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8-5 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Aug 5, 2014|

Dave talks about the wealthiest people, What is Wrong with People, and if Brees should play on Friday

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And minutes after 5 -- at the early edition of WWL first news on this that the August 2014. It is Tuesday congratulations. It's there -- -- not Monday because we get through Monday together and we've made it to Tuesday event. I was almost in -- Robinson traffic report. Just moments all main goal and I kind of counting my lucky stars are you really. Hire right so here I am cumin and from -- on the I ten and you know right where it's splits where the I ten goes to the right. And if you wanna go to the currency connection go to the laughter a -- at the superdome. Well a cab driver apparently. Accidentally went to the laughed and decided now. I want to -- and out he wanted to go to the right so he stopped. Right in the middle. Of the road. Right wary curbs. And right where it dips so no one could see him. And so everyone making that turn at the separation on the road out very wise. Deri was. And so everyone is slamming on their brakes going from seventy to zero. And everyone's kind of wildly turning their wheels to avoid hitting him and and hoping they're not gonna hit anybody else as she then slowly cuts across one line to fly planes the traffic. Trying gold. Area. And then goes on the -- -- about its business. -- -- there was not a pile up I have no idea. How I survived -- now experience I don't know particular -- where it you know. Suddenly my life flash before my eyes and the adrenaline just filled an insurer. Cool. This is he decided to -- it now I want to go that way and his -- -- stop. In the middle -- OK graphic moving seventy plus miles per. He's one of those guys it just kind of started driving in this country there's something I don't know maybe -- got nailed it better than a long night maybe GPS said no. It redirecting viewers both turn right you don't stop your priorities yet and it wasn't like there was just no traffic it's even at this time -- more Kabila traffic except god and and it. This super now how to get your juices one again. -- hearing about it -- mind blowing your Purdue as a racer yesterday about the richest people in the United States was creditors and the wealthiest ones in each state. And I guess it shouldn't be a surprise. -- the wealthiest man. In Louisiana it is. And may have given people on a moment of pause -- on May BJ is -- and an oil guy up there. -- or somebody you know another part of the state courier new some old money. May -- some migrant but now -- Tom Benson Tom Benson according to -- who vote so dot com. I'm real states it is worth one point five billion. Now turn. And that's out pretty impressive. At the rich man yep -- at the match up that we've linked to a WWL dot com. And he's among the least rich of the richest people. In each state yeah he beats out people like him places like South Dakota or whatever you know those kind of places. But boy when you. Get out on the West Coast. I'll just go next door to taxes at Texas Alice Walton one of the heirs to the Walton -- 35 point three billion dollars -- Now what are not Jim Walton. Yeah Arkansas he's -- five point seven billion dollars Christy Walton moved Colorado. -- did you know -- she's worth 36 point seven. Billion. Dollars. And even Wesley Hampton and oil. Magnet and Mississippi you up 2.4. Billion. Dollar X. -- I guess -- Louisiana. Has I heard from professor Rosa told recent for -- Louisiana. Tom Benson's done very well yeah yeah that's a good point -- not a wealthy to amass wealth and the state that as the most poverty. Anyway yeah although c'mon. The Walton built their fortunes starting in Arkansas. He's a hero -- it over the head I never heard Arkansas described as a wealthy snow. And that's makes that 35 billion even more impressive. And then what about Bill Gates eighty. Billion. Dollars. Scanning them and eighty. You know comes close now. He does give a lot of way -- to lot of chaired by astronaut at the end of -- you want him out exactly and many kids. That's right. Larry Ellison. 49 point four billion he's the founder of oracle in California. Who get -- the map at WW well yeah but it is interesting reading you know fifteen minutes more first news here on WW well where is Drew Brees what does he do unease on the sidelines he's stretching and running in. Seems to be playing some strange games if you look at the video was posted to WWL like companies not practicing with the team I'm concerned as Steve gallon now that's true. Practices in a row we count Saturday's scrimmage Sunday's day out Monday's practice no breeze. -- Listen he's not playing Friday in the pre season game -- Steve has there at the stick your forecast as well more rain cumin and but he missed -- euros or about -- and WWL. I've wanting good morning I'm Dave Cohen thank you for starting date here on WW -- an icon not Monday we met your Monday folks and I ended twos today and your forecast. Easy and steady doesn't over the next couple of days as we settle into