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WWL>Topics>>8-4 7:10am Tommy, kids forgotten in hot cars

8-4 7:10am Tommy, kids forgotten in hot cars

Aug 4, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. David Diamond, a neuroscientist and memory expert, about how people can forget and leave their kids in a car

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Working get the shows started here at 710. And and you know we love Monday's all body will wait their town center and here. That first hour was on the -- I thought it was a one call no no no it was real. Called atomic level in this and it is that the little white. Accelerated talk about memory expert that says kids being left in hot cars and unfortunately dying. The he we have an epidemic company in this country and get a couple of -- that come and it's time incessantly to child and a hot car anyone who does just either plain stupid on drugs. Pressure all of the bomb while another bounces funny thing in the fifties and sixties. Kids didn't die for being left in hot cars then in the interest of safety the government made -- put kids in back now we have an epidemic when Davis. As revenue and down the West Bank expressway a couple of weeks ago. And I saw a young lady and a Honda Accord. Infancy in the back but on her lap. As traffic stopped I saw she was carrying that tiniest of babies but have a beautiful little -- On her lap yes and I started not to say anything. But then we get to the next light and you know yes -- -- window Downey. It is the circular motion even though it's it's a power window they care for all and I -- I know you love that baby that's why -- opener but just so you know. If that airbag goes off or just somebody hits you when you get an accident that baby's gonna go flying around like projectile or the -- in the killer instantly. So I know your lover but you really need to put her in the backseat as start not to say -- -- -- -- continued down the road but it isn't a case you figure you can only do. What you can do and when you have Melissa media on Monday from the state police next time they have a class because. It's astounding things like 90% or more of the people hook up car seats doing wrong and in this case you didn't even -- that -- the child in the car's seat and you just wonder with all. Of the information that's out there how somebody could do out. You do with -- all the warnings and and reminders. And those hot car business just. But you're right it is like an epidemic and -- everywhere we -- him in Florida we ought to make California we got to you know anywhere it's hot. An amazing numbers since. Nineteen. 881998625. Children are c'mon and it's just so much of that can be prevented through a guy taken a nap in Southern California three year old Tomlinson in -- car. It's trapped in wakes up and vines get why is your three year old running around unsupervised. While you're relying on a couch taking an apple talk about yourself. And -- this. The. You know it's tough whenever you lose a family member and it's hard to say goodbye and it's really hard when you have to do it twice. Twice. Lawson family sent their mother to meet three memorial mortuary in Houston. And when they went for the viewing he said that the undertake it and looked like mom and and they say anything maybe in the wrong body is somebody else back there and the entities and that would make those kind of mistakes that they carried on. With the burial in the service they said -- body changes. From the embalming process. And then the next day may -- funeral home called the lost -- and said you know what you're right and while this year. -- -- So you have the awkwardness of everybody in the emotion out in and maybe eulogies and so forth sharing memories -- do the second time. And then you also have a problem of calling. Other family insane okay well. You know we had mistakes. A local funeral home harassing did that years ago and I'm not gonna mention names because last time I did their attorneys were in the realty I'm sure but. They definitely showed up and he said. We know you're just hysterical with grief. And the family says while I don't think so and they opened the bottom of the casket and their mom I think only had one league. And this lady had to arm so you know I guess sometimes it happens but you would think -- is that they would be very very careful. In a kind of business leads us to lot -- what he adds it's it is it yeah it's tough on that family would you wonder how could something like that happen and we -- back. We'll talk to doctor David diamond. A neuroscientist professor department of psychology in molecular pharmacology. This man's got some titles -- talent behind him we're gonna take a break come back talk to him about kids being left in hot cars Tommy Tucker glad you with a steady W. -- Tommy Tucker -- WL talking about it's dying in hot cars since 1998. 