WWL>Topics>>8-2-14 2:10pm Angela: on stress eating

8-2-14 2:10pm Angela: on stress eating

Aug 4, 2014|

Angela talks with Molly Kimball of Elmwood Fitness Center on how to combat stress eating.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I love our trending guys actually love that show because I learned an awful lot from them about what's going on at the minute so again -- -- -- -- tomorrow one but. Now it's 2 o'clock and we often think about what foods we shouldn't be eating. Let's turn that around what should we be eating Thabeet stress to look better feel better. Here to give us the scoop. The real facts actually Molly Campbell nutrition program manager at ushers Elmo and fitness center a wonderful friends of the show we always grateful. That you were here. And I encourage people to call in on this one because I think. I think we can all learn from each other frankly we all live high stress. How do you handle it. And more importantly. If you need help from -- how to handle. 2601872601. Point seven about Clinton -- a little stress is not a bad I think it kind of keeps this going. A lot of stress I eat the top player of the Whitman's sampler then I know. What. I've stepped overstepped. How to we stopped. That bad behavior. And it's interesting what you just said is a little stressed is that did things and stresses self isn't that can make as. More productive it can -- that we might not mean -- deadlines to meet the time difference in it if we didn't answer and pressures. And what I have learned over the years of working with sciences. That breaking point of human stress -- too much passion -- very different for every line says it's and it's really interesting to me -- that some things that. May -- 1% in -- anxiety and stress. Actually brings in an island unity thrived on it they thrive on having all these different balls in the air on different things going on where's that might be too much for another person. Also learn that what we may think and someone else's life again. Acutely so worried about those things but -- our ballots yet so we have to respect if it's our friends or family. Even if it's not something that we think is really big deal that person's perceiving it that way and it is causing them stress and so we need to respect even if we might have the same way. No stress can be so powerful and our lives if you're serving good and bad. But we do do a lot of stress -- We speaking for the people I know why do you know others do too. And we don't want to an -- can even acknowledge gee I'm under stress on units that second hand of Eminem's. Stop. But I don't write in you know it's interesting as we use that phrase stressed eating I cant I how many clients and -- -- stress -- that's a problem. But they leave it at that says it has just kind of surface of a big label smacked on it when is it really mean when you -- him stress year. The biggest things there's kind of a trio of things Nancy that happens with my clients and when it might not necessarily stress that at some sort of negative. Being at their feelings it might be feeling pressure of related work it might be unfailingly and leaderboard or whenever that might be units and negative feeling. But that doesn't feel good so just the act of eating that hand to mouth in -- thinking about eating it. We're -- out and -- -- not really tuning into it mistresses -- and of course not a long term solution. It's a split second that it lasts but it just eating whether at whatever might be assignment eating. Serves as a temporary distraction from the stressful thing. Other thing is carbohydrates tend to be the common denominator when we see it -- some extra -- that might be. Sweet it might be Tsotsi it might be unsavory but the bottom line is if it's a sign yet pizza hamburgers ice cream cookies and thereof kartsonas carves cause the release apartments body serotonin type. Compounds. That actually cause this to -- com and suiting says there's reasons we reach for the things we do not discrete. You know well that makes a lot of sense it really does. You have a whole thing about. In flight and flight. Does that even with food well so when we think about what happens with our bodies when we're under stress and you think it's dramatic stuff -- traffic you'd think. Whatever that reaction is you're really never sure to give a presentation. Your doing a live radio show with Angela hill -- we -- we all have these things that cause us to have. That elicit their reaction stressed and basically what that is it's common fight or flight response and I heard that from years back. Our ancestors it was either in it distance sensors of blood pressure again happened basically there bodies of settling. These fatty acids as quick as. Into our bloodstream and muscles to either fight or flee. That we're doing now says some distrust what happens at work are running on the hallway screaming and hopefully not hitting anybody. Same thing were and are Karstens an -- -- fan com. We get that surge of Richard Allen make it -- But there's -- fight or flight which is sitting considering. Says these fatty acid these quick as this and being. High blood fat high plant senators high blood pressure -- continuously staying elevated but as having at least for it. And so at that leads to and we can't stress being linked suit. Long term diseases like. Heart disease certain types of cancer that's why diabetes that's like chronic stress