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8-2 7 AM Speaking of Specks w/Don Dubuc

Aug 2, 2014|

Today on More Outdoors with Don Dubuc, we talk Speaking of Specks and more with Todd Mason. Today's guest were David Cresson to talk sector separation and Amendment 40, Robert Campo and Dr. John Lopez to discuss the health of Lake Pontchartrain.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

From three WL. Although of course food and fun. It's more outdoor whip Don dispute. They talk about hunting and fishing and all the things we love about the great outdoors. -- through six so 6368. That's 2606368. Board toll free at 855395. To 6368. Now fears euros Bora Bora pillars. Done debut. And welcome into another addition of more outdoors -- -- -- invasion addition we're broadcasting at least I'm over here pencil dot Alaska on the banks of the -- river. Got a couple of trips in already looking forward to the ones over the next few days of the making fly out Tripp fishing for salmon. Back to catch salmon right -- on the lodge off the patient years in the -- river. -- -- and offshore has been good -- meet in brawny and it's all packed up for the first week of cajun invasion owners and they will be headed back home later on -- -- of the crew that will be. Meeting is here later on tonight it's a busy time it's changing day that turnover day here at the lodge. 8 to 9 o'clock hour is going to be dedicated to the cajun invasion you will be hearing from some of the folks that made the trip up here telling you about their experiences what they found what they like. Some of the characters and met but most of all. The tremendous amount of fun that we have and appears so far all that's coming up at this -- speak and specs and more time -- on joining me now. What's gone on back home in the feel like come cut off from the in the Gulf Coast. Yet -- -- you know we and he a little -- but some Alaska wins this week it it was pretty -- to appear on the -- shortly they parked train. Lows and a couple more and got down into the did -- sixty so nice here even on its onshore as a lot the lot nicer than which he expects war. The month of July we said he a record over and -- -- one of the mourns but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We Smith starting off in the the high forties but like I was -- Enron and it's it's a little -- appeared you know you look at the numbers but when you get on the open water and you got winds blowing off those glaciers and it is usually a little at least a breeze of some type. As a real chill in the air. We've been wearing fleece and jackets and gloves on the offshore trips pretty much needed and and I'm -- middle of the day it warms up very nice they had some rain the first group that got him before I came in. But there's been nothing but beautiful skies a lot of sunshine since I've been here and now we've got a little bumpy out there we had one of those. Situations where we had a hard time to move in one way winds blowing the other and made it chop out there so it made. Kitchen those those offshore finished album that with a heavy equipment will be tricky little difficult but we limit down on the halibut yesterday. The day before we went out to -- We caught so a good amount of silver salmon they admit that's where they going to be this time of the year in the feel origin are you watching Poppins and sea otters and through these rocky mountain gorges would glaciers and porpoises and whales and and we move on -- lines lay in upon a rock and all of his video. A we gonna have a lot of posts on the -- side it's going to be on paradise Louisiana in them via -- game report and I'll be sent in to channel foresee concede some of that. Some outstanding fish and some big Halliburton. Over a hundred towns that have been landed. And has a lot of the they call on chickens are Danks and that's the ones that you know tournament fourteen to twenty column range in there and good finished there. The salmon have been participating the kitchen right here O'Connell -- so it's been a really good trip and weather's been really nice. And you know it's always a -- for some reason just don't seem to have the humidity it's all water and -- -- that it's just as if very nice and -- Yeah actually what you know -- the the the group of people -- there's don't add on. No matter what you get apart -- agent anywhere you advocate time and that's sure whether it's that it's -- Louisiana opened up a -- surely you're actually have a ball. You know that they look at and that the type -- you think it is that that you'd anticipate the meals when backhoe. This man not say how does one -- figure it -- short so that they treat you -- me -- -- -- the big and you caught in the let's make a lot except. Now that was Chris is finished -- Crist -- -- he's our our cameraman up theories and works with me on paralyzed Louisiana -- show amateur films in studio stuff in -- doesn't if you work -- He got that one the lady right here sit next to me. Name is Denise. She called one that's been the biggest one of the critical for a 121. Pounds and of the while she's gonna tell us the story of catch him. And she's been part of this group that that came with the -- garrison. Friends and they have just really made the most of this trip they've had a lot of fun and cook in the -- -- his stance that Mardi Gras -- sing -- Tea they've been party in Arden all gonna wrap up loan collateral for them we got another fresh group company and say it has been -- measures that really good success good weather good friendship. In good position with those things life has very good Alaska today. The happen of them will be them is that shortly with a nice weather out there but -- I think that thing down here then you know Donna it's kind of like. The book you know a few cities you know the best time in the worst time county talked to. I had spoke to Danny -- this week called the interviewing for a brought the -- promo and you know speak Iraq opal you know it's it's what you are today will be -- -- -- -- It's going to be a big big big record you know last year and set the world record or kayak certain slash -- ordered eighty votes. -- efficient -- double this year any project in -- -- Concord I actually think and she would still look like. That I know what it looked like sport mediate. May yet another couple hundred votes in -- it's going to be quite impressive. But you know a lot of pull it so much on that -- I hit -- two years in a row have a -- the good fortune of landing a red fish yet it took one month per year. In -- pull me around a passer about twenty minutes afford it. Snag on something in ninth and got off -- You know in Iraq policy -- -- -- -- thing you're around people who are. You know into it there. Kate that's what Iraq while the pats and you know it's just -- it's it's more stress that by your upper body else's Zola. You know spot cut -- and acting like that shall you know that really add on and but they appeared your racquet at all -- you'd really miss and how to deal this year but that's -- region today and anybody to see -- via the information online actually do do who -- -- couple notes also at any web site. Called water -- dot net but. You know while -- pain that's an -- and the -- Street gears a little bit. -- scale of 110 how would you rate this speckled Trout season that he would out hesitation at one. Several McCain that he had negative story. He said it's literally and that bag and now that position does absolutely horrible. He was bragging about maturity at two days prior this week he took an afternoon trip came back eighteen purple stroke. That you like throughout you know that's that's -- to brag about. And that's about it spin and you know Danny really feel like they're the fissure over pranksters. Heat things up only this the -- -- winners had a big impact but he thinks that the root causes the content fishing pressure. I'd like to see when it's really scaled back he said that it you don't want -- recently on the water. They would recognize that there's something terribly terribly wrong you know I don't know. By -- on that fact that act -- -- -- but hey that's his opinion he's certainly I don't do it. But then you know I wrote that story and it appear on the -- act calm period in the newspaper and -- from a lot of other people -- -- I don't know start talking about our vision fantastic. Out there have been great this year you know. Obviously in different areas and that's. But then I I spoke to captain Wright's speech you know yet if this is -- coconut tree area of the big out -- each of the Haitians absolutely terrible. That or -- agree. Worse obscene. -- you know thought to Travis Miller he's -- -- largest of the adolescent. And duly came back with with -- hundreds are not yet say that this great so. It's really potentially are we thought but. I can't remember ever being in -- Up and down depending on what they're efficient. At what particular angry you speak to what you hear it. You know touted -- -- on the same thing I mean Darryl -- and his Tony's been on a great top wanna buy these cats and -- -- -- well one day -- -- you go back same conditions same place same method enough and then next day you got on form in the same thing over there from -- Sanchez over in the hope they'll. Shell beach area and we got Robby Campo coming up and he'll talk about it tube it. You know I I just want to caution people when when things get tough on a particular species a lot of time and then you can't blame them that they're really looking in favor of the on the count conservation thing. But also on the wanna talk about reducing limits we got to save the fish we go with fish in them. You gotta trust those biologist -- good years and years of data and it shows peeks and valleys and different things and we've had them nowhere near normal or usual conditions that -- and year after years -- not surprised at all. That the Trout fish and is often seen a lot of small nation in about a lot of small fish which tells me the recruitment is there. There's probably a shortage of an age class and what the combined effects of the unusual weather and possibly some of the VP effect on the date finished. All of that comes in the play but. I'm I'm gonna go with science in on the best science we have -- think lies with the Foreman wallets and fisheries and album you know and work with those guys a lot of them for years and years. And I'm gonna go with what they say I know we get David -- on coming up from CC he's gonna talk about sick of separation. I received the survey in the mail I don't know if you got it but they're serving -- people about their preferences with regard to that issue. And they want some some information and feedback -- wanna encourage people whichever side of it you're on. To participate in that in -- it's like looking in the Miriam Alaska I'm talking with these guys. The very same issues. Over regulation mismanagement by the federal system. There are unhappy that