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08-02 7:10am Saints Training Camp Coverage

Aug 2, 2014|

Deke, T-Bob Hebert and Hokie live from Saints training camp. Interviews with Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan and Saints player Mark Ingram as well as discussion of today’s scrimmage.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They had a very good Saturday morning to you all back home into all of along with teleport Christie Garrett can beat Bolivia we are in the stands of the advocate practice facility where today's black and gold scrimmage will take place and will be with you until noon to give you ladies on things. Taking place at WW LA MFM and down accomplice was -- operatives or that you pro days -- black ankle scrimmage what's out of -- are you most excited to hear about. The offense which is consistent among the top five in the NFL and Sean Payton -- or defense they went from 32 to fourth this year. In -- expecting another step forward. This season with the additions made you can case Joseph vote online -- Debbie that you're out there -- common public information a preview of today's scrimmage and -- -- practiced. Recap everything it happens. At saint training camp and on line and it that you WL dot com commendable -- -- sound from yesterday's press conference on Peyton. We'll also hear from off and on some of the interviews that took place earlier in the week we'll have been for you ought to -- program including a conversation with the Toronto on -- he met with the media who -- field including myself will be. The next best left tackle in the National Football League and -- Saints that I reported -- Christian Derrick one on Twitter Christian. This is you know a week from now. You guys will be at -- it to come back here after the game against the Rams but in training camp this is the most game like situations you have when they have scrimmage there it is right. Yeah I mean this is like you said the absolute close you're gonna get to a game it'll be somewhat controlled it won't be all out like we see in pre season games it certainly. Regular season game is going to be a lot of situational stuff to you -- gonna see the first second and third teams each have one drive may be the first teams have been the first team having. Two drives offensively and defensively. But again in homage to deceit just how much the defense of run game. Our run defense improves early on. The offense had been moving those guys in the last couple Beijing days you've seen the defense. Really put their foot down and establish a tone. Getting back to being better at stopping on slowing down so it's been harder for the Saints office around the football in the last couple days against the Saints defense. And you people Christian on Twitter at -- here pointing going back and look -- talk about the defense was. This -- Rob Brown is the guy who was a part of some great defense and he was Oakland I'm back with coach the Patriots. One of sumo but the point by the improvement from last year at the biggest in NFL history as the -- about the merger that AFL NFL since 1970. They shaved nearly a 135 yards allowed all of what they will give and go from twelfth. The thirteen Christian individualist points in the open man points a game this around nineteenth so those numbers are right where they wanna be now the main thing -- thought about. It's forcing turnovers and got a cares birdie and a and the experience as some people and rob Ryan's defense. And they think that they have a pretty much all the right ingredients -- could be a very good beef. Annika and I think the players may be undervalued certainly not these parts of for the donation but it may be around the national volleys -- Lewis. I mean. -- -- is -- close to Richard Sherman Patrick Peterson as you can get without being in those two guys and I think he has that kind of ability he's shown it. At times it was at the practice a couple of days it was excessive I think on two straight plays. And it was not until it's nothing you -- give anything. -- we with the addition to Harrisburg you're right it's the turnover factor for the Saints team if you give Drew Brees may be. Twelve more possessions a year ten more possessions a year you'd like your chances being able to cash in on some points there. Last year one turnover in their final nine regular season games that they force so that's of that's been a big emphasis we've seen it here practice of rapture training camp. Try to strip the ball away. Going to get the football if they hit the ground they treat like a fumble. They're trying to make plays on the on the Vontae who else had a pretty solid camp -- Patrick rubs on the -- him and human. Bobby and -- and Jim talk about that but. But he could have about seven interceptions -- pull off the local football but no he's got his hands on a. Quite a few -- -- he has and you know what you think about. Petro grabbed it and you know maybe it's kind of one of those things in anything when it as drafted Andy can you say okay now it's it's and that's that's the hard decisions have to be made. Our -- is this guy is is what we've invested in these you know now rob Bryant and now what he's not a great we need to -- trying to -- -- -- -- -- spread. Or is it is situation where is always better