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Aug 4, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I hope they had a great weekend. I'm having a little problem with my headphones as the year ago. I hope we had a great week and -- we did not turn out to be as wet that wherever it wants I don't know where you were maybe it was everywhere where you were over the weekend but it did not turn out to be the wet soggy weekend I was expecting. And again I don't know where you were reports have much of the area I think we spared a lot of the rain that was anticipated. Only over the weekend but also today that does that mean so if -- didn't have some. Real serious downforce. I saw the movie get on up the movie doubts James -- out over the weekend. We'll talk about this later in the topic to date but I got to open up the shark -- -- telling you what this guy did right in front of me. Nice city right in front of me. With his. Wife or whoever. The guy. The guy is reading his his text. The phones lit up. He's reading this text. During. The previews. So what happens the movie starts and the guy immediately. Shuts his phone -- And I just wanted to share that with. Of course. If he didn't check his phone down would have a lot to talk about on the showed tonight it would be a topic. He shut the phone down no topic if Christie somebody does something wrong it becomes a topic some adversity right. Is not a topic. But you know what maybe that should be a topic maybe we should talk about some of the things that people do right and and maybe we would all start to notice more. Things that people do right but but this guy I mean it's it is the movie started this -- -- his phone down -- -- did not bring it out. The rest of the think it's time for tonight's top eight at eight -- the top eight things we'd like you know which we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. A six year old boy control Prius battery operated -- late eighteenth tee onto in New York highway Sunday -- I'd deploy battery operated. In TV. And this happened at 7 o'clock last night the kid does have broad group of college fully. -- in the Bronx River Parkway. He was undoubtedly the -- apart when he disappears immediately develop relatives notified the police. Westchester county police began receiving -- when one calls less than an hour later about the -- Police say he drove on the street near the park and then took the whale up onto the parkway and headed northbound on the highway. Now have a river and my son had -- real reasons motorcycle. And I just didn't think it was at the power to get up the ramp but apparently this case it did -- says a police of the three motorist. Slow their vehicles down surrounded the boy to protect Tim from other vehicles. This morning I got out and incredible what he was taken to the hospital but he was found. TV opening. And again you. Can't help but ask the question. Where are the parents I mean you know what this thing is not leaving the scene at the park this not leaving -- kind of fast rate of speed. So you would have thought that the parents would have -- I mean this would like a turtle crawl away. So you think that the parents would have had time to noticed always -- as well let's go getting before he gets on the on the highway. But now he could -- way it is had a read battery powered ATV and ended up on -- highway but the good news is the boy is okay. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Viral Internet video of a man apparently keeping a -- into the Grand Canyon is being investigated by a Grand Canyon park officials. Now if this video went viral doesn't that mean that people watched it so people wanted to see a man and kick a squirrel into the Grand Canyon. Still -- tonight is titled man kicks correlate to Grand Canyon did you watch it. And now that you've heard about it will you watch he will you share with others and if you do are you partially to blame for the -- kicking the -- into the Grand Canyon. You can read the blog and share with others -- on our website at WWL dot com I think this really isn't a great opportunity to to talk about the relationship between. The media and society. And a video posted on YouTube or FaceBook or wherever that is that that is a medium anything attempted it projects information radio television. Movies. All these things -- mediums. And so a video that's posted his immediate so if somebody if somebody does kick a squirrel and I I explain how the guy -- But the technique that he allegedly uses that's all in the law. If a guy kicks a squirrel in the Grand Canyon. Is because he thinks people watch. And if people do watch. Party partly responsible. For the outrageous behavior. Now what you feel guilty if you wash wash so guilty about the death this coral but. If we did watch those kinds of things if we did watch the outrageous behavior that people post on on videos. Would people post those videos now if if there's a video of something that's it's already a violent act of I understand that we as humans. Or intrigued by violence you know we slowed council correct on the side of the road we're -- we're intrigued by violent acts of me that is that is human nature like I totally understand it. But if people do things. Outrageous. If people do things that region dangerous if people do things that perhaps leads to the death of his Kwame -- was rocky the flying squirrel