is directly correlated to increased risk of these. Diseases so the more that we can do to kind of management by for our response to stress. Not Hillary incompetent short term. You know as far as our Q reaction also our long term. And everything you said is perfect and making sense it's how -- -- combat it right so breathing a go deep breathe. It's hard you know it's hard firm for me personally I try to kind of compartmentalize that -- if we look at everything that you had in either your schedule for the day of the week Everett as. Sometimes can't seem overwhelming. And instead look at -- just the immediate thing right entity that you can control. And that's in this as a candidate nutrition and dog ads you know look at what can controller if that at the effort and have an impact and I can't. Title again that might not be the outcome exactly why did it again -- things that she can't. I also think and again not as much nutrition related but there's a lot of things leads you out of application. In and it friends that really sap your energy -- training you but you -- said get together with them. Maybe it's a little bit less at them and do more with the people that you feel better when you leave their company. Difference can be energy staffers. That with other friends and haven't they regret and put in -- -- in his sometimes if it's it's faintly you can't -- reeling and it has spent time. But it in and maybe minimize its and it's time for people who when you leave you feel worse and act. Like that is so true and that's a very difficult touchy thing. But to discuss it dilute them with -- people. You're so Smart well and the -- a lot I said we feel obligated to do things that are we were obligated to do that it's really kind of before that knee jerk reaction of saying yes and agreeing to -- it just has has increased it. In panic thinking there -- -- -- that are related to a that are happening minimize incidents -- and whatever might be. And then I'll say things like and what are we surrounding ourselves with you know every week. Get into the karma and music is that are is there music and do we just -- quiet and kind of thinking about it sometimes instead of just go -- the national. You're normal habits haven't TV in the background might be -- for sun. But can be stressful for others have. Look in your ears and -- and economists concede to you surround ourselves -- staff that brings us more happiness. It's sleep it's huge it's sleep is intensely correlated to our stress response our -- our cravings are all of that senate. It's easier sentence and and it -- you know starting with that foundation. Sleep -- surrounding yourself with -- today. And then looking that -- again it's an exercise and practice well you're right about the sleeping and it should be easy minimally seven hours and seven hours but I keep hearing now exactly if -- like to make it on six ultimately catches right right and then you may think you're doing well -- 456. And Everett as. But you know our body has all these different types of healing an apparent. On and on his habits cellular levels -- -- about when we have -- So there may be things we think we're handling the situation came that we might be handling it better. If we're more rested stay with us everyone we're gonna continue our talk with Molly -- About. How we can kind of we'll we're back with Molly -- are super dietitian at posh dinner. Over at -- -- the senate and she just knows so much. We all live with stress we've been talking about no question -- can affect us. In our hearts and an. Every cell as you say but it can be a positive it's really how do you control it. And what we can't eat that can help but things that we should avoid -- just feeding into it. Right and -- like we were saying Ireland and it you know that when people just generically and pay extra seat. You can kind of boil it down to a lot of times that eating and adjusting for a lot of times that -- stressed eating. Is -- night and it went in and everything's going so fast today and at night when things down that's when. The chips the ice cream that cookie do whatever it is that someone advised. But it serves as a distraction from whatever type of negative thing I've gone on at their feeling. It the second thing is and it's kind carves usually and it causes this releases their attention and other compounds that hasn't suiting calming effect. So without even realizing her return for these things that's part of Hillary's and -- And it interestingly. All this it's Regis and their and the carbohydrate the process of land of cards with fat and salt. And that combination of that tree and of compounds in food actually activates similar receptive ears that drugs like cocaine I am telling people -- I'm addicted to carves. They have I can be -- pretty close tunis and when we look at a Q why am my my my stress eating primary -- for these things. It's important affairs are what can do about it I think it's important -- now why. -- it's a distraction at these cards and look at this kind of effect receiving relaxing effect. And I says it's a very highly addictive compound and have your cards that that's not in fat. So when -- know why McCain now what can we do about it. Well the first thing is really can it be easier said than done and and -- the chatter really pulled back on his white cards because it's basically just feeding. That addiction -- feeling so whether it's sugar is