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8-2 5am Outdoors with DON DUBUC

Aug 2, 2014|

Don joins a group of cajuns on a fishing exploration live from Alaska.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- And you get down the kicked out issues ankle -- blow -- fans in the kitchen to them all and on yachts didn't know I don't know. -- -- -- -- In the moment. And -- Saturday night. -- And good Saturday morning to you lose now in our 25 year you listen to be outdoors went down to -- radio network glad to have you along. Our way you know listening well if you're in the main time zone -- -- broadcast stations. It's about. 505506. And normally use program but however where we are. It is 206. And that's because we are in. Sold dot not Alaska that's -- a lot of you know. Each year we do what is called the cajun invasion. We have indeed invaded. So gotten Alaska and -- gone fishing lodge. Ralph Kristol Dick -- you -- the -- bit later on the apparatus. And is in full swing -- renteria gorgeous couple of days of weather since I arrived amid weak. How we will be saying goodbye to the first week of cajun invaders who have been up here since last Saturday. And what will happen. Later today. Is will be part two. As they return back home to try to get some rest because this as is Dick but when will tell you. Is not what you might call a fishing vacation. It's pretty tense a lot of long hours long days and do you know probably only got about five hours of darkness here. The rest of the time Europe playing in -- and enjoy and what the rest of the world called the last frontier that's in Alaska well at least the second group of cajun will be arriving later this afternoon and -- will be getting all settled in their rooms and lining up with their fishing guides I gotta tell you so far trips that we've been on have been enough and -- just phenomenal. Our intentions and silver salmon. Some halibut and there have been a couple of really outstanding finish content will hear from some of the people who caught -- I'm here this week with crystal -- that Chris is the editor of our television program called paradise Louisiana he also operates -- studio cameras each week and he's up here with me with a camera recording all the action going on an identity Cris -- A ninety pound halibut and weakness of the photos and pictures will be up. On our web -- -- way wanna -- that web site address if you can follow along with those. As always it is. Done the outdoors guy GUY. Dot com. And you'll see a new radio photo and tactics again this is two weeks in her only -- tying the radio photograph. Into our bad boys of the outdoors and -- we'll tell you about that. This week it's the case of the teenage -- torturers you know not to be confused with the mutant ninja turtles but this is a pretty unique story. Beat -- all that also got a lot -- reports and I'll find out what's gone -- as you will because. I have not been keeping up what's happened in back in the Louisiana Mississippi. Alabama Texas Gulf Coast there have been appear in Alaska's so as we get a few reporters on. I will have them tell you what's been happening weather wise in their area also where as the best place to catch him. What they do is -- utilizing information they have gotten all week look at the forecast the current conditions that we can share that with you and hope you can put it to good use. Get up and make some good catches you also got some announcements to make that a lot of tournaments still gone on before the school and football season's start rundown some of those for you. Also the department wallet and fisheries is asking for help and looking for boat involved with -- Ronald rundown that information for U -- so. Itself a cup of coffee on Omar first but it won't be my last this morning -- promise you that it's at 209. AM. In a lovely town -- dot Alaska's situated on the banks. Cannot rip. Whether salmon by the way are running through right behind the lodge and get a chance to go back to last night. But a lot of guys were kitchens and fish and they ran on the back of the lodge in addition to make him fly out trips -- Also make -- trips come on into the Gulf of Alaska. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Grandma down at night and clear and they're nowhere and it's not quite clear -- degrees but it's probably about. AD group and -- -- a national no less humidity it. When I -- in the middle of the week it was in the sixties and on the wasn't that great at. Yeah didn't last long though did. Now open at least every night you know you figure the end -- July -- probably two days or. A dry weather withdrew without the humidity and it just made all the difference in the war. Well -- -- a -- decision positive in this week. Well early and that we and webcam pro. -- the war Iran Iraq went it at least it was terrible Tuesday -- Wednesday and it still caught select finished. Like the waterway -- and and as the week rental and they don't you know are doing much better. Yesterday -- real good catchers and I expect him do the -- today. Still action. General on the outs don't let alone along the coast along the coast and -- make it to create you know -- -- so Rick I happened to find them and people look -- an -- they look at and so many small trial which is a wonderful thing that changed. October November they'd better be -- her feet you know opposite so. It's plenty Smart -- in the ball right there and you can you can read through them and still put marketers to get there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the water's cleaner air and -- -- and they are doing well so you know oracle bought Christmas can't send out where your indoor car. One you know one of the themes of speckled Trout fish in this whole summer has been one of inconsistency. You know you gotta keep moving and find them. Sometimes takes a wobble when you do you make a good catch is that still hold true are they showing up more consistently more places he's still got to do that search. We expect it to have producer you know it is very seldom get lucky that in the first -- -- the our -- And you know it's -- people all term. That's what you are usually they were legitimate and actually it was to secrecy that aren't. What you and Paul. Got a problem like these are absentee look at the -- -- -- -- -- you know Rick pay that extra data they wanted to semi afford it or you're currently -- there any book. Then I'll let you date situation and how we want to know about log date. We get planet are actually have we -- bitch are amply had a special brokers. We we get that debate situation. Ingushetia. They're always I'd really change tirade. I upgrade are so and it's come and right now what you know at bats here so I don't. I didn't really look at who's wrapped up within -- mr. Eaton and stay at or at night so -- model. Student beaten and. Well -- everything else folks need to know about the conditions down and anything special will be looking out for. They -- -- you know actually -- now you know liquid start generation and we you know sunscreen the attack in security see it next human. You know -- -- is right up there actually capital market that's why people that you might crucial and we can't. They catch a couple of -- MicroHoo talks -- operator station that is a much lesser action ought to get -- court eight at you know. -- what's the condition the forecasts as far as the weather is long range and uses typical parent -- time -- -- afternoon better. That that's we have on all -- right now is afternoon thunderstorms -- they talk in order percent to date with. Like that helped -- while general we need to cloud coverage and some Hollywood -- make it expressly in August. Got that right well Glenn sounds like things drilling him in the normal conditions so on -- -- except these cold fronts in July I think we have three of actually three our thought in any one of them would have been erected can only come through don't really dropped at them much did you put it into the mid sixties and it's in north wind blown and not very very strange -- the July. He has Iraq should let you know I guess that's who we have -- Hewlett nowadays you know so it's taken any terms and like the best -- Time hopefully they'll get tickets now before school starts that's coming real soon and -- that fishing trip Tuesday and are. Glad thanks so much the reporter is always. Good to have him there and now we'll talk to when I get back from Alaska. What I have a great -- look bad. Definitely say. There's no way we can trust in our. -- -- -- I had eclipse and it says threatens Amorim about awakening call in them for information about anything going on. I you can reach Glenn and Cameron in the staff down viable for 6761252. I got a quick request for an announcement to make those who view -- what CC coastal conservation association members of the west side chapter. And the going to be having their annual membership banquet and now live auction that's coming up on Thursday August the seventh this is going to be at the call grant civic center in plaque on the inside you know that the drill -- raffles you know live auction. I'm gonna have some really special -- the westside -- is gonna be rattling off for 2014. Epic bait boat package at 9 o'clock and you can get tickets on line or you can get and they on the night of the banquet. A doors will be open at 530 in the -- at seven again it's going to be Thursday. At the called grants civics and in plaque -- it. And tickets are sixty dollars if you need more information can met the -- you wanna -- in an advanced. You can go online CC a Louisiana. Dot com. I -- -- talking about Toefield bush -- because a lot of those occasions who came up here to invade Alaska with the media listen to -- feels some of them knowing personally. Okay. And let's talk throughout Louisiana man captain told feel bush -- Santorum in the land of seat planes buddy over him Alaska man that's a very common method of transportation. It was dominos have -- -- -- load them up right now regrettably had yet been and Alaska. -- nuisance on Wednesday. Yeah. As -- at them and -- -- next eulogy. He says that -- -- -- put -- in the year before that way yeah it didn't but McGregor and in the didn't do it. He put it back and Mary -- back -- next -- -- that that game plan to read a book that produced Internet web. Of critically. You gonna love you love problems. At period and that it would I'm actually -- it did not -- -- -- -- but it's a direct hung. Didn't and the -- again -- -- -- who does -- come next. It hit a program. But look Qaeda and Annika won and they -- -- an element here at Maryland there I got I got well prince Abdullah playing Padilla ever. You know. People realize that as you know -- talk about the whole hog population -- exploded and out of control