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08-02 11:10am - Saints Training Camp (Scrimmage)

Aug 2, 2014|

Deke Belavia, Bobby Hebert and Hokie Gajan live from Saints training camp. Discussion of today’s scrimmage as well as interviews with Saints coaches and players.

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All right also took itself online at WWL. At that time commitment -- -- operated jaguar opinion pulled a black and those images in the books. Look at our approach to recapture that first -- coming out the gates -- here just a few moments ago with Saints coach Sean Payton had to say following today's black -- -- -- Just one note with the the scrimmage this morning. We ended up Holden drew. In the AM practice yesterday. He he strained his left oblique. And so we'll take it day today but we are more important but -- of the day after so that's gonna record just a little bit rest. We'll see how it is coming back on Monday and and kind of treated David Dave that's the main reason. He didn't go. Otherwise. I would say we we got a lot more reps than maybe we normally would have. The recovery time. Comparing this to the bulk of the handful scrimmage as we've had in the warmer weather was noticeably different. And so we wanted to additional role with each group the ones the twos and threes. Once we saw how quickly we were gonna get through -- the practice and he questions. -- as explosive speed and he's a guy that you can get the ball -- space you know he has a chance to give you some run after the catch and he did that so. Just got to keep working with the Mona. You know a lot of the nuances and in the specifics with the passing game but. It was good to see make you place -- You worry about that would bring anything at all yeah. I'm not worried about that so much with him as most of these. Young players these rookies understand you know how much they have to. Get up to speed with them and where they're behind every one of them is a lot of work to do including Brandon and if you're around them long enough I think you get a sense from him that. You know he he understands that so. You know I think it's a process and we're just we're really just completing the first week of it. Well I think it was important. That that he got in the playbook as fast as possible being that he missed most of the spring because of the quarter system he was -- And also it. You know I thought. I thought it was up and down in the run game -- thought we had some real good runs guys up front did a good job and then at times you know I think we missed some holes. But we'll see all that on film these guys will be off tomorrow they'll be a bad check and then Monday. We'll treaties today after which -- spent the better part of the AM on this tape in the weight room and then we'll have a practice out here on field too. In the PM. -- -- you know both -- and -- Are doing well and we rotated both of those guys with the first group and the second group if you look at how how the roles when it looked to have the first roll the ones and then. Three series or three groups later. Ryan took a group with the ones. They're both compete hard Brian is someone that picked things up and it it did last year in his rookie season so. That's just something we. That'll be ongoing we pay attention to both of you are doing well. Am I thought it just sit back behind the huddle I thought you know he got an out of the huddle function well got to the line of scrimmage. For the quarterbacks it's a little bit easier when -- watched the tape that and all the sudden begin the start shortened. All the specifics but overall. I thought his tempo was good and in fitness and -- the bottle and he makes good decisions. That is. The difference. I wouldn't I -- So a hugely. We're we're just one week into training camp so it is it really is gonna. We're gonna get a chance to see a lot of pre season games and I think that'll begin to become more apparent to all of us. -- reality -- it was sporadic at times it was good and then other times. You know one of -- shot in their let's go and and it's not just the quarterback it's it's the veteran linemen that can help. You know he didn't in and out of the -- up to the line of scrimmage quickly the function we try to put a clock on it like we would have in the game. And to just pressed them so I think it's an area that we still need to work on and yet you know it didn't just drag so overall. I thought it was better than it's been earlier in the week. And I think we got to look at the tape. You know to truly evaluate the offensive lineman you got to win and Grady snap you know other steps the technique. You know we didn't have I think we've won. Center QB exchange issue but both of those guys one's a veteran obviously the other ones -- centers for here both the Morgan a lot of reps. -- I don't I don't know. Compared it to pass camps you know certainly it's one of the points of emphasis in regards to you know being a physical team and and being able to. We