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8-4 7:10pm Sports Talk: Saints Training Camp

Aug 4, 2014|

The WWL Sports Team talks to WWL listeners live form Saints training camp, keeping everyone updated on the latest Saints information.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back evening practice today out of the -- -- to have a care facilities so a lot of interviews to be here in this final hours rank graphic Keenan Lewis. Coming up just the few moments here we're gonna happen for you and won't replay. The rest actually play the final three minutes of what coach Sean Payton had to say. At today's practice was the -- Campbell given complete recap before we take out and I mean -- -- -- can -- He's a lot of good topic will be separate it as well. Operated jaguar opinion poll is online at WW dot com asking you called to the 2014. NFL season which team do you think is the best in the NFC is the defending champion Seattle Seahawks the team they defeated. The San Francisco 49ers the Green Bay Packers the New Orleans Saints. All other cast your vote online at that you that you know the outcome wrapping up the his presser today his Saints coach Sean Payton. But listen there's enough to do but that's I think what they -- again I like the fact that it's not a complete self contained. Then. -- You know their their routine is different some of them came in we -- to -- some Mosher -- -- -- you can stay away -- facility but this. That's that's part of having that day off when I like to have -- after the regular after the pre season games. We'll play Friday than starting debut off the following week the same way in which typically always done and after a scrimmage. Don't open up a plumber tour today. Video motivational meetings maybe that look dollars stretches. And look forward to Syria. This possibly could have made history maybe -- those surrounding. Well I think. Look I -- a number of our players. Have seen parts of it I mean worried wrecked three breakfast and or late night -- their. Certainly there's a tradition here is a history here with the hotel. And so you can get kind of on the side of the street you know the new. And then on the other side street the history of that hotel and I think more importantly the people working there in the people that are we've interacted with -- that have been so. Really so helpful and very kind of really welcomed us and made his camp. What it is right now and gonna sit at the beginning it is not the facilities ultimately it's about the people who didn't look so far everything is gone very smooth drives and he. He'll or your -- about it. With regards to their presence kind of presents nothing really injury related okay. Have you seen the progression -- -- home -- around. Now yeah I think your way. Well he's coming off an injury his last year at Rutgers let you know I think people stronger in the -- body CC in transition being a little bit better. In and out of his cuts and an easy. He's not laboring as much as he was maybe in new mini camp so it looks stronger then that's not going to -- -- -- Yeah he was still looked there were times -- just been in the season transitioning out of Iraq maybe wasn't as sharp as he wanted to and happy to see him further -- -- Alumnus might have been an easy persons there. They're well it goes. I wanna just comments I made him earn special teams drill is -- you know I'm anxious were all actually see -- -- these guys in the kicking game the other progressing on defense. Some of those players are on offense but the reps they get the kicking game. When their lives him in the pre season will be important for more you watch them. Players that they've had good games scrimmage maybe a little closer today to see if they can all that often practiced. What we've got. I think you make it do you make you'll make your mental notes all the time didn't. -- -- You're just get your impressions I would say it's easiest way to put it and they're not permanent person but you're getting an idea of who's who's doing well. After -- won. No no we still have. A lot of training camp ahead of a. And that is Saints coach Sean Payton addressed the media -- -- practice now a lot more sound it is it's it was on the backing vocal -- to fully. He is Saints cornerback Keenan Lewis addresses the media follow today's practice at that have a clear passivity. Here in West Virginia at the -- So anyway we all looked good out -- we only. Break down the black Eagles religion. Yeah and indeed it's a bag meaning of the okay. Plus don't we tell mud turtles marked his ball he gets society Olsen he'll give a hard time maybe -- at a big six. It's -- again in my sixties and New -- -- yeah. There we definitely need to touchdowns throwing you know we see them this but let Martin go catch him. So there's very daring -- decision boy's -- book. Immediately it does it's about. Oh mama you got to watch -- lose your -- Hello you're not going over love love love myself yeah. Know some of the older guys well enough I haven't allowed this policy in this beautiful Condo today in the show little -- probably either you have judgment is very helpless -- What is it what was your take away from the scrimmage obviously you gave you a big plays the better. Probably everybody did in the red zone but wasn't -- We give us so many big plays that's always you know let them especially trying to win I guess some of these top notch offense in these days. Quarterbacks passing 5000 also. As always was very disappointed but I just Taylor is always stop before putting up points what is the main goals over. You know we can't mow some positive when you notice from Brian Griffin it's Saturday night. -- He -- moved us. Yeah the devil you know was a guy who's -- and you know we were going through holes -- Q should I begin very confident as an offense that. -- -- NFL though this is second year and that's who is back from so you know confidence anytime you gotta go over player you know presuming you need to work. People talk about the best defensive backs in the NFL. Your name included flicker underrated and really. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Q it is -- much we have confidence in me and I know you have Pulitzer -- demo. They're definitely not feel like sort of -- the best so and so. They didn't give me trying to be ready to go. You know Johnson at the plus of not being at home -- training camp and everything else the direction of being rude like give us. -- value your case. Jeff and I'm ailing -- and a lot of then well so. -- no matter you know you gotta stay afloat with no matter what you I'd like closing and his hero he goes sometimes they'll be like this you can register today golf yesterday. There are definite read in the world it's. Think right now. Favorite. -- members from our school. How does it seem so much fellow teammates gloves you know there's no -- College's web anywhere no matter what did she -- she didn't get a Jared started doing things I was. They're definitely so it's best that. And yet it didn't last Q you've proved this year you had. I -- -- -- you know not a small thing that I think I need of polish up my game. You know some of the things you know -- learn from god I Taylor -- is very little to slow things they're gonna help me become a benefit and also how much they -- so. I'm concerned I don't know how criticize them too many questions as he did it as a business sit next to me in my locker so it's the American way is going to be out there -- a season. They're definitely girls guard he's going to be -- to go what's the main thing figured that after Oakland. This is more than you watch -- take some of the day I need to learn from different quarterbacks. Definition now or do you is there. This is a receiving line enough this sort of payback daddy has come out tremendously OK you know and I'm out there are trying to -- news. No Q what did what advice do you care if it's a few of the Corey white when you guarding the -- yellow fever like Q there are in his state. Branding coach. I mean there's still like don't give them the yards after the catch me so I educate them. Completely shut him now but it is that the -- a little quick guy like that -- you -- let him all of a sudden turned a ten yard route it's a thirty yard touchdown that's -- Well you gonna go out there you definitely got to race you're -- -- -- third took. Do you -- slowly us whose noses and they show because it has on a quasi real good and zero. Gonna be an agent who would you want to make you more big of video games so there has to go little virgin extremely and I'm excited -- Scrutiny in New Orleans that allows them to do here and your 'cause you don't football have you had a chance to do anything we're hopeful. That's honestly you know. It's very generally don't get too much Russell whom -- -- so much rather give nobody thought the next day. It's. Not hitting greens and. I'm glad he's not out that I as a guy who -- -- -- -- -- -- really -- we get there from please assume. Not a -- you know you either doesn't really have -- do. Really you know ahead it doesn't really easy on these this okay on the -- that he's not there but I love to have room when the season so. All right that he's teeny Lewis recap of the day's practice a lot of interviews to get -- mean just a few moments by the that your take on rest of would have well right -- them in how. That's -- on south Louisiana New Orleans well Keenan Lewis is that's the way as. And -- -- -- me I don't they -- call was named coach of the they would that was me right you know you need to that is homegrown. That passion how well we've loved football. You would go high school football Friday night we all know. With the comets in the river -- general on the West Bank at a high level. And that that's why I love he moves to the competition. And what occurs then and listen. What do you bring that they've LaDainian dale you wouldn't bring that consistency. And the one they saw it -- -- I think you know I observed that today. And because he could have relax. Whatever we have like a -- Eagles immaturity and a stiff competition. That you have a day off that you tend to come back maybe a little jail and not as aggressive as you need to be at Haywood. Looking at -- practice today and how efficient