their their hurting dairy industry in the it's it's like talking -- guys around the corner from where I'll live. All the way up in Alaska but as far as getting back to the situation on Trout fish and I think this is gonna go down as a down year. But I wouldn't jump to any conclusions that we do something drastically cut limits by any means. Yet you're on record -- Actor you know 100% I think. You know any time yet and all your people panicked and they get there for aid and I think record. Do damage in the future. What a lot of people don't understand and that is very very important is that speckled Trout in the short lived species and their highly -- with what that means is that it takes. Very very few finished to completely inundate the marchers with with next year's. Juvenile and and it it is. You know people think OK and we would not have back these these numbers and you know we're going to be deal with votes are numbers you know for the for the future and we're Bruin in the fisheries our kids. That simply is not happening and it and it can't happen because they are so -- and so. You know that would not -- any long term damage even if pressure is great this year and man what they were really take -- a whole lot of fish you look at that. Does the -- of 1989. And certainly nobody would claim were taken out that number fish you know -- -- -- -- December 1989 you look at this spring of 1990 yen -- it was horrible we looked at that early summer 1990. Again just really really bad that all of those -- as it did survive. On. All of those age that they that that put into the marsh but all that year were legal stocks finished in the fishing wanted. -- peoples all of 98 and all of 1991 would just banner years just incredible this inaction. So it literally takes that -- -- part time you would that -- eighteen months to 1218 much when we have they treat the petition. It's got wiped out so -- -- -- Alter damage that's our widgets -- -- forget about it we're not hurting the -- long term. But you know certainly something is now -- -- year I'd Iraq are predicted factor in the winners would probably have a slow summer. Just because it's kind of a battle detergent for the bit you know there's there there today. Not having anything eaten and are growing and. You know some -- succumbing to cold and in Paris and before they can can make it through to the the -- is whispering in. You know I think we're we've got living in the days post coal coal -- winner and and reducing the result of that so yeah I think we need to. It's settled down this week you know we've got the stock -- that's going to be coming up and -- told me this week. The stock rally which was supposed to be very -- the temple not until October mystery that deliberately. But not any begun before than what -- all the tight in the and why he would would that. It. Donald so glad you brought that Apple's thinking the same thing about the freeze of 1989 I don't think -- ever been a better demonstration of the resiliency of mother nature and making a comeback a lot of people always in the doomsday you'll we're gonna have to shut the season down the years and all those dead fish will -- In which followed in the short period atomic unit have I want them best seasons ever -- I think we need to look back at that. And bill pushed the panic button by any means at this point and let the scientist who would they do and that's managed physicians that confidence in us -- we have David grass on John is Todd David how -- you done. -- -- AM in Alaska amendments on and have been due to Nelson. It's quite early but. Look early news show with David thanks so much -- You know he -- today. What is most important meetings coming up regarding. The future -- red snapper fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. The golf council course is considering an amendment that would it. Result and sector separation announcer most people an ordeal that -- -- -- does David what sectors separations. Well -- made a lot more definitely on the other. -- Red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico many other species dog. Always have a certain. A lot of good will be action you know pretty in the past few years -- -- -- -- And nod and then -- Yeah that total on the news is that in some sectors right now you have the commercials that it's it. 1% of that. -- -- them out and the recreational selected as the 49%. But that's an unfair allocation but -- -- -- -- another day. This amendment forty wood could a mother sat there. Or the tropical hired -- but unfortunately. Amendment would take the the allotment -- to try to hire. Industry and an -- -- and the recreational. 49%. So. Are you talking about. -- need 51%. Of the commercial fishermen out there about 387. Of -- exist in the gulf exco. And me. Total liars and and recreational fishermen would have to. The other 49%. Bases. Really optimal speed by. By those. In -- Two. Ordered by the recreational. Industry amongst itself. Two other guys. Good public resource. And and obviously to implement yeah. Can't get their system. You know you know on this century ago Mexico's so. Are we would bird and anyone within earshot of my -- this year to speak out loudly against sector separate amendment forty. You have an opportunity because he's so -- upcoming public meeting. You can -- out -- maybe there our web site you'll hear or so. That's -- at all at all. It's bad deal. We will soon be coming up against a lot that field these days like gulf council which