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08-02 9:10 am - Saints Training Camp (Scrimmage)

Aug 2, 2014|

Deke Belavia, Bobby Hebert and Hokie Gajan live from Saints training camp. Discussion of today’s scrimmage as well as interviews with Saints coaches and players.

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So now either -- the ones. On the want Brian Griffin he's leading the first team offense he would know Drew -- today is -- Griffin in the count the ones and twos in the Q score maybe a third team offense down the field. To score. Motion go the far side it is going to be the end Watson is they -- -- play in the the Saints this. Quickly on the scene and a host of book Saints. Defenders at the flag -- round of the officials are out on the field hopefully -- -- -- -- -- -- one thing -- -- -- coach period there's going to be we've seen our share flags are already. The and in a lot of that it just. It's not you the new rules at -- end remaining. Some don't think this morning you know they talked about offensive line and he low blocks in the way they want in front things like that that was just a little fashion. Holding call on the left tackle. Yeah and then you look at it OK it would it would double whammy that was probably the first negative run by the -- only with that a negative run -- golf hole. So -- tandem although most of it's a shotgun formation but Brian Griffin. But he has. Adjusted to play. -- notable. Now news this man. He's got some -- -- book -- helpful to Ethiopia. -- formidable gain that by the he fit right there though that the defense is out right now on his position that's -- bow on second down and all after the Politico but hopefully prior. Well maybe it did it is that they get alarmed the ethnic or they'll they'll ask a couple of series that they were getting -- -- beginning but they kind of bowl in their naked. And now low for support down situation at first -- and he moment Jimmie and that he couldn't go anywhere the -- that's the -- Fanatical emotion in the -- aside. Count Ian excuse me if it's a compliment the Graham. Holbrooke the pain in the -- the nice reception -- -- area now what is exactly Jimmy Graham probability theory tackling immigrant commodity. That they've been I think. Connecticut picked off the -- catching -- balls and take it to the ground that so let's bring a lot of four on top and allies and welcome back at black -- -- here on saint trio to be you know and you -- ran with him with nice hands out in the of Burnett's talent from the swing Vietnam in the Booth. It picks up some yards and prior to that. We had an opportunity when he -- Jimmy Graham caught the ball twice in the Graham -- point you know man. -- from the ground. That no hell -- That -- bottom of the penalty into the ground. You know that was is that never decided did at the bubble screen concert that here. -- -- speech yet yeah yeah he's now free release sent their quarterback hits him right away in Canada went. That hopefully hinges on if Robert Meachem get that block on the out -- -- -- -- -- Fake handoff and company it. -- 01 over the -- On ground beef with Robert Meachem and he knows although today that the -- if they. But the ball down looks like it about the fourteen on line -- -- -- it -- and it the colony inning pink I easily easily create anything in the -- he is may have also fumbled the and efficiency that he never had. Contact for you to ground so they ruled it incomplete. And -- have been active this morning for the defense they kind of a parent thing so that's that twice now at the three straight scores the things kind of -- -- -- UC Davis. Yet have -- -- the hitting it -- it is a rental period now looks like golf it is gonna get the ball at midfield. And of Luke McCown now in the quarterback. Soviet as a deceive you in a drive down yeah that's likely to flow to it yeah yeah. Countless teams now. And if -- -- on the long pass -- handles right there the whole. Well the good and on them millions like. Yeah England that that would that -- -- at least plus nine players that whatever they gonna give them so if Obama route to -- the game in the day it was the Eagles make managers all the way. You know the week it's the gonna editor's -- which you know -- got -- -- -- there you know you don't have to eat and you don't is that. I don't like those time but he with a knife on right there. Now -- -- them now and now all of us. -- many cooks as a quick slant route and -- and the coaches beat Corey white go wide right on the line of scrimmage and c'mon the yards after the catch -- Corey white was three yards behind him. And does simple little past -- like that you look at that yards after the catch that's all the sudden like a fifteen yard gains and that's development Dick Cook brings to the table or if quickly you know like that explain it that announced we -- and -- -- linesmen won't. The only rookie during this entire training. Myself president in some separation and a few hooks was opens and expect exactly that thing up with the team for -- with. On that one well yeah it's Wheaties and I'll turn around sweeting is -- by getting beat deep over the top and in. I don't know what it's taken him back as a it's a flag -- that would have been another fifteen yard gain but on the outside resident. Slant eyebrow in Oakland pay eight point -- with maybe a situation when -- want to -- situation right right things it looks like from the your walker is a second down. Situation possibly being colonists sack on the plane maybe he -- OK okay because it it could -- in the fairway acquitted van. And you know you never really know I mean at the quarterback can break a tackle or something like that which. You also if -- Sean Payton you wanna work on the situations that you know on wanna get a situation where I'm -- in the eleventh second -- twelve -- It Wigan Hampton to do that even though it may not be scripted -- -- will get the benefit of the doubt to the defense in -- -- the Derrek Lee. Like he'll make them look premature contact. Against the offense he jumped Luke -- with a hard count athletic Nabokov five yards. For a jumping off sides it 6070 any up earlier practice this week and we CEO Eric heavier at turtle before broke over. And he's in the mix trying to be one of these reserve defensive lineman for the Saints -- sees a lot of movement on offense not a shifting going on here. The last team plays them a