they were on both sides in -- -- however repeating. You it think it is getting this to be. They have that that they didn't have a day off the anti that they that that they would have practice. Until they get to encourage him in and I and I respect. Enola solid paid I actually dollar genetic if you -- keep you team humble. That you wanted to continue to work hard with a heart beat you deal it would have veteran team. And I think Cilic he realizes that and the show you how. Pre season next week ever truly different in the regular season there's still a game plan. -- beat the Rams come -- -- Friday night. Their focus to what they keep you updated the out right now and you -- Dillon with two days. You have one hard practice that you have a walk through which is like. -- middle practice like we you do in the classroom. That you go through it on the field. But really the focus on the Rams of Friday night as that are occurring. Until Thursday. Because it doesn't matter. Who wins or loses you try to evaluate talent. And and I it's become. Friday Ryan grip it and move grew Luke McCown getting a lot of playing time this new particularly Nadal win that job. Now I can tell you. When I've been impressed with in -- -- on the objective about this looking at the quarterback position. The movie Kilgore the quarterback kind of Middle Tennessee State. Now -- coach the ways of Carmichael California. I mean he's six foot 32 or six bounced. Mean he might be. An upset this what I observed may be the best. Fourth quarterback this they have ever had competing. In training camp. I mean he's not gonna make fifteen. It via a longshot in this it was a miracle but. That when he's putting on film. And maybe -- an opportunity to maybe have an opportunity to stick. In the NFL put. Lately of Logan Kilgore. Looks like he belongs out there and a lot of times I've -- fourth guys. It looked like it -- bullet with Italian -- NFL practice or you know look all eyes you know like you know what you're doing. And it is not the case though when Logan Kilgore. So props go out of bottom line is Pete Carmichael. And you'd have to -- joint pain and how they dealt with the quarterbacks because I don't care who's taken around. Did not oval well what the B Drew Brees. McNown Ryan group you know Logan Kilgore. They'll they'll like -- along and it felt frankly. Okay to camp and all the all gone through some you know to you what you. Pleased with the practice sometimes at this convicted of dale if you don't have as Chris you thought they got and so they're a very -- and I that I had Miller missed that I have been. In practices where after a scrimmage you have a day off. And a coach's dog -- and everybody. Now because the united vision and lackadaisical and now that the case out. I've got you. And as far as the one to pull me it's that doubt they -- you can't simply yeah ultimately amount that is Brian Griffin. And continue to to looking -- And the plays I thought he had this past later Joseph Morgan. It went back covered by a few -- that you Robinson. He was very accurate with the football like twenty yards. And you know if you got -- that's -- batted pass. Our particular intersection. So when I'll look at that. I mean that speaks for itself it's like what you observe it. And you know look at Corey white. He he's been -- with a bullet so to speak. Because he never would have beat a weak link all of us so we Jabari. -- went down last year. Corey white put -- a four -- -- a pull or their gonna attack them well according white do or you could do. We talk about -- native -- Cairo over -- safety -- corner where Corey whites like corner or safety. We get the safety position he kind of read two quarterbacks eyes and they wouldn't come out. When interceptions. So when you look at that you could -- regression. Visit Everett -- the coach who you break down the film. You look at it individual talent -- you progressed how do you grasp what we're trying to ask you to do. Whether that cornerback or safety. Solid pick Corey white. How it kind of sitter Ryan group that endemic going back in that scene at any breaks doubled the ball has a clean interception. And UK coach at Dallas and things indefinitely with a -- white to do more rub. Considering I -- corner along with Patrick Robinson. We need young cornerbacks to step up I don't know is gonna make the eighteen. But he kept passing me they just haven't seen Lewis. You better have not one or two quarterbacks. You gotta have a 3495. Cover guys because they're better at quarterback. We try to win a championship. They get attacked at the weakest link. And I'm not the I thought Corey white take a big step up. That's why I still think even though he did that even practiced now but the thing we could tribute. Well a couple of weeks are -- few weeks Champ Bailey UK kill beat or quarterbacks or cover guys. Better than Champ Bailey to be Champ Bailey cute -- week one against the Falcons. And he still in the hunt among the top four so that's what you -- -- -- that's -- have talent in which solid they'd said. Do you fear and -- Of a veteran like Champ Bailey to maybe keep him around because when