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Aug 3, 2014|

WWL's Kristian Garic and Deke Belavia talk about the Saints Black and Gold Scrimmage as well as interviews with Coach Sean Payton and players Zack Streif and Curtis Lofton.

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So for five welcome into it's just sports here on a WW LI MF MW WL dot com along with the -- chief Deke Bellavia I'm Kristian -- good Sunday morning to you and yours. -- the stuff coming your way this hour and next we'll hear from Saints coach Sean Payton as the black and gold. Wrapped up their scrimmage and Zach -- as well -- in a good. Day for the offense and the defense kind of buckled down we'll hear from. The Saints -- coached here momentarily and obviously -- The big talk was about branding coach he's been as advertised to the first we can have training camp he's been used -- president Drew Brees being held out of yesterday's work. With no oblique strain that slight oblique strain -- said but which one arrest them. It just give a couple of days with them being off today and you know practice Philly tomorrow but then Brent Cox has been has ever done. It -- -- an American from a standpoint. You know a coaching standpoint it is you wanna be like OK let's. Let's we know it's common because let's face success in this league -- is it blown up. Because he could be a -- has won the week on a Sunday. And in the next week everybody is like OK I want -- -- -- so people just blow open a rather keep try to keep you know printing -- focused it seemed like you on that same year that from a standpoint but. That delay as for five days it's almost like. -- -- like the young made easier and everything and he's gone like man I'm unsure how much our pitcher of all sports become two of them are breaking tackles. Should not be doing it you know -- -- -- -- -- -- what -- -- definitely don't I mean if he would just. What I guess my point is that what it's pre season Christian. Well it regular season. It'll take home. Eating we'll take all for the whole world -- he -- and once they see him in week with the RBC here we got beat are always a boo -- I don't think so there's. He he's made -- move before. In the last couple weeks he's done things that I have I haven't seen Al Michaels they ever because I have seen some of them but I have not seen that. Well close and personal level before like at a practice like that I have I've seen in high school lesson in college but that's undercover Saints. And is that not a knock against him by he's just he's he's got he's always had some compare -- make other people that have been here as a comparison -- make you in the league now. But he. Just got his own way he's -- is all style and he's. He is when he -- it could be get first week Christie could be their first order of who have a but he is angle taken on the break -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know it's going to be a fun player to watch and Zach Strief said yesterday. You'll hear from -- your streak at the bottom this -- that he carries himself like an eight year veteran. He's mature for a rookie and I mean that's something we we talk about that the process that Sean Payton. Mentioned so much and getting guys into the system a year they want their rookie to be humble he certainly is he's not. Giving coming in here and he's not seek in the limelight -- -- -- I don't know where we keep fine and he's receivers that don't talk -- went. Marcus Colts and so that's another encouraging sign that he it looks like. He's all business. There's only -- -- -- that it has on being one player. In it group Andruzzi was that just you came across like he's he's not a cocky -- -- -- -- -- -- He's it's not since I've been doing he's he's the only one and out of the -- you know. Joseph was a god it was a it's probably eight and flashy player put all the players coming that you always like he sits on the back -- -- yeah you know this is. But what he would -- -- -- yesterday it arrives we you know coming down repeatedly all right who that was and that was like a sports at a puppet highlight if there was any yesterday. That would have been like in the top three Khatami he -- him like he -- it was almost -- -- want Allen Iverson. Joseph Michael Jordan honestly did you colonel Phelan in -- he's he's a special back. A special night in that -- Ohio last night and he is Williams. -- Giving -- officially enshrined into the pro football playing along or Michael Strahan but these Williams like they're from fourteen high school and his speech -- -- play that the highlights of his speech later on an 11 o'clock hour but. Then you talk about players that. On the -- can play football Cruz junior college and now he's an awfully in football immortality it was just really is a great legacy and is it at all did you. Just a class guy a Christian we we we had our chance interviewed several times before. He's a humble guy he's he's a good man and I think that you know -- of the football life of these we have is just a fraction of his life. Because his life was so great in either one of those people that we you you come across that you meet in you you -- whatever your impression maybe you make open minded I don't know what to expect. You will come away feeling better about about him and about yourself the you know he's one of those guys you would you him they -- more. Phone -- vital for it to 60187. Neitzel 38668890878. Derrick Brooks also getting enshrined. Into the Pro Football Hall of Fame along while -- guy I -- -- it was read about ray guy. Deacon in I didn't know complete safety southern miss is well I was aware of that. -- a great guy wasn't -- -- and I don't know that little boy activity he couldn't get through