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08-04 11pm Scoot, Legendary Rock Star Movies

Aug 5, 2014|

What legendary rock star would you like their to be a movie of?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So this the six year old boy. Drove his battery operated ATV on to a New York highway yesterday about 7 o'clock at night. The good news is the boy's safe. This little of -- six year old boy who was driving his battery operated toy ATV. He was into an outing with a Stanley Park. He disappear. Relatives immediately notified police. And Westchester county police began receiving 911 calls less than an hour after the boy had been reported missing. And police say that this little boy drove his battery operated ATV. Onto the Bronx River Parkway. Highway in New York. And he. He drove up onto the ramp and order the the highway north -- Police say three motorists slow down their vehicles surrounded the boy to protect him from other vehicles. They say one out of the car and grabbed the boy he was taken to the hospital and found to be okay. Look at that a couple of questions here. I had no idea that a battery operated ATV was that powerful that it could go up and go up and on -- Mean it would it -- and kind of stall out on the way up but anyway apparently that it made it up and then you -- the other question I have is will you know where the parents. I mean it's not like this -- sped away I mean this is like a turtle walking out of sight I mean he's on this battery operated ATV. It's not like he's running out of sight in a hurry. And so what did that the -- didn't notice this kid would mean this kid could get that far away again I just I have to ask the question where are the -- A -- us on this Monday night I'll get a great weekend is now for most of us you you might have been some heavy downpours because there were heavy downpours in the area. But for the most part it did not did turn out to be as wet and soggy weekend as they were predicting for Saturday and Sunday and today for most of us did not turn out to be. That much of of the soggy day here's what we're talking about tonight that there was a discussion with the staff of surfer magazine. That led to the question is surfing or religion. So other -- church when do you feel most spiritual. And the discussion it's surfer magazine about whether a surfing as a rule which it was all about the spirituality. A surfing. People finding religion in writing waits. Is -- some time outside of church that you feel very spiritual. When I lived in Seattle and Portland. Hi I noticed that there were they were secret churches per capita in general what the exact numbers -- but they're. That there weren't as many churches in that part of the country is there were in the north the store. In Miami or. Here in the south and in and other parts of the country. And one observation wise one theory. Was that daddy -- to -- majestic beautiful part of the country. -- people feel spiritual. Spiritual -- every day. And I'm not saying that this is recommended I'm guessing this is one of the observations. That people don't feel the need. To. Go to church because they just feel like they live in such a part of the country that inspires such on spirituality. And so many thoughts about it's about god. That there's not didn't and in need to torture to get I'm not saying that's the right thing but that was when observational -- that I found very interest. So outside of church when do you feel spiritual. I can think of many times when I was on the -- lift a snowboarding. And I was alone little lift. And just writing up the lift. Not to snowboard. And especially if it was snowing. I feel very spiritual. Felt once -- realty in those situations. I guess sometimes I felt kind of spiritual going down the mountain but I was really trying to stay alive. So I I've I've allowed myself to relax more guests on the on the lift you know there were times when I lived on the North Shore. Undertones and I've driven the cost way without any anything on in the car quiet the cars court. And I'm going across the causeway him across this open water halfway across the causeway and that's a time when I felt the spiritual. There are times when I'm in the car now when I've got nothing on no music no radio. And it's it's just it's quiet. And to me that's a time when you're on the road that's a -- to be your spiritual. Sometimes I felt that way when I'm on a plane and I'm looking out of the window. You know you don't have to go to church if -- spiritual. -- a lot of people who go to church are not spiritual people. A lot of people who -- spiritual people. Don't go to church. So outside of church. Can you relate to a surfer. Feeling religion feeling spiritual surfing. Outside a church when do you feel spiritual. Our numbers 260187. Toll free 866. 