county so look it up. The psyches -- talked to -- -- maybe change in the plate and a sack off formation look. He's going try to he. Just looks like -- and a good job by the defense right -- about defense and attended up on the -- prepositions. Yet that they've turned it -- but I still wanna see them the backups as far as could be you know stout against the run. I -- overall Leggett said. Can hold. There at the runner to maybe no gain arm minus George -- don't see that that is obviously still a pass situations subtlety -- -- coming out. Both in two years that it would meet him in the four round. In an account is I'm going to take this is the pick Bobby well I think that's Markus Paul here -- this off with ball he was being. Clear cut down field. Game and some of the book but that was marking the end -- Clinton book heater taking it to the house about let about it. 67 yard interception altered all the focus -- -- -- being -- get a bead on I don't know if it was but it scared they -- -- it -- notable the president -- Right out right off the -- kind of disrupt it definitely made a comparable. And it got in the face in the team accounted have a clear Atlanta site and him off the ball to stay in front of me and I speak gotten nice yard that it appeared. And he he's the guy that showed up your training camp in the year -- safety there that news slotted. -- naturally all you can do it during the course it can't be -- in practice you know he can you make something happen in that. Particular play that situation. Presents itself right there. Mark his ball does what I like about mark his ball to begin the 61210. Pounds of big city right. Another good precedent now bout time I walk -- -- four with them accounted. Maybe you don't put it all off on -- policy that I ticket this year to predict so minimal gain is that the defense. On the -- reposition the advantage on the alternate one -- along with a lead three times. The consistent including me picked. A few moments ago about Marcus ball. Counties Theo and at quarterback you have Sosa leaving Jones split to a this Michael Coleman. Over there to be a force that becomes the emotion. And then it's is that going to be a handoff but -- it's a bit but there. It's not but you know walk on. A phone taught secondary you know rod -- make it run its week but it -- -- -- -- -- -- more physical defense effects for the Saints at the speed here. He had big and is hard to tell right then that was a car around with a point nine at 39. That's that I was Tyrod hasn't yet that that was probably wanted to -- as the bits of run a stops -- that they've had so far against them. You know the offense and you know what's amazing you -- you that the first three times you give it a point that was loaded the big factors in us having a great season last year. The team that is ranked fourth in scoring defense only giving up nineteen points a game that has to continue. -- -- them account with tea on the throw to a judge realize you tied it so minimal gains zone defense and enough to -- on the banking it in the off ball underneath out of it it. But the pressure -- Derrick you've done good don't also faulted him and walker. But it Gibson -- pursuit of fraud and also a fifty Fahd has been there. That it is there will practice this week it's kicked out of Dawson outside back Bobby as the ones out there on the weekend if you ever. -- -- played at Texas Tech then. And you know they. Just take advantage opportunity. He he got. NFL experience and that's what you know you look at that seven years has been -- it's on the right the last this long. In the game it's going to be a youth and -- it is it is. Tyree Robinson -- -- to speed was normal and might have been able to get outside the Hokies being that it is the kind of turn the corner looking at it gets a positive you know it. So much was made you today Rob Ryan built up to now -- defense set the edge at the right a couple of times where. This thinks -- -- to being able to bounce it to the outside but it -- you got here. Your second team defense to union in there right now a lot of those guys don't really understand counted yet. You got to keep you out that aren't for you can -- to play about now. -- -- shotgun formation. Out it's maybe he'll just drop right is Sweeney was they have put them away with the it would make a play on him Bono does the drop -- -- -- it was a little bit of behind of you -- -- -- their kids. And you know this is a situation where you know the lightning on yet I mean that won't happen until Friday night but. This is a step up from right practice I've seen both he and Brandon Coleman had a drought in the news. Specifically you need to yes we need to be a little bit more pressure on. So count me -- for me it. -- move he tore off. Now put it back. -- -- it back in on the -- So all that's on the backside in -- Sean the eagle and it hit that nearly got him the day when it's a couple of days ago where he calls out all the -- that's four times. You know let them bags jumping. Are all of a sublime illegal procedure that that simply cannot afford it fell to start out like birds. In fifteen. Or even now second at twelve because he jumped off sides. The countdown is on the pro -- if he all its all Falcons point eyes scanned down about the sixteen you on line and good. We we've the most though he's seen from all. He's all specialties but it if he's got that opportunity Bobby if he actually looked. Talking to you if -- receive -- but -- of the guys make it vocal as yet no we talked about. More about it image -- it and OTAs in the mini camp. You know and now in the Eastern League have more impact as a receiver thing is is that practices progress. Little -- there around. And -- it right there. All of that it. Even if the -- he guided them around not getting it out it's the same that we -- his name a couple of times that's a Fresno state guy. It had interceptions -- -- -- article -- him. On now. Or not without its hard not because he had a monster. He got to -- to fight off at least stayed out of every ten to -- he was that I am I'm a prominent in that that often -- on the hobos -- -- -- at that point now. Here is quick out to music. That it will wrap. At it yeah. -- he can't go one down there he rolled up on the back Marcel Jones. Yeah that's like jones' turn to give up a slow news nobody goes Speedo. We want to -- all right right there M Marcel Jones amount of a man like