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8-2 8am Cajun Invasion pt. 2 with Don Dubuc

Aug 2, 2014|

The cajuns have invaded Alaska and Don Dubuc is there documenting every aspect of it.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back into a fourth and final hour of our outdoor programming out this morning we all live from the gone fishing -- salt stop now Alaska was Sydney on the banks of the -- river and drinking our coffee and we got some money in the kitchen on some talent some eighteen and then. And cinnamon rolls and everybody's getting ready to finally reluctantly leave and head home from his first week it cajun invasion what we got a hold that the crew going to be coming in later on. In his thoughts all over again joining me to talk about the cajun invasion. Is Ralph crystal only one of the owners in -- -- here at the gone fishing lodge pencil dot Alaska. This skit would be a regular thing you -- -- -- years we've been doing this. I think this is about our tenth year I think we missed one after a Hurricane Katrina but I think other than that that ten years. And tell people what this cajun invasions all off. While the -- it's about a lot. Seattle now we got a studio audacity a lot of good you are -- Louisiana that we've met over the years who work. Who wanna come fishing income sightseeing in that experience a little bit about Alaska that we have down here in south central last of the united peninsula and so while. Sometimes we get. First timers that are coming up they don't know what to expect like the one standing around me here and I. -- our -- surprise them but the overall it's a lot of fun up here with all these folks very friendly very nice people down there and in Louisiana just -- the folks you bring up here. You have. People here that you post from really all over the world at all over the continent United States. And I know there's a special place in yards for the cajun -- you guys -- not only are a special place in his stomach too for -- Special it comes. Absolutely. The just -- really a fun bunch to have around -- the cooking is great these guys tried to feed me more my caddie this week double there were times. They just they're -- good fisherman most of them and that's not good fisherman about time we -- they leave here we will -- shape so ignorant to get back Louisiana and too little better down there to. How do you compare it so all week one of the issues cajun invasion until ones we've had in the past. All around a lot of my veterans aren't here yet to have some of them on here but that. This was this was good it was just a good experience for the people I mean let's first catch and I think care fish. We -- really really good weather my believe everybody got to do grow the trips in the Yemeni trips -- Weathered out from the high winds and and there's a lot of fish just moving around this time -- -- I think -- or just on par for what we've done in the past. What has been one of the highlights of a particular species or some years the king literally on other years it's -- giggling cop Ron. Sometimes silvers is there one particular species that think Israelis then have an outstanding year. Hole I think care right now we've got some great silver salmon fishing that we're doing over in Seward on our -- -- BC's -- that's ruler of the big cuts over come in a lot of them. And also on the fly out troops and full plane trips have been catching quite a few silver's sometimes -- have to keep on the people keep fiction because they're ready to sit around and take a break like he -- over here. That. Those of and a pretty good. Overall how that's real consistent. At this point right now we even have the soccer assembly column the reds and and -- they're red -- down there we comrades appear. They're running right now on the river. -- behind business it's going pretty good this week too so. Mean that you know that that's that vanity common this time. As you have so many different species you can you can go after all -- one weaken and that these folks were able this week to. Fish in -- five different locations and so they've they've been around the peninsula where we can get to two. Either fly and driving. What have you but that. That an old experience different style sufficient different fish on each on each face them. To that of a big mixed bag of things to do form. I think would really make your trip. Different from everyone else's you take -- all the details. People -- or about Simon right equipment you plan trips you explain to him in detail what they're going to be up against and -- give them some some options to customize their own trip but they like offshore. Finally got that for you steady diet of the -- -- -- seasick and you wanna stay in for the most scenic things and -- -- into more catch and release fly -- as opposed debate patient. And get a well rounded choice of whatever type of fashion line. Yeah and on and they're doing all that this weekend now we have. One on -- -- -- Linda Craig Smith who's been up here 45 times I think -- just Slidell yeah and he. He customize is this trip and he likes the offshore stuff quite a bit. I know you do a lot of the -- she kind of lean toward the the five patient like tackle for the for the fish on the upper river which is fine. Com. You know we're flying out well in Alaska it's tough to see and we get we get up on the plane horrible postseason stuff we normally would build a seat. And again announcements over