8890 point seven. And a text number is 877 it. Also we're talking about the movie get on up the movie about the life of James Brown was number three the box office this past weekend I saw the movie I liked it to there are few things soon. Technically there and I guess technically mechanically spread editing was concerned there are few things that I've found a little confusing. There are a lot of flashbacks in the moving. And the flashbacks were not consistent they were not in chronological order. So there were a titan is confusing but then as soon as you as soon issue captured where you were in the movie. With a flashback it was OK and I would not let that. I discourage me from from going to see I thought it was a very good movie but if you and give us your opinion on it he can a caller show -- -- Bozeman. Who has shortest Jackie Robinson in the movie 42. It started James brown and I thought this guy was phenomenal. I think he may be another Jamie Foxx. He was sensational. And I learned a lot about James Brown that I I didn't go. And in many ways he was he was very independent very revolutionary. And a a musician caller earlier who saw the movie of the weekend. In the musician said what he did know was that did James Bond was so tough. Was so who. Was so tough on his is musicians. And he was but toward the end of the movie you could tell that he even though he may not have always. Shown that he really did have a very very big art. Now we're less than an hour away from when the cease fire is supposed to take effect in between Israel and Hamas in this way is a proposal presented from Egypt. It's interesting that you know there were times when Egypt and Israel. I needed some way to committed brokered agreement now Egypt is presenting. A proposal for a cease fire so I find is some irony in that. And it just goes to show you'd you'd never know. Win your enemies are going to become your friends or at least somewhat somewhat of an ally but there is something. If you grew up with all the tension the Middle East between Egypt and Israel this is something a little bit ironic. Abouts about each of presenting this this proposal the last a cease fire lasted about ninety minutes so hopefully this one will last longer. Here's our WW ball pretty general opinion poll tonight he civilians and children die in the UN shelter when it's a shield. Who's to -- Israel for bombing the shelter. Any location where Hamas has weapons including UN school or Hamas for hiding weapons in a UN school where civilians are. It is your opinion Michael inter web site WWL dot com a Drew Brees was just a lot of practiced Sean Payton says he's thinking about the entire season not the first pre season game Friday night. Against the rams in Saint Louis Andy might be nice to see backup quarterbacks are getting a lot of time because ultimately. Successful teams have a really good back up quarterback did you know god forbid just in case something happens to their starting quarterback. The backup quarterback and stepping it and continue to lead the team. We've got that full story on our website at WWL dot com. If you wanna join us tonight with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Series Saturday text is 87870. Here's a text accident on I ten east about a half a mile from the old exhibit -- to go towards Six Flags at least four cars involved. Down to one lane police and ambulance are on site so be aware of that that is the I ten. And heading east. Here is a texts that reads a California has less churches because there are a lot of fruits and nuts living there. Well I guess that's one theory. But there aren't they are there are theories that it's a very beautiful. Part of the the country that inspires. That inspires spirituality and therefore people don't feel the need to go to a charging again. When I lived there I still with the church. But it was a very spiritual a part of the country. Also tonight we've been talking about new restrictions on doctors performing abortions and this may force the closing of several women's clinics in Alabama. There are new laws restricting abortions being passed by state legislatures across the country. So if the goal is to have no more legal abortions in America. And as you know there are people who potentially fight through this every day of their lives. If there if there were no legal abortions in America. What do you think would be the result would have. Do you think people would which south having sex. If there were no legal abortions would people be more responsible. With having sex yeah I I hear out and stopping abortions but I don't hear a lot of talk about. What's the goal. Mean obviously the goal is to is to have people give birth to say if they get pregnant. But people are gonna stop having sex. And and so if some people still get pregnant. Well there are gonna bring a child in the world that many people don't want race which is is is really sad but that's -- -- LC talked about throwing what would be. What would be the end result of that if you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. There were seven and a text -- -- 7870 -- -- -- like