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8-4 5:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Training Camp

Aug 4, 2014|

The WWL Sports Team talks to WWL listeners live form Saints training camp, keeping everyone updated on the latest Saints information.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our number two of sports talk along with same color analyst -- guys I'm Deke Bellavia later. Dictating came about believed they would -- -- now for today's practice the Blanco having your first evening. Had a practice of these training camp coach speak tennis that is the way it's almost like a full forty hours off that at the practice field. I was about the that the team in our time here. On Saturday mornings and the -- back home. And -- hated practice yesterday -- mile walk through this morning in practice this evening so in that little extra time. Terroristic get ready for Saint Louis and he'll practice today fencing racket the practice today tomorrow Wednesday and Thursday -- travel day. It -- the -- on the Rams. Friday at the it -- -- -- in Saint Louis online at WW dot com as a club of saint information. You could take the world of sports that ate him beat him the -- -- -- almost think that makes -- unique talent but he feature out. But if you put out of -- this morning you would go to pick the worth sports that he seventy -- in the gate in the know with the purple and gold. And the black eagle plus operating jaguar -- your opponent on line at the side as well. Who do you think is the best team in the AFC entering the season the Seattle Seahawks the San Francisco 49ers. The New Orleans Saints the Green Bay Packers or other can't -- -- on line if you -- if you will dot -- And also -- a lot in the National Football League ever by school -- thinks that taking place in the game another. Hundred million dollar quarterback and I know some people would say well I don't think he's he's he's not worth it but admiral. This will be debated. But also I think you look at the market and know what the market is banned for playoff cornerbacks. And quarterbacks have had some success and adult. Is now a member of the 100 million dollar club 150 million dollar -- he reaches. With this it's anything goes. In -- in his first years of the national public he's been an -- it receipt he developed a great report with a -- receiver AJ green and that's. It -- fifth that's just the market out anti dog came at a TCU. Seve is back so I would sit on vehicle behind me dollar quarterback out of it. Hey I don't know but I've seen him go for two reasons. Because at that -- they were few and far between. They'll they'll having to want to Holler at me one like a you know you Eli and Peyton. Drew I mean come on Super Bowl and rod Super Bowl winning quarterback does before Ryan and the rest that god category. But because -- that any hair is you know he had won a playoff game he's been proven broken short amount of time. If you look at in the list the quarterbacks in the National Football League I mean he's. You could argue you know why. Why is a lot obviously Cincinnati a franchise and its own career that -- not a lot of funny they felt like they'll. If there he was really worth I guess they figure he's a long term deal in. Really what it all boils down to be if that's what the Cincinnati front office thinks. -- the one right the paycheck. I know there were a lot of people that it's I mean they laughed at the fact Joseph Flacco. -- got the money that he got while he won the Super Bowl win. In -- prove anybody right there who knows but right you know it's it's kind of the same old thing that he when you sit around in the draft has broken every year. Whether it's Johnny men's whether any -- water are a particular player. There's somewhere you know it I don't think he's a first round and -- not worth that you know he should be down the line it all out. All it takes is one team. That's all it takes it it just to stick their neck out there in draft that particular player. And this particular case right here one team it's -- leg mangled that think Andy Dalton is in that class and they -- It that way for the next. 456. Year we're not worried about the draft rolled around every year -- are we don't take a quarterback that's a 68 into some long term investment and how much it was. Guaranteed. Easy -- in the in the utes. 60% at least it's in the fifteen means Sosa film. He will make the point to -- within the first six months of the deal. Honestly. Read more more it don't it don't get into how much of that is guaranteed -- that early on not occupancy cannot say more but it's they've only 22 main. Within the first six most of the field on bonuses signed him time bonus and roster space -- And all of that though that the particular you skated Miguel point seven this year a lot our final to guarantee it but I think you would hope he would. In the -- you look at it too. The organization. How is this guy in our organization you know who is he a leader and act of the hardest thing and in this has gone by he's Kitna at quarterback. In the and remember they drafted Dalton. Green the