off may with a with a a veteran -- as patchwork of him. -- -- regime that tees looks it down Milan not right now but over the course of time could stomach guys on the 02 million dollars but this season -- -- but he has been enemy if you come out called up. He -- loses they're both of have been I think nick and that impressive right there and he certainly in the mix. But it may come down to a -- sources production situation at the end depending on who else progresses and who's in the mix but bed thinking Lewis. A guy like that and you know when your round sporting around football it's got to be like that you know. They -- like if you call the point yet to have a vehicle to save poked each other when you don't feel communicate so for. And you hear the different nicknames and -- -- is one of those guys that. Seemingly makes the young players the veteran players feel culpable out there and didn't gain anything in life whether it's a matter what you mean. When there's a level of comfort. If it's a public speaking in any profession. You -- we'll be able to do your job better just from a standpoint you feel a poker Everett to go to excuse me to go out here and do what I gotta do I think he Lewis brings that. Think we're seeing a lot more leadership how much -- have we seen him. Tutor Stanley team that -- almost on a regular basis play after play. When they have an opportunity to speak you can see him talking to home. Trying to mentor -- and -- that that goes with any job whether it's a football field -- And broadcasts if you have somebody that's a mentor that you can kind of pick their brain at times and get some solid advice and I think it makes you grow and obviously makes a leader grow because there's some things in particular from you. Like he can learn from them and we've seen a lot of that from Keenan Lewis. To get on with a more of a leadership role in talking to him during this offseason at the the bankrupt softball game that's he said that's one area of the of his game that he would like to are one thing this year that he wants. Take a step forward and is as far as being a leader counsell that he focused on. And trying to do that this year -- a little more outspoken leader obviously his play speaks for itself but he wants to -- -- lead by example but also. Through through work well. That tomorrow morning we'll bring you all -- here but today's action. And he took take a with the Saints have done their training camp at this point I'm. Christie Garrett and myself will be with the boos jeers are geared to a sports from a team to new on left in the green -- Well recap everything that has happened. Disperse those ten days twelve days -- training camp appears thank you to take on the saint Louis the but it was Jones -- In the -- -- -- them out will come back and if from a guy who was also having a very good camp -- mean people think that. The way he finished -- emaciated body work nearly five yards Carrey could this be the year that mocking them becomes that guy that he's back. A great back but a more consistent that if he does that then I think he'll flourish here in laws but we will see. We hear from him next Christie Garrett and the ability where it -- -- -- you -- -- -- -- black ankle. Practice on Saints radio WW. Which side of the ball you the most in the and then -- in this Blanton -- of the offense or defense it's operated jaguar thing people you think if you vote on line. At that you give UAL dot com since around them enough both before we set the stage as the stands at just about -- here at the Greenbrier and -- come out of the law also the official meetings this morning officially here. The last three days of -- to implement all the media -- new rule changes the meaning of course we keep up with that. This morning I hope he Jones to later in -- you can let it. On them all think so -- -- here Christie Garrett won Nolan wouldn't. I'm -- that appeal well he's -- -- that -- feel that this is that a year for him and -- mark. But he came on strong at the end of last season it will in the playoffs and it's the four point 90 but here. Well yesterday -- and gave his take on -- training camp on and his thoughts on black and go practice. Markets -- -- Martin's discriminate. It is alive and extremists closing we genius who constantly in her game until the pre season so I think it's important to come there about it just you know if there was a -- that. Actually alive -- take into the ground and defensive players. Don't actually wrapped in Huntington grounds breaking tackles and no just that latter aspect of it I think is -- important. Mardy Collins and Pierre helps used to be an every down back. -- you know 100% of the time he's doing really not only running the ball went over to locker room that's. -- -- There -- since I came in. You know has pros and know. Peer who -- turned to a finding any questions or no I needed to any advice you know there are always open and Pierre especially spend -- good. -- Just always have a question is about any change -- ask whom he'd chosen me then. That's 'cause unless you are a lot of people Tokyo -- -- -- This is this what things study you know in. Do things I know we have people who took turns who went around for Verizon that's a big -- just -- send him. Holmes says she's had over his career you