tokyo on WWR radio 8:17 AMF him at 1053. And on the net and that you -- -- dot com looking and don't forget programming note small electrical -- action for you hear -- saint trio WW or vehement and dot com. We'll start at 7 AM we'll go to -- Give you all the actions of the -- hit an -- given the motivation or that from the Saints in the tomorrow here on century UW -- you -- AM FM. And that company was brought back but he is being -- Playing. These mini games the National Football League since he left New Orleans. -- anybody in 2009. He would -- to -- And then the year after that. -- He was. With the New Orleans Saints and in 2011 is at the San Francisco 49ers. In which he went to the NFC championship game. And in the year after that he was the Super Bowl and Nancy with the championship game opinion with the San Francisco 49ers. Jonathan go he's post season tested won a Super Bowl bid to another and it. In AFC championship games count he's been before three with the niners and -- with the New Orleans Saints he spoke to the New Orleans media. Following today's practice. Maybe we want to welcome him back you think this is the just. Don't play as it is. Are definitely you know like that I have been here -- I noticed salters has always been a great offense and then last year did you so you know these -- -- -- it's -- over these -- You know a lot of new faces -- you know definitely a roster full of talent but you know. Is good it was got to get out on field and I'll put it together like TE like. If you don't has been a good couple of you know definitely. All I've got to -- so far have been pretty physical -- world. Notice how you build good team in this body builder for running game has rebuilding you know stop the run by a physical price. It's a little low and hope we don't nine days before the pre season game to -- fourth appearance at the start yeah. And another big. Are definitely you know you're still. You know even -- not -- is still early jams all you want you know these are already way enough. You know I don't know where you can beat become a physical team as bright as a like a physical seems. Oh how do you balance and trying to -- our -- here it's. We're trying to help rebuild. -- guys. Well I don't know a lot of people who know me know this is my personality -- You know I can -- -- older guys you know look up to me and you know and designs itself you know he's. You know -- becomes a -- -- you know I'm no problems with that you know we're -- -- who's in there you know I was so bad even if he's in there and I've got a lot of -- and then knowing those records it's also the game and I would that was still better something like. Tourism that doesn't know this -- -- it's good and it is all about. You don't win and this is this good competition you know. We know how do you notice of me about ceremonies that you know being used extra competitions and -- he -- -- either way whoever won you know revenues and you're totally doesn't -- Jim otherwise it would be -- -- and I. You know you know those guys -- you and -- here in New York those guys us. The government and you know to be able to learn from a guy like your remarks to the bigger invaluable for my career just to see blessed event -- Oh definitely you know. You know -- had to come bags and assists. But you know didn't and I noticed possibilities so what all I can do as well -- -- -- my best and you know through offensively is it's. The kind of game where. -- where a little bit of news. This -- today you know it's been good about six threatens us and you know come and all of them but also they also in. You know guys are trying to get back going in the -- But that's normal once you have that you know would have anything to bed we -- -- -- on the -- and -- -- lawyers -- Our guy with a lot of athletic ability is amazed at some of the things he can do and you know her. Four in the in my opinion they're coming into the season last -- start and you know our cars I've. You know there's there's a lot about it and he's got just not here and gotten better each day and you just see his athletic ability is off the charts for a source of our guys are. Is that a new vision but I hope president you've been away in your bag this team is on the hood. When -- play a game it's. Bill from day Obama calls for you guys here and seeing all six he says. We know we want to become one of those teams that you know every year's team you you expected them to win games and be in the playoff hardened you know. Know him -- didn't -- the best they've all done a great job of and isn't -- Royals organizations now the goal is to keep it there so you know we got good people leading you're able to do there. Well why there's so much harder to get the second -- yeah the second regardless as a very so -- Just the way do you know as a whole Lotta good teams out there and you know. There's C note to be able to give the -- it's fictionalized a lot of good teams