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8-4 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Aug 4, 2014|

Dave talks about National Dayz, a double dose of What is Wrong with People, and what's wrong with Drew Brees?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this fourth of August 2014. And it came on today that it is indeed. Great weekend now now man actually for a while yesterday at a cool breeze blowing before some of the rain came and I just sent out in the backyard that has pretty good and enjoyed it but it. -- the definitely back this morning the acts and being at home in saint -- last night around 940 and no windows rattled out sheiks I have. Concede that glow off in the distance not knowing what happened. It's got to be scary. -- I wouldn't be too pleased to have the good news is that saint Charles parish authorities say nobody was injured. When there was an explosion on the Valero campus and nor -- -- -- timing green diesel facility and it's one thing European like at a distance like you see your glow in the distance how about -- right there yeah well line ups for several miles around it we were getting reports of people either hearing this let's see how he the good news is that this is no problems of their quality no problems. Around land. Have to figure out what happened. And but yet he did it just now to now audit especially Sunday evening is probably the required disarm the whole week. Via following that working keep yep it -- deterrent for yeah exactly what happened. Overs there you know that there's like a national. Day week -- month for. Every single day we -- month of the year constantly and get a double and triple up to you. Yeah I. I worries on the day you know if it was cheesecake day which have been reduced and it. And that was that you laid claim to cheesecake day -- to many days. Two main national days -- it and parents arrived a calendar this I find out well and so we end up with a macho again and we had some confusion last week one of the testing workers here that beat him well brought in. Some milk chocolate brownies. Thinking that last Wednesday it was national milk chocolate. All it is actually been on Monday. Wow that didn't keep it from me in the brown no snow there are you kidding around here. All and it was actually in the brownie came man national cheesecake. I was all getting very confusing it. Is actual -- web site. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now I keep this in front of me at all times. Because I got to know -- you -- national day it is don't wanna be caught off guard now oh absolutely now island today is national chocolate chip. -- also national sisters. At the national Coast Guard. -- -- admit you're happy month. Admit your admit you're happy month she may be acting like you're unhappy but parted admit your -- I did not go ahead and admit it and national family fun month national catfish month. National exams on the national golf month the national peace month national romance awareness month. This is -- day of the month of a month in August. National water quality month and national picnic. American combine to those together and team -- mid am happy and go on a picnic with my family any catfish. And China have got us Willis today and have a peach cobbler peak time. That's some pretty good I give my wife difficult. While drinking some quality water. You know I think I think I left that was golf in the night. The record producer and and this site does not on who we had seven months and it goodness versions. Tomorrow's national work like a dog. Will be involved than not but it's the dog days of summer -- the dog has lamb imports -- going to work jointly and the port tomorrow. You have it that's and that's so weird when it doesn't work like a dog today tomorrow's national cubicle at the day up to Wear underwear -- National toys today. Like. And Mark Wilson national might have day. National night out today that the night that. -- we're trying to keep him here in the early edition of WWL first is -- you immediate information about you get three year -- week -- month. Important stuff ladies and gentlemen. Saints at the viking gold scrimmage over the weekend but why wasn't Drew Brees there. What's up with the -- The street's -- The teller line between him and now -- your forecast if you were we -- -- WWL. We -- chocolate chips with justice. He -- the Coast Guard human. By sixty. Let's get that workweek forecast. On this Monday mainly cloudy skies at 50% chance for those downpours especially this afternoon and evening. Look for highs right around ninety tonight dropping down about 76. Right back up to 92 tomorrow with a 40% chance for downpours. Wednesday a 40% chance says well with heights of 91. From the pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark. -- a few clouds that there's 78 degrees at the airport in Canada Slidell mostly cloudy and 72 degrees sports time now on WWL also that we had on up to West Virginia. And they Appalachian Mountains where the saints get back to work after the weekend black and gold scrimmage. The morning happy Monday everyone rave reviews continue for saints rookie receiver Brandon cooks -- training camp the voice of the saints Jim Henderson says it's easy to compare not only his speed but also the amount of excitement around coaxed away and Reggie Bush first arrived in New Orleans. Electric zero to sixty in a second mercurial