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Aug 5, 2014|

Get On Up" - the movie about the life of James Brown opened in theaters over the weekend. Did you see it? Did you like it? Like so many other successful performers - James Brown overcame a tough childhood and many obstacles. Tough times don't seem to keep top performers from achieving success. Did you have to overcome any difficult times to get where you are today? What movie would you like to see made about which celebrity? AND: a viral internet video of a man apparently kicking a squirrel into the Grand Canyon is being investigated by Grand Canyon officials. If a video goes ‘viral’ does that mean people want to see it more or is it just like those that ‘rubberneck’ at a traffic accident? Why do tragic or horrific things get more views than good things? Is it ‘human nature’ to want to see bad things happen over good things? What’s the last ‘viral’ video you looked at …was it something good and heartwarming or someone getting hurt?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I hope you had a great weekend actually we're talking about the movie get on -- it's the movie about the life of James Brown it was number three at the box office this past weekend did you see the movie and did you like it. I thought it was really good and I learned a lot about James Brown that I didn't know. And is this is another story about two about a performer. Who had a really difficult childhood. Very tough obstacles in his life. And it's a reminder that did that tough times and obstacles. Don't ever keep good people from from ultimately be successful. And I think the good news there is if you're going to a tough time now it doesn't mean it's always going to be this way for. It doesn't mean that you're always going to be in the in the position hearing you have to just believe in yourself and and persevere -- find that. Find that person that you know you are inside. And even through the tough times try to be that person I gotta tell you though but that the guy who was sitting at funny. He was -- it's open during the previews and then the movie started. The guys texting. On his followers -- is all lit up its air for enemy with -- life. And I'm thinking emphasis is still room off with a previews the guy is texting the movie starts at what does he do he puts the phone up. And he didn't take it out the rest of the move. And I thought this is great. But he's the guy kept it out so that would be great topic people who are -- movies. But it's he he was he was polite and put in -- way that's not a topic. But it really should be because we should take time to notice the things that people do that are nice. Not just complain about the negative things people do if I see somebody in in public. Restaurant to an airplane or any place and I noticed that their kids are extremely well behaved. Sometimes I take time it's a -- and tell your kids are really well behaved. You know we should give positive reinforcement -- not just negative. Reinforcement so we're right we're talking about Terry get on out. And and what's what's another movie that you would like to see darn about about a performer that hasn't been done yet number one on my list is Kurt Cobain but. The list tonight gain includes. Ronnie van -- Freddie Mercury. Michael Jackson Marilyn Manson Dean Martin Willie Nelson BB king Rick James. Fats Domino Alice Cooper Lou Reed. -- Jimmy -- In fact if they did a movie about Willie Nelson and Jimmy buffet they could probably use a lot of the same props in in in both of those -- for us. Well they could use a lot of the same -- I've due to join us -- -- comet tonight -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven or text number is 877. Here we're also talking about Israel and Hamas there is a cease fire. And that he is as scheduled to. Go into effect at midnight our time. And here's our WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight if civilians and children die when he UN shelter is shelled who is to blame. Israel for bombing any location Hamas has weapons including UN shelter with children or Hamas for hiding weapons where there are civilians. 13% say Israel's to blame and 80% say Hamas is to give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com we're tracking that throughout our show. Also tonight we've been talking about discussion that took place with the staff that surfer magazine. And this discussion it's surfer magazine led to the question. Is surfing a religion. And to a lot of people that's a very spiritual talk right. It's time when they feel. At one with God's creation. The water the way. The power the beauty of at all I'm not a surfer I've gotten up on -- a couple times. -- I wouldn't say I'm a surfer but I do understand it. Other -- church. -- you feel most spiritual. Something else for talking about throwing to -- a sit with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866. 