you look at it every thirty secured the stage. That's an old political football. You might as well in the real world group like 76 or 86. -- there in the NFL at 36 if you can play. A court back -- your -- if you can hang with a young player rules. All right we'll come back in here more south of the -- practice this is sports talk on Bibby did you know. Welcome back which team do you think is the best teams in the NFC gone into the 2014. Season Seattle. Sampras Cisco Green Bay New Orleans although. Can't joke vote online at WW Leo. Dot com weapons here by the Avis say he has been very accurate to be out of practice and he's taken advantage. Of some extra wrist Drew Brees a and Ryan Griff and Brian Griffin -- and Luke McCown getting all the acts in the scrimmage taken a lot of action at practice -- the majority of action. With the wanted it to Brian Griffin spoke to the media after the day's practice. How do you think your attitude Donovan threw out there you go on the left. Do you see anything this week. Picture of the home trying to desolate. Just matter of -- yet especially in and there are a lot of west. It's wants answers as it is it's great and I'm just learn as best I can. And trying to improve and. Didn't scrimmage and plus. You know it's never looks as good on film where it never really says that in those same thing. Those lot of players that I get a better ball listener and so there's just. It's a very good how really look at it I know you've been able to do well they're looking at practice to practice. You seem like you confident. That you quick decisions. Looking back reflecting what I always feel like. You know god help me -- rational decisions were at an obscene numbers serving you and that's what I can see a -- but this year prepared you relax you. -- I appreciate me. It's -- -- yourself and you -- deal. Why did I mean just trying to learn like you said -- -- your makes a big difference and so it. Every round it's us today -- a -- -- outs and Billy didinger is I'm in now different guys and you know -- -- -- There's going to be a lot more confident this year what. You have attribute that to win and when did you think that really kind of click -- you. It's command of the huddle. We'll come -- as a rookie you don't really know it's respect and so. Are you gonna come in white guys in there Peterson had no idea and so this yeah I kind of attitude the general idea of good how practice is going in with the tempo is like team. How players practice so it's just it's good experience and having a year under my belt really helps so let's try to improve on that. And you know she moves forward and it's going to. But the dynamics. I'll just like lose also. Just in a better in eleven years and beliefs and help put us out you know couple young guys and then yellow and I'm just -- in there like Iraq -- we just above right now just because we're going to able to finish practice so. They are not as great as the only -- hand him an army. You'll want for something and -- can help in some ways you. Help somewhere isn't and you feel it's that had you look in his -- look at. You know and many question here as it comes -- help the -- and sometimes they'll jump in there before you ask questions have been every sport. So I'm thousand of his exact since his last year. And so the minute just about every question that I can help maoists. Did you -- like this is your third year in the saints' offense was no review last year and Tulane in Tennessee game. Maybe maybe two and a half you know we just play and we're able to expand the -- like we have here that's good and so. As follows two -- -- channel headstart on edges of the terminology and everything. Can you talk about yeah. Next year maybe you -- this. -- This year it's. You appreciate a guy whose whose job it may -- You -- you can do is what the winners. -- is a great professional and so it's very -- learn from them hikers in -- in the later rounds out here on the field in the film room and so he's an awesome. Doesn't mean he's -- me is what's each and every four I did have questions are coming hill we'll talk to me and he knows my mind so it's just been great this is over. All you get more reps but you're used to being out there and been through -- out there for its greens and I have. Like the breakfast. It's just a little -- like you can stretch line and entrance sign is not a -- but I don't want to get there and -- I -- -- enough for you somehow focus on the play call and just try next season. You can do when you can you can run it through. Are you healthy players who also -- very. That is that it's. The best in the -- it's also -- also -- five right now is that we'll take some towels or spring solstice celebs and that really revealed he uses Syrian. I think you're pretty good. And that if Ryan Griffin addresses the media after today's black and go practice as a New Orleans saint teacher and he -- -- -- -- -- -- reps because a Saturday. And -- -- Drew Brees not participating. And that coliseum and Luke in the count to keep the majority -- -- about me this is how accurate that right with it was at Tiffany's. Practiced well he