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8-4-14 12:10pm Garland: on security in the French Quarter

Aug 4, 2014|

Garland talks with Bob Simms of the French Quarter Management District and city councilmember Nadine Ramsey about how best to keep the French Quarter secure.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

See you are killing one person who's shooting and -- and others June 20 and I. Burton answered the French Quarter and we've been doing. Number of -- in the -- -- still wall and his. And a a couple of days ago or read that some error is some entities in the French Quarter saying an oil and which has kept pony up some more money to get more police to. Patrol the French Quarter. We've just can look forward to people living there or in the tourism of these kind of things -- What are the organization's fault call French -- management district. And we have bought him through with the district whose jaundiced about appreciated the call. -- all -- before we get into what exactly is being proposed what is the French water management district. It's a state entity formed after Katrina can help -- play at a quarter. And to make good improvements to the quarter you know the benefit -- this businesses -- residents some and hospitality industry. Move will receive state chartered is that funded by industry. No mention states entity with no I don't know funding. Yeah it benefits of that have been. The benefits of being a state chartered management district or as a just something that some where it occurred to. It's just to where it occurred in them there are some benefits to that they help -- them. And -- disadvantages too you know but just a way to didn't have. What are what are you proposing what should be -- coach. Well we're looking nazism will recognize that to. Process city you know way -- severest penalty -- -- -- know PD oppresses them. Initial conditions that go along with you know shall. Initial will look into this being great with the state troopers and trust a few weeks now with the fifty additional state troopers in the city. Models in the quarter. It's been great -- an electric police presence and we feel we would like to have something similar going forward while -- For a long but and solution. -- boom with Serbia fifties they pleased. Or you seen him in a word on all in in near burdened Sri drawers as they spread out where it. They're spread out across the city. There's a lot of in the quarter than the Narnia and in other areas but then there's a good number of them. But they leave on September 1 strike correct so -- this is Dave -- fought. Raising money you -- among the residents or the businesspeople were both. All albeit both of them look I'm a picture of the security task force and we've been working on this sort of problem for a -- a few months before the but that history shooting in them. We looked at private security involved overall option note activists more protections for residents and businesses. And that concluded that the best solution was to hire off duty and PD officers to -- opposite the second -- employment. You're getting your response from the office of believes secondary employment. Absolutely be in to be really helpful so maybe in. We have we have we have an understanding where -- -- -- I actually go there -- their -- support me. And every as you were I've read where you're working with the eighth district police what I was a million other -- into or you working with -- While we give them. You know all along my task force is being -- very closely with Campbell's and his service stops at the at -- district you know -- them. Many things so with the last few years. To help them also possible the organization's. You know when -- say they needed them. He's and you scooters. This city's not the money to buy them them. We we got some donations from businesses and report in five brand new scooters. We do things like that the we also started. A complete program which is certain albums citywide. On this -- on the Nolan. Huge help to NO PD to help solve crimes. But doesn't do little law to help -- the crime. And toasted so -- meeting there were a number. That says that we if we are more pleased there is there caution where that the please. Would be re directed -- where there are guaranteed they stay in the quarter. And monologue last question of the night and we had to open majors and then he said obviously. Music you can only do what he's what he's got within hopelessly out right about not his intention to reallocate them it is to work in -- And so we're really supplemented -- exist and officers. All right Olympic break here come right back. You live in the quarter you live in New Orleans or don't or you were horrid and -- as skewed reality and you're if you're interest in this subject. And and you raised the question that I do. It seems like running out of money for a lot to. Life cell project in basics. In in this city in this metro area during would be. Drainage with the B sewage and drinking -- replied with a and there seems to be a constant called to to pay more site provides more. You're live in the quarter or outside or you -- the -- of the mind that. You'll -- ready to put -- more money for the basic services. Europe -- Welcome back we're worth about something when isolate Dubai itself. It's something sounds like a good idea and and I'm sure a lot of residents lot of business owners and -- quarter -- think it is. Possibility. Of -- more residents. Self funding extra room policeman. If it's done and number of places in this video pounders of pride at street with the prodded. Police force and lot of neighborhoods or brown met through career or paying for a patrol boats to patrol their Orioles. But I I think it also raises the question. What -- painful. Because we're repairing water bill. We got over billion dollars rule and in drinking water like that that are broken then we can report. We're paying for police probe can report to him what they're really worked together enough going. Now French Quarter is saying -- after the June toward the united killing one period person. Sugar and nine others we can do so the more that the boxes. Raise some extra money and in hires some police. Our Robert -- has been nice enough to drones French Quarter management district. Bob. Four for the people that say hey. Weren't we're just being charged. To be protected again we already paid -- to abort what do you say this. How much and I agree. I would say that question not to be. Address to you'll council member and to the administration's. You know. And we need. Long term plan to rebuild and all these days. We have lost over for Google which is in the last four years. And we need upon to rebuild those offices and and wouldn't you know trained. Well equipped well paid. A group of offices and that's gonna cost money -- -- much a long term problems suggest you saw I don't he saw what we want. -- and I'm just talk about it buried its but I quota bound aid. And to help them sold -- bigger problem comes in places. What what you do says about what we've got to do please call the police department. Where you at all surprised when this City Council pulled four million dollars of them -- apartment in. Putter and -- retirement and the consent decree. How she was surprised. And not could've gone to wolves. A lot of democracy is working overtime at not just from the quarter a -- to city. You know for not million this position that -- amount of all the time for the for the police who knows what could have been stated. In you know all the time and -- resolution in many areas of the court so yes it was a little disappointed shares sank. Very liberal group a role of some prices and read about and tell me what this spring. 9300. Dollars per week for patrols and there are from the 202 of the 700 block urban tree. Or what are you get for that mortars and in the cost in. People businesses -- -- And the bit ministry is. It is it to us about the right number and equates to about 200 dollars a week. Property that business -- know. So -- that they get. -- added police presence felt in the new moon. I'm going through as late -- 6 AM. The following today. And then and joy in that peak hours 7 PM. To be paid them. Where we put an additional three offices some the street to supplement their offices in the city district -- house. Aren't 6200. Dollar per week for upriver businesses. Think isn't -- embroiled in Decatur streets. Indicate. So nothing. Timings a little different because of the different you know this shopping. This mobile. In the afternoons and early evening and then this country which is absolutely and you put. Similar thing -- Two offices. You know basically. You know this in the timeframe. Then third 700 weak car -- twelve blocked Peoria. He sees in her own -- street from -- -- to esplanade avenue when you there. So -- thing about two officers. Seven days a week. I mean not anxious citizens back to the peak hours signal from him. There's times when -- trying to do is deter crime and were particularly trying to teach crimes against people. And you can look this is just extra bill you know they -- -- -- In the evenings and and -- and -- It and it says here. Cost that would just talked about could be fifty dollars per resident per week. And that assumes. That you get 20%. Of the -- owners and that hurried to actually agreed to today. You're gonna hit -- to where she and I would suppose. Words some people benefit without paying for. -- Correct and you know I mean well to remember that just like any other area this city. To -- regional -- actually full of very affluent people some people very limited incomes you know. And so we didn't want to Tuesday's talks like -- -- we want to make it voluntary so. But what should quit pay Oden and felt like it was a good thing to do we do but -- and so they just could not see that in the budget. Did not have to. And and from what I'm reading lot of people live there. They have they -- more assurances. That more and more one more answers there's even talk about data driven program. Well -- responses to those. Well enough published a little -- more assurances that when moving to rebuild NO PD that that's not some and I can deal with you know much. Such issue for the city as a whole to deal -- and it comes down to priorities. Have you talked to businesses. That. Don't want to do this and so walk. And I am when. It is not just businesses but residents to the predominant. Responses to forty paying in taxes. -- should pay more. And there's big news. Is that kind of in the strange ways saying it hasn't -- -- bed yet. I mean. If things get bad enough for world gonna pay you or were all gonna get involved were all gonna do some thing. Are you getting a lot of people say and. And then you know -- wouldn't say so law but but it is just insignificant percentage you know -- up -- the people I need to get the program go -- and also awesome utilities say the the rated Equity Residential move area being mentioned around Crown Royal. And then -- about -- number of people below them to participate -- -- don't have enough yet. And but the ones who have -- COLT broke very emotional core belief that this optional and that they should have to fund. Is it to this program you -- planned Euro idea have Barea timeline. We would like to the first wave that is in place -- in this state through the -- on September the so. The closest water peaceful pop facing pilots I mentioned. We talked about is that and treat. The the business owners in the French Quarter business