88907 at tech's number is 8787. Also trying to be talking about this this Internet video that went viral it's a video of a man apparently kicking a -- actually it's seven. John wicker studio producer saw it I didn't see it. Because I. Honestly I'd I don't receive guy kick a squirrel into the Grand Canyon. But it's it's a series of faux progressive action photographs. Letting you know what what happened. And the park officials at the Grand Canyon are investigating to determine if it's real and they're gonna try and find a guy who's guilty but they don't think it's a very good possibility that they will for an. But if this video went viral of a man kicking a -- into the Grand Canyon. Does that mean that the people who who watched it and shared it. Does that mean that they. They wanna see a man took a squirrel under the Grand Canyon does that mean that their partially. Responsible for the content of the video. If people do things at an outrageous things dangerous things. And post the videos. They do that because they know people who watch and the goal is four to go viral. So the more outrageous it is the better chance it's gonna go viral. But isn't this a good time to talk about the responsibility of the audience when it comes to something's. That entertain us the scoop like tonight is titled man kicks -- to Grand Canyon did you watch. It's on our website at WWL dot com. What would it be like to win a thousand bucks well WWL which we find out Phyllis chancellor WWL listener right from Metairie was a winner. Every day you've got a chance to win a thousand dollars and our nationwide contest it's a nationwide summer splash cash contest. Listen weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM for the code word. And -- the code were to seven to 81 for your chance to win without ever putting your phone down. That's seven to 88 point every weekday four lucky listeners nationwide win a thousand dollars each and Phyllis ensor from Metairie. Has just want. Don't miss out on the money and you can sign up for the WW all cash club you'll get text reminders about fifteen minutes before we announced the code -- so you should elicit. Just text the word cash. To -- 787. Tech support cash to -- 7870 and you get an alert fifteen minutes before we mention the code work so you're certain to tune -- The 1000 dollar nationwide summer splash cash contest don't forget the time -- listen 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM and good luck for sport radio intercom and all of us are definitely well we never charge for tax but individual text and data rates. May apply. Until right we have. Got an update on it -- child left and hot car we talked about her on the show last week. There was implication in Wichita Kansas where. A Foster father blessed child in the car. And the father's partner what is in the backyard. And they didn't realize that they left the child in the car. Until they saw something on television. Well we're learning a little bit more about the case a police affidavit says a child crying on the television show game of thrown its. -- the Foster parents in memory that he left his ten month old little girl. Inside the sweltering car. Now what I I've found was interesting was that he he he took an older child out of the car but left the younger child in the car. And there's even more details about this Kansas case that -- surface in this affidavit that was made public today. The document says that -- Jackson and his partner. Were smoking marijuana while the child was in the car in Wichita. Where it was about ninety degrees outside a lot hotter than that inside. And charges have been filed. Jackson is charged with first degree murder in the July 24 death no charges have been filed against his partner. Jackson's partner told police the girl was hot. And stiff. When he grabbed her and took her in the house and called 91 point. Jackson administered. CPR police say the girl was inside the car. For more than two hours. This is a little graphic. But I don't mind. Shearing it. With you because I think it's just a reminder of how horrific this is. We've talked about this -- the blog about it on our car web site. These deaths in hot cars are 100%. Preventable. And while there are excuses given for parents being dizzying. And for getting children and cars. I don't know that there's really ever an excuse. But these are are are good parents in the minds of many people and and maybe they work. But they're not good parents after they leave a child in the car. Especially to -- So first degree murder charges have been filed against this this -- And there are a lot of cases where first degree murder charges or not. And it's essentially the same thing. In my opinion. Any parent who leaves their child and -- die. Should be charged because that child needs to. And you can make all the excuses you want but I don't think that there's anything that really should be. Considered acceptable. When it comes to an excuse for leaving a child. In a car. Someone to give you that update and the fact that they were smoking marijuana I mean that that doesn't help. Not that everybody who smokes pot is leaving their kids in cars. This isn't is in the statement about pot it's really a statement about parents who