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8-4 4:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Training Camp

Aug 4, 2014|

The WWL Sports Team talks to WWL listeners live form Saints training camp, keeping everyone updated on the latest Saints information.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A good evening and welcome to another addition of sports talk featuring Saints can't permit that I from the green -- But the black and gold continue mean another week you can -- week this week -- New Orleans ankle practiced Dave price of the day. Tomorrow and Wednesday before Thursday to travel to Saint Louis for Friday night's game against the Rams and it would Jones dome. Here on saint trade you that UWL. 8:17 AM FM 1053 on the net it that you WL. Dot com coming up -- on the program will it by the events practice assessment from today's practice along with Saints on their report Christian -- he probably did it take him out practice the way coach Payton has done it. Basically from Saturday's time until now the team based they had about two days risk you think about when they walk while Theo Saturday morning. In practice yesterday -- -- -- walk through today. And then practicing this evening it's a shorter practice this evening at quail and then get back in the count like any team -- team -- practice. Tomorrow and Wednesday before they break off to go to Saint Louis on Thursday we'll hear from Safeco chomping later in the program post's opinion who is can you look RO. And Ben Watson and I would take your calls as well entering the 2014. Season. Who do you think is the best team in the NFC is the defending NFC champion Seattle Seahawks. Could be a team -- his was tight you talk about the four teams antsy that would tightly as the fourteen that were really tight. Was Seattle. In their victory over to all the Vikings Seattle mayor baker was San Francisco that -- in Green Bay and then lost to San Francisco the tight game. New Orleans is a tie with Seattle they've throughout for the Theo Theo basically block for the benefit but beat Philadelphia on the road and the Carolina -- pretty much talent at home. By San Francisco other than and I think that -- was go school teams at the end of the season when it was -- done. Seattle won their conference won the Super Bowl put those before those teams. In the NFC so gone into the 2014. Season is at Seattle Green Bay New Orleans San Francisco all over. -- -- vote online at WWL. Dot com. Okay guys on is it Whitney -- you know. Every season is it is it is all season but I do think going into this season right now though thought before this team in the NFC. I don't think there's any doubt about that gimme you're you're gonna get credit points. Just for being in the playoffs last year are making a strong showing in the playoffs but. I mean he really you look it. How strong Seattle's been the last couple years I mean. For heaven's -- look at what does does that mean 49ers have played on a ball game the last couple years in the AFC championship game. But three times and didn't is Super Bowl once mom. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know Green Bay has a tendency to be a little up and down but. There's still a pretty strong team. For the majority of the time Tom. Who -- if you throw an inch makes Seattle Green Bay San -- in hand and holding yet but I mean you take. I they don't fourteenth right there who ever is a fortunate teams hit the home field advantage definitely has a leg up on anybody else but. You play all those games against one another on a neutral field -- would piece of good football I do believe and -- I said of the if there were one of -- or two of the the rule I don't know I mean that athletes and you're also rooting out yeah. I mean I really liked the way the Cardinals play defense yeah yeah I mean that's pretty strong it. Mean to me that thing it kills him is you know what if Carson Palmer have left. That they showed the other day on TV on -- that -- really impressive -- oh was. 24 touchdowns in twenty interceptions or something along those lines I mean just the I wouldn't say an off year by his standards I mean it's been a while since he played. Very good but you got you got to put him in the mix. Mad I can't really just off without my he would think of somebody that that's a real threat you can sit there and say. Who could be -- a lot of people that like the Rams defense but there is well you know Sam Bradford do you mean it's OK I think the biggest things. They have more questions in the hole before oh absolutely felt about yet it in the majority of whom they have the question at the most important position in at quarterback and try. So that's kind of where. Their problems. Start right there but on. I yeah. They are -- at -- everybody knows you gotta have some luck with the injuries so having said that. I mean I can't think of anybody else that. I guess maybe the way that Philadelphia busted on this scene last year yeah now offensively you know that there won't be a threat. Him. But that you know I don't know if -- if their defense is all that strong in. You know pin on the quarterback Sam helpful -- -- -- yeah. I just wanted to. Look because you hear it in -- -- honestly thought about it. Heaven -- running game that running game to kind of you know go with the elements and they they're kind of a run they they mixed things up because they had of the rest of the league there's usually court I think that's predicated on the kind of things they do to different formations bring Pete now. And I kind of want do you think about