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8-5 8:10am Tommy, discount for praying?

Aug 5, 2014|

Tommy talks to Mary Haglund, the owner of Mary's Gourmet Diner, about a discount they offer some patrons who pray

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I mean no disrespect to whomever texted this San OK but it amazes me how. Everything. But comes political. In the country and we were talking about what he would be better to go to school year round war. Their traditional nine months of school roughly three months in what's political about that Tommy will would refresh me more would be if the president and congress would work as many days is our kids go to school. Then I NIC Donald Trump visit relates that these -- bullet patients inning the second one arrives today is Al -- -- -- -- on route. From Liberia says Atlanta and I quote. This president should not allow those people in this country. -- -- -- I think. These are Americans were -- and yet. And I I don't know how old. Again now the -- are gonna start with I hope you like which god Obama lover. I'd I don't know what these people getting a -- and allowing Americans be treated in America. Really has to do with the president but. I also wonder about Donald Trump and how he got to where he is. Have you ever known people like that you are real estate better very both know. It's. It was a rhetorical cliff I just -- it makes it clear that I might be confused at his father had a lot of money right now -- A mom but it just amazes me how people sometimes that. UA expect to be really sharp and yeah and really well spoken and well -- I guess sometimes. Well you know on this Ebola thing. I'd there're there is concern about these people coming here even though they're they're like based quarantine lockdown. Supposedly the most secure facility around. And the eight PUs -- reporting. That at least one of them the start off will be getting an experimental. Drug. That has never been used on human. -- -- one of them did already because I saw a sound bite or heard ones and that that was not from the guidance they're gay doctors on that thought that the showed remarkable recovery Gary quickly -- that would be a great thing I mean this isn't like something that's airborne number comes in a row with size do or anything like it it flies through the area and actually contact with the patient that's with the the position told us yesterday anyway when it comes eating out. Will would you rather eat out -- eat at home. Basically -- I needed home. Really aria definitely a really absolutely. -- -- knowledge. I'm not saying necessarily what I -- cooking. And eating at home but a fight you know do the take out thing. I love doing that and then beer and relax in our home so would you rather the food it's cooked at home the food that you bring -- there that depends on whatever. -- make him. Thank goodness you know like shrimp was on you know one of our family favorites and when I worry when I'm coconut -- realistic. It was yeah that's -- money counts as a unit and with Kerry and other big bill. Big buildings given a 15% this talented diners who pray for their meal tall yet you say a prayer thanks it out at restaurants -- AM do you say a prayer -- -- home. For every meal Thanksgiving. That's it Thanksgiving at my -- once a year you do it every -- dot. Just hear it again -- where. And what do you make it to save the 15% he's given 50% off to everybody misses of where things where every male and everybody sees some one tournament to get the discount. We'll talk about all this mess when we come back -- -- -- -- -- it's a tangled. Hi Tommy Tucker. Jordan -- producing and Shelden Williams never ceases to amaze me. With the bumper music that he plays that's always appropriate tool we're talking about 818. And others of sweltering day in southeastern Louisiana as it's going to be. Mean and money out here. But barring any tropical weather which will still be sweltering of course but probably until. Early on turnovers and laughter around Halloween we're -- praying before meals do you do it every day. Veto and an omen not when you eat out are you one of those once a year is unfortunately like me. That pretty well visited Thanksgiving and -- it. I'm Mary -- and joins us for an owner of Mary's gourmet diner and I guess she's doing what she can in North Carolina to get people. To pray before their meals good morning Mary and thank you so much for taking the time -- -- Aren't saying tell me about the program. How it works and what made you decide to do it is. Well it's really policy -- some bad actually my daughter's -- came up with about four years out. And it's really not -- but typically only limited -- You know quote unquote prayer we do -- pregnant -- that urgency sort of thing to put on the ticket but. It any time we see anyone taking a moment. To be grateful for their food because we have such an abundance of in this country each and our farmers work really hard we work really hard to bring oxygen cable. So what I mean -- an attitude of gratitude letters prior -- you know moments like crucial that the world. It touches my heart and it's kind of a random thing my app and can now put that discount on whenever they feel like it and not. -- every single time somebody but it's just one of those things one where we do it as to reciprocate. Now now now that this is cheating or at least gaining some popular licensee achieving that wasn't your goal. I and -- and notoriety. Do you think human have a problem with people's and it widow Mary hang on. Is brand here too. You know. Never ever ever ever come up. That's just not been a problem. Because for four years it was -- something that we did there quietly each and every single person. -- Mary. Thanks a lot more like well what I've never seen that before. And now it's gotten national. You know attention. People are coming again. But there's there's never