who are distracted. If you wanna join our show with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Or seven. And a text numbers 87870 here's attacks not supporting the disturb Psycho who kicked a squirrel over the edge of the Grand Canyon. But squirrels can control their fall. And fall hundreds of feet. And run away when they hit the ground. They fall out of trees all the time plus canyon walls don't go straight down hopefully the -- -- was lucky. And maybe the score -- I don't think it was a flying squirrel. But to the scroll I've gotten a couple of -- people who say this corals can fall out of out of treason and can fall and and they survive I mean that's you know that's fine. But it disturbs me. There's somebody would try to or would kick a squirrel into the Grand Canyon. The assumption is if we videotape this. And if we. Put on YouTube or for our FaceBook page is gonna go viral. And the assumption is based on the fact that people will watch it and so are people partially to blame. If somebody does something like. Here's a checks my cat just died June 10. A putting -- a box in my bed and I stayed with him until. He died I never left him. The other eight cats we have we're licking and kissing him goodbye. His name was Sox. He was a sign these. He was fifteen years old. So we lived a full life I'm mission so much. And I know exactly what that feels like. And perhaps you do to -- one of the reasons I don't have a pet now is because. Recently in my life a couple of for cats they have to have died -- -- world -- they died but I'd. To be honest with -- I just don't know if likened. I can deal with that package deal with there and the sadness of of losing a -- I you know I realize that makes me really selfish person. Because. If if fine. If I give up this. Desire to never be hurt again. Then I'm gonna help an animal lead to more fulfilled life in the animal would lead is the animal was left in the case. I'm just trying to figure that out myself but I know exactly what it feels like to 22 -- attack. I here's a text ideas to weigh in. When somebody does something cruel to an animal or human I do you know it gives them what they want. I get angry. I stepped into a crowd. Of bullies. Shoving a man down the street in downtown Dallas. When I tried to reach over to help him up. And across the street. He was so scared. He ran off. And I guess that can happen you know people are very skeptical of each other. Here is -- Czechs about to Israel and Hamas I find it appalling that the UN and our State Department calls on Israel. For shelling a school when Hamas missiles are stored. Yet. Both are silent about Hamas deliberately targeting Israeli citizens. Since the very beginning of the conflict. After all they are terrorist and that's what terrorists do. Yeah Hamas as a terrorist organization but it's my understanding that they were. They were democratically elected. To 3%. The Palestinian PI it's it's a very very complicated situation got a text a moment ago from some -- as I thank god. That we're not in the country -- have to constantly feared being bumped. And who knows what's right with all of that mess it is ridiculous and and more than ridiculous it is just truly truly -- If you wanna join us with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Nearly seventy. Our checks Amber's age 778 a Drew Brees has still out of practice for Sean Payton says that he's thinking about the season not the first pre season game party night against the rams in Saint Louis. And we got that full story on our website at WW real dot com it's going are standing their Champ Bailey the future hall of fame cornerback. Now the saints -- did Wear pants today so that's a very good sign. We'll be right -- -- more -- show on -- WL. And talking about the movie yet and which -- saw over the weekend that movie about the life of James Brown never treat the box office this this past weekend. Talking about other movies that should be done about different performers in that John quicker studio producers inform me that. There's a movie coming out about the life of Jimi Hendrix starring Andre 3000 of Outkast plays the role of Jimmy. Movie is to be titled all is by my side. To that I would say it's about time that would be interesting. -- know what they do movies like that when you think about Jimi Hendrix. -- a black rock performer. In the sixties. That this isn't a movie -- certainly bring in. The the race issue and integration and segregation and you know when you when you do movies about these these people's lives you also I've taken some of the social and political atmosphere of the time. If you wanna join us a try with your comment our numbers 260187. And toll free 866889. Here which have any attacks numbers 877. From Mississippi Donald Euro Disco chilling to BW -- good evening. Look so thanks. You know problem all character by the outlook it documentary on on the the musicians. They were both -- and lead to lead. And -- Bloomberg Gupta before. One came out it came heavily strictly -- -- was active in the suburb and maybe in the eighties he thought a year