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08-02 8:10am Saints Training Camp Coverage (Scrimmage)

Aug 2, 2014|

Deke, Bobby, and Hokie live from Saints training camp. Discussion of today’s scrimmage.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back as we are in the -- -- at a camp practices and it between Bryant was the game you know. Or is that sounds in the background -- in the -- the opposite and I go practice great advice in the team it's just get used to it ignited the ultimate individual moment and look into those detective here. A later into the program won't walk over our resident pro guys I've made that -- take. It's not just a few moments welcome up after the game would you give the players the coaches as well QB heartache in an on line and over for you as well. -- that the WL. -- just -- increased -- -- out this morning like he's going to be a hip and a coach John Peyton. And there were weekend that that with the fact that Sonoma extra reps -- that's going to be in town. And it is going to be running Griffin's that it must be addressed this seed maybe who -- will hear it -- yeah he's. It and it -- -- him but with -- through his spine that it felt coach Payton I look at some things he wants and if that quarterback but. That don't -- pressure but it does make a little more and more aggressive or a guy like now and also Brian Griffin who will get the majority of street wanna look at some reps with the first team. -- and I think although you know fans might be disappointed to not get to watch -- compete today. From a media perspective at least in actually I think makes it a little more intriguing. Because this is a position battle that's not always talked about it it's position that you hopefully. You know you hope never has to come and play during the course of the regular season that is the backup quarterback for right now I mean. No one's won this job you don't have a you know you have to Chase Daniel I honestly. The great -- maybe a slightly better in the count at this point but it is such a race that today could go a long way. Towards. One of them stated that kind of take the lead and they -- gonna play to at least 45 is they get it right -- -- Nick -- It appeared to even if you use they Drew Brees though would not participate in this mornings but it means that -- Jonas -- with. Brian Griffin also -- counselor earlier this Simone it's a partner and if they we eight training camp because. Of that to 7 this morning the NFL offenses who hit -- here this week yeah upgraded upgraded update the media all. There -- -- -- that -- -- the Bob you first thing you came he set down he said that's some of the most interesting stuff I've heard. Since training camp -- that means nobody -- -- about. But some of those the most interesting stuff I ever heard a lot of times he's press conferences. From the players because he can get lost their chances nobody's going to make waves or anything. I thought if not past or deviate. I can't remember his name but I thought he was excellent with it is very forthcoming and we got to watch. The NFL rules media that they produce every year each of the updated rules -- -- a -- -- go about and being Davis and get explanations and I've seen these rule videos. Both on the college level in the NFL low -- normally. It's as explained by the coaches watched video and the coaches will relay. What the rest is told him it was really unique opportunity is street sports now up and down. One rule that I was pretty hesitant about but he gave great explanation do you was his view personal now as far as kind of trash talking goes him. And you know I'd guess what it comes to demeaning. Too aggressive racial slurs stuff like that they said you know that's a -- so when I hear that. At first I actually has a wealth they're gonna take trash -- of the -- -- -- -- -- -- him that room but he was there for combat medal. As a -- get to recognize the emotion of the situation and even today a lot that goes on -- doesn't mean you watch when players get chippy that the reds job is to manage your game. And I'll let it get out of control so. He reassured that he did you reach your feeling that it's not gonna be you know too much and not -- ball thrown the flag at every turn. I think warnings are gonna be given I think he would say look you know you call that you do that again. That's going to be a flag and I honestly don't know. How much different it's going to be -- it is now and add -- that that made me feel better on although I. About what you need enemies if all of it. It's likely that opponent knows -- you know when it that was the full field I think it's more like a few opening because. That's though it'll happen feel yeah you know if you're coming how much is heard and they you know save them money -- Britain -- the nightlife what you thought he. And -- anti anxiety with you here and he said that you know you can't make any call you have eyes on her ears right and the Eagles so. Just gotta point out I mean he -- already -- guards can't stand over guy even last year he stood over. Death penalty to standing over guys gave up their pace that is going to be a penalty and I don't like that it's not necessarily different that rule was already in place it's only when you see it. Too extreme I don't think they're going to be overzealous. I guess at 42 going to be let me. Guys are still going to be able to be safe being you know like get out on company -- you -- -- -- even