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8-2 6am Don Dubuc: Cajun Invasion

Aug 2, 2014|

Don joins a group of cajuns on a fishing exploration live from Alaska.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our number two -- the outdoors was going to be radio program to listening to it from -- dot Alaska we aren't the gone fishing lodge. It's the cajun invasion two week period and we're at halftime right now we got a -- occasions who have been invading Alaska leaving today another group would be arriving a little bit later on -- -- -- invasion team members joins -- -- garrison -- thank you for -- coming in with listen up -- you guys have had a tribute came up here with 3 ladies and am not up yet they're -- become -- -- little wacko -- You got out voted on everything. -- as George did not that you guys look like you at a time go to some of the highlights trip this week well -- greater density of the fishing here is quite clear. Diverse and all the opportunities to take in the last year activities. First day was flying out. And the next day we were on me -- drift fishing gear patrolling type. Now finishing it I guarantee not a river. And then the third do -- -- the not the drift fishing but it was non power has just. And or vote and then. The next thing you want out to the multi species. Venture offshore. And catching talent and Condon. And the other. Variety of solutions offered and then there last day yesterday you announced specifically. Targeting how -- -- And cook inlet. -- point and near homer last yeah it's been go. What you say it lose. Results favorite trip what was the most fun -- as far as the -- part. Well -- there's a variety of activities they really -- hard to narrow down one is that each day. With a fly out I think they have that is probably the most unique situation with the the flute playing and you drop -- and middle nowhere I'm always happy cautious or. A nurse. And and make sure that your leaving me the Texas based on the sure whoever -- I think myself and the rest of the my ladies enjoyed that part I would most law. Cannot tell you what there's been some gorgeous scenery it too and you know you catching fish -- the same time. The sea lions we saw -- all of the whales the porpoises. Bald Eagles I mean just an incredible place. It's an -- and and then edged stinger aspect of getting to see. All of wilderness and and by now being that far away were there close things that can step offshore and you see the whales is a few hundred yards offshore our understanding of the few words. Goes so deep and just so close doing. You guys -- tough -- you've you've you've had a week. Very little sleep that boy you'll have had some fun you'll parties you do that the finished the girls did -- stance forests and that's staying in the songs insists that the T shirts that a lot of great asset -- have -- the you've made my triple. Hello -- well we have a really appreciate the closer collages and we jumped right into it had a little problems with. Flights coming in through Anchorage. And really get here until about 1130 at night. On on Saturday -- Sunday morning at ar fifteen murder. Setting down they're getting ready to the jump off -- peninsula that there was quite fast and furious and never stop. And -- who go to sleep wake up and you'll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Was -- successful. While a guy returning from a fishing trip off as far as captain Mike Gallo mangling adventures of we easy and it is reports by the way -- brought to you by seat so. 169. Dollars a year what a special deal that is peace of mind fueled drops to only instantly seven. Jump starts to Skoda seat -- told dot com. Or you can call him at 800 the number four -- -- -- Mike welcome aboard before we get talking about -- vision and your triple wanna let you know captain Jim did an excellent job filling in for you with a vision report last week. Well I'm I'm -- unity ticket package will. We ever -- to catch. We'll tell me about your trip fuel -- -- Russa finished was mission accomplished. Mission not accomplished and still I. A -- department essentially -- fish to catch a -- to match. Did you have a good time that's the main question we did it charm. My wife caught march air pollution Garnett -- there Tunisia was where it goes out. I was on a -- -- violently as usual. And now are caught some snapper. I think they called a barrel snapper. Alia -- -- look very similar to which Egypt which strikes but the stripes were. -- our balloon and color like -- man -- -- actually get pictures of our markets and decent pictures. Well yeah I love to see you see him. Well Mike you've been back now while what's gone on over the and you hear you know you've been compositional and Biloxi marsh list -- -- any trips that way. Yeah that's generally where we've been to a majority art trips built a lot of red nation normal in the books and marched arm there's a huge Trout. Being caught at some of the platforms but -- market talk that -- over the last two days and I don't think they caught when he combines. So it's really scares -- -- allow markets security. You