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08-02 - 12:10pm - The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Aug 2, 2014|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks dining, recipes, food, wine, and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is the cafe bully boys of -- local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. And this is the big gates simply WW LWWL. One of five point three FM and WWL. Dot com and wait one more. WW well. FM. Each DE one. Have you have you heard the HD. Station before you need an HD radio to hear it but it's it's really great. Great sound -- a bit better than FM believe it or not. Well it's great to be here with -- you're talking about food restaurants and cooking London and all of that every you know every every chance we get. As the saints come moving in closer and closer. We get farther and farther. Away in -- alternately get pushed to the bottom of the pile and disappear. But -- But will we hear all day today noon till three next week 3-D -- six. And it it's great to talk with Cuba though where it is the you have been cooking. Whatever it is you've been cooking or wherever it is you've been eating I guess that's the way that goes. 2606260187. 2601870. We have a toll free number two it's 866889087. -- you DQQ what do we talk about the day in and it never goes in the direction I think it will. So. I guess the thing to do is to tell you where I -- last night I had a really good dinner last night. My. We -- it it's a monster on the editorial long story but we wound up at chateau -- lock on Metairie road. It's in you know that old. Shopping center it's sort of like a strip mall but the four of the words strip mall have ever had ever come together. On Metairie road. I've heard it called skinny city I don't know -- where that came from or why. But they're a bunch of restaurants there it says big atop this cafes -- Oscars there's more -- pizza -- ending. And right in the middle of all of that he shot to -- lock. Which is a four star restaurant if you ask me it's the French restaurant very French the chef Jacques saloon. He comes from Brittany that's the northern part of France as the distinctive style of cooking. And he buys some and usual ingredients -- you never know quite what you gonna run into over the -- but what we ran into last night was -- really great. Rabbit. Pompeii Italy and if you could this would be called apartheid in France but I'm not so sure we hear talks more like -- really you know rabbit Serena. Visits and you do need it with a -- you don't spend it on anything. It's just that delicious thing my wife even likes she doesn't like either rabbit or -- pace and it and it's so she can get past those two things. You know it's got to be. And let's see what else I had a a restaurant like that a French bistro. You can virtually. Be guaranteed. That the gonna have -- -- is one of the appetizers and -- did and I hit it that was good you know the parsley and garlic and butter and all that. And you are also. Almost certain to run into state freaks. As they call it in France steak treats. Is really nothing war. Then grilled steak in France it tends to be off beat cuts of meat in this country it tends to be fully in this case it was of the late. Served with. A variety of sources say of a peppercorns -- -- a -- -- solicit a couple more I think. And with fresh cut French Fries which are wonderful over there or anywhere else you run -- -- at French Fries. -- had that before and the waiter said you know have you ever tried this in the pointed to. An item at the very bottom of the entry list. They called it Thailand to -- State. That's -- we you'd have a ton -- back here at Honduran. Is sickly part of them fired. Classically with count down but not in this country too much youth if at all. And instead it's usually gas fired. So and he gets really really hot on the outside and the way they make it and the reason they call it on Doritos and it's not in front door. Is that they -- with the same kind of seasonings that you would find in in Indian restaurant this is news something that they do in India on doors. Anyway the waiter said get that hit that it's it's it's sounds unusual but it's really good and so my idea and he was right -- excellent. And had a sauce. Made with some blue cheese stirred into what was basically a -- And it just a wonderful plate of food. And then we had a great time over the Ares one of those restaurants you go to and you probably of a few of these yourself -- -- When you go there a lot of people a lot of friends you know are also. And and add something to. When few people last night that I knew. And to me thank goodness or else you're walking up to a total stranger. Glitzy only ready to go with -- anything here oh yeah we are who is. Thomas welcome to the -- That doesn't it happen. And that a couple of quick questions. Number one. -- some cream cheese that old fat cream cheese could make it myself. You mean like -- cream cheese you mean yeah yeah creel cream cheese as far as I know. There -- there's nobody making it anymore. Locally as the distributed product you the last one to go was John false news he has say he had out there enough. Gonzales I think is where it was do you have a dairy and he was making all kinds of stuff that was one of the things he made but I don't think they're in business