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8-5 7:10am Tommy, should school be year-round?

Aug 5, 2014|

Tommy talks to Michael Brickman, the National Policy Director for the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, about whether school should be year-round

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here we are already August 5 it seems like New Year's Eve literally was just a month ago. Does it not. I'm not sure Allen made maybe need a vacation yeah -- -- or maybe you don't and we're talking about summer vacation for kids back to school hero already does -- come and walking a dog last night talked to a young guy and I saw a component of pizza restaurant and a pass them on the way and and I -- a -- -- -- a -- disease not to -- the -- -- -- -- go back to school. I don't know maybe Friday. So I think like humans parish schools based on that could start on Friday morning. Saint Tammany is already in session did that I see and mom and my daughter goes back. Next week. So Jefferson on Friday in -- -- black humans. Pocket and what you tell me yet I'm telling who's on first. So yen and and I mean it seems like back in the day you would go to school at the very end of August in -- on that it is pretty much Midler and -- name and legacy -- -- more days now for hurricanes and I don't know I just seems like its earlier and earlier what would refresh you more notches when it comes school but in terms of vacation would you rather hand. A couple of days. Every three months or would you rather have one big long four week vacation -- -- I'd like the a couple of days yet I would I would have to go that is I think is not just about back to school we can also. In terms of refreshing and breaks. What refreshes you more owner breaker -- short of one and also what do you think would make you more productive. Not that I'm gonna throw out a full week or week and a half off -- -- strengthened break it -- works better for or even if you if you're lucky enough to get four weeks would you like a week every three months. Or take it also points. I'm glad that as well as school -- And any of this it's. -- a little. Mind yeah we leave this one is on his. Unbelievable yeah. You know it's unbelievable if you haven't even even heard it yet I've just taken a wild guess Iowa you guessed right. Evanston Illinois. Eric is is Lansky. Decided to show off a shotgun that he just bought. -- group of friends he's playing with -- it would you know again play with a shotgun and never a good thing to do all. I spent most Ellis -- began you're right he's in his apartment with friends she only done on a plane and went in his France -- -- put that away. Silly he takes two or three. Rounds out of league out of the shotgun and and then teach you know his friend. College. -- he was dead and handling guns. He put the gun to each cheek and pulled the trigger now lol no no. From WorldCom a sign of the gun was empty and nothing happened. Now know unfortunately that's not a wayward I don't think TI there was still a shell or two in the gun you about pulled a traitor. Pretty much blues and often he's dead and you know you just wonder how in the world some money can be solely responsible with a weapon and -- realize imminently that she and even had a gun to begin. -- Absolutely let alone be playing where that is showing it off to friends and did I don't know of anybody other than somebody trying to commit suicide that would ever. Put a gun if there hadn't electorate and here -- You know it's unloaded and is sometimes. It is and it's not welcome back we'll talk about year round school. As opposed to a long summer vacation and when it comes to you and work. Would you rather have. Short periods of work little mini vacation short periods of work liberty vacation or long periods of work. And a long vacation. Not exactly did -- witness on this sweltering Monday act Tuesday -- -- back in a flash and evidently I Tommy Tucker Tuesday August 5. Basic summertime in the forecast highs in the low -- thirty to 40% chance for showers more humidity. And you could possibly believe but the tropics are quiet. So will take it. -- that are out there but I can think the United States 78 degrees right now we're talking about back to school and times lengths of terms and summer vacations would it be better for you. Or your kids if they went to school year round with short breaks. Ordered ahead the model that we have now with 89 months school when and three months of vacation in some cases might be ten months school. -- Michael Bergmann joins us right now national policy director for the Thomas B Fordham institute mornings there. Thank you taking the time is it doctor Brickman. I don't I Ph.D. I just always like to give people credit for that so it's only com. About some areas -- enhanced year round schooling and as far as results does that indicate that it's any more effective. Well I think the idea is pretty basic if you are in school for a longer period time and gaining more days instructions -- -- artwork. I think there are some pros and I'm certainly. Did not members -- -- and sciences. Paul certain planes do other things don't -- certain specialty. I'm sure this time a year in the war and probably. Little to opt in action from questions. Like