for the the other way man they -- a ballclub it's 88 they wanted to division team last year they were that. What the third -- that is to say they want of one of the top seeds. Even any inclement weather that's not 88 traditional pound offensive line not somebody though the team won a lot of -- I mean it. The game that shady McCoy had a was in that deep snow on I remember -- where I think that was in my that we were playing the Cowboys. I'm not exactly sure but no we were to Ralph has been a pregame show and to watch him run through that know what's really impressive but like you say -- it's there. It's a spread out offensive linemen at the -- he's the perfect back -- something like -- a year ago like. Jamaal Charles with great speed and cutback ability and all that kind of stuff but. In nick -- agree he's gonna have to take the next step. If he's -- be considered a legitimate quarterback in this league in that everybody so impressed with how few interceptions he -- last year but he doesn't put the ball in trouble. He'll just go -- take the -- he'd eat it. And I -- -- -- -- -- -- put our defense back out downfield and I don't see where their defense is all that strong so I really think in order for Philadelphia. To be. A real threat to somebody. That's when nick told us don't have to make the extra step of becoming a better quarterback than just a game manager like he was last year -- and if he's got a running game and do it. Home they don't back I guess in a way. If Josh McCown can produce. For Tampa but I like keep in Chicago when he had to be in their last year that because of Lovie Smiths and people are saying that Tampa could be. A surprise team but I don't. They don't scare me like the four teams. That you mentioned and the way that the Cardinals do and probably the way the -- and didn't. Via I would definitely that a -- another hole where you talk about -- because of then have a number one run defense pros they can run the ball and is they they can be bit defensively they don't have to be. Great offensively in that that is the Rams mean is that called the Arizona Cardinals. Speed and ran it to the Saints who play on a Friday night court you can best believe later in the week of course they'll be some talk about. But I think Greg Williams was coach the national football only with what the Saints when they lost to San Francisco golf that you feel. He was the -- the quantity when the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl and was a huge part. Of their championship. Talk about that will come back plus late in the program by the -- -- gives his take on today's practice of his Kristian -- Keep that they guard Tyler crew had that wall to wall for -- for -- we have Sean Payton and others after -- black and go practice yup -- three season but it is game week focusing hopefully Friday night. Coverage starts early Friday evening that's right Thomas since the -- you to go -- 83 that if five ease the count down to kick off and it's an Olympian but at which Jones dome in -- ago Christine -- minus that kind. Master control in the Booth make if he sees that you will be Robert care. And it -- guys -- -- -- -- -- Saints radio Friday night vs the Rams here on that Uga Uga. And welcome back to sports talk going into the 2014. NFL season. Who do you think is the best team in the conference that being the NFC Seattle Green Bay New Orleans San Francisco all of a pair of Joseph vote online at WW dot com -- going on right now across campus so to speak okay and I -- It Slammin' Sammy whether it's the sport who was taking out. Practice we'll hear from Bobby Christian and the rest. Later in the program with Keenan Lewis can you O'Connell and Watson plus Sean Payton's name in the other players that step. To the podium will have that four year. And post practice analysis here. On WW -- -- treat you know for gate at 5 o'clock who gave you the clue word in the nationwide. Some must -- -- Contest someone from New Orleans and right someone from New Orleans. 1000. Dollars last week she should be. That is -- and ability to bill list that right from Metairie. 1000 dollars the some misplaced -- countries you could be the next and the wind is this some before the top of their own news at seven. AM by limiting him to PM 5 PM with a vehicle were to take because we're at exit this 72881. When your chance of winning you know that the put down your phone. Just takes that word to 72881. You get a chance to win. 1000. Dollars nationwide. It's the work has -- 8786 it will be PF fifteen minute hit the triangle even if the team minute warning before. We announced Beckel word. Texas -- 8786. Hokies sitting here doing a feature. On Freddie quotes and have to so many players have talked about and it's almost like. Whose glass and by about cook today. And an enemy because he he's been that good in one thing conduct weeded out been damn right -- a piece on him about different things and -- and the since it. It looks they stand between you and the I mean are we were you know media of all things you could break -- -- and in -- you -- on the field. He really doesn't mean you could look at and say he's fazed by it. And I I don't like to get into like you know I understand you know got to keep them grounded -- -- ground I mean he he he's that way mentally does prove that otherwise and we don't go by what we've seen. But I don't know hope you if there has been somebody that has come in and as high expectations on him but you know when you say first rounder. He he looks like -- first round of but he looks better than when he was drafted it. No absolutely