to see a movie about the life of Whitney Houston. I think a lot of people think the movie the body guard that starred Whitney Houston. And Kevin concerts -- body -- to a lot of people think that was about Whitney Houston -- did it really wasn't. That would be an interesting movie. What we're artists would you -- like to see a movie done about it we're talking about this because of the biopic again on up about the life of James Brown came out over the weekend. This is the -- show and we'll be right back. And this sort by Aerosmith dude looks like a lady leads me this story from Denver Colorado. Regulators say that it didn't brigade or discriminated against a man with a Walther denied him entry last year because he was wearing a dress. The civil rights division of the Colorado state department of regulatory agencies. Has ordered the Denver bar the Wrangler. To resolve its differences with -- Marciano a gay man who was wearing a dress in a week. When he went to -- August 31 2013. The order obtained today says the bouncer. Turn the guy away because his appearance did not match the one -- his driver's license. But regulators determined that the more broadly favors. Those who they'd masculine appearance because it's dress code bars high heels waves. And perfume. So gay bar. Fancy guy for. Looking like a girl. I I I guess -- keep market have its dress code as well. I was so it was interesting that there're. There're people in in Denver. And maybe in every city for that matter that would would go to ladies nights. And they would go dressed in drag. And they would argue that they should be let in because they were dressed as women. Now they were women but they were dressed as women so they argued that they should get in free and and quite often I know they did. There is a new study that shows the amount of time children spend playing video games is connected to small differences in their mental and social health. Playing video games for less than an hour a day. Led to better mental and social health. And playing for three hours or more a day or not playing at all. And I think quite often and we talked about this on the show before. What gets lost quite often and in the studies. That's. Indicator relationship. Between. Violent anti social behavior and playing video games is that it's the content to the video game that is to blame. When I think it's really it's really more the passive activity. The isolation. Of a playing the video game hours and hours of playing a video game. To me it's the activity it's much more dangerous than the content of the video. But as you know it's popular to try to link the the the violent video games to actual violence. And I don't think there's that relationship although there are many people who who want to believe that I I don't think it's fair to blame video games for. Of violent behavior. But that seems to be something tedious is easily except it by the general public so. Studies are are quite often done the try to link. Violent behavior with violent video games and there are gonna still be out. They're gonna still be a few studies out there that -- appears that there's a link but there is no real conclusive evidence as far as what -- That -- a direct link between violent behavior -- and and violent video games but if there is anti social behavior. If there's less says socialize. It's not necessarily the content of the game as much as it is the passive activity of constantly playing the game. If you or to pressure right with your comments about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. Tech's number is 87870. Talking about the movie get on up about a -- for James Brown which came out this weekend. I thought it was a good movie we've been talking about other movies that should be done about other performers. Jimi Hendrix. Got a text a little while ago somebody suggested to -- Frank Sinatra and the yet and the direct a -- yet pack the rat pack the attack Tim and David Cook. The New -- -- that does rat pack kind of stuff. On. You know that would be relief -- -- because that was a real interesting group of people. The rat pack. And there could be all kinds of interest and things have come up and in that movie so who would you like to see a movie done about that a movie that hasn't been done yet. Earlier tonight Louis Armstrong came up. And that's another another good idea. I have not seen any kind of more. Comprehensive movie about the -- of -- -- -- I can only imagine. How interesting that would be not only from a music standpoint but also about his his personal life. -- from New Orleans David your -- WWL. -- -- -- duplicate what did it key is that it was so well all right -- think out. Oh lucky it he would it. You celebrated on colonel -- tonight notable. It's written right into all out of it course a lot in its key are down and -- up. Absolutely and the threat of all I didn't know those I didn't of those little battery operated the TV's could get up rampant apparently