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8-4-14 1:10pm Angela: on what's trending

Aug 4, 2014|

Angela talks about what stories are trending on social media with WWL news director Dave Cohen, WWL First Take host Todd Menesses, and B97's Jammer.

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It is a sensational crew -- all happy Monday hope your weekend was a restful and fun. We're gonna begin our week with those three of three interesting ours first and foremost what is trending. But -- wanna tell you about our second hour. The great -- Campbell -- dietitian and real whiz on all things to -- and keep this healthy and they were gonna talk about. Eating -- stress. Eating to look better and needing to feel that. And in our third hour not to be missed. If you've been among the thousands or tens of thousands who are fed up with bad streets he not want to miss Janet Howard. From the bureau of government over search. Who will give us some some insights into how we got into this maintenance -- and how some thoughts are on how we get out of it. But we begin our beautiful Monday in August with those in the know what's trending in news -- Colin. W wellness director afternoon. In sports top Manassas attitude and in social media our favorite Jammer program director V 97. They aren't you feel better back -- out of class and -- -- -- here. We got things and clever to say that we are like in your cleverness as just being here your -- when they do that once someone. It didn't guerrillas were -- presents that president. At that. That's cute you can is that next I'm not -- Hopefully you'll have good weakens -- -- wonderful absolutely very good. Well -- start with news trending we do not mind because this was a big deal especially last night that explosion was scary. Yeah it really was when -- around 937. Last night. People started texting it 7870 and calling it here at the radio stations thing how efficient. The big fireball in the -- there's been an explosion and they didn't know where it was they just knew it was somewhere. In saint Charles parish on the east bank and it took a little time that. Finally we did determine. That it was at the diamond green diesel facility in Nortel which is part of the Bolero. Sprawling Valero plant there. Now airline in the -- of the good news is according to officials with saint Charles parish emergency management. While people's house to show -- while they could see this bright glow in the sky. People driving by thought the world was about to come -- man. -- turns out there were no injuries. And according to saint Charles parish emergency operations center and know off site impact at all dangerous pollution released. And nothing for anyone to worry about that in -- order any kind of shelter in place or anything else there is trying now to determine what caused it. Fire burned itself out by about midnight. After all diesel biodiesel that was available to the fire. Finally was all burned. And they say there's been no -- and impact of the effort now -- -- what happened yeah I didn't blow off. Thank goodness no one was hurt. Well some of the home video was very graphic and you think the worst so it is fabulous that no one was hurt right absolutely incredible that no one was close enough to this huge fire ball and an epic soccer ball yes in the sky. -- was close enough to be injured and -- no pollution and all was released according to officials. You know what you were very scared for a short period of time there. -- it was pretty quickly within an hour they determined that everybody was okay and no one -- just think if you were sleep. And you wake up and you really disoriented what is the next round -- news the American separations or he was -- And he said he was awakened by it and he immediately jumped into action. I'm trying to figure out what it was so you actually if you target a little early last night. And anytime you know after 93 period. Around 930 and then you were awakened by that that's no way to wake up. No idea how shaking the windows rattling and anything rumbling is unsettling a couple of Melissa live near the train track. Well luckily again Nolan was hurt but we have to talk a little bit hurt -- saints camp. We are talking drew a little bit hurt. You know the black eagle scrimmage it was a held over the weekend and we had coverage here at WW well we get a complete breakdown at WW dot com the guys that are great job of it. But some fans were up setter or a little concerned because Drew Brees sat out for the scrimmage due to a strained left oblique. And when he was asked about it coach Payton said you know this morning. Kind of just not as is typical as coach -- as does really say a lot. Did get really upset once someone asked again about Champ Bailey not being there yet it was kind of that he volunteered. That yeah -- abdomen right oblique muscle in his abdomen was. Straining. And it drew wasn't you know it is not a bad for him the best for him to sit out but moments later after he offered. The condition of Drew -- when someone asked what was up with Champ Bailey he reiterated that it's because he didn't offer that we don't talk about injuries during the freeze but just -- if you ever if you've ever watched a Bill Parcells. Press conference back when he coached the giants the jets -- pick a team ballot. It was the same way the patriots it was the same way it would be. He offer you information and the information he offered you was great. But if you ask for more information that -- offer you watch out I'm not given you that so that's why you ask that. Well anyway and why they and yeah it's all because they believe that they can give themselves the competitive it wreckage. By deciding what to say and what not to think everyone is paying attention which they are now especially in this world of tweets and instead grams and so forth and so on I mean now because of that Brandon cooks. Is continuing around the league to impress every one because all the videos that are being sent out the -- and so forth. -- depressing the saints and the league he had six catches and touchdown in the scrimmage I think Jim Anderson said the best. He said that he looks fast when he standings feel it's awesome. No that's declined to enhance what we and you know that we talked about all last year with the saints were missing a wide receiver who could out run defense and get that league play. And apparently this is the guy can do it is on -- Ian drew a timing down. One other thing that happened in the scrimmage though with the scrimmage the referees were there because they have to get used to the calling the plays and you know it helps the players get used to penalties and being called. And Jimmy Graham scored a touchdown and dumped over the goal post he was immediately flag. For the fifteen yard penalty to which the fans did not like that. That is the rules now this year right to have that they had to remind him that he can use last year that if that was going to be a penalty he's going to be the most penalized player in the always not giving enough -- I'll be done he says trust me he doesn't vote once coach Payton will make sure he does not do it again it is if they backed them up fifteen yards on the kick off. Oh no no that's bad that acted -- and not just monetary but now. It's they had sucked that up at 51 yard especially that yeah there's not final suck it up but it but -- If in fact you're gonna get a penalty is gonna back Fatima fifteen yards on the golf -- you know I'm so happy about the brand -- we need our heroes in -- we'd love. Stars. And if we can put him in beautiful son was asked. Amy which Jersey he should get this year -- into New Jersey. Because the players' jerseys he's had. They either all or no longer on the team or. In one case change their numbers -- that Brandon Cox I think he's going to be a fan favorite only to be -- around at least a few years and as they're talking about if you don't have this kid on your fantasy football team yet. Draft him now if you. Avail. -- that says everything. -- to take a quick break when we come back and Kim and -- me monumental day to this. It's -- you -- monumental and everybody hang hang on be right -- and of course this is an trending. And we are trending in news trending in sports and trending in social media with. It's a monumental daily Greece's parliament and you and I had a bad back to Memorial Day that it would last until Labor Day it's lasting. But we reached a monumental day of 73 days of their anniversary 73 days Kenya is 73 days hole they've been married seven and three days. The last sweating through -- that Chris guy after you forgot his name conferees. Lasted 72 days and doing good. We're doing good. Haven't really heard of any fights. There -- parts -- times and doing their own thing that kind of tells -- other than their recent special on TV now there could be it feels like it's another fifty years. Seriously do you think they celebrated tonight that -- 73. A humankind and one more day for him walking him and -- one more day and night -- The title. Laughing all the way to the bank now -- other divorce christened him lasted over 500 days you know the back -- -- So I just every day it seems like something new with these -- Did did we ever find out what Humphries got. I don't remember okay. It's history we don't yeah he's the Dodgers moved on and peace of mind maiming and -- And I only three years later for him for hurt America and yes well they didn't want lessons learned. During your lesson but let's let's all together congratulate him into racing having universe and thank you now I'm 723 -- Almost say to move over -- news. Is we have serious stuff that's not the we don't know you. What you know what we're gonna skip some -- because I was fascinated by this running five minutes today -- used utilized. And new research. That was published recently in respected medical journals fines that. Just five minutes today getting your heart. Pomp and keeping it sustained for five minutes can make you live three years longer. That just working that hard to issue getting that muscle tissue working in straining it enough and getting your blood moving through the system. I'd just five minutes today is enough to theoretically help you live. Three years longer so running to the ice cream store -- that I -- -- journal -- idiots running after -- I Israel's right to sort of saying. That would be good tip now -- if you do it ten or twenty minutes a day you're gonna see more benefit but that's the bottom line is that even if you could just start. With five minutes a day that that's encouraging that you -- people just I can't do this in our don't and so so the -- so what you're saying is that long distance runners are gonna live forever. Well now it's. I don't get financial I think he hit at some point -- limit -- -- I just -- -- said is to go five retail but they haven't said that not only does it help with your cardiac. Health but certain forms of cancer reduce all by keeping