football are cyclical part of what. Just an athletic guy Thursday had a great physique long overdue good. No and I can have a big break out with this this is a special player it isn't that great class something outside of Gary Brooks who was flawlessly all the way. Walter Jones playing he was forced a green with a home community -- them off at Jackson Mississippi he had. -- -- -- From Andre Reed in homes community college ball don't want to Florida State. -- -- Texas auto Michael Strahan has sudden Woody's Williams in Tennessee State Claude operate. As you head so the Mississippi. With great gap so that so it did it let's all sit down seven guys and he -- his league. This may be demotion in the classroom the this small colleges -- you know not not to the university as some of a cliff. Also read about ray guy that 976 global he was the first ordered it via video board -- -- you know and -- -- -- don't via modern world than any of the CT pulled the the ball thinking it was filled with helium. Yeah that ball game so it but I. He was probably the first -- we said. -- right he can win football like he he's the one who changed -- you know we talk about pro pro football hall being guys. What I what I always ask is hey -- they changed the game and -- -- certainly changed the way on earth are you into it looked that way their draft that -- And all that stuff they're all trying to find the next ray guy and that he could make the argument that maybe the Saints have an owner. Currently that -- and a about it ray guy paid way couldn't open you know I'll through 601870. -- 3866889087. Come back. You'll hear from Saints coach Sean -- at the black and gold wrapped up. There scrimmage yesterday -- Drew Brees -- -- -- dazzled in his thoughts on Champ Bailey as well it's just Portland WL anathema -- is a packed house yesterday as the Saints went through their black and gold scrimmage at the end care practice facility and of course the offense got off to a a fast start -- Drew Brees -- -- only the via the number one offense down the field quickly for a score three straits course that off that would defense kind of buckled. Down and force some stops here is Saints coach Sean Payton after the black Eagles religious. In the AM practice yesterday. Beat -- strained his left oblique. And so we'll take it day to day but we want to put him put amount that the day after so that's gonna record just a little bit rest. We'll see how it is coming back on Monday and and kind of treated day today that's the main reason. He didn't go. Otherwise. I would say we we got a lot more reps than maybe we normally would have. The recovery time. Comparing this to the bulk of the handful scrimmage as we've had in the warmer weather was noticeably different. And so we wanted to additional role with each group the ones the twos and threes. Once we saw how quickly we were gonna get through -- the practice. Any questions -- -- -- by the books today which keeps on him today was explosive speed and he's a guy that if you get the ball too many space you know he has a chance to give you some run after the catch and he did that so. Just got to keep working with him on. You know a lot of the nuances in the in the specifics with the passing game but. It was good -- makes you place on those. There review from. Reggie Bush did he -- I was -- recruiting me but he worried about celebrating its an all around us. I'm not worried about that so much with them that -- most of these. Young players these rookies understand you know how much they have to. Get up to speed with them and where they're behind every one of them is a lot of work to do including Brandon and if you're around him long enough I think you get a sense from him that. You know he he understands that so. You know I think it's a process and we're just we're really just completing the first week of it included him but it -- go out quickly. And now. I practiced well I think it was important. That that he got in the playbook as fast as possible being that he missed most of the spring because of that quarter system his own. But does that play at running back -- be good on the ground and also it. You know I thought. I thought it was up and down in the run game until we -- some real good runs guys up front did a good job and then at times you know I think we missed some holes. But we'll see all that on film these guys will be off tomorrow they'll be a bad check and then Monday. We'll treat is a day after which will spent the better part of the AM on this tape in the weight room and then we'll have a practice out here on field too. In the PM well I'm really it was really -- -- -- -- murky. You know both he and Luke. Are doing well then we rotated both of those guys with the first group in the second group if you looked at how how the roles went and looked at the first roll the ones and then. Three series or three groups later. Ryan took a group with the ones. They're both compete hard Brian is someone that has picked things up and he he did last year his rookie season so. That's just something we. That'll be ongoing we pay attention to both -- what did you see anything written. But still I thought it just sitting back behind the hole I thought you know you got an out -- function well got to the line of scrimmage. For the quarterbacks it's a little bit easier when -- watched the tape that and all the sudden begin to start charging. All the specifics but overall. Got to step what was good and been fitness and another hole and he makes good decisions he's. And the way you look at this time let's hope they get the difference in which I wouldn't I'm not gonna. Say hugely. Were were just one week into training camp so I mean it really is gonna. We're gonna get a chance to