625. Children have lost their lives in nineteen this year and 44 last year. Joining us talk about it honored to have doctor David diamond a neuroscientist. And professor in the department of psychology and molecular pharmacology and physiology. At the university University of South Florida -- good morning doctor Al -- Thanks for taking the time -- did you coin a phrase or at least use the phrase epidemic is it relates in this. Well I do consider it. And epidemics because this is not just nicely into the oh we have actually about one child per week. As soon as it's -- from the string into the fall that's being forgotten in a car and dying. Doctor we have conversations in the newsroom and unfortunately you know people are gonna die during the cold months from space heaters that they -- -- and you know exist. Kind of thing is gonna happen as you said every year when it turns more. As a parent I can't understand how something like this could happen because. I guess I was actively engaged with my daughter when she was no 12 and three talk and tour and not hang in on the phone those kind of things. Is there ever really legitimate reason. For a parent to leave a child in the car and doesn't relate to that moment when they get out -- everything that happened before. Well I understand as well as apparent self. Design -- -- it's fascinating and shocking. To hear about apparently being a child in the car. So what we don't need to do as a service to -- that and not -- so judgmental because I have such harsh comments about the people. And I think when people. Think your show or writing they're confident that they don't realize that he's a real good parents he's not people who neglect their here. -- I'd actually don't know many of these parents and so the first thing we have been dismissed as these in the parent you don't care about it. And he took extraordinary people so note to the challenge. In health and good care. Leave -- child in the car. So that left the -- my scientific skills try to understand that and on the and realize. Millions of kids that transported every day and parents and -- so -- distillery extreme. Conditions in which character gets. So that sort of a starting point what are the conditions. That leads to good commitments for getting their concern. -- what have you found in terms of common links between the parents and you've come -- know in the incidents that you study. So again as I say that's -- there are still looking toward my interpretation and thirty -- become. I want to -- that does not an excuse. This is not setting up the situation to that child in the car -- sister -- understand the phenomenon. So we can war and other people. -- that might happen to them. And so the commonality. Is. That there are parents. Who are calling on well traveled route that's something we have all experience well we sort of good and the auto pilot mode. And we're driving without thinking about it in the subset of those. We pick out the daycare. In another sense that we goes straight to work or straight from work home. And the reason we didn't fully and sting and the green -- system. Take basically pointed a point even thinking about it go to our pilot vote for whatever reason we are now calling on that route. And we get to our destination and the most important thing is I've read hear reports that they lost awareness. But the child in the car and in every case. The situation out -- sweeping typically -- away from the superior doesn't interact with a child. When they exit the car. They're not thinking about their child at that moment because they actually saint. The child in daycare is universally reported that they believe that they had taken out debate here we're so liberal parents. So when they go to work order and they're well. They actually think which -- -- say. It's been consistent in open court. Yeah are there methods that you recommend -- keep this kind of thing from happening. Although the recommendations to make First Solar based on my house decorations and look at the people. Judge others little people commitment and the circumstances and the car. Percival is very important not to be in denial. Being humans are flawed and we are flawed them. And a lot of these people -- previously judged others who have forgotten here -- -- -- -- -- I think -- be aware it can happen -- -- Second and very important that people -- do something of the -- in the currency. At the time the -- it is so helpful have a reminder and I know people respondents -- I don't mind that my kids in the car I mean I won't pretend like here. Will realize it is truly can happen and -- And I think it's very important that the gate cheer. Provider being contact with the parents that you are presidential that they cheer. Is really important that they contact the parents and ultimately we really need technology. We need to have a reminder that there's 2000 Carter and -- the law. Doctor every seat time is -- web site to which people can go attitude and find out more about your research. Well at my web site. The university so our department psychology of the summary -- search on project baby syndrome. I also highly recommend the web -- chipping cars dot org and terroristic organization that can track. All of that was his children dart around cars. Thank you so I appreciate your time I hope we get to talk to you again or hear you that doctor