yourself fit your heart fit obviously you're gonna reduce your risk of diabetes that is such a host of -- in. Fatal. Health issues. I tell you we did -- show not long ago with found the wonderful -- southern and L issue is written a book for obese children and how to exercise because it's different. If you -- -- did not know this. But she said this is the first generation of kids who will not live as long as their parents. And it is directly related to that so -- can get a child running and playing for even five minutes and start getting honest ten minutes -- -- twenty minutes. You're talking a big difference -- A lot of it's the technology to me what's coming next here -- -- -- speak it is elevators and escalators because we need to be moving his stay healthier. And you know I've been at -- -- that the journal of the American well I know it that's why you know people. Had healthier hearts there were dinner bats tonight because they didn't drive -- -- And I wanna goes to kill all the time but I think five minutes start with the kind of long time to think about it it's like you were Gupta that if you're not like a runner. Don't -- it -- -- all but it is it's five minutes on aggregate maybe. A mile I think most most of -- probably if there in decent -- run a mile in under fifteen minutes here. Him my dynamic medical when we were talking in the newsroom also. I mean -- that the theory here is he has got to get your heart rate up and -- it for five minutes continuously so it doesn't have to be running it can be biking. And be swimming liked it could be the saints going back to the Super Bowl -- -- -- -- -- that just. And sex keep your article here what if I'm. Can we talk about this on radio at 1 o'clock. We just -- we did that's a good thing moment when we talk about being in shape certainly the guys who were honored at the hall of fame stage. They all look pretty good. Most of them look at the one that I think the most emotional moment at the whole thing though. Was win. Country read. Was inducted because Jim Kelly. Showed up for the whole thing he is a hall of fame member and a lot of people were wondering if Jim Kelly would be able to -- what he is currently battling. Cancer. Right now and in this science and when he was announced it was probably the most emotional part. The the festivities on Saturday he got a two standing ovation so. When he came out people the standing ovation Foreman and he. They stood against him standing ovation again. Brought tears to his -- That people were so enamored for him to be here -- remember. Buffalo was playing in the games so there were a lot of buffalo fans there and he was the quarterback for -- welcome to this -- four times Cairo times and never won. But he's and he was known for being a tough guys call Kelly top that's what he always said. And he had a son who had a -- it's gave me the name of the disease that he had the -- campgrounds at. But he had his reform of a disease that he was never gonna walk and talk. -- -- in the past the age of two I think he lived 28. United 2005. He has started a whole his name's hunter hunter Kelly. He has a foundation -- call hunters hope where he still deals with raises money for this disease and families and helps support those families. He has a quarterback's camp football camp every summer for young kids. And he was able. Even though he's battling cancer right now going through chemotherapy you could see he is -- just starting to grow back he's very and from when his playing days however. He still went to the camp even though warned him. He says those kids deserve to be there deserve to be there for those kids he still doing fundraisers and doing things with honors though because because those families. What they are going through what my son went through. You know they what I can do. Can still inspire them. SI have to be tough for them so it's it's really inspirational and under read talked about him when he gave his speech he was a wide receiver for the bills. That caught a lot of touchdown passes from Jim Kelly and he was known -- He says read says I was known for my toughness going across the middle catching them. Making that catch breaking those tackles. But the toughest individual government in my life is Jim Kelly now numbers well. And Kelly then got up and threw one more pass to him on the stage they caught it so. Can you imagine that's what he said he almost -- almost didn't catches but he said later he said it would -- but. But just that when that happened everyone just kind of. Los lawlessness and yet here I don't know that the tremendous affection among all those players -- -- listened to little bit to Michael Strahan who really gave tribute to everyone right when his father his mother truth and but the people who were in the audience and to his co host. Even Robin Roberts who -- it does ABC news now he has given every program I think he has an -- program. Well are at least half of them because I think. Ryan Seacrest and the other half. So likeable well. You know such -- -- likable and I said -- improbable for him because he actually didn't start playing football till real late and he was kind of -- a wing guy. Only his senior year you know continue here in Texas and it was because his dad was in the and the army in the game. He grew up in Germany basically as effective as -- -- but watch Jane Fonda workout tapes of Michael Strahan and trying to get in shape. Showed some interest in football is dead shipped him back over to the United States -- -- his uncle who did play in the NFL. And was able to get on with high school team. Make it into -- colleges and be drafted by the giants and win a Super Bowl and now he's in all the fame he says that everything and he's a hole co host. Importing. Show on television he says everything about it was its improbable that life. He's now it was it was beautifully done the whole thing but it. She's and it loves the Japanese and the statue at a statue has it is as the gap. Which is very good history -- and I got again we're gonna got a quick get here we're gonna go to the newsroom stay with -- percent to. Definitely we have more from Jimmer this is important stuff very stay up stay with the financial under the that it will. Still trending in this time on social media. We are not gonna let -- shark NATO -- It Michael other ago yeah this is like the biggest TV story of you know one of those. -- things that is quarrels in and everybody's talking about it shark -- -- one was horrifying. Bad. But it was still are finally -- that everybody liked so -- -- NATO to is even bigger actually is it's called shark you know to the second one. Your odds NBC said it really created a monster and underline monster. Over about a billion Twitter impressions that's a billion people billions and billions. I don't think anything else is reached a billion people talking about Twitter we have wars going on on this earth and were worried about shark you know you. And did you get the seal it -- I got to see the last half of the first one and was kind under for -- but I could see the camping this race. But it was a lot of gore the silliness a lot of people yeah well the second one you know of The Today Show popped in many people had little cameo roles there but he wanted to be a part of it because it was -- such a social -- thing. So he can if you're twittering and tweeting right now. Hash tag shark NATO to the second one so you can join and through the conversation. Well this is part of history all of -- Another part of history took place late in the night. BP files appeal settlement to Supreme Court. You know this is the fight that feels like it's never going to yes because. Right after the BP oil disaster in 2010 -- all the oil was still in the Gulf of Mexico. BP agreed. Then they were going to pay these claims regardless of proof. Of damages. From the spill directly. And it seems that they made this decision in case. In an effort to try and save some public relations base and try to make nice with the Gulf Coast and really with the world because. You know here BP's got this out of control blown out well. Crude. Gushing into the gulf and -- the coast. And that they said was we understand that due to the economic impact it'll have on the region. Anyone who loses money who makes less money as a result. Of this bill without proof will -- Now they're trying to go back and say wait -- -- Some of these people. Clearly did not lose money because of this bill. But the terms of the settlement war if you make less money after the spill than before BP will pay. And this is gone -- the federal district court here in New Orleans repeatedly it's gone to the fifth Circuit Court of Appeals here in New Orleans repeatedly. And BP is lost at every -- Now they're going to the US Supreme Court to see if they can get any relief there and the message all along to BP was this is the bed you made you must play and it. And we'll see if indeed the Supreme Court agrees. That some of these claims while BP insists their fraudulent or improper the courts have upheld every one. It will continue. It will continue. The angles let's talk angles. You know what's training right now are happening right now I guess breaking news Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton. Looks like he of -- have reached a six year 115. Million dollar deal according to sources now. They're no particulars. On it they think it's going to be a lot like. The deal that Colin -- make up for the 49ers so a lot of the money may be on the back end of it depending on what happens and and -- he does now. As a starter with the with the bank of the last three years he's thirty and eighteen which isn't bad. But he yet to win a post season game with him so. Some fans are kind of scratch and has like that I know he's worth that kind of money just yet. But I'm sure once the details come out of the the structure. Of the of the deal you'll see that it's probably. Not a lot right away. So so it's probably going to be somewhere near -- with cholera epidemic is done and and Andy Dalton was drafted before calling Kapanen. In the draft so. That's why people think and it's going to be similar to that supposedly -- of the particulars and and trying to find him and nothing's been released officially yet. He's supposed to sign it today but all we know is going to be 115 million dollars. For the past not nickel and dime Hamachi gets up -- over from the sparking an S and from the support this is my top three things now trending Andy Dalton has one top three things pending a Twitter right now. Because people leader sane way to go ending years I'm like I can't believe you paid him that much. But something that was grand over the weekend really beautiful and twentieth anniversary. Whiteman and yes it's always agreed event it's a social event. It's of people event and definitely still in our event and people very -- very into the our community and pack pack pack for civil several blocks. The food was great lobster lobster dumplings