this August whether -- 30% chance foursome downpours today. And highs right on target at about 92. Dropping down to 769. With a few coastal thunderstorms. Then Wednesday at 30% chance for those afternoon downpours -- at 92 and Thursday's -- chance up to 40% that -- ties in 91. For the pinpoint forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura backed out. Mostly cloudy 78 at the airport in -- clear and 72 at the National Weather Service office in slide down on this. Tuesday morning one person Texas 87 it's a New York on seventy -- -- -- beating. Yes I don't know if you've ever been on the interstate in the 4 o'clock hour but if you go the speed limit. Everyone is weaving in and around you zooming by you when you become less hazard. Because you're kind of in the middle of what seems like a road race at that time of the morning on the I ten from Metairie all the way candidacy BD. Sports time now on WWL. For that we head on up to. Beautiful mountains. Of West Virginia. Where Drew Brees is again next time to take in the sites as he hear from WWL Steve -- monitor. -- from the mountains everyone -- saints quarterback Drew Brees was not in pads as the team's resume practice after having their day off he worked out on the side running and stretching as he's dealing with an old league strain it KG came Bobby -- feels there's no rush to get -- back now what matters is we won in Atlanta. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We can maybe come first and very Villanueva who. Should look different. Really take on the roof. And reports say that team USA will announce the release of Washington Wizards guard John Wall and Bradley deal along with Atlanta Hawks forward Paul Millsap from its -- World Cup roster today that'll reduce the overall number of players vying for the twelve -- World Cup team to sixteen entering next -- resumption of practices in Chicago today have more on sports -- hear from coach Sean -- employers following today's practice would freeze on the sidelines which quarterback would you rather have running the offense trying Griffin or -- down. From saints camp of West Virginia Steve Geller WW wells. Awards and if it's not. Trooper is do you care. -- does it matter if -- Drew Brees is not a mountain and everybody else in the foothills the last the put on his coach's hat next I'm gonna do a little lightning round about. What he would he would just play Drew Brees in this first pre season game even if he says he's doing -- -- -- -- either way. And her coach -- in Cleveland. -- immense -- starter. It's Steve's thoughts on that after this. Night Steve gal I'm using my magic radio -- to turn you into the coach right now. Coach what are you gonna do would Drew Brees is he -- play Friday in Saint Louis you -- never regardless of how he says he feels after this oblique injury to his core is by behavior calls. You know Dave I am going to see Drew Brees this first pre season match -- just to give him more rest you know what. -- little secret I don't want him going up against the rams defensive coordinator. Gregg Williams he's kinda like cuts. And I don't trust them what a. You know what you make it convincing argument coach I think you're right yet the saints' first time facing Gregg Williams and all the bounty -- trouble. Andy anime hero -- beat your brief shouldn't play either way doesn't matter who the backup to Drew Brees is Ken. Either of these guys carrying the team -- through couldn't you know in the regular season. I think it's interesting to see who'll win the competition just because god forbid you -- the doomsday situation ends up happening. The team is definitely stacked and stacked enough to win games without Drew Brees would be easy no but. -- I can I think that they could be a enough of the game manager. And -- carry the team just because the saints do have a strong foundation. Their run game is very good. And the defense we saw is on the rise so I do you think the team -- without drew but it wouldn't be easy. I think coach you've got to decide right now it's it's it's that time who's your backup quarterback who's starting Friday in Saint -- of it's not Drew Brees. Which of these two guys has the -- advantage. Take in my snaps for the first in the first team would beat -- account I think the veteran has a long you know just a little bit of an edge over -- Griffin right now. But that's not to say that Griffin hasn't been showing a lot of promises well I'm gonna give both snaps with the first team offense. But -- the account by number one -- Around I was expecting his say Brian Griffin and look at it this thing. I am we run out of time so when have to ask if he'd start -- Johnny -- cell during the regular season. For the Cleveland Browns -- last few exactly you to back -- your point when he Clemens more sports here on WWL talk a little LSU as well some controversy there as we get to our forecast. Pretty typical August weather this morning meeting some coastal thunderstorms around early on much the area just looking a little bit hazy and as the sun starts to move and of course the heat bills and ninety T today at 30% chance for afternoon scattered showers and storms. We'll