me tell you got a series raccoon problem I mean since they don't trap them anymore and people use and fevers and everything out for the -- out to you -- in raccoon and animal born -- because you'll see him except tonight and I tough. You know you are correct Kundun today. He's in Paris on. That and it's an Indian. The yesterday traded on the and there are and that they wouldn't be here than their orbit I -- -- -- -- -- -- not -- -- -- -- David is regrouping and it was there was the actually story. A lot talk to a guy up to -- to -- he said he was drop them off down there by you -- Desert Classic I just want an upgrade. Well written plainly they'll. We didn't -- in the gun in the program back and put us back in. Case you may orbiter. Well tell me what's been fun when you set the plane down to even fly an opportunity uses chandelier and Breton or even going the other way. And on and on cities and -- -- -- to put the go to -- you -- in the migration -- So nine might not but not our management change and -- It has not played well all right now they get a and added -- that Florida -- great news around the net earnings go to LA's civic campaign and Brett and Kosher Ringo shares at the tail and the pace in Natchez -- weekly. Total three days ago violence in the first school topic. Out there and actually -- -- about probably -- a hundred. In the school big top of untouched fish but. Alison Monday at the back in the world that aren't -- I'm moving around and missed its operating with a Democrat in the -- answer that and then in -- dirty or burn. But Obama and it's I don't know commitment. And that's Paramount and you'd only have been catch in the number. Men like this and that debate is yesterday we had -- at the trial. -- -- arrest or males and the coming door open like trade visibility around it but. But still not feeling any doubt that it -- bigger ones and -- had David. Last week I really am intention here in the big big. Yosemite and catching fish but tailor it to me today that the people that PA minute nine yet -- it complaint -- -- -- -- people's -- So look the and two -- -- whom constantly gathering evidence and -- big and it looks a little mixed bag which the interview that he grew up again. That -- that that action and they need a listening. I -- in northern Italy and -- across that outlook does not know which direction. Where the you know it's and to. I get this. Animosity must do. If even -- that he's and and act out at least -- -- preaching. Preaching not there and things in them and -- get the boom knock out commissioner Raymond is an admission. Good seeing him what's is name Hussein a little too David Carr. It daily and a South Africa eight days. And and we don't and his father loud and down yet. It -- that and that they throw -- -- commitment that they upset that the district -- -- again and in doing that thing. Went against the video put out there yet and he gets it from both beat deadpan aggregate or as a registrations that don't get an inside. A lot of them are out -- about throwback to play when you play and play and -- so chunk of those from the a lot of those small fish that you know allows small to be down. But our directors -- often in the marsh and from the interior days. Right now under armed and extremely low at times and in the last week I might want to turn what has been -- below normal. Which is kind of drawn a lot of as a result of -- So you know you regular graduate should not there which are pandering and you know and notes on there is now. Couldn't tell you can tell you hear that there was about fourteen. I know successfully and and that's about now below the below average they launched this yesterday would detract. Rare you are yeah he -- snow says wouldn't in any kind of -- beat the launch on the beach to get to track does that not you pull up which both -- -- -- -- -- pull you out to use it more. And I welcome back in the drop detract from the water you drop mortgage -- minutes per hour hour. I notice salt water in order to do with it that both volumes that round -- goes in the assault on our club I don't know how many things -- -- -- Or the brand name prominent men and not a lot of galvanic corrosion. On the road when -- a lot of distrust and attract the pot should. That this -- and there. Aren't you -- the big art market yesterday that we we did the first day we went out we did a combination we costs and still the sentiment. In the -- it's obvious who would. We moved out into the Gulf of Alaska. One of our ladies caught a beautiful big if you can call -- beautiful link. A storm looks like it came out of Jurassic Park in the got one of those that's it's -- alike column in this you know middle size is 33 inches in and they caught -- among those on the column. -- McConnell like -- Very probably way out days -- six to eight pounds. And then we moved out and picked up some halibut and we had one heck we had a 121 pound halibut. Regarding our lady yes she and I double team we tag team did got it in the boat in the he's going to be leaving on the plane later today. -- That schools -- you realize it's a great leader Eric Snow load on omni all the way to next Wednesday. On mattered into a local number I'm just -- on definitely. This nominee a whistle and did -- and you don't -- No no really learned pretty cool about that is going to -- right hander not banned. That women yet. But it's as a comparable in