six foot 7220. Pounds so. You are you ready or not those tree trunks down but boy nice move by cadet. Looks like really was not -- he got to put the shakes on Kevin Redick there was kind of dark horse linebacker that I needed last year's. But really that's Brinkley was going nowhere. Welcome to all but speak to one side -- Mike Jones. To -- news that it's that. -- from the racing game in the bag here and he's asking now accountable steps that the fact that it. On a go at it it out by Corey why Corey why can't focus of the -- of all white. Was that the appointment of a kind impact there so I'm not but there and put this -- -- so all the bouncy Lance half these things that now well. We have it now but think about that. They needed to me would you give up basically three long drives three touchdowns. -- somewhere and in that regard but. You know it's it's hard to -- it means you -- cut it to be 5050. In I still. Think the first unit to beavis is very promising that at times. You know believe a lot to be desired in the field -- the backups on defense with that they did. But I have a nice showing very keep an office -- in. All right well why they were all those things it is the time to take that break we'll come back even more action from this practical scrimmage and our resident -- to -- guys on him Bobby -- beat them appeal on Saints radio that the equipment. All right black legal risk if it's there was continues from the team our opinion West Virginia -- testimony probably. Low seventies that the solid that'd be a -- -- biggest crowd we've seen -- on a couple practice days it's been big crowd but today. Really a field out people up on the -- behind us and they I think my hat off to. Think hell of a man or woman thought to heal and brilliantly clamp it down it no doubt about it. So we think we've seen some scores today golfing with a short on Austin Johnson believes a yard reception and also. We saw his score by it. That was so. Done this afternoon biscuit it's -- -- twenty -- run in the pick off about Marcus ball. How dining it's -- some from moves especially teams that it was a nice front while we would it. Simulated kind of a kick off but you could and he made a nice who also cooks. It's not well with the big reception. Early don't and or drive it came down if Iraq Griffin. And threw it out -- to him -- I sort of feel pretty deep as downfield to agreements -- -- A publicized -- You regularly just occurred a drive -- pretty crazy he got back to back up with some of penalties he you know before quarterback in Kilgore it is like first and one. Because every illegal procedures. The easiest thing that you double -- -- -- you and you're by we've seen with the flag them like that they'll hope you cut -- we -- -- before -- you know what they put me scene. And a right. You have -- UK Vegas oval hole I mean you know we always talk about you know able to have closed at ten penalties -- -- hundred yards there I think it's only got to have the short and then nine penalties a game -- -- quite a few today. Q or in quarterback now -- Drew Brees participating. Off those. The sixty to a that is now the state via -- out. Yes he's he's got -- I only -- or anything that are code you're not. I've talked. That is we called him out DOS has that this laws are a lot of her practices at the end it's weak he's bruised left out -- look at qualities that we put -- I'll note he's had a couple of sacks. You know being an active. You know. Nice size and you look at him but he's really quick that's what I've been impressed with I mean six foot 5290. Pounds. I'm thinking wise it felt not in that it or it. Though. -- -- He'll go out to that fourth. Off now. 44 a couple of make it. Right there -- for the defense that backs -- -- practice. On Thursday. So -- on it down field or practical team. As I did the to have 3530. Sixes aren't or the park this -- yard mark wouldn't think that situation yet he local. You know with the trees and maybe. Down the field stated who speaks a -- that they use that to me it means. So the ones who guided by both. Ryan Griffin -- guys that are. Is Q school quarterback and the other nicely and I get a first and goal on the seven tonight connect nice connection with certainty of his skills oh Gordon and Jones but that aside then Michael the -- -- on. All the way. Is that the rock up at them. That. Ball down now. Right than if you. May -- that. -- -- We break your neck action and he you know which it very happy birthday to -- care who's the eldest sons Christian now at the -- -- post. -- Everton on -- on today are. Hopefully do them better. For him refute it mine and a point out here he the Christian. -- -- him. Yeah yeah I hope I hope that the black and not -- Have the burden. And things like this told. Writing that close -- -- in yet a game at third down with. Realize tackling Joseph you've been out on the to -- that the that defended his game hardship of and had an official government if there's a vote regular zone that's right I did it. Since that first touchdown in. Mean black Eagles right -- Right you look at it will be -- from -- back into -- and the NFL running back in pretty natural. Transition -- I'm. -- -- I was running back to -- the denouncing really people moment to -- as a TVs so so I guess if those instincts. And -- he looks. When you look at it was like Darren Sproles juniors size. -- -- And what you can almost a -- and high school game and if you look like you belong because he is a little bitty guy in themselves and be who is that guy he's dominant. Now we've gone back to special teams that -- can hit -- that back on a punt return. Assuming he doesn't basin. Is that all and -- odd and out coverage punt coverage but. Interesting how cadets can appeal it. And you see these orange hats again describe it on their helmet. That's kind of like the scout team look but -- return game -- ankle and safety -- the way yes. Camp you know we edges the Gunner coming down. And seeing you beating -- to keep it. You try to take -- -- aka big the corner. It could it go to Cologne on that one right there in this special teams work apartment. A little bit more action now must always seen north three full drives before photographs of course and hit it. The different comments by the city extended red -- work. And him we're coached pretty -- you know when he's alienating a piece on what they'll probably do what he technically tomorrow's a day