and and I think health and LT gets a lot of high praise from his teammates. Both on offense and defense you see you've talked through it a defensive lineman about it and they event looked. I got scared to whenever he lines up out there. When you talked to guys on his side of the ball and offensive linemen they talk about well I don't -- -- the whole mob blocked nearly as long because. The ball's gonna come out quick and then. I'm -- couldn't. He'd go ahead and hit that guy get downfield helping -- people make somebody meals and make a big place so the offensive -- -- didn't instilled geared up for his ability. The yards after catch. To get downfield in and picked somebody -- so he can get one in 7080 -- so these. And -- you know really the whole thing about what. Reggie Bush everybody in America knew who Reggie Bush was as I think strapped in that fact how many people really knew who branding coach was. I knew about it because of his time that the combat right. And on but I I came out to tell you I didn't see him play that much at Oregon State. And it was Sam and an I think on in his draft you know there -- this -- be the deepest group of receivers and -- analysts say that -- me Rocco people it's that it. This one and people groups they have seen from top to bottom. And in just by by hits and a walk and just normal wind broke. I think Sam walker is that is a great player I mean I thought it was a great mentality can be great for Buffalo. But from what I've seen it often need to imagine that it -- that that much difference between him and in Kooks. That players they clear cut gap but yeah those two guys in theory is -- course where. In the business of scouting in media it's always. I guess part of our nature to. Let's bring out the negative step if there's anything different about -- into it besides you and I. I won't go out only am right now and say that Sammy Watkins is not as quick. As branding coach is Brent coaches at full speed immediately. And his long speed is good in so assembly want to but I don't think. Sammy Watkins from eight pit stop. Can take off in the -- in a ten yard rates beat -- cook so. He is there yet Tommy Tommy took a call me until this morning and he'll soon. Who looked good in the court you know he's a top of the catalyst in the -- Vince -- and Atlanta but there again. He's doing everything in the -- to do is I am now yeah I mean it's it's a pretty easy flew well. When he asked me who looked good he could go let spoke to look good black Eagles aren't ridiculous primeval against the second team. Operative tackle. Mark Ingram was supposed to look good on -- -- four yard sweep around me in wins the defense that are are teaming opted -- DH and he can. While the -- and so. You don't really look at it like that -- From the standpoint that well they've been here at their customary thank. This is a guy that I mean. They have really good because he wasn't eligible for the LPGA and they only had just a a brief period of being around esteem and of now I am sure he knew the playbook because you know they can send that to him and he could study that while he's in school he had an opportunity to work with -- -- San Diego before. Camp opened but. You don't wanna get. Too -- because it's like it's almost unreal in somebody's gonna throw real Smart Alec bull riding eagle sooner than he did right kind of deal but. I I'm like you I haven't seen anything to disappoint me as yet. And is specially win Sean Payton and Drew Brees talks about he's picking up -- this is not an easy offense that aren't. He will be a big part of it so therefore you're not worried about him being ready -- will be great to play Atlanta when it really counts because. After everything they fit he absorbed it all he knows it and that's what you want to have you play makers out there on the field so he's not going to be held back by. -- you know he's just not quite ready because he doesn't have a full grasp of the playbook. He's he's well ahead of schedule if you ask me. He's Saints the last hole because I -- the -- they would talk more about -- -- -- -- teammate Saturday the Blanco scrimmage take a look back at the highlights of that one. And also pointed toward this week's game against the St. Louis Rams Friday night here on that we have you're right you. That we -- and whose time is 431 it is time for first name and welcome back to sports talk along with -- guys out on the ability of let -- go going to practice right now we'll have all pros. Bobby persons resident guys giving you dictate -- later in the program -- -- hear from coach Tom Payne can apparel among others addressed the media following. Today's practice operating jaguar Pena told is that WW dot dot com Texas shipped out to rates have creativity. Gone to the season who do you think it's the best team in the national football conference -- Seattle San Francisco. New Orleans green bale of hey -- vote on -- -- did you do you -- dot com just on Saturday at what Brandon cooks the it in the black ghost image. Outlook account came -- with the first offensive unit -- the team down the field to score. They score a mocking a three yard run on the -- kicks off at that position Brian Griffin was it. The first one the first pass he completed it was Al that that mess that rights that are part they were coming down what we -- this thing it. It cooks made a move to that made a move to the outside and I wanted to keep -- that based in crosses hands and they threw a flag. But he scooted up field the end of the veteran him out of bounds is that just move. They went down and scored on that