has become one of the best -- in the National Football League in a short amount of time. Here it is Thomas posted. Tell me about consecutive -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it's more about control the slower you get it to rotate through the less good bounces one way or the other -- if it doesn't ground it's not caught. That's good against the -- this year because. That was it out last year I felt like we left a lot of. -- a lot of yardage on the field in this situation. That's what you. -- -- for the coffin cornered you wanted to give up your right. Doesn't mean it's. -- on the wind tends to be honest got some talent on the day you know like prince is -- we have eleven games indoors so we don't do to -- the line. Some days are gone warm ups and I'm just hit great balls all right I'm still I would say that's good if we have a good game. If we if it's not a big deal either way we'll wind -- playing another game Sunday. Crushing a warm ups going left and we'll do that and it's more of it's more about what I'm feeling confident about. Because if I feel good about it is only. It's every one it was a 100%. He really trip to the left corner because he shanks this -- -- the field. Yeah you know everyone's different I'm good overall about why he's going to be more comfortable life but he's more comfortable off the ball. For us you know I don't know cover corner really means. All we get -- 'cause he's never said hey -- you don't real feel good how the people who did say that. Now we only -- last year we were great read. 70% of our -- Russell and almost. And almost supportive more out of bounds so. Calm that's what we've been good when you play hopefully we get close chizik -- Thomas put them up and out of the running game has progressed and I mean is there any you tricks of the trade. I mean when you think about it like it. He's like kids don't. It's. Technology. That there it is everywhere sure there will want another -- isn't pretty much. Where you have suddenly you kind of his stick with the is someone in my cubby you'll feel more. Really this good for everybody else but I think we're going out and always. You ever think you have the right way to do something you're wrong this is always a little bit better way I think and it's always a new little. Thank you again into how you do things and that's something you constantly changing because -- you that we play all seen teams and you know over time. Yeah are getting older like me you and teams know -- get from these -- constantly having new things. Yeah keeping the other -- model on their heels a little bit dubious yeah. -- didn't know I was -- in your head that would keep playing indoors obviously not doing any wind right now while so I like it don't as far as kickoffs. You have a number that -- -- as a player like -- -- -- -- eight yards -- -- I don't. I'm in the final kick it out in something you do it will be an indoor game yeah she was like -- if I hit a B plus kickoff. Which I should do anything for some time. But I don't yeah. Like we should I'm just one of the -- just like it was on the endorsement. You guys do we get into the yeah -- about the circuit in -- sunset and it's just like everytime -- And I -- -- actually -- outside because I like playing the wind and one way or the other. Didn't know when you look at a consistent you can go out and I know with female -- animation fans do love this. Do you do your mom your grandmother's -- city brownies cookies. On the negative I am like a lot of great -- off form was good all I want her or grandma that if you are pretty special we have dogs they got to -- Eight years going feminists like us on the game they're always done plus. It's my parents are the only ones going then they Graham but if my grandma is coming she always brings -- My wife's there -- she makes him so there's a little hierarchy -- -- is definitely out but there's always round Mason. And now I think that's why I'm one of the reasons. I'm welcoming organization and this is -- play but LeBron is -- the game and got security guards I've gotten executives he's so well. Problem is we've gone from like one small little box like two large cases of home because everybody wants him down but hey you gotta. Got to do everything we can't sit around you know. I've seen -- at the. Him and I guess I don't really watch what's going on at practice and in my own world and well. Yeah. I'm in my world the good news is it your constant and never. Yeah I mean he's still out here -- it's all weight room whether he's working out of rehab or whatever he's doing. He's still around also regular stuff I don't think he's capable set himself so he's it's still there. And -- Saints owner Thomas most -- -- -- kind of goes to. One of those things where you know they that was that I told you so with the year that they can't get more there there were a lot of seats so for mixing. Move around in the people who don't like wood but nobody says what do you ended. You do it just have on this stability there and -- that -- -- game out in. You Sean Payton the way that he says it was almost an understatement of how this guy can