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8-4 6:10am Tommy, Saints excitement

Aug 4, 2014|

Tommy talks to Hokie Gajan, former Saints RB and Saints color analyst, about Saints camp and the upcoming season

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- the football -- Chris has. Fourteen places on -- -- that are -- in the proper inflation on that is -- thirteenth -- -- inflated over that board that's ruling on the details about it saying I don't know if it's true or not and it's kind of thing -- -- toward the end of the hall of changing our any pre season game when people and game that. Probably none -- in the league Alec. It -- awry it's a game that nobody cares about. And they got to come up with stuff to fill out. You want a good golf movie was -- just -- -- what you feel bad for Buehrle duke says. There's tackled by a data be selling cars and I don't mean and make landed -- that these people were cargo lives to get there but in terms of covering it for the network it's kind of hard to do but the good you know the good news is football's back in and we watch that's the main thing because we are so desperate. We are so desperate for football but you know I tuned in last night as desperate as I was and I. He didn't -- -- I don't think a lot of people did I really denied I wanted to do it and everything told -- do -- and you saw Eli throw you my old and I said put life -- channel on some -- yet -- -- seriously -- EI Eli threw the ball I throw -- like a series herself and then and then that was it. It's kind of hard to. You know at saint is different because you wanna see different players that's yeah I -- really is and you know I don't care about buffalo in the giants are very much you know. Mom. I did some pressure washing over the weekend in Italian this weather that -- in heaven is not good for much except pressure washing as I -- look easy it's okay and went by you do it. And having done -- both loans like 7060 degrees and frozen. Money summertime -- -- things that I had great weekend never actually. So after a panel remains to be hot this week highs around 92. Two in any two and it's going to be August like. That was done on an American with Ebola or the ice and came over from. I guess wherever there have been a -- trouble. And in Africa has -- wide. Why bring it here listeners valuable Tommy does and I'll bring -- a year I -- the pressure washer all weekend OK I can barely hear. And and I -- no water in my years so adding get a chance to follow it now what happening guy from. Africa -- at a they're not -- a lot of break are gone on over there obviously thrilled that I -- that I pass facility. Supposedly the most secure in the country and president last week I'm aware of some stuff now. But was a de L worker that was treating somebody had -- -- a case and now he's in heavy security in Atlanta is he ever. Okay like that like that. The stuff they heads and around in the zip locked exit thirty years they found in the closet that kind of -- and people dead. Get any -- close to him look like right on a scifi movies. And all that they've got shields and -- student -- -- -- it was at Andromeda strain episode and now. Saturday and on a football game late last night for four. I here's what he had Gypsy king tickets to giveaway if you love fusion music dome -- the Gypsy king and kings August 16 at the Sanger and have a WL has you tickets. I just again an amazing fusion mandolin and blends traditional flamenco music with Latin ribbons fused with western pop. So all week from six to ten I'll have a chance we'll win when you hear the Gypsies. Kings and here do you have that have been -- ready to play. The big about a ski avenue. -- absolutely. You have seen an average out -- out well this song by The Gipsy Kings was featured in that film the big old house I. Remember -- yeah. Yeah. It is interesting because we'll -- he gets thrown out of camp later rounds like an eagle remember. Remember that I away will have your tickets when you hear that I'll tell you the number to call. Any columns -- -- a -- tickets and station -- fusion music Debbie WL we also have our code word coming up. In the 1000 dollar nationwide summer splash cash contest to right before the top of the hour news. At 7 o'clock to listen to that won't come back we'll talk to -- guys John about the saints' scrimmage on. Saturday in their first pre season game coming up this weekend Tommy Tucker back in a flash under the W -- Tommy -- thrilled to have our friend -- guys John withers and I Daniel early morning stuff and he's our former saints running back of course scout saints color analyst in Jordan went into text me the third. Third highest passer rating in saints history -- allegation is that -- You know nick Jordan Tillman and the ease the ease the man he's the he's a -- -- money graduates on on ever Delhi tells it. -- -- passing efficiency. Passer rating and all that -- a third time highest rate -- rated passer in terms of cancer passing -- efficiency ranked. Well answering