Kurt whatever that spine. It is is that line where your game over in their face or did you. Two up front about it too aggressive. Thompson is a little bit like that but I. He reassured us. That the refs are going to be QEQ but switched on vain worries when I heard about that note that it has been out eat it too much. -- though there were few others -- ones the Jimmy Graham -- of their tackle and that we aren't the that don't get the goalposts -- eighty. Goal post or plot line. Used as a -- Is it fifteen yard penalties -- -- matter if you make contact you know which it reached at Kevin Jones for eagle and I go out and lay it out keep doing what you can yeah you can use it ultimately can't accumulated can't lay it up yeah I guess in camp boxing right you can't use the pylon -- you evenings ago. -- use it as a prop -- that rule reads. That will also the 815 yard penalty and yes I mean that's no -- I'm not about him that but he is what it is and it's nice to get a it's as if further explanation on it. That everybody's a little clearer and into the rules some. Less -- noticeable. Penalties that are got to also be critical this year. Scores all that the line chop blocks go on the line of scrimmage on the used to beat him from the side now your -- -- across the -- You're not in front of that body. They're gonna be called back Clinton from the side as well and I. Keep and that wants it I think that's a little open to interpretation there might be some states need either way there's some little treats that played out. He went through. That season progression every ref makes -- -- responsibilities. I I you know it was it's hard to just. Remember it verbatim mentally -- once news there. He's -- so much more that you realize that the outlook doubted him and he always played if you'll watch a game -- we used you. Used the -- yet okay exactly it's hard yep they've penalties at the negative great job -- great job and couple other things. Hands that pace on the line that's something that will be much more reports this year as. Even incidental contact or would need a guy that. Used to be in the past your hands got a but the guy's face and brought them back right away it's OK but now. And Speights and act in -- head goes back. That is automatic penalty five yards -- in yards. Or the off. -- that made it about 53 onto him and Christie Garrett post double covered each weekday morning six amateur and Manny on 3-D ODOT about this. Talent in the trenches if you -- right -- things -- -- on the offensive line we'll talk about it and welcome back to break. Who could be one of the premier linemen on the rise in the game day and left tackle with saint. Toronto on city -- -- go now or in individual position groups or been longer a break off with thoughts of edging a game Drew Brees would not participate in this morning's scrimmage and be able -- Full quarterbacks who McCallum and also Brian Griffin to buy papers with me our resident throws. Okay guys on him by the eighth there will be with the if you did take on the black and those of its going to do it right here on Saints radio WW. And welcome back to you by bay -- it would be -- Garrett -- on the sidelines is the teams now sitting up with a great -- -- about the general Hillary get into those scrimmage action here it is on -- as a way to do Drew Brees will not participate. In this morning's front exactly what they don't do that it gonna kind of thought the special teams in the and they don't get into a little scrimmage real fun here. Fun fact the yesterday I believe first -- -- of camp it is a 48 yarder. By grant yeah now that's pretty desert desert two kickers that are make it -- For the coaches as far as who to keep in Heatley yeah a community -- where he's a guy that is on his way -- inserted into the lineup last season going to a the Carolina game and after that first Sampras sort of solidified himself at the -- left tackle for the New Orleans Saints thinking you can buy at Arkansas Pine Bluff. Is Toronto on -- for double Covert Christie Garrett and how -- -- fair caught up with the Ronald dead and a short interview here before wicket scrimmage action. Welcome back to double coverage. Saints tackle Toronto Armstead here on out double coverage through all thirteen fifty and Toronto -- Clint Foster duty today and enemy do you keep thanking them pretty pissed. On that first -- would do was pretty pretty aggressive. He jumped also doesn't -- immunity is so. That was a big scuffle before us so we just try to finish on office a positive note. What's it been like after the whole off season OTA's new pads allowed. What's it been like this last week finally get the strap it up and actually play. It's a big difference. Actually hate -- or the present it because they can make you feel like you can't help us -- -- -- So it's been -- the -- on them and did in Portland is a -- has been been pretty good I know and you being questioned about this a lot but what's it been like. As far as a confidence level where your head -- -- in a year -- you have an hole all season has been the guy out there left tackle. Hum recover -- this has never has never should have never been shaken at all. But just a lot more comfortable with the playbook that terminology play with the same guys joke around that is always gonna help you be a lot more calls. Where did you what will point your game did you feel like you need to focus on most and he got those starts last year it was in the