same year and so it's very hard you -- see your quarterback and there -- not very often you see a quarterback and a receiver com open -- together. And I think they probably feel with a stop Marvin Lewis has on defense -- always be we're also -- out -- -- -- -- that involved. A good defense. -- close to being a great defense. -- -- when you've got a quarterback and receivers they feel offensively OK we we can we could put some people around here you know that we could put the brownies to rest. And Cincinnati really. Like you said -- Dolphins -- into the -- I think they -- close Timonen yeah he's he's only three in the playoffs yet but. Here's the thing back in me. When they have Boomer Esiason they had some good teams went to Super Bowl. And it can Anderson hit a good -- it could be a goal so. It's they had a big gap in there between boomer coney Andy and you know a mile -- he's got like a David Klinger you're trying to fill that void. -- memo accused man advantage that an arm and so. They've tried to you know I don't know if they if released Cincinnati has the tradition if you will the Cleveland Browns so to speak but I mean. Cincinnati was down for a long and they were not a very good football team now things are -- -- -- swing I mean I can remember back in my scout days. Since I was kind of a laughing -- -- what they got like one or two scouts on the staff. -- did back the end that was fifteen years ago -- round I'm speaking of something that you know a lot of time has passed its tenth. But they were count the last stockman irritating but -- not unusual. For the and only get four wins in the season. And they would think after four wins like bulletin improvements Lackey certainly it is that's right oh Cincinnati has not -- very good football team. It's -- Marvin Lewis is an Andy Dalton is the front offices but whatever the case may be apparently they feel pretty stable right now they owners would like now also maybe have a B oh absolutely yeah absolutely and I look at it again I don't think I can do is go back to my original comment. Politics is that if the front offices sold on him and they don't give him that money that's all that matters to mid on ended -- fault that so they figure a hundred million dollar quarterback yeah that they gave it to him it. And as you sit stability. Because now. They are having they are they not only didn't go -- and even if it's just a point two million that is guaranteed got a bunch of money -- for you for this point in time in. -- to me in six months -- six months absolutely not too bad it now. So that is a top in the NFL taught me to date back to go on the practice field there will. That ball moment in a just a bit when they do we will give the Saints coach Sean Payton of players and coaches including -- Cairo expected that the media. -- Watson was a complete practice breakdown from the came -- camp and by the -- -- he's -- guys out of the ability of this is sports talk. Which team do you think is the best entering the 2014. Season in the national football conference is that the defending champion Seattle Seahawks. The team has been the three straight conference championship games San Francisco. Could it be in Green Bay pack sort -- off to the -- out of the -- all -- -- all of -- took off the Seahawks in the playoffs although. Cast your vote on line. At WWL dot com and welcome back to sports talk he -- colorless -- guys and a Deke Bellavia Blanco all of the -- wrap -- we will hear from the -- came by a -- And the game one hand for the Saints coach Sean Payton expect to address the media -- beat Watson and safety Carnell. Among others a book about his post practice thoughts. And I -- taking the practice field today as college. Teams open up this fall camp as well high school on the way -- you know when the pros on its normal earnings college high school in the -- now full swing that right back to work. Football for you. Yet -- realize. The past -- started as early as they do. You know I guess you know now that can make it commitment to welcome back and forth with. Wife Judy viewed in two weeks that -- being here and you know she's got up about -- the grand kids just aren't collective tail in between you know Newsweek -- -- inning when you kind of put it that perspective. You know I mean I just go back to went out. Was in high school at me I don't really think we sort of class until very late August to may be that you -- split finger to the point -- yeah here it is on. You know I guess when it. Our oldest grand kids you know summer I guess in most older should be going to the fourth or fifth grade and then they go all the way down the kindergarten. I think start like Thursday's that would be giving you seven is that they -- others -- have been all right okay. Don't like it hit me when you put it that way I guess you can. Relate to it just seemed very early for I scuba. They want -- time clock on the on this two calendar. -- -- but you know would -- it kind of shocked me that they just how long it is because I think it was the first week that we were here and you -- June -- that they -- if you would be opening up I