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8-4 8:10am Tommy, kids left in hot cars

Aug 4, 2014|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about an "epidemic" of kids being left in hot cars

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And on Friday in. A place called hurricane you to call eleven month old girl found unresponsive not breathing. Slept inside a -- vehicle I can't find the reason that the parents again and now it's happening but it was. In front of the house and parked on the street are nodded not at a hockey child nerves now. And you would think somebody would have. Well I don't know where the child is. You know and then we always pray. That there is a neighbor or somebody walks by my wife one time. Park the car in a busy parking lot. And heard a kid Jewish shrieking to the point of you know that something was terribly wrong but it was a vans so she couldn't see him the van and went ahead and knocked on the van and the door swung back and there was a teenager in their with a kid there was shrieking so false alarm right. But -- you know. You're always hoping somebody's gonna do something. Yeah and I don't know if again it's kind of thing where you say can never happen EU until it does but. There's and it's and it's an accident that. There's sister accepts the blame that the once sisters any other and accepts the blame that. She thought she'd taken a child into the family home. After dropping her sons off -- the baby sitter and didn't discover and a backseat until Friday afternoon but I don't know if you drop the other kids off how you can. Not realize that you didn't bring child and have a house. And he not filed any charge Egypt's. And could be use is something is distracting is that one caller said as a stronger but how do you and not got no blind child is not house. I don't know I I hope that it's not a case like Georgia where people are. Are killing their children a -- I can't believe that would happen. But aid goes to the other question which is of someone who leaves a child an odd car and a child dies. Should they face charges -- somebody get to answer for this mom. Let's go to lose Susie in saint rose's -- aren't have a W good morning. And I am. Now -- never let my child and that it all I'm not you know horrible. Open like that happened back -- in the mid eighties when my about it. In fact. Electric church and drove off and turn the country if -- a player. Hand and a lot walked out there around -- And a light tertiary -- when did you for payment all you know -- -- -- yeah. Or ally in the war -- long and it'll or more on back out there. -- -- -- -- I didn't have it out all that call and yet. Act it out XL I think things like that -- and can all these accidents. That are more trouble spot. Or on for a long I don't think I'm and it should -- that -- happening more on then I think that now it's. Social media -- More publicity that the news and everything being reported more back -- to skip one election back. You get distracted we do unfortunately. Those things and then I was like is it. It was not in my daughter were not in any anger. Now go back and apologize and to try out that. Any little wonder a lot. And well on not one of the cartridge still aren't. And and tell all locked them out the bottom line I. In the agreement first and then I don't have an explanation. For. Well I'm glad you called. And Susie and and and for being and so on as if he you know -- and I think it's a good questionable as people as you've never forgotten your child at daycare forgot to pick him up here there. Or soccer practice or what have yet if you were in charge of of deciding you summoning his answer. For eleven month old being left an odd car in the parents gone to jail would you say. Now it it it hit a horrible horrible horrible I. App and and I wouldn't want to make their decision. It. It apparently got ill or law and then question a -- to trial -- a horrible horrible thing -- you know there are. Barriers. -- black issue of it. Not on -- Irony. I never that never happened -- made my daughter talks nonstop from the gracious -- our Miami actually. Eat meat eating his shoes in the vehicle issue. Not yet achieved and she I'm like -- this year and I have children yet. And I me. I act I -- up we'll open -- flat accident or lack there -- and and I say everybody's either. There's some extract -- numbers into the child's parents that -- It's a it's a tough thing to decide really is thank you for Colin 815 come back more calls -- 260187803866889087. In. If somebody leaves child an odd cars 625. I think it died since 1998. Another one Friday in Utah. Today a stance of that is edges an accident. And a tragedy is ecologists editors somebody have to be punished for this will be back get a W. Miserably hot today highs of nine needs to -- 40% chance for showers and that we've pretty much all through the week. Has been away for awhile unless there's some tropical weather which we certainly do not want. More time my kids being left in hot cars and how quickly the heat rises and is there any. Reasoner explanation for this housing matters during the commercial break. I forget about things. That. Are coming up and satellite will it is that we will hear on that daily to go there on that day. But I always know. And I know these days are coming to an end with college and everything else but I always know. Where my daughter is it would seems to me if you frame of reference. Is always no one where you child is an -- at the top of your mind. Well then they'd -- to deal would be hard to say even routine. Would cause you to mess and up because you do it's like will -- oh where whereas in G. Well Lindsay is at the -- no she's not at the daycare aware aware is seen Ngo or what kind of days she Linehan Evan. I'm not trying to be unsympathetic you but I honestly can't imagine myself do Annette. From. The league Mario slide out at a morning Aaron WL. -- -- I don't. That it would get real quick about about it on the left the mine is right and have been. -- He is yet views as to what toddlers and babies but won't our own cute couple brain -- -- -- -- pretty piece. And and opt out if they win the child it's quiet. You know I'm always aware and I think that's where the problem is. We lost focusing on all the wrong things folks on the text we just got. Who just. Post on FaceBook thinking about all the wrong things whenever I've got it when the buyout that would -- into the Beatty. You know I always know that at