off but because he's both. So courtesy you shut it down. Almost like he's physically that he had ample. You know well they actually they get two days -- -- if you really think about it from standpoint that -- -- -- that practice Monday won't be till Monday afternoon and Andrea walks through. Monday morning but I mean that's. As a player you look forward to that practice. You and so. And it's and be a lot of time to recover between. This scrimmage this morning and ending your next -- opportunity to get downfield more. Now -- most eyes on you -- coats but he utilized his speed or he. He was you know great -- owners and ban it coaches that element Hornets. He's that gap by -- think it will take people long to see. Beat them by a highlight real well a little late that it meant David can't twelve yard return and you're amongst the best that you get the double -- -- -- -- at ten yards of punt return average that and are you doing your job and like I said before you get up to about 014 yards but I think you playing in the Pro Bowl but. Yeah I tell you what he -- that looked very impressive as a returning kicks the ball. Release moves -- right now you that disease of rumors partner. 11 here. In the red zone. We can count the play action he's this restaurant if you -- the -- -- -- throw a flag -- you know -- -- -- what we're holding. Well and and -- -- causality and so I wouldn't say he blew the whistle like a -- within the flag came out wrestles away at him on. That completely. Take this act -- if it does he take the penalty. He says some he's -- official like having a throw too many flags as -- -- -- well. Which you know you you've got -- yes yes I did this in Europe and it is the first pre season in the ambulance and more. So would you commit trading what does that -- the -- -- hold on after a gamble pressure out of the goods and that was that was a pathetic team. And was -- -- I mean he caddie got them back Theo Riddick. -- -- -- -- -- -- One no one's yes it looked like -- -- -- -- was -- -- kicked -- his -- and nice sliding catch is that they do. Yeah that nice. Astros haven't seen him make the because he's been like the top receiver in -- that this is for his catches. -- them town. Understood. Steve -- try to great NC Cooke's not a I'm talking about the number of catches that night yards right. And -- we Robinson right there with a -- Yeah everybody doesn't that mean hokey then it -- If they're out there. And this will be important that they. A confidence standpoint that befits -- their -- in the red zone in you know a force of Google situation. Well -- -- -- and -- You know. The negative. And Jack calls he's an attacking me -- I echo those witnessing yard out Jimmy hasn't let up and the seniority or bring -- -- down -- wrinkles and down. Extended red zone were accountants is one offense on one the -- It's a game and now this is the robinsons. Hit -- good field or Rafael bush. Beats him except. -- that innate feel it blocked -- Brodrick Bunkley and on the moment. Not visibly -- -- a date on it right the and a -- city our market this does is it like it should be a third down situation this is where. Third down defense. I just being your favor. And I don't know -- it's 39 at things like that should be a scenario but. What you could force if you ordered that that's it have a seven of big time. When they can't be third I'm an Olindo droplets in third and I want to rent and overall there. Vietnam was with the care rated. -- okay go on about -- -- and -- executive and oh yeah in his first team -- the first team defense. After coming down the stretch here each unit to get like a little -- like this extended red zone they've been there and danced in the day over an hour now. About it now. And no Drew Brees today so this is a few accounts that thing with the long -- if he wants all the scoring drive in the first position in smoking's cool show on. Counters by my days. And keep it going forceful. Stance that ground back there and a critical offensive. Yeah a big you know and I think even though that there's a long time even develop -- -- had a good you know pocket presence that that was a legit late in his -- they would Jimmy Graham forever but the -- I think what witty yet fine -- Duncan. Our penalty. Unsportsmanlike conduct them. I think that they covered with a morning it. It's going to be a penalty here. I'm by the league. But -- NFL note finally in any territory it was the official that -- demean this morning he -- look on him about the no Fun League and yesterday I cannot believe got on it. We limited them obviously out -- -- rules so much you dislike it would never be here and does it this year it'll be a penalty. You know we'll be well you hurt the team doing it today you know I think he'll go in a real situation. That the. -- was a nice cut by -- that right there but I be second team unit in crime Griffin or. I think you I've been more impressed wicket that as a runner than I thought I would be -- see him or is it truly a pass receiver and running back -- He's at some impressive runs which in capsule form. Griffin is on the season. And all that is the answer right there. That Ramon Humber in the necessary to build again there. Again so we'll call it short game right there in the breeze today. So the the appointment. But now. And we've both of them -- unit down the field. All the scoring -- so this is quicker here third down situations this is make or break all of that the defense that you know you have a style. A third down defense and obviously -- think that would that would have been his third down offenses so Steve who's gonna convert or the stop them. -- -- We. If Grassley jot that down write down and about the massive -- I think those two for those. Well not only convert on third down all that fell off the guys took off the -- and at third down because the text. Inning on -- and he was like conine as solid play who wouldn't that wouldn't that trio of what you used to run like the entire season in the -- -- at the -- Down -- soon as he caught that -- he kept him feet coincide that with the yeah we want -- -- was totally. You know rod sweeting is laid out -- -- -- attempted at least friendly hand down. So I -- does that to a lot of the night in Edmonton the theory. -- Kilgore is in the quarterback the notable is that that you. Q do it involvement through. You know that's something we seen yes he had never have -- that Drew