know they'll just -- -- and catch and it's cheap while their case wreckage that you occasionally. And it's been that sort of Xbox I think in the local area. The bridges in eastern like -- straight as well as I would encourage. And Allen and the rich -- much more consistent and Biloxi marsh. So bachelor we've been -- most of our troops program double a horse. Tuition a variety of ways were under court there's certainly the most productive. Where you sit and are released early work scenario. Others that would -- smokers. Or are they sentenced to. Culture pervades. Their outrage as a matter line and Portuguese. Barrio per barrel. Are you gonna welcome in that honest and is an east wind down that today. Actually today. In east win. -- -- -- I'm actually much strain on -- -- raw speed. At about what a couple of youngsters one parent 111. And a little bit about what's changed. All right I want those before school back to school -- great deal -- -- yeah well. As far as some. You know on -- bait and tackle -- that I -- you you -- -- came back in the you know he's kind of had a problem with his -- over the -- campaign any new developments on that as far as I haven't -- I -- -- -- right I haven't heard anything from chats. I've been known chances it was between Major League there's been in college. -- intimate text message is that we're -- but not if your order please let me. Other than that our market he's gonna concentrated on you as more as that's -- the gold and I'd use their spinners and they should. But you know to prop up nowhere a couple of years ago but the great shock to anybody pop up again hopefully and certainly it is their job. Yeah hardworking young men and hopefully things work out -- mean all the shell last week that he was. Possibly looking for a new location I think he was a little undecided in launchers get things settled well. Good deal house debate situation over -- if somebody wants to finish line they. Why -- I got stopped at Wrigley yesterday and talked to Russia and a and also do one or shrimpers and actually told the had been kitchens and -- It and solve real. So I would assume that punishment and saw bill passed I would think petitioned the key for our. So anybody in the position in the local area. So all the plants are probably going to be an error that keep it at least you know put on your radar or give it a try experts one minutes or so. Boxer on the bottom. Would be the way to go. I'm sure it would be a variety registered -- a a pretty decent shell bottom of the -- -- when -- stop loss so long. Edwards brought muted if it was -- common -- -- it caught out of there as well as some wreckage make a chart to. I'm very good Micah if you would give us the contact information office number and web site and off they go on my side meeting and just to quickly you'll but it in the going to check it out and try to get a -- -- for this fall and no late summer season element of the. Yeah it got me captain to -- arms are you a good job to eat fish. Easy to do its army on any day of LA dot com well you can call also number -- -- five. 7817811. All right Mike I have -- with those two young boys today and now we'll catch up to begin next week -- right -- normalcy when you look more -- -- you'll see some of the highlights and we got a bunch of on the show and I'll be coming up on -- Louisiana in fact on. The WW LTV fishing game report we gonna have some of that coming up on Thursday even before argued that. Well I can't Mike thanks and welcome back a sergeant gets euros to finish and ethnic ideas and bring and hand to attract one ethnic on the -- and yeah. I am and reversed. Go. Right Michael thanks again we appreciate your report aren't part in next week. Captain Mike Gallo -- -- -- -- reds today we come back -- catch Cormier joins -- guy about a -- the catch you know you -- does -- with his report. Lots of activities by the way if somebody calls kayak fishing club they do fishing kayaks appear. End I'm met a guy who's got an exciting new products for kayak what a great week it's in the plenty of cooperation from the finish and the weather and we going to be telling you a lot more a little bit later on right now just on the talks and panel public fishing is he calls it. Brought to you by the backpackers to location you'll find him in Baton Rouge right now in Jefferson highway also store in Lafayette on main street and river ranch. A largest selection of will be kayaks NUM estate lots of accessories. And of course they hold schools ever popular demo days it's kind of a trial before you by -- pro staff. A lot of folks that Brendon de yarn and others that really help you get started into the the the exploding industry of kayak fishing is very popular in Alaska -- a lot of folks in the kayaks and I think it kayaking actually. Is starting it's not too far from here I think the eskimos Indians with the original I act which. To get little history of the kayak when David elect a -- a little bit more local and also a little bit more timely and talk to catch Cormier who joins us now baked yet right -- They I -- to its -- fixing. Alaska about