season but. Was there one particular spot and again he felt like hey I got to improve here just become a technician Watson knows. The best of us do it wasn't -- wasn't -- saying. Style says same hand placement is -- mimic those things implement much. My own style and to a -- those Grubbs and -- not only praised your freestyle skills but also said they had to choose. -- probably the best dancer in that O line are true false -- I don't know what they got their front I'm well ahead about yeah. Cards you sit in the back the clubs is. -- -- -- I respect him in Toronto offensively for you guys in camp so far you even made a big of -- around the football he looks like you've been able. Two game to go almost to go where you guys have left off last year in the sense. Yeah the running game is huge his usual -- have a quarterback larger we could -- -- game -- there's no telling what he'll do. Freezing of frantic cook's amazing these guys I've -- -- yesterday. He told me he says -- you know bureau and a strength bonus earnings in the way pat Pat -- dug a little mortar and nice thanks for the time to appreciate that I don't think it. And -- hard double coup which crew eat into weekday morning from sixteenth of Manningham. -- -- thing questioning Gary all three did you ill thirteen feet the Ian -- you -- it take on Tehran on they have now in. Instead just on a scrimmage action if they were on special teams. Right now with the prince would not participate this morning -- more rest for Brian Griffin. And also a little bit more -- that Luke -- with Toronto on Tuesday when you think about him -- -- and I and I wrote this in a column. And you -- he's one of those guys that just he's hard to get around and once he gets those hands on him. He's most don't need more time not to me he's -- -- physical doesn't. I'd still mean the -- jacked. I saw him really I guess for the first time which sounds crazy really of clothes we did that interview which I'll try to be cooling him off. It's a little awkward -- that the club got gotten. Common but. He he is a physical specimen to be playing left tackle in this league weight over 300 pound. He is not that analogue no picnic to arms and really -- he's been excelling this camp and he was one of the bigger question marks in. My opinion because we have such a small sample size with him from last year yet. He's place at critical position right I mean. We saw what happened last year's first start the first half of the Carolina game three sacks -- -- but since then. He was much in in game -- actually reference another play in that game where. Won the right place truck arms it to Greg Hardy industry that put him on that and you can tell discount the did the tone grabs his voice just how impressed. He was with that and I think you know if you have to I'm not saying that he was the main reason that you have to look. For personnel decisions that took place around the same time that the running game improved. It was -- -- -- hitter in the line up there left tackle -- EXL's. And run blocking but he's also become a year he would get past like grab -- watching the battles between him and junior led. And 11 pass drills with a close this entire camp. And it's pretty much decade and equity arms at actually having. The slight edge angle that looks like guy who's much and I think goes over double digit sacks again in 24 to. Alright people are very fair -- be joining us in the later in the program gets it just talk a little scrimmage Jackson -- OT Bobble onto -- tee about 53. And of course -- take him out on doubles with weekday morning at 6 AM at that Manningham. All one to three WTA trophy -- just a little bit here is the period Carter missed a right. A Saints ONS -- guy's done a geologist now and I hope at this point in time. They're getting out there and it almost looks like I don't know three quarter speed offense and defense to a this is not a -- -- by actual screw loose points this time but don't take take us through was going on right now. Well it's and got me on and -- in. -- okay there we go was number one offense in mind after these vs the number two defense. Just like there. In their room and installation. Yeah it's not a 100%. The last I mean -- their bodies going down in town but it's. Cannot. I don't know I've stated it they're not really Pacman but definitely the right right so it's more of you know and he would compile a couple of guys just. Push him around a little bit but the inaugural -- I think three quarters speed is probably the best way to explain it up for Ryan played right there. The little screenplay to. Jared Robinson making a nice run out of -- it means that basically built -- touched it down -- Ramon Humber placing it lipstick only -- condone. Yet and and that's what those things -- look at it even though it's not a recorded speed you can tell that would have been a good run though because with the way he can hosting -- I mean it's going to be full speed to the point of of contact then. The only as we all know safety is that the number one priority especially in Long -- -- just like the as. -- you get to the gap making Neitzel tagline what you're not gonna see any bone crushing tackle that here. Listen I just plan how to control. And they don't want that to have you always hear coaches say. Stay stay you keep your feet keep your feet that's one thing we talked about it and yes there's a few more bodies on a ground they have been. And the previous time so