see a lot of pre season games and I think that'll begin -- become more apparent to all of us. But the reality was it was erratic at times it was good and then other times. You know one of us -- shot in their let's go in and it's not just the quarterback it's it's the veteran linemen that can help. You know he didn't and and have a follow up to the line of scrimmage quickly the function we try to put up a clock on what we would have been a game. And to just -- them so I think it's an area that we still need to work on and yet it you know it didn't just dragged so overall. I thought it was better than it's been earlier in the week that you keep an -- -- today Alito and goes -- I think we've got to look at the tape. You know to truly evaluate the offensive lineman you got to win and Grady -- no other steps the technique. No we didn't have I think we have one center QB exchange issue. But both of those guys one's a veteran obviously the other ones played senators' first year. Baltimore get a lot of reps in general -- -- started. I don't I don't know. Compared it to pass camps and you know certainly it's one of the points of emphasis in regards to you know being a physical team and being able to. We don't win games you specifically in the second half but. Yeah that's something that is ongoing. He's done he can do more to come back anything to keep up today. Well we treated jolt. Then jurors heard a little differently -- we held. And then Joseph we got a few snaps in there who wanted to hold. I think -- he'll be closer to going. This first or second pre season game so I think very easily -- went and yet we wanted to be Smart with -- guys recovering from an injury that we didn't put him right back out there and and -- risk the chance of re injury. Mark his ball good today and tonight and of them in. He's instinctive you know he's a he's a player we saw a lot of film -- from the CF -- within one thing I would say based on the film study. Was his ability to tackle in the open field and he hit it is very good football instincts. So. The interception yesterday it was a good example of that in the ball kind of finds a minute that a lot when we watched the -- -- -- -- pace and our scouts. If he was a player we brought in worked out and then signed to our roster he was very very productive in the CFL and I think. You know he has a chance to be real good special teams player I think he understands his role and I also think he's someone that you will improve as he is he's. Gaining knowledge of our our our defense playing safety but. He's done well at least this first week and we can have you expect to see him back. We'll see I don't think it's anything serious and it pitched again matter of just making sure he's healthy but I I do. I don't put a time on it and it went on -- -- said. And we'll go through it again. You're yesterday right there are so you're gonna ask you Monday and it's -- -- Monday. Our. -- thanks. -- ticket Sean Payton. There with the media and you heard of the towards the end asked about Champ Bailey got a little testy about it but ultimately the running backs yesterday to -- today in Tyler Robertson I think the come certainly. Asserted themselves a little bit of a couple nice runs for travellers especially whose account it might be counted upon fill that there's. All right in you know hey look it's it's it's a sports out of things sometimes things happen in sports bonuses to translate to what we question on. But it goes to make you wonder you know wearing what what is the status to him that he would make employees who do on good out there. And he's gone and he's got at -- longer whose careers from office who global season so maybe it's a situation where. They may be saying you know day to day and -- -- -- may need to -- you know little wrist or from the gains in this is the guy that's been playing what. 1516 years of the National Football League it's not like he hasn't been through. Training camp before -- -- -- -- -- -- our respect than me because -- he wanted to know where somebody is that they want to know why he wasn't there anyone know where he all right but. It could be some simplest. This guy has already in the hall of fame. -- -- paints it all along he had to say see it on he just had to see you you know as he was a little bit. He -- fall more than a little bit so it's always change at Bay Area but mostly it's you know he's he's excluded from have to go through practice and all that but. After after almost twenty years and as a football league with 1516 years. He goes and training camps about so he's a that's a good state that they city if you want to shall open it felt that the game. -- mean that's that's alright -- me I just think the president him being around here it's all greater. On and off the field at the same time I haven't covered this team very long but when an injury usually injured players or at least out there watching practice so. You know to Jason we'll see with champion earlier he's Deke Bellavia Kristian -- inches sports news time with -- it's all things Saints for online at. WW well dot com. The big chief -- that takes of the resident -- body there guys on my cricket Steve rates down. It goes off the Poteat the rookie profiles also kicked out about the -- Also. The off -- line it's all week at the B well -- -- Garrett joined by Deke Bellavia. And that seats recap yesterday's black Eagles scrimmage offensive tackles actually they got the running game going pretty good here is the big. Offensive tackle for the -- like angles. The girl takes on the scrimmage and there will be a nice start you guys scored a couple opening drives including pump yeah you know it's. It's always a little bit tough to -- so look get results in the scrimmage