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8-3 Scoot Show 9pm, James Brown & Flying Squirrel Video

Aug 4, 2014|

Get On Up" - the movie about the life of James Brown opened in theaters over the weekend. Did you see it? Did you like it? Like so many other successful performers - James Brown overcame a tough childhood and many obstacles. Tough times don't seem to keep top performers from achieving success. Did you have to overcome any difficult times to get where you are today? What movie would you like to see made about which celebrity? AND: a viral internet video of a man apparently kicking a squirrel into the Grand Canyon is being investigated by Grand Canyon officials. If a video goes ‘viral’ does that mean people want to see it more or is it just like those that ‘rubberneck’ at a traffic accident? Why do tragic or horrific things get more views than good things? Is it ‘human nature’ to want to see bad things happen over good things? What’s the last ‘viral’ video you looked at …was it something good and heartwarming or someone getting hurt?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

If you had just joined us tonight silly bring up to date on everything we're talking about the United States has condemned Israel's disgraceful shelling of the UN school sheltering civilians including children in Gaza. And following the court collapse of the ceasefire in Gaza Israeli prime minister Netanyahu. Has told the Obama administration to quote. Not ever second guess me again. Israel and Hamas have agreed to a cease fire supposed to take effect at midnight our time the biggest real should be condemned for shelling the UN facilities that house civilians. Or should Hamas be condemned because they put the weapons in places where there are civilians that's -- W have you a pretty general opinion poll. Here's a quick update right now 16% blame the Israelis and 84% blame Hamas. Leadership junior Michael to our website WW dot -- there was a discussion with the staff of surfer magazine. And it -- the question is surfing or religion. So that the church of Spain to think about the times that we feel spiritual other than church. When do you feel spiritual. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86680. Nines here which separate text number is 877. I saw the movie get on up there will be about James Brown over the weekend it was number three at the box office did you see the movie and did you like it. Like many many successful performers James Brown overcame a lot of difficulty in his childhood in many obstacles in his life. And tough times don't keep -- people down. And I'm sure you could think of times that you went. You went through that were really difficult I'm sure you can think of obstacles you went through to get to where you are today. And so if you are going to a tough time the good news is. Don't think it's gonna be this -- all the time you have a choice you have a choice to either accept things the way they are. Or just to find that great to -- inside and writes about the at all and here's another movie about the -- of a performer. What movie would you like to see done about what performers to the -- were talking about on the show tonight from -- John -- on WW dog leading. On good. OK now what are the update. That. And pretty shell. Shock or that element on actual. Withdrawal in it in on the show. And -- shelter or didn't think Jerry. But they ran -- -- I don't know what awaited you and bill. Comic -- change. Do you think Israel should be condemned for bombing those UN shelters. But what you racial George and there's. Been there -- people in jumble. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you don't they. -- -- -- get a whopper right arm or I don't or whatever. And I don't want. You know you -- you don't just everything that you do when he -- all people. Want to. -- -- But don't -- Yeah it is and it is unfortunate that innocent people always die in airborne here's a Texas as the US we do the same thing Israel is doing and you know when we -- border yes -- -- we kill innocent people as well. And the number no no no clean huh. Simple beer and we can actually act. But it worked. So degree and -- John I I appreciate you calling a shorter nights it's more you're text here in just a moment from Kentucky. WWL. I however you. Know. -- tilts yeah outside church who do you feel spiritual. Okay. What that all of our so I have a lot of flowers. Is. Yeah. But in this story when you elegant city and in this coming year when -- -- -- -- going. Watching the word. But it is a little butterflies and that maybe things. -- his -- killed because. When you look at you know what little EU. And his baby is fine so many things. The reason miracle yet the beauty. That is if anybody has said it. Was like that I live on -- -- The last I'd say go. -- -- or else right now. And when they have their bank the I mean it is very spiritual -- Because. You know the live. You know let people feel they animals don't have emotions I don't feel but I just don't believe that. Coming. Yet they don't have the motions like we do but it's there are just so many cases we're animals have have proven that they do indeed have emotions and -- You here's the really sad stories about. You know two dogs running together and and and one dog is hit by a car and to get a dog stays with that dog's body and and until people console. That's that to me that's an aspect of having emotion. Oh yeah well it I Dalmatian. And the email and it was completely -- And the other one that I had -- to be in years ago. And we didn't eat