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8-4 6:10pm Sports Talk: Sean Payton

Aug 4, 2014|

The WWL Sports Team listens to Saints Head Coach Sean Payton from Saints training camp.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to our number three of sports talk along with our approach hokey guy on and Bobby a bear. I'm the ability whether painting -- with out in practice he jaundiced and Allen Coke and having kind of talked about this past weekend with the Saints have done the first episode eight during training camp. And now the case it -- Will give us his take on today's practice skating camp. Yet because it's probably the warm as they so for a West Virginia I was in the eighties. I mean it was not struggle hot it was not and you all want to arm south Louisiana argues -- you know you're talking about. You initiating. You still sweating. So it wasn't that hot but. It was warm you can compare to what we've had to deal with. And so for all the governor to a start out with before talking about seven on seven team periods in -- home. That you look at special teams and now initially the start out kick off coverage. And now working on staying on their -- and then you look at our coverage unit. Last year you know that was not a weakness. Let those kickoff coverage like garbage now we still got to get better we talked about this before on punt return kick return. But -- work -- a kick off coverage today in the also did a situation where. You have to have a game winning -- Our a game winning or should the a winning kick may be kissing his team in overtime. And now this is -- because. -- of -- pressure and a pressure kick is different. Dinner regular kick so when when you break it down Shayne Graham for the better in that he is he's brought an 85%. Now we've seen him have a couple of misses the hokey I'm talking about this even in -- scrimmage. He had the glorified long extra point miss and he also had a previous -- what he came up big time. Today that being king Graham. Whether it was the game winning kick or like a kick within the team in overtime. He needed a 39 yarder. He -- 44 yarder he made a 51 yarder. He -- 54 yarder. To listen anytime in the high forties or low fifties. That's about as good as it gets. As far as consistency in the NFL. -- -- give you both not just the cake in camp in a presidency pressure situation. And it's all about often to -- whose wins and how many spread Q run with Derek get rookie of -- you have done -- -- kick. He missed the 39 yard field. And again this doesn't involve millionaire. And we don't William yet the whole training camp and because they'll let that missile misses a lot I mean I it's wide open either Sean Payton talked about this in a close game. Press conference though is gonna come down to what they do. Throughout the pre season as far as who's gonna be. The Saints kick away -- -- Shayne Graham. Bart Jerry can't keep you don't have our fifteen year veteran. Out of Virginia Tech. Who pride and 85%. Or -- Campillo one year veteran out of Illinois that the fighting Illini Al one year makes very. And now that Derek -- he had his first -- like instead. In their prejudices. Pressure situation. Now starting out they went with the seven on seven you know Drew -- not a obviously dealing with that -- bleak injury. Which just. Basically given what you core to stomach full. And -- you know they all -- say is Saddam. That. We knew dealing with that driving entry if it was during a regular see you play through it -- -- you don't want to be an aggravation. Whereas being in day out you always dealing with a damn. -- -- -- But don't ever count drew missed a practice no. No none never never about ninety painful -- -- not correct yeah yeah I'll never vote overlay -- ever -- them. We -- used to be out -- -- amateur radio material that you can actually is where we came in the air it out of -- -- yeah OK okay you don't want something that might. Aggravate even bowl yes. Anomaly on the given to conspiracy theory. Let me -- -- what went by and about. But we use ended up -- you know -- like oh we talked about earlier it's. Is that. He's not as probably this you know it's not often than not or -- hard it's not a comet hits a prominent tell you that feeling that stomach issue. In 1996. And a hernia injury and haven't against the Cowboys in -- play through it what -- the season. And had a hernia surgery but it's so aggravating. Because basically you -- distance villain now. And and try to contain it but now as far as the conspiracy theory and a and I wish to have this on the interviews on Peyton. But -- -- look at who we play the first refusing. We're playing the St. Louis Rams would guess is that the that the corn here I'm -- figured those sour -- between anybody. Eric Gregg Williams. Is that the was the coordinator. Gregg Williams has been an aggressive. Throughout his life. His job like -- -- line. Rob Ryan Rex Ryan then has always been within the rules OK