know I'm just trying to namely some of those things in my game. Same thing was frozen things he taught me. You know it's always good to have veteran guys that can have a go and have finishing games it's. Yeah got a -- problem. One. He does well. Just management is -- -- -- about whatever this is you know we just had to say when they had time and we know we have good teams good players and great coaching staff and Tom we know that if we just when these day when it's time. -- we continue to get better continue truly show together and you know be -- I didn't see it through this the NFL colleges required you over the last three plus seasons. Develop certain skills that made you have him beside my -- Alabama there's certain. Aspects of the game you try them Sizemore to maximize. The value. I mean you may think he's as -- -- -- nursing reimbursed so I don't know. How personal college -- is one of the dress reds NFL and just. Take. Which you -- in the means in which you don't practice and actually tickets to game perform. Produce in the game so messages have you -- you had to be. Maybe I don't know make that transition from doing -- and what you learn in meetings and where we -- practice interest rates again reproduce and be successful. Okay given your fullback here -- How have you been working with him and what have you seen that he has the the running. He's big he's physical and he's Smart so he's picking up one system quickly and bogey goes in there and he's not scared put his head down here then move people other ways so unless it's you and your full bag in. I think I think everything as we go so go ahead on the infield for each other where he's gonna car did this there are certain horizon. No no reason to pick up how he's -- position himself to pick him up. So -- I think just. -- and they were game better you more comfortable with each other. And if you let out a tackle here earlier this year got a -- -- it's. Cactus league game makes things I've -- energy. -- -- Who knows us because defense is -- riding in you know -- stuff after a player very very down but you know as part of it. This would ever end but that's that's a sure. -- news keeping each other say Jimmie showed nothing in. Doing that's another team we get a chance. They're good when I guess of what kind of city are you practiced physical you can play physical and be a physical team later on you what you do practice. Chester -- games so sure -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know working well Lopez lotion over the rest another network and all the small things to come out of the Expos in the game so. They're physical. And being tough. Cause it starts right here everything. Did you unite and just do it in the game gift actually pregnancy at hand and and develop your skill set in practice and that's what transfer to the game so if your physical and he -- enough then you're doing all the small things Craig Craig issue in Norman again and never exposed what. Guess we're different ways and remarkable because. The leaders by action vocal leaders on bases you once you guys today. Within your personality when it comes to me it's a good plug holes and the way you. Coast and he doesn't say much -- via a live. He's a guy that. If you need him he's always open you can go sit down talk slow whenever. No it doesn't matter he's a great guy great person great friend great player managing the you don't. No matter when it is he's that he's available home as far as football personal life forever that's I think this is how he. It was a leader on this team he goes out and and so Lee doesn't miss June so when he's done over his career but. And doesn't say much you know. Now Lederer are our guy but it's if she feels like something needs to be said or say anything you. Need to go talk to him he's open and he's just very personable and down there so he's very you have on the -- I know that you are in here all one of the good everything but DC's certain differences that -- -- the three of you combined. They made the running game more formidable like this with a brilliant -- again -- -- We all have different. Every -- has their own personality. So. Of course going to be home all around and talk about every down back. But every runner hazard a different personality it's how to run -- about how they pick up blitzes to how they just played a game. Just -- -- three of us together and just contribute in India and working with each other than it did me a good young the young guys like shows there and well I'm so. I just -- -- I think us three -- the other just I think there's no I -- else think. Many teams so it is divas. Tournament course we do and as good as a running further ado I'd put our horrible for anybody in the league so. I think just -- say there were all working hard and who we push each other be better vessels and help us. How much success this season as well. Smoking a mattress in the media yesterday came into the league as a rookie three point nine yards per carry on -- turns 22 attempts eleven. That is classic Sampson is a three year Corey wants it to 660 to three point nine yards per carry around quail but in thirteen. A more present you talk about yards per carry it four point nine yards per carry. 