suits and we we hope everybody that cares anything about a -- snapper or honestly content that they can put any. You know public resource. This is not a good model -- that. When it comes to how we aren't good in America and it's completely against. America -- conservation ethic of a local public resources. And and good management by state. This yeah this basically systematically. Eliminate the record -- command com on this particular picture. Well you know David he's CA historically as a partner relationship -- The diet industry and you aren't sure. What you hear it from year from you got friends you know aren't you concerned about keying. -- against recreational anglers -- -- to -- -- that you are ready dot initially taken on the side that we want the sect separation. Yeah upload most of those that can see through the -- here certainly understand that a man -- not a good thing but there's certainly yourselves. -- You know out of the east of port adult that has their. That probably movement to the greater -- so. -- sold all Obama if you're YouTube world are so. You who you our special interest groups that. I've been working very hard to. They're convinced he's is there this news. This is a better deal put them in the future but if you look at. Actually is how they work. They are a way to limit access. To a country. Ian you know current world. It's been thirty years ago they -- Literally 10100. Is met -- -- 18100 commercial. Capital boat in the Gulf of Mexico. Are now we're left yeah. 400 because they have gone to great. -- -- -- sort of folk. It is war. If that is. -- the year and two others to limit access to treat it is to drink. Fully aren't you implement that and recreational system. I'd certainly will be bad news -- so there's some mixed reviews box corder road tour in this great. We -- -- hear correctly -- -- very good relationship was. Are just about everybody in the charter and screen watching them do well Machida be able to make eleven and right now on nine -- that receipt and certainly not able to do add on snapper -- We believe that aren't effective separation will be another mail -- I -- talking to a friend this week -- and -- involved in the in the industry in the -- -- -- concern is that you know if we do implement this the sectors separation. You eat you as mr. -- quality -- to Louisiana charter boats but. Overtime and boost that quote will be centralized it's probably a lot of head blows in Alabama or that will buy up yet the quota. And you may not even go to our patient all -- Those and -- India Margaret not at all not only that because so much of the recreational quotable go to the dot industry. We may not add any recreational. Quote collapsed in in lean years where Anderson dog -- and snapper at all that you -- about that. You know -- -- -- -- there are legitimate concerns that directly concerns that we have our you know you're talking about rich get -- stinging blows those with the means will be able to eventually buy out these shares -- -- make offers to. The little guys they have small shares and they won't be able to. Who resist those offers. Are all. You know our opportunities to make choices about who goes snapper fishing will be limited by. How much money what are they might have to Dubai at -- she Ayers you know like -- -- it should be a magical day. God where. You and I are not able to go -- snapple on a boat and the only way to. Actually -- -- -- either go by the market or to. Choose amongst the very small group or captains that have. Better have rights to -- Ketchum it's a bad. System it's it's it is the end result of this system that matter how good looks on paper side. It will be the result of this system has been on the result. Are you think about other even commercial industries that. That appeared to catch shares while they're good in some ways that say. They get away from derby finishing you know cards in the we can grab. An industry like you have appeared blasted. It right it's there's some good court to that is not make huge tree that is not. A country issued by the recreational community so. The war is -- in the air national. The -- We policy that happened to our charter -- here we dare to -- an important part of our recreational fishing culture. And while some have. Lack of better term I've gotten a bad lives with -- special interest groups. We'd like -- you know all of them understand that we want to do well have by vibrant and Robert. Industry. But we don't believe -- separation as a way to do it actually you know there's many many other issues here talking about allocation. Barely made thirty years ago that changed -- thirty years. Are you talk about 400 votes that get more than half will be. The -- excuse me the the total red snapper quote while 3.2 billion or more anglers are left a left to -- credentials for the other 49 cent. And this is just another. Tool in the tool box for those who would probably prefer us not Trisha at all and it just passes. That's the direction of movement. You know David I -- people out there listening and more than two are open arms big screaming at the radio and and one gamble what -- -- even -- -- you know join the battle. Well but the most effect. Good way for anyone. Who cares about this and again you have to be urgent care this you could. Enjoy hunting or fishing or any public resource and understand that if this passes this model or. Environmental groups and others. Are to implement on on many others concede that we joyous -- -- so I don't