could this guy went underlined. -- legal means to price it can do for. A ball you know I think it's -- have been and will be. -- about The Beatles now out. You -- and we called her that Eagles before and it -- -- -- -- on now. Job -- and and and such and non Paul cornea or indecent but it never did we put together. Well probable. The -- whole time you know it's surprising and -- am surprised no law. No texture are always. I think that's a really good point you know we've seen documentaries about The Beatles -- and documentaries -- are quite different from a movie. About somebody's life because you know documentary is really the band. But when you do a biopic about somebody's life where -- with with actors. It seems to show. Some things that wouldn't be shown in in a documentary and when you think about the transition of The Beatles from. The this simple fun stuff they did like she -- you wanna hold your hand ticket to ride all my love and things like that. I pray to the more complicated. Drug inspired Sargent Pepper's lonely Hart Scott Blanton and magical mystery tour it would be really interesting too to see a story. On accurately told about that transition which which happened rather quickly I mean that The Beatles. The Beatles gave us such diverse musical for relatively short period of time. Right right that this would be 19966. When it stopped for nickel and went without. You well enough people. YouTube itself but on actual people -- it many -- would be it would this week it was so strange in. Frank Sinatra it will have to echo global movies on Alfred Sinatra on television stay at the plea by -- -- -- Yeah it's like it's -- and I'm I'm. It back and those -- want what -- beauties -- some peace in Israel are able is African soccer and it was a pretty. Damn good that. Yeah and it's story imam we did -- -- median now beat a man can't. There travails the same duties and not be allowed in places face separate -- a lot a lot about the epic and now. Deficit and also was that will be at so. -- -- -- -- -- along with the when. Actually. -- your networks and more people that attacked the one breaks and I just more. If -- like or more -- -- winners. That got you won't rip it get pretty good -- you can you know. It check one on dvd and I enjoyed double doubles. But -- -- I appreciate the information I get that would be interesting to 'cause. Frank Sinatra and that the debt. That that the rat pack not only led ritualized individually but as -- as a group state. They were popular. At a time when. There was. Notes at times were simpler. -- the country was more glamorous. I guess but just actually amazing stories. Yeah yeah the work in the spotlight is on a documentary about and so on it but each one of the war. While the screen media is that the media creek and had been. Could -- -- so -- -- -- by themselves would never do that sort of epic record at the. Yeah I still can't quite figure out how Peter Wofford got in that whole group because he wasn't a singer. You. Figure them. -- -- Ranks and it was called the -- activities and he just -- appeal for calm in a week in practice and there presidential. Executive and each time he won but in order -- itself without people called the off. A location we began want it now but for. Law was. He -- not really her much but it's. But he did it and now he -- well -- happened and do you. Eat it -- right looted gold community here. -- that is so actions in the Kennedy Frank Sinatra won 208. You only legal. It freaks me that it offered the bit about you could do what he seemed to be -- to hear people wonder you don't. People people would -- law but you know. I've seen him in so many movies. Arson attacks and 877. I seen it countless movies data glad to coliseum and countless movies but I can't pick one that really. Stands now I can't think of restoring ruled that the -- for started. Here is attacks that great take on The Beatles you'd think about it. Mean The Beatles were together from what saved 1960 to 1970. But The Beatles to hit America. Until 1964. They stopped -- in 1966. They broke up by 1970. So that was only. Six years. In America was really exposed to The Beatles. And think what they gave us. Think about that just that the simple stuff. I wanna hold your hand stuff. And then think about the more complicated conceptual problems have. Sargent -- only horse clothing which was quite innovative in many ways. Magical mystery tour. Rubber sole which showed a real soft -- I guess a -- Side of The Beatles. But I can't think of any group that. They went through such job and evolution. Of different types of music. In a very short period of time. Content type -- -- in my computer screen from my check Harris in the studio Peter law offered married a Kennedy. OK so that explains his connection with. With the jet pack I mean accusing the jet pack because I'm used to I'm used to the yet the band here in two worlds the epic but it's the rat pack of talking about. It is talking about