that's sort although sort of adjectives that went toward Reggie go to our brand and and to -- you look at Brandon -- who looks fast when he standing. We got a little -- the football last night as the giants beat the bills seventeen to thirteen at the hall of -- game to open pre season play rookies highlighted the night for the G men running back Andre Williams scored on a three yard run -- receiver -- Washington secured the win with a 73 yard touchdown catch up the right sideline from -- massive in the fourth quarter both LSU -- Tulane football opened training camp today despite having landed the top recruit in the nation in -- -- for net WWL dot com columnist -- -- says expect the tigers to lean heavily on senior running backs Kenny -- and Terrence McGee is. -- it'll put the ball fluttered for a hands and stage go witness -- Tiger Woods hurt his back during the final round of the WGC Bridgestone invitational and withdrew after hitting his tee shot on the ninth hole. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and I first pre season game Friday for the saints yes -- drew play. He would play in the black gold scrimmage what's up -- that will last eve live from West Virginia right after this. It is for drivers coming in from Gramercy toward applause all lanes now open on the interstate after earlier fatal accident I'm Dave Keller at the early edition of WWL prisoners at 525 on here in New Orleans at 625. Received galleries and West Virginia. So you got an hour leg up on Steve's here -- roar and and ready to go but Drew Brees was not in the black gold scrimmage. Is through okay and do you think he'll play Friday in the first pre season game at the -- -- definitely shocking to hear coach Sean Payton even volunteered that information to a so willingly that breeze was how. Of the scrimmage with their no leaks traded -- dated date. I'll wolf -- doubt definitely more today around 3 PM central when the saints take the practice field again have a late start today. I do expect -- to be in action on the practice field this week as for pre season game number one. I wouldn't doubt if they held him out just because a precautionary reason I would imagine -- though being. Active in the second game for sure but. I don't believe it's anything serious we'll have to keep an -- on CP is back on the practice field today but I definitely understand everyone's concern with these star quarterback. And hearing that he has an abdominal strain. And you know that would affect his throwing. And mess of the oblique is somewhat down in the valley is that which town -- you know it was funny because just last week. Someone asked about another injury in -- that we don't ask passengers during the pre season next question. But yet he volunteered that drew has an oblique strain I guess when -- Drew Brees it's our -- Keep those things quiet and when he didn't show up on the field. For the black -- -- there was some nervousness until after the game with -- on I was going on but. Yeah I guess I'd rather drew sit out the pre season to make sure he's perfectly fine if that's what it takes. To get absolute right and I. I think it like I said it was odd because later on in the press conference after the scrimmage. Sean Payton was once again asked about cornerback Champ Bailey who hasn't even been on the field he's just been missing in action as we've been saying but. And he he jumped on the reporters saying we don't talk about injuries you were here yesterday you can ask me again Monday very you know how we're waiting. -- I'll tell you about drew but I won't tell you about -- Him all right thanks people liked -- about point five minutes to more sports here on WWL more on the sentinels -- -- -- relatives they start practice today in Baton Rouge your forecast. Hit or miss showers and storms again today but like yesterday if you could be on the strong to have beside look for 50% chance later today with highs of ninety. Go to but 921 Tuesday that'll put up 40% chance and for mainly the afternoon. I don't Wednesday another 40% chance for storms with highs of 91. From the pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist -- about itself. Cloudy 78 the airport in -- cloudy and 72 inside out relative humidity 90%. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this fourth of August 2014. Pairs of big. Force from moving ahead will make it through Monday and will be kind of like a rugby charge yet now they -- walking -- them. Now almost like guardians. Parties -- -- guardians. Of the multi -- gas guardians of the galaxy. I'd definitely dominated the weekend box office which you properly predicted that you were trying to pull me there's an hour or direction to -- and that was with some bad information thanks to -- mystery here if you were luring the other ways as you're absolutely right guardians of the galaxy number one at the box office and back. Set a record -- for an August opening with nine -- four million. Dollars. And and -- -- -- made them witches back in 2007. Which is the only movie to get even close to that. In recent history. And also the third best opening of -- fourteen dropping -- seeded number two at the box office. James Brown don't know yeah opens at number three regular season's fourth dawn of the planet of the -- Rounds out the top five how concerned they use the saints and the Drew Brees -- play in the black -- government and as a. Who bleak injured -- Ultimately Tommy injury in his abdomen you you know I I get concerned you know -- stubs his toe -- now so yeah a little bit. Which you Barrett who sits at pre season. The rest of the Reagan yeah well and make sure he's OK yeah -- I mean I wouldn't push any issue it was something's tender Kennedy had a copilot yeah yeah. Sure I'd like to see him now. The same time there's a part of me very selfish. Get out there on -- Syria. And and actually -- season go to my daddy difference. Our folks -- -- them and yeah and he how concerned -- you about drew and you think he should sit at least this first pre season game mark. In and -- thank you parodies Drew Brees sure that's cool man my kids go back on Friday -- -- good -- this week. And this sounds like most people that it -- doctor -- happy to get the kids out of -- thousand back to school -- push him out I'm just forget not a regular schedule I I like the routine and I like everybody -- -- to better AI especially since the get up when I go to bed earlier than most votes up earlier than most folks. Now when kids are up -- you know last nine moment that is what is Dixon herself somebody at 103011 o'clock at night in. I just kept him microwave opening close or away and I. And one. Leave it -- all over the place in the summer and it's -- earlier it is your right. They speak about all over the place what. Pico -- Pittsburgh police say a drunken woman tried to drive away. In an unmarked police caught. Went -- officers inside. I'd be pretty drunk to get into a police car it was -- argument that. But a few -- -- it -- even notice according to the criminal complaint 32 year old Ria. You offered got into the car around 2:15 AM Saturday outside of a nightclub that was hosting a party after it was Khalifa concert. Police say she set the driver's seat. And told the two plainclothes officers in the back that she intended to drive the vehicle where she parked her car and police say she was arrested. Before she could drive anywhere. A man who intervened in her arrest was also -- to keep the cup from all off. And he'll. -- don't get involved in something like that just you know. That didn't -- -- -- -- your cause or hers either candidate as officers on this gonna drive this -- Adam Curry knows that. The year out. It's pretty small man she must have been toasted -- and I think it it will collected about one Mets markers is Chris Miller. With them more than two years ago was when they first announcement that thing coal. Over there and by youth -- And now it's two years later and 350 am still haven't gone moment looks like they never will at this point. Now. Oh god let's go live to direct the Eyewitness News forecast and it's a good lord. Welcome back. That -- meteorologist Laura what they'll who took a big birthday vacation. Well he had little time off I'd really anything fun but it's nice to have a couple of days you know even on your birthday -- so significantly since then when -- see all of our. Happy tidings of working which is on FaceBook. Having the team before FaceBook. Cards phone calls which I mean we weren't doing that it's not right -- it. I don't apparently easy way to say happy birthday but I love it I would have hit a three outages when he came back at -- happy belated birthday I am just it's so cool checked in your FaceBook Hastert -- think everybody in -- -- bites. Only yeah well hello -- -- And happy belated birthday to you and Dan as you come back -- the heat and humidity at full force nothing like that slightly drier air we had this time last. -- know -- -- nice to have something just a little bit back a little bit of a break for the end of July the F up like August now I guess that were in the through as of August it's got to feel like get temperatures are already. At close to eighty here in the South Shore and it feels sorry like the low eighties from a spot to hate the up here -- -- now little little muggy a little hazy and start up that's not how high do we get. The rest of the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What to say about normal 199192. The next couple of days that we will see those Dell port chances each after -- -- very normal kind of August when. I would actually guess it was real nice right before the rains started in Metairie. It was like that aired his dropped about 510 breezy cool lot outflow boundary and on -- in the backyard just soaking it up before the rains and that was that I am doing that's right that's that's -- India. I can't wait for the for it and -- and that tropical storm birth so what's the latest. With that you know it's still no threat really to any one at this point it's gonna pass between Bermuda and the East Coast it's a little bit stronger at this morning. But it is forecast to become a weak hurricanes that's not surprising -- about seventy miles per hour it's just around the Bahamas. It's gonna curve off towards the northeast so again really no threat to anyone at this point may become -- look closer at coastal Canada in the long run. As it weakens by the weekend that out we're looking over -- pretty here along the gulf. And not enough -- the -- announced that track that like in analog and I want -- more of it by the way the guys -- master control but on my screen. Before FaceBook. Which people happy at the end MySpace. I'm bright I never had a if you have a MySpace -- how everybody has won you know over that and more about it. -- ever went on