that was -- Griffin won your pace to -- the fullback. Then later Jonathan Austin Johnson believes his name is in the later in the scrimmage Brandon cooks. Call a pay as we did it's almost special teams electrified crowd. The and he caught a pay us on New Year's. And joked. Rod sweeting on me it was just like he's Eastwood is there anything the Yankees. Could mean he's put -- field. Left to right and that's that's what he'd been doing all the time all week long -- -- want to question about Brian Cook so I went back and look at the transcript. An industry some of the things that some of the Pete was just it just isn't just edited out everybody and it went to the podium sits at about Brandon -- Coach Sean Payton was asking talk about what you saw political today he's explosive. And the caddie if you -- the ball let's face it -- to keep use them run at the case. And he -- dad he's got to keep working with him on a lot of the nuances into specifics with the passing game it was good to see him make a few late. Now all the people that talk about -- just a week do you collect obvious that they were on that so often it's so I was quite upset but it's -- he's an amazing player to watts. He's everything we expect him to be so fall. -- -- You guys got a chance to see what we've been seen the first two weeks here he's electric. He can run all the routes and he's a big -- out as extreme and every other bit more and I -- -- -- things that six and I Paris. He seems pretty good -- tobacco -- because that was mountains and always electric I think the thing you've seen raining coax. -- -- -- and actually it doesn't seem like he's running phase that he's running expects. You see some guys really -- going and it looks he looks like one of those guys that when he gets his speed up. He disputes go. And then one of the things he CAA who you let me see how all he would don't debate. He's very quiet just come to work. All the things you wanna see I don't know where we keep fighting these -- that don't talk but he's just another one nickel without it plays those -- Everything man that might be the most impressive there because all he goes in in if you did hear it you do that. Mean you will be all right and that kid's got a lot to brag about doesn't I -- he he knows that. Well I beat and -- call shortly after the combat and they were making that the presentation to him. Who have. When the shoe companies are you done that you know for be in the fastest guys combat you know they make a of a big issues that -- members in I think it was on the NFL network and you know he's just up into the camera and beane himself we want to you know it. But. A guy that has a lot of ability especially when he's that fast believe we don't need to -- his own home and other people will as well but you don't feel -- good about. Been talking about branding coach because if he's always government of that well we've already heard. How good ideas -- they came right from him that this kid now you don't hear that from him and I -- in the one time he has spoke. To the media out there. It's been you know. Hey I'm just trying to do whatever I can and still learn and aggravated drew asking my means. He doesn't have all the answers right now so he's an impressive young man on and off the field. I think he is going to be one heck of a weapon for this offense. Needs. I mean he's going to be better in the role. The Darren Sproles can -- goes down with open date. -- a little bit I did that he's gonna get a few snaps out of the backfield with. But it's gonna find ways to give him on the outside he can be called a receiver. But it'll be the little quick greens that fast greens. Where he might be in -- back -- released because he's not gonna have a book blocking responsibility. And if you ever get him on the field one on one and EE he hit up on you you don't do just like he did Iraq tweeting you better break down and get a hand on him and wait for. Pursuit to get there because it's -- yeah me -- reading made his team last year because well you'll make a roster where right they just didn't out right cutting. Because he worked hard and prove that he belongs. Now he's not champ Bailey's not a patriots' and he's not Keenan Lewis. But it he's an NFL player that he did not touch. Now branding coach and I'm meaning he had him and he had in. Against the boundary yeah you know that's what any defense to player defense -- -- The boundary just another defender he get their -- -- and you know pushing knocked him out about. He made a little juke move the inside in rod sweeting Lowe actually left his feet. In bill would like you don't know belly flop that we -- -- were kids and blew it never touched me. You know okay it's almost like if you. Anybody out -- travel around our list and on -- wherever your thinking you had that moment of excitement. Whatever it may be in May be a formal he does somebody call you look great news. And you you're -- -- -- -- ways you're not where you can just. Doubled down and do -- and tie the tackle would things or pump you -- the paint eat -- got to kind of you know remain so calm morning university graduate -- call somebody else combined to -- more more exciting. He got to think that sometimes one guys. That have been in the game for such a long time -- -- most party here. -- I don't think so a guy like -- -- who played the game and how little receivers coach. Sean Payton. Coach Carmichael and Drew Brees addressed the quarterbacks and they did OK and -- go back and look at -- you -- is almost any -- one nickel back. And they just sit in the room but it might get