we get to meet the quarterback -- I don't care if it's -- in the pre season it's a game. We all remember his faith and Jim Harbaugh Spurs game as the 49ers head coach in the superdome. Gregg Williams decides to go work on a blitz packages. They had Alex -- and Colin Cameron a company with a rookie we had six sacks a game. Now how Gregg Williams justified. He was like overworked they're a blitz packages sometimes coaches. Talked to one another before they gain and they -- what you work in on. And a party on -- obviously were not ready for the Saints have blitzes this board's practices. So. I don't know if Gregg Williams I'm just speculating here could potentially be a loose cannon. And say -- -- And it Drew Brees has been their we gonna knock the crap. So I paid QB thing I could have a legitimate. Injury that is bothering him as far as his stomach. But it could be. Why I didn't know what Drew Brees in a precinct they -- does that count played against the Rams -- when he could take it that he doesn't need to take. At 35 years to beat let -- grip with Butler with down you know do the dirty work Europe they don't yet. Well -- They can I talked about it earlier. I'll also view Greg Williams's I think Irish great respect for Drew Brees that he would not do what he did that because you know because he's always take great big campaign in eighty probably wouldn't do it against -- Peyton Manning or Tom Brady yard area rod is -- elite guys in -- with them aggressively he was going into Andy Dalton gets sent a 150 million dollar contract they might they. Well let's make you start -- right now. Oh well it is Matt Ryan or whoever -- Tony Romo own we acknowledge that as I've been enough around Gregg Williams though whether people love or hate him. This and he's old school football I'll never had a problem that greatly. In I don't care what rule changes they have. -- that a that I just think he's good people now he might idea politically correct. The people in his being eaten but I know football wise. That that he's good people. Now I don't know what kind of behind the scenes. What happened within him and now because everyone has an eagle. Sean Payton. You know Gregg Williams of the fuels all until -- went out like you mean no yes yes. Know exactly out there and -- human nature all have no way of us out okay if that big -- and I don't know about a car -- No bogeys very humble he is they always say I am only home validity to be humble. None -- I think a lot that I would be doing don't know -- I -- five. You know if you're wondering and Joan de -- no I think my wife thinks I'm crazy at times like this target date is right now right. I might not be the smartest person in the world -- but I know I'm in the top 1% now as far as -- -- -- Our whole world I think it's fair and it'll be -- I don't I don't think your fan what you're talking points about that but I think even -- I thought our offense yet that you -- comes -- because and actually break it down a -- reflect in the -- -- that I'm able to -- with comic theatre and outside and after reflection and no direction -- it's because I might give the fans a hard time it will whereas like accidents in the best passing coming out and get this thing is -- that I respect your opinion -- you light thrown. -- It just like everybody has an opinion -- that'll say. Julio a lot of times I truly do research. You're trying to be objective right all of giant right now I don't know that by Trent Williams and now. -- the deepest of football mind that he is and it is football c'mon. You can catch your quarterback now because it's a shoulders at the waste is still put -- liquor on the way haven't -- -- it. It was ruining the Lance. Pre season game. All of them of the of the season great -- -- the first. Pre season game obviously issues teeth on was against the point. In 2000 led the fall 2000 and made -- we all know and we was -- an ankle like. I do I mean you look at it like -- they can't let you -- -- -- now they are ready ordered not to break but Bert Bob -- later at the end and they go to the commodity affecting -- replace him sisco they a year. Mean we couldn't -- -- -- that's not come out at the playoff game theory that they were prepared for all that so. That's the the bottom line of football is football as it is going to be physical. And who you trust. When it the preceding game is different in a regular game but it is live tackling. So love that that's why you be interested to see. You know we're up but I like general our opponent that being Friday night being the St. Louis Rams and hope we talked about this though. Popular get a -- is not fouling the ball. Letting all the the people at the line the rest of the got a hand on number. It's so well look at that I didn't political ploy to film as I just a great challenge in the trenches. I don't know great game great we follow Coach Williams -- -- up how about going to a police. When you have watched any anyways within