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WWL>Topics>>8-5 6:10am Tommy, Saints, Drew Brees, and obliques

8-5 6:10am Tommy, Saints, Drew Brees, and obliques

Aug 5, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL's Steve Geller about the Saints and Drew and Dr. Michael Hartman, an LSU Health Orthopaedic Surgeon, about what obliques are

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

David Blake I am -- a great mood today you know alive because I realized that occasionally. God can be rather fond view. Yes I suddenly realized that that you know life. And just in again it would they have subpoena yes. I'm just kidding. I'm feeling Greg -- I'm just kidding yeah apparently my financial records are being subpoenaed. Apparently the other side has not fallen from my clever ruse. Of driving a banged up camera it was you know like a 125000. Miles on him. As they a clever way of hiding the two point eight million dollars I've -- stashed offshore wow part. I thought you had -- -- I shouldn't -- like he told -- about their areas and stand there is no secret stash of money believe there's -- of this treasure -- you're -- you know -- -- cheeseburger I don't go to court to literally one -- -- mister Tucker let me ask you now on February -- you -- 648. Dollars -- -- count correct. Yeah well why is it that on February 13 you had 628. Dollars and your account yeah yeah. On what the AT and maybe get a pizza. But played on it all week. Lawyers haven't won Europe and some kind of bond now. Not that -- -- Junior blitzes he's like an escape his beard until saints won another Super Bowl or he's gonna have a bigger than what does that mean. Bob I mean just by the time we get to the ball law. And granite you some -- this year he said when is that when I heard. Yes out of artists -- admirable Dodgers get to the game -- wins so what would you be willing -- the audience to weigh in on this at the number to call 2601870. Toll free 86 exit signs here early seventy. The other thing is if you've ever been served with a subpoena. And it was good news I'd love to know at that I don't know I did all the -- you think there's usually come with a good news attach a would you please come answering your view of -- -- on it I don't exactly. We just wanted to tell you yeah citizen of the year gradually did so he forced -- to -- accord. -- -- right so what kind of commit would you would you be willing to make it to six 18720386. Exit 890 point 72 day. Right now would you join junior -- and say you know what. No more candy. No more candy until the saints win another Super Bowl. No more who I'm -- -- -- Marshall brown no more trial until well we don't wanna -- her seat gastric. No more. Chinese characters Chinese know knows -- there you right back on the same way no more from kiss in the your wife for no more tears in your husband until the saints went another signal we want people so against SE Iberia and not to know haircuts you'll not get your haircut pocket until a saints win another Super -- You'll not eat. Another roast beef -- boy yet deeds something Els until the saints -- another suitable and I think what is does David in a deep psychological way. Is surfaces how confident people like that the saints. This football team with which we are so enamored and -- likelihood of the year bringing home another Lombardi trophy. Would you would you be willing to Theriot and over the wall what I mean by that is you know you'd -- daddy -- give it that you throw it over the wall. Time to take the -- so. I gimme gimme a call let me know what you're pledge is raised the right -- -- on monuments -- -- well we're not leaning on. It is the and I'm she'll burglar caught in yet it is. So here's what you do you call and tell me what commitment you make it gimme your pledge. In the phony -- -- -- -- stand up to it. But operators are standing by to take your pledge matter -- -- you know what David. I pledge I will not get married again. Until this hypothetically until a saints win the Super Bowl are okay doesn't mean. That I have to get married after they do it just means that I will not yet married again until. The saints in the Super Bowl where you know what I'm tired I'll take that pledge -- how about that well good for you announces timing I'd give up. Make it what -- -- and I'm married so I gave that up alone time ago. It also lowered its -- back to school later on dread of the kids have a summer vacation or go to school year round with shorter weeks. On our North Carolina restaurant given a 15% discount to diners who pray before their meals. You say a prayer of thanks for every meal or is it just at Thanksgiving and would you take it for 15% discount. And a series of -- the Lafayette refuses to release the name of pedophile priests and it serves no purpose. I'm confused about this because you would think that would be a crime that you got a report and -- it would become a matter of public record. So we'll talk about all of that plus get the cash contest code word coming up 1000 dollar nationwide summer splash dance contest -- -- you that. Right before the top of the hour news at 7 o'clock and we also have more Gypsy kings. Tickets to giveaway August 16 they'll be at the singer tickets are valued. And a 119. Dollars so you have to do is keep listening for a little clip of The Gipsy -- singing hotel California. As certain big -- ski and in a given number colon and you win like come -- I'm glad you let us on this Tuesday morning evidently. Mr. Marshall delving