78 attempts in three -- an 86 northern in the post season did extremely well Christian even opening game. He had a 146 year old five point two yours prepared in the postseason and so he's that -- -- took -- has improved and that's that within the couple. Yeah it as a running back that is almost unnoticed though if you think about it -- because they didn't pick up the club. Fifth year option that they could have picked up so they they -- us and it very clear message of hey look you know we wanna see more production more consistency that we see that. Then maybe it's another contract from the Saints or certainly another team. Next year but that you you like what you saw especially down the stretch from Mark Ingram like you mentioned last year down the regular season and on to the post season and aside from that mean. Aside from that fumble in the Seattle game and he had a heck of a post season. And it's just unfortunate. That he caught the football to play at that point of that ball game that he did in Seattle. But I think you know the player I really like -- I think is gonna eventually. Lead this team and Russian this year it's gonna carry Robinson I really like what what we've seen from him the last two years now. One of things on the shopping talk about. Yesterday and where his area his game is improves the ability to pick up the pass -- and pick up blitz packages as a running back need to that huge here -- Wallace you know protect Drew -- it's a big big Paramount. Obsolete if the overcome as a running back here -- And of course though there was a big feature on which players could make them beat you hear the National Football League nfl.com. Earlier ones that they gave out. I Robinson. Force more missed tackles on 76. Snap counts compared to what Ray Rice -- 730. So he has become a back that's got a lot of attention for making people. Missed tackles so he -- -- that are going to be featured on nfl.com about Kerry Robinson and they got some highlights and there. I'll Balkans Seattle -- now on -- -- are you ran the ball. Against the New England Patriots so much more than just a moment more Saints -- commitment we'll hear from the -- that the coordinator. Rob -- he -- -- -- -- Christian here at Christie Garrett won more -- -- Deke Bellavia he beat chief if you get beyond whose time is 730. One it will go first -- happily with with brother Donnie. And welcome back. Here at the green -- and abacus and on politics out of for a Christian here and Deke Bellavia ID be cheap on them Twitter and Chris and Christian here on it. Took us out as Chris has always actively tweeting from all the games and of course their practice here. And over the summation on our website at WWL. Dot com while a lot ET -- today's program and -- you know we -- hoping for a I guess it's a any type of improvement but -- 31 the 32 in the league and it remains just that. And 2012 defense they gave up without memorial and the things than the team nearest on the a year in the New York Times they gave little with seven New York Giants to a a little over six and it completely open descriptive in the second best and if it's in the national football in the fourth best defense they went from 32. In rushing and 98 and rushing they went from bottom of the league in scoring defense allowed. Two given up nineteen points of the game a year ago -- nearly ten points off the total. They changed so many yards off a pass an -- Russian a combined 135. Yards allowed a game. But here's the thing it's a huge reason why you drop Brian Campbell -- the post race. And he's had some that he brought in here there's like -- pick the ball that you get to -- emaciated people -- expecting some things that. Yeah and -- got to consider with Victor Butler is and he hasn't carried pads virtually for eighteen months and it's a lot coming off an ACL injury so he's still kind of getting his legs. Back underneath and I think before this trinkets -- -- for the pre season's over. He's gonna make his -- gonna start to see him improve. But again I think he's still got a feeling his way throughout this process rehab and Eddie -- -- -- -- -- worked really really -- -- -- the facility everyday last year -- -- that ACL injury but. In looking back going back the last training camp the Jessica silver lining and Will Smith Jonathan Vilma and Kenyon Coleman going down early in camp last year. I think that was a bit of a so maligned for his defense it forced these younger players Hakeem Nicks junior collect. Into bigger roles and we saw what they will able to do it now they have that experience going forward and this year of course -- cam Jordan looking to build on his Pro Bowl season of a year ago at -- -- And then you know at the end as the guys like when you bring in a guy like. Our rob Bryan and and you know every team in this that he is going fondled by you guys are -- and -- of the guys Illinois. The most sexy and the season was two and a half. Well last season this despite missing him for the games he hit -- -- is here I mean a guy like Harold walker Caminiti you colonial -- Jimmie Johnson wants it and he's at the University of Miami. And the week I would Dallas he could never have enough. Defensive line and don't from a merriment meant to me to all different players he want to stockpile and -- a mistake that Charles Haley you can never have enough and as these defense continued to