you know we're not tackle we're trying to keep guys healthy. So there's it's a little bit different you know I know it's tough sometimes on defenders. Slowing down and yet playing fast you know. -- but but I think what was good about as I think we looked. Pretty sharp you know I don't think there's a lot of amazes got a run around and you know ultimately I think there were some. Some good ball movement and some some good suspect defense so. All and all those free get great yogurt quarterback LeBron. Did the censor what he's coming along. Yeah I mean I know even talking to him the other day. Just feeling comfortable. You know it's. Quarterbacks have a lot of information processed and the -- it that your processing load the more -- -- that just comes. Natural by you know you come over to defense and you know you don't think you know what it is. The more that death -- they can do the more comfortable they are -- bit easier it is for them to make a quick three to make a quick decision. And obviously deposition in this league that's the whole deal you know how fast can you make the right decision. So I think Ryan's done a real good job in camp. -- I think Luke's done a good job I mean what's amazing in and really nicest players. You know. It's unusual for us not be in the huddle. We drew and yet they felt no different. The calls are the same there was no. Unexpected -- Enron and any bad looks really got us into the right plays in the -- is nice and clear the calls are good cases were consistent. Whose throw a lot of consistency. Common really felt like we're really miss a beat which is good you know -- positive and really a testament to those guys -- To run blocking the subject again let me. Number move -- London in this big run good stuff today and you guys feel about ago. Yeah I think it's a similar I think that that were more culpable was talked about it with kind of what we're doing. From what exactly is expected and that's that's from my standpoint and from running backs standpoint. You know I think that the backs are real good job today Preston aiming points. You know I think it I think. All in all it's just guys are more comfortable with the and the more comfortable you are the more covering your what you don't faster you're gonna play and that's the key in this game you know how fast can you make the right decisions again. So you know like it -- there -- some good creases there I think there's some spots and then you can grow those. Speaking of writes about how much how much vaunted French. Pastry and we hit these these electric. You know and and I think. The thing you see where it with Brandon is it seems very natural doesn't seem like when he's running fast like he's running fast. You may see some guys really get going and it looks like like Mark Ingram when he gets it has been like a freight train you know I mean I mean it looks like she's really drive them. And Brandon just seems -- kind of smoothly go faster than everybody. So it's clearly it's clearly are -- natural to him and he's got a great hurston. And really take carries himself like a much older player. You talk about a guy that. You'd like to come in and have an immediate impact a lot of that is just it isn't too big. Does that seem to Vegas it too big to get a pass from Drew Brees is it too fast and any acts like a bigger -- Mir really does is. Very common corps collected very Marcus calls and -- Personality wise quiet. Just comes to work all the things you wanna see I don't know where we keep fighting these series that don't talk about. He's he's just another one that just goes around plays and plays well of course it's a good chance to see did you move on the other yeah I mean -- -- this is a little bit you know. Mumble -- up from the sideline or there but I know that I saw right into our crowd and come out clean and whole lot of -- and I'm so. You know we've seen in practice I mean again what what's interesting about him is it doesn't seem like. He's doing it doesn't look no -- like she's doing something insane or is really crazy over the top and yet. People can't tackle -- -- good testament to speed and agility and could keep getting better again the more comfortable he is. You can event to -- to Malaysia you played today and his development. Well -- I think Tim's done a good job he's always worked very hard I know he's he's hard on himself -- wants to be perfect that it. -- it's hard for me to see who. Especially senator Tom Tom Watson the guys you know behind me and try to coach of tackles and stuff like that but I know you know through this camp Tim's worked really hard. He's obviously developing I think that that they're happy with a good -- for me he's made him and I know that that's still a competition I still battle and that's a good position for us to be and have two good players there. Making holes and who delighted -- to be able to do that -- AAF you know again in in this offense we have a huge luxurious that the quarterback position and we're not expected to do as much. It's a maligned standpoint call wise -- than some teams are you know we have a. We have a -- really Smart guys back there that. You know then that's better forced -- -- doing more than a normal quarterback and so. The calls that we do maker are hurt those guys are doing fine I mean there's been no issues in terms of did mess up against that and it gets easier -- our game plan and a real team and not just playing every defense imaginable. It's you see quarterbacks decisively. Looking. You know they had to decide because it's not just make good quarterbacks and Jim. Coast yeah what does that say about. Development in relation. If you. Yeah well I think part of it you know if if you're in practice every day