anybody and today where's my bit now you know it's that should not get it kind of didn't even attach that kind of an attitude. As a restaurant owners. You know -- -- that's -- cap and calm but I personally just haven't opened. Feeling about the whole thing. I don't. It's not really my concern like how -- would be comedic -- -- someone page. Or you you know in booking or whatever you know that just insert ridiculous to me that's where a lot of on the Internet. I'm not you lunges scene -- another diner perhaps wouldn't. Oh. Well I mean I don't know I. I needed that extra eye on a little bit about Mary's done and what's on the menu and go and -- -- what's best thing capture. Well we. Same for our breakfast and lunch. And popular. Sport selling would be built here and we have. Huge selection of thank you put it on that aura of famous for breakfast burritos. That's great and much is our signatures amateur -- a -- and we have -- apple butter baby. Com so we have adequate and more. That sounds great Marion glad -- took the time -- thank getting a nice thing you're dealing. Our report. Well we appreciate that thank you Mary had a great day. You -- Mary had an owner of Mary's gore made diners so let's have a conversation about this and we come back Keegan. I'd like for -- colleague -- text me -- 7870. But if you -- Comfortable. That's -- -- not comfortable talking on the air but if you aren't living here Primedia. Teach your kids say grace did did you do it before every meal do you do it. Before every meal a blessing there are you just those people like me then unfortunately. It seems to happen just once a year -- Thanksgiving. And -- -- body of UN restaurant. And other people were praying loudly next year. Maybe even and I don't mean to be foolish when -- say it is -- begin in some kind of tongs and and got their hands up and pray and real -- would that be a disturbance a year would you say you know what it's very nice that they. They chose to break before their meal and and finally ready jaguar opinion poll would you rather eat at home or dine out. You may call about that 75% are saying eat at home 25% are saying dine out I would definitely say is they dine out but you got to remember. I would be the 12 in the -- my house and and I know how like cooks are definitely taking into a restaurant 823 timely to traffic but that would get a -- Robinson. Tommy Tucker another WLE 28 you know I always like to let people like they're businessmen -- nice enough to come on result though. I didn't think anybody was gonna -- choose to -- of any business from here in Salem. North Carolina but Winston-Salem North Carolina but. Get a text says where is Mary's gore made diners scenario. Yeah blessing and make it obvious I would think in you might get a 15% discount Jeanette in the end of -- money on -- WL. How are yet. Good thanks for college. -- Tell me what. You do when it comes as saying a blessing them before meals. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lebanon -- around DT. Yeah now I don't know. But why not why wouldn't the boys do and I'm not trying to criticize you sons it goes the thought process of a lot of us easing it would be out of embarrassment it would be. In age -- money give the girl the wrong impression although you don't know he's out. It be hard to figure out logically or rationally how that could give a girl wrong impression that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- let me run this -- is speaking of weird. And that's me what about if you hold off on a blessing until after the meal and if it really was horrible it's like -- you know maybe try better next. The even if there's too much salt. -- there's too much salt. This stake is a dud. Of the -- putting you bread putting some played commanders collapse before they got a -- -- -- you that -- -- having a good sense human have a great day we'll talk to -- aren't -- tomorrow when every -- thank you. Megan at a date doctor -- 831. Time for -- WL offers news and for that we go to the difficulty to let you do that more often make a date tomorrow like that. I think actually if you think about it it may make more sense of pre -- Delegate tip -- and in -- in the kitchen making he self lookup Petit. A couple of Terry has started during -- -- that Ireland trip and it's very good under. Your caffeine kick -- does -- in the kitchen out you were talking not a couple of things first off hollow uncooperative David -- can be when he gets stubborn while old. And secondly about restaurants and praying and about keep in the build down. And some people say appetizer -- -- you shouldn't -- don't ever get an appetizer they tell me because. If you will low if you do rather it's a way to booster bill -- higher than it needs to be because and -- to bring you Flutie on each of food that we eat your food chances are. Iran Andre you you -- bring it home and you never heated security calloused in my where where where you're telling me. That I can't have march round you know what -- you pocked shells a -- -- on our nation avoid using get everything on demand now. You've been washing dishes from him color well but I'll do whatever you want to I've. You know the portions are so big I rarely eat everything they give Tammy. Do you. Now while the doggy bag you -- politics so you -- saying you don't eat it at the restaurant. You know what does this wake up in the middle of the night hawk and some called snake it's -- -- if I'm typical some medication. And listen to this thank goodness from my daughter -- -- academy. As she does say a small prayer before every meal my daughter's very extrovert and -- are very small discrete career and his -- -- who she used is with when she does an update this amount -- everything does begin. With a prayer not -- -- says one of that lady at the diner would give the discount if somebody brought a prayer rugged began praying to. -- 10 and mighty. Look I don't. Lol