right now kind of working a bit on the running game this is offense and defense the -- Drew Brees is not. Participating in this morning's but I can go practice. I don't know I've gone up three -- -- right now spoke approaches both of -- be what their belongings that everything is gone but -- this kind of opponent contact. They let up a little bit to make sure nobody gets hurt Kerry Robinson with a big -- just a moment ago it hears them account. And hopefully actually look at -- and hit a precedent that would have been probably a sack there as an official brutal violence like Harold walker hoping he's been doing pretty well this. Yes he has in any enemies seized the number two. Defensive tackle in there against don't against saint starting offensive line -- you can -- I mean the officials say it to. There over on the sidelines and being in that spot where they would be on the field and right did they deemed it that would have been sacked. On Luke McCown zone the yard marker goes back to that. Positions and now you -- third -- we didn't roughly ten yards in the -- in the end zone so yeah looking down the sidelines don't really know but. You know and this lady right here users interception by Robert Meachem the officials and come up and ultimately -- company and seeing what that is the Robert Meachem might together. -- push off their one of the receivers and a competent solid unsportsmanlike. Exactly who went against it. At the same demeanor and move the ball down the field. From the standpoint where the kick was made right there they mean officially mark the ball. And thorough walk notice that is the moment we'll put that right there you had to account complete the past. To a rabbit beat him in the in the era who account is running with the ones and -- 3 participating. This morning I come all the -- up to the far side and announcement of the Colts if you took the -- that coming emotion involved any of the new account with a hand Dolphins and Eagles -- -- -- 4 o'clock and this is going to be your Robinson at the end -- this time you know he's going to be a stacked up well as -- point -- -- back -- -- so. At that point out that the -- that the couldn't straighten out to the onset of that lately. And that's one of the things this -- kind of be in. I haven't if you build it a lot of their running drills it doubly. The defense -- line get a lot of penetration especially yes you like to see. That. The -- -- Jersey in the backfield. Now account and a shotgun formation. Most of it is that's going to be Pierre Thomas is gonna hit right over the middle it's going to be Marcus Colston. For a nice gain and thought about that -- -- a ten yard line that was the second downs and having a -- about a third. At a short situations. So hoping this is that you think this is the -- out of the blue pit board as a naval bases that the whole. I'm just in this legitimacy the whole time I don't see where Sean Payton -- Risk and I didn't injured out there -- -- you do everything up to the point of contact did it basically closely and -- because you don't want that champion that only you can work on tackling drills and -- no other in practice but when -- out here. When it during the practice schedule here and logical all the black and gold scrimmage it's. You just don't want to money get -- taken out from underneath them so. It's kind of out of control violence is probably the best way to put it in. It is you know here that the Saints obvious in the -- -- on just yet yesterday John Maine did work on its own confidence on because he said if it -- dictated. During the course of the screen mutually they move the ball down field and -- some things installed in the right now with a -- -- -- on the I don't think you know Angola. If he's gonna run and goal line short yardage which we have not seen at this point in camp. And -- right there with by cutting the ball to right side and hope that it was short order situation that the defense can opponent. That -- my -- so a nice a short on the door right there. He -- -- on sound so right now and Oakland about a scrimmage action but once a there's a little contacted it may that the players know to let up at the end a topic this point on Drew Brees is not participating. In that this morning's scrimmage and now hope it's almost like they're gonna kind of rotate in now at the position. Maybe do some special teams or doesn't seem to -- those guys out there would always caps on that means they get him back and special teams work banking you look at look at them look like a it might be yeah it's Kooks and Hawkins and those guys back here and Robertson and all of them have been pretty much where Clinton a special team this week. And from my understanding guys and do where the ridge can have success. Next signifies a scout team so this would be. If I'm -- this correctly that would be a saint. Kickoff coverage unit and Charles Hawkins is back in deep so all the guys with the with the orange cap on. That you see they would be the opponent their kickoff return unit. We are here at the Greenbrier at the advocates aren't worth the black and go practice later at the dealer in -- -- -- over the practices so we will go to the potable Kristian -- the guarantee but they've -- -- all the sound for you. I don't coach on -- -- -- addressed -- players and other coaches that addressed the media and we talk about especially dangerous so we Cokie. And that we think Hawkins back there we've seen that -- there. Those guys that don't well I hear you sing a -- -- -- -- those guys will be. It's he's got like you say -- he can't coach he's got its been. Yeah it is you know I guess away in mortgage backed -- and -- amendment you know it's the saints' first you got beaten all of them feel marking and -- -- No they did not -- appointment. Went ideas that went to saint kickoff unit out there and kick off. Charles Hawkins. On the return now saints' second unit offense is out there on the field and start the team unit. -- -- talking it and yet they have been worked him a lot in. On the punt return kick off return mean I think he really -- camp atmosphere position. And he'll -- that Columbian race to make one position it. Sean -- we knew today he'd like big players. Smaller player you don't have a special field. Anna Hawkins says it in speed but in years smaller. And no doubt about it and then of course now I -- -- this a second offense is that quarterback Brian Griffin. He's gonna have a little motion into the it is sides will be like a quick slant and he turned -- so it's a nice gain on that side and looks like that -- -- him down -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lacking exactly. You know I mean he say anything and really had more of those moments he had one meal a day where he couldn't. On a deep ball I mean that Clement. Debate a little bit he thought that maybe Joseph Morton gave up on ball I thought rod -- that make him play detail and make a nice catch up and the but as you said the -- really like them to do something that you stands out head and shoulders above just don't what you call a normal practice throwing. Over the course right there -- guy who is that I had me anything advance out of all -- -- gave you that. If you don't wrap him up he's gone before I could do bogeys on the hall to keep your hands on -- sprained -- right there. Call the ball turned upfield got some yards at the -- and like there was some well maybe if a legal defense Donald they got his face as in the top of the helmet. But it it'll be hard to bring down. Oh yeah I mean he's had gathered -- get run after catch ability and he's also got the ability to break tackles he's pretty strong package even though he's listed at 5 PM. But we just went over the new rule changes this morning and I'm not sure if that was one up on the -- commend the effort from the official. McNeill out here they don't have their microphone on so they can deal with the infraction was but it was obvious that'd be cool -- a defense. The game has that -- taken place here at the agreement them appear practice facility in the Drew Brees quarterbacks that -- office. With the county that Dolphins downfield or what about a 30 outscored in the and then at the office now moving here is that right Griffin and -- and -- wide open down field -- holding it. And as a wide open it would look closely over right there and it -- -- About that he throughout the book looks at it carefully and he was this he was late on Obama bit that allow Robertson to panic -- to have some -- -- is solid he's been in the kids and now the focus on and off so quickly a couple of they can vote now. At the one he ought to land and give the ball all four of the good this week and now you are you smoking when etiquette a stop to that defense on -- that. I -- -- look at -- with your concentration. Yes it was indeed the reason I'm guessing that this -- went right -- the line of scrimmage without a huddle is kind of simulate what you do in the game. Don't give the opposing coach cannot do you throw the red flag out there because Brandon cooks did go out about one or two yard line. So now his -- Griffin -- out and the -- Theres a flag on the play but it's going to be a reception and that is made by number 35. For the New Orleans Saints and one of the your fullbacks for the Saints that is Alston Johnson. He's the -- before Asia player when you experience out of a Tennessee so all right did to drive successful they hope -- the first Russell Mark -- get into the end zone. And in Austin Johnson with a shot receptions so yeah. I came in detail and that and yet teams are -- -- in that inning in. -- -- Not contact. And he has been in our way and you put it stanza brought it to move around. In that. -- Active you know and the officials. At the flag but things didn't kick the extra point and now back then the other and field. In this it is and s.'s second team -- staying involved in Latvia and yesterday coach Payton probably get that please repeat just I mean he wants to first you to run. And he wants his opinion on. And now you know -- I would imagine because this and it's it's all about you know it's kind of not. It's the same as we've seen some practice but maybe a little less sometimes it even even controlled it in a situation like this problem more frustration to the defense that is all for -- -- don't need to get their. UK hit. He but eventually he could -- the yeah yeah that's right next this time next week you even WB backe you'd be discussing would have in the night before that. It will be shown an awful. Although contact. So Coppola run plays in the last that in times and it was a Nat Moore and it's gone though about running the football. Under those last two time with these things suspect and things up then and now I think dish -- and in some first team defense that. Embassy have seen cam Jordan back. That's a first team defense out there as a unit you know you