Brees he had to fumbled snaps in. I know the quarterback meeting will be take part in that have it is it is the you know -- Drew Brees got fine. But I mean Al and it did give up big it's always the quarterbacks. And you always think it's Austin yeah Rucker I mean it. Breaks it there's a quarterback coach. As a head coach -- -- who's Pepsi useful rarely do you think -- that. We'll be -- at sea dogs it like a gentleman yeah it amongst yourself and in. Whatever in the pot in the seats in. You might it chair and he rightly assignment. In his we'll go out to eat yet. Okay and I almost -- did it differently that not not -- that the team. Well they can look at the last play as we talking hold -- hawk Jeremy definitely the Dallas a twenty yards down the middle Eagles through his hands and nice pass like -- gore. And those that are kind of plays that we see Charles Hawkins make in OTA's and mini camp. So now Kyoko steal and a quarterback back at about the 35 yard line. It took them. The only. Again I call -- that they don't call a flag I think rather run -- wasted who's that thirty got them justice that too early does that Javon weight from Arizona yeah yeah. It would have been close -- -- badly and I got to -- -- still -- Throughout the month you go into the details angles eighteen we need to keep it that thought that was recovered. -- -- -- It differently. Yet there too by waiting they kind of hit or miss that he's made -- he's also given up -- season at three year guy from Arizona Wildcats. Austin, Texas. But he he's been an NFL camps but he EZ pass defended that would -- I've seen him -- in -- So Q goes got the office at the but it's on and off Theres. And it lands via. Eyes well all -- you know I gain ultimately he has good vision and he was outstanding with -- -- community played him back to back national championships couldn't. And when North Dakota State. But he was a big artists and Houston success. And and -- you'd look at him in the record book all the Ortiz put. Yeah I don't think you'll make this team WT. His vision of the running back he is just will be seen in practice. Q school on this. -- it back on. The heels -- The backcourt on the opposite side so you toys. You know let's go. With his office Drew Brees -- -- his own scrimmage. One that but the back quarterback down. And also Ryan -- You off all of -- -- is that there but I and I -- the -- -- react advocates -- -- -- looks like about third and four. Dollar. 3435. Somewhere around there. And against the now Q who shot well. -- Ad blitz sack as that marked his ball yet again -- as well. Beckett -- unit that you know I thought he should have broke the last aggregate it fixings with that about a six -- seven yard return now. Comes out great timing on the snap count and getting a -- -- -- Is this city guy now so that they live way to that -- -- like -- -- -- refused brits out out here and he the wave of fans that appreciate. At the crowds are here jam packed house. And -- with these type of bumper to that that. Mean being -- it that it the locals the -- with these people via video the -- you watched the season and with -- -- all. This will be caught it and you know not to not to -- that's the plan by eight feet in at least 88 and beat the people. Crawled up -- distillery who watched all of the packing this means that the book is. The vacancy rest is yet is so whenever you get -- vantage point boy who dat nation has really come out of West Virginia it made him if apartment on -- the represented. And and and you know why not I mean people around here wanna be associated with a winner so the united manager of the Redskins out the Steelers are a little slow but. I just look at that I go to support the NFC. -- -- You know that is not the NFC east team loaded in NC -- and I think that's why people you know they embraced the Saints to their wanted to best teams right now in minutes ago. Nobody was scrimmage action is gone now that aren't sprints at Christie Garrett -- crew will go down and we'll have a live action from the you know podium. And it just if you all the tickets on mount comebacks this is Saints camp coverage here on that because via radio a seventy. And welcome back. Black and gold scrimmage 2014 is and he's in the books Saints now working on conditioning and down on the field Osama highlight smoking scored. Point 83 yours Raanan is now Brian Griffin. Did a good job of throwing touchdown pass to fullback Alston Johnson that was about the score and or Brandon cooks the a couple of big plays on that they are sort of says that it to have big games and also -- all. And it completely to have a big but I as the -- kick return to this if it prepares that it was born about a twenty or on. Jimmy -- came about being with a couple of receptions in this event and AM nice turnover about Marcus ball a nice pick. You scrimmage earlier today if we go on two count all the although the -- they announce that pleased the work he got it today. And able to do some things on him now they'll get back to work almost. Yeah I mean when they start about money on something like yeah yeah you roughly about a hour and a half that unity and they. When I say it which specialties were -- -- a -- field goal attempt to you know kick off. Coverage and kickoff returns that appeal that part. Wasn't lives like. Really all team working in different situation -- in -- down and distance markers to kind of marched the ball up and down the field -- they you know one thing that we didn't -- and I'm quite hear that they'll put -- During the course of this upcoming week practically go to Saint Louis is on the short yardage and goal line situations but you know they were able to move the ball downfield they were able to work on. The red zone game both the run and pass so everything that we seem to at practice they can it count a culmination of today's practice to get it only and. And -- with -- now if the players coaches it's all we care about the pizza now via. A podium. Decked out for you -- that takes place. Countless. Anthony but -- goes -- about the yourself some of the -- the unit but based. Well -- big -- obviously. You know the catch a coach's -- you have to make a play. And and I look at in 01 in my dark horses. It's a two dollar cars is that I was looking -- going -- his game. You know in the secondary. You got to give Marcus ball. You know how he'd finish up fractionally gets though. You know that that