every. Now. Creeped out there. And now it's -- piano. College bill Pennsylvania. What. People. Police say 217. Year old boys are -- and breaking into a Pennsylvania home. And -- They've made from -- Well -- I would need to front laced brownies and very real police say the burglary happened in. Her commit township. And they found that. -- boys and made two pounds. Of brownies. With what they're calling an unspecified drug. Died than the price brown yes so -- -- and a -- That is on two counts of right maybe I mean that's a lot of ground you know now. -- -- -- -- -- -- debate drug laced brownies you don't want to just you know make two or three you really go for. -- that is true that if you pan that this you know by my husband has the same thing -- -- -- cake let's make it take a pickle cake with multiple layers. That's right go all out. And that -- and you gotta eat now at the ticket to work in on an up and go back. But so. It did indicate during your vacation. Did you go all out now. Outlook for my birthday -- -- appears cakes -- Of them -- custard and yet something -- yet every quarter inch of gay and another later it's got to be happy and asked that you liked alternate. He eats half well men have dropped. It there you go folks -- -- -- and Laura K. Emerged half lemon half -- have you had to make -- -- -- With the with a lot of work at stake in Laura welcome back. Happy birthday. -- -- -- -- direct Eyewitness News forecast up to West Virginia connect to find out what the thing to do and as they get ready for their. First pre season game. Come Friday ul and LSU tigers start training camp today so the Greenway up that ballot folks it's football in the -- 554 Dave you know and here in the Crescent City. And nestled in the Appalachian Mountains Steve Geller good morning and again there. Go there they -- well. Do you think through practices that three -- time this afternoon when the -- at the practice field after a day off on Sunday. Well and also technically had all Saturday to succeed in you know work with the guys so I think after Saturday Sunday all of that -- leading up to a leader practice. In the day today here in West Virginia. That Truby back impacted on the field I think Sean Payton B eight being so willing to offer that information. I can't be serious though. I would expect her to be back on the field today in all all worries or concerns to be squashed. Apple will find out this afternoon on sports -- right here on WW well I am FM and back down. The LSU tigers -- time showed up for training camp yesterday today the first practice. He would tell us a couple of other than nine -- sportscast that we should temper our expectations but the tigers and number thirteen in the first pre season Paul I got to look at plane number fourteen. Wisconsin opened the season. There must be some reasonable expectations that bad to be in the top 25 any time is. No definitely not I think the ranking was I was surprised just because I felt very generous for the tigers since there is so much. Of a youth movement and inexperience on this water right now. Especially the offensive side of the ball we know -- met burger -- Beckham Jarvis -- -- Jeremy hill all are for the offense alt top contributors. But you have and -- unsettled situation -- quarterback between Brandon Harris and Jennings deputy Jennings. And that's going to be the biggest question at this point and also a wide receiver. You just have one returning guy from last year Trayvon -- other than that it's a bunch of freshman so the past people really struggle I think. Off the bat and baby gets going I think. A ten win season is. To be -- -- and at worst team easy for its funny how far we've come because -- -- open at a pre season thirteen and you're expecting a double digit winning season and that could be a disappointment in not fighting for a national championship year in and year out thank you Steve we'll talk in about fifteen minutes. With more sports from West Virginia here on WWL your forecast here in New Orleans. On this Monday look for clouds increase seen especially into the afternoon so pretty warm and humid 92 day. Or Courtney 50% chance forces scattered downpours tourists chance strapped down to about 40% some scattered rain about with highs of 92. And Wednesday a 40% chance for scattered storms and highs of 91. The pinpoint forecast center to brawl just -- -- now. Mostly cloudy 78 at the airport in Canada mostly cloudy 72 in Slidell we start this final week of summer for most families in the region. Get a tax saint Charles parish teachers go back today -- back to -- summer is over already. I want -- reiterated I read it there you go enjoy your first day -- work for teachers and saint Charles launchers and other. Tommy Tucker is in for the next four hours upon watching gas will be able to talk about the things we talk about kids. Immigration into Louisiana. Now when you lose out there Edmondson the at least current commander of the state police's don't and a Texas again these wants to learn more about what's gone -- -- immigration issues and all these kids wouldn't retirements. None -- that to separate story you're confusing your Edmonton's EU. It's about kids seriously -- and -- cars and also about what about the bull fighters their bodies. Talking about and yet Americans with a bullet coming back to America and -- taken the proper across.

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