you talked earlier about Drew Brees interrupted and now I haven't seen Champ Bailey out there yet. No I have anything on there any drills or anything like that so I'm not sure what his stats but he didn't practice yesterday. And you know there's flags that back there to -- this would have been a sack here onus on display. And it is going to be flag and again the officials all working the scrimmage here today again -- Drew Brees today because Ryan Griffin and Luke McCown quality guys that if you mean not all the work. Here though this morning in the offense has gone down the field twice. The first touchdown about a 3 yard run by -- them and then on a one year or kind of a small -- play action was Brian Griffin to Austin Johnson. For a touchdown on the case can never be a bear -- -- now about -- Okinawa talk and you need to go all week all he's done that in the fans I think two receptions already. From Brendan cook the prized rookie I don't all Oregon State. Wanna -- always -- -- field and made made a gun is and in that long when he got behind these days. All Patrick Robinson already seen the big impact of a guy like Brian Cook the fans up close and personal. Well. My guess that I I'd be surprised. I think on the low when. 37 -- reception do you look at the over and on the -- over seventy. You know drew is gonna spread the ball around to you look at every game. 891011. Different receivers. Sobered Redick looks to be a big part of that. And I we've seen him do that a number of times you know deep corner routes and if it's around limiting hitters and he's vindicated so I think a big part with the Saints he can do this year. Now again this is just a kick all think that it is going to be the one return a kick here. And I want to kind of break through the whole thing though its -- animal control -- -- descriptions -- we -- -- -- formula formidable seen before. Alan -- more offense and defense and we'll see if what's quarterback of the Clement is that we seem account and we have seen. No -- Griffin again Drew Brees is not even just after the he has an traders have been no full beer. And the other quarterback on the roster is Luke Q for the rookie and a Middle Tennessee State out of California by way of the blue Raiders. -- middle Tennessee also by the guy who -- that don't well he had a sack on their first position on the offers team our offense was power while he continues to do it here it is can. Yeah of it and when you look of 101. He's continued you know make excellent plays those so has though Foster. When he was the rookie out of Illinois L last year. The Soviet -- walker -- Quite a bit that that was nice kick off set up our branding coach. I don't know that I really tackler but then there was a nice Alley and he -- he got close to me -- -- -- -- have been just get one hand touch used to when -- got to midfield but but going back to -- walker the cut. From -- you know -- -- -- -- very kid. He history's pretty competitive about their. He was to be almost or try to -- -- little light the past Russia riding with that built the bill to establish himself rugby pitch and it would do and have line like the -- the garden tackles -- He's gotten is helpful kind of like the alignment by the if you can call of that between Zach Strief. And you know -- walker as a guy if he's healthy. I think they come around him I don't know Bill Johnson liked him from day one. You know considering how he's -- repeatedly got to stay healthy. It's all right is it the time out on the field. We'll come back eat some more action at all our resident pro hockey guys on and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia from the let -- go scrimmage at the Greenbrier West Virginia. All the Saints radio this is that you did you and welcome back our president pro -- -- anybody being where you were to have a care facilities the black goes -- -- continues it in the Drew Brees. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I branding -- including -- Turner Field. -- to a a flag was on that -- deep -- down to the one on nine and in Griffin completed a one yard pass to Austin Johnson. -- would later have a big return at the least -- would got back to meet Theo wooed the crowd. And now the third string quarterback is actually fourth string quarterback is -- you or a complete the pass out to the -- -- -- -- that is to fifteen that is that. This and Davey is that you owned by the young man who has also had a very good came. Yeah -- -- David Jones a big receiver when you break it down six with 3200 pounds. You know we've all those talked about Brandon Coleman being -- -- six 215. Missed that nobody is unchanged on David Gill this it's he's been really active in the previous played Florida. I'm 44 Brian Dixon had a chance for an interception. He's been alert goes dark horses that I think they don't want the rest of the NFL to -- out -- -- from the Northwest. Missouri State. Coconut Creek Florida but he with a Northwest Missouri State so I had a chance that it deception -- I think I just got his hands and we couldn't pull him. And I hope directed at Clinton that was point and a thirty man that was that it. Busted out I was you don't club enough but another -- from -- -- the -- you see it first deputy hands that they wouldn't be -- you feel. But it's not about the inception. I mean moment and Randy Coleman on back to back -- and -- and excellent and in. And his issues. And missed -- Guess. Checked -- to -- quality in limbo