out there -- He knows this this does not want to sort of thing I don't know movies as you wanted to go to a Super Bowl. The films that you don't -- only -- when you went to the San Francisco I -- at that point how much does that factor into your decision to go back to this sort of both -- -- that it was decided to do it you know -- Pretty much knew Lazarus molesters are desirable once I decided that you just do that is play. They know me to call me use a no brainer so. No great organization place that I love being in the first diamonds place that I loved to do was in his career it's. Pretty friendly lineup. Yeah but you know basically because you know you do a thirty year old free -- so it's you know in. He's in this league you know a lot of us it seems -- yards so just to be able. It's a comeback here the place that I -- again you know it's been a lot coming in would you know the -- When us. Part of that thought came from not knowing if anybody would -- a chance. And then once -- news there -- there one particular challenge you. Having that car and getting your body ready trying to reinvigorate yourself like of them actually Clemens. So are you not -- working out in -- With the web play -- -- -- -- my -- -- -- -- just electric plays through the course and more was when I give our. And it. -- Saints and Jonathan -- -- we'll take a final timeout will come back I've been focused thoughts on what to look for tomorrow's scrimmage. And it ramped up final moments of sports talk at the -- won't walk over his thoughts it's have any of a black and gold scrimmage here. On that UW had a I welcome back a few moments -- here. On Saints radio -- did you have AM FM and what help would hope you guys on first -- a couple of things you're looking forward tomorrow and let those. Well I don't know that I'll be looking for anything in particular out he has I'll watch his guy how. Scrimmage is going in you know kind of keep announce some of these young guys that. You don't watch the ball probably more than anything else -- just panacea or they've -- -- -- they make it today they -- -- from red zone red zone work. In today's practice in. He's hit well at the course of this agreement allows us to do something like that he will work market. You know what we've seen this person in second and third. You know nickel situations and today -- red zone. And Yeltsin to mark is Tennessee -- the process of what they're installing goes. And -- Well. Well the thing is obviously. You know but that is given much is required as far as expectations. Branding coach provincial here Brandon cooks. So why not get off. Or have a a great opportunity to do something big and black eagle type written. Now I would take gimmick him -- to alleviate is there a big against the Rams. Vs the scrimmage but that -- they continuous process. So I would say Brantley coach that made -- Stanley he'll back tees. Given -- -- at this point big man I -- -- very quiet he's not. Would put him in the top four yet the big learning curve there -- him. Blue book which is the celtics' defense size and to create some excitement. I thought Jimmy Graham came out like gangbusters. I thought the past publicly he's been border. I'm like look at him I -- as the Eagles lightly and I know what I can do. Okay I tell ya I thought Jimmy -- could show the first week. They brag if the bout that he kicked butt and Eddie did that the first day -- -- he goes -- and continue to do it the same song and dance. So on the -- about about the -- to Jimmy Graham. Victory that is taken advantage of his opportunity. Tarvaris cadet. Fans want to see -- he'd be good technique coming up Darren Sproles. Voted the number of examples to break it down now only one -- -- put a couple of handfuls and all of -- David -- side. We just today if you Randy -- Stanley -- that peace and obviously. We all appreciate what Drew Brees dominate. So what you would expect that. Come tomorrow and their -- programs. All right wanna thank everybody back home and of course our afternoon shoot a -- of Jones quick. We could also we want to thank you handle things on pounding the problem that's hopefuls in all the sports happens on and throughout the week. Steve Colin -- to -- Downey crisp movement and -- handle all the Arsenal -- the thoughts out for us on the sports players of course I'll whip department. Those guys were wonderful with him -- -- is the aware that Scott Cologne Ian Hoch. Anyone think the back -- how Manassas. I haven't seen Danny and -- and knew him on the we can get everything straight so we could the only AF CU five ballots -- -- another two hours on Sunday pretty practical car with a team effort like the team we're covering. The New Orleans Saints the -- guys on -- peak ability has always -- by the cajun cannon Bobby -- there. Well as a league view all of that was -- genius is like Louisiana and -- and I appreciate that that ball in the Wheatley zone goodnight people. The day.