on. I mean art -- well. It's all about you know that the ratio guessed they tell -- got. The scrimmage on on Saturday and everything I'm I'm reading in here and bruises branding -- was was again and again about his intention. -- -- -- -- -- In on me if you eat eat. We need -- bad he get the ball well Europe -- that yet. Aren't on -- decade not want to -- players. Haven't got a call or amend. You know -- in the early committee. In the main thing is that you. Are up about it. Coach Payton talk about it. Eight. Look at -- volatile. He'll come back you know it you're quoted at the right or wrong. Don't like it early dedicated to gain good. He certainly in Britain and been here no. -- tell me who got your attention on. Sell on Saturday again and surprise you may be artist had a tremendous scrimmage. Oh here really can pick out one particular part in because. I'm certain that. Public market printing -- -- and Nortel anecdote. The court -- blow out training camp and one day you know. Pick -- And had. The only look like little McCain really could pick out in an opportunity. When you want Boyer a couple players in particular. Brandon -- Although that figure out of Rutgers let me nearby. Camp when. Well -- the -- say about 200 -- -- meet a gated. Yet -- are intrigued the other day. Young men. Well opted out of open bird but he kind of similar that -- Any good treatment. Sure that group Negron in Vietnam and make what you say is needed but somebody herbal. Her -- -- -- -- Training camp at this point yeah. It'll leak -- albeit in -- -- city. You know that we point oh that continue to perform well. And they equity act on their better days at any you know an -- and others like that but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And a Cripple -- like not only people contact. You know I. If a cult the early pick up and player -- You know that -- be -- -- -- attack the ball bring them right around the track all in couldn't. Like that in. There were. I don't want to protect you back in order to have my notebook which beat by electric current are. Well. It'll all they put it on these on see progress from players and as a poll in all of them. 08 -- bit. You know the topic at eight instead -- I don't know how we whole different -- -- it will be warned against another key because a lot. -- That comprise. Quote or Earl. It. There are completely flat and if not in the right. Get that final ball he really is somebody and are -- ball which is that people aren't so. The way it's -- at camp that the weather has a lot. That. Accurately and didn't. -- I'm not sure about it but. I -- on Friday will be one more bit of correction in only occur and Andre can. As seeing a lot of chatter on social media about Drew Brees and the deal bleak is that their muscle on site year's comic is it not we like some people column love handles. -- know -- somewhere in the middle that and our big ego Bobby I'm not. -- -- you know the Maine the most if you know where there. And where they heard. What worries lancet did did Drew Brees is not anything serious resentment and I think what makes me think -- to Sean Payton was going to talk about it. Think it's pretty big deal. You know -- was out there weren't that period beyond immediate camera belt around from. 01 group -- -- Implicated. And run. Attack. Can be honestly I don't know whether. True argument not you're still on the air it was a pain to end the -- really expected. Is going to be in band. And if -- teacher too much because of something like that. You can't buy and I don't know. And that they had they'll care that they you know apple equipment that and he got injured. And then at this point you -- and right. -- it certainly in any. Actually injured -- We we see -- And practiced in the day it can't -- on the ground at my current structure they're all in all. So order is we don't know but it certainly wasn't on the -- if that happened out they're. On the field doesn't mean not period and certainly. Matt -- and I think you know the matter is. It's football in -- and negative and you quickly -- -- and a well if we think it's a ruptured well which he -- -- well then next Andy's band out there and find out how can carry on premiere so. You know that like can't pay these and I note your question what about. About burglary but I'm. I'm different and that you know agreed that think it's been really are. And it happened that. That being out there on the practice all -- it would have been -- all of science and immediate. Some party -- body was really ache in -- -- -- growing gap there. But out in this you know market -- so make deploying these their ilk. I will say -- Because and that don't call turned it into practice but. You know what -- kidnapped and a little bit in May be easy to up the paper it well he's definitely a good practice but it. I certainly don't think it but -- right now. I don't you have a great week and we look forward vehicle on Friday night with -- the first pre season game against Saint Louis. I think you -- six -- six