for practice and that's what to bed at nine. Yeah could get could get right there bodies Hokies talked about -- action on the football with a knife on right there well he looks like a running back you know he gets a pass receiving running back you know kind of get a number of plays that you seen Darren Sproles that. We've really been press especially -- his vision and his cutback ability. And we've seen a number of times you see that hit fifteen -- I've run by him. And now the you know Q or is it time that don't involved not -- -- that was a plea to Flanders in both the Astros and he knows there's pro and -- he had been in heat. And he hits that any concern about where he's got that -- missed opportunities by. Broad street you discuss that now. Pierre Thomas runs so well in the heat of the -- now it's a little bit stiff club. Supposed to be anyway intensity in practice and -- their their stroke your misses and out and he. Make it beautifully just salute his leg it was set up but you gotta -- the ball and yeah it is in screen that Hugo drop them back -- about a fourth step up he's in the -- has won this one out and it ain't nice grab right here. And it's going to be a make enough -- about it now was OST pick in the semis Jones in both the sticks -- but it you can sneak first down. Right there so this is -- in that you see a third team quarterback -- -- -- -- by accident but count Florida now the -- -- Griffin involvement in offenses down the field to score but walking would have shot three yard line in Griffin. The -- a -- pass is that we don't have fullback Austin Johnson. And now Kilgore has is off limits on who -- supposed to meet with them. Thirteen players Q what courses before quarterback all the things atrocities in the third but the -- the qualities. Through every emotion comes to the -- you or is gonna hand the football and I go back but we can't get there but previously. It's a previous don't bother him look back on the field bonus that will make a cut back like that you can see about a reinstate the that you studio -- called -- Come up at least until after the back then made a good. And that you go to receivers they downfield block and that was a good job I don't block and that threw the play after that date broke free. And even though it's that you're not out there -- -- if your own out there and you try to cut block out in the fifth seeded but it's a nice job. Of stock in these guys -- -- -- do and get nothing in the -- -- slightly and -- your hands -- and you'll have turned around him off the field just not in the game that way. -- didn't you know tackle Tarvaris -- -- enemy live in this training camp but a great. Vision that we just talked about that that the defense over pursues and one thing I can tell you. Is that I'll back up defense -- getting gash in the run. They got I don't know so I don't know what that thing about -- depth the first unit I think overall the team makes it all we get -- it's back. That they've been style. But I know coach Rob Ryan and coach bitten coach Johnson they've been all over. On the back ups and examined played a well run -- the run well and and we just seen them on that drive -- -- that. Basically just couldn't backing -- a nice 25 yard touchdown run. And now on after each offensive possession. The dolphins' defense with competency so that they do special teams -- right here. Students opponents and a little bit chunky but he's moved in their three scores in the ball game each quarterback has made their offensive. Unit down the field the first ahead Ryan Griffin -- you've been to count on down the field. I -- he had 83 yard touchdown run from ball in the second offered the position -- -- Griffin the Dolphins now highlighted -- to be kicked it about -- -- And at a reception from Austin Johnson for a score most recently on about a twenty yarder on a taveras could get on a nice cutback and downfield block that. By a wide receiver since Davy Jones Saints were some returns right here. Cooks and in Charles Falcons since -- -- Bobby like -- pocono -- before you came up. The Saints have got -- got a good -- to speed effective at the end in this this team department but even from top to bottom the trio that group they expect if fielded them. -- beat this year they've had to pay. You have it you know you -- kind of take approach to the skills that make the first guy may miss but. You gotta have the proper block -- in the return game with a difficult or put covers. Because of America how great yard united invincible so you can. Get going in you know set of the blocks and is it that first defender. -- the -- or whatever is getting down there that's crucial and we didn't do a good enough job of that last year. Peso Brian Griffin is now so he is with the one that's exactly that this and he beat these things. With the first team and it feel it feel that a play actually look -- got to -- -- green with a nice -- everything it. All the way down in that point you don't have a policy down to about the twelve so -- -- nice may have down. But Jimmy Graham you know to me that's a separation -- hope he was pretty much open. In between it was a back. It in the second here. Next year and a little bit more but -- I think she would -- -- car oval I think you'd think golf is a nickname department is yet -- in. And -- -- on site you agree and active in Euro zone boundary in the current issue of human and I actually greatly looking down. -- tactically. Jimmie Johnson