ago. -- -- I don't know it was very well appreciated -- and who knows active year but for the -- -- influential. -- that from the public music to people who follow him you can urgency somewhat to that. What. It's -- tell me about his music I I actually remember the name and I remember seeing albums like I I first got into radio and it was to a music radio and it. In the seventies I remember seeing albums with captain before but I don't remember any of his music I don't remember ever playing any of them who would he be compared to today. -- I think if you if you hum place you start playing pretty much basic it's standard -- balloon. -- we've got more more for Russell Leo like the -- you know probably by. To secure you compare somewhat like. -- That today. Two BO. A reasonable. You know some are comparable but. It probably example levee that -- compared -- he was used obscure. It is rather obscurity then and then. Just really all the wall. We didn't really appear to have a standard you -- so so what constituted new Richards got to do what we want. Well I admire that rebellious attitude and anybody. Yeah the -- -- guys in the -- a lot of credit you have that you want to be influential you know in the long run. But. -- -- you know I. I think -- interpreting New Orleans literally you know what my wonderful documentary show -- book or of course you know wanna compromise. -- you know go spectacle of age or check out and werewolves and a year. Louis Armstrong who -- such an outsized Oprah about the number of useful -- You know that we -- local local local people you know we're genius of the girl you know during that time period give back to the twenties and thirties and the forties. Well you know just declared that player alone mean that it widget which stockpile will be useful the documentary is just on the clarinet player chairman of the -- was occupied. You know state do you know and in the city you know you know Chicago the Baltic country in the world. -- you can't -- Johnny option and own worst enemy. -- -- -- for the they have a prayer that by amnesty Maryland he'll share with them Tokyo junior actually in -- I think you can go beyond that there was sort pop pop -- boredom that picnic or pop up -- -- -- topple. You know look look. The progenitor of eligible. Position you know. Just so hard that the music in the world -- that time period you know -- that anybody is really mind about that well social. You know of creativity in them and -- -- -- -- gets really interesting too to see these movies that are done about people who blazed trails who. Not only overcame obstacles but they they did something they do something different they had -- they had a vision and that's why I'm personally sort of stated a movie about a Kurt Cobain. I think that would be a fascinating but I think it's interesting that you bring up Louis Armstrong. Because maybe there's been -- maybe there's been attacked a casual movie done about Louis Armstrong but but nothing. Modern enough and and it deep enough to really give us the life of of Louis Armstrong and you know again I mean did you Louie Armstrong. Move up north because of racism in the south because it was easier for him to pursue his passion of of playing music and as singing up north because of the racial tension of the time and that would certainly be part of the movie. Thought that absolutely. You know I think that it doesn't -- into you know and the way that he you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our support not skew the topography and Luke -- -- -- now almost November you know. There -- about -- -- in the French Quarter stop but you know. You know they they outfit looks -- The exact location -- -- and then and to help but you know they hate and distrust twelve indeed he -- you know all -- -- -- about jobs or -- for in the game as well not so he's to control the weather. Delegate you sound like you're very knowledgeable about their music I remember my dad telling me that says that Glendora in this was another one of the of the great bio -- us over Jimmy Stewart. As soon as Gwendolyn Glenn Miller story which I thought was was a phenomenal movie -- Glenn Miller was really very very innovative when he came to the big band sound because. He went with it and at McLaren at least and that was that was unheard of at the time. Badly your garage. And but I also believe a lot of you know you know -- little you know chain from new world where players. Tell enjoyed a conversation appreciate a good time to. I try to interpret 11 of the about -- world and the Grand Canyon. You know I don't have that you really but it would which at this world you know you can then rancher -- anywhere else. The number of years ago world broke down the chimney. Eric ambler couldn't get out. All the world outside when actually -- they were scampered around -- around the chimney. Erin I went in the open flew in and out of my house on the war Immelman walked outside. There were there were like twenty -- out and around on the ground apology ships who were just absolutely. Delighted that she's different and