I'm assuming the squirrel fell to his death. In the Grand Canyon. -- if we watched those kind of things are we partially to blame for inspiring those who create them. If -- enjoyed our show with comics and retired numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. Here which seventy. And a tech's number -- 77 -- eight number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. New study shows the amount of time children spend playing video games is connected. Two small differences in their mental and social health. This study shows that playing less than an hour of video game today. Led to better mental and social health. Been playing three hours or more a day. Or by not playing at all. When there are studies that are done ended this is up one of the studies that when there are studies. That they try to link the contents of of violent video games with violent behavior. I've lost two point out that. It's probably more. The passive activity. Of playing the video games that leads to certain anti social behavior more so than the contents of the video games. If kids are -- spending too much time playing video game. The activity is the problem more so than the contents of the video. And yet it's very popular now. Across America to find something like a violent video game and blamed it for violent behavior so people argue. People argue well this study shows that kids to play a lot of video games. They get into violent behavior their anti social. And immediately people go back and say well it's it's the content of the video. But don't necessarily. It could just be the passive activity of playing to the video game number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Discussion with the staff at surfer magazine led to this question. Is surfing your religion. And it and it got -- to thinking there there are people who get very spiritual. When their certificate and I've served a few times in my lifetime not a surfer I mean I've gotten a port aboard a few times. But there are people who were so into that that they find that to be a real spiritual experience. And so his discussion led to the idea that surfing. And it is a religion. More guests -- spiritual religious experience. Others in church. When do you feel most spiritual. And I have to think that some people don't even feel that spiritually church. So I'm at that church so when do you feel most spiritual. Meter times in my life and my field. Like I'm having a lot of real conversation god. I feel like nine. Spiritual. I feel like I'm having a religious experience. And I think if we if we talk about this we may actually find that there were more of those times. Than we actually think. And I can think of things that I do in my everyday life. That are kind of like of religious. Experience -- a lot has to do with what you're thinking about when you're involved in something I don't know that surfing is a religion per say. But if it does. If he does it produce some body to. Spirituality. If we give somebody a moment to be religious then I understand the -- and so other than church -- talk about. Where do you feel most spiritual. And I think of a couple of times in my life and I have felt very spiritual if you wanna join us tonight with your comments on numbers 2601. A seventy. Toll free 866889070. And our -- numbers 870 -- every already getting -- in about -- band who apparently kicked a -- to the Grand Canyon here's detects the Reid said the kick would have gotten the squirrel. -- do you think the the -- would have died on impact with the issue. Well when I explained to you the process that he went through. No the kick would not have to kick would not have killed and I'll I'll I'll tell you about that in just a moment. -- here's another text that really. That's really mean to do that to a poor little animal I hope they catch the dumb blanks the data yes and they are looking for the -- blanks that apparently -- squirrel. Into the Grand Canyon but that's what the scoop blog is about tonight man -- world to Grand Canyon did you watch it. And if you did. Did you contribute to the -- kicking this coral. Into the Grand Canyon. -- for tonight's list of the top eight at eight. New restrictions on doctors performing abortions may force the closing of several women's side abortion clinics in Alabama. These new laws restricting abortions are now -- pass by state legislators across the country. This going to be to thinking. What if there were no legal abortions in America. You know their people who were just -- -- -- fighting to overturn of roe vs where I don't think that's gonna happen. But what affected half of what what is the goal is to make abortion. Illegal in America and that's the goal of many in this country. What would that do. If there were no legal abortions in America. Do you think people would would stop having sex. What do you think would be the result of new legal abortions. In America if the goal is to make abortions illegal what do you think what happened. And the first question comes to my mind is. Would people. Stop having sex. When people have sex. Less often. Or would they resort to. Doing what they need to do. Even if there's no abortion abortion clinic on his cell this is on the go talk about it number three got a nice list of the top eight at eight. White house Press Secretary James Brady this past week the age of 73 previous shot in the head during an