let you -- don't cherish. Make your decision by. Aren't the most effective way for any of YouTube's. Stand up and do something about this August Beijing there's -- meeting in bad marriage to public meeting of the gulf council that are here to here are the commentary here. Public comment from you. About what you think on this specific issue and -- separation amendment forty we urge anyone who. Can become -- Baton -- -- Hyatt on blue -- boulevard bad groups to -- Our doors are open to everybody. Are -- make your voice heard. About this particular issue to tell them that you have no interest to inspect -- implemented -- -- -- -- -- -- cannot make the meeting on August 18 there's a way to you can submit comments on line easiest way out into -- you do it is go to our web site. Joint -- CA dot org. The story is right there -- a great call take a stand. The bed open and read the article elders and background information on this particular issue and in the article there's a lake where you can't. Send an email directly to the -- council -- now. What to do you know its interest in guys two days ago. The golf -- to all. Red snapper community. Voted to take no action on amendment forty. Aren't yet. I probably -- it's going to be voted in August at -- meeting in all so they're gonna ignore. We're all red snapper committee gonna ignore all the economic data. Gonna ignore common sense in the will of the people and then try and drive this thing to. If the public doesn't stand up there and the and take and have them take notice August 18 ever come on out to the public hearing. -- -- make your voices her or send an email to go counsel you can do that our web site joins DC eight or this story's called take a stand rector of each. We look at at a critical time because what you I would take that step yet separate military back. You know this is a critical juncture here and hopefully people. Are there -- at the end it will get involved in what -- was beer obviously. Public comment is critical that it paid dividends it. That we have an impact even though -- -- feel like going to loan boy it's screaming in the wilderness which meant not true that you pay attention to that Polycom Angela Burt. They pay particular attention when -- in -- -- certainly a lot of melt -- near -- perk and they at a port so August they can get battered real -- by real maker. We've got to we've got to stop trying -- Or it will -- fast. Note -- it's a patent litigation act on a couple of weeks to talk about respect the proxy and get your finger on the pulse of a step is that topic for another day that so much more it. -- don't deal well. Joined now by -- Campbell they rubbing -- things in the -- on the beach. How well you. Written that phenomenal. We. -- Tuesday look at Giacomo. We went out. To him on -- greater well was back at the -- 11 o'clock. You know -- who treated him and whether it's in beautiful man away you know it's not -- not too hot -- -- news. -- that -- is starting again. Here's your turn known tremendous regret -- Strip poker and it's phenomenal while prep what per hour. I drove it well. -- long rocks. Not too much or shall rock would it mean now on corporate power and make you know law and no law and say you know up to the -- re ignited. Plan -- rock he. Don't -- about. A it just and it's just an incredible. Your are looking at lake in the -- places you know. More on -- it's been phenomenal in its last 45 day span. While opened and we -- it's so bad here. You know or was adjourned. It -- Udonis -- sound like -- is able to back the limits actually I don't know -- it. Had become their reaction about that the -- I don't see a need for you know. Shall a lot of young child still. He thought it would -- -- -- Tuesday. Notably it. -- probably -- -- it went through back. Oh apple was small you know eleven and and a you know stop like that went -- that's going to be. That's that's good -- for all. Going to be ready. October November you know to some. And I am. I'm telling number excited about the flawed public put eighties average daily Asia later barrio where I am I think it's going to be your. -- they would have phenomenal all agencies are not. You know we don't own thing was going to be an -- set and it it would allow officials there policy no no need to drop the limits. You know I think that it's crazy but I don't know what people you know where leaving -- ordered from. I out of me to that can't catch it at dollars -- -- the fact that you know. Sought -- out there yeah we got the Asia between him -- -- You know it. You know with the guys that we have in Shelby told they'll -- -- area. You know. -- -- -- the and it's the guys that earned him a nation theory they they keep it can make it happened so -- ball where the river you know from Arnold talked to many people thought you know. You know about the official -- it thought might be put down here right now. I mean it's on fire. In any guide -- tactic architecture -- -- -- compliment that they. And that's and you know and an -- -- what judgment come down here and go pretty good. Very can't back out the plan or Bork -- -- are great they've been going really well so. You know I don't see what the what sources. -- -- Last literal quality the -- had a Alia that that definitely that was a great reports obviously good news and you know it that they cannot. Echoes with Don I've talked about earlier some people say and then just a great spot what are you all the people really singing the blues so -- certainly good