salmon actually this week so. How long is decision gonna continues to -- to be open and what type of fishing can expect politically into the summer because some people and are gonna wanna wait -- make shoes -- invasion and I wanna try to get it in. Before the season ends how long is it available. Power going to be open for another month using around labor day's only shut down as a matter flavor days on the seventh of September the first that's usually kind of the the closing a spot or people are heading back to them. Working and course -- football season's kicking up down there and in Louisiana on I don't care much about it. On the -- he can't give that are purple yellow we got -- so. But another month and if people wanna come up this year. They were probably wanna hurry and get things get. I'm also up for next year it's never too early start planning something for next year and in -- -- in the base and be right around these same dates next year to. I so best way to find out information they can link from -- and I got a big Benedict -- invasion takes on the US side that they wanna call get a copy dvds that you send out. -- can they reach. What the best way to do it is just gimme a call home free in the and that number is 877462. 5752. And a that's on your site to information as all the details. There we welcome to. Come up and do the trip to we have form and if they've been here before they're welcome to customize the -- so. We'll do whatever they the people would like to do and we Islam come up and have a great time in -- a lot of fun up here. Thanks very much Ralph crystal -- invasion week in -- dot Alaska gone fishing lodge in the we've got some of -- -- joining us now -- -- joins us and Joseph wanted to introduce your team you seem to be the team captain and leader of this group whom he got here -- who are you then. Put enough with this week. Creating my daughter Rhonda and a moment and that my sister wrong that needs to -- And my friend -- swayze. Those are the three yes of Nolan so they're the ones of may just have had a very successful. -- here. Most significantly because of their first dance that starts off every now on a very special yeah very special event they brought the special agree agree. -- gras beads of all all the lists the actors that we have no loans. And so -- them it happens so those abilities whose idea was is how this all gets started to come and spend this week well -- actually. You know each year reviewed movies -- sports and show and that's one of the opportunities. For folks they get more information about the the lodges. They usually have represented there must -- off and I -- that long and -- so we're going to see that and and -- coming here to Alaska is for -- that most folks say once a lifetime experience but as you heard. From around the several folks from here often. I have this is my second lifetime experience as 125 years ago so hamburger experience or what was happening have -- -- now McCain -- you know. But then now with them unaware that the girls was really attended the show resolve their mission and one of these days gonna do that or -- -- -- there's gonna happen. Let's do it this year Soviet. You know not the other room that are -- together and here we -- We on now it's it's come and gone on in the week has gone by you guys give and go home with. A nice several boxes of fish Schwartzman highlighted a trip for you personally so well first of all the corners -- And you know you always gonna go fiction and Iran have not had the success that you wanted and that you say we'll do it. He should have been here yesterday. While we were the guys -- enjoyed yesterday's. The weather is fine the -- respect actor and I'm so that was one of the basic. Aspects of billionaires has made -- so great. As that we had good. And actors and catching the variety of fish but. My most significant highlight the issue I would like to share this -- was murdered her fiction for. Rainbow Trout and salmon. Re down and had a very very enthusiastic and very capable. I Guidant here's Karen and Thomas as a going down the river is -- have a -- -- -- here. Who had a little bit more so we got nuts but unfortunately there are people there so we had to go down minister will Britain. We got off and or vote in certain. -- that is very. Quick moving water and -- And the rocks underneath there's like walking on slimy bowling balls is very tough prevention to your folks who were correspondent left and -- lissouba and so we all got together and now. The Neeson -- -- got a process affording her the stream well. And then Mary and I started across and -- merits of Oklahoma animal work together go across here and there are slipping and sliding incidents -- human life and and then it happened. Boom the marriage slip down she when she told my hand to ship pulls me down and you I don't know how. Cold water is an Alaska Air does Coulter yeah. And we found that out as powerful letters filled up and know whether much a serious problem was concerned about drowning of him but there's are about three -- three the united sister three feet -- And I was just really moving quickly and man filled up -- waiters and her reps are afraid if we get up and get across the other side but that was my. -- -- I -- -- let's let's talk to to -- swayze marriage is there any truth to the fact that you are off Patrick -- young kid -- half I am 'cause he don't like him. Not good really good -- And -- ghost thing that I kind of