a room would only to get all -- to Q do you get it by themselves. And they got to be like marquis gave Duke's best resume that they got to say. Man are we going to throw -- -- yeah. And coaches are not good and teammate tonight he'll get a -- and I don't bash. Wonder teammates that they might go back and remind you say hey you know it's as good camp body. He's given us a good picture out there will we run and such and such. -- going to be complimentary and that way. These governments that are coming out about -- through legitimate compliment coming from. In one case a hall of fame player or future all claim that there should take. So healed now it's you know let's look we we got to find somebody who sits up about via his demeanor you know. Stanley Jean Batiste has not really had an opportunity he's doing thing out there it's a crowded backfield into beyond what you're here and Denny thank. Of these since area had an interception not in the black and gold but in that in practice field -- really the first thing seeing him do. They've on -- has been. Hurt in India's got activated before the black and go Gil de -- even though again after that. Carry forward -- I can honestly say I had really nothing stands out about him and Marcus -- will the other linebacker. He would definitely look the part in he can run but. Got -- -- carry forward to that they ask that though we'll hand on that hoga. Don't have any idea that there isn't it out yet all the things that -- the last year but no I -- Yeah we've got to find somebody -- from a rookie standpoint what about between now and I don't know maybe Friday night all all our first game presented and the whole world you know my era -- one thing about it fear in opposing coach in England they -- and we got to count for Baghdad -- no doubt about it all -- week one. Hussein's go to Atlanta he's okay guys out of Deke Bellavia its sports talk on WW. And welcome back. Champ Bailey and making an appearance the United States can't open up this spring practice Drew Brees. I'm not answer Kristi gave a talk about it at the top -- the news are pros -- practice Hokies used. Moderate -- he would need about to be back shortly we'll hear from the players and coaches. After the day's practice -- tobacco getting back to work in the Friday night the folks it's game week that things. Taking on the St. Louis Rams seventy and it was around the moment. And of course -- crew opening all of all of the action in court team and it's an O line Christine Gary. We'll be. At the -- which Jones dome in Tokyo Saint Louis as a police over the course so far as your career it's you're familiar with because that. Two seasons they -- -- division when you you were here was it 2002001. And we switched to a vote to gut this out with Duke and it rotated with them. And they've been on the schedule as of late and gotten the best thing in the they have ballclub that a lot of people are excited about it there's a team in the in the comments that some people feel can maybe make -- jump to the eighteenth green team champion it on. It could be Saint Louis and but one of the biggest question marks is how does that quarterback. Exactly and that's that's why some people are you know that bit. They beat the Saints last year without Sam Bradford -- who was hurt. I didn't even play in a regular season game last season I thought he played really remember OK but. But they have been a team that since the load the realignment. The Saints have had difficulty with that especially when they play him. I'll be in Saint Louis when they were in the same division. The big difference you know I mean had you know -- had to release of some classic ball games both they -- in the in the superdome but. Did they yet they'll have to make that next step but there again I mean they they start with a strong defense and now that they've got the great Williams. Run in the -- full time form. At the as the defense coordinator. I mean look you gotta give the man credit he is. Follow him and he sighed again he I he say about a genius to mastermind whenever you want caught mean he's an excellent defensive coordinator. Off Bobby hit -- in a couple of times last week that you remember when we opened the season. In 2009 India against -- 49ers got a five point out in the end up to about pre season -- and Greg wave you through all those blitzes that Alex Smith. I don't think he would do that against Drew Brees. Out of respect in a pre season game right after it was over the regular season opener and a mean nowadays no. No question about that but I don't think he would do that against drew and it in a pre season game but. I think that that bat in Jeff Fisher himself is because I have don't respect for yep. Defense a year as he is. A good good very good head coach I mean I think the Rams are definitely on the way up. He's okay guys on the government will come back and dvd players code word in the summer as players as -- -- right here and it UW. All right it's time now for the 1000 dollars a misplaced -- contest for the code word is -- is. The value the co where -- now is value BL UE value picks that code word value to 72881. Day at 72. 881 for your chance to win a thousand dollars -- -- and -- without ever putting down your phone. Then you attain its an easy 1000 dollars almost players' cases just the text the weight. He should listen for the next Cole were right before the top of the -- news tomorrow morning at 7 AM during Tommy took issue. We never charged protects an individual plan -- and data rates apply good luck with smaller radio intercom and all of us at WW.