assassination attempt. Our president Ronald Reagan in 1981 that would have been the first year of the Reagan administration. Brady started the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence because he believed that gun control could actually save countless lives. And Nancy Reagan was and saddened by this and she remembered him as -- being a man of a -- -- -- stood for perseverance. And you know here was a guy who is a strong Republican who. Because he was shot in the head was very much for gun control there are a lot of people who probably. Loved and admired James Brady but still didn't agree with his desire to. Have more on -- part of American society so we remember James Brady guy who really did do a lot to. To sort of conversation about gun control -- a guy who. Was seen it in many ways I guess as a hero -- white house Press Secretary and you know Reagan was inaugurated in January of 1981. And there was assassination attempt so you know this is also a reminder. That. This is not the first time in history. With President Obama that people have hated the president of the United States. Or have thought about doing the sort things to the president of the United States there's an assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan in 1981 and the best. The best story I ever heard out of this and I don't know whether it's -- not the best story that that I ever. Which Ronald Reagan in the operating room with a doctors would operate on and -- it's something to the effect of I hope I -- the doctors are Democrats. Number two on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. I've got back -- back machine man. Doing it you know yeah well I. Until that day. -- I -- get out of the movie about the life of James Brown over the weekend it was number three at the box office this past weekend. Did you -- them. Did you like it. Like many successful performers James Brown overcame a very difficult childhood in many obstacles in his life. You know tough times don't keep things top performers from achieving success. -- -- stated that the guy who plays today -- James Brown. Chad rates -- up close it's unbelievable -- he was -- 42 he played Jackie Robinson and will be 42. I mean this guys might be another Jamie Foxx. Able to do dramatic stuff -- -- He still captured what I think the image of James -- days. The movie was produced by nick Jagger I take Taylor who I directed to help but directed to assess this movie get on up I love. It's a little long it's two hours and eighteen minutes. And you know there were some times you do struggle through the movie because they're -- there are flashbacks. And you don't get the warnings in the flashbacks and flash backs are not always consistently going back to the same spot. -- In a a few moments -- of the movie it's a little it's a little confusing but it does it really take you long to. A figure out what's going on May -- they were a few too many flashbacks that was -- the only criticism that I have of the movie but I loved by a lecture in the story of James round. Which I voted no doubt. So since tough times don't keep top performers from achieving success. Did you overcome any difficult obstacles to get where you're today. What are shall overcome. What did you go through to get where you are today. Let's talk about that you know that's helpful for those people who are going through a difficult time right now. To those people who think that all of my god he. This is always going to be a -- like no it's not going to be the way. That is second to be this way to rest of your life if you go through tough times if you have faith and if you persevere. You'll get through this. And tough times and obstacles don't keep Greek people down. And that was one of the strong messages that I got from the movie get torn up about the life of James Brown. And also I spoke about this a little on the show Friday during the day when I did -- Garland show but what movie would you like to see made. About a performer what movie hasn't been done a big movie about a performer hasn't been done yet. Who would you like to see movie -- about. If you gonna join our show tonight our numbers 2601 a seventy toll free 8668890. Point seven air tech's number is 877. And finally tonight. Number one on tonight's list of the top eight and names. At midnight our time. Israel and Hamas or going to have a cease fire there is a proposal from Egypt. And so hopefully the fighting will come to an -- I think this has been going on about a month now. The United States condemned Israel's disgraceful shelling of the UN school sheltering civilians and children in Gaza. Following the quick collapse of the ceasefire in Gaza Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Told the Obama administration to not ever second guess me again. Israel and Hamas. Have agreed to the cease fire scheduled take effect at midnight our time. Do you think Israel should be condemned for shelling the UN facilities that house civilians but also -- how's the weapons of Hamas. Here's -- W project opinion poll tonight if civilians and children die when he UN shelters shields. Who was to blame. Israel for bombing any location Hamas has weapons in or Hamas for hiding weapons. Where civilians are. It is your thing by going to our web site WWL dot com we're gonna tractor pulls through on our show tonight and we get updates are coming up here in