I think most schools now -- rare condition but I know when I went they weren't in your right around a daily would be pretty uncomfortable -- on September -- -- -- Absolutely and you know this isn't bad news of a concept I know back I was a school that kids should -- Really -- crime would. Sometimes have to go and take summer school courses and so it's really just the idea if you're really behind. I -- beneficial to be in school for longer and I think -- some cases it's certainly getting more hours of instruction as positive thing by. Although I think this is something that need to be left up to. Local school districts if it's certainly an individual individual kids certainly need the ball the parent should get paired -- And really -- it's blow one way you. Improve outcomes certainly more additional. I -- there really positive result with. Adding more charter schools cutting the recovery school district take take a virtual movie. Lowest performing schools so I think this is possibly wondering especially our student sugar are comfortable and happy New Orleans. Generally speaking the is it more effective to go to school year round and -- are there examples in this country are other countries. Well there -- schools so -- -- here in Washington DC that are here around where. As long -- countries that perhaps not year round. Schooling but has. I think you know look and extending the school year. I think in Chicago and had the should -- -- -- short -- the -- beat Chicago in very short. School year wrote that other large cities in this country so. That the other factor is not every. -- just goes to school for. The same numbered days there are some that are significantly shorter and maybe you don't need to go year round just like in the days overall. I can impact. In another part of this equation I guess -- parents and teachers and are ready jaguar -- opinion poll asking people would you. Rather one -- Casey vacationer settled shorter ones. And real overwhelmingly people are saying one long vacation at. An asset because parents -- would have different concerns I guess if you had several. Shorter vacations in this school went the year around on a -- heard -- album in terms of provide for their kids while they were at work and the other -- factors is teachers and burn out. Any any studies that indicate glue which -- is parents refer teachers. Well I think you're right about patterns. I think having. Kids in school for longer gives them some more consistency. In our peaceful -- the deal. I hear a -- to -- for the entire summer. As a -- and wouldn't you know that summer break for anything so I'm a little bit toward some of them. Works in education policy in general I was you know -- some breaks it. Apparently so something went -- the world but it. -- some he would invite you directing debut especially in. All schools where the international news are behind it needs to be get students were also lending graduate. -- rate for calendar where they're actually she is. Also in its I think local school's decision to make you need to trigger -- for kids. They're going to be just playing in the summer but they don't get any an opportunity to graduate schools are. This service. About time -- get that the books in the summer reading in get through with can't open service hours in a lot of different schools but -- elect thank you Michael appreciate your time. You -- Michael -- national policy director for the Thomas before and institute your recurring scene there at Michaels and it's all up to the local schools. Summing -- throwing teachers and parents in this as well as. Education do you think it would be better if kids went to school year round and the traditional. Nine months and three months off giving column in OT 60187. Totals 3866. 889087. In as a parent would that make it easier or more difficult for yet. Did nature you kids were busy when you're at work at Texans and when I was a kid in the late sixties and seventies in the summer we picked tomatoes and a plant. In the summer. Thanksgiving holiday we cut cabbage and cauliflower. I would usually cut geometry but I guess that explains why I'm here today 723. Time Olympic traffic and -- -- Robinson. 7187. Tommy Tucker with he and his hot Tuesday morning which is gonna turn -- on Tuesday afternoon and go -- On Wednesday and last night it was outside walking the dog -- -- -- what my money's sake not a breath a year out here. And it really wasn't we're talking about schools and kids and summer vacation. And if your teacher I'd really like to hear from you if you're not. Already back at school would you would you prefer in anchors are pretty jaguar opinion bowl. He is got nothing to do with school is in general would you rather one long vacation. Or several shorter ones. Com 88% are saying several shorter ones I would probably opt for that does win. We went to Ireland and those as too long for me trip was great. But after about five days I -- Nancy. Some of the Mexican and as a mother of three kids I have to say I like the traditional nine months. And three months off now we're talking generally speaking year because I know. It's only three weeks of June angle back in August would generally speaking nine months and three months off school year. We get a routine down in the