didn't work out as well as Goldman thought it would only. Merry ask you a question what was your highlight moment of the strip the -- It was not fallen in that water and think you -- describe -- -- and plus it was able. Some catching -- linkup was probably mostly because I was the only one Anwar. And our guys describe the fight on meddling -- Jesus Marion Jones that a few times. That was gonna fight is not because your saints fans you know I don't know and then now. It was an enjoyable fight I didn't think I could bring some of these issue and because I've seen people and they struggle. I was quite. Am I over the last nine -- ten years whatever it is I've -- coming up here I've seen people you know come up here from Louisiana in the surrounding this case invasion I gotta tell you. You guys have gotten more into this and I think gotten more out of it than any other group of servicing you did some special things from the T shirts. The demonic properties. That very interesting -- stance that you do that it says. But -- stand on radio I'm not can't really appreciated our time is -- But they will get a chance to see it on television because we got some highlights coming up on the fishing game report this there is to make sure you tune in in the channel four. He can't get at their welcome website on the -- guy that common in a couple weeks on paradise Louisiana we gonna have expanded coverage. Merrill we gonna get back to you but I wanna talk to Anthony's. And Denise are understanding that everyone in the world wants to be cage and we know you economy imposter and listening to tell us how you a Montana girl. Who don't know wildest dreams I never thought about accompanying these agents on a cajun invasion week has become part of it. Whom I think and there's. I got invited on the strip and ultimately it's been a trip of a lifetime. A trip of a lifetime. It is beautiful appeared and it's fun. But the fishing in his let me tell -- what it. That's bad news is it and at -- here I don't know today. Well you seem to have been the team's most valuable player yes and I told -- last night and you and I have a lifestyle has gone too because without your help -- 121 pound Hal and I know it'll never came into the boat and -- thank you returned -- be grateful for your -- And and and you know I have to say that I carry these guys that. I carried -- you know I'm I'm the outcast -- Montana that. -- -- -- You highlight moment when it. They hit although when that fish came up when you first saw that giant issue. The first it was that it. Because I couldn't even hold hold -- it was down. And I knew that. Something's wrong here. But my friend Don. You saved me -- -- statement below highlight was. CNET. For the first time. Let's give credit where credit is due. The skipper who's not to be confused with the skip from Gilligan's Island. He put us on that the issue without his guidance you know we were improbable -- Obama captain grumpy. We didn't I didn't follow instructions very well I did not start out well -- I didn't I didn't listen and he said. The first thing lives. I don't want you to let that. Big sinker hit the bottom. Once it hits the bottom I want you to start really -- it app which I was must have been looking at him. And it went in when he iron out the other because my line kept on going I had a mess up here at the -- And healed so much. Kind words. Yeah I hear it's in Britain has. And that that I was afraid even -- what I had done that. But then he he put the new lower on and that's where. I can't that be -- so I am. Now you familiar with utilities cities that Dickens -- Now we got the best in the wars in charter captains because I want to talk about the guy nicknamed spider monkey. I think there was three. Tyler saw holes on that focus not seen -- sailors Polanco on a roll and he's -- -- cut -- I am 23 years old to me. Years old I have never seen a guy like him he was absolutely wonderful he made the trip. He really did he he moves so fast and there was only one time that we had tangled lines. Stand. Who otherwise. Yes we did. It catches if you don't know. Seem pretty good don't you mean you don't read news you may seem -- yes. Where you're. You young girls are ready to go to that. To earn money. All right Joseph let's move on to the third team and in the fourth team member but not you know we saved the best the last decision daughter -- Run out what persuaded you -- who persuaded you to come along with this cajun invasion. Definitely my father census here in 1989. Catching -- 300 and 54 town house that he -- violent comeback and since he heard about it earlier this year. I decided I'd like to Japan and Ronald what do you do on the size professional fishing in life. Let them plan and my love riding on March you have a job. Yes it is. An idea I am actually changing jobs and motivates him between. One position to another start since it on Monday. And she. I'm very good very good all right you're highlight moment your memorable moment of cajun invasion what's it going to be what do you tell your grandchildren. Obama trip back to Alaska Communications. I had been fishing salt water since. I can remember what my dad. And I had never touched a fire rod in my life and I. Finally got experience fly fishing. And it was difficult at least saying. -- took me hours and hours to get the technique down. But I finally got my rainbow Trout and that was that proudest moment. You did pretty well on the sharks in the in