don't win games is specifically in the second half but. You know that's something that is ongoing. It's. Well we treated jolt. And jurors heard a little differently jurors we held. And then Joseph we got a few snaps in there and wanted to hold. I think he'll be closer to going. This first or second pre season game so I think very easily could -- went and yet we wanted to be Smart with couples guys recovering from an injury that we didn't put him right back out there and in it and risk the chance of re injury. Well. He's instinctive you know he's a he's a player we saw a lot of film -- -- -- -- -- one thing I would say based on the film study. Was his ability to tackle in the open field and he's he has very good football instincts. So. The interception yesterday was a good example of that in the ball kind of finds a minute that a lot when we watched the tape and credit Ryan pace and our scouts. If he was a player we brought in worked out and then signed him to a roster he was very very productive in the CFL and I think. You know he has a chance to be real good special teams player I think he understands his role and I also think he's someone that you know will improve as he -- he's. Gaining knowledge of our our our defense playing safety but. He's done well at least this first week and we can have -- We'll -- I don't think it's anything serious and it -- -- again matter of just making sure he's healthy but I I do I don't put a time on. Like I said. We'll go through it again. You're yesterday right -- -- you gonna ask you Monday. And asked Monday. Or. Anything else thanks. And that was Saints coach Sean Payton addressed the media and. The -- don't like the -- it may well. I guess it's going to be continuous. That a somebody is not -- -- -- -- if I think as the young advocate rider and he is trying to do his job I don't know I mean I mean -- -- that he's being disrespectful. But and who knows you can speculate at that time Sean Payton to talk about. Certain people's -- and -- what it's like hands off that we got until -- Jim Henderson. What -- what is your take gym and all you're experiencing and you see something like. That well it's interesting topic because I was talking. Worth my trip but we are together assist was going out and when that exchange occurred. Pain he looked over -- -- what's different about this situation than others. And you're right sometimes I think he just gets aggravated he doesn't wanna have to talk about injuries he doesn't talk about injuries. And sometimes you think that is aggravation people who ask about him. Catherine yesterday -- got chewed out as well when she was asking about I guess the injured champion it and to a. Right and you know is MIA missing and actually ever you know because yesterday we look at it that you know players that are rehab with the Giants and -- -- -- the PUP -- running around. We yesterday morning we see Kenny stills and being -- Are running around that. You know we denied the chance I mean it you know you. Fans wouldn't know where Champ Bailey in there and you know it's habits at some dark secret right now. Who knows though wind when that'll come about but that Jim what was your overall. Take. By the fans are really I think that the team and a good show for the fans that went for 5000 people. Out here and and at first I was -- a concern over the defense some like. I -- that a mirage but we see last year because you know we're I'll look at analogy take on this that -- -- had a fourth ranked overall defense. At that time is okay given -- -- what he's doing the reds -- one thing. I think it's going to be important we had the fourth ranked scoring defense. If you can keep it in the eighteenth. I think that you can't help but get the double digit wins a blocked off at three straight -- -- score within the defense does it like it turned things tomorrow. Scoring defense is the most important statistic defensively that there is -- they don't really mean anything it's about keeping people off the scoreboard and out of the end zone. And I think to David Hawthorne. Talked about this during the post game. Interviews awfully hard for the defense in these situations where it's pump and go more than anything you could see. Two there's a difference the way they treated veteran players but Owens' hands. Rather than rookies. Apart from Kenny the current taken on Jimmy Graham yes it what is he doing you know I was perfectly happy or. Fast I think it's harder for the defense -- and just arm tackling. Jim now as far as a the first wave of camping is done and I guess symbol for a store and I will be it -- -- and drew enough and then when he gets back on the field. It is face the next week and and also on now can't seem to be you know. We won't see -- Baylor and on the coaches at the morning interest interest but that question will come up when he's not out here yeah. They will. When will we see jurors -- taking a full. Routine and in training camp when he be back in the lineup so yeah. I guess the apart