get those type of numbers. They have more more -- be given that just that like oh what you know it's a lot of -- -- rob brown and rightfully so what now more teams won't be on a player's camp don't of the guys getting a lot of looks. Did you -- it's a delicate -- people looking hits is on the incline Keenan Lewis is a Pro Bowl caliber player. And if you can stay among that consistently. And that's and you start to see more all your players at least that's the league consent thought Seymour -- Rezko -- both. And more you prior become all pro. What I like about this defense they're young PI mean if you look at the new classes that we sutures oldest average age and -- -- That shoes that they can be around for awhile and with the additions of a guy like. Who's going to be at the -- you know weapon for this team defensively and indicating the Carol we've seen out of him in his second year. Is -- that his injury -- rookie season got cut short by injury that I thought he was playing outstanding Georgia into the year. Last year but man all all Raphael bush that in this free safety tandem. I think will be as advertised. Well he is the defense the coordinator of the defense at the greatest turnaround in the history of the league since 1970 when the -- merged AFL and NFL no one has made a tremendous turnaround more so than me. 2013. At New Orleans Saints he -- defense -- is good. Would be an understatement with his father the great Buddy Ryan and of course it brought -- I'll wrecks that tickled to have the New York Jets is the -- a coordinator of the New Orleans Saints rob Bryant speaking to the media earlier this week. I know he can meetings on the field. You know mentally or physically mentally and physically well you know that's her everybody else you know. He's he's he's doing his rehab and in doing everything -- you know whatever that takes highs in the best of care we -- -- fans invest so. They know more about that you have to ask them I know I'm -- he's right there but he needs to work on the -- knees a rest of his teammates in -- And that'll economy's real sharp -- So today. While many great things here it's a safe so we do everything right and we think about everything. We do the right thing. John and you know get through trainers and guys maybe they have a plan for him. And you know so whatever so the Smart thing to do is what we do so well. How we don't have essays and -- -- make sure that. -- he's there when the wind as soon as he can be when he's when he's going to be you know pull pull up -- -- in and you know that's how we do. -- -- -- Gibson who missed the museums of the leaders this. -- -- always Smart guys so you know once he once he gets out there was teammates and get used to playing them I'm sure you'll -- We came out there you have a clear plan of what what you gonna do as far as playing three safeties more and that's what everyone does that sort of -- -- -- -- -- I think you know par three safety dealers in other games changing -- as you know went in -- You have to have more guys that can I can cover can linemen can do all these different things and that's why I think the game really does -- and then the three safety package comes in a whole lot more than it's ever ever done and so ball so well. Were -- -- we've got you know so I've really talented safeties right now on the roster so well. How would tumble in a moment and it was a really good players it's. Just. I used to get you -- ball skills. You know -- ball it's a shame he's got to catch it. You know and they end and also with -- -- experience Smarty Jones opened them in the plays in the end. He's been great -- your career could -- freelancing on this team gets it and I think they do one thing is is what turnovers in the National Football League. He's the best quarterbacks in the world. Did you know you got to play your technique you got to be disciplined but there comes a time in the point where meat turnovers made more -- -- don't make you. And you know he's he's been great -- career you know -- these guys you know he's played corner in college and he's just gotten any ball skills and in -- -- Bother you mentioned hot -- he's right field -- is -- -- that people ask you offer healthy cells were. At all because he's very very important he's he's an excellent football player and you know I've been -- -- -- -- -- by -- such a loss for minnows you know it's great you know we got -- for two years thanks so. You know but our guys know what they're doing I mean. You know -- patient and John can make you they're gonna keep good players around him and -- us -- trade about a man and you know. You size offer and we. Couldn't be happier he is sometimes war and we saves on signing -- free agency is surprise many people run in the field without input did you have. -- that's -- zero math mathematics and I was happy I -- you know so well. That would change much higher above me and -- I was ecstatic when I heard the news. And that is Saints defense coordinator Rob Ryan making and you look at some of the numbers last year. Given up 305 point seven New -- a team that's -- for 42012. They went -- a 135. Yards and also. The goal from 29 to nine. And go to four point nine points allowed and nineteen points out and -- Christian also reading about some of the other highlights include