throws the ball. It and -- -- did me on to that it is going to be with Monica Robinson if I could look them onion and decide here. He gets an eye for an eye contact the venerable game there's like three argue -- three yards and evolves now please now at the you know I would be a second down. At that kind as the saints' offense that it is the first team on -- first its first or -- -- want to talk about the game know Drew Brees and running with the ones this time it's quarterback. The Ryan Griffin whoever's coming in Titans QB Graham comes in like a double slot formation. And I'm gonna see a little play action right Griffin hit Benjamin Watson house at -- he's got it down. To about the five -- five yard -- about a -- your game can be a third down short here alive and make it about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean it's more so than what you see in practice but he still you know with the exception of the -- Karros tackle in the unit I think guys. That have fallen down down just because they're just more. People around the football there a little bit more involved to make trips up in in the holes down but. The day you're gonna avoid an all out tackling this as much as you can. All right. And now coverage right there and it's going to be a 43 -- -- don't like Pierre Thomas. Little bit of any since there nice pass breakup. The defense of both their neck got to give up that forty yard initial pass late yeah that Jimmy Graham. You know you've -- -- result they would have forced if you will that are -- so that's a positive and that's the first time they've done yet that that the that the -- know rob Bryant so far had been to police you know with the defense over they came -- and a big stuff on that drive out of bounds so. A nice play on that side of the it was in serie. And they kept the offense so on and so it pushes him back in that situation yet they got the -- of like extended reds' -- coach -- talks about that not just when he on it is like thirty owned in. -- -- great -- position. And was adding a marketing a thousand dollars he got outside thousand -- nice run. Yeah but I'd rather on the for the right there. With you on with the the defense the goodwill that plan and the office that -- -- rates on the previous week they -- -- sports rental program. Most in demand that the fans -- and now they go back out in the second -- it puts the ball back -- privacy Eckstein did. -- -- would help would help England that ruined two to run Armstead was dominant helping him get to the edge and and that's it Geneva late tackle. -- -- drop here -- walking on a team in the with a rabbit beat him with Brian Griffin right there. 54 with a -- of hearing them and what he. I stopped for the New Orleans and -- -- Because curry Fuller -- for charity -- ended it here yet I should actually I think he admitted he could have been a great interception he got his hands on it now they counting on. A curry for when you look at him a fourth round draft pick out of cal. He really couldn't. Caught the coach's eyes and make it that it. You know through the net do you leave here yeah. For they -- now is -- handoff. It's going to be Yi is the yet because it is not -- right about that happens that the thing that buck up a bit although there was about that play I don't know what Keenan -- assignment was that a deal ruled out corner I didn't see on the back end -- looks like using great position to run support. Right there -- couldn't get it's so good defense that run defense like Keenan Lewis there. So now you look at the ones. All in the long line group that he's leading the first team offense -- -- go -- -- today and now the ones than you or -- third team all around the field. -- -- -- build the fourth on the Ian Watson is they play the quickly all seen holes so saint. Defense does flag thrown him with the officials are out on the vehicle we've. At that one thing optional coach preakness and BC staff Wagner race. The and in a lot of that it just. It's not you the new rules at the end remaining. Some don't think this morning you know they talked about offensive line -- low blocks in the way they want in front things like that that was just a little fashion. Holding call on the left tackle. Yeah and then you look at it OK it would it would double whammy that was probably the first negative run by the offense -- only with that a negative or a difficult hole. -- -- tandem although most of it's a shotgun formation but Brian Griffin. But he has. Adjusted to play. Again notable. Now -- this man. He's got that book -- helpful to Ethiopia. So formidable gain that by the he fit right there though that the defense is doubt right now on his position -- a bow on second down and all after holding call but hopefully prior. Well maybe it didn't deserve to get alarmed the or ethnic or they'll they'll ask a couple of series that they were getting -- -- beginning but they kind of bowl in their naked. And now low for support down situation that first -- and he moment Jimmie and that he couldn't go anywhere on the rush that the fact that. Fanatical emotion and people aside. Count Ian excuse me if it's a compliment that. Graham. Holbrooke the -- in the -- the nice reception there since area now what is exactly Jimmy Graham probability theory tackling immigrant commodity. That -- -- I think. Connecticut picked off -- -- catching -- balls and take it to the ground let's let's bring it that they -- a four on top and allies.