Hickel what -- you Buffalo. And he went to Washington. And it became the New Orleans he's been that what we Tennessee before it all these places I don't know if from the first place for the first time he stepped with their new franchise if he's got as much on hand if he's that was saint -- who has a Rams who have never taste now they they got the horses they need their. Rams got -- special like Carolina if they have a weakness it's on the back in in their secondary. An area tickets in our quarterback and you know the course fitting event -- as far as that the line. It might you might be as good at the line is they got in and you know we broke making -- to devote to Bahrain here. Lot of -- about the things you know on on the banking in the back in you know we need yet to create a lot of things that this guy at the plate with 30% turnover with the with the year thirty and I take away you -- assume both so will come back and we got much more. -- too but he's given us a recap of the day's practice for -- we've Saints coach Sean Payton this is sports talk on the UW and welcome back. I'm all up close look at guys on and by the -- -- I'm the ability coming up after the bottom now news we will hear from Saints coach Sean -- -- Agassi after the day's practice right now the hate -- Give us his take on it and. It yet dig a little whispers that he's now looking at seven at seven and eighteen sessions and a while I don't know. I'm not saying. In a Tennessee a lot of -- him in the army in him. -- every -- to translate that but don't look at Ryan Griffin his pocket presence and him and I've talked about. To make quick irrational decisions. Knowing where to go with the ball he's boy compared to last year is like night and day. He's looking really poised out there. Like there was one pass that idiot Joseph Morgan EPP rob Patrick Robinson went back -- -- very accurate. Pup plus -- forty yard gain. Now the only negative play that I seen him make. Was Corey white. He -- interception and hope you actually had Cory wine at safety. You're a different packages. The Morry could do a -- to -- the -- are kind of like Geneva Cairo's safety corner. According white at a nice break on the ball and he pulled Ryan group and I was only negative play that I seen now it's hey this. Looking at the team drills inside. Any time golf we've tried to run the ball. The defense won -- -- They want to -- rob Rob Ryan -- Johnson had to be excited. Probably the biggest part of today was Mark Ingram. It was like the fake to slant route. And then hand it off the Ingram in game you -- all right really continue to drop back without have been about a twelve yard gain. -- the biggest run today by Mark Ingram. Now if you look at. They can try different alignment is fourth in the trenches. John I think cooler with that that scored. Because he -- give him more at this better but better realized -- go when has also play guard in the past that now that that. That's a long way to be considered 35 years of age of thirteen year veteran. What you -- built this week get the reps and experience. Are the kind of have that recognition. And out to -- I think Villa today he was working at left guard. Andy yet -- Tivoli to a better. I'm in now with that being said they also work in. Seeing no. -- co limited. He about a -- give an artist I've development called Palomar. But that but then that's obviously his win with this kid out two years out of Washington. They're putting him -- at. There are now what was that one. He hit a 65 and a club was that. In dynamic I remember him most about you beat -- it. Yeah there while with Falwell because of being -- me now aren't they trying to put different guys you got to make do it yet to make do with the they had him at dinner. And all of those with talent Cuba with Christian and Steve this though. They had a fumbled snaps on to tell you sort of what I experienced all my years. From 83 to 97 I hole owed a total of a comeback we have accommodated -- all right we'll come back and they have much more on today's practice -- -- -- -- -- -- time he's 630 staff person who's who go to Japan. Welcome back to sports talk. Along with the Kasey Kahne and Bobby a bear I'm a big building a couple of just moments -- coach on Peyton would Jonas Bobby you -- with -- recap of today yeah. And not being look at it -- seven of seventy very thin obviously the more he could you can if you look at the trick is you know of fans in the followed a ball. Graduating NFL is. The way the latter with Helio and the way transpires is that. But then you might feel on the federal McCourt held though you've got to go do blow -- have built the snap the ball and play guard if you wanna make your team. Because -- limited a number of roster spot. Now you look at Kimmel I think he threw me I think that's right now little gap trying to try hard that they put limits ended -- with John I think bill and -- guard. But he had a public that in my -- and and no