whole family goes with it then we get three months of freedom. I love summer and M has said as the kids that it is done my kids do very well in school some very happy the way it is. Al would have to agree with that taxes well one thing I found need is apparent is that when the summertime comes. It's almost like you get a summer vacation because. The nine months of good car bulls are worrying if they get there and homework and projects that's all overweight. So as a parent you kinda get this summer vacation as well. Another one says is apparently loved it we were -- able to take the kids on vacation to Disney World on October. While all the other kids in school were in school so I guess they're talking about. A situation where it would be. Twelve months of school. And then you get and that's an excellent point you get some weeks off in the offseason where it's not so crowded. This text in Tennessee my kids went to a year round school they went nine weeks were up three weeks. And still had their six weeks -- summer and that schedule teachers did not have to take the first semester to read each what they had learned. The prior year gimmick volunteer teacher way to get burned out and you need three months or would you prefer. To get recharged every so often -- -- -- to be better when it comes teaching the kids and as a parent. What would you prefer. Numbers are open I'd love to hear from me and have a conversation with he had 2601878. -- 03866889087. In other Texans and teach here. That's me I need this summer off to recharge right now time for -- WL offers news he'd. -- recharge it with all of the headlines. Pretty smooth that day aspiration -- makes absolutely no sense and now know here's a guy that's right here is that David Lewis. At all. He knows I play this I think maybe that's a movie they should remained. With today's special effects all you're breathing. On absolutely there's in this sport. -- runs as text somebody station off the coast it there from near San Antonio apparently. They went out stationed. With their father. And friends. And wanted to catch -- hammerhead shark. But instead they -- a twelve foot seven inch tiger shark him. I want to win 809. Pounds how old is -- -- start like missing Saturday night at 830 out. CN pictures at night so it's pitch dark out there right. The -- was so heavy he was moving the boat around in the water. We're gonna need a bigger -- exactly. So they fight this thing for eight dollars and and eventually they landed. And -- -- -- look and visual post a picture that on on our website and my page hi Neal and why don't they just pulled it right up next to the IR SS like it's an efficient way they can't. Let in and out real and in and pound gorilla in my Italian as out of nothing new it was a shark or not but. That's something people in my boat around and middle of the night and I'd lie exactly David discredited discretion is the better part of valor when it comes of that so. Congratulations on and do with that now it has some Heatley chart and never had -- -- on a -- good morning aren't evidently well thanks for calling. I you don't tell me what you think about this. -- year round school as opposed to. Did did traditional nine months or -- it's creeping in the less than three months of vacation now in and says you are a teacher yet. -- tell me in terms of burnout. In terms of of refreshing educating kids what you think you'd be better. -- litigating like. Year round school a lot of kids blue and skilled at. It and we -- Boarding is needed but it's not especially in -- -- need to keep it out. Well. As you know you've probably. Done it right away and at the last minute some don't do it. Yet yes what Mike did did load did does generally -- to set up. Yeah I think general they you know they they -- -- you know. They did -- -- and then -- there are they they do it in the beginning and get an oval where. Ordinarily it down and then wraps it up at the end. Yeah. I would like to see that a year and a little break and I think it's art art. I would prefer that we doubled -- big problem. Like a long. And it sort -- a date yet I think ultimately. About coming back them. And I'd this thing you know that does break in. And get back on track and you know be greatly regret -- Start. -- this apparently doesn't. I address you at all -- mean anything about you because you said you'd rather. Work year round that is taxes teachers don't want you around school league is a like being lazy during a summer or getting another job to supplement their income I wish I'd get paid a full salary. Produced nine months of work will will you say an event. Just but the work you know a lot of good workshops and seminars throughout -- -- Were planning a well yeah I I do work -- -- you can't and that and it art you know we're not getting paid for and I'm mark we we have. Money taken out you know to play at that but I'm out of my day. And is it different from parents and I've heard a lot of this they complain about. Why do I have to send twelve boxes of Kleenex and why do I have to send. Handy wipes Baidu I have to send dry erase markers like in the teacher pay for that themselves or the school replies. -- -- -- -- And eat it well that rule is -- -- Educational program and we're using about it and -- and. Cancels not tell us that take place at the educational yeah. Will -- it. And opt out you know we spend money even with the. Well I hope you have a great year from I'll be enjoyed you summer vacation. And I think you can call. It. I patty that 74317. Before -- seven attacks guns and we don't need another jaws a remake we at York NATO. My friend. I've seen shot I've seen jaws. Jaws is one of my favorite movies. -- NATO is no jaws. Was back in the second on WW. I Tommy targets talking about year round schools there are beginning get in Petersburg Virginia I had a middle school and our high schools there and they say they're watching it for other district sailboats and improved test scores and you know. In a lot of ways there are no original ideas and if one area dries it and it works and it spreads to different counties and the entire state. And it works for one state than others in tennis star dual and it's -- as a parent would would that help you or hurt you if you kids we're going to school year round it would it help heard them marry -- well good morning -- -- WL. Shark it. Right. Their book eat eat shark where it pretty. Well. It but it. All all. -- -- You don't think -- Vincent prices -- do. You. Into trouble. Threw it -- but. Aren't. Sure. I'm not old enough to remember Johnny cars are -- in the tell me about -- -- the dishwasher that that doesn't know sometimes it got that. That -- smell it doesn't make you -- open. Where it was a little. Urged their. So now what it. Shark in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And people. It. So Maria do you where you put the detergent normally you put soy sauces are you telling me. Tell me about summer school in and year around. Kids does. -- -- -- -- -- -- You read well. Our. -- First -- -- and I split. Right. -- and she checked in the so that credit they they -- Excellent idea Marion that you held and you -- things other things and you do each watcher -- not. -- But did you thank you -- ninety cult. I don't think -- would be comfortable cook in anything in the dishwasher -- Metairie Louis morning under the W well. And now I'm taking my call -- -- Like to say I think that children should go to school pretty much fuel and you know maybe get more ball and Osama time. And the -- outside it's sort of airports. Because you have so many parents where that's been why pay toward. Animated series can't get these -- day's political or school -- two hours later today. What do people do that don't get the support group or around town to pick these children and school. And art I just think that they would would concept in a war. To put forward to table the school should try and maybe in tune with that. Oh yeah I wondered if you would be easier for parents support that support system in place for three months then -- -- -- -- -- -- that last three months. Earl -- thank you don't let you know there was never a good day and I hope you audit. And 52 saris and 528 before eight. More calls and we come back from a working parent point of view this text says more complicated even now schools aren't set up well for that. Early dismissal late take in teacher in service days. And sometimes a little notice for year round -- workers system to support the three week vacations. We need to be there are similar to the current summer camps and you'd think. Just like the American economy works that there was -- need somebody would. Meet that need 753 now timely traffic seven before aid and for that we go to Terrell Robinson tummy tuck them -- WL story in USA today about retirees and outing and save money when they go to eat out. And we talk about a couple of things we come back about eating out in general would you rather eat out or eat at home I would go for eating out and it's notches for. The convenience of -- as all things being equal now not not with the expense we can't always afford to go on neat but it. I would rather that than stay at home because they think and includes a lot better out than it is at home and I says that because I'm cooking of food at home. Or to talk to Mary hagel and she owns Mary's gore made diner. In North Carolina and they give you up 15%. Discount. If you pray before their meal but not -- that phrase gets it. They determined I guess if your prayer is acceptable or if you -- religion is acceptable. And we'll talk to -- and find out how it happens but we're also curious about. Great solar prayer of thanks of every one college two years they won before every meal. I would think if you're agnostic or atheist you don't. You might think the farmer but you probably wouldn't thank god if you're agnostic or atheist. But -- say a prayer of thanks for every dealers and only at Thanksgiving. And I got in it. We're probably in only Thanksgiving kinda. -- crowd and would you fake praying. If you were agnostic for example to get the 15% off discount. Or if you were canceling an airline Catholics who would you say some kind of Protestant prayer just get the 15% discount -- and they found god knows what I wanna do -- sorted out maybe -- articulate but that 15% I saved back in form of a collection on Sunday. -- about all I won't come back Tommy Tucker glad -- with us on this Tuesday morning -- WL.

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