timely traffic we'll take you calls. Well -- a magnitude 60187. Neitzel 386 exit date nine's 0870. Speaking to chatter on social media a lot of people saying this is the best saints team ever and you'd think this is going to be a very special year for won't talk to you when we come back six when he six now. At that code word coming up with a 1000 dollar nationwide summer splash cash contest. Another Terrell Robinson and traffic all the sinuses David Blake the sinuses always the sinuses asks a lot of answers suffering and ready jaguar opinion polls asking new. -- -- some winery glad to get back to school. And we. I think is parents. You're happy when it first comes because you get a chance to spend more time with your kids in and around this time a year it's like OK let's get going -- Bill a couple of joints is right now from Newark though aren't good as you've been relating -- on people in an explosion last night morning Billy Dylan. Mortality how to get it on once again -- the day a year ago are you back to. Noticed. And on restarting and should do brand new show on the weekend morning that we and -- He's all Monday and Tuesday so we all are helping him out -- on the morning show -- -- -- for awhile. -- -- -- -- -- It's good to see you on TV early in the morning again I'll say that. No disrespect any body just tell me about what's going on in north co if for people that are just waking up didn't even know what happened last night what happened. What happens sense and where we are now. Well it was quite an explode -- a company called dying green he. -- -- it's actually part this is a subsidiary of Valero Energy you're gonna but the two big refineries and our vote bill and Bolero. Condemned review so that new unit that there are a year ago part of civic there'll vital peaceful. Company they are basically using animal fat cooking oil used cooking oil and that there's a unit there that that. What -- produce useful tool well that there was an explosion in that unit left at 930. Great -- and that -- over the area expect that -- -- of these -- hurt tumors operations. Division. Or essentially then it will in my. You know a couple. Yelling you awakened when the actual -- that. Works wakes rather the emergency director you know you -- problems. But apparently not -- -- problem -- Just talk -- parity -- -- policy director of a couple of minutes ago. -- the latest epic no injuries. One person Burnett and LTR reward them are on -- no result plant. -- all the local fire that took so well are now. They were checked in the air quality and they didn't Israel worsens optical group accurate or -- -- -- like that it couldn't find. Toxic or harmful substances in the air so it was a pretty much isolated to that unit in the and -- -- plant which. It's now shut down we are still emergency diplomacy in out here there strictly now trying to. Let daylight commitment to doing certificate or why it's explosion happened and then of course so to make repairs exactly how much damaged in the plant. For dollar return in terms of -- extension. The the plant and equipment that was Roland -- rocker couldn't help but it does. -- are trying to figure out probably what happened but don't want -- I thank you bill appreciate you time and look great and orange vest by the or. He had a great day. At -- -- and I nobody injured. Nobody killed thank god did that plant explosion and we'll keep you updated anything changes right here on -- VW wells -- comeback on lines are open it's music so point 87 Neitzel 386889087. Media. You think Drew Brees could play into at least 45 that's what he said he would like to do. Bellini there. Team. Poor right now. Thirty. So that would mean he'd be our quarterback until twenty. Cool twenty niners. Some Alan -- -- he'd when he thought. He tell me he's 35 right now do you think drew could play another ten years and would you want him to. I don't see any way plays -- 38 but you tell me 39 at the most when we come back on that W. 646 Tommy Tucker fourteen of course seven trying to get going on this Monday morning August. The fifth and four of them move banana company it. And we have code were coming up in the 1000 dollar. You'd think -- easily Davis. It was a rough weekend and those -- -- that not even drink -- you know what happened I I saw somebody. Yesterday that it went to grammar school with that I hadn't seen in a long long long long time and she'd recognize me. Exits you recognize my voice from WW well she looked exactly the same. And me islet like 38 miles of bad road but it is nice the year. Anyway kind of the 1000 dollars Summers splashed past contests code word right before the top of the hour news. At 7 AM and an eleven -- we'll have another 14 yen 11 AM so let's do it let's decide this it is in fact. August the fourth. And I think we're definitely into the dog days of summer where. It's the same old thing drudgery day after day after day with the heat and the humidity saints get that. Pre season started Friday night about against rather of the