and you go we -- out in kayaks in the pond that there. Situation -- the -- I -- pretty amazing. Well and it's real popular appears it is everywhere else in the country now both wanna get to Europe for a want him at a guy appeared yesterday and he brought me a product. And I got on the field tests and if you'd like to volunteer but it it's device. That actually your armpits into a circular. Plastic hold it in the and you you have some clamps that clamp a small net into those like she asked. So which utilities using New York on. As the net. And I told a symbol of best application of this is going to be for the kayak keeps it all compact and you can't lose in Manhattan drop out that you try to -- these two big. He gets down pulled out the kayaking you ought to exclude it from battles -- man but I have to shorty is very -- piece of equipment. Terrible probably for our people that none -- -- -- radical the end that's coming up we gotta talk about that that. I know all week I talked about the the demo days gets in my activities going on this weekend. Yeah backpack is having -- utilities. For today and tomorrow. Our ticket -- -- and have their attention to little funny you know until the time this -- -- -- -- more -- restore and there is at -- wonderful park. That's the part. Or new particularly near LSU. And that's going to be with twelve noon to 4 PM. And they both have the full line of hope these will and should consent of the popular fishing boat. Very good good opportunity get out there and try NC if -- kayaking or -- may be for use. Find out tomorrow RI FA kayak -- going on Louisiana division that's down about so field in the feed lots of kayak there's so what's the deal on that. Well it's the stability don't know that we -- -- -- lease term. So oh red -- Eligible in America and there are fully expect there. Some people acceptable or if you're running Ukraine now betrayed -- two -- -- in participating in the current carrier -- tour. I haven't registration expedient to send him to nine. -- our captain he's ever seen her hand out the open angle to rule. Entry fees fifty dollars. There -- percent pay back in the creek when he places. -- Like -- actually had it's safe work. Yeah it's not a way in taking your photos and bring him in two feet harbor. Start certainly have -- me. -- -- -- -- -- -- Very good I com. As far as the paneling that's -- give me some spots because we really into the hottest -- Salma now. That can be problematic for the panels in the kayaks because you know a lot of guys and women in the position close in in shallow warm water temperature is so hot. You know you can't really catch inefficient because they just can't stand it so give me some advice I guess moving water might be key is that generally easel -- The better situated to have food you know getting oxygen nations like -- what little water or otherwise is stagnant hot. Yeah and and of course sinker and I'm a little bit like -- if you find who wore a couple on the beaches right now. And that's where they've been catching Trout. And move it kept Darrell mentioned and it's kind of been often known but it has been on the last couple days. Full stride now let's trying out for the FIFA. And attention to 1418. There. And little -- so assured this kid coming -- past. It's simple -- where to let me right now passed so. I expect -- it can be very popular place to Mark -- now and -- Omaha. For those who are not Prejean. And I say you want to stay close to. What goes to Monday at two weeks in action. All the -- actually might like tried bill crow it's been consistently anyplace this year. Has been lot of small hint that there was certain slot. And then also have a few sparkle trial can be hanging around that the -- again those -- in to catch them on moving -- Catch what can you suggest vote -- over the Lake Charles area amid song about Texas -- electric come across the border there and be sufficient moment -- care what's been worked. Am so yeah it's certainly true because if we didn't hit them more self aware schools canal. And that it did pretty well reps -- -- -- try out for the Trout and lake city kitchen and big it was cold. Back in the -- Direct injection was pretty doggone good of course. -- -- -- until October 15 so. Now to turn -- started loose retreat she if you want to do that. To have so little -- in big. In capture actuary has caught up in the last we continue. And so that -- trying to actually right now either openly premium. Folks who want to -- staying close. It doesn't look like -- we get. Eight cents canceling that we originally forecast but it's still a chance of winning so. If you just want to make quick trip in the morning and get out the fluid and loose in there has been good spot. You know look at state they heeded the days now really makes freshwater fish and so often got a couple of -- you might somebody just definitely wants to go out. Do some fresh water -- and from the kind. Yeah good spot would be -- -- box -- since Mississippi River. Are you -- -- as well and so places like coal group program more cancer you know science in cool water in the hands -- -- -- on. Contractors -- out from political -- -- -- you know both houses peers applaud change. And to assure them. And the best there the best -- in recommend is crickets aren't there 34 feet under small court to -- -- out there. And so apparently you know you may have to move around this country and the group's structure will move up and down during the day you know come back here. We know an -- you can contrition there. Very good. I we touched on our ride the bull that is now become the largest kayak tournament in the country and it's coming up down there at the grand dollar income and out of past. -- -- I'm going to give us the rundown on the information we have more information can be found in how to sign up. Yeah that -- registration at cohort charter that would net and also go through our web site at BC KFC dot org. And that gets -- information linked to China. Last year as you mentioned Warren he the expert. I think if you this year to 700. That would be in the stated that I can believe it because. It's which is wonderful permit entry fees though it's 65 dollar Egypt fighting had been. It -- captains -- entry in term. Or chancellors that turned the prizes and. I'm information is always can be found at BC KFC dot org if you can remember that a home water charters that. The -- so what you're doing today where you -- Well right now on the body right now. Try and give out this. May do little bad situation here it's actually feel like all the -- about 68 degrees right now. In particular danger that the -- for itself comes back. Manama I have to leave a lasting go back on to Clinton to cool off from. -- What I guess we appreciate your report my friend thank you for keeping us up to date and we will talk to you a week after next you'll be back with its origin. It. All right now we definitely will -- a -- from bad boys of the outdoors and related that is now a radio photo there's a picture of -- -- run down the -- -- was god that -- Of a certain goal for tours in this guy has been shown up out of my broadcast studio about every ten years chills up and taken pictures of him has seen. Those things live for a long long time and he's due to come back and any -- it's an endangered species. And now this week. It's called the case of the teenage -- torturers that come twister. Our story begins early -- last month July 15 to be exact the Florida wildlife and fisheries commission received a tip about torture in the death of a gopher tortoise. Investigators immediately followed up on the information. And they arrested two Clay County teenagers on charges of torturing a gopher tortoise threatened species. -- Danielle Susan. Jennifer you multi green eighteenth were arrested on charges of felony cruelty to animals a third degree felony. And taking -- resting harming or killing a gopher tortoise. Which is a second degree misdemeanor exactly what form of torture and death the performed on this turtle or not available. The state attorney for Florida Angela Corey said we will not tolerate this behavior. With fully committed to prosecuting. Those responsible for the death of this vulnerable and threatened species. The fifteen year old is a youth that's Danielle. Susan -- she's going to be prosecuted in the juvenile court system in the because she is a juvenile is no more information available. But if convicted. Up to five years in prison on the animal cruelty charge. And on the misdemeanor charge of penalty of up to sixty days in jail and -- 500 dollar fine. Could be handed to. Jennifer you -- greens eighteen. Of current Clay County Florida -- bad girl of the outdoors. This could find something better to do want some of occasions and torturing -- in -- gopher tortoise coherent all right we come back after this. That Brian Lambert. I've got some entries in into the used duck running. A bomb presentation. And he's going to be doing down at the cajun fishing adventures lodge will tell you how you can get your youth involved in that. Instead of torture and tortoises maybe go to dual dock with the hiking involved -- that also get officially report. Those of you headed down a plaque in his parish -- program this morning emanating from below the gone fishing lodge on the -- nine river were right there on the banks and this is where all the trips launch off the cajun invasion now we talk about this all year it finally has come. It's going to be over today for the first group they'll be packing up and now loading their fish boxes on the plane and headed back to. Back home but we got another crew they'll just be arriving later on this evening and tonight will welcome them here at the lodge in. Let them take part some of those great fishing by the way those -- you -- be staying with this for more outdoors on no one of our affiliate stations three WL thirteen fifty -- You can listen to a song line and Donyell it was guide dot com. We're gonna be talking to some of those cajun invaded we would dedicate that hole. 8 to 9 o'clock hour to the cajun invasion that will be preceded by a speaker respects -- more without masks on -- always got some interesting guests to report to