it might be sweets or might be chocolate might be ice and it might be chips whatever it says. To try to back in his white process refined car -- realistically people are not gonna say I think he'll have some broccoli. They're not right right so than a Q what can we replace it with and says there's a lot of different things and work with our clients is say. If you woody -- if you like cents we love there's and wiping chip on being meets him at high fiber high pre -- lots of flavor and it it's appalling flavor. But it isn't that like process -- and that's in effect but it is still that -- to answer some people like soy -- that are. Hire and fire ever higher pre -- and -- like it's that. At end of the estimates -- the Olympics -- in and we can you. We'll do our whole grain high fiber tortillas with a little bit if not better and managers of pioneer natural -- calorie sweetener on Latin. Well that means that there's different things if someone likes savory we can make a case idiots that there's things that we can. Do think of replacement confirmed Ford. Part of the problem and in -- to instant. Because we moved so quickly all day. That we we don't wanna take the time to do exactly. And that's -- things that are coming convenience items and in as the -- and as happens we should do the slow food movement we shouldn't do packaged foods that they do have a place in a fast paced. Environments and those things and it just said. Required. Making says something like a protein bar or protein drink can be easy crabbing and especially for some his of sweets person and so many Koreans now have hyped routinely sugar pars on the market. That if you try to authorities. I'm not a pretty personal like and try some of these new ones because it's a different textures and tastes. And using outlook for his close to zero shooters possible and at least. Anderson grams of eighteen lots of different brands on the market and says that something that's incredibly portable you can keep your office at -- stable. If somebody likes Avery something like even beef Turkey Turkey Turkey. Is science not very very low calorie very low in fat and saturated fat assists against source of eighteen. So there are some kind of portable things. String cheeses and now is downstairs at any type of magazine sap for -- that. There's things that we can do that for someone who likes meets the pay eighteen -- can be. And easy solution. Hard world thinks wonderful the un -- and I mean it's eleven or hated saying it and again. Not -- it was gonna take the time to make them but if you if you wherever you are fits in your office environment here and more. Whatever your parents route is there's probably something along the ways it. Is -- going to be a big hassle guns movies there's lots of different media options that. He can specify an action there higher -- team or shatter and against Democrat again option. I agreed to smooth things probably the greatest thing this is tricking the brain and it's you know beginning a tremendous amount of protein. Which is thinking sweet and there's a lot of ready to treat preteen drinks that are high pre teen -- and senator. And -- have client sees something like a cool group like Villa on coffee concentrate but instead of just regular milk which tends to be higher carved in pre -- Is when the Israelis during preteen drinks in place of him now and -- afternoon. -- -- is now preteen rich let carve afternoon it's it's kind of it is seven double duty of a pick me up and prosecuting you that that's steady -- of pre -- have you had patients clients who have been able to make the transition. From that the junk food that world eating tonight to these kinds of things and then they lose their taste for the junkie food. And it's a good point because it does have to actually and the answer is yes that is scratch in as a lot of time someone who's going from. He knew their rich culture premiums. You know specialty ice in -- -- a little pint -- they switched to. One it's going to be a much lighter or there's actually now pretty rich ice -- on the market and enliven his line an -- -- -- another and they're. Much lower calorie and and actually had at a pre -- And -- taste the same we're never gonna try to say it is -- -- that that if you. Have again if someone is especially having it on a regular basis it can't make sense to switch Q. A lighter higher pristine version I am a firm believer that Simon Says he knew that once -- You name it you know big -- have -- you know of course just had the real thing have you. That winning gets -- it's the -- has more than two Latin frequencies where in China and her pants. There's different ways we can make and even some -- pending high protein who's doing you're looking at just how can we take some of these senators and it. Healthy fat and -- and pre -- and so when you look at what kind of keeps blood sugar and insulin levels stables are not having these ups and downs and makes things of energy in Pletcher. Healthy fats protein and then while greeting cards as much as McCain. Spot that is out for the -- -- what do you eat for breakfast. That varies in Los start my day with the iconic which is politically and high protein drink and it's -- routinely senator. And I used that and my coffee to have that first my. Lights that come on until I have to compliment that and then my breakfast is usually going to be some sort of it's always going to be some sort of