show Ryan would be given a season at the end of the year. Eight of these starters store -- significant contributors won't injured reserve yeah I mean there's no way he could you know you talk about that came in Coleman was expected to alive and at that point I'm Victor Butler. -- it goes to a bigger players along with it at that time last year it was Louis Butler and Coleman and only 100 ago a couple of. Yeah in into Margaret going down that's 49ers game thrusting Corey white into the mix there he's their secondary was decimated. Last year by injuries I think they've made a concerted effort. To bolster that in -- maybe them. Plan for if there's an injury at that position again they have some death if you look at his defense -- -- there's a thin spot. It is a concern it's got to be at linebacker on the inside and a silly on the outside in the Curtis Lofton certainly David Hawthorne. There's going to be the starter but. What happens if there's an injury there accords Lofton and David Hawthorne Ramon Humber is a guy that's come in and played well at times that spot spot duty and also it in certain packages on this defense but. Anything he's done a really good job. -- building a lot of depth you mentioned earlier on the defensive line but also now that secondary. With the likes. You know Keenan Lewis Patrick Robinson we've mentioned. We still have a definitive answer Champ Bailey but also Stanley team that tease Corey white so as the number of players there that that are going to be vying for roster spots is going to be a player that's probably the cut off this quarterback roster spot you know death. Depth wise that is the kind of planning on another team. Pay the 88 a team hits as the -- Christian you know with double by young players that cam Jordan is the guy they got recognize that he's he's on his way up. And we talked about a guy like that he makes many people feel -- give -- take that next. That -- for a half sacks a year ago them playing a lot inside at that you know that the tackle position nose tackle position. In. Talking to some of his office to line. Counterparts on this team. They just feel like he's virtually impossible once the pads go on and that's a player that. If you really assert his dominance because he's so strong to about talk about it and when he was at LSU win when a key was that LSU as a freshman. It was just. Overwhelmingly surprise now how just how strong he was -- I was as a freshman and now. What's what's that 678 years eight years later nine and just -- much he's grown as a player and I think you know if if he can hit it and keep him. On the outside let -- use some of those natural skills you might see his sack total -- seven and a half eight possibly nine which. 26018. Of the 866889. He rates have the -- the number two gate and involved and of course a lot going on last night who don't visualize Slammin' Sammy -- -- him from Baltimore Maryland. To say hello to -- and Cambodia to a lot of people checking out quickly you know within the reports. And some of the -- you see on TV and on line they've pretty much the media's appears eyes and ears. -- to do all and so the first of that they really get a chance take out the Saints will be Friday night against the Saint Louis France and then of course did that come back to camp a couple weeks. In -- Sunday August 17 is that David you know if Beckham won't be -- -- to see how it translate that the benefit of the so called. Was behind that he's had he's Arab public support of that either. Going out there that he put yeah they've gotten some good quality work appears so far and in the concede that united -- seeing guys cramp up at all. -- -- -- not seen as soft tissue injuries that would we've seen some as a hot training camp practices back home in Metairie. And I know the fan base back home certainly wants to see this team and and as they should but I just know that ultimately I think that -- -- benefit them Youkilis see the fruits of his work in the fruits of Greenbrier. Turn camp up here pay off this team in October and November. It's also -- who hits in Texas today yeah. -- and his wife they came down to the oh Buffalo Bills game a year ago Orton though bloody big but it bullets come into the Titans game -- -- listening back home so a lot of people's lives that are -- the black and gold and it. Sat out of my friends back in the eighth round and -- -- quickness and Curtis Martin saint and all of drinking coffee at 7 o'clock football usually go footballer to Pomona Christian it's Ellis you've got to pay them a good up in the morning authority ever been -- sort of hopeful. -- that they let you know the stands out here. They're packed. Good crowd out here and now it's it's it's good it's just one step closer. -- to the regular season will be here before you know it certainly the hall of fame and try and it's gone on today. In Camden guided I know that we pay quite a bit of attention to the -- Williams. I'm excited to see that's it just another step. Really in his football process getting close that regular season and start with the black -- and on that pre season game next week. -- -- his -- Ohno gave me to be on -- doing the walk through districts coastal practice and then after that. We'll get into kind of some scrimmage action he's Kristian -- and Deke Bellavia