that interception. Yeah had a chance that to take it even and also ended up the -- -- and we also been talking about Pierre worn. And when you look at it Peter Warrick of from Jacksonville State. And then if you look at it. I mean who knows he's gonna stick that all knows he looks the part Mohr is all. Out of Memphis a six foot 1210. Pounds. So when you look at him stepping up I thought Brandon cooks. He did basically what we've seen. So far in training camp when he gets too much -- look at him obviously because the school. I would OTA's. That -- not disappointing their fans out here. And a lot like that said. Staying healthy and I'd be shocked if it branding -- don't have seven it was catches in his rookie year. So coach Payton is an insult to the team now and I have to dead absolutely have gone in of these fate that the political opponent at Kansas -- blow it -- it. I was I was -- and not gotten the break come back or post it it's over you all the Saints radio proposal because I'm party there. I'm Deke Bellavia on WW. They welcome back. Wrapping up his so black and gold scrimmage total go to new unit coming we'll be -- a lot of the news the players are close on things and address the media momentarily all the players -- the podium with. We're meet Bobby -- open Palestinians. Other crew -- -- gave it to about Davis it's a matter of oracle on that double coverage Heatley. It's the down on the policy in the field that's sticking with the -- 95 now that it's it to bring this to be here. Does he come up with what's happening. -- Steve right now. Q Bob is it's not hooked up yet but we got the podium Micah is set up and -- out here and we're we're trying to get ready to get. You know here from a Saints coach Sean Payton now momentarily along with some players here after a pretty good. Black and gold scrimmage that saw Brandon cooks constitute a few though as he's done really throughout training camp he had a heck of a day and and you know it. The -- not the rumor but the his growth watching him throughout this camp. Make a lot of people take notice not only just on a regular football field but also. A lot of fancy rumbles rumblings announced that predicates could be a high pick. If Tennessee for fantasy owners this year he's had a heck of a camp and certainly had a look like angles from which he certainly the talk over here. Right now and of course. Know Lotta Lotta folks to wonder about Champ Bailey with the status is there and it coasting -- provide. Too much information yesterday when he was asked about it we'll see if they -- assessed again today. About that rule in the status of Champ Bailey and what -- -- -- if he's injured or if there's another factor that we have to consider here with Champ Bailey put them. We should different shopping here momentarily. So look -- what is your opinion. -- by Drew Brees not participating ME three is -- big deal I mean they know what. Drew physically do I think it wanted to give them more reps in the morning game like situation. The play -- that one personnel we both look around and I Griffin. I mean not that I'm Beckley I don't know but I but I think it was more of that -- of something's wrong with drew a museum out. Here now -- -- -- you know I don't read anything it is the only days that it is -- he's. Yet since he's been here again that he meant it as a kind of thing. Yet and I think it just wanna get a hard look at at that number two quarterback position whether it be. Movement down or -- Griffin looked pretty sharp today at one point he was a first -- eight. So I really think they want anyway I await those guys with. The stars with guys that are going to be in there with the ones. Should something happen -- Drew Brees in a regular season how they're going to -- that chemistry and other going to react with that first team and I think that's really what is about my subject. Drew Brees at this point yet on -- roster this these kind of expectations in. This kind of team that potentially make it deeper on the post season why subject him to. Any count crazy fluke injury. During meaningless meaningless. Training camp which is ultimately practice so I don't you go to Uggla -- injury like that. We talked about a fluke injuries. I was kind of disturbed a couple of times how the defense out of of the got jealous Arctic to Albany to Jimmy Graham that it ground. Okie neighbor Carroll -- -- it's that he got so mad that you like really tackle them. And all that need to see him really count Marcus Colston so I think Jimmy Graham -- third and respect you know what diamond over the middle that they hit him again I mean -- you know it is football but right now we don't need the Aggies that -- -- bullets injuries. Especially a Jimmy Graham what he means -- this offense and I was kind of surprised that that. You know taken Jimmie down to the. Yeah a little bit but at the same time we've seen some of these black Eagles practices as they. The evidence Internet none as silly ball only to the -- ago go full go -- -- you know. Competition gets out there and these guys competitive in. Geez you've flown open maybe it accurately but the good news is no injuries yet because that we know well I don't know if we did exactly or scrimmage that's the most important part. That's the most important especially because last remember Joseph Morgan writes on Saturday -- -- governor. Or approaching the podium in one hand it off down where -- -- -- -- who -- the right -- it just the media on -- -- -- Just one note with the discourages morning. We ended up Holden drew. And AM practice yesterday. He he strained his left hopefully. And so we'll take it dated a bit we want to put him but -- after the day after so that's gonna record just a little bit rest. We'll see I would is coming back on Monday and kind of treated -- Dave that's the main reason. You can go. Otherwise. I would say we we got a lot more reps than maybe we normally would have. The recovery time. Comparing this to bulk of the handful of scrimmage as we've had in the warmer weather was noticeably different. And -- when an additional role with each group the ones the twos and threes. Once we saw how quickly we were gonna get through. Practice and -- questions. Well as explosive and he's a guy that can get the ball to him in space you know he has a chance to give you some run after the catch and he did that so. Just got to keep working with him on. You know a lot of