that he has no problem. I have concrete that you. Dalmatians out here. And the female and I was Angel. Chronic but it. I think it would go up to bet that -- -- was for about a week and it was just the air as he was is ranked in you know. And it was kind of news in the book she -- for that doll -- did it without winning bidder. And you know it is -- How it goes. They were just -- it. So when they have their babies I mean there is so protective. And loving you don't even -- Coming out as -- -- sent here that would. You know I very -- To read I what I wish I wish we could get people in general to be as protective of their children as animals are their offspring. But one of the most spiritual -- about it. But -- got there on or -- signs that they do more consistency. And of course it was for our sales as the female. So. We drove like expect -- out there. And course the first that we can everywhere I was sitting with the Orlando -- I mean you know that is that what you wanna say but the animals. Police say a month maybe it does those injuries famous person -- a massive. But we were up on the mountain. And it felt like right trying right into the way. The leaders froze backhand -- three because there's bears bears in the bill. And the bull elk and within six -- as a didn't even -- it. Look at the complete. It was just looking down I mean it was so close with these allies is when he pulling his. And you know it by yourself quote it is my of wild animal. It I think it is rosy over lack of formula for us. Coming you know -- -- -- It how many -- is some opportunity of the last. Indeed you didn't shoot it. Well. Now we did I of course I could even get a camera because -- -- amendments out wanted to just taking it you know this. Look at any and appreciate this massive animal. The beauty. And it's just unbelievable to be that close is something that. I can so appreciate where you're saying I've never been in that situation but I can can appreciate what that would feel like. And you know like we know what their New Orleans out in the ocean. All the that people here in western authorities say well. So the first time -- ocean. Or you've ever been out waited even mountain ranges yeah I mean it is. It is you know you never forget that person is bad. It is amazing. Was. You know -- -- like an -- all of nature. Yeah we have severe that from -- fairness in our field right here alphabet force everyday and they have got. They -- -- goes and I have settled -- was some trailing behind them. And coming and -- are out there -- today. You know at this stop them out just like me and because I think the other subtle things safe for the bill if it. No actually instigated it is it's such a blessing to see him. Wild animals in in their own habitat or or even walking into yours it's it's it is. I have seen -- Fox's I've seen a few animals. In the wild ever -- -- is majestic as you know Joseph and I enjoyed our conversation appreciate -- listening to -- Pataki. I if you graduation I read your comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- -- Texas a 77. Coming up we just a few minutes overtake about this disguise who. Allegedly kicked a squirrel into Grand Canyon now the video went viral. -- blog tonight is titled the man kicks correlate to the Grand Canyon did you watch that's on our website at WWL dot com we'll be talking about that in just few minutes. -- drug jester hand Scott here on the -- show on WWR. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Under a democracy project brown movies yeah am I ordered to pick up. -- and and age yeah. Israel are popping up all my thought here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anyway it was the late CNET move. Like so much. Like years. Slash you know do it in music care. That was. Yeah I enjoyed it Scott what what movie has it been done yet about what performer that you'd like to see done. It was popular. Part of the anchor good movie is -- Robinson. You know that would make an interesting movie and he he was just so well respected by the -- many. A staff -- rock performers and he was like I was like kind of like a Johnny Cash icon. He can regulation. You know he -- currently. It's gonna -- Enough. I liked that movie where Jeremy auction rate rate rate child out party Gator Briere Hartnell on the -- only academy -- I'm embarrassed to tell yet I haven't seen that movie and I've heard that it's phenomenal so I'm gonna have to take time -- -- mandate to guy you play James Brown Chadwick of Bozeman did you think he was phenomenal. Are you order. A Jet -- -- -- and them. And you know and rock played a good spot he. Yes you know pictured. Here it's got I enjoy the conversation thanks for -- if your -- stay with us if you wanna join us with your thoughts about -- -- we're talking about tonight. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. Protection receipts over the age seventy so what movie would you like to see done about what performer here's a Texan reads -- vans that. Leonard -- is a text making a story of the musicians. And Angola prison would be cool they have such an amazing story to tell and yet somebody don't have a chance to hear their music. Our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. Texas -- 77 he will be right back aboard the -- show live on a Monday nights on every WL. If you're there I'm sure you enjoyed it JT. -- -- New Orleans. Last night. It's just to -- -- Drew Brees is still a lot of practice -- Sean Payton said he's thinking about the season not just this first pre season game Friday night against the rams in Saint Louis. And we've got that full story on our website at WW real dot com also understand that a Champ Bailey. A put on his pants today which is very good news we're talking about the movie get on up the movie about the life of James Brown number three at the box office this past weekend. A solid movie of the week and did you see it what did you think of the movie. And what will be would you like to see Donna doubts about a performer it hasn't been done yet there were also talking about those. Those movies that have already been done that are just phenomenal bio picks about our favorite performers. -- Joyner show with your comment tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Here which every text Amber's late 77. Coming up you're just a few minutes and tell you but this man who allegedly kicked a squirrel into the Grand Canyon. And I got a text earlier in the show from someone said well this score probably died from the kick. Know there's a reason the score probably didn't die from the kick and nothing about that in just a moment. Ross are talking about this discussion that. Took place with the staff that surfer magazine leading to the question is surfing or religion. Other -- church. When do you feel most spiritual. From -- until adjusting your Debbie WL. I beat that particular culture Justin. Our -- About spirituality. You one is what little ugly in the spiritual what have you got -- -- it was well it was I thought. A -- Apatow like like. On go to church a -- communion with that. Well years later at some traumatic experiences. That -- children in my spirituality in my yet like 2007. It was most important last year I lost a sister and brother and an eight -- -- one. -- yeah in the -- my younger sit. And bite. I was devastated. And I'm still kind of -- over. And I and I and that's it got kind of like reach you mean -- more spiritual church or -- I don't -- on thirteen. On. I put my own ear plugs and eye trauma I can put my head -- with electrons that most meditated -- in whatever it packets that you. Better kneeling on one -- and own it. And it really put -- and in my music is really just has done a lot for me in maximum spiritual thing. Are we just sit on a source for your for your losses and you know what he says spiritual one person is not necessarily the way somebody else would find their their spirituality so. If you have found it and god bless I'm sure a lot of people find it surfing. Lot of people find it in different ways and I got a text earlier from somebody said it. He's most spiritual when he's out fishing in the gulf and spending the night there in on here's the quiet of the gulf with an occasional fish breaking the surface of the water. The rocking of the -- signal that the stars at night. I you can you can be religious and not be spiritual and you can be spiritual and not be a religious person in terms of being -- line with. A specific religion. -- don't that that's like -- producer percent -- and I agree yeah. Just do it again I'm sorry for your loss I appreciate calling a show that you -- straight up. Aren't you -- specialist. And here's a text about spirituality. Sitting on the bench preservation hall you're uplifted. Here's a Texan -- one time I was locked out of my house for nearly two hours at 1130 at night. And it was amazing how peaceful and quiet Wallace allow me to be reminded of God's. Creation. And the commandment -- shells still no. He is god. Here's a Texas -- it was at a restaurant there was a fairly sitting at a table next to me. The a waiter brought me my order I immediately took a bite of the food. And as I took a bite of the food. I heard the little girl no more than seven years old at the table next to me say daddy that may have forgot to say a prayer. I knew what she meant. She was surprised. That I didn't say a blessing before eating. I smiled and said thank you you're right. I -- forget at that exact moment. I knew in my heart of hearts. That that couple was raising their children right by the way I did say a blessing after that. And continue to do so to the state. When do you feel spiritual. When you feel spiritual. Outside of church. Time we're also talking about a movies that they should be done about two performers. Like -- -- -- doctor James Brown did get -- not -- over the weekend disagreements over the of the movies that have been done about great performers. -- I talked about this a little bit on on Friday when I was in four for Garland but. With the we talk about it again tonight got a text here Freddie Mercury and other win running Van -- There's one performer I did mention this authority Friday morning there's one performer I would love to see a movie about -- And nobody's mentioning yet tonight let's see if if somebody does. Here's a tax lady sings the blues Billie Holiday story yes that was a very good movie. Here is a text Metallica. Of the recent documentaries about Metallica but it documentary is different from. A biopic. About the performer. Documentary is actually did the performers. But there's something interesting about people playing the part of someone who is who is famous and I -- I realized that with all of these bio pics like I get on not James brown and the Buddy Holly story and Obama. I realize that the all the stories. That there I'm sure there's some creative license taken and some things didn't happen exactly that way. But there's still a lot of facts and the basic theme of of these movies. According to what I've ran in and when I've heard from people who do these people. There. There rather accurate. If you wanna