keep that 30% chance and I get for tomorrow -- should hit about ninety -- And Thursday's rain chance to be just a little higher at 40% and heights of 91. From the pinpoint forecast center and urologist larva. Now 78 degrees at the airport in -- clear and 72 and -- down 90% humidity. Coming up what. People and you think Johnny man's -- should start. Or is it political and all about the money to the better quarterback. And thirtieth at the -- back up Caribbean doesn't matter what about all that more after the news. 36 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news is it's August at the -- -- its 2014. It's Tuesday it is indeed not modern day you really do deserve to get yourself a big pat on the back from Poland today and being part are already go on Tuesday it is not easy -- -- are very tough yes there. Where's yours your phone right. Phone it is. In my pocket -- definitely with an arm misery yet mine is also right here in front. And 22 hours a day now. That's an average. Of how. Of how long people have their phone within arm's reach of any given time today's decide. Just going to make it 24 -- Gas in those two hours are you know when -- in the shower. Yeah although I know people who bull put on the edge of the on the shelf right outside the shower. When there in the shower. More young people like frank and others I mean might it to my kids. The phones are like Linus and the security. -- men -- Anywhere we go any time no matter what I mean they sleep it's on under or next to their pillows. It's within arm's length when they sleep. That's amazing I actually sent -- found about ten feet away from me when I'm sleeping because when the alarm goes off. I have to get out of the bed turnout could spike and his reach over and turn it off all you beer -- don't know yet now I actually happened stand up and go to an off the alarm. By any chance of getting. Not -- so I don't keep my Smartphone within arm's length during that about five hours -- guys -- and yes I match. The phony. That is I mean I know people become extremely. Attached to their -- and that betray personal about the phones the Alston. Nobody touches some -- Mean that systems and it has become. Big bad known -- got hands off the phone you don't ask to borrow someone's our own. -- Diane. And you know if someone calls to say aching and the phones so and so technological and their. 122. Hours a day and you know in the your average ought to be able do have a 24 hours a very probable winner of -- day when you think about it it's not like yeah. This is been going on forever it's really. -- -- in overall it's a relatively new things Alia the Smartphones only a few years poll just a couple of years and it's gotten to this amazing how he could hunt group who. Generation after generation a Smartphone and just a few short years and now everyone's got at the latest greatest newest thing. Our area every other day here's another one coming out -- apple hasn't set a single peep about a new iPhone but the entire world as a buzz. With rumors and discussions about when the new iPhone not sure in the meantime they're being attacked from every angle all yelled yeah. That's a Smartphone. Or you know. From all these other companies try to get a piece that's amazing 22 hours -- day on. Average means a lot of people a 24 some people are probably around twenty but nearly everybody in this society that we now live and keeps their phone with an arms line and almost -- somewhere in this discussion someone might ask is this a good thing. It's questions out there and into some QB -- and addiction because. You start you know if if you're the kind of person who cannot get your face -- a year found that you've got to constantly see the latest tweets. The latest posts of FaceBook and and Graham and interest out you've got to get -- you get eight text message conversations going at one time no matter why it. And we you don't talk to your spouse or your family members. -- -- bright start to draw the wine during. You know family generational Tamil family timely -- area everyone's noses and they found. We still have enough on the dinner -- It was harder and harder to enforce I'm -- I'm -- as. So do we as a society with our phones. Within arms flying at almost all times and that includes going to the bathroom that linguistic shower that includes sleeping that includes eating that includes everything is 22 hours today that pretty much all day. Do we all belong in the what are the people filed. Everyone of us. The vast vast majority some people would wonder that I'll leave it out there enough. Thank you David talked about when he met our first -- gas prices have been just fallen fallen and fallen Chris Miller's not -- and the price at the pump this morning. Find out how low can make. Rules. -- Oh god let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast and it's good morning. And it's meteorologist Laura -- now why I'm doing well I think the pinpoint forecast there can complain and Tuesday. Humid and muggy and a much happened for pretty quiet weather August and south Louisiana. For months. You dress make me wanna go to amazed. You know may he -- -- -- to find your way through the -- struggle alliance against the -- geometric -- guidelines on each way it's cool about it and it's mesmerizing you just wanna kind of -- lines and see where they -- -- out where and -- and it and it nearly -- corn -- kind of you know right now -- the Republican -- to -- me I don't know I don't know black and -- at the it's the summer dress. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Even without being normally have to -- like very specific on instructions. Went to get -- and did it all by himself because -- ninth he -- that style everything and you must like because you're wearing it on TV I said this is a perfect -- the New Hampshire he's proud husband that -- -- it's nice -- at W deviancy if you hold it's nice to have someone help me out -- I thought. Let every day and nobody gallery. That many people are going to be -- CNN had a critiquing and it kept honest let's. Well maybe just to put more on him yeah let's remind stylish you know let him start by analytical I can't pay you look back at Los L network that Aetna. In the meantime the weather is working out pretty much as we -- cut you out it was going to be this angrily -- Yeah I had about a thirty to 40% -- chance for the next seven days. And it just means those spotty downpours that happened a pop but you know one neighborhood seized the -- another neighborhood may miss out altogether. It just depends on where you -- is that typical August weather low ninety's all the way through the weekend. They -- pretty simple via. I got I got out okay who agreement in the now did you hear some I don't know if somebody's probably -- -- does sound like -- -- -- -- -- -- particularly. I -- it was very strange aren't. -- -- the blatant. Act like. Well I think it PC but your price point their fingers it's not. A high pressure on the radio -- -- other radio seem a bit funny. I -- to the port has pretty simple all week in the -- other than -- up in the middle of the Atlantic that -- and anybody were OK now that's really you know tropical storm part that's a little bit weaker this morning it's still off to the north Atlantic and you know with the -- and he went to some higher seeds and rip currents along the the mid Atlantic for the next years. And I like and I love that I want some more of -- But I got to ask you what with people. Have you seen this video. Out of that guy -- in this world. Apparently into the Grand Canyon. I'll. Tell me about that. If -- I know you for I don't wanna see if we you may Allah watch it. Now -- WW all that -- -- wrote all about it and authorities now in Flagstaff Arizona say they are investigating. To see if they can identify the man in the viral video. Where he clearly is seen -- a squirrel into the court. Right now they're working -- and it's at a park spokeswoman they realize that it's been seen by a lot of people cry at that there's some sensitivity to treatment of wild. What I'm sure there people are pretty fired up about and what what is the what is that and that's just what's wrong with people that. You know that's kind of sick is sick behavior kind of deal you know and that's just not someone being Don that the -- -- Went by -- shorts and a straw cowboy hat and no shirt. And apparently the squirrels at the Grand Canyon or -- used to people feeding -- -- can rat out your trusty via -- VA go and feed cumin. You know cutting it close to -- because normally you know wild animal would never let you get close up to do anything to it than that even -- that these animals are. And it trustee that us humans and then you know we gotta have people like that come in and do you awful stuff. Now if they can find him and their doubtful they can I don't know with the power of the Internet and everything else somebody probably knows the right idea -- -- them. They say that he could face a maximum six months and Janelle. And -- 5000 dollar fine for kicking this world into the grand -- -- -- just the fact that it's horrible to think that be the right approach punishment -- you think it's. I know I'm I'm an animal lovers have their own people that don't agree with means it's this world but. I don't know that it's a little defenseless animal like that night yet I am is that like he was hunting and I now going to take it home and what eat squirrel with attacking him are now. You've -- just that is where let's kick it into the Grand Canyon and a police I don't understand -- -- I don't know if I islanders and the kind of person that will swerve. As -- if you know something it there's a burden their rotary don't risk your own life and and I look back and you think that that -- you know but it's it's it's like a reflex it's just something that I I don't even. Think about it I just kind of do I can't imagine purposely trying to kill me I just match so you think it may -- six months in jail 5000 and our 5000 dollars in an opposite and our listeners. That don't have I'm pretty harsh though I'm I'm definitely you know animal -- so I will go -- you -- -- until after -- tank of Jalalabad now. Live and direct from the -- point forecasts and what do you think tech -- -- 78 that if they can find this guy. What's the proper punishment for kicking