the nuances in the specifics with the passing game but. It was good to see -- make you place. You worry about that would really isn't all -- I'm not worried about that so much with them -- most of these. Young players these rookies understand you know how much they have to. It up to speed Witten -- were there but line every one of them is a lot of work to do Brandon and if you're around -- long enough I think get a sense from him. You know -- he understands that so. You know I think it's a process in workers were religious completing the first week. Well I think it was important. That that he got in the playbook as fast as. Most. Quarters. It. You know I thought. Thought it was up and down in the run game but we have some good runs guys up front -- a good job and at times you know I think we missed some holes. But feel that on film these guys will be off tomorrow will be -- -- and then Monday. -- -- today after which spent the better part of the AM on the state in the weight room and then we'll have a practice out here on field -- In the -- You know both he and are doing well and we rotated both of those guys with the first group and the second group if you look at how how the -- one look at the first roll the ones and then. Three series or three groups later. Ryan took a group with the ones. -- the both compete hard Brian is someone that picked things up and he needed last year's rookie season so. That's just something we. That'll be on go on we pay attention to both of Murton while. I've got us back on level you know -- -- function well got alive and for the quarterback the celebrities here one watch the tape Cardinals and be in the start shortened. All the specifics but overall. -- to temple was in. -- -- made it. I wouldn't -- -- Just one week in the tree there so it really is gonna. Pre season meetings and I think that'll be in it become more prepared to rule. Yeah it was sporadic at times. But -- Oh and not just the quarterback -- the veteran lineman. You know it -- in an -- -- quickly. On which -- And and yet you know it didn't just drag -- overall. The truly evaluate the offensive linemen and others that the technique. An -- one. QB exchange issue. Both of those guys ones -- -- obviously the other ones that are here all of them. -- I don't I don't know. Compared to past camps you know certainly it's one of the points of emphasis in regards to be in a physical team and being able. We don't win games is specifically in the second but. You know it's something that is on going. Well we treated jolt. And -- -- a little differently your sweet old. And then -- we got a few snaps in the wanted to hold. I think he'll be closer to go on. This first or second pre season game so I think very easily could -- and yet we wanted to be Smart with couples guys recovery from an injury that we didn't put him right back out there and and and risk the chance of re injury. -- He's instinctive you know he's -- is where we saw a lot of film on and it -- in one thing I would say based on the film study. Was his ability to tackle in the open field and he has very good football instincts. So. The interception yesterday it was a good example of that in the ball confines of minute that a lot watched the tape credit -- pace doubts. It was polar we brought -- worked out and then signing or roster it was very very productive in the CF well and I think. You know he has a chance to be real good special teams -- I think he understands his role and I also think -- someone that you'll -- as a disease. Gaining knowledge of our our defense and safety but. He's done well this first week in week. Wealthy I don't think it's anything serious and it is again matter just make -- -- -- but I do. But I'm -- Like I said. -- go through again. You're yesterday right -- so you're gonna ask you Monday it's gonna respondent. Or. Anything else thanks. Saints coach on the -- -- media -- here -- -- -- there was asked about change -- but he's trying to practice. Time to analyze it didn't believe the series of course Drew Brees felt that this worked out with he has -- today. Strained his left that we muscles of the justice cost attribute linebacker Dave. Its own -- that. I think we. You know had up and downs. Like any day and you know it's ours our job does is go back to the meeting room and and come back gotta correct the things we need to be corrected before pre season game. It's. You know you heard the thing right now. Yeah. I'm -- in. I think it was a it was a it was a win -- kind of situation -- -- -- goes through a bunch of different scenarios is just kind of see how we reacted. So much different scenarios that we did that you know obviously doesn't think we have to correct you know from a defense standpoint and I'm pretty sure the same way. On the offense and you know go back to the drawing board and and divac added I'll come back from break. -- could have a good day we would accuse the other. In the end it. I see a 060 real and -- -- and has always took him I guess -- the I was the first. Round pick but you know he's a young guy with with what -- heck of a lot of potential and our opinion and when he gets the ball in his hands he's dangerous. What was the royal -- -- on the sideline. You know watching him and then. It's mean I guess we're about to do or Sam out Obama got covered. Hendrick through our governor like you know bring me a little help. But I is that he's a great young players you know he'll do well. But the fact that they opened up the offense. Think with three straight recipes and you guys had a string of three or four drives you can the defense can't stop them. -- -- that -- is that a matter of us adjusting to other guys actors you know they win. And today I mean losing game planned us and we game planned them and and their plan of attack got started fast you know and it was our job as a defense too to deal with it and kind of cited yesterday and come back and play. All similar to last year it's got almost the strength of this defense after giving up some yards or score. In the first opening play of the defense kind of figured it out. Yes but -- not as -- as -- now we're going for you know we. Almost positive bar our goal is to come out strong you know and we do that through preparation out here and and it's always been a -- going again. Is it isn't open is doing scrimmage like this where you don't want we've heard the offensive players to conduct. -- Bulls