anymore. But door next supermarket. But on veterans highway. Pretty close -- They make it in the house -- today and they tell me that they sell something on the order of 600. Containers of it a day. So they and after. Borden stopped making the importance was the last -- to make it big time. And and then when they quit -- next said well we have so many customers who want this we can start making ourselves that it's not that hard really. And they they put it out there and that's of just about the only place you find him. OK my question is. MG of sodium. How minute how much does that fit into it teaspoons. I have no idea. Yeah. You this this is this is a a health and dietary issue and that is. Beyond that we cover on this show I'm not that doctrine and nutritionists and I'm not dietitian. Also I like I couldn't tell you that's the kind of thing you need to ask a doctor. Okay all right but I think it thank you Matt thank you very much information. Thank you my pleasure thanks for your -- today it's the food show 260187. Q do you who's over here this is James James welcome to coach real. I just look. Quick question -- up peaking unit at -- through a -- Obama and -- in -- And or -- yeah yeah and are you familiar with it. I am I don't have any of it myself. This is that in order to do this that the main part of it is a stove top. Gadget. That cooks with basically. Magnetism. To make a very long story short but that's kind of sums it up. And in order to use it you need. He needs -- special cookware. If there was some kind of stuff that you and I have that would work with that but most of it doesn't and that there is -- you know skeleton pots and pans. That are designed to be used with that that in depth of -- and the great thing about it is that it doesn't radiate a lot of heat all of the heat that's generated is in Japan itself and outside the -- and it's really. It's not exactly cold because you have all that -- being transmitted but it's. It is a cool there top. Then then the standard. -- electric cooktop. It's it's it's popular among. A lot of people. But it's a big investment to which removal overtook that. -- -- and -- -- now the road and it was a decision -- maintained eighties. Exactly. What -- -- you won't like if you brought him. You. It is definitely. It has that kind of hair trigger. Sort of yeah yeah it's it's very accurate in in the point. Again I tell you you have to have the the equipment top and bottom for you to get the maximum effect that some I've talked to a few people who -- and have been to cooking demonstrations where they have -- but it's not seen much. You know it will not -- -- portable. Well I know I'm I'm kind of set my ways say I've I've. You know I've got all Michael ware I've got my stove top and I can do whatever I want to do -- -- if I were rebuilding my kitchen from scratch I might consider doing. Ali Ali's series Tuesday and -- -- apprised on their -- look and maintain. The temperature restaurants. Well -- -- them that would that would help this at all. Because -- not really because we built them reasoned that restaurants can do a much better job with. Deep fried food that you and I can is that. At a restaurant will have a Fryer. With may be something like eight or nine gallons upon oil. And if you cut up a chicken and put it in the -- It's gonna bring the temperature down a little bit but not very much with all of that oil at that temperature. But you have a pot on the stove like you and I would do with maybe. Like at the most half a gallon oil. You put the chicken and that and the temperature might drop a hundred degrees. And and and that's the difference you see it's not so much the at the technology is the size of the equipment. Rest well and do things that you and I can't. Right 11 quick thing when you do you control your coal natural. I had. I IE IIE. What I am supposed to we're not when I'm not supposed. -- of error by the yeah yeah. I do I do well -- a nice talking knew we -- but more of the food show in just a moment after first please this eminently Annan but he -- and out popped. Hello it's the food show. It's thirteen 53. WL. Oh excuse me -- I'm sorry I'm hearing I'm I'm I'm concentrating on this and and I. I blurt that it's it's it's hard wired that doesn't seem to be. But. And I'll keep. Do you know that you can send me a text message. 87870. That's that's what you send it to 870870. And just say -- short questions short comment -- -- but that's the only kind that takes. And I will be happy to answer it I'd rather talk to you on the phone frankly -- we get more back and forth -- more interest and information that way. But if the only way you can do it is to send me a text message you're more than welcome to do that again the the address is 87 870. Our phone number here is 260187. We have told 3286688908. Stephanie. And here we are into August. -- interesting event today. -- to them. Today is the Whitney white -- night. It goes on in the arts district. Which used to be the wind no district and I can speak to this because. And lived in that neighborhood when it was still the wind would -- want thinking. You're thinking that I was a -- no I I don't think so. But I've lived in that neighborhood when it was still kind of -- And I -- I wish I had stayed there which I still lived in that building than it was in. A because it is it has become a center of