the yeah I guess isn't that knows me yeah. Yeah that's your money now specialize in doing that you know those nasty had a I would tell my grandchildren back. -- you got a great group here unfortunately all good things have to end you guys ahead of the fact that it in New Orleans Luminex. On the later on this afternoon and -- -- drive back to her apartment Anchorage. Unfortunately. The -- has a little bit later fight and the ever. Unfortunately dragon -- Hillsborough area to Anchorage and gardens. What decides to memories that you taken back what else is going back in those big white boxes well we have -- that Connor and and I ended up there. Yeah you're best known as the big hall yesterday. I think we have a hundred burden or 200 pounds of food I need to finish will be packed for a spot fine Coetzer. And I would be Karen that bank hung with -- put on top of our -- red fish and Wahoo we haven't -- so -- that's going to be a very nice experience to have. Fish Fries -- friends and fish dinners with the families and -- joining me. Don't know much collateral diamond just made the mistake can and cannot because from our friends and neighbor our guys in Aruba. For sure is -- invasion we quit that's smack in the middle of that we got a group that has been here for a week they'll be flying back home loading up -- -- boxes. With -- all that great memories we've got another group that's going to be beginning to make them memories as they arrive. Joseph the parents is with me here he's got the group listen naming your group to -- a couple of official name was it team look at teen yeah there was -- three yes three cats and carry -- and they don't retarded marina. For a career had a great time we go to another couple joining us now and I can and mentally -- They had this is there there repeat offenders they've done this thing at least once before. Can't tell us -- -- -- get involved in what NATO decides to come to Alaska on the stage an invasion. About that two years before you know we went to Alaska. You know on -- tour you know and we. In short scenery and while. We love that it's in outlook. And then we -- it we. A year earlier. This heard Don on the radio talk about the thick political -- to my wife and says okay let's go. -- she booked up and we here for the second time this this year. How would you rate your level of fishing experience and usage along yes. That primarily from Boston regional cancer let you know she's pretty good -- -- didn't think it. More some done more not do it. In. Well. I enjoyed. Yeah it you can go fiction but outside. The law mean right when the river. Last night are but three. It you know then brought up you know on the on the back porch and a back porch really -- good a product fished from. And -- -- and it you know boom they hit it. You know like to fly -- Reply and you know within bar look out purveyors around unions. And all and you hit it over. And -- that was fun I enjoyed how different competition in Louisiana but how is the same. It's. Close. But you don't you don't know how they feel -- never you know -- before. And you don't know what. The little cap like the lack of -- you don't want when he gets the ball. But this -- Yahoo! and many. Ago. And -- don't give a little -- What part of cajun country yell from. We've uncovered. In I'm originally from home. We got a home here and a little bit different. Omar. Almonte in homer. What you highlighted trip. Thing. I want -- right out all. These let me take time and you. Welcome and something coming on -- -- -- -- -- -- did you Melinda it's like. I've missed two or three of them but I got three. Let's talk to merrily merrily America's there was this to him mentally this is your second time around. All right so it came and went so fast. We don't know just thanking god we don't want again I don't wanna leave you we'd love they love Alaska. -- love fishing. That. It's time ago and will be back again. What was what's your favorite trip out different for a few extra ink on his menus and my favorite was the -- down Burkina kind. Which is absolutely beautiful swollen. Mean I I didn't marketing and. -- if somebody -- -- it's only in the London Canada. And I really enjoyed the attic matter nice eyes on the garden. Saw the pictures. Largest it is. It was just the -- That are in and -- the second time I've never held wire rod. And in an act as Freddie it really good guide and that helps line. You know one of the things about coming up here it's really good for all levels apartment we -- people a lot of skill there's a lot of times in his symptom of that for them but yet. A lot of people really. It may -- just very few chances to fish and even in that situation they make it so easy. They get -- -- in his -- -- with that it was gonna feel like with the rainbow which which it was there is subtle you know. But and that's the difference that I find descent back home. When you have we just is told and it's different technique thing. When you have that -- you have to be. You know you have to -- right away and it's a -- the Alexis what more subtle if you have any type of feeling at all at the end of that mind you have to. Yeah hold back with a fly rod. And -- in forever. You know running you know pretty pretty quickly pretty swiftly as for its stiff but both. Outside a decision what would you say it was the most impressive things that you've seen them talked economy is I think he's a one assault links. And there's not many people writing