alive and well. That is such a great story you hear stories about animals and it just. It has this. This awareness of each other and it's it's really heart warming so that does the squirrels knew that. They had lost their friend or maybe it. This thing -- that endangers them. And they they actually sitting halogen to sort ergo you know and they you know -- -- -- -- -- council that they were obliged to live and well. You know and -- strokes and marks the world of -- and bring much follow you wouldn't welcome. It's agree animal story Donald thanks for calling in -- Like if you're what do you -- to join us for the comment tonight about any we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. -- numbers like 77. You do hear these amazing stories about about animals and I remember. On the -- but maybe a year or so ago we are talking about it is this smothered duck. -- which medically on. She was in a panic she was wobbling around this this drain. Great because her little babies had fallen in the drink. And the fire department came out and and and saved and she wasn't gonna leave until they were saved and thank god did all that worked out so you know amazing stories about animals which is. You know which is why it's just it's so amazing that somebody would. If somebody would kick a squirrel into the Grand Canyon. Videotape it. With the idea of it that this is gonna be something it's gonna attract a lot of people's attention. And the Internet video of a man apparently kicking a squirrel into the Grand Canyon has gone viral. Great Kenyan officials -- look at for the guys they don't expect a finding that the chances going to be very slim that they actually find him. But if the video does go viral does that not mean that people are in part responsible for inspiring. This kind of behavior. This is it a great opportunity to talk about that relationship between the audience. And the media. In this case the medianews. Is the video. And a guy does this. But the idea that people do what I I got a text from stories said that -- they thought that the the kicked probably killed the squirrel. But what the guy did was he and he had a trail of food. -- that led to his his shoe. And the last piece of food was only issue. So when the squirrel got to his his sports -- launch it into the air over the edge into the Grand Canyon. So there was really no force from the kick itself. So that means the for a lol the pull a guy was was alive. Well. At least usually hit. I mean it's it's it's sad but again I -- I can't help but think that if if if there's something. It is created to get people's attention. And those who pay attention to I have not seen by the way. I didn't even ask him to nobody did John liquor studio producer. He he checked it out. And he said -- it's it's a series of progressive action photos. Is sign of that video percent. And I just. I don't know I am I'm I'm I'm not gonna -- and I I don't deceived because I'm I'm gonna think about what's gonna happen to the sports world. Here's a text about Kurt Cobain Kurt Cobain. Really I can sum up his life story. On -- punk heroin addict. Who blew his brains out. And that's the way a lot of people while look at her coping. And it's because they don't understand his music. And one of the one of the first times that I noticed that my generation the baby boomer generation was hypocritical. Was what -- -- Cobain committed suicide. And there were people who were part of my generation. Who said well you know look look what happens like using heroin addict. Any pity he killed himself you know so -- Elegant the music they did so what. And yet it wasn't long somewhere right before or right after that Mickey Mantle. Died of complications from from alcoholism. And I really made the argument usually not a lot different between what Mickey Mantle did and -- it means there are differences of course. But both are deeply. Died as a result of substance abuse. But -- -- was revered. Are coping with job Revere but it's this is still person I mean if you don't like Kurt Cobain. You don't have to I understand it but. Kurt Cobain was very influential music that whole grunge movement which we talked about this on the show. That was the first big departure. From the music that had been created in the sixties by The Beatles the stones and in all -- the groups that came over here during the British invasion. Kurt Cobain in Nevada the groin sat on the alternative music of the nineties that was the first big departure. -- in music so he was a TrailBlazer. And he represented -- -- tell you something else I'm starting to see remember how people used to Wear the a flannel shorts tied around their waist. I'm starting to see that again. Is the grunge is it just long enough for babies some aspects of the grunge movement and to crunch fashion to to start coming back. But the the guy and Tony in the band's. NK TO. He was. He was for -- at house of blues he performed with like. A plaid shirt tied around his waist. And I was at the ball over the weekend and I saw several mannequins. With -- shirts tied around their waist. And that