news we hear that. That they at all well it it really I've got civil reports this week out from all. You know again people -- -- your thing and yet a little bit ship the pick through that may account and act you you more than just not mutual limit to. -- -- -- -- put the box that probably would make some cheese -- yet and that fight is it probably get a lot struck by right now. Well you know. What what's -- about it on you know. It being extra amount date and so under and got those ammonia. And a I guess they try to conserve and on morning whatever and -- I've. Maybe seven -- weapons that mine on our pit trap like a YouTube or no way. And no luck and don't install it on bait and switch to plastic and try to turn more plastic and you know are we Gault saw -- You know what reality unity trying to get -- on what what plastics. Whatever you you -- it. Reports Turkish where it but until it. But for the most bought my -- that that you shot at thirty out of thirty guys in October. October or that they shot. And by the equipment. You know I'll have my neighbor and a -- different -- These guys are united by a lot -- -- terms indeed ticket a lot focus. You know. One there available they haven't been known figures and the so -- Earlier in the spring and yet it did really well programs but lately no Aaron hasn't happened you know. I even some of the one now for our own expert -- week. They pictures with laps of the unit think that that will pay in order -- -- -- -- interpret a bag it will -- -- -- I mean. It seemed like at all it will in this week was not for patent it that you plug in installer out they'll look at laughter it was a ticket. Everybody went out there were successful and by their talent and a city. The one that came in he would done for now clock they'll finish at 9 o'clock when they're now. So I mean it's it's just been it's are angry and -- -- Many older picture round. -- open looks doable and they teaching. You don't want to pay. He's only gotten on back did they catch tolerate it you -- and so. I mean person then it is going great and I don't think you can't get all of that. Believe it it's like there. That's great news -- idea that in our vision polluter. Are -- in your -- -- that well uppermost ball. They've been -- eight. Even you know -- -- -- did meet with them and you know it takes a lot from wouldn't do it you know but. Film -- on its -- patient and not even you can you know did -- -- -- and have been no longer well so you know I mean. Time ten people back outlook going back there you know or you don't you know it will controller and you know -- you got a note keep going -- mean -- but -- great finish. New unity unity -- to look right look what he used to when banks. That's what -- LA they'll be where people fish red fish. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're still wearing ankle first call the only thing that's outward audio on there on banks around electing a route points that Eric -- movement. Where our retention is it all but that's soccer each bout some later date so he's. People wouldn't be where debate jets are you look and he's somewhat shy. Some guilt or Ramallah doesn't try to pop and up and that's where you need to be -- -- -- bank. Even wore a look there there's -- you know they they keep it to you there war. At -- moderate your street -- you get used to what you bank. That's where that's where it I am humbled successful -- when. And and and it bent on gory and so beautiful beautiful slot Richmond coming up and -- Yes it is and this year and unbelievable. Unbelievable. And we did it. While about a week -- and a two weeks maybe. We had a little slope here anyway it went too much at any you even got struggle but now back on meant that -- -- -- There's is that wide open around -- -- may have come from 4 o'clock in the water. And Daria had spent one oh. Millions he got it very well I'm operation down there and -- Shelby opposed marine. Their analog -- of adult figure out how to run that great place out there rob the are people incident might cut it -- figure out of it you got watcher hopefully cop on the -- get some this report from the pocket -- was apparently it what you call about real well. It's -- 6377. And we problem -- animal and now they're dollar violent moments that you need him but. You know I did some early bird idiot -- sport there it goes so you meet people apparently. Even assuming. That the combined Abiola on that lost some -- And get it can't always get straight information that -- our only way you know pitched up front so much appreciate it our guys -- you know they had that they don't. Tehran thank you very much from Shelby and Todd we're joined by doctor John. No not that doctor John don't think he's that good at singing but he excluded other things Obama John Lopez say China are you doing as one. Great bomb I turned me on. Absolutely John thanks so much to get up early -- this as more and wanted to talk about a couple of things. One of which is the area of hypoxia. Do you all have the monetary union and channel channel. A significant advantage. Here. Well off we we have been monitoring years ago for about -- -- near globally now and this year I would characterize and terms in the early that maybe. Average Arabia little latched on average. It covers. A portion of this should be sound and a good portion. Change course now. -- -- that was actually a little better news is. We think because that was probably exploring. It didn't shut up or which banks will -- for