like the big thing there the drinks were great 50000 people were estimated here. Good luck finding parking. Well let's walk picket at 10 o'clock block no I was there it was glorious there were 50000 people there and at nine weeks probably yes and it was it was great fun and just do it right -- -- you -- lucky artists which talent now on the opposite side of that coming up this week and as the red -- from yeah. Which is not elegant. It's is unique and fun and women alike all wearing red dresses -- to Tuesday that every year -- -- -- never would Uga. Now I will tell you always go to goodwill. Or selfish because they had beautiful red dresses and that's -- and by 2 o'clock nobody is running anymore -- on the street. It up on the wrong that run well I wouldn't call enterprise and that's front man. Some of Wear high heels. Wrecked the mystery that some of the -- yes. And I've seen the pictures via its. We don't pick quite late -- night -- went that'd -- it -- now and that's good that's Mary. But thank you yeah absolutely it was a great event and I continues to be very of them. Now concealed guns now allowed in restaurants as of Friday right. You know a lot of that new laws that went into effect on August 1 and Louisiana are still trending at WWL dot com people reading up on -- given no -- and and I it's and some are most popular stories in this is one of them now it is legal in the Louisiana for someone who has a concealed gun permit. To go to their favorite restaurant with that gun hidden on their person. Prior to this you could not do that now the restaurants can still tell you. They can post at the restaurant make it clear that guns are not welcome and then in that case you cannot bring your gun and and you still cannot bring a gun even if you have a permit for a concealed carry permit you connect -- carrier concealed weapon in a more. Hi it has to be a restaurant and how do you know the different in a bar or restaurant well at the legal designation but anywhere where smoking is still legal. It's considered a bar because they derive more than half of their profits. From alcohol anywhere where smoking is not legal is a restaurant -- they derive -- and have their profits from the. That's calling you know so much analysts note you really do -- -- -- -- Yes some of the other laws are also stealth. I trending at every WL dot com including the domestic violence package that went into effect that says that if someone is convicted even of up. Misdemeanor domestic violence battery they can't own a gun for ten years that was a huge huge victory. And if you are the victim of domestic violence you can now immediately. Granted divorced in Louisiana. Used to have to wait six months if you did not have children and a year if you do you have children. That it still in effect. And last year the victim of domestic violence now you can have an immediate divorce under Louisiana law. 550 new laws went into effect on Friday I'd be united no not at all no but you go by the end of the week. Stay with us everyone we're gonna continue our trending right after this. -- last segment of trending -- so check back in sports. Well one of the things couple things going on interesting enough there was a we talked about hoping there was a football game last night the giants beat the bills seventeen to thirteen. Was not a big quick high scoring affair in what was interesting is that on the on Twitter. One of the things that started trending some soccer fans were. Kind of poke in. At the football fans saying hey where's all the scoring. Where's all the scoring it was not a good for because everyone complain about you know right football fans by about soccer win the World Cup was around that. With -- school -- there was likelihood school borderless -- was got to go back and forth there but one of the other. Couple other things going on. There's of -- video out about the Alabama fans. Standing in line for Nick Saban on a -- During Crimson Tide fan day this was this past weekend fans were running. To get into line once they opened it up. You could just see them coming into the stadium. And just running like crazy. To get into the line -- you know autograph from Nick Saban though lines stretched entire length of the football field. And stayed that way throughout most of the day. To get his autograph so. That's kind of -- funny if you if you watch the of the video that's out there with someone put it time -- Look like much chance to run an -- and and just wanted to analyze just to get an autograph. And then also. Just real quick some NBA teams talking about. Injuries and stuff they may now be considering not allowing their stars. To participate in the national team duties. Mark Cuban has been arguing about this for awhile ago the owner of the mavericks saying it doesn't benefit the NBA at all. To have our stars play in these national teams what Brian and when you see injuries well in all -- injury. He got injured a team USA plays and he's going to be out for the season he played for the pacers. There been injuries in the past John Stockton broke his -- during a scrimmage in one of these and and -- against -- other forward Anthony Davis is on team is on the team USA so Cubans -- -- been -- this for years now the other owners want the jump on the bandwagon. But now some number kind of quietly saying. You're right it really doesn't benefit us that they win. A gold medal hitting in any way shape or form. Our stars are still going to be our -- that although there was