David diamond neuroscientist professor and department of psychology. And molecular pharmacology and physiology at the University of South Florida. So invite you right 1980 call let me know -- 6018780386. Exceed 89087. -- Do you think. You could ever leave year years on daughter guide child knees nephew. -- grandson granddaughter in a car. Because your routine changed. Could it ever happened to EU and if it could. Do you think. That we need some kind of warning system in their cars some kind of reminder as the doctor says about when the child in the front seat. And have you ever lost track of your child. Or somebody who did where you're doing your best to watch him -- and all of a sudden. There on your site and you know now -- it's only 720386. X. 8890878. To finally get traffic at 726 and let -- Terrell Robinson. You know it's on my kids being left in hot cars and parachuting elements over 600 it. Died at ways since 1998. And I always -- to kids aged two primary responsibilities were to protect them in appropriate manner. To which they are able to protect themselves and get him ready leave the nest. Now sometimes that's you know hard line -- line because some people would. -- bird being a protective parents as some kind of obsession. But yet if you don't want to child close enough then your neglectful parent you almost have to be kind of obsessive about they -- do -- There are dozens of primary jobs apparent says to protect them. Again proportionately naturally you'd do would do. You did your actions will be different for one year old and -- would with a twelve year old in and then as they. Get older and adding the other one is again ready to stand on around. And whereas in the is there ever any excuse for leaving a child unattended in the car or have you ever. Lost track of the child have you ever lost track dealers and look at my -- I'd be honest and -- brown never ran out. Died I had a incidents I can remember. In a series one day or is one of those things are you turn your head and then it. She was -- right. And me it was you know she just wandered down to the elsewhere the Tories were you know what despite the toy department didn't remember what you're looking at that -- too distracted. It's just something I -- -- whatever you know just it was -- add a a couple of seconds. It's easy to do and I've known people. That get easily distracted and and I would be hesitant to. A lot of much my daughter because I knew OK nine ER and you you'll leave purse here he believes that there really the other thing and all it takes is a second way to turn your head. But in these cases you're talking about Tommy people -- gone and whether -- you know hopefully not play in the casino gamer or but they've gone -- and stayed for hours and hours and tell the kids dead. Well because the doctors that it's a change of routine when you change your routine and -- it can happen to you he says and -- always sought a day if you talk to the child. And engage them bull then. On the even though there and -- -- back will then you he would be on -- your mind but he says while sometimes they flawlessly. So I don't know I knew Collins hi you're on -- WL time and what you think. I got more. -- -- -- -- economy. Well my. Part on McCain Martinez. Would bring her to migrate. Are to be black and. Yeah with a. Hang out in. The war in Iraq are not see. And I heard. The engine was car. So it was yeah it. Is like that. Did that distract and yet -- the children. It it. And luckily for me -- Mary. Maybe your current economy. -- -- -- -- are. Currently. Leads me. A and the port. One thing like like inertia Colin mark parent and the -- girlfriend. -- day. This statement that -- bubble. But let me ask Israel and in -- very nicely called indecent handed. It was your daughter sleeping. Or negative. Yeah acumen and an aunt or an ingenious -- and -- literally. -- to me like that in an independent. Apparently turning on the street and -- in the market it may read like the weight from my job. -- probably backpack and and come. In and out there and Eric being great but it went -- the car. And I'd expect I don't know I -- that called me when she -- -- -- How does that change you every dial in Detroit -- what did you do to make sure than ever happening again. Well -- Carotene every like treaty. Like literally because it's a program and street and acting I think. In being part -- corner. Start dishing out. And -- -- in the program in a week ago. -- Get to school. Go to harbinger. And equipment market and I would have been because it's interesting. In the Bay Area. As people -- connecting. It -- every day in there. You know here here. Question and it should -- but you did well. You know. It's been. An advocate being out of -- -- -- And you know I don't know but not me it's. Nine we had a governor wanna ask you real quick do you think is the kind of thing and I don't mean to make this a dumb question. But the kind of thing where. It -- that could never happen to me until a Dunn's. -- you. Know. Yeah. You think and act like it might happen being -- it. -- -- You might -- An animated -- they call and and I'm glad you did thank you I don't I'd give that more calls we come back NT six -- 187 he told Greek. 