the at the priority at the date that what would that the topic -- this very moment. He's a little -- where it would be went so. It would -- Mario is in terms of priority that is the most important thing you need to do. Like -- -- that's why I'm here because right now in Britain on what they do they care taken to chuck. No matter what that is what armed -- and not canals in you know everything else is its second -- So that makes it ought to be just like you to imagine that something like this can happen not gotten into outlook on the important thing that work. Top get the thing that I told me to do. -- label but. But but this is not yet you know -- stated. If it's anything that you absolutely have to get like it's that. And I agree with you Mario totally -- -- on -- lighter note you said you with the ninth of nine children you're how old -- you before he wore new pair of pants. A -- high tech at 823 time only get traffic and that we go to Terrell Robinson. Tommy Tucker Tucker my kids being left in hot cars that happen again and use on Friday with an eleven month old and text comes in. You overlooked so many other reasons to become distracted I believe that our responsibilities at times overwhelm us so much. Our thoughts consume us an unfortunate mistakes happen. You think about that he's six 187 Neitzel 3866. In 89087. Any are there other reasons to become distracted when you have a child in the back of the car and detects continues to believe that our responsibilities at times overwhelm us so much our thoughts consume less. An unfortunate mistakes happen in my opinion and I think the number one responsibility should be the child and if you call it an unfortunate mistake. Does anybody have to answer it mattered he'd -- just LO. Noted another child die and a bag of hot targets parents are distracted. -- well. I don't see it that way do you a nickel and ticked off Heidi aren't evidently well things are calling. It. Thank you for being so patient lets up. Well I am very happy -- -- -- in the morning. I don't know that your -- look at Miami out that they technician. -- they. And it is something that we deliver with our parents during McCarthy check up and it never -- -- at me like I actually had when I talked to him about act. Accidentally eating a child in the car. They think is going to happen to. The caller that men and they'll let -- and a back seat that that great seeing it could -- it back to talk about. How to prevent it. Going back. I get on Monday morning quarterbacking. The apparent well. It and hit it to try to prevent it is from the election. Another thing that -- help parents and we -- parents that it hired. You know they have and -- -- not sleeping at that -- -- I don't you. It had the other caregiver congregate care or call the other Harry and pay into its second -- count on me now accounted. -- -- -- Prevention would be -- and you know. When you're walking to a parking K you know that the cart seat back that quick glance as deep -- child care. And it anywhere you start -- -- in and cart anyway. Put that there -- But it's -- it out in danger column. CP combined. In and try to eat something to help. -- it is preventable and I think that and many people there elements out at the market and in the -- When he is not a larger now -- it twenty and it would need to. Something as simple as parents can. Do to prevent you know horrible -- Something simple like that -- -- issue war are calling it the. The -- thing -- worry about Nicole and if you can hang on public talking about this when we come back. Is if it doesn't. Demote the child in terms of importance of and you got a reminder. Remember about the child and if you don't do the reminder Youngstown same way and not tell from. Top of mind awareness and talk about that we come back and also about some that I saw in the West Bank expressway. The only caring and in and I mean it's -- conveyed Morton. Months old but on her lap was he was drive and in the front seat with -- in the back. This when we come back 26018780386689087. He if you wanna weigh in right now time for -- WL first news. And that we go to David I David continuing a conversation about kids being left in hot cars and it happening getting you to call on Friday it was an eleven month old and Nicole -- child passenger safety technicians culled in and take on nickel you work for the state. Actually -- the card act as a cult I for short in mentally and it state. Here. Your -- hired at corporate sponsors. But we haven't app for that ultimately and a -- -- cap or. -- work state trooper Ian elegy an arm. And that -- group for injury. Close -- 500 up in the state. But it didn't hit it mainly about your connection. So tell me in terms of my concern that I had before we went to the news which would be. -- that because you were going with things to bomb. Did he remind parents. Of their kids in the backseat if if this doesn't not the child further down on the priority list in the NF in a back handed way -- can actually make it worse. -- -- -- -- -- I mean it that kinda it was -- so we are alive and calling on. I think that all parents eating -- pairings. That it -- our priority. That there are things that. In your mind for. Now I came after I pick her up and it. You know -- hit -- particularly Indian actor con fronting her head -- -- -- -- -- -- tricks are helpful. You know it it it won in doing acted yet another caregiver take part. And that. At the public we all help parents out why we eat a car. Don't freak out. Commonly call on and you know that the situation in the full court. I'm not all situations are you know life and death right in there not angry -- There are -- through different. And then we have to act if we had to do that -- things. And a different way. A bomb in terms. Frequency and reasons. Could the new designs of cars have anything to do with magazine uninteresting text and some -- -- you know what Beck. In the day we did know that put in a child in the front seat without. You know ID infancy there's so forth was it was acceptable and and we learned things as we go on -- Part of that evolution. Well -- -- back. Ali -- expert trial could be beaten you never wanna pay a lot rightly my child and back the employment front seat I mean. We know we know it. More now that -- dynamic at the back seat that they export them. I really don't know it it be in the front seat would help it there are parent I get hurt. I mean that that actually -- out how that would help. I think that it it is part