WWL>Topics>>8-4-14 10:10am Garland: on rapes on college campuses

8-4-14 10:10am Garland: on rapes on college campuses

Aug 4, 2014|

Garland talks with Tania Tetlow of Tulane Law School about the epidemic of unreported rapes on college campuses.

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There have been talking along and tell him in the pig tonight. About more and more things. That it seemed weird gonna have to pay for their broken not working. Or on the verge of broken and artwork and repair ago last week the only views whose -- Talking about there. Incredibly. Read suit wage and they're trying to do and basically Equity One million. They're taking the role of the city in searching -- streets of Baghdad -- in that can be done on -- the cost are. Some planning I think what what is said the use boats to do. And we're seeing in certain neighborhood -- and in this metropolitan. Or. Where people are more more paying off duty please to to protect him. And the latest news the press corps. Now there's group that trying to get ago. To convince citizens homeowner's property owners run -- in the French Quarter to polio for more police. Summer for abuses -- war and European double. To get what we thought we were praying for. Sure we're gonna talk to French Quarter management district I've made up -- a business people. And via city killed remembered maiden grand. Also. EPA has come -- up not yet but it's incumbent over the plan to reduce emissions from coal fired plants. Number of business organizations of trees and we have come with. Communications. That say well. Can push up all our cause is and cost. Dispute coats. And as the economy. And we have pride and everything that EPA and the business side of this who -- -- -- huge in the business and industry. It came out with -- us and we haven't been able to get them so when you're due to environmental groups 11 o'clock. We tried to balance an op board room people. This hour. Something. Burden them. -- new. And angry about confused about. Rapes. In our. Institutions of education around the country. If the numbers to be bullies did -- we -- to believe believe and that's always the porch and depending on whether it's. Liberal or conservative for a have some -- agenda. We're seeing numbers who won the women were. In ours ago and went on shows and we've we've. Don't a number chooses crime by and what the situation is and the answer. There's the question like -- -- again or is steps. I thought rape was breaking the wow. -- of felony. Why did the schools need commissions. And committees. -- soon -- it studies. In investigations. On the breaking -- Why don't they. Called the Opel leaves. Why don't that pilots and I mean. If for rape post. Goes on campus -- were. Is -- a committee that's gonna debate. Or are they gonna look to see you there -- into waiting circumstances. Or they can spend that time in the people in the budget to investigated themselves. If you. Knew of rapists. If you're a victim. And you work on a college campus. Wouldn't police we call to I'm missing something and again we tried to. Get any number of experts to talk about -- in particular. From the university themselves out in university presents. -- detailed -- has agreed to talk to news about this proposed from law. And director domestic violence clinic at Tulane University to host grew to a new book on the -- appreciated the call. All right simple question. War of words believes call. Well actually they are. The university can let the police now among the victims willing. To cooperate with the criminal justice system the university can't force the student to do that and there are a lot of good reasons that students are reluctant. To go forward with the criminal justice system that is fundamentally broken and the case of -- It is very difficult process that is the kind of thing where that's happened to your daughter you might be reluctant to call the police can. That it factor brutal process from victims. So basically what percent. It is our crew little justice system is so broken. The victims of the parents. The schools or reluctant to call the police. Well that school do. Tend to report -- and they do that under obligations in the -- active. Make clear when rates are reported to them but the criminal justice system can't really go forward without a victim. Operating and testify. And and that's where the lapses that yes this system is that broke the New Orleans for example has made it. A lot of progress still a long way to go but before mayor entry to cover. -- -- almost decriminalized in the city there was almost no investigation happening every other than to try to disprove it and hide it under the carpet. It says it hasn't gotten any better. It has gotten a lot better and I know that the police chief and mayor working really hard on it but it's like turning -- archer -- do you really. How to spend a lot of time training and reforming the processes in getting the police work up to not to. Keep these cases right and that takes time so we are still a long way from there. I'm reading -- we're if that is true with me. And possesses. Wall street journal of schools are legally required to address such ground six Grossman under title and all law that prohibits schools that receive public funding from discriminating base uses says it's even made the Department of Education. Again publicly listing schools under investigation that are not doing 64. Of them. 10% of the schools don't report at all. 41%. -- group surveyed had not even conducted a single sexual assault investigation. In the past five years. 