movies that. Are about somebody's life it's a recent attacks and this is top on my list I would love to see a movie done about furcal thing. And it kind of surprised it -- has it been done yet. And that is brought up a conversation about Kurt Cobain got a text from somebody says -- worthless. Heroin addict to punk. And -- basically eke out what -- to serve DP killed himself so we would switch worthless. And there are a lot of people who. Who died. From substance abuse. And my generation the baby boomer generation. Many in my generation went -- company committed suicide totally dismissed him to adopt what he got what he deserved. Well while it's a little different. There really isn't a great degree of difference between. What Kirk hoping to end. And when Jimi Hendrix did. Jim Morrison. Janis Joplin. Arguably Mickey Mantle. Who died as a result of of alcohol -- The -- little substance abuse I don't know I'm not sure that it's actually been determined that Kurt Cobain committed suicide because of his substance abuse. I think one of the reasons that he was. Disenchanted with his life and life in general. Was because he could never see himself as a pop star. And he was becoming what he really didn't wanna be. He wanted to be alternative. And indeed the music of Nevada. And that is shown that became popular in the early in mid nineties. The grunge movement to alternative music was a real alternative to what had been established. With rock music from the time of The Beatles or to -- coping. And it was really. It was really reflective of a young generation. And other anti establishment generation that was rebelling against the establishment ironically against. The the baby boomers who rebelled against their establishment and their parents. But if you think about that the whole grunge sound and it. The hair styles and the defections. Of of that movement that was very. Counterculture. Very anti establishment. I don't think Kurt Cobain could ever envision himself being a pop star which he was become I also know that he did have a chronic. And very painful stomach issues and I don't mavericks actually with the affliction was but I know that he was sick constantly in pain with -- with some issues who knows maybe that. And has something to do with it. Here is a Texan -- I lived in Augusta Georgia and while. I was playing with -- -- hurricane -- -- joke in town was how many times James Brown would get arrested for beating his wife. Both loved the pipe. Gee wonder if that made it in the movie you know I don't remember -- -- but there was a big fat joint did that made it in the movie so there was an implication that James Brown did enjoy. A little gunship. Here's attacks would -- to see a movie about it might Nance a social -- or a social distortion or treat -- year. I'm Nine Inch Nails. I don't know whether -- breasts are still lives in New Orleans or not but he he had a home here in New Orleans for a long time they may still live here. Here is a text I came up. Listening to park bans. The Ramones. Black flag dead Kennedy's. Growing issue was a watered down pop version of the eighties park. Yeah that that's that's true there was punk there was alternative music out before. Before -- but it it really I didn't become popular in fact the the whole punk sound. Really seemed to start in the late seventies. And early eighties and it was it did that true hardcore -- sale. Was born in England. And during the late seventies. There was so much unemployment I forget with the rain wise but unemployment -- through the roof especially with young people in the United Kingdom. Andy -- the music the is that this Sid Vicious the Sex Pistols the hardcore punk music of the of the late seventies into the eighties. That music was reflective of odd that the frustration. That live din in the UK. And there was an attempt to bring them across the ocean to America the problem was that American -- were not experience in the same thing. So I think this was another clear example that music does reflect. The audience does reflect its its society. And it's not just the music music itself can't change people but music does reflect a change that's taking place and people. And The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and those bands came at a time win. American youth were looking for. Our recent to rebel and looking for it they were already to prevail they were -- And they were looking for music to go along with this this sense of distrust in in the establishment at the time. And I think that's also what happened with the grunge movement of the under 1990s. Here's attacks I remember Peter Wofford in the 1949 version of little women. And he played Lori. ICI I totally I totally missed that here's a Texan feel sorry for -- Kurt Kurt Cobain everybody's fights their own demons great music. Yeah we all do and I just I thought it was very hypocritical for my generation. To be so sympathetic of the figures that they liked. Who essentially committed