866889087. As it ever happen -- And do you think it could happen to you that you could ever leave a child and a bag of a car and and go about your business. Change of Regina Tommy Tucker back in a flash and other WL. I Tommy Tucker I guess earlier this hours and -- kids being forgotten in cars has reached epidemic levels eases its. Reasonable to call -- an epidemic 625. Kids. Roughly have died of heat stroke in cars since 199819. This year so far 44 last year and I guess question I would have for you as well is why do you think this is becoming more common. Is it because people are too distracted when they're driving too much going on. That is somebody said navy -- At least shoes company goes from the car's seat to UN. That's like -- a finger around years ring around. String around your finger back in the day and and maybe could be that sample well from. -- thanks for calling -- morning aren't evident you well. -- -- Renee is gone Jill new -- hi you're on -- WL aren't aren't you I'm doing well Tommy -- what's going on with this would be. A friend of mine has made it suggestion might get better until they're not art teacher needing anymore that make that suggestion. That we -- what the child in the backseat in the car eaten everything could take on your left to. And we are not doesn't quite work that well he got a standard vehicle that we Bacardi and you know what should you have to get it retreat from the backseat and see that your child building. -- -- -- Yet anyway that would it's kind of like once suggestion that. That reminder and not people that put something in the currency -- help remind you that you had a child in the backseat you don't forget the Indians are accurate -- Is the gentleman said that whether it's warm you have like about one incident a week. Well one -- art when the weather it's cold either cases where children for that concentric dot com. I don't know of that many I don't know what the differences. I don't think that you better parents partly due bounced out and trying to debate. That night and it is great. Questions for the gas and next on Miami malice in that. Did you know and I don't mean to an anyway. -- child -- some in the refrigerator Padilla ever put your keys in the refrigerator to remind you to take something or some along those lines you -- keys. Now and never put my -- in the refrigerator and a no -- yet to bring something from the refrigerator to work so you don't forget. I would put an effort but yet that I would put my key they would own and that I wouldn't -- my own -- -- -- yet to bring some new refrigerator yeah I get tickets I see little reason. The reason I ask is I think we all had so many things going and and I try to neighbor Colin GO by the way I try to you know the appointments and everything else try to put reminders on the iPhone sometimes I'll call home and leave. A message from myself and stuff still falls in the cracks that I don't think. Now now you say never but. I can't believe that I would ever leave a child in the back of cars and and the young heart goes out to parents that do because you know. They didn't do it on purpose 753 more calls when we come back right now -- 211 WL traffic -- that would seem. -- -- Tommy -- talking about kids being left pin -- Karzai Google kids dying in cold -- likened sign anything. That Texans and Tommy -- did you change my mind about it that can never have a meal every year tone sounds as. If I would never do that we'll know I I I can't imagine do an -- but. Then again. It's kind of thing I think where will they can never happen to me. Until it does and and then you'll also have of conversation about should parents be sentenced to jail time for that went. I don't think anybody does this intentionally and then they. Then not only -- -- child to have to live with the guilt of that but then maybe going to jail Rene thanks for calling -- have a W good morning. Yet and the -- Color before. Talk about is. She. Cheated -- -- the child. So -- need to choose to secure it out it'll go off and leave your child. Unintentionally. Cold for hours. So. Choose to take your child in the car. So do you think you could ever happen you. I think I would do everything could afford not to happen I don't. Intent and it happened to me. I would always have something I need for work. In the backseat with the child so that. If I did forget to go to daycare which certainly. I would I would want to get to work I would need my act war. -- or my laptop or whatever. What would be in the backseat with the child. Do you think people are just too distracted too much going on there isn't misplaced priorities if you had to pick one. -- one -- it's a little about and people are distracted and they're trying to. They're trying to -- too many things aren't. Yet getting that -- -- into a -- -- the office. I want to be any. No I wouldn't and maybe it would have been distracted and prosecuted. Got to thank you and am glad you called will continue. Our conversation when we come back but here on WW.

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