thought. So now you come out Immelman practice today it just seemed like a long town practice. -- different -- point six days yeah yeah I just seem like a long time before your first game we've been you know yeah. Put it right and down big -- glad that I have little doubt as winded down in the -- have been nice we've -- -- -- -- appeared no doubt about it but. Like. And a girl. On campus wants it that there is no place -- -- -- that's going to bear and book a loose on I want very thank you for calling that you did you grow. Community yet Britain. Until then knocked out of all PO. We know you're an odd ball paper. And -- it -- -- being up in the paper but it it -- JB and B yeah and the only probably on and more people look at that I would be -- it's about and we have gotten better and and then you know -- number two. Seattle will be applicable when it matters and in. Popular sport now than -- that. But in there for you want to -- me in Akron now when Kubel who want to see the you don't need to -- beat beat the ball. Right what they they haven't they have early and 81 on defense they resent some of the guys that they had to. This pace at that that answer your question on that front but I think people would agree with you as for the the odds are concerned. Here the way the most recent odds stacked up as they were released again. Last week the emperor is so right now is it thirteen to two. And then there is the favorite that the tree and the Seahawks at that just changed Seattle is it to seven -- -- And quote what they have the note on the odds that just. A little -- San Francisco is it 315. To doing an easy eight toward. The green Bay's -- in the one. And Chicago Indianapolis and while it's worth fourteen to one when you look at bowl people have stacked up on this thing. The Saints actually started off right now is suitable. The first odd amount you do that today at the Super Bowl. They went eighteen to one in -- may -- with a twenty to one. Anymore more people when you start to see him move down like that weight -- what 21 but soaking it mentally. That's because the people who write it down in. Did the heavy hitters who wanna get a longshot or they wanna see that this locks onto one not locks up to get the team might get at that point one. When it goes to show you right now -- -- fourteen to one some people have loaded up all the things they've made it album moved where as the Eagles went from 25 to one point 21. And it's of people started the Al for the Eagles and -- now back at 25. To want to interesting right there and I say you know over the course of time -- When Dallas was hosted a Super Bowl in new stadium with the Saints host the Super Bowl if their new stadium what the issue team Glendale. It would be that would be a -- put a few -- will close them make a clinic team. And that may look -- biggest obstacle might become that NL division. I cannot talk about when it if you could just get a playoff spot yeah -- -- -- that division yeah it all all 40 team to pay. One -- it is certainly not far fetch your right and then now. You know as a caller said. Until somebody beats Seattle -- made the team that wins a Super Bowl every year is almost automatically the number one. Odds on favorite to repeat. The next year in this case it's Denver who who with. But when you look at the changes -- Denver made the answer I only got to do it who had absolutely absolutely. I don't get a lead with only a bit in what happened in the barn or where. Here in Seattle beat overwhelming for you but they defected and the people that they and don't be things like Hokies improved to leave. And the ball this way and it accorsi you know get some healthy players back immediately all of last year either. We'll come back more talk WW don't lose time if -- 530 staff person in the vocal champions. And welcome back to sports talk he Saints -- is OK guys I'm the ability to six -- when he 7866. 8090 rates in the Islamic involvement and go get access to wrap up practice when they do indicate to him by peavy will be with us here -- claim that Sammy. Well on the opposite side they'll hit the advocate specifically haven't practiced. -- evening they'll get back to this morning practice tomorrow and Wednesday before they travel or they can sing Lewis technical alliance. Friday night 7 PM kickoff right here All Saints radio. WW really -- -- and dot com. -- -- jaguar paid people who do you think it's the best teams in the NFC entering the 2014. Season the Saints do to beat the Seattle Seahawks. The San Francisco 49ers. The Green Bay Packers as the New Orleans Saints all of that you can cast you vote. On line and yet you'd get Julio dot com the -- Holcomb rapid at this -- week in. Release them. Excellent hall of fame speeches. -- that would Saturday night and I thought entertaining game last night a -- some of the in the first half at some of the second hand. And though both will looks like a team that you know that division is is obviously dominated by the league and but David like a team that you know after after it. Knowing that you know who who's it going to be noted yet we've noticed out