Patrick Ferrell had anyone that's. Steve Geller joins us now I just love the way Wilford releases opinions. In absence of malice I was watching China syndrome. On. Money cable networks the other day and Wilford Ridley is the plant operators and is in the look at it is there's this guy aged. So much but he -- it happens with time is very thin and six money. Steve Geller joins us to talk about saints and we're gonna have no idea what the Peters I think it is Jordan sports medicine. They joints in the next half hour to talk in more yet about -- weeks. It would exactly -- -- he can be lingering long term injury or just one of those nagging things and how problematic. And it be uniting when you have one. Steve Geller morning. The morning Tommy how's -- going over there but it has everything in West Virginia. Nice and cool as has been 60 degrees this morning and then -- yes there was actually the hottest practice everybody was complaining about is about 8180 degrees it was like. -- we're gonna end up roasting only come back to new war bulletin. Amazing how quickly and get accommodated to wouldn't. Sean Payton being outright. Upfront about the injury which he's normally not so. I don't know yelled inherent -- that's miss direction I don't know if it's just you know bleak and makes every sense to let him rested up you tell me. You're you're actually write me and as this is a big discussion amongst all of us here like Jim Henderson -- guy John. I was talking with the Bellamy Bobby. Why is he so forthcoming -- the reason formation but so guarded against the with everybody has god forbid you ask about. Champ Bailey helped jump down your throat right. Watching drew off to the side because obviously I knew that's the big story everyone's -- it wants to know what's up with their star quarterback year. And he seems to be moving well he was doing little stretches racing's hands twisting to decide and that that note. No kind of grimacing. Well no I said Steve is what got my attention because I think it was video that you posted. That showed him doing these crossover steps. Go and up and down the field he was twisting his body to have left into the right which I would think. We you know on I don't know anything about this but I would just think that would be the worst thing you can do for and -- kind of thing like Tampa maybe you gotta stretch it out well. But he lawyer -- healthy dating. Right exactly and was released you know. In good spirits despite not being able to be on the few of the guys -- you know slap him on the -- joke around with everybody still involved with the team. If -- -- separated into quarantine the way everybody else so we still involved but. My in my conspiracy theory Tommy is I don't think this I don't want this out -- the saints. While breeze going up against the rams defense which is now headed by. Gregg Williams then. And why -- good chance of why it's good chance of Gregg Williams coming for Drew Brees. At any cost because you know there's got to be some sour grapes there from from him being let go from the from the organization. And a blown in and not against Drew Brees personally against the organization. -- though nothing more than to hurt this team by taking out the star quarterback. And I don't know I think that's definitely my conspiracy theory. Nothing that validated by that at all I just know Gregg Williams is the type of defensive coordinator we sort of a pre season game. Against the San Francisco 49ers. When they just blitz that -- At a calling cap predict Orleans saints and having six sacks in that game. Remember that those that -- game -- -- girl talking about what you would be showing this much in pre season her it was a high approval year. I don't remember but I remember that in tell me what else happened at practice yesterday news stood out who's looking good news and -- and that's a bit. Most pretty interest in the C veteran center Jonathan Goodwin took some snaps at left guard on the offensive -- the first stringers. While -- Alito was that senator. And a name. Guys saints fans might wanna start getting act equated with it said Leo -- met today. He's the backup guardian actually took snaps at center with the second team so kind of a good sign that may be. The organization -- like what you're seeing from him getting him more. Involved with the offensive line but this battle at the center position between -- Jonathan -- Has that we've been ongoing there's no real upper hand here. And that one's going to be -- decided pre season action. Safety mark is all another guy that's been standing out okay and continues to make a lot of you know impressive plays on the field he's was rotating. Rotated with the first team defense. As the third safety at times. And I mean you have so much safety talent on this team I guess. The organization really looked at what the Seattle Seahawks are due date. And -- trying to -- that because I can't -- the team in the NFL right now that's the -- seek the whip. -- -- -- -- -- -- Row -- -- bush you have mark his ball now at some other of these young guys that are vying for spots it's it's definitely interesting to see the secondary development. Champ Bailey was back at practice yes we will talk about injuries. And no -- not one and talk about him he would -- -- fully practitioners and. No he was just riding the stationary bike in shorts and just the Jersey. It was actually good that he was there though because he had been missing in action. Before that and Sean Payton didn't wanna make