change into the field and give you gave you defense good field position. You look at the athlete that he does that mean -- mean. A number of that you've seen get a return man corner over there on the sidelines in in heeding our. He'll chase the guy Thomas Moore still is not just a -- back here at lining up seventeen yards deep opponent. Mean he's back there is an athlete the end. Got a feeling he don't be hang around here for quite a bit longer. No doubt about it we'll take a -- come back and give by the -- give his full recap on today's practice this is sports folks think radio you're listening to that you that you. And welcome back. Operated jaguar thing opponents at WWL. Dot com and we're talking about which team do you think with the best in the NFC -- to the season is it. Green Bay if -- San Francisco Seattle New Orleans all the cast -- vote online at WW -- -- -- -- of some of the case you can vote. But today's practice Bobby talked about how you either win or lose the senior field goal attempts at the date here in -- Who's been kicking extreme where during camp missed the 39 -- that his first missed during camp which Shayne Graham was on fire. Connecting on perfect attempts from 394451. If -- New York also Bobby was pleased with the defense with the exception of Mark Ingram make an -- twelve yours Ron. -- wife picked off Brian Griffin as why was playing the safety position and also Bobby. You point out how -- that Johnson was active today. Yeah the get -- -- my grip that looks poised out there he had a nice pass. Very accurate pass from Joseph Morgan beat McEnroe applause when he yards. But it did is that Morry you do is not just an interior. On the all offensive linemen and you look more you can do what you links inner circle article artists that are. But Hakeem Nicks team its attack and keep it -- been or vice Versa it also goes. How to keep it that bags when you look at limited of active roster spots. According -- cornerback. We can't you -- safety is down like hitting the Carroll's the state he can't you play caller we all know we can do that. But it just goes to show you. How how flexible. In how well around the you've got to be as far as depth you got a few -- would think that the before I continue. -- in Jim Henderson. Was talking about enough listed. I love barbecue like anybody else and I'm looking at West Virginia barbecue. Went pigs fly. Real big barbecue went out there can only that might -- place. Allied Georgia and I went out there at twelve noon I think that's the only place all of us that he. Doesn't on the today what I would go away for their I was stuff but you know what even is a good good barbecued. Ribs you look like chicken yeah -- That's the Davis salad -- you're a little baked -- And believe you know it's that it's some you know something you refer it different -- the things that discount Michael whipped with a little more -- It's kind of -- -- to -- able to solve the there's was a few -- yet all of the things a little more about -- all of you cook. And it was an -- in the coliseum I think as the cream you can take this haven't yet and they had they had some kind some kind of seat in the unit though but it was perfect I don't like no crutch in the potatoes you know both have no kind of watch him. You know things that somehow makes days I would pickle onion and you Clinton to you know note you know they knew that they have it was the. They've seen how the -- the big -- over me because he is the congress or all I know it's ideas need to be eating. The victim of its peak edge definitely knows what he's talking about this just living out you know what I'm talking about I'd nobody history. I'll -- -- tour today on the block club in the -- Gary Williams. He gives it -- or at the book club business like. This is like when all the crap would hit the fan and come the Cuban missile crisis. And early sixties right in John F. Kennedy challenge in Russia Uga and I -- anymore this is would Cuba. We get is that you know put up with that. In the bottom line you look -- president Eisenhower. And JFK. -- late fifties early. Sixties. This is where congress. Was there is set up again and you who holocaust whatever. I'm telling you all you go to an -- lot of history you come out here at the goal that sort of -- -- club on that agree -- aren't. Well well worth your while what -- what -- -- an hour and a half. Where where you are about to what kind of accurate Q well worth your while and wrap up today show this is sports Oakland -- B yeah yeah. All right thanks so much that everyone -- back home of course I want to thank him hands -- Balkman on the -- -- -- great -- stance and that is was Ian Hoch Scott -- moment. The big. Brain trust the -- -- -- -- make us all look so good company incidence and Danny and I. That's gonna do applause we should take out the latest on the saint complete recap so much more online at WW ago. The outcome for -- -- -- guys out of the -- of the -- -- cajun cannon Bobby -- there you have big -- -- pre season is here at the Rams come Friday night there's that it is here football is here. Ball in the relay zone goodnight people who'd bet.