pre teen. It may be. A couple of bags it might even just the too hard on exit from run out. But it -- really like it's -- high fiber with some sort of lean protein and that if we have left -- never. Whenever pre -- from manner I -- that -- often high fiber wrapped. With just. He's laughing counties as the spread of maintenance. So I'll do that in Iraq and its port blocking and have it with me and car on the way anywhere. So how do that because it's convenient and it's fast a dozen -- and prepare. Part of it is we are you know born and raised with the mindset of what breakfast is and -- really. And I can see the changes them practicing more protein in them yes. Got to right and when you look at a regular stereo with fresh fruit milk and -- a lot of cards not a lot of pre -- and a lot of fat incentive. That consents from our cravings later -- kind of taken a closer look at what you have might be marketed their -- -- it is healthy that is really stay with us everyone we're gonna have a newsroom but we'll be back with Molly -- right after this. But we've been talking to Malik Campbell about stress and stress eating and well we can do to do better and and we all can do better I think even if it's the baby steps what you were saying about breakfast just. Really was ringing true it's easy to fall into the habit of throwing the cereal in in throwing the Milken trying to be prudent. And comes back to haunt because -- and you're not really you mean. You need protein bright rights and we have you know cereal milk fruit juice whatever it is parked -- -- car not a lot of pay eighteen fat. People and -- and waffles even if it's the whole -- while we threw a couple of those in the -- but then. He had to cut calories people apparently at a sugar free sir we don't have any pre -- says -- -- Fat free type -- again it's. 2832. Grams of sugar and missing a cartons and we -- that piece of fruit. We've just got all shooters some of it's natural that -- pre teen and her mental preteen animal fat. So when we're looking at McCain went. Keeps us stable keeps our energy sampler Pletcher stable. The whole grains and fiber also preteen and fat and really far to keep and it's Fuller longer. And really help and offset -- let's reverse things that can then lead to cravings. So for lunch we. Again we don't have a lot of time right and we're going to grab one. So there's there's so many different options. If someone makes their lunch and in a sandwich is always going to be fine -- and the people get tired of that that. Economics at the breads whole grain bread whole grain -- -- whatever might be. Just keep the pre teens lean and there. And an incentive mayonnaise we said earlier at the last thing cal light cheese comes in about two flavors it's a great ideas that is a spread use Hyman says the spread. Guacamole is a spread in their situation at the meats -- types that cheeses -- neck and make it makes things that. Where it went down with fitness and we have rich history chickens to -- that you again it in a grocery store. So a lot of towns -- just get a quarter Everett has three chicken and and whatever the vegetables that day as. If she can even do that on its hands at a grocery store -- have that that rotisserie chickens can just be invaluable. And people tend to think they can only had a white meat because the army is higher in fat. That's -- I mean that's have more fat but it still really -- so as long measure taken the skin off. Wider dark meat and pirates history chickens as great -- alleys as. For just kind of a quick time saver. I used those to make chicken salad instead of using fresh chicken breasts and clicking on their second discovered sister chicken take the skin off. Is a white and -- Chapman. On -- chicken salad whatever rest if you find values Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise. So and my favorites as chicken salad with -- and bonnets and there but again the Greek immigrants that a man. Does and then you mentioned the eyes and honorary commercial breaks I'll do. Slow cooker. With the children a great idea. And just three pounds percent size and a cup of -- that the that in the slow -- a little bit of letters seasonings Hewitt like human or anything like that to pull it patter. And just cut it on medium for about four hours actually -- for about four hours. And literally to -- with a fork and I have. A pot of pulled chicken that is very very lean so -- batch is like that -- and containers have that -- through the week. You're going out obviously people and -- salads that salads and Penske to the highest calorie thing on the menu you know it's got to be careful in dressing on the side because I can easily add. 700 plus -- calories but -- you know trying to keep that focus on a commitment from Eileen preteens let me look for the vegetables attacking get it and really. At restaurants cards of the cheapest thing further assurance that China minimize the brands the passes the rights that has likely. It's going to be larger servings of that stuff because it's cheaper my family for a big play right and it's real -- -- All of this going back though is going to help or stress well when we look at the -- fueling our body poorly so for fueling our body and white process cards are having these surges of Pletcher and these crashes of Pletcher. All none of that is gonna help us handle in it -- stressful situation any better sailing or are ready. Bottomed out or