music we Europe urging him actually. And went out early and we did not actually in the land back in late June and actually we -- -- -- -- -- barrel when he. Not as -- as bigoted and has been. But also we've we've been monitoring on Breton style and last year we saw hypoxia and broke channel -- champion brightens. -- an excellent addition we did not actually hadn't -- structural. Actually it's it's more good news and bad -- this year in terms of -- -- you know I don't think it is. Won't be the year is overall admiration of won't be near Cologne and and not much more -- can. Well obviously something that that -- some degree and other every summer. What we call it. Well it shall. The little the -- I don't think we've -- fully understand that but certainly part of it has to be part -- -- -- Strap replication and is Paul by the crush wore the room the problem in this age -- river man. Missile war coming in from the Gulf of Mexico and in these early summer and during the summer can be art -- home court. That. Does not. Calls the war mix of lecture at a quicker -- -- or the pomp and Marshall to war on the bottom. And hand it to them back ingredient in and it doesn't Nixon and so you kind of leading arms and and and of course are also. We argued you know the first World Series an -- nutrients -- call them. And actually contribute to the all -- to the completion auction them more layers or some combination of forces. But we don't we don't we don't understand it and -- It only is the it throughout the -- Albert mostly center on the bottom -- water. It's it's it's would never show it to -- -- column on it oh. Ballou. My memory antiquity. What we use and boundaries about. Ten or twenty feet below the Serb troops of the upper -- it is. Well oxygenated. And you know huge contingent on our current. -- -- -- -- But -- that below that brown green and -- and all the way to the bottom that they are heated and usually. The -- in theory the lowest of the very bottom. So. When it. Basically. Or somewhere between generally. Have entered the war Carl -- the lower portion. While okay all right you know obviously that area is considered part of the part screen based and that's what you guys monitor. That area but let's talk about late clock churning in particular what what's the health status of the league this year. Well the the forum. Recreation news. The we continue of course monitoring the -- Specter cramps and the pectoral parents have been low and you know so basically we think public option in -- great for swimming. Are a couple of years we have seen. He only has been -- structure it has been warmly and of course. Great -- our our current product -- -- we're -- we have the the entire country. -- shall learn war quality at number programmers. To your heart transplant orange order. Generally or countries pattern that. Of this year it is and -- last year that. A lot of -- country -- -- or group panels. This was kind of unusual. Think that we're -- starting to effect. In some -- social problem going. Some of the slight brush we think you've been restructuring your normally are actually. I think. The being affected an article where you know managed optional the oh. Logical progression now from the -- archery and that's what we're shall be actually helping write them or to -- The western portion. -- are criminals elect will bring curious and of course you know from wherever you're -- Right well that's that's definitely some good news. You know I guess good news bad news. John how much do you feel like the other closing them argue it was played in stretching out lollipops. Where it's great question and certainly there there is some of -- now you look at the starting to -- Prior to the closure of -- you know you know that estimated. The increased slightly -- -- Sergio is open. You know lose. Historical analyses suggest that increasing salinity cream on generally yeah me or maybe one or -- panel. Maybe -- -- -- the question partly. Forcing down. Indians certainly the something a lot. War partnership's financial. Support structure now. Question how much of that is attributable to the conclusion of the -- world tractors. I think what we're saying at least in our users. The -- -- haven't been tracked and it may be man with the closure and Sergio. That the base and that's kind of winging. In general with the pearl river Perot may be more prominent in -- And if you look at -- last. Couple years -- have been pretty or are currently use virtual. We think this is not actually kind of permanent connection globally -- -- anymore you know. But that's something we're looking that are actually try to turn -- to have been in years. -- we just got some additional. Funding produced a -- and look at the last use her cheerfully in terms of learning curve ball -- Portland are a lot of things like humor here. I think we're going to be in Cuba understands how much you expect to be murkier. And and and you know what what now or did you grow our career -- attracting. Controlling these great. Right right real quickly. People may. -- and how they get that. Personal route to our -- they -- dot -- you know sort of part you know on courses involved -- are usually review -- a number of essentially. But if you are actually -- or you know -- mentioned is that the war all vehemently funeral oracle solutions. Are hard to root sparks or -- or lighthouses are actually rolling cart world news or you all he really now. Say well it or thanks so now we appreciate it okay thanks.