that evidently season Perez were you out there -- -- -- that I was are in a struggle that was like. He says he -- -- -- with our guys suggested that the lines of the first time and he had been acting like 1015 years that he hadn't seen one have which I. Felt very you know very lucky root for her fortune to -- I went on me. Inflation tore out of -- which was beautiful on that if he would -- And we signed more than I've ever seen. And I've done some to the crews on time and to Glacier Bay back. They had three the most impressive. -- that things -- three parts of caucuses. Which was really impressed I never sign I didn't know what to expect to see and I had the fins on those guys -- huge and it would just a massive and they would to swim around and around. And we watched them for like half an hour and we didn't monthly hit -- affected the two. That that day was pretty close pretty special. This whole week is -- invasion week is really a lot of action packed into the time you -- and I think what's deceptive is that a lot of houses so many -- announcements at around 101030 of them look like -- 7 o'clock at night. And what about the that the fish of the food as far as what's your favorite fish is boring -- home. -- wrong -- that's it. America so I cajun invasion special week -- in the middle intact and maybe some cajun invasion is who get ready to board their flight so listening to us on the way all I can tell you is be prepared you gonna have a lot of fun up here. It's been going on all week Ralph Kristol -- -- Joseph the cast has been kind enough to comical hostess program. He brought -- grew up pianist is made this trip so much more enjoyable -- swayze. The Montana girl over the at a Montana chick and you go on around a lot of crew you have appeal a lot of fun. I yelled -- and cook can never deny it and some laughs and some fun in some pick in the implies it's been great company to be with you guys and I'm glad to have made some new friends up here. Well thank you -- -- it was a pleasure insuring that the two days around together we certainly hope that we can spoil a -- ever. Excited to rim had an opportunity here that then we run out with you and and we brought the T shirts just in case there -- for governor to see -- he knows that which week you're going to be open. In all worked out well. America thank you again. Ralph Tammy. Whose microphone shy she will not John as you've been -- that she gave you a message she -- yours what does take to that the folks out there about the cajun invasion week. Well she says they smell up the kitchen the warm our hearts or something like that. And so but that's -- we -- about eleven the cajun cooking that you bring up here and a and we all look forward to the case an invasion Africa largely comprise some. Good foods you really the people on a ruling on how to make taste buds come alive and now we look forward to this that. Just upon upon people who we've that we met over the years we've had a lot of people come up here and we've established product if you really really close relationships with people on an area that we still have today so. Tammy I just would like to tell you all we have good news and bad news the good news is these people with a strange sounding names in the funny accent steadily even. But the bad news is we got another whole crew -- -- -- Ralph for somebody that wants to get more information again I mean it's a lot of fun now which advises the via bucket list item for anybody because like -- always ahead. There's a lot of differences between what in how we finish in the queasy now because a lot of similarities there's a relationship with the seafood industry. The oil and gas industry is being up here as a lot of ties in people's they would feel at home. Information for if they wanted to do a last minute trip and get -- him before the end of this season off they wanna look down the road for next year's official occasion -- Well there wanna go this year they better hurry with emphasis on Marie. Because we're going to be open about another month. And the easiest way to get a hold of us for the future also or for an hour to see what documents to go awhile online to our website which is gone fission. -- stock commoners know -- on a patient on official -- dot com. And they if they forget that they can always go to your website and and click down on and get us through that. And I'll send them anything they want we've got dvds in their brochures and information all about the case an invasion. One thing and -- cajun invasion though folks is that different from what you see on our website is that do we do everything for the cases except dinner we hope that they'll do dinner for us. Return -- -- that'll never change just yeah keep that they thought -- were gonna do their airfare and and -- their rental car that are going to be used and appear on the peninsula and then with process all their fish and all the equipment included. Are packing a fisherman's launch and just everything's included for the case -- -- we try to maker really really easy for everybody and and you were to we were talking earlier about you know what's really happened in the best effort this time the thing about this trip that we have designed this time a year form. Is that pretty much everything's at its -- can mean everything is his role in the -- Ohio. A chance to do a number of things a lot of variety in fish like these these people America's firearms before. And their guide