defense in the Buffalo with a very good defense team a year ago -- they have the offensive. Guys now that kind of helped get over home. Miami shown strides but you know with any of musical we pick out -- go to France I just the four quarterbacks that we -- -- solid. But entertaining game for the hall of fame game last night with both -- New York. But the thing at -- -- -- I mean Michael Strahan and -- Williams. Yeah I missed the speeches we went out and had dinner and to be honest we if I'd kind of forgotten completely. About it it. And I helped Christian in the east it did he watch your team really here we -- -- -- -- yesterday morning and yeah so I didn't I didn't hear it but. It you know you kind of brought it brought it up the other day that I opportunities scout both of those guys in obviously. Is that the first time hoping the class on and we're 22 as the same as -- scouting. Yeah I think so I'll not be here yeah -- you know of course I discounted Willie Roaf you know -- the end so. Got me and I think that's the only three all favored him. Well. I'm kind of proud about the essay -- everyone -- in the around that they went in there. But I certainly didn't stay anywhere in my report that is skeptical enough Paula thank while dale own but I was -- hoping to look at looking back only way to do you have. Which you have music there ran I had in my high third round great -- you appeared at their round on. Actually that year. If I'm not mistaken. Jim Phillips now in north Texas came out that year in them Michael -- -- they'll issue in the saint -- both of those guys ahead of me it's. -- tired then that both of them. But -- limited when the coaches that look at because you know in in the -- conference colleague it was played man to man I can't see where it was concerned right coached there when you don't see it Jack. Get an opportunity to do stuff than that you know they might be a great game a little bit lower now they will do. Because that you know I'm simple my -- and -- knuckle off it's so. You know you're you're sitting -- and wanted to questions that they they have about use count the players that Heatley in college Maine man all now. From your vantage point -- Utah and am. This -- how good he is ought to -- as a scout you say no just because he played and the -- he keeps feeding into what you won't do well that. The problem if you have -- if you if there's something. That you haven't seen the player do very UK great team that. You -- you have to know a lot more about -- that a man to man it's. You line up yesterday you go wherever he goes -- -- now there's some different things now where you'd. You could switch awful -- coverage if a guy gets to a third. Aerial via use somebody else may make picky about that but zone coverage they say. It more difficult to play then man to man because it's all you can. While you can run fast you can run with the with a receiver it's easier. So. In that case so. Because a defense to back in because he is running with somebody it's difficult to see me run support guy -- -- accuracy -- just releases to the outside Eagle County area you know he's running his man at the team so there's a lot of things that you can't Grady on. That you can't get that soon that our -- I think he's tough enough he'll come up there and in attack. Profit of -- of the fullback. Coming out so there's certain things that you cannot great because you don't see it on the tape. And but I mean everybody that liked -- it was just a matter of some things that you couldn't great elect sexy -- the coaches would say that. Because we hadn't seen if we've at least seen it through with the other guys right. So. But. Nonetheless. The thing that did that. Makes its -- gratifying and yes not only with the knee is being right there in. -- -- -- -- high school here grown up -- -- -- go to southern university in in the unique story that is the story about played in abandoned. One thing you know they're that the adjustment -- it all the more special they hadn't. Like sit -- now you know I don't think that anybody. There's any scout out there that can -- in his report somewhere this -- be winning gold jacket it. Right one year but. It just it was just unusual that the a couple of guys that looked at will listed at street for sure that I'm -- -- that do you want players in all of playing -- for him especially. Hope I know you'll you'll overcome by councilman. Close with -- cooking it about it today and I caught a crooked Mississippi you know if you teach us everything you look at political. Then they know who ham cooking is good. When you got in the scout who culture that is half aunt cooks. Yeah -- him on the road with him for a couple weeks in. The obvious that we knew meeting with coaches do what type questions stance. Things that you look good for pound Tate. Go out to practice the things that year. Look at it and you know in some cases more importantly things not to ask the coach because it's basically. That was back win. Not for starters get out of that when it was a little bit unusual for underclassmen to come out -- now it happens every year it's commonplace