any comments on what was going on with him he doesn't seem to be. You know walking gingerly either there's no noticeable injury to him so it's still the question I'll watch ship was absent those a couple of days. You would think Drew Brees 35 year old quarterback Champ Bailey 36 year old defensive back you know what they've probably seen it all so long as your head is in what's happening. I think -- would be preferably get them physically healthy for the first regular game. No doubt about it I mean Drew -- we know what the guy and do we know he's capable of he knows this offense inside and now I guess timing issues with with some players might be an issue but I fully expect him to be involved. A little in the third pre season game just to get some snaps before the red. To a season starts two which is traditionally the dress rehearsal for the regular season thank you Geller. All right -- enjoyed a cool weather in keep up with the saints of course LHU elegance all things sports follow. Other WL in the sports team on Twitter you follow us dollars and matter fact that Steve Geller WW well. At Christine -- one and it T Bob. 53 not to mention at the big chief right now six when he six cent Liggett Traficant for that. We go to Terrell Robinson and David I loved tooling around -- WL dot com and see in the different things that they have on there. Schuett wrote a blog about apparently some -- the kick the squirrel in the they. Grand Canyon or something you know -- there's no way you would if you went to WW wells say congrats that's my yeah my bad and the sports guys all kind of blogs coming from West Virginia one of -- -- TD ability. And Andy's again Tuesday. A -- apparently it will open the bed to get a full blown abscess in Egypt the only reason he says it is tells kids. You know make sure you brush your teeth and -- and every in the an abscess tooth one time as a kid that actually. Burst -- -- the outside of my cheek -- also respond that's the end that's that's very severe. Nausea and again an appointment. -- and I was again to -- the toothpaste down in the bottom of them sing. On Claudia to have a problem brushing your teeth when -- young -- You really wish I mean and I'm a problem originals did you do that yes I would go upstairs with that toothbrush be dry. No -- -- and on and on target about you know the those three maybe four times today. I wish I had done that. Four times a day a day. That would be obsessive compulsive block it. I pretty jaguar opinion polls some -- you've cited -- -- dot com are you worried about Drew Brees after he missed another day with an injury. 73% are saying no 27%. Are saying yes. I was until I heard jerseys Steve Geller earlier remind as a Greg Williams a defense of coordinator for the rams and -- though. A pre season game this may be. A good idea you know maybe if it's a little -- minor thing keep drew out of the game just in case Williams tries any. Smart stuff in on. So we'll see when we come back we'll talk to. Somebody a boat in a oblique injury as a matter of fact actor Michael Hartmann he's LSU health orthopedic surgeon and I wanna know more. About deal blink you're darn right I start -- -- it -- think it has something to do with what they called love handles or muffin top they call it now we get LaBella. Sat on the side hang out will be opinions. Unless you're over sixty years old and in seven meetings where -- way -- way I like that I will come back find out about that take your phone calls well. At 260187803866. 889087. -- what would you be willing to do. Come until the saints in the super bull or not to give me com make your commitment. And you can follow it or not after you make it that solely up to you junior blitzes he cited a shave his beard and -- saints win the Super Bowl. Tommy Tucker back in a flash under the W. Something Tucker 646. On this eight -- Yeah we wish she was April August morning and as far as whether SOS animals summertime highs in the lower nineties. And a lot of humidity thirty to 40% chance for showers right now we're hanging in the year. Eighty degrees and it Drew Brees of course we all know -- couple practices black and gold game and in practice yesterday. With an oblique problem. And I think a lot of us know all of the -- leaks but we don't really know. How problematic this can be how long it takes -- heel and what are the symptoms of -- won its damage as a doctor Michael Hartmann joins us right now. And L issue health orthopedic surgeon the morning dot. Thank court thanks for taking the time -- now I just wanna make this very clear that you are not speaking of Drew Brees because you have not examined him. I -- how we generally speaking what are what are the old bleak -- deal -- come idea happened what do they do. Well hopefully muscles -- just -- that multiple that by and a torso. And they're very important for twisting and turning -- her torso when you don't throw. So. -- you saw the video yesterday but. Com it -- reason zones and -- OK nobody's called -- -- when you do on the crossover thing and he's twisting the left and twisting the right. Would that be the kind of thing you would wanna do if you had a battle bleak. If you wanna keep. But stressed out but -- don't want that do that so much to where they actually causing more injury to that hopefully. Would this be something net -- would. It is hard to heels something that lingers and and what would you feel in terms of pain. Typically it's it's that's treated like give the other multiple strains you don't just give it some time and keep it stretched out until it -- -- answering straight. So in terms of of problematic in that light in the of people have never had a hamstring. Strain on guests are different degrees of that I don't understand how a guy could run fallout with. I hamstring injury but. -- -- you know generally speaking you just rest and stretch and and in matters generally speaking in a matter of days or a week or two it's gone and healed up. Yet typically. 