pass along. But right now it's time to head down to plaque commenced parish. And numbering in a report on the area with Brian Lambert of cajun fishing adventures brought to -- grand ridge golf club. Not just a golf club this is a place where you -- like golf. OK get this straight it's a scenic course nestled in the cypress -- Only about fifteen minutes from the Huey Long bridge in -- check it all out if you wanna look at it and get the details before you take the -- go to grand ridge golf. Dot com and Ryan joins us now Brian how's things down and lovely plaque -- Paris these days. Everything's coming up rose as my friend had periods things come together it was all of -- issued by. And -- we had religious fiction as a few days this week you know when it was called you know advocates both an investment kids. But keep people at the it's in red snapper. Catfish a cocktail at this need to know where you know. I mean has come together. -- Osama has finally caught up almost to where it belongs -- Yes finally you but it -- you would it's. It's -- finally started what we'd like it -- called it that fall probably would explode apt than you know he stood at a -- Some data before it expects you to do that we transition -- you get it. The subject matter of Reading eagle -- an island somewhere. It's just going to come together as La lecture about the water up but so I think they have a great shall also you know. What is the plan foot today in the mall you can decision east side away aside and understand that some east wind farms -- them. Yeah oh Ross married last night -- -- -- all really Cameron congratulation. You know as a honeymoon in this morning he's going to -- in the world -- we -- last week it crosses we shall we show them well in the we got it makes mobile guy clear. Congratulations. To give such a thing we've been -- east mostly you know what are -- -- it missed this year unit -- just know habitat left to create it. -- creation break it died you know -- accused by that. But you know a lot of -- go there and help me on the spot the bodies were spread out more in. Been nice to finish you know there's does this week was pretty nice stroke and -- -- -- what the Marshal there and -- him or -- -- code you -- so. Well look like that category as -- yen. Yeah what do you think -- the run the river itself look like the ultimate time when -- you know big east assault wanna species in the -- right yeah yeah actually read vision storage unit here real soon you know it actually what we sure it took particular market but to which they'll. -- won't -- -- that -- number of children read vision while most important thing and then up and everything else to be you know. Full -- in October where he'll start coming in respect all of their State's low level. So yeah it was detonated starts a debate some remote to turn in three years corrupt election. And I arcane way. America will listen -- -- started to get in some inquiries and entries into the use duck hunting contest. I don't know of well you read that one and one in particular stands up my mind of the boy wrote in and talked about you know the and additional bit but he really wants to get enough running and reason wise because he wants to carry on on in tradition and disoriented the opportunity. -- you I'm sure he's going to be one of the ones joining us and -- and other people wanna know where to send me a little short. Not really official essays that just -- paragraphs and stories. Our request to be included in on -- so if you would discount. Tell when they can send that information and you know we gonna be taken twenty of them out there and -- and -- and and their families -- families cannot causes you know strictly for the use that if they wanna send that to us. They certainly can do them in a couple of my web page -- of the area paralyzed Louisiana dot com. They'd like to send it directly to you gives you -- your email address voting -- Yeah I think it's good to me it -- change and change and it will probably be cajun doesn't you'd see a change and I. Ill that and I've been getting a few months so they'll get we got some really good. I think that the thing you can you know some -- mental images. You know these kind of things -- and introduce -- -- about those. -- -- you seem to punish you teach -- how to sit and the the key to better things that would take about expand we'll have a ball. Some of the parents -- a concerned about that they need equipment because they don't have any single what team what would you provide. Well we'll have the shows form you know reopens but it sure initials orders and we'll you know I've been -- one engages in -- you know a lot of but it you know we'll we'll let your -- -- We don't make it happen one you all book about street years ago when negated war but. Well within the good thing about it is that the fashion that you -- you don't need a lot. I mean are really doing teal season you don't need the cortex and everything you don't need -- -- you don't need hip boots you know you can come and you cut offs and you flip flops -- -- -- they'll get the about -- -- -- -- featured