the right bring you to not be sure it's going to be -- game that people. -- -- -- Gardner is that. This happening -- communities. You know go to the going to -- about exit recoverable area but. It sounded. That name doesn't -- there near an angry at liberty. And aipac. Life is wonderful well if somebody wants to call you and give him on a -- stand open night down at the cajun. Shall -- on May be Balkan trip to fly out on the seat plane. Earlier and are doing little boat trip right -- -- to some relatives -- advocates. And -- in Britain that's very good reps right new politician that turned out illustrate a shark fishing -- a great book our good old. And earned an -- poor people aren't -- 6010. So we have no body's -- is -- some thing ends up. Are dead last in the bottom. -- are they -- their ability in express. -- That's OK okay OC. We get to transform. Your regular. Than to regret it and there's been a couple of I look try to have fun down. Musical. On him -- catch up which next week I'll be called me talking to you -- next -- -- -- integrity and anybody you know you. I don't often finish but when I do and I always listen to how -- goes what god did. -- -- -- -- And I are very good piece of advice this -- -- friends and. -- though did you will be taken part in today he's so mobile big game fishing club ladies tournament it's going to be. A great time over that Orange Beach marina that's where it's all headquartered. Awards ceremony will finally wrap up tomorrow and that's going to be at 630 in the clubhouse there patio big game club if you -- Oh with that they're you know it's a wonderful place -- got Jeff Bilbray is going to be different issues at the arena. Although that big party time big fish and -- chemicals development and good luck to all of you participating in that tournament. I we got to know outdoor opinion poll from a website go to it if you -- an Internet device -- to down the outdoors guy dot com. If he can't I'll tell you what you can vote on when you get a chance to do that those of you who does the website listened to the radio program -- that every month we ask you to state your opinion let us know how you feel about certain issues. We kind of give you the totals as we get through it now we just recently changed this week in. The question on opinion poll. It is about -- a guy who has been a lot of discussion lately about that Charlie got -- today what we got a lot to discuss about some of these Charlie -- appear in Alaska. And that a couple of characters. A one of them they colony marvelous mall -- of some people colony captain grumpy Captain Bly. And then we've got another on a young man and I'm gonna tell you more about him but his name is captain tireless Sutherland. And this guy I nicknamed team that halibut spider -- -- figure is stored but getting back to the opinion poll. Lot of discussion lately about Louisiana chart of god and in what they do with their -- the ones that they catch. -- here's our question for you get three choices should they be allowed to catch and give their limit. The customers. Whenever they catch speckled Trout reds as personally catch and they give those speech to their customers. Another choice would be to catch and keep their limit only for their personal use camp trance foreign. Customers are on their own they can only keep what they catch up with that the guy catches. In choice number three. I'm not a fish at all while they're being paid is a guy. Now the way it works here in Alaska was talk in these guys over the last couple days in this some species. They can finish more and others and not even allowed to -- while they're being paid as a guy. So what do you think should they be able to catch the fish and give it to their customers some constellations tough. And and it's great boon to help give the customers and finished -- take home. Should they only be allowed to finish in if they catch fish every one they catch has to be their personal use and they're fishermen don't belong to the custom. Or should not be allowed to fish at all not even catch it is strictly there to take the customers there put them on the fish. It helped them as far as -- a fish. Tying knots -- arms untangle lines. You cast your vote we just get started with this one will be up for a month and again that's -- the outdoors guy that comment back from -- Check right now and see what the early returns saying in this. -- through you know that idol also going to be catching up with Jeff -- bass -- few reporter. Find out what he's been up to this week -- here's the results right now those saying that they should catch and be able to give the limit to the customers 44% of those who say the guy should only be able to keep them for personal use that's 22%. And 33%. A third save those guys -- not out there -- fish they're that it takes someone else vision if you being paid is a guy you cannot speech at all. So there it is cast your vote haven't counted -- the outdoors guy and -- -- from best. Should report with several broadcasts in this morning from the cajun that the cajun the music Asian invasion but we are at the gone fishing muscle thought no Alaska logic Ralph crystal and -- one. This is the one we wait for all year and a group of kitchens come up here we invade Alaska and take part efficient and all fund all of the winners. In the middle of right now the -- will be changing we got a crew leaving has been