Saint Louis. Rams and we will have all of the the action for you here's what was training camp all week along with the extreme saints coverage. It would timeout Drew Brees and how long he could play. Is he was saying half jokingly that he could play until he was 45. A couple of text them in command rather when drew his 45 his body like is like most people's at 35. But then there's there's drew won't make it one more year if he doesn't have better protection. Then last year and when it really got my attention. Drew brought us a Lombardi. And killed the -- -- forever we owe it to him -- let him play as long as he once. And pay him. What ever he wants. You agree with that -- not -- six 187 Neitzel 386 exit 890878. And there's gonna comment time and you hope that it can be negotiated. Behind the scenes nicely but there's gonna come a time when Drew Brees can't play anymore and I think one of the saddest things in all sports -- life as when somebody stays around too long Johnny Carson went out when he is on top. Than did George bland a blatant -- it was. Or the nine I think 64 years old George -- was. But he was a quarterback in any wound up just kick in the football I what do you think is the oldest. Realistically speaking that somebody could play quarterback in today's NFL. I think at 35 jurors probably got three more years I know he's exceptionally. Dedicated to training in and stretching and keep himself in shape but. Like to hear from me on -- 60187203866. 89087. Point. Do you know who Charles Ergen is. Well neither do lie but I think this is a lesson about fame and all of this. I occasionally feel like we're big shots. Charles Ergen is a former president of the DISH Network. And he is the richest guy. In Colorado sixteen point six billion. Tom Benson richest guy in Louisiana one point five billion. And -- elected different states. Tom Tom Billy had a Tom Benson rather really. Near the bottom of of richest people. Now Gary Farrell it's an and one of the Dakotas North Dakota. He's only worth 900 million but it's interesting how we get to feel and good about ourselves. And we think we're big stuff than we realized they're people like. -- Jacqueline Mars. Whose worth twenty billion dollars that a lot of us have never heard of or filled night nineteen billion in -- again of the of course probably hurt him from Nike Larry Ellison in California 49 point four billion. And I think that the point here is. Do you think money can buy you happiness or do you think it's all about. Friends and family. Because if you have friends and family. Aren't you infect the richest person in the state. -- I would say. The richest person in the world. That puts me in food stamps. Come on -- get a righted supporters my birthday 51 years old happy birthday to whoever texted daddy and Edison says -- give drew two more years is an elite quarterback he may play until he's forty. A lousy 452. More would put human 38. An end forty beyond that I don't -- 45 either but who knows 652 title at a traffic in -- that we -- -- profits. I Tommy tiger Monday morning as we head into the dog days of summer and I think. They August 4 would be the beginning and those on you on a Monday in I'm looking at Debbie WL dot com. And I see some of the some of the great things we have -- from Tom Fitzmorris hosts of the food she'll and I the good friend of -- this one what's the best. -- best way to appeal hard boiled they. So oh yeah in my when check that out -- Debbie WL -- common in terms of money buying new happiness. Once there's money can't buy heaven has been engaging short term lease. Another tax money can't buy you have been has -- -- by US saint season football game and it's pretty much the same thing. I don't know if you're talking about tickets. I guess so. Friends and really make you rich he's just something board peoples say I'll take the money. And there's there's when Tommy announce you've won the powerball and you'll be amazed at the amount of relatives. You have got the code word coming up in the 1000 dollar nationwide summer splash cash contest. In order talk next hour about. Kids die in in hot cars the most recent one. Wasn't apparent that left the child in the car but it isn't southern Californian I left the car unlocked. And three year old got trapped. In the car couldn't get out. And unfortunately. Died the kid's father woke up from a nap on the -- months and nobody really knows how long he was in the car. But this memory expert there -- gonna have on doctor David Daimon says children dying in hot cars has become an epidemic. Now on the story that just silly about it would seem like. You shouldn't be laying on couch taken a Napoli three year old is running around on attempted. But there's also the issue of is there any excuse really relieving your kid in the back of a car on a Davidson high it is it's going to be today. I don't think so and I don't think it's all about the leaving but it's about everything and -- them right now.

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