and you're getting open and they're gonna -- I mean they're gonna senior open mean. You hear all the time you play practice and so quarterbacks are hard above that if you're the guy that's run routes out there. In 101 -- team or whatever and here consistently creating separation. Well they're going to be comfortable with you that you're a situation where you're not. Bracketed and there's not people surrounding you. There -- companies are gonna look and they're gonna see a break in and give you opportunities. Come very similar to a guy like Marcus who's consistently shown even if he's covered he put the ball in the right place so adjust to it and -- trust that. You know when you see he's Jimmy Graham catch him back shoulders and then Marcus those guys it's the same with Brandon he's just more about. Create separation guy and he's done in practice and they're gonna keep having confidence and just keep doing -- as opposed to maybe in years past and kind of seeing it. We saw that today everywhere and playing every screen pass stupid to all of the backs and not just specifically to certain Mexico seems like Darryl running. The same thing -- older. Yeah I'm with we got what we got a bunch of guys back there I mean even the young guys mean we've we've consistently had. Undrafted running backs come in and then look good in this year's no exception. And and look those guys are all very personal for me and Pierre Thomas -- the best thing runners in the NFL he's proven that time and time again. Carries kind of like a Tasmanian devil I mean he's just. A nightmare to tackle and runs hard and you know none of those guys are -- Mike Tolbert type guys were saying well out of you know ways to Anderson -- pounds kind of a bruiser running back. You know those guys are all athletic and then Smart and I think all understand the system and and they're just run in the place other meant to be around them and also it's testament to the center or guard I think goes back to -- and out and getting into it can. You know we gotta we gotta crew -- there's a lot of competition in the backfield. This is mark you're doing a better job of being patient and hitting the hole when I'm not doing your best do well I didn't it felt like I don't think it's so much. Impatient as. -- really understanding what it is we're trying to do and look there was times last year where. We weren't. Giving him an opportunity to make the read. You know we weren't doing the right things and so the retirees get mushy and then as a running back to Sam Obama had to -- I can get. You know and I think things are cleaner I think mourn any finger just cleaner there's more. Decision being made there's more and more decisiveness. In the run blocking and schemes and and that's gonna help those running backs and I think mark really he saw as the year went on. Did a better and better job and and part of that's being comfortable. Getting fifteen point carries a game you know it's can be tough to get six carries and say -- -- wasn't good well. Sometimes 74 my bricks for forty and then you go I was a good game the united center for fifty yards did a good. And so I think he got more culpable as the season went and we have a ton of confidence and this doesn't mean we really. There's not one of those backs Tarvaris mark here. -- even the young guys that that we don't feel good about I think there's just a lot more comfortable. A little more comfortable feeling with this game. Johnson and utterly hit a few weeks we just kind of rested today generally veteran still competitive. Six touchdowns do you think he's kind of on the sidelines which may be a part of that but it looks like going. Well I know I mean I talked adjourned Garnett and looked -- I -- seven drew on the sidelines right -- and what a perfect time format something that -- kinda shaky. You know take some days off takes -- time we know drew can do. But I know it's really hard Chargers stand there and not be in pads and not be with the guys and not be running and not. Doing those things that he's used to doing. And it's the same for us some minutes. We're not happen in there. You know we do a lot of hugging and make sure he's feeling OK I'm done I've rubbed his -- few times I'm sure that's so much. But no it would we want him to be healthy and and we know that. -- the great thing -- -- you know he's going to be in the trainer twice as much as anybody and he's gonna get himself right. Should be good to go but it was there again those guys and there's also -- Brian is awesome with Luke. And I I think really if we kind of enjoyed haven't done enough fresh voice in there and and I know those guys were jacked up about 22. Hi guys thanks for the tailback and knows. I thought it was a tackle. -- actually meeting with the media yesterday and we come back you'll hear from Saints linebacker Curtis Lofton defense and a little bit of a rough go at it early on -- a black Eagles scrimmage but. -- down nicely made some plays also talk about the backup quarterback -- which Drew Brees. The out. Not not that yesterday India has been a lot of work for Ryan group that Luke McCown. Who has the inside it it better as well it's just Portland WL and -- -- -- welcome back it's just sports along with Deke Bellavia Kristian -- we heard from a Saints coach Sean Payton and offensive tackle. Zach Strief now let's hear from the captain of that defense middle linebacker Curtis Lofton yesterday's black Eagles scrimmage. Your take got to say it's. Home. You know I think as a defense we get ready -- what we wanted to throughout -- -- today but. Then there's a lot of good Booth you know as players -- really focus on the bad end. Just want to correct it does with the -- -- for -- You know. Darren was to -- when