just a few minutes. It's it's one of those it's one of those conflicts that goes back thousands of years. There have been somebody attempts to broker peace in the Middle East. And you and I are watching on the news every night to children dying people displaced. The guys today. There are so many parts of Gaza that are just in rubble. Mean they can't stop to rebuild infrastructure. Because their. They're running for their lives. And yet Israel has a right to protect itself. It's really it's really complicated. But when Israel bombs a UN school that causes a lot of people around the world to say hey this is unfair. But if Hamas is putting. Men women and children civilians. In those UN facilities. Knowing that Israel's gonna bomb their -- is Hamas sacrificing its own people to win the sympathy of the world. This is one of the things we'll talk about tonight if you gonna join us tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- are separate text interstate 7870 is what -- on this crucial. And we'll be right back on to bureau. I saw the -- get wound up the a movie about it electric James Brown over the weekend it was number three the box office I -- it was a good movie did you see it did you like it. Did you overcome any obstacles to get to where you court today. And what will be would you like to see made a box what performer it really hasn't been done yet. And chat Rico Bozeman who was in 42 Tuesday phenomenal job -- James Brown in the movie get wanna. If you and into an issue like with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- here which have a text -- 8770. It was a discussion by the staff of us surfers magazine Italy to the question is surfing your religion. Because it's very spiritual it's very peaceful spiritual moment for a lot of people. So that got me thinking that the church. We do you feel most spiritual. If you and enjoy additional item numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's -- -- number is 877. Here's a quick update on tonight's W -- -- your opinion poll. If civilians and children die when you would -- shields who was to blame. Israel for bombing any location Hamas has weapons. Or Hamas for hiding weapons where civilians -- more 17% say Israel's to -- 83% say Hamas is to blame. We'll track this pull through on our show give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. I Drew Brees is still out of practice Sean Payton says that he is thinking about the season and not the first pre season game party night. Against the rams in Saint Louis we've got the full story on our website at WW don't come out from home -- Euro on WW elegant evening. Extreme America England big chill Mitchell and -- create. Little bit yeah. I'm -- in the morning when -- wake up via Google oracle ER Clinton do he continued good day. And it just wasn't the alarm it was the lord. Dictated -- do you know I'm real wake up every morning with the lord -- -- -- he would -- up every morning at 6 AM. Really well. Regardless. Maybe something should set the lord along. -- -- -- a little bit ago the out -- maybe some people in the studio. -- -- that star recipient -- -- the crime in India on the you know. Is it digit now or -- yacht he was -- -- all -- which now move to Oklahoma. Yeah I do what I may come to -- role model. I yeah but not well I really look. Now I'm saying. I love it here. I simply don't you you you wake up in the morning and you feel very. Religious she feel spiritual in the morning. As a sanity in the morning -- council. Mr. Bush if you wake up early did you get this feeling that your -- before everybody else in I spent much of my career doing morning radio so. I would sell it to 4 o'clock in the morning three or 4 in the morning. And it was very peaceful coming to work it is for peaceful climate and. It is it is done that you walk outside. It nice and quiet and the birds chirping -- birds this thing and people are going to work. Are you -- Leo -- you know army EQ and did not that in the morning. And go through during the day you know. -- legal problems. In the outdated but I definitely can do I grew up that -- -- -- in -- and yell at lake -- change -- -- Got mine I mean. Saudis aren't. You saw -- round. And no denial. But I -- -- cute movie is a good glad I really enjoyed it. I got our period big ditch scenario would be -- Jerry Brown what they are an indicator. Intel the man had on the loans. Yet he has yet he did you know outing he need to move TI couldn't beat Michael Jackson could move it. That's that's rated mig Jagger produced the movie and and said that he got a lot of his moves from James Brown. You act in Canada to -- you know Leo when when I heard you say it Mick Jagger you know produced movie you know me you know hey you know -- So now -- Free calling -- Cheryl. You -- -- there are actually some if you are joining us with your comments on this -- -- right our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's having a text numbers 877. Here's a Texan raise as an -- harder. To hear about an ignorant person abusing an animal just for kicks. Or trying to be cool is sickening. And he gives true sportsman. A bad reputation. Any time you're going to take an animal's life you must consider everything prior to taking the shot. And be positive you're doing it. Totally humane is person should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law -- what tonight is titled man