discussion about Anthony Davis that he can learn to be leader on the team USA because he is among the best players true but some of the superstars not taking but are talking about the owners if he gets injured -- he's no value to us at all he's not on the injured leaders that are not fair ground. Well I'm sure they were very upset may be little panic when I got broken leg but there was panic on FaceBook. There was Friday only got the world all in any area. It seems that the world cannot go without it for a half an hour an hour it's like oxygen answering a -- that air that. Friday morning surprised everybody but there is an electronic disconnection. To FaceBook -- -- sorry something went wrong. Still no word back from FaceBook would happen I think around about an hour an hour a little bit over to the I mean mass. And -- -- it would come on that is -- long enough to see your profile but if you try to do anything sorry something's gone wrong right none out of people get -- -- shouldn't. It's like drawl -- exactly yeah and I'm sure the people at Twitter loved it because it was trending on the Twitter verse. I was like the top trending thing -- only say it doesn't work you go to Twitter and complain right exactly hash tag FaceBook down I mean c'mon that's great. It's a new world if if you're just accept it. And it's a new world for a bunch of kids who start school. It done you know. There are -- kids out there in uniform. Now. In school I saw some on this morning you know with so many charter schools in different schools we have now we can't tell you and every school start to keep track of them all but. -- get back today. A lot go back Wednesday or Thursday Mike it's the back Friday I think that when we have the largest group going back Thursday and Friday. And school is back the first was a little is doesn't seem earlier this year and four. Where I grew up there's always that at the Wednesday after Labor Day well most of the country has ever been down here it's usually in August how it has been because of Mardi -- on other things -- heard street August and it really had hurricanes and its earlier this year than it has been many school districts and we heard a lot of parents questioning. When you went talk to them over the weekend night in -- Is this too early or shall we just go to there's a lot more talk about a year round school on sort of built in three months for summer. Let's do a -- two weeks off here and there you know let's go longer from -- grow longer for Christmas longer for Thanksgiving -- you know. Don't -- that you get off two weeks at Christmas and a week at Thanksgiving and we get money -- Week at Easter for heaven's sakes -- when we go to school. And what they're saying as well it just double up on some of these weeks and then cut into the three month in the summer but. I don't hear a lot of teachers were pushing for that. And it's been out there -- some school districts intermittently around the United States are doing it but it isn't happening quickly did a lot decision going year round and we don't have done here that you -- up in the northeast you always have snow days mirror -- beautiful and amazing -- -- days here. To all online no neither this'll all I know is all my kids are done with school and I have to -- -- -- right now. It's wonderful. And you know -- -- is wonderful I'm so happy to hear this Justin Timberlake is just on a roll what an amazing amazing show you know. Probably not the best show ever receive in the world but he really knows how to connect with Stan you know I mean it's just like. It was Timberlake 22 when he experienced or and the backdrop was just phenomenal it's not. And what happened was one of the best shall parts of the show was part of the stage rose up. And it went meaning in in in all the way to the back of area arena all the way back to this movie can -- So everybody no matter where you're sitting got a pretty good see everybody each was treated like a VIP. It looked like he can walk through anywhere in the -- he wanted to -- close like just about every tournament and touched me it was about maybe fifteen feet up and he went back and forth and and really worked the crowd what an entertainer. He earlier everybody from five to 85 loves them you know he's so mass appeal and do you know how much he makes her concerts come just probably blow you. Two to march 2 putts. I gasses and gets a million exactly really Dallas -- answer a million dollars a night for concert public unreasonable hours three hours fifty minutes. I've seen over forties or fifties so low. Forty or fifty in this tour yeah. So I left here went to some other city another million going to San Antonio he came from cancer so it's it's you know hit it in -- -- -- contrary before that yeah. Well -- you know but it now for three hours or. Let's -- -- talent I have to but you know if they're paying it and they want to see him and you know what he stays away from all the bad elements unlike the other just -- yes. I'm Davis and -- about the -- her last show for two months in the smoothie king senator but closing it down to build that new sports bar balcony. The massive new. Lobby it's going looks strange the color of the building now. And put those same -- that are on the Delmon after an arena that's an area so don't go out again and tactical. Our story with us every night and they're gonna continue trending right after this. 5555. Dollars of a minute. That's what Justin Timberlake makes a -- -- it thank you guys you're wonderful.