idea where DePaul is even going. In that one of ricochet field and you know the bad happens let out but I can remember. Tell and a few jolted back in 199495. And that. -- -- went you know you work it out with -- position and person Evers that. Okay it would snap a perfect in before you stretched. But there was no people it's a -- if part of them. Then all of a sudden eighteen -- at times this snapped the ball. And I have my hands and have my hand firmly on their butt but Cox. And -- putting pressure in my job and it is hitting me on my inner inner -- I've noticed nowhere near and -- ability NFL you should never have a fumbled snap that that's where it all starts -- that's where they're at now and that's why you have training camp. So the more you could do you play Saturday got to play guard if you play guard you got to place that are. We cannot afford to have any almost snapped -- what's the Webber. Now look at and -- period -- here's a guy. Now we've that is name a few times Morton a couple. And you look at the whether you what are theory is that people that have been -- -- linebacker and he looked like a stud. And these guys in his second year and that's a -- Johnson junior -- a 59 he's six foot five basically 275. Miles. Look at price is now he's had a couple of sacks. I you have to look at who's going against whatever but he's taken advantage of his -- of coach -- has acknowledged. How -- we Jan Johnson when you look at at the film. That he had those stood out at times and that's a guy at their come -- would you consider that hate. That this is the guy that was drafted in the sixth round he was -- out -- out. Now you don't look at it underwent a rental period. -- grimly continue to impress as he did -- Watson. 22 yard touchdown you let go about our ultimate pro. A United States did you watch it is that eleven years now a University of Georgia. And we all got it from -- report that he's with the Patriots. Six foot 3255. Pounds I mean he's is that it says that. So we could see we all go by Jimmy Graham but I'll look at all these young bucks away a bit Josh hill made the team to run hand Dick Jacobs. Not so fast I think vigil -- would tell them even though the a rookie or three years of experience. I think I still think vigil Watson's at -- to guide. Behind giving Graham and it's so when you look at all said and done they got a lot of work done and I put they said. And if so -- -- gonna hear this in native youth did after apparent that the Rams come Friday. They in training camp mode as they could be focused in on. Authorities even though you don't call it duties -- low moral August is training camp. It is not pre season game -- he's -- look without talking about the Rams it till Thursday and then that's what a number of teams do that I team planning. Because you should be the bases because every team with the -- individual talent whether it's man to man. Or what's your assignment. As the wanna see who's gonna win and not so much game planning to win the games. I'll I would take a quick timeout -- comeback was just got the audio from Saints coach Tom people going to break early comeback if you could take had to say after the date Saints practice this is sports talk on that because if you. All right and welcome back moments ago at the Saints practice Sean Payton addressed the media. So today's cup covers a little different schedule with the morning being spent on come. Scrimmage video Indian weight room small will be back in -- gonna -- to date mode. With the they fifty practice being petted and then the PM practice don't lower field which is all the more will walk through any questions. The really big deal with a capital on -- Spent most of us yeah -- leg will will make sure it's it's it's something that -- get aggravated again when. When you look at what he does. On a daily basis with regards torque and his chest throwing -- football game we just got to be Smart it's come down so we'll see good day today in. Second thing though if tried all the sudden -- -- -- back you know your your re aggravated so. We'll treat it day to day. It shouldn't have started to break. I didn't mean. It isn't me it's not golf should not traded -- today how's that. Know what would you do with the guys I was looking for one yeah what woeful continue to look. That they've both guys have been taken reps the scrimmage standpoint we'll continue to rotate those guys then it's just means more reps for all three of them really. It's. -- I have confidence yeah he's vision look he's he's got a ton of reps. And I would say he's been pretty impressive. Because of the injury upfront. And were waiting on. -- to give back. Dvds listen he knows what to do. He's. I think he's handled it pretty well and we. You don't have a lot of time. A lot of times you're you're worried about maybe a big drop off to his credit he's handled himself really well and you always got to continue to work on finishing blocks and some of those