are ready hour lectures are dipping or are ready. Start and have the effects of it more carb cravings for that pick me up and then minor illnesses situation comes and we're not gonna handle that probably is -- to my music and it. In for well fields so when we have the -- we have the healthy fats. There's also preteen can -- to increase our alertness our focus. The healthy fat can make threes are. Directly correlated to a decrease risk or decrease incidence of depression. So all of these things are hopping it's kind of have a whole balanced body which is gonna help us handle any situation that. You know in the perfect world we would look at food and say okay in his field from my body and and and it is that is what it is. But we can't we are using it as a drug. And I think that's it in and they're really good point and what all encouragement client to do is look at if you're about eat something. Okayed for right now it's gonna taste it house and leave me feeling in two hours. And it's especially what were eating in the mornings that those hours before -- set at 10 AM. They break up the birthday cake for some guy's birthday wolf we had a cereal for breakfast now have a birthday cake and whenever house at 10 AM. That's and again that's gonna have an immediate. Spike in your -- spike and then crashing down says it's not just and it's. A couple of hundred ties for signs of cake it's what's -- gonna do the rest of the day more than likely you're going to be creating more and more cards to their -- -- -- about and now. So what I'll encourage clients to -- decades -- announcer. Birthday -- mid morning. Save it and have that measure carbon fund senator -- -- eighteen -- -- client skipped that start -- if you really want it have that cake or whatever it is. But after -- had to lean protein in your system from lots. Banks such cents. And I am taking notes because I think we all wanna feel better. And we just got to get off this treadmill of of life. And and enjoy life more. By eating better and it's that simple. It's interesting when people come in a lot of times -- primary goal with coming to CS has dietitians as weight loss in MIB cholesterol whatever it is that we losses often in their top. Primary calls. But don't they don't realize right off the fat is that they're feeling some it's better that they are handling stressful situations better. They don't have that three or 4 PM energy -- So that this is settled you know their their main focus -- when asked when they get back on -- they -- on vacation or they have some sort of crisis happens in their life and the kind of revert back to their old habits and think wow. I felt rotten you know we went to wherever for vacation and kind of went back on eating and drinking habits I never realized how bad I was feeling. All the time. You know until that you felt so bad you didn't know you were feeling exactly we just get used to feeling. Cramming as kind of our baseline. That we knew realized that a lot of these views are leaving us yanks have bottomed out China look at and a little bit more that way. -- a -- and made it doesn't make you not eat whatever this says that may be less of it. Or maybe time it differently say at least having after you've learned that a good base and a good meal. In your system. Stay with -- we're not done with Molly -- right after this. Well we're going to be that stress that kills it's -- that together due to him but we're talking with the -- Campbell great dietitian. About what we can do to start changing some of our habits this is not unrealistic. And I think that's what's important. But something we were talking about that in our community we treasure our coughing and alcohol. And we have to moderate. Well and both of them you know we turn to -- of them when we are feeling stressed in and it and it and alcohol can help with the stress release and in fact. All types of alcohol on not just different line that white -- -- -- liquor. All types of alcohol aren't. Directly linked to lower risk of heart disease and part of the reason there one is that it raises there -- -- -- But the other as essentially is that social drinking and minors drinking provides so there's definitely correlation it. Alcohol lower risk of heart disease. But of course everybody just heard that -- That's -- -- But you know we had if we have too much can actually honest. How the opposite effect in. It can leave us feeling. Of course much worse the next day if we think we had -- cravings today can make him even much worst and it can really lower our -- on. Too much alcohol on on a regular basis can actually lower threshold. For how -- -- process and deal with mr. enters. So it can actually make as less apt and less on capable of dealing with the saints answers when we have a continues. Hi and taken out repeatedly so we wanna keep it moderate -- of course. One drink -- day for women to attempt from and it's pretty much and a standard definition for that yes that's how on earth the part -- -- -- Caffeine and I think that's an obvious one for a lot of people and and personally if I'm going into a situation right now might feel nervous. As specifically -- have caffeine before because I find. Boy in my heart starts racing and I'll love my coffee but I don't have it in honesty is if I'm gonna do something -- and I feel anxious about. So we know the effects of image caffeine is as jittery feel it's a nervous and interfere with