a squirrel into the -- and you anything from nothing. Two more severe than six months and 5000 dollars -- activity can be W well now sports a degree in our next WW. That's about half those people touching -- that the guy should be kicked into the Grand Canyon as is punishment about half say c'mon it's just a squirrel. But verticals and rat with a big -- or rat would you feel differently. Sport's time here on WWL West Virginia Steve Geller good morning. Reviewed mourning who dat nation saints players came off a day off with a ton of energy as they had a late practice session on Monday quarterback Drew Brees. Did not take part as he's dealing with an oak -- strain but he did some light running and stretching on the side dating -- Bobby -- sees no reason to rush the face of the franchise back right now and to relate to how breezes feeling currently building during the season you continue to play I can reflect back in 1996. -- had a hernia. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They don't know me. And Tiger -- his agent says that woods has not been ruled out for the PGA championship this week at Val -- despite his withdrawal from the WGC Bridgestone invitational on Sunday with a back injury the agent told ESPN that it's too soon to determine whether Tiger -- play in the year's final major in Louisville, Kentucky today -- -- on sports -- here from coach Sean -- employers following today's practice with -- on the sidelines which quarterback would you rather have running the -- fans -- Griffin or -- count from saints can't -- West Virginia Steve -- WW wells. -- -- coach Taylor stay right there when ask if you would start Johnny man's almost gonna ask you if you were coach and LSU. What would you do about mills. I coach Gellar and less than ninety seconds here on WW. Tonight Steve Geller I've used my magical Radio One to turn you into the coach -- told us that you would sit Drew Brees. With his open week injury which is some muscle somewhere in the kind of between his chest and his stomach. And that you would also. Start. Luke McCown if you had to pick one of the two backup quarterback right now so continue this game. If you were coaching the Cleveland Browns and -- and they'll start for you. Right now Dave I am going with holier than destroyer Brian Hoyer. Would be my starting quarterback Johnny -- -- still has a big learning curve ahead of him. And doesn't seem as comfortable. As many might have expected in the NFL yet so. Holier still getting my start over -- -- them not to say though that he won't end up. -- you might start recording might be booed out of the stadium everybody wants -- now that he's the most popular Larry I am. Now I realized I realize the rock star park persona is around him and everybody's got. Johnny football fever but right now I would say -- lawyers the better quarterback and better for the browns team. We'll see what happens if that actually happens well I'll be surprised if if the better quarterback in the in the start -- if you are less miles. Jalen mills was allowed to practice with the team yesterday after the DA said his punching a woman. In the face which is the allegation that's been made is a misdemeanor not a felony. -- -- playing for you that your coach an analogy yeah. You know racism very. You know Dicey situation right now especially with the Ray Rice NFL situation in the media so much after Roger Goodell. Suspended. Broke ravens running back for only two -- to start the season. After knocking out his wife in dragging her out the -- elevator. I can't have that kind of drama around by -- -- would not have meals with my football team. Right now even though the DA classifies it as a misdemeanor. And there are questions about who was the aggressor -- say now -- -- you're star defensive back you sit him for now until works itself. To me -- -- does -- really matter who is the aggressor you do not put punch a woman in the face for anything unless she's coming at you with that -- -- -- it innocent till proven guilty but that doesn't mean -- like football right Steve -- and fifteen met with more sports here at WW. -- -- and for the next -- -- the but I thought it interesting that Tom Benson the wealthiest man in Louisiana according to this map we've got at WW dot com. This thing Jim justice who happens to be the wealthiest men West Virginia. To let his team practice at. What is the comparative -- -- Tom Benson one point five billion dollars in net worth according to move photo dot com Jim justice one point six billion. Maybe that's -- he's got a tenth of a billion more because of that anti gave it to already given -- for the next worried about Drew Brees talked to a doctor about this oblique injury. Testament hysterectomy. Is the hopefully that's what we're gonna tell come out. So in and how likely is instant and it mattered generally speak in blah blah blah -- you know let's -- -- -- shave his beard that was saints -- assume verbal what would you be willing to commit to. And it was saints win another -- and a -- I think you're not shave yours I can't do it without my cabinet my wife pat let me go to Tennessee.

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