and on every trip and so -- -- they have a chance to experience a lot of different things. All right -- -- you know -- on all he didn't make it here we can and -- -- chat with him a little -- now -- later on today. Yeah I mean this spring and I think. And also Lola listeners don't Chris look cock of people who watch us on paradise Louisiana. Chris is a very talented amateur he shoots a studio forest city proved himself on the field not just put the camera. But that young man landed in ninety pound halibut -- -- -- and he sleep -- off -- and give -- well deserved rest -- -- you know you folks. Back to back days ninety pound 120 -- how well those are some good good fish some people my apparent finish a year after year and it never got those sized fish and so are those guys now so. -- days to see those it's pitcher thing with big fish like that bragging rights are forever when he got pitcher. Ralph I just got antsy because -- had a lot of people asked me this question your logo but going fishing lodge. Huckleberry Finn will McCain -- what is the connection to Alaska fishermen. Well it's not the bare feet in the care -- yeah so often that that actually when we were we were coming up with that. And we came up with the name and then there's a partnership -- appear in one person can over the naming him -- of the local but it is from. Carriker down there and you know would be in the south. We'll just walked in off the fishing pole you know and got to -- on wears bare footed -- them. We've really enjoyed the -- I mean it's been a great logo forest but it came from probably the south it's like that figure. Come across between Huckleberry Finn and Opie Taylor from the Andy Griffin show exactly. But it shows a guy going fiction that's exactly it says at all. Ralph thanks and thanks for being such a gracious Colston -- your efficiency in the way you keep this board up it is amazing. Well as part of the job report on organized when you get here were going to be a lot of trouble so while we've got to get this thing organized by the appreciate you working with you guys and in love all people we've had a from from Louisiana and down and out there you're listening audience and just wanna say hello to any of the list and then that. We hope to see ya all soon and we wanna remind them that there will be some television coverage you get the siege though let's get you grew over here Mary drama. Denise and kind of wrap this up in you know anything don't like to say to folks out there about the going fishing -- in about the trip. A little -- -- all the people earlier and I said earlier special and caller generosity in north one of the things you're overlooked. Is little many Sunnis are the -- leper cons they do all the fish packing for us why you see -- drift by aired during the break. Want to know how those -- towels it has everything to -- we're out of out so it's been a very special all the way around it's it's been a great great trip Mary would hope that you try to stay dry from here on now. Oh yes sir I know. In Iran I union -- -- abundant opportunity on a vehicle commodities victory. And a niece you and I think the bond you know Louisiana Montana connection you know. And it's gonna take mile at my. Arms quick quivering from bringing in that big fish out today it. And -- plans to come back to to a return. You know down the road unions. And a month off off. -- -- And I've also -- merrily thank you all become about the Europeans on -- shield built things that women menus him. You know Sanyo paycheck as -- technical more than half of the -- and recruited him. Return during the time I wanna remind everybody that immunity single lot more this on television we got some beautiful video you get the ticket chants and listen to everything we've tried to create. The theater of the mind radio and describe that we simply can't do it justice you gotta see it three's -- Where does the volcano -- and remember the name of that -- in times did we ask a guy in the name of that compliant ride out it was a -- there will be -- I think that you Obama. It what was Alyeska. -- comic it's going into. Round -- arm that really Tom. Thank you very much I got their own test and in his courses the -- lines don't do a great seed line more or are. Communicated well did you yeah a lot of similarities him always want to. I -- Europe so you have been pulling out the other night you know. -- who wrote on her. -- All right real element is singing out theme song that's time to wrap that up folks and all the pleasure it is. Can't tell you how much job and -- and I'm just gets on I get to the middle of next week. Those of you who may be on your way realistically we welcome -- board get ready for very very exciting weekend and thanks -- you know crystal host. Dick -- and now all the staff appeared on -- obliged thanks to Shelden Williams back the mother ship forgetting is in and out in the great job as usual. And we will be back again and next week we start off at 5 AM on the big 870 W Tokyo the rest of the outdoors with on the network. We wrapped that up at 7 AM and then we switch you'll be at a more outdoors on three WL thirteen 54. To -- Extended journey we call it more outdoors. Don't forget you can catch the replays of our program the radio -- TV down the outdoors guy. GUY. Dot com. As in rabbit up free ticket from -- -- body and I'll see you don't want Mac yet back. -- -- -- -- -- Team.

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