I saw I saw a young girl. Down the street with mr. -- so. Interesting that that aspect of their growing which. The grunts and influence may be coming back and it may have been just just long enough ago for that to happen. Here's a -- reads in some cases videos go viral can lead to justice being served for example the Alabama fan. And the LSU fan at the crucial border on Bourbon Street no that's right and and and that's good use. The video and that way here's a text -- scoot I don't have the heart to watch the sadistic blank kicked the ports -- to its death. Well and I didn't either. And I can act like you watch. Now you may not like Kurt Cobain but it's it's undeniable that he had a tremendous. Impact on music and not registered coping but that whole movement and he was really. I guess one -- leaders of that hole grunge movement in the early to mid nineties. If you enjoyed us tonight with your comment on numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And our checks and -- heaviest after I'm scoots on Monday nights will be right back on WWL. -- -- It's. Have been talking tonight about the movies get on which Christopher street the box office this past weekend movie about the life of James Brown saw the movie it was a lot about James Brown that I did not know that I wish I had no. In fact I should have had even more respect for James Brown that I -- I -- -- always had respect for him and Tony was. I just a phenomenon but I don't really didn't realize what he had gone through to get to where he wants or really who -- was so I've. I enjoy the movie and I thought they were some times when. If the flashbacks -- little confusing but I love the movie and this has gotten us a talking tonight about movies that we would like to see done about performers in that brought up a Kurt Cobain. I here's attacks -- -- did not commit suicide he was killed. And there are people who believe that he was murdered and there are some conspiracy theorists who believe that somehow -- laugh. Was involved in all of here's a text did drugs make him shoot himself. Nobody really knows. Kurt Cobain had. A drug problem. But Kurt Cobain was also tortured by two things. He was tortured by a stomach ailment in I don't know exactly what it was but he was in constant pain. With some kind of a stomach the issue I don't know exactly what it was but I remember. A reading that he was he was tortured by that. Also I think Kurt Cobain was tortured by the idea. Of being out of being mass appeal. And that's why I would love to see what he would be doing the day. That he was still -- Trickle we never wanted to be a commercial success. And in one of the reasons that his music was it was so honest was because it was a rebellion against commercial music. And yet Kurt Cobain and that music became. Commercially successful. And I don't know if Kurt Cobain could envision in his mind. Ever being a commercial. Pop star. And yet at the time that he killed himself that's what he was the coming. Up for -- Larry -- -- this -- -- WL. -- -- he's on Cutler. I agree that Obama just so you say here an -- -- the only team channel Kurt Cobain thing understand alcoholism lead to Mickey mantle's death but it. Well my my point is Larry that -- there's a generation that is sympathetic. For some people who die from substance abuse and not sympathetic of others. And for those who argue that Kurt Cobain was heroin addict and and killed himself so we've he got what was coming to on. You could still make that same cold hearted argument about Mickey Mantle if he wasn't a revered. Person that people people laughed. Now I mean -- you -- and I understand it and it. Mickey panel eventually died because of alcoholism you know again it -- supportive if Kurt Cobain would have died because of his own news. Then may be great. Still it is that Humana didn't shoot himself -- I mean you know I think I'm doing it himself but he he did a lot slower. Anchor it was you and Alec wrote about -- like -- that the dignity -- it's and I am not of that generation. The older generation but I do believe -- -- Brady was on the cutting edges that the only thing I have a little issue is that they both substance problems. That he's reached a little bit on now. Larry I appreciate you calling a show thanks for ritualistic here's a text is it the grunge movement for the fashion of the seventies and eighties that's coming back -- like I quite often talk about the similarities with. Music and fashion today with the -- Well you know sometimes it's kind of a hybrid of of of two -- I don't think there's any doubt that. The music out today much of the music -- will define this decade. Is very similar to the music of the eighties. It's happy to temple much of it is very very positive not all of that but much of it is. And many of the hair styles of IC today are similar to what -- buy remember seeing is being very popular in the eighties and if you look back on some of the of the videos from the eighties -- see hair styles -- that are similar to today. But I just I have noticed that there seems to be this growing on new trend