league which represents many of the business owners -- ministries. They're meeting tomorrow. And we met with him several times already you know you look at this program in in conjunction with them so what their decision is tomorrow. Doubled the first in the closest one to have to get Singleton. -- and appreciated the -- good -- -- and your. Robson with the French government -- history. All of this reminds me of -- some sharper. Demographer political analyst that we use and regular that is probably. Six years ago and mid term elections and forward on heroes. And hearing about. Something good to curb the federal government should go all the news you -- concerns totally missed plays Susan -- missing either. Were heading -- -- time in this country. Where -- are not in Washington. It won't really matter what wanna get done because they and their big don't have the money to do. A lot of the most important thing. So -- those are doing is pushing the cost down to the states. And I think we're seeing that happening pusher. And to me I think we've got a whole cohort proved that it's happening here. The states or or restricted. Two to not spin anymore. Than their budget. So their portion. Not only a lot of costs and costs. They're taking a lot of Barbara profit. Superdome and convention center Super Bowl or -- is that the mayor was couldn't complaining. Because these Super Bowl I think we made. 500000. Books. -- where it's happening you like in the -- -- after Katrina. I think what's happening would get an infrastructure for 500000. Plus people at 300000. Plus. And we're gonna -- some income and generated tax buddies. For basic services. And it's getting very expensive. And I think. We're seeing neighborhoods. That and pay more. Considering paying more or actually being forced to -- more. Are those that tent. Living. With the reduced. Its. You see the same thing do you agree. It was -- usage or wounded seven told free anywhere in the country at 668. You know and zero it's. Whipping -- about a proposed business. Program. Business and Sydney Games. I think it's altered by a member of the prince quarter management district. And there basically you know move was simple lesson but both basically. Suggesting the planned to itself Poland extra policemen for the first quarter of this that bridge in -- June 20 and I. When. They're shooting amber and streak to one person and injured and others. Better understand this and gives details on this we have new deemed -- City Council member and they do you know appreciated the call. I'm doing good what are your thoughts on this go to had a bad it is somewhere between. Think people are looking are quick solution. I don't. Oppose -- And I don't think it will address the long term solution but people want to have. Choices in their lives and they they're looking now that take the matters -- their case. What do you see the people that. This this is just torturing those to be protected. Yet. We've we or compared to. Get police protection but it's not adequate though we have. Yeah well these programs that we're talking about a voluntary program. And got her proper and say that they need what when it could stand up and read it and a -- that it should agree to the payment. It's going to be hurt that type of people of Asian network. Conclude that it is going to stop them long term issues that we would providing adequate or police department -- And that is if and fifty yeah state police. And better comes spread all of the please bug. I hear from business and resident says that the crimes seemed to have little bit of a damper on them. Why wooded the the long term answer to pay you for more pleased that would. Act just as the state police -- Well known. Problem recruiting -- Acting at the Trenton the state trooper kept it in people. And secure in the N com. But in terms of increase in overall number eight. There's that we know would take time to build what. So I think people are. Accurate they like issues. In the belief that app and create. Security district. Do you think did -- -- -- currency dissident pockets all with the city. -- more Hollywood area of being period paying for not New Orleans pleased broad broad other. Security forces to come in. We're we're seeing it in streets were sitting in broking drink of water pipes and an all -- on. Are we getting -- point where we're just not able to pay per basic services. What what what acting happiness but -- going to make some choices -- sit -- and at what our priorities are. There always. Peaks and valleys. In the budget in particular services that are offered and wouldn't that make them make -- the agent come up into the next budget cycle. But get ready for my. Can you -- some examples. Well or at the library is an issue. In wouldn't look at very closely how -- Are we willing to. One would be to expand outward to open the library on conditionality. Will be read and see. Money going toward more police out there didn't create a complete all the don't put up with agent -- adult -- and activate it. Throughout the country. My ideas -- always in the pocket he is an issue and sit -- and then. Make a choice. From from -- that there aren't out. At the exit acting district in the city and the -- -- that voted in those issued to paint like a security. Sometimes they used opted to police -- there's some private security. Patrols to park at school. That that that the Asian community room. And and that's 55 -- were in. So you give -- in this recourse to the bullpen. We had a city year in and let's imagine the city as house. Plug 500000. Plots people lived. Now we get the same house same plumbing does seem electrical the same security concerns. There will get 300000. Plus people in house. Can we afford that Apple's. I mean isn't gonna become a thing. Were