things but. I've been encouraged but -- -- with us. Well he's someone that gives us versatility and he can play. He can play center this is positioned for the last six years when we got him back in 06 -- he was a guard off the Jets squad. And so we middle -- just get some work iron. -- -- -- -- -- So -- all those guys is very versatile and so I don't I don't know if that's something that we're we're gonna tinker with every day but it's. Do you get to game -- you gotta have an interior guys that can play both. And an outside swing tackle so that was one of the things we -- Dominique Keller and it kind of pick another step toward the end of constant. Yeah smalls on the ground look then he's he's. He's done a good job then. You know just keep keep working with him in didn't. When you when you jumped inside like he did the senators some of that stuff takes a little bit. Moore didn't used to but overall he's a nice job this camp so far. Absolutely there's no Friday morning as the Rams is -- feel like old times. Good practice your strategy against Greg Williams and it's you maybe Dick -- he would have that conversation. Telling you we don't play the 49ers. Also -- -- -- blitz package we kind of went after Jim -- whispers you're I think we had six sacks this big guy had that conversation or anything goes. Thought I had two things. Day out you know I don't I don't expect to have any conversation prior to the game with the with the -- those guys I'm sure there's a point of couple things that they wanna get accomplished for certain things -- want to get accomplished. Most importantly is a body weight these guys didn't get many snaps and pay attention to how many snaps -- getting. So I think they're typically in the first pre season game. Yeah you work waves -- -- of players and then how many how many plays they get is really determined by -- other early part of the game goes. But listen we've had all legislators don't listen. This game. Try to is a month away you know what we're doing tomorrow Tuesday what we're doing Wednesday. That there's a lot of things we're still trying to work on here that are on related to that pre season game. Then I think we got to look at it that way obviously it'll be our first opportunity to play game. In the -- a good chance for number these guys to get reps not only offense and defense but in the kicking game. We don't want to see Brian them. Street as the game grabs one person walked just he'll just say consistency you look for the quarterback position you know I thought they handled. By and large -- pretty well and yet there's some things when you look at the tape whether it's a Mike I'd be whether it's the right Ron get -- the right play. And then also -- you know the one thing you always worry about a little bit with the changes is slow your tempo down offensively and when we've been. Effective we've been going at a fast pace so. Tempo and and then just the consistency. I don't look -- -- -- you know it's time rolls and Patterson. Does that quarterback's gotta come out there. On a regular season with the running game. Well I'd listen -- one thing we've always tried to do here is his regardless of how players been drafted whether he signed as a free agent. Whether he's 35 or 45 -- -- a try to. Play the best players keep the best players. You know we've just free agents -- draft picks him when that happens and empower your locker room so the same thing reply was -- That competition you know we're gonna we're gonna have the. Good news is reveal a lot of work for those guys and both of them. Our handle on the -- well they're both Smart the both quick studies. -- certainly more experienced and so it's kind of an ongoing process but. You know. It's it's still real early then we've got four pre season games but we've got a full week this week before we get to Saint Louis will start. Really Thursday's. With the Saint Louis preparations so -- our minds -- my mind right now there's there's there's a lot we have to do this week coming off the scrimmage corrections -- -- improvement we have to make. But those two would be you know no different than any other position and have you look at. Michael -- how did you feel like it did. Torre did well both both those guys had good numbers they both says. Graded out well with regards to handling the system and in. You know I thought both of graded out there and can handle what we were given a pretty well. So overall -- -- we were pleased there's some things still real work on the clock and their head. You know play's not there. Thrown away is a good thing but don't want to -- him. Bernstein it was a -- Well again we haven't gotten into it was hard to simulate sometimes is he is. You know the team. The game changing play or the game tying -- it's hard to simulate that we tried to we tried to little bit in this practice. But they're Dennis without even haven't begun the pre season yet it's early but people -- keep coming on officials