join rusher with a comment our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. -- -- a -- -- 87070. Here's a Texas -- seems to -- seems you have seen plenty of Fox's please elaborate. While I was talking about animals that I've seen in in the wild and occasionally. You would see a fox. I'm very close to where I lived across from a park in downtown Denver. And there are a lot of a lot of foxes and they did downtown Denver area. Here's the text Marilyn Manson that would be interest. Yet that would be an interesting movie but Maryland answered. The text Rick James. Here is it checks that reads. And scooped the only way to fix the eastern part of the world is to flatten every one out from Iraq. To the last nut job over there then we start over with normal people. A rather harsh way to look at the tension between Hamas right now Hamas in -- in Israel. There's a cease fire that is scheduled to take effect at midnight our time. The last -- lasted ninety minutes actually I think it was may be less than ninety minutes. Now hopefully for humanitarian reasons of this when will last and here's our WW up pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight. -- civilians and children die when he UN shelter -- who was to blame. Israel for bombing any location Hamas has weapons including Buick shelters or Hamas. For hiding weapons where there are civilians. Get -- -- by going to our web site WW real dot com. -- the video goes viral. Aren't those who watch it partly responsible. For inspiring its content. There's an Internet video a man apparently kicking a squirrel off the edge into the Grand Canyon. It's gone viral. Grand Canyon park officials are investigating to determine if the video is real or just a hoax. They believe it's real. In the video a shirtless man wearing a cowboy hat. Leaves a trail of food. With a final piece of food on he issue. So when the squirrel gets on his shoe to get the food. Demand and kicks the squirrel. Over the edge up in the year. Into the Grand Canyon. Park officials are looking for the man responsible but they say the chances of finding him are very slim. So. If the squirrel just gets on to the guy's foot then -- kicking the squirrel would not have killed. So I don't think this was rocky the flying squirrel. So I'm assuming that this squirrel fell to his or her death. In the Grand Canyon. Now if you haven't if you haven't heard about this video yet to -- apparently kicking a squirrel into the Grand Canyon you can now try to find it. And will you share with your friends with the caption it got to see this. Maybe you've already heard about the video and maybe party watched it and and shared -- with France. People continue to do these outrageous that sometimes really dangerous videos and they they -- the video it's outrageous and dangerous behavior. And post it with the hope that the video will go viral. And if you watch these videos. Are you supporting the outrageous and dangerous behavior featured in the videos. Even in just a vicarious sense. It's a video of a man taking a stroll into the Grand Canyon is true. And at the video was was made in the score always kick to his or her death with the expectation that an audience would watch. By viewing it and sharing it is the audience actually participating in the kicking of the squirrel into the Grand Canyon. Entertainment and an even news reflect audiences. A video is immediate. And mediums reflect the audience. Movies are made because of the expectation that people will watch movies. Bizarre videos are made because people expect people to watch them and they hope that they will go viral. Because that makes the quote unquote actors and producers of the video of the outrageous behavior. Somewhat famous they reached their own level of celebrity status because they -- video of outrageous behavior went five. Severe the video of this that this man allegedly kicking the squirrel into the Grand Canyon -- is a perfect way to explain the relationship between the medium. And the audience. There's condemnation of the news today for presenting. Certain news stories. There's always criticism of Hollywood for making certain movies. But in both cases. Is that the audience that actually determines the content of the news. And the content of entertainment. If you -- responded to to hard news. The way they respond to sensational news then it's -- -- and there would be more hard news. The news you assess. What it thinks we will watch. In the same way that somebody. Does something bizarre outrageous or even dangerous in a video hoping that it will go viral. It's easy for audiences to blamed the news the movies or any medium for the content it features violence. But if the media does reflect the audience. Then the individuals who make up the audience should recognize their contribution to the actual content. If the idea of somebody kicking a squirrel into the Grand Canyon. Is so outrageous that nobody would watch. Then the person would not videotaped. Himself or have somebody videotaped him kicking a squirrel into the grand -- Now now it is humans are innately -- -- violence agreed that this doesn't mean that all humans one bad thing to have to. But we issue moments -- -- very nature are intrigued by violence. And violent acts occur human nature will lead many to to watch -- -- it was slow down to see an action on the side of the road. We. With talked about this on the show before. We don't see things that are graphic when we see real violence and -- -- -- a real violent act recently the downing of that Malaysian airlines flight seventeen. Over