as well and you know. Does that not make it happen I'll buy it -- -- -- -- Jewish couple who got it they look at. We're gonna put about you know we'll see you -- a he's a big trees you know you don't -- -- -- -- It's about these you bill -- and the and lit teacher merit invested the biggest thing and just change in these. The young people how to do it do it safely. Polishing right you know you bless you get try to she would do. At least. A step in the is just a little in the future that you don't -- -- on and stately and -- -- domestic growers harvest repealed but later. It will bring some duck calls down and give on the -- call and there will be a whole lot of acting going on at the cajun fishing hunt says. It's going to be fun I'm really looking forward -- that -- again just as people and it's not an official form you've got to feel -- -- -- -- It's going to be great talent and went in against its watch the dog trained and get to see Logan and action. This is -- again it's -- -- rate cut this is still like you should be in the united. One young man is bidding got hit by lightning and then he -- and also -- thing like that you know. I -- one of did you become if they don't have an opportunity to learn we won't teach. And anyone fifteen down to ten years of age is eligible boys girls that matter. To send your information in your requests from Leonard and is going to be told total of twenty winners those can be a lot of opportunity again. -- the objective but it. Well it it's been pretty cool mornings you know it's tricky because you know you get -- readings on the temperatures in town and when you get out there and an open -- in the windows blown off those glaciers. You know it it can get pretty clearly has older -- -- fleece and jackets on Iran out of -- -- and so far been. And get ready to go doable -- -- flowed in on the canyon trip and we gonna fly out to another place and work on salmon the big stuff. We've already gotten good -- that we got a bunch of fish to bring back salmon helmet that link rocked me in great and good thoughts we got some Carrick is up here they sit near right now a couple of men we have had some fun and some. Ripped. The fact won on June neighborly lives and about wouldn't plantations -- guarantees that Ryder cup of coffee last NC. That you -- the negative but taken together and apart it everything I have to admit it regular tour. Yes we will Ryan yelled get out there and give them today in the will catch up with again next week and it's more of those entries into the used -- I can't wait. I'm afraid -- be -- there. -- thank you captain Ryan Lambert cajun fishing advances in just go to his web page or you can link from my side all the details and facts. Do not delay if you an old guy and you wanna book Harwood Ryan trips have spoken up fast. In touch with -- -- season dates going to be sent and you'll be able to get to triple. A little bit later on those -- view will be staying with us for more outdoors. A you'll be hearing from the owners -- crystal and Dick Poland. Also from some of the folks from Louisiana in a neighboring points that have made the trip up here this year and not talking about their experiences they get ready to load the official on the plane and head back home. We got to -- the crew that will be joining us little bit later on -- this coming week. And we're going to be talking about some of the trips we've made sufficient for the silver and reexamine a trophy rainbow Trout. I actually some Dolly Parton have been caught up -- on some of the trips. The offshore efficient has been a few big -- job we have a lady who hopefully you'll hear from -- shall tell the tale of catching a hundred in 21 pound halibut. -- out there in the Gulf of Alaska. Actually yesterday we finished in the cook inlet. With that guy I am call in the despite a monkey of halibut fish. Captain Thomas Sutherland won a guy he is will be talent you all about that you'll hear some of the folks tell you about the enjoyment on it and if you didn't get in on that. And you've been want to do this it's called the pocket Lidstrom and included in we gonna do this again next year and you need to make plans to do it. In addition to all the fishing there's volcanoes. This glaciers as while life the C and do appear. Gorgeous time in the end of the people here at the on -- -- really make it easy take care of all the little details for you. In get through it but don't think this is a land around to application this is this is intent earliest. We'll tell you all about it so you'll stay -- if you can't get a song thirteen fifty our affiliate station. Going line down the outdoors guide dot com and -- -- -- get to cast your vote on a pure opinion -- are coming up right after this time -- those of you who will be staying witness David press on CCA -- ample Shelby and John Lopez. Like much -- basin foundation and Thomas on its calls beacon -- specs. We say good bye to our affiliate stations we'll see you next week back from saint Hubert skip the eagle on the outdoors -- Don Dubuque radio network.

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