to work. There. As far as I'm who's got it down and it makes. That'll help him. Well we changed a total tally. But we achieved a total tally with the picks -- received a total tally with quarterbacks. Any statistical number receivers. Judges attempts balls thrown -- corners the same way safeties so we would do the same for the kickers. Children up through the Giants did it feel like he's been able to make plays. Boy and getting after the quarterback what are you expecting him more at the situation a player as scorers you know obviously as the situation. Dusty was really we'll get in the backfield getting a sack what is his role right now you're here as well I think that. The for the first thing is he's a young player who you know would like a lot of these guys you're looking for the consistency he had in your you're looking for. Stringing together two practices three practices pin. And I think with him. Making sure he knows what to do we spent last year on the practice squad I think they're the same I mean that very thing applies to him with regards to assignment and alignment. And being consistent and then -- role for him would develop as we move forward but right now it's it's each day. Trying to eliminate the mistakes eliminate the alignment errors for third best fit their spin there were some things he did today though -- -- Was it is moved to the inside of his makeup courses and decides his size and some of the guys we have outside. So what's that I -- of the -- to have a -- that put me. Well significant come and he's he's really. It's been a big part of both hey you changed field position he's someone who's very athletic and he's extremely dedicated. Knowing you always back when you select a partner in the fifth round. You know -- I argue as to who's gonna come down and tell you guys we took -- Yeah. But there. But there's a value when you get the right -- -- certainly we got the right one from. They're there are times where you're playing a game and then it might be a game that's low scoring him. Fifteen extra yards is significant and he changes the field position is very consistent. And then I would say is always looking for ways to improve and then when you throw on top the ability for him to -- golf it's a real good lecturing. He certainly one of the better corners of our best -- As you look at tape they don't go we're headed to Baltimore solid I would have Baltimore world. We're very solid. There's a couple things is just with regards to steps and fundamentals. Come obviously they're the two entirely different players with one haven't played the position quite a bit and with Tim just. Get in his first year under his belt. But again I think there's competition there's good -- along the way you vote -- yeah absolutely absolutely none he's your best putters -- -- When did. Yesterday -- from Tampa and it's human Rogen would be back home had to guard him -- -- I think so I think really well I think there's. Look it's pretty self contained here and most these guys understand are Smart enough to get off their feet. Venues that times just to try to get some rest hydrate some of them have been in get treatment. But. Local police give the right guys and I think we do they know how to handle. Period like that can really handle it the right way because certainly it's different when you win your somewhere other than home. Often times at home can be a little bit more challenging with some other distractions but. You know I think they handled it well and I was pleased with. Today's practice a lot of times give your first practice back after that can be a little sluggish but so far so good. All right that's a coach Shawn -- will have the rest of coach -- the only about two and a half minutes and then we'll come back in the top doubtless much more from the podium -- and will give more of a practice breakdown from our resident pro Coke you guys on and Bobby Hebert the black go wrapping -- -- evening practice that give back the morning practices tomorrow. In wins people for Thursday is a travel day if folks in handedness and Tampa the days. The New Orleans Saints have their first pre season game for the exhibition part of the schedule. As they travel to the it would don't -- Edward Jones dome in Saint Louis to take on the -- Friday night a couple of starts at 3 PM. Friday evening with -- first take Thomas since the court thought about the countdown to kickoff in the game -- scare Coke guys on the fourth and Saints him -- Bring you the New Orleans Saints and the Saint Louis Bryant turned down a sound a bit sick it sort of saints' radio. WW. All right coming up next hour and hear from Brian Griffin Thomas mostly ET news Lewis among all those -- -- to a lot of interviews from today's practice was battery. -- -- -- He's he's recap gone to the 2014 NFL season. Which team do you think is the best in the NFC Seattle San Francisco Green Bay New Orleans or other. Cast your vote online at WWL dot com.