here all week and other one will be arriving later on. And I got to tell you as one -- -- and having you with 547. Pounds of Hewlett. Group while the hall and most people have had some really good catches and that's including the trip to where it's all catch and release it to keep any -- I getting back to Jeff he's standing by with a size report -- brought you by pure fishing a global provide fishing tackle lures rods reels. I'm talking brand names the big ones Abu Garcia all stalled Berkeley Fenwick gulp. -- appeals shakes seniors by wires trend trial mean even the ugly state. You can find them down 22 countries and you confront him in your neighborhood those of pure fishing. -- a division of pure fishing global provider of fishing equipment. Jeff I think last time we spoke to you you -- fishing Nam would Rodney -- And how did that work out. We worked out great. Arafat Buckner sent same for some -- -- here and -- that they don't know. Photo shoot an overall everywhere in south Louisiana. But here we had a pitcher corolla small -- so the river that -- better -- Kamal the main river that the -- -- but he could shatter that you know we had some. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Near the law to belong to a break we will all. Where on the main group and figured. Or via the river overall. -- don't stick ball and not think probably start that we might be -- regular church. Special -- you'll start clear though and no amount would. The immediate thing -- -- bartender -- -- -- there -- I'm sure beer distributor probably came until group. Overall pick out what this slept better -- You want acute fits into humorous skit or they note that pearl and let him go in the war and and its small -- upon. Very good. Jeff what about -- fought basin on the stand -- flies fallen -- -- good time ago. It's a people PP right now and out of the -- will make more of them do it. You know tortured a rarity that it should improve this week vote to award it blows it is. The great respect out the main channel. I'll bet -- that we can that not minimum down here commit it to but are you black cadillacs. Because at that that there are particularly efficient there. But you ought to put to recover and default property crime but he. Jeff you got the chance to make -- -- speckled Trout trip that work out. They would get reaction to that -- written character -- off that day and he he was Albert. They permit -- -- actually it's point and boy -- not a -- itself on when -- cheap. Though the law but on the -- or without -- day in -- in British action but -- -- -- -- there -- you know not yesterday. There are reports on the Trout that in particular the way out or go -- That would be -- that it has that can't sell these -- But over the battered markets now. You're exactly right that southeast wind is certainly welcomed as a we've been dominated by those westerly winds and generally. Unusually moon large amount of north wind and that is gonna happen in July and anyway looks like we get more back to a typical summertime. Conditions give us a tip that this week if you -- -- whose investment. -- Our -- but Berkeley and they're very. You want -- his art in Denton Chapin. -- -- correctly -- properties more Boca. But feel like they but I don't let the market -- -- a little bit. But it which won't do -- that. Between and not part in the war on Internet and an open up to the wac but it was it took a little bit deeper water column. And then -- -- on straight. Make sure that it that. You turn over is that slightly individual to run straight then that it would rather than let them get more rocket propelled more by. Great stuff is always. Jeff you fission efficient for Frankie today tells about their. Beer executive toy company that electric clock that -- by the collar in the background that it. Letter but he can. There are some good report on small the -- and inefficient Ellen back -- sport that should be even better for. Actually catching fish but -- -- not a lot -- beat locker looked down here. -- -- into Zelman is that when it comes you know your. In -- -- and -- -- great debt I don't know what's so what's on tap for the next tournament that come up. The 23 at the -- Japanese girl about probably nine. Then. And politically part of my march that -- out there it was peace circuit Welker and larger. Ball -- distort their membership that the proper planet than there. 201415. Cheers and start. On September 6 ego sport -- you know about it this week. While weather isn't time -- already looking at dove season and football and back to school in new circuits -- off in the month of September. That's right and that significant that follow this this year outlook for the -- -- to be even better we -- hurricane QB it's -- Put a -- there where they'll approach to the place and follow up on the north shorter lot on this yet. I am with you Jeff thanks so much to report good luck and determine -- department today. -- here. But this was one of Leo weekend -- or -- we understood appear that we don't come back try to you know. All right good luck to you Jeff and no catch up for the next week. Our electric thank our. All right Jeff roll -- vast vision feel reporter thank you for tuning in this morning were broadcasting from the gone fishing lodge its count in my home away from home when will we in Alaska isn't on the banks of the key -- river. Some great weather taken place over here