suicide it. Through through substance abuse. And not be sympathetic if Kurt Cobain because they weren't into Kurt cobain's music. Here's the text they're reminding me so that we talked about earlier -- Jimmy Hendrix movie coming out in September. The movie stars on stars Andre 3000 from outcast. And a movie is titled. All is by my side. And it's about the life of Jimi Hendrix. And I'm looking forward to that that should be sensational. Spot I hope it's a good movie because I'm sure there were so many interesting things about Jimi Hendrix that most of us. Don't know. And and it is certainly in in all of that they're there will be some conversation about race relations. Because he was Jimi Hendrix a black guy in a white world. Playing rock music and from Seattle and that was. Something it was very very unique at the time and and white America embraced it Jimi Hendrix and and did not seek color. But Jimi Hendrix you know Jimi Hendrix did come along at a time when there was a young generation. That was was was more colorful. The next generation in many ways is today and generations down the establishment. And the establishment today started out in the sixties -- a generation that that fought for equality. That didn't seem color that didn't see sexual orientation. And yet that generation is very judgmental today which again is why I often describe myself as a hostile witness. To the baby boomer generation. If you wanna join -- -- with a comment about anything we're talking about tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. What's happening. And a -- Amber's late 7870. Here's a Texan -- the stones were much more anti establishment and The Beatles. The stones were taking. Blackened blues music to the masses. Did everything from Muddy Waters to. Holland wolf that do your research. Your smarts of The Beatles. -- Pretty much a pop band. Off for chicks. That broke out of it when they discovered asset. Well that may be true I mean I'm I'm not too -- -- -- The Rolling Stones were not that with a bad boys The Beatles were the good guys but The Beatles did tickle. Mean roll over Beethoven. I mean that The Beatles did take our India as well as The Rolling Stones and introduce it to. Two white America. White America wasn't paying attention to aren't the until The Beatles the stones and and those bands from the British invasion. The music and introduced -- to America's white youth. Now the stores -- anti establishment so where the animals. But a lot of people forget how rebellious. The Beatles war. And you'll look at old pictures of The Beatles. You hear that early music and you think this is not rebellious. But in the context of the times. The Beatles were very rebellious. Their hair their clothes the fashion -- style. Looks very tame in there in the world today. But in the context of those times that was very very rebellious and it's it's it's it's easy but it's also mistake. Two to judge the world. From the past based on the world we live in today. And it's really it's really not fair you have to go back to the times and at the time that was. That was very rebellious but the stones were definitely the bad boys The Beatles were. The good -- If you wanna join us tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- steroids seventy. And a text numbers 877 he hears a -- -- movie will not feature any of his songs. Crazy. Yeah I didn't know that. I didn't know I can't imagine a movie about Jimi Hendrix -- featuring. Any of his songs and maybe there were some kind of battle over. Over the rights will will look at it and of course will be talking about that too will be talking about that when it comes -- in -- and I'm sure. I'm sure the movie's gonna include Jimi Hendrix songs. This is this -- show on a Monday nights and we'll be right back on WL. What movie has not yet been done about which legendary musician and performer that you want to see done you know there was a movie the doors starring Val Kilmer is Jim -- I thought Val Kilmer did a phenomenal job at that usually -- And Jim Morrison was so outrageous and they they showed him being arrested. On stage in Miami because he. Apparently took it out and was involved in some kind of self gratification act on stage. And so again. What if somebody young what -- for young rapper did that today. What with the establishment today -- -- And yet Jim Morrison. Was a representative of today's established. Because today's establishment is the baby boomer generation from the past. I read a couple of articles today. About. Selena Gomez. And this is on the website Huffington Post dot com. And there there -- stories that are done about on like Miley Cyrus. And Selena Gomez. For wearing really short shorts. And the latest thing is they don't think that and that Selena Gomez has worn any shorts shorter than this even though they've talked about her short shorts in the past. So I look at the picture and I think is too big deal. We've talked about this before they're there