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8-4 9:10am Tommy, undocumented immigrant kids in La.

Aug 4, 2014|

Tommy talks to Malvern Burnett, an immigration attorney, about illegal immigration

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'd Malvern Burnett joins us right now an immigration attorney talk about a serious topic and that is. You know -- people fleeing narco violence in Central America and they try to send their kids here I guess to get a better life a thousand of them in Louisiana. And I think when it comes as just my opinion. I think when it comes to immigration. And people from other countries I think sometimes people. Let me say this generously are confused about what they believe. Because. They don't want. Illegal immigrants in this country however. Inning and finds embodied isn't concrete work formed -- roof and work and I'm not trying to be stereotypical here -- -- -- And save some money. Then they'll do that and then -- rail against immigration. Good morning Melbourne aria outdoor courts are very well thank you and thanks for taking a time when I guess we should began. By talking about the situation in Louisiana. How many immigrant children we have -- is that a result of what happened recently in Central American where are -- Well it's alleged approximately a thousand are unaccompanied minors have rocking -- states since change again Louisiana since January. And there are supposedly being housed with relatives in and down extremely friends. And these individuals have already been screened by the department human and health services. For disease contagious disease had been vaccinated. And did the side with. Governor Jan Bos has asserted in a letter to the president I think has very little. A risk of infectious disease that it might spread to other other citizens of Louisiana. But if you use words like allegedly and supposedly Malvern. About the number of kids where they aren't. And tell me more about this letter that the governors sent to the president. One of the government sent a letter to the president recently just asking for confirmation that these individuals have. And located relocated to -- to Louisiana. He claims that done. That -- he's he's aware of this YouTube posting on the web web sites but the number individuals -- -- located throughout the United States. And just want confirmation that factory is concerned about. There welfare and about the ramifications in the hurricane season problem you know they might be cared for. In terms of infectious diseases there are so many people -- they're not crossing the border that it it would seem. I don't know I hate to use a phrase silly but but kind of minor -- but these thousand and MI I missing something. Enough to keep me very generous community you know that it. Of all the and company monitored United States you know of 1% with that they're detected what percent are vaccinated. And that they archer contagious diseases now of all the other individuals who -- the United States and not caught -- they obviously are not screened. So we don't know what's what's going with that we don't know -- risk our bumper associate with there. And in addition they have people that live here that listen to people like Jenny McCarthy or think of some kind of government conspiracy -- under their kids vaccinated. So that might be posing more of a risk. I would say I would I would argue descent and noted it also they're they're individuals coming from other states are on vacation and otherwise -- relocated to to Louisiana. Did it may poses a significant risk. So it's a pretty speeches arguments over same thing I think you pretty much it -- so in terms of Q what exactly is happening and how. The violence and Central America today is sending people here at least parents sending their kids here. Well it. Is that an accurate take is back to what's going on here. OK so obviously you've got. You've got gangs and gang violence primarily and and El Salvador Honduras -- Guatemala. These gains basically started as a result of deportees those who were investigation criminal conduct in the United States got sent home. They've brought a gang mentality with them and they were deported. And so -- the gangs have they have taken overdosed Central American countries and they pose a great risk to the Houston that's where they do most of the recruit. And this is drug related Malvern. And that it is alleged to be struggling to get us. And so you've you've got you've got these kids that are in essence. Fleeing their lives come to the United States because they can't remain -- due to the -- to have to that the gang related bonds. So what is the answer yearlong term in immigration and a lot of times you know we weeping about talking about it and and my feeling is -- until you secure the borders it's it's kinda. It is silly to even talk about because why why would you deport people -- come right back. Well. With the children are -- it is not a massacred or remember these children are. We're not surreptitiously entry the United States -- walking directly up to Border Patrol officer and saying please help. You know now that it's the others in the coming insert surreptitiously yesterday needed to -- -- to to secure the border -- presently as. Now remember what's what's. Which drawing these people United States is that the magnet of of employment and with children of a safety. You know and as long as is as they've got problems economic problems and gang related violence in a home countries. We're gonna continue to be at the back that we -- because we we provide safe haven. Do you think some people and again I'll I'll be nice here and say are certainly confused when it comes in what they think about immigration because. On one hand new rail against it bill or at least illegal immigrants but then. When it comes -- maybe get in a row for haven't some country worked Sunday they looked the other way they don't care that much if they can save them some money. Well I think hit that many. In the United States. Do not recognize. That that we are a country of last resort for many individuals. That we do provide safe havens and that we -- country that's basically pounded on immigration and without immigration we would not be in existence. That being said. You know. Post-Katrina -- we're all -- in the long ones in in Louisiana on the Gulf Coast sit