73%. Of the scoops have. Absolutely no loans on how to contact and work with the local -- Do you think those numbers are wrong. No I -- and unfortunately. We've given universities. -- disincentive to being open and honest and grappling with the problems because even now all universities have these issues nobody wants to seem like the only campus capacity issues. And -- making clear that this is universal problem trying to -- Incentivized schools to six that really matters. Because they each state do and -- your initial question the beginning of the show they. They have a responsibility for for this reason. One they have to. Care about the cadence that when we defend our sons and daughters to campuses at eighteen they're -- they're not. Acting parents that they will have to. Be worried about the conditions in which people go to school. -- but the second thing is. It Garland if you haven't one of your employees to rape another one of your employees. You wouldn't wage on the criminal justice system back before he decided whether you believe that allegation and fired the person. We don't want our students to have to go to school every day day in and day out have to sit next to the rapists can crack. -- universities and that having to do something independently of the criminal justice system even at the rate decision gonna go to prison. They can still -- to expel them from school. The problem is that it is the very difficult process for them to get property process and not get sued by the student that they expelled. While he'll tell treating the victims well and so it is it's -- process they're not. You'd choose that difficult a test -- time so there'll scrambling to catch up and try to do their past. There's this sounds of very columns question. But if the schools and who and what you know in that are. Our system legal citizens so incredibly pathetic -- broken. And the police can't be trusted to do what the loss. -- That that they simply call the police and then let everything fall apart and they have no room real responsible. But they still can't have a responsibility. To weed out rapists from their campus for the sake of their student. -- -- what the police are so boasted to. What they're supposed to that there not Filipinos that they're not I don't think you wash your hands up it. You that it's difficult still have to hit it one tactic it's -- that a lot of this discussion is that most of these rate they're being committed by serial rapists. That you have. A small number of students. Committing multiple income to the majority of these straight. And so there's a lot to be done to it's time those serial rapists and get them off campus and hopefully also in jail. I've got a daughter your -- from going universe and getting this just. The very thought that I acted sued in America today. And doing the interview. -- I'm told. Our legal system is sold -- that and that most rapists don't have to work that you aboard they've done. In particular on college campuses and too little too complicated. The cops don't do their job. The laws don't work in -- Think Greg covered right back what do you think parents two's exit -- one. Well a funeral like me and you have a daughter like guy or daughter it's. And you heard the reported number of months ago bed playing studies show one in five girls go to college get -- one pot. Number one didn't -- -- believe it red the science on that day in and -- -- to believe those numbers. Anything in the needed to do you suspect but. They they seem to have some from Purdue lords that is well under. I started wondering bull won the police call and viewed -- were -- got in the intro brag about. Is that a law in this country -- court. System. The way police handle rapes. Is so abject lead proved that. That there's not much reason to call. That that he doesn't get the job done so. Of one looking for more of the victims -- and wide known today Alec Morton. And the number one thing I've found is they don't want anybody to know enough command so often these enlightened time. How can somebody be concerned about people know. And I found out if you go to the comment forums efforts to resume -- you get this from a lot of men quote. Barb -- human being forced sect regretful sex bullying being great bit of form of punishment. Looking at one little too long being the white material being Leo period not being a liberal not being the permanent. That's the reason women clean break. Then you've got people like Schwartz will of the Washington Post writing a column. Saying that sexually assault victims are conferred with the coveted status. In the end. I go to the United Kingdom go to Britain they're national held serve. Posted these -- because -- general line take a look. It's woman crying on the floor with a hand between her lyrics. And it's one in three reported rapes happen when the victim has been drinking. I thought to myself. -- opposed to business three and three reported rape and happens when somebody decides to commit rape. It's it's like or world is upside down room. -- detailed look. Who's the U a associate professor applaud rector domestic violence connected to linger over two laws group. Of what were your thoughts on why women don't when they knew about it -- in min to. Well we spent an awful lot of time persuading them that it's their fault. And though and they blame themselves. And even that somehow think no matter and have to know that it's never your fault when somebody filed Lee. Great Q and they know that the outside world will blame them and -- their fault and there's a tremendous amount of change and this is. The that the problem actually not gonna get solved until we preserve shame -- rate has not for rape victims. What do you think did do -- think Atlanta when I was reading about this. I'm literally held my wife and daughter. Don't trouble legion of doom probably India they seem to have any -- is. Judicial system. And and moral system when it comes to Brad -- uses this punishment. They use it is degradation of women. And then a certain regional news or -- -- different. Well that they're really good point I think we catch -- civilization and other countries by how they treat women but we don't look at ourselves that way and are we come along way from some of those other countries that we used to be like ultimately happen -- as part we think. Wheat in worldwide. Women are. Beaten by. Partners has been boyfriends. At a rate of one in three in the US it's one in four. The rates of -- here are. Very high I've seen a variety and number it's obviously something very hard to calculate that something like. One and six women will be break in their lifetime and that the rate higher and a good university. You know we haven't come up art our our laws in the books are okay but it's about. Getting police and prosecutors to do their jobs well and -- we have a long way to count. All right parents out there are women out there -- there's it is it is that is subject even in the interest to you. The revelation. That more than pop when and if not more or being raped on college campuses. The reason they'll call police -- university and the women. Or -- that. Is that don't trust -- pleased that don't trust the system the system. Is so broken it can't do much in the first place. Is does this surprise anybody out there in my -- only one that thought there was all in order. In this country went -- violence against women. To music 018720386. Aided and steroids. -- -- -- about brings you reports of wondered why women the good news and virtually news. Have been great. That that all on going number. I'm looking at seven soldiers in front of me that all virtually say the same thing. Believe it after for color please call. And say -- tired of -- trashing cops. Well no warned journalists and show. In years ago. What I'm doing is asking the question. Why don't women in the university. Call police. And then I'm breathing from all of these reports. Saying -- related to user. They separated the police won't believe it. 21%. Physically -- victims 12% of income benefited victim. Did not report because they didn't think -- police would take -- seriously. 13% reports -- -- 44%. Have been incapacitated. They're the police were treated them poorly. And their colleges to older and that includes courage and for more important. And the victims or not wrong in their percent. According to search for and by the US Department of Justice. Only 18%. Reported great result in a conviction the -- If -- was a policeman. I wouldn't call he currency because I'm reading the reports on trashing you I would say the vast majority of policeman. And women are very good people trying to do their job under difficult circumstances. But -- -- work or an organization. That mission statement. -- stupor by this kind of service. Go back talk too much superiors from a -- policeman say what can we do. The sentencing happened. Where about telling detail -- little to -- the propelled from -- record mr. violent -- and Tulane University. Win win this says. That colleges discouraged him from reporting. Do you think that's something that's happened in the cures that something that still happens today. Well there's the fine. Fine line there because. If colleges that are actively discouraging reporting in order to cover their reputation -- serious problem. If they're giving students a realistic view. That's how difficult it can be -- the criminal justice system that something that makes sense that they would do. And and gestures on that the police officer called and I don't mean to the trash simply on fact. Edward -- and now they're -- -- and -- Well -- I'd I'd just -- make clear that. That my colleague and I work really hard at police departments in New Orleans and then surrounding region. Because they're trying very hard to fix this problem -- batter and that the issue is. Partly doing about police work because these cases can be hard serial rapists. Work hard to try to. Get rid of evidence that they able capacity to victims to she doesn't remember clearly are the cheap blame yourself ball that goes into making these sometimes talked cases. But the other issues that police officers suffer from the same attitude. -- of our culture and that's not a surprise and that's not their fault. -- we as a society. Decide that the problem -- can only be solved by telling girls that they should somehow not be vulnerable to -- That's what they do in the Middle East -- album they can't leave the house and they have to Wear burqa and it doesn't even work there. And so it's until we all collectively stop blaming victims for rape and deciding it's their responsibility to solve the problem. And start focusing on what it these strategies that would leave. Small proportion of men to hate about Lee. That's where we really have to grapple with that and that something universities are working on Q particularly in. All -- institutions like athletic teams or fraternities and makes her. That to clamp down on the culture that encourages our sons to go to university entering. And we need to make that not happening either. Have you ever thought about. We hear of his columns were him I mean. When I know I was young person 2000 years ago Obama was growing up is if I hit girl. Or abused -- -- Kansas City was he was the -- he was a heart said. You know he would he wasn't. Protective. Or he wasn't. Raise. He was them saying -- open. Well our our culture says you shouldn't hit Whitman and also -- as a bit of a -- only talk about domestic violence for example if we think it's vaguely funny and not particularly serious. Fraternity cultures sometimes. You know encouraging. Again meant to give the girls particularly freshmen who are more easily preyed upon as -- rocket humanly possible for the purpose of having sex with them against their will opt out. And when you have that kind of attitude and instead of treating it is currently which it is as violent. And somehow what they're supposed to do then you go along way to. An encouraging behavior that has. Devastating consequences for the -- Against have been moving in the cave. I have ignored it and come this article it's a good note break we're coming right back here and the forum. Well -- NC a whole month to use and dug up. I think all large number those who have heard the U reports recently. Claiming that one and five women who go to universities. Deborah sexually abuse. And question the -- simple one -- at the universities have investigated and who with this their. They're struggling to create education for the students. They called police from what we're finding out today are a law pursuant adequate our court system so pathetic. That they don't want to. The girls incorporated called the police. They've -- they -- the pleased gonna treat him portly and number reading from in depth Euro long studies of this problem. And even the colleges. Often talent. Discouraged a girl from reporting. For those bird reasoned and Dan. The US Department of Justice. Reports of the victims or not wrong in their concerns and their -- going to please. Only 18%. Reported rapes result in the conviction now. For the cup that the auto maker room cops about the media. Victims are afraid of going broke public -- from Ohio because of how awful. The media portrays. Rape victims in -- for. Whipped on -- tableau. Associate professor of law director of domestic violence clinic to in university launched who. And did the media. Often times he would -- it goes back to and the girl reputation. I needed and that can and that means that the media