you run into the ball in and out of huddles and change in the calls them. Notice some -- today so there's a lot of good some bad that we needed Greg to. You wanna stop pretty good but it's W Brett -- I'll man. You know is I'm I'm glad he's my teammate. And you know I'm and there are wanna see kids of all book -- only just catching balls pretty it's pretty special and you know ESP NN can't say enough about this he'd always say looks like besides Roger Souza gets the ball in his hands. And you know just have them as teammates. Expectations are obviously very I think I -- coming in that stadium is surprising that in doing this well this quickly. Dissolved it. I think you know we are great coaches here -- think it should be because he quit but also coming. Management does a great job both. Didn't players that. Can pick up systems quick and apply -- daily and that's what he does he and -- -- the next time when drew he's with the San Diego and I think they're really helped him out and you know you see on the football food and other guys did a great chemistry. Guys play. And adjustments after giving up I guess some early scores today Coble scored early but. He does I would say probably finish strong towards the end you did -- -- finishing the senate. Mean we are I think -- -- one thing for us as a defense you don't wanna give up big plays and you gotta tackle. And we'll give a few big plays and we're really excited to -- you can you be. You're gonna get that in your first class you know tackling stuff but as a defense you've got to give credit you know we watched the film assume we got to correct you'll get corrected. You take a little bit longer it. Coming you really want to do is work tackling and was not as much contact in practice and. Home tough tough thing does as a defensive player. Even though you're not exactly is still going through the same motion quirky angles and we just got harping on them more as players keep -- pass down in the strike to make. And by the month so. What's once you get back to practice we'll get that corrected. So much hope peaked for this the Saints defense that made a big league last year from. 32 in the national football league -- fourth overall. It is that Harrisburg -- really get to see Derrick bird and overall. The defense. Throughout the first we could have traded -- has had their days they had their moments. And the office had their moments. But you really. I don't know I'm I'm really anxious to see which Harrisburg as whether it's in the pre season or maybe they've and I -- at all until -- -- that third pre season game. But what he can do for this Saints defense and a potentially. Change it's an easy is -- -- changing element to to Rob Ryan -- And no doubt about it not I think that's what a lot of people look forward to his Friday night you know to be no game plan -- it. It's a different team it's a different months that we knew going out there you know it won't let them -- Baylor tackle last. And on the Rams -- ballclub that it is in many people -- can -- a team that can can win double BG games and it Nancy with so. I'm looking forward to that person but I think over the course of time teams just don't show open the regular season and say okay. You know this is -- I think you kind of build toward you can't beat NC a little bit even if it's -- in in you know small pieces from the stars on. Done this game against Iran in this for the Titans. You start to see UK or some things that you you've seen the difference in -- things that improve on. Without all the structure of a game plan and I think their defense -- something will be industry. Yeah and -- shifting over to the office out of football -- Drew Brees not. This -- the black and gold scrimmage got a long look at Luke McCown along look at Ryan Griffin and -- Griffin had a heck of a day eight his first eight. And I would like to think that maybe the Saints want him to be the guy the back of Drew Brees but the priest he's going to be huge for him being able to do it in the game. If it's almost like a situation to where is. Okay. This guys also from tobacco when you know all we really all we rating to see if he has to go hand. Feel like you know in ACC everything has been known situations and nothing can substitute. Actual experience that will be and then Garnett that's one thing to count on. And I -- run group will be called up in Vietnam all. Ernie is below well now you know sometimes we get that we yeah yeah week in week out especially so I think it. It's going to be a good battle posse both of lying around -- -- capacity. Well these teams in the important when the Saints feel like they wanna make a legit move to it may be in his pre season but what I do think moving forward. But the moves they've made last year to protect Ryan group that they feel like the investment is this is the -- return. They certainly are of course the pre season will be used for both of those players that. Our battle out for a who's going to be the second quarterback behind Drew Brees and of course. Last year the St. Louis Rams tried to sign. Brian Griffin to their active roster wind when Sam Bradford went down the Saints ended a brilliant -- that -- about halfway through the season off the practice squad coming up. Next our -- with Jeff Palermo. RW WL dot com column says the LSU Tigers -- He rated opened fall camp them all as due to a degree wind. Exciting time certainly for that program to an awful bowl appearance in a statement -- opening you're the new stadium a new conference in the American athletic conference so. Well to -- two -- NL if you talk about next hour phone lines open -- is well 260187. Neitzel 386689. Zero weights at least Deke Bellavia Kristian -- it's just sports the role on our.