there without that the immigrant population we would not rebound as quickly as we did. And and certainly on there there was substantial cost savings involved with the employment of undocumented workers is no doubt about it. Save because if you go to ending and I know I know what -- here because I'm not trying to engage in any stereotypes but I think it's. Affected if you go to any of the big box stores you can find some people in and around and are looking for day work. And is that the people bid contract resume ever it is that employ these people. I mean is it is it like the worst kept secret in town that. It is safe presumption of presume that that the people here illegally or MI just jumping to conclusions there. No I think it is safe presumption and integration. Well -- -- custom enforcement used to. East swing by and pick up a lot of those workers but it's it's that -- that. That element of enforcement usually -- on property now. You know you you can't even walk somebody into the immigration office who's here unlawfully and nasty place deportation proceedings. -- certain circumstances -- and that's that's actually the prudent thing to do so that the person can request is -- formed a reasonable proceedings. But now you can't even do that -- individually -- in the immigration in this business will -- target we just look for crumbling at this point. So children come in go to the border agent is that it that. The parents and the kids from central American and they tell -- border agent what I wanna come in his country in a border agent. At that point is required to do our our. That -- exactly what happens to reply to take command process because every two hours. Department of human health services -- screens and four for infectious disease -- vaccinations. And try to locate and the members are bargains for them. Is it would just seem like get the idea was to deport. Somebody then my when you just say no you can not advocating -- -- why when you say no you can't come into the country. Well you know that there is sort of a it's a different level screen has done for nationals from Mexico. They they do do that screen right on site they'll screen the unaccompanied minors. For a callable solemn thing the committee have for fleeing. The country based on membership and social and that is people who were subject to. On as a result of getting pressure yet. Until with the -- to -- they are allowed to send those picnic spot at the -- local papers -- Bogut -- hit return across the border in Mexico. -- they alone it will. They will change you two Department of Health and Human Services in Damascus -- the go to the screening and be sent to parties awaiting deportation proceedings which can take anywhere from. -- under the new system 21 days to you know over year. -- debts if there was a relative or -- -- there from another country thought Mexico again to. Do you -- -- a colleague is on has a question occurred to which I don't know the answer. And we'll put him are now hey Don your and other WL the morning talk in Melbourne burn an immigration attorney thanks -- Congress -- not there yet but I'm gonna order illegally. -- -- Figured if you -- it. Could pop up at our corporate ever here about whether Communist country. -- got it got the fact they're out of Kabul government. The couple. -- It is the local hospital operator go pick -- well at all -- while Iran expert Q&A lot. You -- -- there -- welcome welcome welcome albeit but don't quote. -- the pot. Now -- is that we're a nation of laws all the corporations doing is following the laws on the books that they have to deal with these children and said. Prescribed manner announced they're doing now whether they're entitled to certain benefits that all the potential and state law in federal law. If I first. Got support. You know -- you don't like assistant have you have your your your congress to change it. -- have you ever I don't know what kind of -- it. I use so have you ever. Or would you ever employed an illegal alien if you got you know roof for a half prize driveway for -- -- -- -- and I don't work -- Or maybe of an all you build an army at home port for half price and I don't mean to limited. It did to those things and say that Latino people is -- they can do I'm just saying in terms of there is the workers that we've seen come into the country would you do if he -- they've had the money. Because it worked. Out. And -- are -- get it there. -- -- We work hard. -- -- -- -- and do Melbourne Yemeni average age and kids are coming in. -- did not. Yeah I hit a pretty much all in. Open court. It. -- I'd done thanks a lot I'm glad you called and you're able to that those feelings Melbourne before relate to go anything year. Your -- away lately go to Dan in -- record -- and Lance of that either and go ahead you're on -- WL. I like you know those people that are again you know the be crossing will be these children. I wanted they are Christian or not because they're -- -- and they -- and that. Great you know that it preaches. Totally different -- what they're -- Upper orbit by law. People they completed it yet but he. -- -- and -- -- -- doubt the lol okay. He got the law -- children by the law does not what the law doctrine which is -- right. Beat a field. These people. And a big deal Wal-Mart are all -- -- -- all right. -- Did LL. Only the ball around or are you able to over run out of time yet to question my -- take the process I think. Melbourne you said. Ninety days to a year resented. The other under the new precede new procedures operative place that they -- mid June the immigration courts it's. They'll start processing those new arrivals within 21 days that the initial. Removal of deportation hearing. Which at that first hearing and it it typically in other cases another hearing date is set way off the future approximately a year or longer so you looking at the the proceedings taking at least a year in many cases two to three years. A lot of -- you heard from Don and Dan on different sides of the border I guess I aides say that lightning at such a passionate issue. Because we're a country of of wide opinion. And fortunately we're able to express his opinions without any -- -- kind of ramifications. I think it's a wonderful thing. Thank you are potential special army appreciate your time -- user.

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