totally full speed. Is difficult because they have a good time the beef with the player because you know sometimes you gotta tackle the guy left his feet or. You know in order for the ref to stop the ball ought to have to you have to be very position so I guess it helps us helps us you know get our feet Friday self defeating. Run through ball gears and stuff like that on both sides of the ball it just has been able to take a teammate and -- give effort needs to be able to compete. -- No manages yes you know we definitely have to break -- -- and do all the right things with our technique. -- Every year. -- -- -- -- -- -- Sometimes because you know a rule sounds good on paper you know going out there and you're competing at a high level. Sometimes it's hard suggests you know. Yeah -- you know or you know just little -- new things but. You know we've done it before you know dollar changes in the past -- know we'll continue to do it to make the games they. Saints back Curtis Lofton here on him he'd be well well excuse me David Hawthorne. Curtis Lofton as a coming up the podium right now is. Black gold scrimmage in the books and again we kept enough for Sean Payton earlier I Drew Brees so -- -- worked out because of we sure that we Sixers personal. -- your take obviously. Alone. You know I think as a defense we don't really put what we want to out there today -- -- -- there's a lot of good you know as players we really focus on the bad end. That's -- it corrected that's with the scrumptious for. You know -- was to tackle and run into the ball game in Ireland totals change in the calls them. It over to summit today so there's a lot of good some bad that we needed corrected. -- man. You know is I'm I'm glad is my team. And you know I'm I'm there -- -- see Kosovo. You know we just get Ausprey it's pretty special. You know -- you can't say enough about this you always say it looks like it was a -- -- -- just bonuses. And known to have them as a team that's. In the -- -- -- you as well as quickly. It. I think you know we -- great coaches here and they deserve to -- quick but also I think. Management does a great job. -- players that. Can pick of systems quick and apply it daily and that's what he does and he's open the next time when drew -- within the San Diego and I think that really helped amount and you know you see on the football food you know they -- -- great chemistry. Guys like. At adjustments after giving up I -- some early scores today -- scored early for. Yes I would say probably finish strong tour is being treated me involved finishing this out. Me. We are I think that only one thing for us as a defense. Don't wanna give a big play -- -- got a sack. If we get a few big plays and we really attacked well. But you can you can. You're gonna get that in your first lap you know tackle and stuff but as a defense you've got to get better you know watched a -- who got to correct you'll get corrected. -- take a little longer. Mean if we're going through our tackling we're. Not as much contact in practice he's. I think nothing does as a defense of player. Even though you're not exactly is still going through the same motion quirky angles and we've just got to -- -- them more as players keep your pads down and strike it. And on the -- so. Once once you get back to practice will give them credit. It and I -- season linebacker Curtis Lofton here and there at the end and talk about the defense of effort. Kind of rough start for the Saints defense early on the offense score on three straight drives and genetic buckle down towards the end of -- -- and help via c.'s -- The answer is Jahri Evans -- it was a lot. -- -- -- -- -- Well boy has a good a teacher and drew him. You know season stuff but I'm -- -- you do well -- -- they don't have one series -- -- -- if I remember correctly. But you know it's just what I was dazed as long as you continue to grow you gonna make mistakes. I think at that position you know going to continue to make the same mistakes you just don't feel. -- -- Home. I can't really. They have paid attention to notice a lot of different but you know I think he's grown as a player at that we think he's getting more comfortable. What is the idea you know my idea that the defense is a young guys' toes. Tell me about them you know I think you -- Double -- element go well from. To have good. Just about you know did not do it -- can look forward in my hand placement. It would just get better today and make mistakes made a few early so just and that they know mistakes not repeat it. And getting off to fast starts Lester issued for the offense had been it'd be on the scrimmage and go to scrimmage play. Three straight scores especially. It felt good -- -- in zone. You know who got his own against twos we got as the earliest ones. You know there's still room for improvement and this record you have to take -- -- office. Continue to get better through -- -- play well play well he's gonna continue to play well it's more reps he gets the better he's going to be so. -- Sosa guy cancer to a -- guys so we have good competition. Don't seem to really keep the line and they didn't really. I'm real happy with the. Well I think we we we normally -- don't -- regular. You know I mean not at our defense in my decision periods you know but. You know we did a good job today we were precise enough where we were aggressive in the process and let us I would -- put it. -- It's getting better you know it's like going -- Tennis first time these place that -- You know especially at this level and what taxes he's getting better. Good he -- this season that he's approach thirteen fourteen years initially. It is just like I remembered me you know we can we gel well together we know we read we -- going to be we have those. Games in those reps with the each other so you know I think both guys are working hard and I think you know the thing is I just got as the -- -- -- some film and tendencies you know to America. -- -- really well. They go over today as well which of course a couple -- in there and you know he. He's another guy I think we got a lot of good about it until the ball fours and thing is that. There's hardly at all you know so -- they're going to get better and as long as active damage because. I think we're at a book you know that we do real good -- because wasn't tackler and so a lot of -- through arm tackles but you know it's and UNC and so.