the arts in New Orleans the contemporary art -- a big part of that. But all up and down Julia street you see all kinds of the galleries sin and places where they're making big time mark. And they celebrate all that tonight. On Julia street it's free. You do show up. And there's music there's food there's there's drinks. You pay for the food and drink -- you go of course it works -- the same way that the French Quarter festival does. You do not have to Wear white linen to go to it although Europe that's encouraged. Guys in girls. And -- but if you you don't have that you don't want to go ahead and Wear whatever you want but it's a funny -- they tell me 40000. People. Are expected tonight. And that's a -- downtown along Julia street from pretty much the conventions and -- who pretty much the post office. So great event tonight lots of good food lots of good restaurants -- putting out there at the -- and media and the media. The beverages -- and here is Kate Kate welcome to the food show. I'm looking -- and Killen showed that they are are -- in for other Mexican food restaurant. Year company and -- Is that. You recommend that. Bill IE I know though there were two of them there are actually. And there's also actually visit third there is. News the ones flying burrito. Which is up on the other side of canal street from Tunisia is basically. And then right next door to it I think they're actually two places one on the -- taco Guerrero. And taco go -- I think that was the one we were talking about. It's a family run place it's it's not a big fancy restaurant in any way it's a family run place doing kind of the interior of Mexico kinds of issues. So this is can be quite different from the the kind of food that you find in Tex -- places but to -- pretty good. It you'd recommend that at them. I feel like a little. If you're looking for something different and a little family run place would have fit the bill -- -- there. Who is the best Mexican restaurant in town now. But it's it's good enough to go to I wouldn't mind going there. Are arrogant. And enjoy. The food show. 2601870. Here is Jimmy Jimmy welcome. What a huge role in -- along so far. -- -- -- -- -- What are I would echo throat thing and. Bully me I remember it very well. Is it that was one of those early. New gourmet creole bistro is an open in 1982. Late in 1982. And I remember when it hit it hit hard everybody was going there you couldn't shoot your way into it. They had a succession of very good shots there at the -- the guys that went on to open Outback Steakhouse to create Outback Steakhouse they with the owners. You're an. -- O'Brien who would. Who. But I wrote here. Say it again O buster -- yep that's right he was he wants the ships here for awhile. And Michael you'd go with the ship there for a while and AM good -- in another. And that is. Construction worker I've got -- the -- there. About what you're. It's working. Ole boys at the truth the way people are always asking me when you open up your own restaurant and I always say listen I've seen what that's like that's real work. Running a restaurant it's physically and mentally. Something. Well OK I don't often talked that many people by a bullet neither are long gone -- thanks for reminding me of a nice hearing from you it's the food show. Here is captain Kevin welcome. -- -- I -- calling from Dell. And will be company -- and over again and your wife and quite probably similar. Placed in bootable very particular so -- want you to your callers you enter -- Input on -- re. Wrong it will launch in -- memory. And then a couple of different rush -- you know on the. Well well she's here actually. It in and I can probably grabber if I can find her. But I I I can't get away from the microphone just at this second on goods again keep the show going but I'll tell you cannot put -- hold. And I think I need to take a break and couple seconds anyways so all of a -- you want to hold I'm gonna go track her down and getter in here. And and see which she has the -- but that hang on a minute -- we talked to Billy first and then will that will take that can fetch my wife. A Billy welcome. Question support it so it would mean that this opener the better because. If you think you're stupid they're probably really good questions shall we. Accelerated to begin at nine. You know -- check in pepper mustard on an opportunity that is not a lovely comes at a great got a great growth in credit yeah. And you -- you put it. Person or some folks -- in capitalist. -- -- -- Orders a cup and the -- out everything. You want to do is cut depressed you know -- and you grass. And cut. Those two into you know -- -- I got loud rush I am having a shot not. How can I cut goes like that without. This in all -- the chicken and it looked. That this is not an easy way to do it but what I would do is have you noticed that the the chicken breast. It YouTube by the way a chicken only has one breast its cover the whole front of the an in between there is the tenderloin. That is like solid white meat it's not particularly flavorful meat as chicken meat goes but it's it's beautiful that's for sure. And if you caught it the -- if you break the the whole breast down into three pieces instead of who. Yeah you'll find it'll it'll be easier to do it will be easier to handle. To get those the skin. Don't carry okay we know what I'm talking