from not knowing Champ Bailey situation is probably the best thing about after the first week he can't does that does that suffered serious injuries bright light. Last year to bicycles -- Joseph Morgan's. But blows out his knee and he what you look at it. Right now withdrew and the old bleakness party core. That's something you got to hit the because you don't like that aggravate you you know the rest of the season so we have overall you'd have to say you know a great first week it. Like you know speculating again about -- Champ Bailey. When I see them out out there there 14 quarterbacks better than him he did look old. He he forced a couple of turnovers and it will emphasizing turn over the defensively. So I don't know what's gonna come about what that. But if healthy I think he can help this team in if you zero. I grin and listening I'm sure as you just did to the post game. Press conference -- Sean Payton it's going to be really interesting you can see it already and he's trying to keep the lid on the enthusiasm over Brandon cooks. They didn't make him available to the media for post game. Interviews like they intended to I think the road this performance and the whole idea is they don't wanna make him feel any more special than he's going to anyway. Boy all they can get there unless -- -- -- want to -- on him that's it once and ask the media company like OK maybe in college Quito while put the most on the you know -- summer what John means there. Exit -- -- he has a breakout game against the fountains in and be a little bit and not really got to speculate fantasy football you know like -- over and on their how many receptions all think you know. I would be almost shocked and it militarily. If he doesn't have at least seventy catches a more. -- that he's going to be that I was in Auckland -- marks there would do it who could -- that could be some impact rookies in Guatemala on both of them treatment. Yen to me I think the situation is going to be more and more analogous to Reggie Bush. You know you heard the same sort of things being said about for an -- whip and her sense reviews here collector zero to sixteen in the second. You know yeah mercurial -- almost sort of adjectives that land tour Reggie. Go to or Brandon and I mean you look at Brandon Bass when he standing you know after a couple of -- stand around -- We'll all look good to some of the look at kids sweeting becoming cornerback from last year pretty united Georgia Tech. He was trying to recover well on the -- route. He would -- it got down one hand touch now. But I like -- people at that meeting that reference you said -- body and if he if he -- -- of -- -- black -- those who -- on me it just didn't stop playing well and could easily could have thrown at him as an issue with the IU is third down situation -- get the first down all the -- He turns like it ten yard -- at that point five yard touchdown you know Bobby. -- he he he seems to be so versatile. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As a receiver we haven't seen much as a running back has not dropped the football. He's got the quick feet that you want the straight line speed at the -- as precise route running nice routes -- versatile route runner will fight for the ball downfield in double teams against. Cornerbacks and safeties -- is bigger bigger than he has. I mean. It's hard not to be totally impressed with this kid so far. I think the difference between him and wait and I think maybe show on not that he mistreated -- year record didn't treat Reggie in the right way. But it's sort of the same sort of thing. Because there's so much media attention toward Reggie there's that that was brand and he doesn't come in his eyes and trophy winner right coming up a national championship team. But you know. More and more people are going to be focusing and Brandon cooks its going to be interesting. And how the Saints try to limit that sort of attention in the old days they used to bring in the number one draft choice and next day. To meet the media. In recent years they don't do them any longer because they don't want that it feels special they don't want field and the field he's any different. And the other guys -- 89 guys on the roster it's going to be harder and harder to keep branding coach. Judges -- talked of as we get ready go to break to be. I think his personality. To be he's been nothing but humble. You know he doesn't have that arrogant -- swagger. So oodles hopefully stays that way it is let go what you do in the field do the -- and -- everything also will take -- -- The voice of the New Orleans Saints team and is giving you his take on the black and goes in the hunt though always a pleasure -- almost a week from now you'll look. I'm sure you know Tokyo beat that -- and it this week you know this that and it did they count the same goes I'll always go to primary house -- please -- cruises and in Saint Louis and I can only -- in this would be easier for me in two as -- -- now and as opposed to the 10 -- As it is will be considerably larger bogeyed the bone in about what he union. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 8 -- -- the you know thank you so much we appreciate -- thanks I will -- -- break this is a -- talk on Debbie did you and welcome back. Our resident pro smoking guys and Bobby there I'm the ability -- would you -- it very active today indiscriminate it's that close to on number one. -- holding call as well he spoke to the media follow today's black and gold scrimmage. -- There was learn a little slow a little sluggish. But -- they of the and we photo who knows shall we do us to have that -- good receivers look. Overall there's a lot of room for improvement. And he's actually think you got there and you're. You know asking for a few. I moved well all that counts is the ones that the artists on me. I guess they have thought -- about -- for good. -- the only other one it's -- own room. Read the if a player this. A residue on the seventh everyone has to say. And so you know if we're very byes down a feel like if the team. You know gets fired up you know everybody a feed off that energy or if the weather's -- you know we all respect each other and our ability solo. You know -- misses is that. Unity thing. -- exactly right. He's a -- and I'm given America. But at home of the W good for you what today's upset about the league have a -- what I meant you know -- -- -- too. -- -- -- -- -- -- Just think MMI think -- -- at this point I came on both series and ever since they won in camp he's been you know stuff Melvin being one of those guys in the back in and home. Is stepping up and make it plays out in leader utes play the biggest way to -- do the interception. Possibly touch down but. So yeah he's he's going real good it is solid for us in the back in. Oh yeah I mean obviously we know we. Tyrant he. Says -- says his rookie year we knew those guys will be explosive and inside and he has you know a lot of precious qualities that he has bought that out there showed what fuels does an ops last year. His shirt so -- been you know a -- you to really get to see it was was well I think this year could be wrong -- help -- a lot when -- Whichever nine this off the edge and have been a team in the entire in all on an inside the give a lot of bush as he did order beginning year. Yeah. Of course a Philly they changed the anytime there's change is good for -- does not. You know be -- doing the same thing over and over. This comic damaging flow and justice those go for something regardless but how well we expected -- within. Quite match Everett who we we we made progress and -- -- that. This finishing finishing in taking the ball we obviously. We've just got to force -- -- -- the biggest thing out of him -- of the one's gonna play a lot but just overall as a unit they were gonna finish industry totals. And if if you know if this has been on Manning football you can kind of -- -- differently that kind of stuff but I think -- It today. Dusty I think you saw quite off. More run and and usually do and scrimmage and in the does Marc I read period it did really well -- the screen game can include as running to. On these guys I think there are exceptional backs in the league in an -- like we have. Three real good backs in the -- could then there's gonna come in and just try to change things loves me. -- I don't know all defense today and that it's. -- -- we've -- this thing goes for some good numbers show everything we got it definitely. Discriminate as for you know we've played a lot of man to show of you know what I -- -- -- -- on them. So we we never took much reason. -- These -- my team so if he's going that the numbers have been. I understand sort of take note or -- better as a team got to try to -- of it is the only guys in had a bit on the things that. -- Off the -- Obviously they were gorgeous -- -- -- part of that because to me is gonna watch me I think he's everything that we expect him to be so far. And maybe not as obvious as -- -- one. We had some. Obviously the takeaways the biggest -- polite. That play in a lot of you know. Play though none of stats -- you know the holdings. At the annual call it is duels on the missed a lot of those calls with. But -- obviously opened a lot of those stats that are -- it's that would just like you know that's tradition run into the ball thirty goes unfilled and don't force -- -- -- Other guys. Out there he's always been one of the better terms of reminders of jobs Philly in my humble opinion he has the best -- Out of any type of I don't know how much you include the -- forty passes for forty yards out to come on homers that would you know help them and especially about. Out of every time I've been going this -- originally he has the best feet by far on of -- he's been a lot. Room for improvement itself and so the lot but -- guys -- this -- -- Lebanon that. Yeah exactly because they Irish are sharpening iron over his. If I feel like I have a rough day I could say it is does you know he's