of wearing. A plaid shirts are wearing something tied around your waist which was something that -- very much a part of the grunge movement of the nineties. From there -- like Scott you're under the WL. Extradite them good. Very. I mean how loud the young degenerate -- I mean. Endemic in a great statement I mean outlook -- go green. I mean. They're doing a good job. I mean I can't act can't see. A deal to carry each content can put down. It's younger generation they do they catch. Well and the air so there's a lot of positive attitude. Among this new young generation which got his black quite often describe myself on the air. As a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation because my generation is very critical of a young generation for doing essentially what grade did. And they're they're and they're not accepting a lot of the new music that's out today which has a very very positive message it's RS. I have to agree with you Kurt Cobain died I had a couple of friends -- AM and the John Lannan. And you know and I'd -- you he was a great. You Israeli. Here's -- great person. And an end and and eat eat -- -- for a lot of good beard and -- actually. That you didn't. -- Cute sustained. The music he could. Well he where he robbed he -- the generation. Of growing older with him and and -- Seeing what he would be doing today I mean at. You know -- in the same way that that I still love the fact that The Rolling Stones and some of the people that I grew up with are still performing today. It would mean it it means a lot to every generation to have the people that they admired when they were we were young and at first getting into music. I'm still performing in the in the future and that the. Her uterus out -- these are out you know -- -- -- you know not like -- here. And I grew up in the -- allowed Michael Jackson admit that but now the outlet that you are grew up and down. Outlook the outlook the -- a lot ball and the and Kirk Cobain would he even that great -- -- Well he he was he was phenomenal not in terms of dancing on stage but in terms of his passive intensity. He was truly amazing Scott I've got to get to break I enjoy our conversation Collison talked. Right now more via text or coming up if you wanna join us with your comment your thoughts tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series every tax is 87878. This is the -- show on every WL. Wait to hear what a six year old boy did with his battery out but eight is battery operated ATV. Let's say about that coming up that after the news at 11 o'clock and we're just. A little bit over an hour away from the cease fire taking effect in between Hamas and Israel. The last one lasted dentists about ninety minutes or maybe slightly less will this -- last. For humanitarian reasons I hope it does. This is a stooge Joseph glad to witness on this Monday night Mort you're -- are coming up. Junior -- says that he will not shave his beard until the saints win another Super Bowl. What kind of commitment would you be willing to make something you would do or not due until the black and gold bring home another Lombardi. We're -- commitment. What plays would you make. Touched on -- -- about that tomorrow morning six to ten on WW -- news also tell me we'll talk about the urban North Carolina restaurant. Giving a 15% discount to diners who pray before the meal. Do you say a prayer of thanks before every meal even when you're in public. Would you fake it. To say 15%. Wake up and feel good Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning weekdays to be WL first news from six to ten. Here is attacks that Regis about the the man who apparently kicked a squirrel into the Grand Canyon. -- I have no desire whatsoever of viewing the footage of an innocent creature of god. Meeting its demise. Every person who posted that on my Twitter feed I immediately on followed and blocked them. People like that. Who enjoys seeing things like that. But the very same people who have no problem whatsoever throwing defenseless animals from speeding vehicles. I admire year. Commitment to the animal kingdom I I would think that there were a lot of people who would not throw an animal from a vehicle. But would watch. A man kick a squirrel into the Grand Canyon. So the question is though if you watch a man kick a score -- to the Grand Canyon. -- part of the reason the mandated in the first place and if people do really really outrageous. And sometimes dangerous things are cruel things. -- -- viral well who -- and go viral. The audience. So should the audience bears some responsibility for. Supporting the video here's an update on our WW up pretty -- opinion poll tonight if civilians and children die when a UN shelter is shields who is to blame. Israel for bombing any location Hamas has weapons including Buick shelter. Or Hamas for hiding weapons where civilians are including a UN facility school or -- shelter. Give us your opinion like going to -- web -- WWL dot com right now 11% blamed Israel 89%. Blame Hamas would give an update coming up in the next hour. It's Monday night on WL.