about you right exactly which is talking about you know. There's a great great. Crossed and then you -- you just sold out but that's okay so what -- -- -- point on both sides of the don't know this. It's one tenderloin right up the middle. It's right in them it's it's attached to the flight bone what do they call that via parallels the wishbone basically. Don't point you don't you don't -- great on the back. O Reilly no no this isn't the back this is the front. We don't -- in the middle first. Well like I do to get the to get to separate the -- the homeless at the bird from the back and Kenya that story. Could do well let me know how that comes out there. Fight we will take a break and we'll I'm gonna go run down my wife. And bring her in here to answer this question that was given to us by Kevin over here but first please this hello there it's the food show it's. The big 870 WWL in WWO 105 point three FM. I have Kevin over here. Who asked the question. A couple of minutes ago about what my wife thinks are the best restaurants in town because he thinks that his wife. And my wife have approximately the same tastes. And my wife was just sitting over in the other room over there just by chance and and I have a microphone in front of her and then here she is. -- -- question them all the time that that's that's a knee. Oh. -- Pressure. On which. It. Fees. Oh. -- -- -- -- -- it's. Paris. It's. -- It's. That. And ice cream and use and we're. And it caught me there that. -- out. I love mr. -- second that because of this QBs in addition all that stuff she's. They have the best versions in pound -- whole lot of really great moral issues. And it's it's not a complicated -- that they do it's pretty straightforward actually but it's it's good. All right what's your second one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That. Credit. Dealt -- team. The meat and thing. Here. -- On me. It's the only one actually. Well off. -- -- -- -- -- -- Like. Oh. -- -- -- -- at the plate and Charles -- In an open three it is very -- I really. Really. -- It -- -- Comfort and the and the on the play is it's time. We -- does that help. -- -- -- -- -- -- The question. Please. You're asking me year. No it doesn't matter because we both we both love sell you -- Judy says yes it's nothing but great food is only one. The issue it's -- Judy's and that is getting even. Because it is packed. All the time and well it should be because it's really good I'm great now. And -- -- you know is another. All right well thank you it. It well I think we took care of that. We'll come back with more the food chilling moment but first please hello it's the -- show on the gates -- -- WW WW -- five point three FM and here is today. God and I was actually -- that. Alone on there again. I you guys. But -- -- foul pole -- Actually watch it every. Shouldn't be -- place at. All. You know -- I don't remember. But anyway I've. Putted bad from like -- You know -- it. Calls yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it was it was. Stated that yet look -- on the balcony it. The property. Out. And I honestly think it will slow them. -- yeah yeah because. Yeah market. Yeah so that actually. Yeah people like Jack. Straw that. You know go. It we get jobs -- -- week anyway I think you. And that take us. You don't recommend. Is state police were here. -- -- -- This makes Europe pretty good it's the other stuff that I am proud product that not all that big a problem actually OK it's. It. Mr. Johns. And debt is at stake. Those you. I agree with death you know what. Should actually. Let you know just because the U I know which is the best doesn't mean that I can't also enjoy the fifth best. I'm not arguing it what you it. I only one I wanted. To get to watch it and Wear it well. I I would say it's not quite as good but may be let's say he 8590%. But. I always wanna go -- -- Sure some -- Now oil which has been in. Dale nice talking to you. Yes I'm a well a cold front coming up to the news here witches. The problem so there goes. They gave the retired. The retired it's a gourmet retired sports writer that's that's who he has 260. Now 1872601870. We have an. We have an. A few days it's going to be -- the campus autos we're about. And it's a three fifths -- even more than that but forfeits full well that. Five courses five -- 85 dollars plus -- and that is this coming. Wednesday night if you never been one of our. We eat well we drink well we have a lot of fun we told jokes and move around from table to table all night long so is to not make anybody sick of me which doesn't take much for some people. And it's it's we just have a ball at this particular place because we'd go they are pretty often. We have X number regulars who joined as what. You don't have to be regular. Here's how you know about it. Go to no menu dot com you know Indian -- dot com. And just click on -- club and you see the whole menu and everything else you -- know but or gathering it's. We have first -- every every week's you know toward that. IC that we have the news coming down that is from. CBS I imagine and it's all on WWL radio New Orleans and WWL. FM. HD one and Canada New Orleans. We're in the news is next over most of these same frequencies. From the CBS the Columbia. Broadcasting system. At 1 o'clock stay -- thank you.

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