it's. Agent. All the draft analysts Wednesday that that would be a good draft. -- in the juniors to acquire but back yeah that was something you don't ask that question around any coaches the head coach position coach -- liaisons in coach hailed the different things like that but have been done it for a long time in in continued I think he retired in. Nine the five. Right now six something like that but the -- -- me trust me that's it was a huge. It's been a fit for me to be able to get on the road with somebody like that the right for a long time we can teach -- the ropes in. How long was at Coca that you you would hand the good -- -- like New York out again well partly to -- the -- hear that that we did it. It was in 1987. Course that was the of the strike year. Again. Because that was in the process of retiring just makes it well you know you really can't come here to the office because technically -- deal earlier aren't even though your -- -- -- -- you -- become the scouts who want to his. Go with Hampton NC -- -- do it an idea that traveled a lot with the that you got a jump on it began an adequate and end in a covered. All the schools in the state on. So I had LSU southern Grambling to blame. You LL make knees literally out -- Northwestern well all the schools in the state hidden in a little bit but there is a player that comes out just about every year from every school in the state. -- I've got to go through and watch those guys during two days in the and around meat -- -- it going and have they progressed that they -- if it's about that you're hurt. Inning cannot win in detail seasons I had the whole state pretty well. I've got a lot of work done on the him but. Again I actually firm -- young guys that hit him and into the league scouting -- the Miami Heat. He would have had to have something new maybe in college you know shopping and do it recruiting. Them like that you have to be able to -- the break down tape and in look at it but it. It would need him to send a guy out on the road and he'd never done it before and -- You're a notebook in court back in we have to carry projector with him values GO. You know what was it sixteen millimeter to April whatever you and -- home it would bring your own projector with the that the great look at it around -- and and university. With break up but. But you kind of get to learn the terminology. That goes in the scouting -- like that in. Not to mention. You can't get introduced to the profession by some others that for a long time it's invaluable and I'm sure that. -- a lot of the young kids get into it now that probably the same thing if you've got. Somebody to kind of help you braking and it would make it much easier he Saints currently it's okay guys not -- Olivia -- woke up with -- team used to have the Blanco get off the field we hear from -- coach Tom Watson and you've narrowed it dictating and take on today's practice. All they get to come -- here if you do you know. And welcome back to sports talk Manuel continuing you know camp coverage on line go to WW note that -- in the eighties on the black and go get text alerts sent straight to your phone -- -- the world sports -- seventy. 870. Aimed it and you will be you know like everybody else as soon as things happen where. You can opportunity -- to -- it right to your phone operated jaguar opinion poll of the online at WW dot com or as you. -- 2014. Season who do you think is the best team in the NFC. This is that what you know eight. Some of it is I think about it but it is a home cooked -- here six and -- the same thing in New Orleans Saints. Point 5% saint Seattle for us at San Francisco in three posted. Saint Green Bay -- percent saying oh it's all you most agree that it's one of those four teams. Cast your vote on line and if you give you -- Dot com course Bill -- You can be in the know -- went a thousand dollars and regulations to Phyllis does and she won a thousand dollars from -- last week. And remember this that this -- last year's contest Cole worked at 7 AM and ebony in 2 PM and 5 PM -- the next year. In victory on the Tucker in the morning at 7 -- Text the word -- what we -- -- 72881. For your chance to win it without ever. Putting the phone then coming up tonight a good but he -- And it seems to -- a couple of tonight. School has a lot he's talking about. US champions issue shelling you Raines who housing thousands of displaced Palestinians. Even if Hamas is hiding weapons in places with Cypriot the president is is overall he places with a high concentration of some dates. Is it drew losing the global public relations battle. By shelling humans who. All those usually have the right in locations where they are weapons regardless of the presence of some pretty. And you don't the movie about the life to change brown opened the news over the week if you see if you like. Give us to take a lot coming up tonight on scoop he pushes boundaries on this -- wait reaching 38 states it weeknight -- Aikman night. Here on WW real basis sports talk volatile because of the going to be all the home the Saints -- -- and a New Orleans pelicans that -- --