the Ukraine. What did we see we saw a smoldering pieces of the plane on the ground we didn't see any bodies. And yet we were horrified by what we saw. By graphic Hollywood standards we didn't see anything. It was very pristine but yet knowing it was a real. Compelled us to watch. So I think we do know the difference between real violence and Hollywood violence and I don't know that we're really de sensitized although many people think we are. I don't think we're really desensitized because if we know something is real. We pay attention to even if it's not even if it's not graphic just the fact that it's real captures our attention. But it's -- violent act so it was Schwartzel and actually into intrigued by violence. If you if something violent happens and you watch that. Okay that's different then a violent act being planned and carried out for the sake of attracting an audience. So does the audience bears some responsibility for the act. If it's not expected to draw a mass audience. Then with the -- and have kicked the squirrel. Into the Grand Canyon. If you wanna join our show with a comet tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. What's happening in a -- number state -- -- -- -- but tonight is titled man kicks squirrel in the Grand Canyon did you watch it. Or will you watch it and if you do. Are you partially responsible for the action. Interesting thought. The a blog is on our website you can read and share with others it's -- WL. Dot com. Along with all the information about the saints and training camp the first pre season game against the rams in Saint Louis this Friday night and you'll hear all the action. Right here on WWL. -- Absolutely get an option will be about the life of James Brown over the weekend it was number three the box office I thought it was a very good movie they were about fifty. Flaws in it in terms of flashbacks it got a little confusing but. I still love the movie. And this is a part of the discussion tonight about what movie would you like to see done about a performer. Hasn't been done yet. Number one on my list just came in -- a text. I'd like to see a movie about the life. -- To see that move. Assuming it is only a matter. Here's a Texan reads it did not see James Brown but we'll please see the purge anarchy. I did see the -- anarchy we talked about that last week -- on it last week yet but talked about that last Monday night. On this Coachella I thought it was so I thought it was an amazing and frightening prediction. About where this country might be headed. If the the debate over political and social issues continues in this hateful direction. It's a very very interesting concept. Crime is down unemployment is down. The government is run by the new founding fathers. And once a year. They allow one night. For everybody to -- One night from seven from 7 PM to 7 AM twelve hours. One night once a year when all crimes. Including murder. Is legal. And it's an opportunity to not only get rid of some people who don't contribute to society -- part of the movie. But it's also a way to purge. On your your hate. And so that contributes to less crime that's in the movie I don't know that that would really happen and I don't expect us to head in this direction but to me. The purge anarchy what was kind of prediction about where we might be headed if we if we don't figure out a way to. Two to put a cap on the the strong hate it seems to be so much a part of political debate today. If you wanna join us with a comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- seventy. And our tech's number 677 we're really excited about a new feature on the Angeles show. Every weekday at 1 o'clock what's trending on WWL -- Angela friends for a candid -- in depth conversation. About the top trending stories of the day so you get caught up on everything news talk social media sports. Joining excellent. She'll be with -- our friends from B 97 magic by -- channel -- all of your favorites from Debbie WL and three WL. I just hang out and catch up on the top trending stories is to be right after many of you have your lunch hour at 1 o'clock the beginning. Of an open mind eventually they'll what's trending on -- WL 1 o'clock tomorrow and every we take right here on to BWL. Here is a text that read Cisco and I'd like to see someone portray Michael Jackson. It would take a few very talented actors to cover his incredible life from childhood. Two. From childhood stardom to adulthood. Yeah -- and I'm I'm sure that -- A matter of time before foresee a movie about Michael Jackson. Here is attacks that -- people complain about how awful it is for the media outlets or person to show things like a guy kicking the squirrel. But some of those same people don't mind watching it it's all about customer demand. What exactly I mean this is something that we talk about quite often on the show. The audience. Doesn't take as much credit as it desserts. For what's on television. And one of the perfect and I guess it's a metaphor of the perfect analogies. That I've used. Is. If is entertainment. From news media to two movies. They reflect the audience they reflect the desires of what the audience wants to see. I mean this is basic communication theory to. So we -- if the media reflects the audience. And as the audience doesn't like what it sees in the media. Is it fair to blame the media. To me that would be like looking into the mirror. You don't like the reflection you see so you blamed the mirror for the reflection. When -- reality. You're the one who's looking into the -- -- so if you