there aren't there are there are these young girls wearing shorts today. Like Miley Cyrus. Selena Gomez. There are no shorter. And no more revealing that the hot pants. I guess it would be the the early seventies maybe late sixties but it received the early seventies. And again in my generation. Grew up with Mike the mini skirt wasn't short enough. So then designers that designed the micro mini -- And then they were hot pants and trust me. Miley Cyrus and some of the Asian performers that are criticized today. They're not wearing anything any shorter. Than people who were part of the establishment today. Were wearing. When they were young. Here's a Texan read so I really don't know Kurt Cobain but apparently you feel some type of way about him. And his death and I get that Karzai feels that way about. Phyllis -- I'm not sure. The name the one of the songs she said she was afraid of being alone and I can truly relate to that. I've got family and friends. And I often feel like. I don't have blown off. The love and don't love that I indeed. And deserve. And to me that's quite a serious. Won't stop. Can't stop. I don't know if I understand the end effect but yeah you could have people around you. And feel very alone. In fact sometimes when their people around you. You don't think you're supposed to feel low but sometimes that actually. Magnifies. How little you really feel. Because you feel like well I shouldn't feel this alone but I are really do. Feel alone I totally understand it right you know it it's okay to feel along. We reach out to those who reach out to you but there's nothing there's nothing wrong with with feeling a little reclusive there's nothing wrong with. Being you know somewhat. Isolated or alone we don't let -- get to the point where you can't. You can't function because that's obviously. Not good. But it there are a lot of people who feel like there have been many times in my life and I felt totally. And I grew to be quite comfortable with that. Here's a check you can compare Kurt Cobain to John Lennon John Lennon was a hero to his generation Kurt Cobain was two years. And both died before they should. Kurt Cobain died we early John Lennon Bruce who was killed. Far. Far too early. Here's a text woo -- -- -- hot pants take a shot the WWL drinking game rules every time I mention hot pants people take a shot. I don't recommend that at all. Here is a text there's a movie called last days. And I believe it's about Kurt Cobain you should check it out yeah I will but -- that there hasn't been a big blockbuster movie. About. About the life of Kurt Cobain and I'm I'm waiting for that to happen and I'm sure some points he will. If a video goes survival. Aren't those who watch it to partly responsible for inspiring its content. There's an Internet video of a man apparently kicking a squirrel off the edge into the Grand Canyon it's gone viral. Grand Canyon park officials are investigating to determine if the video is real or hoax. They're also trying to find out the man who's responsible but they see the chances of finding humor -- in the video shirtless man wearing a cowboy hat leaves a trail of food. The final piece of food zoning issue. When this girl get -- squirrel gets to the issue to get the food demand flings the squirrel in the air over the edge. Into the Grand Canyon apparently to its demise. Now if you've heard about this movie and meet you heard about this video. Have you watched it. And if you haven't heard about it are you now would look for the video of the man kicking a squirrel into the Grand Canyon. They can try to find a -- to share with your friends with a caption you gotta see this. OMG. Well if you do that -- contributing to that sort of content. People continue to do videos that are outrageous sometimes dangerous. And they they post this behavior in the hopes that the video will go viral. So if we watch those videos are we in some way supporting the outrageous and dangerous behavior that we so. Are appalled by but watching these fitness. You know entertainment and even the news reflect the audience. A video was a media reflects its audience movies are made because of the expectation that people will watch. Bizarre videos are made because people will watch and share the video and the actors the court record actors and producers of those so on -- videos. Well they gain some sensitive of notoriety and celebrity status. The viral video the man kicking the squirrel to the Grand Canyon is and I think a perfect way to explain the relationship between. The media and the audience. The -- condemnation of the news media for pursuing certain new stories. And not focusing enough on real news. There's criticism of Hollywood for making certain movies but in both cases isn't the audience. The entity that really does determine the content of the noose in the content of entertainment. If viewers responded to hard news the way they respond to sensational news. And I guarantee there'd be more hard