sleep. But a couple of cups of coffee to three cups of coffee today is absolutely fine. Coffee specifically as high as sources of any accidents and that it. And so people think coffees that -- it's there's two TV there's nothing wrong with coffee you know. But having limited it to about three cuts would be picked up parliament for caffeine usually recommend. Of course what deepening and it's an having answers and they act. And then in an obvious -- it is no real and it's an affair with her sleep so cutting out your caffeine intake after front of my B 2 o'clock three. Citizen -- but nothing wrong and out of -- caffeine it. It can heighten that nervousness that anxiousness if we are in situations and even. And yet it can then conversely be such a pickup if you really -- yes yes exactly know exactly. And I think you know and we're talking about stress and general. Guys try to happy and encouraged -- ten -- Beat themselves up so we talked about earlier a lot of why do we stress eat what are the reasons behind it because I think. Once the understand these things there's real science behind it there's -- reasons we gravitate towards these comfort foods and -- can understand that. We're not so hard on ourselves and make sense McCain but now what consent to do to change its patents. Figure at a different comfort food that is and so. Mac and cheese right and it might not be with absolutely perfectly said something earlier in and -- Routine -- -- its initiative are sure beats -- aren't the vending machine Eunice experiment with different things and if you find one type of product -- you don't like experiment with other brands that has so many things out there on the market now. Between -- powders routine pars Greek theater it's all these other things that he tried one and it -- it -- -- and need to. You know you'd mentioned the yogurt before with -- the fruit and that has. Lots of mark to trigger but the plain yogurt doesn't have any rights of playing -- -- has just been naturally occurring checkered doesn't have really added sugar. Just a different plane -- -- there because as cash maybe. Two to three times more pristine than even the regular plain and the same amount it about the same -- calories and that's why overstated -- entered the capital of Greek immigrants -- that they like that if she's for example it's just attacked retain. But -- the idea there is McCain it's about the same calories but it's. Clear some of these extra cars and -- and replace -- with parity. But before you we get to building she started this wonderful thing. -- -- Eat it can't handle it fit -- and -- in some restaurants and it's only increasing writes we have about honest fifty current partners throughout the city. It's completely free says. Our team with fasteners on my fitness and it works with restaurants with the shots and donors to identify -- healthy items on the menu if they don't have some we work with them to either. Modify existing recipes. Or come up with entirely new dishes and then -- -- -- on the menu right there -- is items and so. It's a free service and like it's it would not charge anything for actually have -- eat -- -- Dine out an event that is Wednesday August when he wearing -- and people go online and find your. Favorite -- caller restaurant near you head out to them Wednesday August when -- The proceeds from that will be benefiting programming we do it -- Loan to subsidized wellness screenings with the staff at restaurants -- he can and do it gluten used cholesterol screenings. Were working in high school culinary teaching pro -- To incorporate nutrition education with these that yet there's just a lot of things that are working with the united. To make it easy for the consumer and again into their favorite shots and and what to choose a lot of the things it retire hang in with the restaurant industry currently. And who -- the up and coming. Staff for their restaurant industry and these high schools to get an education as well. Boy that is at the time has come yet and really hands. Molly you're the best stay with a 71 we'll be right back. Well let me tell you Molly Campbell friend to the city. Trying to get us healthy and get her mind and we just constantly need to be reminded it's too easy to fall into. To bad habits easy habits. And yet some of the things you've said Ariza and we can do that something we haven't talked about the was fiber. And let's talk fiber -- then that's and that's one where. I think the people in and -- fibers gang. When we talk about the foods to avoid white process cards cause rapid release of energy in Afghanistan. Whole green cards fiber rich cards dent says that Feyerick takes -- long -- to bring down. Keeps us Fuller longer have fresh fruits vegetables whole grains is on -- the trees sources of fiber so I definitely heard someone to have that and there's a whole host of benefits. A fiber it's feeds from the other you know beyond -- keeping youthful longer long term. Diseases a lot lower risk. Dead but I would say is just that fiber rich card isn't enough for a lot of people instantly when apparently that preteen and healthy fat and so we have our whole grain waffles are -- in tennis fresh fruit. Still an apparent that preteen and fat to have even more of stabilizing effect a lot of fiber rich cards that they usually does not enough. Molly Kimball we thank you we're gonna have you back. Really appreciate all you do all the time.