he's pretty good who's one of the -- -- -- -- look at that a positive light. And it is -- that fits into an agreement having -- big -- -- today talking about. His play and the -- -- to -- in the black and gold scrimmage operated -- or people with online at WW dot com who's your pick. The backup quarterback for the Saints Ryan Griffin. All Luke McCown taking time out come back here -- that streak to be closing thought from all pros look at guys on him Bobby ban handed off to a special edition of the food show. With Tom Fitzmorris coming up Pittman and it's Saints talk on a special Saturday edition on Saints radio WW. Are right it is a few more interviews for our resident pro -- guys on him by the AB it was putting a wrap on his spot ala Brock at the black and goes and his three scores today. By the -- -- the count got to be a first office down the -- -- and scored a they and it was a pass or a pass from Ryan Clinton to Austin Johnson the fullback and then to risk a bit on my coat back on for about forty order. After the death that the defense kind of buckled down to -- to not participate in today's scrimmage. Which is that -- they left oblique duties that an abdominal the stomach area strained ankle means it is an opportunity get some rest. And then reevaluate things on Monday's you have they'll walk through on Monday in a practice. On Monday evening they -- off to moral operated -- or that you vote online at WW dot com or asking you do you think will be decided that will be Ryan group that. Or will it be Luke -- And you can takes the city 7870. Well he is now entering his ninth season in the national football only once considered merely just a handful of picks away from mr. irrelevant in 2006. -- a -- and a half. A school that Obama has football. He's now on of his ninth season in the National Football League he addressed the media thought today's practical scrimmage here is number twelve baucus calls. Yeah I mean I think you got the chance to see. You know what what we've been saying you know the first two weeks -- means he's electric. -- run a lot of routes and you know this perfectly. It. Yeah I mean he he's been he's been Iowa Kampman. You know just a really did. Chizik was investigated really get -- -- last year. Getting off to quick starts with some things -- you guys want to do this year and what was that note. Scored. Draft. I mean this is -- its own you know obviously we still have a lot of work to do and you know over the affords you to making corrections from from this -- -- -- just continue to move forward better. It's ridiculous it really big week this week you have to keep him out there are you pretty much he. No I mean he he's got it comes a work every day with the right mindset. And I think that's why he's he's that would be as productive as he's been and I don't listen -- and I haven't views. Yeah. As you like it is Syracuse yet from you when you. I'm I just think he's he's thrown a lot of confidence right now. You know you know been in a quarterback -- with -- two two vets like he is I think he's. He's definitely. You know learn a lot from those guys and really just plan to build. If you like in the -- -- Total command a deal to me. Yeah I mean he's. Let us they've always found a lot of confidence right now and I think it shows. Passing especially on the scoring drive -- very good mix of running past you feel that flow was sort of like that means seeing productive ones and yeah I mean. Yeah I mean it's it's always good to get a feel for you know for for full speed in and really. -- put put some drives together so I think that the mixes it was good and really got us into a flow. And I over and that's what made says yeah yeah. You. Yeah. They got. Yeah no I feel really good. You know just it was good out here are no limitations and really guess and go work in day in and day out we were in the -- so look forward to continuing that we've talked about it line and honestly did it. Hey hey you script it any easier than my. Yeah I mean I think this is something you know that we're not really used to we could get used to. You know it -- whether there has been awesome and has really given us access to I think get more out of some of these practices. Keep it -- Q obviously you know. Not think. You know -- -- all the fun crowd categorize out of it and and I heard the boos coming when when arrested flags you know as -- one. So that is the Marcus calls and you talk about that clay is the foundation that that helped build this franchise and win their first title bringing Drew Brees and sixth. Also Scott fifty landing -- -- but -- huge emphasis in necklace and a big part of a steal here as far as photos on this team you talk about. Marcus Colston Zach Strief and then now Jahri Evans and we'll hear from Jeremy Evans as the veteran offensive lineman who is also entering a another season black and gold is my season talks about today's but I can go. I don't. A few hours ago we'll have a -- line where -- Well boy has a good a teacher and