news. It's easy for the audience to blame the news to blame movies to -- any medium for the content that features violence or just appalling behavior. But if the media reflects the audience. And the individuals who make up the audience. To recognize that they are contributing to the actual content. Now humans are fascinated by violence we know that in -- there's nothing wrong with that that's human nature doesn't mean that it did she was one bad thing to have to. But it's in our nature to be intrigued by by violence whether it's you know looking at an accident slowing down to see -- next on the side of the road or. It's on the head of the plane crash over Ukraine. We don't serve those are violent acts those of violent things that happen we're we're intrigued by that. But -- of violent acts. Is planned and carried out for the sake of attracting an audience like a man kicking a squirrel into the Grand Canyon. And does not the audience bears some responsibility for. For the act. This is this -- show Monday nights we'll be right back on WL. This is the very talented Justin Timberlake song is called not a bad thing JT was in New Orleans from the last night. -- he was there. -- -- This is a very talented guys. Who is going to be around long into the future. For young generation for several young generation today going up with him. And it feels he'll be performing that Tony thirty years from now on Wednesday when those iconic phenomenons. Like. For our generation the stones and Rod Stewart and Paul McCartney and and all those people. There is a text that reads -- remember when they asked George when he was going to get a haircut and he said on camera I just got one. The animals didn't get the credit they deserved to -- -- for the masses Eric burden was a genius. We sure think about songs like house of the rising sun. Here's a text while Selena Gomez what is she famous for sure is it for singing or being a musical artist. That's about all she could possibly be famous for wearing shorts that are too short. Are you glad we lived. When there were which real music happening another person who is famous for nothing Paul -- But he's a great bass player. And it can't be the Hulk Hogan the wrestler so I don't know exactly worker -- And that was going yeah I never understood to. Let me Selena Gomez was she an actress. I don't really get the phenomenon of this we -- is an -- who else it was you talk about this one night. Celebrities who really shouldn't be celebrity's. I don't get Jessica Simpson. I don't think she's cute. She seems deductions. It's just my opinion that you you might absent lover. But I don't think that she really did anything to. Deserve the attention she gets but again that's all very subjective here's attacks still would love to see a movie based on thin Lizzy. And -- wide -- he died way too young Greek Irish talent in band. Yeah I I enjoyed the -- -- blog tonight is titled man kicks -- in the Grand Canyon. Did you watch it. It's all about whether or not the only I think this is a good exercise in. And in talking about the relationship between audiences in the media. And there is a relationship there. And so often the audience is quick to blame the media when the media simply reflecting. The audience. So if you look into a mirror you can't be man at the mirror for reflecting. You. Because what we don't like in the media sometimes. Reflects the things that we don't like about. What's happening in our society. So all that is in the scope blog you can read incher with others -- on our website at WW real dot com. Here's a final update on tonight's W if you are pretty general opinion poll we're about to two minutes away from the cease fire taking effect in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas. The last one lasted about ninety minutes hopefully this will last a lot longer. Its citizens and children die when he UN shelter is -- who's to blame. Israel for bombing any location Hamas has weapons in like a UN school or Hamas for hiding weapons were civilians are like a UN school. 11% say Israel to -- 89% say Hamas is to blame. Is it six degrees -- to -- a documentary about Joan -- well see I think -- -- -- -- -- documentaries are different from -- optics. And I think sometimes it's it's interesting to see a biopic which depicts that somebody's life with with actors and an actress'. In some ways that's really. It's really different from a documentary because a documentary shows the band itself and there might be allotted. Dirty secrets that are uncovered in the documentary. A lot of reality that would be uncovered only in a biopic. Here's a text defining this -- Hulk Hogan -- attacks talk -- plays. And often sits in with blues bands. I doubt in Florida where he lives. You know what I didn't know that. When they John -- studio producer also Jack Harris in the other studio. This is this -- show have a great evening and we'll be back with you for on another show tomorrow night. What you are once.