of her our big I now. You know children are. And in the longer now and they should be cart a longer now in. I like -- -- idea before it can break about being somebody -- her child lap. It not epic. The following the law arguing that they it says it. They have that little you know frankly how to keep their eye out what's going on at the end -- that great. I appreciate your time and caller really doing as a money went to find out more about your organization of -- Well actually I'm. And -- but the hate but it into like out at you're 88. -- I can help you find are checking your area. Apple cart he checked that we we have meetings and they're out the state. They can check the -- slipped -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that they administration. They haven't tried to attack let -- And the end and there -- It kicked it around around the under the act that -- bet that it. I thank you appreciate your time. Have a great day our idea I get a text comes in Tommy on the get the woman who's not forget she -- at the -- the was coming on a -- and then drove away with their baby in the backseat. -- Tommy he would use scare me to death after -- kids because it was so afraid of forgetting and leaving one back there. I set my rear view mirror on and so that's all I could see when I'm driving. Is my son in the backseat saw an everlasting. And there's somebody it is really upset about his old conversation. And says how would do how are you gonna make it better. How is is working why you ridiculing women. In order ridiculing anybody and I got to tell you if this builds awareness. -- with a time that we spent talking about this. This puts it at the top of a parent's mind. And saves one -- I think it's time well spent you tell me 260187. Neitzel 386688908. Set any. Not a Texan says that child and -- card issue we've raised an irresponsible generation. Who is now bearing children of their own we've taught them that everything is somebody else's fault. So they have a distorted sense of responsibility. Another one tax mistake no way I disagree 100% my daughter's the center of my world nothing else matters as much -- -- I am not a perfect mom and I am -- forgetful area airhead but. I would never forget my child not for a micro seconds your comments always come back at WW well. Tommy Tucker -- WL Shelden Williams Manning NASA control like a somber music whatever that is good for Monday morning -- Jordan -- producing. Answering your phone calls. And -- giveaway. Coming up for -- say about them a couple of minutes right now that we're talking about kids being left in hot cars happen again on Friday. In Utah with an eleven month old and a text comes in about a car alarm for a child left in a backseat. And balances these people that leave their babies and a car I'd be willing to bet that it only takes him a few minutes to realize. They forgot their cellphones David slide out the morning aren't evident -- -- I particular club we two kids weren't too bad. Never forgotten in the car that guy who we thought the -- rural if you ever at any reason. To talk about it. Allen Buckley is the -- what she did you know that only. You're never won by writing a meteoric. -- -- If you have a child -- it up front about it out but -- or Democrat. Am not a comedy if you yank it out there are some of the you've got to get a little brother. Including the reward and I don't know what to do it -- just sitting. Around. It is kind of thing that you could never do. Until you do it if you under surveillance saying where you you use and it could never happen to me and then all of a sudden. It does. I'll bet that people. -- not shared any -- I'm sure that favored the same one that you might it is sure my universe. There's no. Harder every at bat and -- Clinton and and it. You know the concern but an actual church bit. It and it you know it's a terrible thing. In trying hard court. What. Get it -- out. There. And art. If you have a child who's able -- -- it and and note that -- out the -- to -- more might come out yet attract attention. -- -- -- -- -- -- I I get a texted thank you so much for -- David with the idea says you know what all of -- saying they would never do it. I hope they never do I have never done that but my wife who is not. And -- heads said the same things and actually forget accidentally forget to drop her son of a daycare once. And realized it before she got all the way there. That was more than twenty years ago still beats herself up it can happen it's terrible. Some parents deserve not to be parents. -- we aren't perfect. Oh wait isn't -- we can talk about it better than this and understand we're trying to build awareness for this but. Some people have axes to -- 852 time Liggett Traficant that would get terror problems. I Tommy Tucker -- WLR. Ready jaguar opinion poll has there ever any legitimate excuse for leaving a child and I'd card 91% are saying no. But from the text I'm getting the 9%. Better saying -- very passionate. And very vocal about this and I've taken some controversial stances before I didn't think. Not leaving your child and hide carted -- one of them but you never know Wheldon on the West Bank good morning on -- You a primary or you are locate. Listen to this you know you know in -- program so. From spears bears so I'll -- -- and vehicles that are not and I'm not even use the QB -- You know it is no reason -- -- -- the motive keys in the cause of it about as -- not present. I'm -- Miriam he'd be real holes where. You know -- the problem -- on the supporters you don't implement it and keep it in Serbia. -- UT you make me think about something and that's. You know maybe in terms atop of mind awareness that I can remember drive in more safely when the -- was in the car and you mention revenue grandkids and a car -- an -- If you would drive more safely or not but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- right where it. But that Israel is and where -- I -- -- -- hey thanks somebody called Dobie have a good day when we come back we have some tickets to giveaway to see The Gipsy Kings. August 16 that this anger when you hear them saying hotel California -- -- in the big Le -- ski argued that number to call in and -- and when we come back we'll talk about. These immigrant kids about a thousand of them in Louisiana you think they're gonna help or hurt the state. And -- event and have you ever employed an illegal immigrants do some work for you.

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