kicks squirrel in the Grand Canyon. As a video. Did you watch it. It's on our website at WW dot com and if you if if you do you watch that if you watch videos about really bizarre behavior. Then. Are you vicariously contributing to the bizarre behavior. Here's a text about spiritual time a -- the most spiritual time I have is when I go fishing and spend the night out in the gulf. Millions of stars. The silence of the night the only sound is that to an occasional fish breaking the surface. And the trickle. Soft rocking of the total war. It is my church. Is where I speak with god and pray for my family -- I cannot imagine any more anything more spiritual. I also pray for you -- and I I've I appreciate that. There are not as many churches per capita. In the Pacific northwest. In Seattle and Portland. And one theory is because people feel spiritual. Without going to church. I'm not recommending this because like I go to church. But I just simply talking about this this theory that people feel so spiritual they don't feel the need to go to church. And that's one theory about why there are not as many churches per capita. As there are in the Pacific northwest is -- as our state. On the East Coast or down here and in South Florida. And Southern California. That places like that. When do you feel spiritual. Outside of church and I hope you do in charge but I you know I'm not sure that everybody really feel spiritual. In church which is is kind of a shame that we -- challenge ourselves to to feel spiritual being but sometimes I get distracted and church. It's it's it's human. But outside of church. Where do you really feel spiritual. You know quite often it in the car and this has always been the case in my life even though I'm in radio. Most of the time and I'm in the car. -- to radio. I will cities -- times. The quite often I use time in the car. For sites to be alone. When I'm on the highway. When I'm in the middle of nowhere. And I could think of many times that that I was on the causeway. Driving across the causeway no music. No radio. And I -- -- -- or shall. And I felt like that was a religious moment. Outside of church. When do you feel spiritual. If you wanna join Russia with a comic tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Unser which seventy and a text number is 87870. And new restrictions on doctors performing abortions may force the closing of several women's clinics and Alabama. There are people fighting against legal abortion. So what's the goal what if there were no legal abortions in America. Do you think people would stop having sex. Do you think people would be more careful having sex and more careful still means that some people would get pregnant so what if there were no legal abortions in in America. What do you think the results would be. On this country so -- are talking about tonight. I numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Steroids every Texas a Seve Seve. I love his song girl by the 1975 the candidates on chocolate this -- senators on. This is the -- show hey it's Monday night he will be right back on WWL. A man apparently kicked a squirrel into the Grand Canyon. Did you watch the video it's gone viral. I'll tell you why the kicked probably didn't kill the squirrels we'll talk about that coming up right after the news. In the next hour also we're talking about to spirituality and there was a discussion of the staff at surfers magazine that went to the question is surfing -- religion. Outside of church when do you feel spiritual and I saw the movie get on up a -- for a movie and I'd I loved it from Henry David you're on WWL. -- exclude I don't -- there. Not a movie and I don't know about it but -- -- overall impression was that reminded me a little bit of -- look beyond rose. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a -- Charleston on itself. And but the movie shelf that I was a little choppy and. Well as I mentioned at the outset of the show there were flashbacks and it didn't consistently go back and in chronological order to the flashback -- times it was a little bit confusing. But other than that I I love the story and I I love the story of of how. Greatness cannot be suppressed by obstacles. Yeah certainly and you know you got to give him credit did an amazing job media buying and and would not be surprised that you. Nominated you know for an Academy Award. And you also mentioned about other performance movies can't get court. Our coal miner's daughter or what. Just collected a Patsy -- certainly. And David what movie would you like to see done about what performer. What I'd like to see. I would love to see a movie it's a little obscure but I would look to see a movie. Made about the years -- and -- oh lead and the heat off my -- made those great -- together. He could be both very darkly amusing but all agree that interest in another place. Somehow I feel a lot of hair product wouldn't have been involved at all that David I'm glad you called a -- to get their news break here's a Texas is from Ron in Metairie. A movie based absolutely -- movie based on the life of John Lennon. I've read about him he's before my time I'll be 34 Thursday -- happy birthday little early run. But his life not just his musical life but his entire life I think would be worth watching will continue this conversation right after the news it's Monday nights on the -- chill on WWL.