don't like the reflection you see. That you have to blame yourself first. Here's a text a movie about Willie Nelson. Four he is many benefit concerts. And to help people in need. And I'm sure they would include something in the air about a smoking pot so they can bring in whole socialist. A smoking pot if -- to join a -- I read your comments are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- which seventy. And -- -- number is 87870. Here's a text they used to be a lot of fox is in mobile but it seems that the has been. Eating too good. And now. And now they're just called. Charities okay he yeah I and I think that's I think that's supposed to be kind of a joke I mean I I lived in briefly in mobile. And yes there were a lot of foxes in mobile here's attacks I'd like to see a movie about Dean Martin. That would be interest. I if you're on -- stay with -- are gonna get back to abort your calls and more of your text coming up here's our Debbie W a pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight if civilians and children die. When he UN shelters shelves. Who is to blame Israel for bombing any location Hamas has weapons including UN shelter with kids or is Hamas to blame for hiding weapons where there are civilians. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com. I'm -- will be right back on WLI is that we're talking about the a movie about the life -- James Brown get on up I sought over the weekend I thought it was goods my only problem with it was there are a few flashbacks that there were a little bit confusing at times. Chadwick Bozeman who was in the the movie 42 started as a Jackie Robinson and a 42. This guy is in other Jamie Foxx he was absolutely phenomenal and truly captured. The image that I camp of of James Brown outs -- we're talking about that also tonight we're talking about a discussion that took place with the staff members that surfer magazine. It led to the question is surfing a religion. Other than church. When do you feel spiritual. Coming up after the news at 9 o'clock and updates on a child left to die in a hot car in Kansas we talked of her on the show. An interesting update with the latest information on that story. I think you'll be amazed. And here's a quick update on tonight's -- -- -- a pretty general opinion poll if civilians and children die when UN shelter is shelled who's to blame. Israel for bombing any location Hamas has weapons or Hamas for hiding weapons where there are civilians. Right now forty a 14%. 14% say Israel 86%. Saying Hamas give us your opinion by going to our website WWL to come to give an update on that in just a few minutes Robert you're on the Scotia good evening. And good Robert. Movie. Well. -- And we keep pretty ought it will try to be. Easier to do and -- model way to -- but. Out on the economic -- -- -- dubbed -- -- that the humble guy and he went out you know watching watching that market are out. -- -- -- Any harder on you -- in the -- -- he wants and like I could see from your standpoint of being a musician that so yeah yes he was he was kind of rough but he really had he really had a big hearted you could you could see that toward the end of the movie. And you know there and and I told the -- this -- thing out like debuted currently got a little Hollywood it to CJ brown army Rick James historian out. You. But I mean but it was very I mean you know and -- no -- do what -- -- we all stop. It was really amazing. And did the actor who played James Brown Chadwick those -- authority today phenomenal job. That was I eat it anyway you know a certain spot to manage it looked just like keep our outlook kind of freaked him out. Just like we won't promote a new record actually you know I mean -- exchange now but it just. At night we learned through big giant. You know -- a movie that you won't get it how much he got that -- Three thousand around around you now. Think I appreciated James Brown as much as I should've been and now I do. Yeah yeah and mean and you know he's one week you cheated you out. He wanted to guys actually -- in the -- in my and I admire album but some are your cheap light it definitely high now. Robert what I what I love about that that movie and and those kinds of movies is it just goes to show you that tough times I can't can't keep. On the successful people from achieving success no matter what they go through they still find a way to persevere and be successful. Yeah in the Arctic air like he's to need to think there might be more and multiple if you look -- people need it to be really great people. And and -- and rock music you know Chris obviously -- and some -- -- somewhere you know. If you're going through tough times than you -- destined to be destined to be a great musician. Yeah you make -- -- -- into lemonade -- -- you know so field where it's good. But -- had to smuggle it you notepad and and machine -- Indonesia wanted the sand regarding -- -- go away -- -- make it came from my virtual Connecticut student wallet. -- get a great time and she can't wait to come back and it was Monica she called her show on her way into the city for the first time she was listening to the show issuers driving in that we instant suggestions for but she she loved the city had a great time it cannot wait to come back. Doctor are you actually -- BH LE eight Germany Cairo on ya. But altruistic gesture here would be that's what you can't -- so I wanted him to hear a lot. But that Robert I've got to get through newsprint are what we -- -- Have a great night. This is the -- on a Monday night it will be her right back.