people can live in certain sections of -- and renovated and bring it up to code because they have the money. But the entire house is just a lot of portable. At me is that you manage much. Making. It and what you want to -- for -- things aren't sure that you do need and means that you may -- There's ample. Like the choice is that we may eat and -- -- when we talk about these. We sit in in the French Quarter. That has brought so is it though at this together at least -- -- in the open the option. On what they take issue of security but of course there are there on the -- and it. -- Jerry there there is again. Prime minister rock every year it actually opera the. -- -- -- you good to do for a few more minutes. Thank you. -- right back we're talking and they being -- City Council member and once again thinking about basic city services that are -- need to make extra money. This time it's business owners and homeowners. In the French Quarter saying we need more police protection. So we. We're gonna have to decide ourselves whether an we pay extra for they would double up. It's so worried that scenes were repeated so -- more than that is and other entities separate entity in the news New York City. Asking do themselves to pay more money per basic services police patrols in the French Quarter we have. Nadine grim too with the French Quarter were a story -- City Council member. Dating let's go to. Charlie. And that -- -- is adequate. -- -- -- Questioned closely -- All right it'll. All at. All. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of course all. That they don't. And they didn't quite well. It holds steady at it like. China. -- -- It. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sales tax. Base it upon. Trying to track -- taxpayer. I'm sitting there aren't checked and and Japan offered to develop or. Including restoration. Act abatement program. On that story -- credit programs. So they counsel at work she licked -- developers. And homeowners. It was it to increase. That type of development throughout the city yeah. And -- huge you mentioned that. Citizens are gonna have to make -- decision and a future above what to let go here's one -- board tax. Close a -- Everett put five beds in the -- cut the deputy mayors cut the power of the parts and utilities cut lord god cola. Stop funding festival and non profits fall in the neighborhoods have paid the taxes. Don't do you -- the money what what do you think can about when you say people gonna have to make Detroit's one Politico. I'll tell -- year where. I think Robert mentioned that two million dollar. The transfer from a surplus in the police department budget. To find the art I can -- that have mandated. That money that. That City Council and the administration. Say when -- choice it. It is and it means let -- look I I'm sorry we saw with -- and push more movement. According to police are there out there looking at why it is being in the police department doing better -- it into these and bit that recent issue came -- is. -- -- what is that there are in the acting them out. I quietly and ballot apparently. Went -- moving to. Like -- issue. Chart that little BP and what it means that. -- and what the department. All the -- of the nation's albeit it is -- out there go to the -- that will make my idol wannabe. Any impressions. Idiot who we all -- that jointly. And in coronary in the eighties and early this week. -- remembered at least now. The price at camp now. Over the long term solutions. Let me -- me. Support the apartment in it. In Africa to temper -- -- movement that would provide an opportunity to young people and we. -- look at the crisis in education. -- -- -- Who -- We've been looking at those long term solutions for a pretty long time and go to Stephen in the Mara and receiving -- with the council person Brent. Great person. And there. Ways that the city could make money. For example all the street musicians there's 102 groups of street musician. That comfort -- this year for sure appeared prominently the those people should be. Should have a life. 150 dollars a year Tuesday police -- along with these street performers. Arm up but you don't have all these merchants now. Are illegally putting all he could walk for a quarter. And city tree important 5 o'clock. Of the merchant that are putting there manic. The street and putting -- on -- would have been told to and there's -- sportsman and you happen to -- commit their -- is this. Three people. Senators. Really -- -- god or five page two weeks I'll walk and street. So fortunate and if you do. Political poor aren't out of time let's -- appear killed birds and responds. Could be seen it every two in force there and they're strong they they -- there are. And she said it decreed by it and decreased happening on it becomes an issue. These are issues. That count is not overlooking. And wouldn't work the administration and the department he would. Chu and we can do it is to ensured that the law in -- rarely in the probable. Kill two birds and borrowed time you go to town hall meeting on crime prevention. Yeah Hamlet -- and now we have out there one coming out online at. Tomorrow should be at the Algiers regional library from IX 30 PM. And then going into that thing rock me it. On Wednesday he tried to pick their European hourly. Feature. And we're looking forward to talking direct and since bill is the economy. And vehicle in terms and that count we're patient to it -- -- there are. About her crime an area and -- and ethnic rock or rock and will be that the issue that can be. They're regular monthly meeting on August 14 where it is a crime prevention and crime solutions -- Sounds of birds and -- we were refused -- -- call good. Thank you come right. And -- hill who's -- do not go away.