and some excellent fishing. Was in the Gulf of Alaska fishing within eyesight of the volcano yes -- know -- a lot more about that story but let's talk about inflation in the Gulf of Mexico. Off the Louisiana coast we do that with captain Darryl carpenter of real screams dot com he's also the president of the Louisiana drew audible association. And -- it is amazing. -- finished two off short days in a row. In talking with the captains about the issues in Alaska how similar it is when they've got all these June theological. Rules and regulations being set by the federal government the national marine fisheries service here. In you know being in heaven different species taken away from it's almost despite a -- -- like I was starting in Louisiana adapt. Yeah well you know that's part of the argument that some ground but in Alaska on. That looking at the fact that he's. I mean it could bring groups of -- you know the whole thing is -- -- limit access. So -- days when they start looking at regulations here a lot of the org that's our look what that play in regulation did. So much you know we're trying to keep a lot of them about it we tea. But it's it's about built by people do that to be involved untrue those folks collapse would you like -- that -- they you know they had more involvement -- problem which some different direction. Yeah well it has some real strange things we got more time all kind of share that with the the most talked about some vision damning -- ballast on on the inside -- -- on trial -- and. Well it's it's you know it's been a strange week when we talked to last week we rolled out by that lasted for a couple of days and we got one of the last few cool front got here. That that kind of start with a little bit. So that can upload or you know mid week we will and a little bit but he did get a dispute the root partition beach. And then yesterday yesterday -- just -- -- about open -- the united where everything calmed -- well everybody did real well -- yesterday. Back on the top order -- that he would switch board duke that you like to do you have the ability. There this -- -- -- -- like crazy. Still haven't gotten. There haven't gotten really available for -- -- I just don't look that's gonna happen this year. Troops still in the global -- you got to bury in the oval because the previous all district -- like -- Mostly late edition. Are you just gotta have any date when of these fish in the and it. I'm not getting it done what I guess it's. -- -- so I don't really good plastic bite you know operation plastic we go that yet. Opposition plastic -- customers efficient while. And once I got to Wear those spiritual release slap and -- plastic then we were able switched from little. Where you get a rebate -- -- a match and to where now you would 08 define that by could probably finish. Yeah yep that's all part of the argument Neil with -- -- do with -- affiliation and it's the same kind of opening up here you know and guides it. Some moments certain species and allowed to finish at all I can do is I give direction. Surprise surprise and provide the opportunities -- all right we'll see how that turns -- -- about offshore from women fish still around in mangled -- action I guess that's been kind of highlighted the issues aren't sure. Yeah and and and informed finally did gigabyte has got straightened out we were in the -- into at all excited about. So you know there are doing really well. -- haven't seen a whole lot of dolphin that our -- locker out the right now falcon paragraphs the -- you do get that -- slimmer every now and in the current year. It completely troika -- to position with a tremendous. Really well this week alone. And they'd been consistent and steady at its one by one day and up in the next they've been just hanging out around all of these people are virtual platforms. So what do -- do well. Lehman fish are still on the and you know usually it's more popular vote and the mangrove. You know will put a lot of pressure on mandated that feel in the boat that's for sure. Now what about. Lines. What's the report on the pulse is one of -- was trying to get out there and brakes and dates along song in my in my in the -- No and there hasn't been a whole lot of cultural -- on we do have that thing -- -- loop current becoming close and it's it's kind of -- around the green canyon area right now. But there's been no replied just not enough current in -- There's -- -- lot of pretty floating forums sort of there's you know eastern opinion targets but it's not only any kind of -- you just gotta you accuse you graph stretches that you -- -- got to cover a lot of ground. But no current form opening good -- trying to. I tell you you seem to reply ends up in Alaska and utilization and does nothing nothing really the top here it's all down deep. Well down music's -- we gotta go I give us contact info somebody wants to get a hold you. Real Tree.Com. Forward to troop. 93760. To 88 -- two bodies and Marcum joined -- more. All and I'll be looked install -- Sam Jackson that we are coming garbage you know particularly to -- out. Libya they'll be -- to -- and coming up this when males in the night in LC -- next week. All right what are all right Kevin Darryl carpenter real scream is dot com our number two coming up right after this time out on the outdoors -- down to -- radio --

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