24 weeks' -- it is well settled down to where you can get back there place -- -- So what you would do what would you wanna avoid I would imagine sit ups those kind of things. And he in any. Certain contraction these muscles -- the -- the certain it was still the torsos open new order -- it. I -- and finally the question and that is just baffled. Generations and people free on heat or cold -- -- duty I Saturday put heat on it. In general you. He needed before you play and you but I thought -- that -- done to settle down implementation. And and in general like if you heard yourself maybe if you if you think you pulled a muscle or something and are sprain or strain. Is it true that you put ice first swing for hours and then heat or. Typically do the first 48% to two hours that you alternate. Either afterward. Thank you -- I appreciate -- -- -- -- -- doctor Michael -- LSU health. Orthopedic surgeons so there you go and and you learn about drew breezes -- bleak injury or stretcher whatever it is it's a pretty jaguar opinion -- As it stands about three fourths of you're saying. No and a quarter saying yes and I wasn't. Until I talked to doctor apartment is now keep in mind he's never looked at Drew Brees never examined him this -- just in general when I heard him. Relate better two hands during that got my attention. Because we all know how problematic those can be but then again it might just be. You know ploy it'd -- -- -- -- and not let Greg Williams go after him which you know offers pre season game and really see the need for in play and everybody who is a good morning thanks so. You know and other WL. Yeah good point it -- it. I think that are -- would do well oh read about it in a spot in their. Admit it got to Britain in pretty good at it and look at it and when you. And we should not talk about them do it out at coordinator -- -- -- beer Coke he would love a good -- goal oh quarterback out about. Com it would do -- -- Well I think anybody knows that. I agree with you Barry -- -- -- -- mean to diminish what you said any other thing and think in when it comes as Gregg Williams defensive coordinators thing. Now one point he was on suspended indefinitely from the league Danny's back in you would think if any thing. He'd be playing it pretty close to the -- in the pre season game and do just the opposite of going after some player. Rule the world and that's a franchise -- data began to about himself but I get that thank you Barry emigrate to. I attacks gums and could you context state police and advised them. There is a letter in the middle of the road I ten west bound mile marker 218 point four. Thank you can always. Ten call's state police tirelessly and and tell on that because I don't really know where mile marker 218 point four -- but if you there be careful 651 timely traffic. That would go to -- Robinson. Tommy Tucker 656. Got the code word coming up in the 1000 dollar nationwide summer splash cash contest for yet. And not a whole lot of on a -- or at least the enthusiasm I think -- confidence in the saints winning the Super Bowl this year because I was asking you for commitments that you will and make. And you know a year and you're not signing a paper anything. Until a saints win the Super Bowl junior -- says he's not gonna shave his beard tongue in cheek and I'm on the there's a lot of confidence and those who dat nation. Bombers on the tanks that are coming in on gun not visit my in laws until the saints won the Super Bowl and -- that's fine it's a great one. That's it's. Nobody else is willing to make a commitment until -- saints in the Super Bowl which. I'm now makes me wonder another text comes in about Drew Brees and quite frankly drew hasn't proven himself by now we have bigger problems than we thought. The only thing being out will affect. He is is. Timing and gain speed rhythm and I you know about that because they practice and I don't see a whole lot of -- -- and plan a lot of those stars during pre season really don't. Coming up we're to talk about back to school. And would you rather the kids have a summer vacation. Or go to school year round with shorter breaks. And which would you have rather when you're in school. Which would be better for the kids in an ideal no there was no feeling in the world. Like may come in and beginning in May -- ahead of the clover blooming -- you could smell a different flowers and in near the end the school was and you had a big long vacation. But what -- what if it. Was different and like in some areas you'd go to school for a couple of months and have a month off go to school couple months have a month off would it be better for the parents. Would -- be better for the students and what affect would it have on education. As for me and I guess she can extrapolate this to. Work and so forth I think it's easy for me to keep working than it is to go on vacation because again -- routine nine on vacation. Then the routine is broken so will talk about them when we come back also.

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