on -- trio WW. And welcome back along with Christie Garrett on another topic next hour 45 -- -- -- let's give us his take on what took place with the -- officials as they they did things that have taken place as far as rule changes. All concerned and I -- broke out some nice things with the white tablecloth though they expect indicate that can't walk a -- here. I just a little while a snake bit at the pinnacle of -- -- -- -- -- at this moment everything it. We've got is a good accommodations as we could of -- love it many empty -- is envelope lists or so that we had here I think it's in the rabbits a -- by it but now breakfast buffets its most. Longest is note don't get -- word word to chase and a he about had a connection that the other day last Sunday via his nose -- I'd -- around this if he is subject they want back home Neifi -- he's probably. It's on during the shower right now yeah I think the union yet he's think it is time to -- stroll up here than you know -- appeared to have that note that out and take meticulous notes on just about everything. From what color you know how to grass looks to you know who stands out on the football field. And now the team is back out kind of going through and a walk through this morning and of course a NAFTA that you know they need to do -- it -- Christmas is just. It might be a couple of positions. Groups and India and you get into this sport and individual drills. I might see some -- on one pass pass protection and certainly some one on one. You know defense defensive backs vs slot receivers there they still kind of structure like. A it would in normal practice and then for about thirty was about 3035 minutes typically be that they go into you know was about as close to real game as you can go into. -- the first team going against the first team offensively defensively -- -- mix and match it from there. The ones against the twos it's better Tuesday against other ones offensively so that they'll they'll find combinations along with. Certain. In a certain scenarios and situation or football stuff that arise and of course. And that the work in special teams are not gonna have kickoffs or punts in the traditional sense of this place the ball. But that's when -- get their specialties at work right now. And of course though don't forget it coming offenses committed WW dot com our resident pros Christian gave it give you his. Quick could recap also will hear from the players and coaches -- Berube gives his take the regular who's been keeping up with all of the different people that if in the new face at the rookie -- a profile each and every day it's all up on line that you -- do it dot com special edition of today's -- show with Tom Fitzmorris. It will be a 43 I was beginning from noon to three. The year so a lot to get to -- tonight it's the 2014. In trying to into the pro football with -- -- Ohio. And a couple of guys from Florida State that being Walter Jones but want to homes community countless homes community college first before he went for our state Derrick Brooks -- outside that. He hit a Claude Humphrey from a Tennessee State. -- him Michael Strahan from Texas that. In Venus Williams from -- yet Andre Reed from Kutztown. And let me see who else is -- -- -- -- -- to break after the southern Mississippi. Other two from Florida State it's also most. Yes and also all through all of this class I mean honestly Michael Strahan I think it over achiever and certainly. You know you can have the debate on whether his post career in you know television careers helped him get the Dolphins and the minuses and the guy can flat out play in in the amateur that Hansack this season crowd -- and -- each he parlayed that -- championship with a New York tonight to -- a funny was instrumental. And over the Giants when a Super Bowl in. And he is Williams we've watched him and he made a global as a corner in a safety OK which is -- that's I mean that's tremendously hard to do and he was a turnover machine he's part of that. 52 when he club you know fumbles and interceptions. You know one of two guys in NFL history to have that what -- -- this is is a heck of a class summit I'm anxious to see. That tonight it's always a special time and again that's almost like to kick off like hey look football is here finally -- yeah. Football always nice and cool as small as OK is seen by a long sleeves on even long pants on that will -- long pants that's -- did that again on the sports this platoon nicknames and the regular big Davis -- bako because jerseys the guarantees -- he's got today -- and a -- you know when you're that important. At plus you don't like Steve -- right -- -- slicked back like this and it's typical Jersey look form in the early eighties dead yet that's. Somewhat bank of his strong suit this is the field. So we'll come back and we got a lot of people including all pros so the guys on him Bobby Hebert of the team is that -- -- and feel comfortable with that walked through right now. We'll give you a team -- assessment of what took place this morning as the NFL officials updated the media. On the rule change is allowed to get to go on to noon today right here on saint -- oppose what your Saints coach Tom Green in -- on -- -- -- next hour on WW.

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