doesn't name names on. But being the victim on trial being part of that process that says -- focused let them whether. And at the thought -- -- we do that we make it much easier for rapists to get away with their crimes than. We make the victims experience even more if that's at all possible. This is not a good excuse but it kind of tired and what what we've done so only show was reached. In -- -- and in particular in urban or is metropolitan. Areas it seems like the major issues are coming down to money. And and this in the way as part of more about them. Here's -- report. To. Two days ago. Hundreds of thousands of rape -- all over this country or. Gathering dust. On store and show in police departments. Their own tests that. And and one of the reasons is the money will be porno -- city. One mirror of that side do something about it in Memphis mayor Wharton. Should okay we're we're gonna have we're gonna change this -- and take those 121000. Hits that -- just sitting on shelves. And -- don't tell some six point five million dollars. Do we even have the money to solve the problem if we wanted to. I need it think it becomes a question of priorities. So. What happened in our criminal justice system at a place like Louisiana where reach. Incarcerate people at a rate that's unique in the world. -- is that we have killed our prisons are court's split on nonviolent crimes. Often drug possession. And it actually made it to that we can't afford to focus on violent crimes from domestic violence and other violence to rape. And not just a function of money that also about what we decide we care about. I can report happily that in New Orleans. Mayor Landrieu when he took office. God -- department granted to go ahead and test all the backlog of rape kits in New Orleans because we were in the same thing -- -- -- -- -- And let that happen and that's part of why you're seeing a flurry of prosecutions of -- going back. Ten plus years because when they cast those rape -- they find out that your enough. These guys have gone on to commit multiple -- that could it didn't stop -- they investigated properly after the first tree. It I could go back to the culture because. Studied his finger on what's going to. Of the attitude of I don't hum in the American them but sterling when you read the comments. After these studies. -- it's certainly suggests that actors there's worried and he mental process for a number of men out there. That discounted thing that the ball -- all silly and amusing. And I've put that on the male. Gender. But I've read this morning. Superintendent of the -- academy. Talking about date -- non consensual sex and women by cadets. She said their behavior which troubling. And despite all of our efforts I expect. We still have issues with a few young people who will make poor choices. And this this is the that of the air force academy. The supreme. It it unfortunately. Not an attitude that is. Unique ten men and women take it on to and that's part of that without blaming it -- make such good use doesn't count on for victims does that. Women also. Believe these men and blame themselves and I think something else happens -- We get so worried about being raped that if weakened somehow decide that are rape victim had a calming that makes it less likely it'll happen to that we can find a way to think that. Well she is doing activities that I don't do some may be unmarked state since she would be. At the very human response but it's. Usually. Problematic. Still win these surveys that look at campus rape -- also. Survey on attitudes you get a lot of women and greens witness statements about two oh win girls deserve to be afraid to and really. Troubling fashion so it's an attitude that will be addressed that we need to dress that but both men and women -- well we candidate addressed all the women and not focus on. Potential perpetrators and that's a problem too. At that there's no way that we can just lecture girls on campus about how they should never drink and never be alone and somehow think we solved the problem with captain. Get that that the culture that encourages. You know albeit very small percentage of man on campus. That has been wreaking Havoc and -- in multiple attempts. So. Why should we -- parents. Tell our daughters. -- -- we send them off to University of Maine. What message we deliver being careful. But don't report to the pulleys. Be careful dole -- subsiding go and be careful be concerned about troop -- finding out I mean what what's -- I have a daughter -- she's very small now but I imagine that conversation and I think. He'd do a lot to try to talk to them about risk factors that you got to do it and a very carefully read make clear that them. That if something happens to them -- -- -- they are up for it having a drink on campus which of course is going to be true. That it's not gonna be their fault she got a warned them about how to make themselves less vulnerable on hopes that it decreases their critical though there's never any guarantee that you got to do that in a way. That makes it clear to them that they can never be their fault if someone attacks them that that the function that block and it's not because they deserve it. And then -- that you want to. Creator relationship predict so comfortable telling you you know whatever else happens that they feel like they can confide in utilities and get them the help that they needed to happen. And it happily take it from there about whether and how to report and and I hope that we get to the point where. Where I would encourage my own daughter can report without being worried that it was a market. Because it's a horrible spot for them and could spend. My life working to make consistent pattern to hold perpetrators accountable I would ever -- -- With violence family but I want to. Make -- system. Where I was so comfortable telling -- to go forward and and too comfortable that there is a good chance that the perpetrators are being held accountable and that she would be treated with respect. Instead -- no wizard professor of -- it to look in -- very busy. To give us an entire hour on such an incredibly important project are subject to appreciate -- during. Yeah. A bill BL don't forget when we come back come and give you do you. 1000 dollars Summers -- Kalish contents cold word. And give viewed the -- number two -- possibly winched they would.