drew him. You know season stuff but I'm -- figured -- would say they don't have -- series with blue line if I remember correctly. But you know it's just sort of dazed as long as you continue to grow you gonna make mistakes. I think a deposition you know going to continue to make the same station -- -- field. -- -- Home. I can't really. They have paid attention to notice a lot of different but you know I think he's grown as a player that we think he's getting more comfortable. Where does the idea you know my idea that the defense is a young guys -- Tell me about them you know I think you grow. And noble -- element go well from. Feel good. Just you know get knocked it just didn't look forward give my emplacement. It was just getting better every day and they don't make mistakes made a few early so just and that they know mistakes not repeated -- Kind of getting off to fast starts Lester issued for this offense had been -- to be on the scrimmage and it was a scrimmage but. Three straight scores especially that. It felt good good in zone. You know we got into August tunes we -- -- his -- against the ones. You know there's still room for improvement. This record you have to take these days office. Continue to get better -- through. They play well and play well he's gonna continue to play well it's more reps he gets the -- he's going to be so. Anxious Sosa guy cancer to a six guys so we have good competition out there. Don't seem to really keep -- line and they didn't really. Real happy with the. Well I think we we we normally -- don't read. You know I mean not at our defense a lot of decision periods you know but. You know we did a good job to do we were precise enough where we were aggressive and upsets and let us know -- the Oakland and. Just got back. And attempts -- better you know it's -- going off. Tennis first time -- place and a you know especially at this level and north Texas -- he's getting better -- has this season that he's approach thirteen fourteen years -- -- It is just like I remembered me you know we can we gel well together we know we -- we -- one B we have those. Games in those reps with the each other so you know I think both guys are working hard and I think you know the thing is I just got -- in my -- Texas NC you know it was a bit ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- I think Olerud as well which of course had a couple -- -- in there and you know he's he's another guy I think we got a lot of good backs and told the ball floors and think is that. It is hard play them -- enough so -- they're gonna -- get better and as long as we -- put our head down and drive it on because. It. Figurative you know the -- -- goodness because wasn't tackler and so a lot of running through arm tackles but. You know it's and as you wanna see and so. All right and it's Jahri Evans you have and coach Peyton Jahri Evans also you hear from Marcus Colston and much more tomorrow from two in the new Christie Garrett and myself -- All of the action final thoughts on his blend those and its first the -- Sparano spoke again. Well and he -- you know build them the you're really looking at players -- roughly about 48 hours off I mean they can do some pin on a Monday morning and -- they'll walk through and it's weightlifting but to then put the pads back on. To Monday afternoon so it's a pretty good little break. That they'll get here and then next week and in preparation to play the Rams own. Friday night. They won't game plan anything like that during the week but they'll continue on with the installation playbook in. You can't -- Roland Ryan along. In in courses the players to look at it from. Humanely get done on Friday night. Couple more days of practice up here and then they break in. It back into Arlington -- -- -- they're friendly in free agency and you know we won't feel so isolated. But there also will feel whether -- -- and for those that hadn't tasted it thinking for big surprise. Welcome home Saints -- island smoking a -- -- done and will be back with us on Monday on sports on -- -- you -- final thoughts on the plane goes. Well. You know you want both units to have success. And -- go to final talent though three. Initial scores by the office that it it is kind of turned things around and that you could throw their four touchdown. When you look at Brandon cooks. Well let out rout with what's leading so. In you want the -- have success. I think next week and in wedding -- be heading into the Rams game come Friday night I think that's a good opponent for the thing because. They're physical team. So you wanna -- we all -- it -- -- -- line is and so it going against -- what is it -- even -- I think you'll be exciting even though it is a preceding game. So because that they'll be some to have battles in the trenches all right that's gonna do with thanks so much back home -- -- sayings and also gave potter and showed in the way the -- and -- and hope you guys I'm the ability he is the teaching camp and the Bobby ate there. Maybe who.