I think it's solely up for error I think more people should pray for thanks of the table and better yet -- -- they should talk more instead of being on a Smartphone dock that's a good point the world would be better. And then there's somebody here -- me out. Well. I would like. My answers charity you're surprised. This kind of funny near the only time I -- 1 meanings when I -- a piece of steak lodged in my throat well. And I think YouTube editors to rub your testing at his Graham get tyranny your chances some abilities it Heimlich you know. Tommy absolutely mean no offense Jews and I'm curious if you ultimately are lying a little when you talk about anything religious. You're Catholic and don't say grace at every meal that is hard to believe well. Got to tell you a better -- a whole lot of Catholics. It and bad policy raised that every male. Unless they have a -- stake lodged in his throat -- -- -- he -- and dining rooms are foxholes. Now but I you know I'm Catholic I go to church every week in and I'd -- this one time holy -- and I got an email about this and then of course some Catholic guy. -- go to church and put money in a collection basket and -- did -- get somebody angry. But I don't -- think religion is something that everybody should do. On their own liking the Texas and about the prayer rug that could offend somebody's on I don't know of he's done on -- at one point I don't wanna get in the Bible quotes here but they say something about him going out to make a big chill out. What you do out it's the you have freedom of religion. I am and your version may be completely different in the Geithner and I guess you don't do it quietly and you know was in here -- a year ago. Because the bill of rights ten commandments identical everybody noses both have ten album both them they pretty much same thing. But when it comes of the -- I prefer to do it discreetly I don't think you have to make a big show a lot of today and let your body and brain and the other things and other on this topic. Is. When -- see the high end luxury cars. With. God is good merciful god god give -- God loves me it. I don't. No that god really cares if you're driving a Mercedes the thing I don't thank you thank god puts you and Alexis -- or -- again -- nine Audi what had via. A Tesla big -- do you really think god. Cares what kind of car you drive I don't but I -- -- license plates all the time. We we've just laid out a -- mortgages board for you there and it -- to hear your comments on all of it. At 26018780386. Exit eight -- early Tony except for this. And that is that David Blake is difficult he is not. He's out of his mind in saying but he is not typical ten -- -- hang on he says praying is a distraction. Before meal when you shouldn't know. Tell me announces Tommy does not raise the pray before a noses hacks that wasn't even brought up in a family that went to church. So I see people in restaurants they have thanks prayer I think it's wonderful it makes me envious of the way their parents raised them. By the way and now pray before right maybe -- pass anonymous -- And then this about trading after the meal you -- the beginning of a mailing you leave your comments at the end. Tucker back in a flash and a VW. I Tommy talkers so we started talking about it diner in North Carolina we spoke to the lady who gives -- patrons 15% discount. If they say grace but it doesn't happen all the time now she said it's at the discretion of the wait staff if if they here are like it but I don't know if if it depends on what blessing these people are saying and if that has to meet a certain religious standard spelling out on to. -- would you rather eat out or eat at home generally speaking. Is very expensive. As between a cook in McLean and blob of violent daughter goes to college at minimum be one of those old -- regulars that Piccadilly. I -- Tommy. I know I'm Mabel will -- tonight. -- Turkey breast with addressing. And I'll sit there my paper on the phone you know maybe get -- -- and just you know scroll through the news and then we -- dollar to openly. Not the point so would you rather read out or he is home -- becomes. Who. The expenses as a way to keep the expense and is by not ordering an appetizer or not drinking liquor etc. Tim until mid -- on got a W -- morning. Coming -- think that the perfect situation ought to be discrete period. It at all. And I consider myself at least a little deeper you camera once I don't -- wrong in the creek and -- because nobody. You know practices. I'm more -- who said it can -- Albert Campbell unloaded a what bothers me is that people vote. Dining restaurant Dahmer and -- -- and the prayers if there. You know if there. Distracting they take away from everybody should experience if they're not as I've seen many times fine. But what's even more distracting as the number of people on it kind of phone at the table. I so I sat next to a group weather for. Children to adults everybody was on cell phone except for the momma who was handling itself on -- Euro. There have been studies done that said the reason those conversations aggravated so much. Is because we can't hear the other end of -- -- -- ask if somebody was at the table. Next do you have -- conversation same frequency or under the same volume with somebody across the table. Would it bother you as much as being on a cellphone and only here and one half of it. Is that the -- -- bother me because my experiences and the reverse. People -- -- -- over and they they want you to know how many times please double fault -- of the by a room that is very offensive. A committee when you talk about. At the table -- on the phone. And that there. They're on their phone while they're at the table. -- -- -- And bathroom habits. Right everything everything and they and they tend to talk more loudly. Then. Because of you know the restaurant and perhaps might be loud anyway so that they try to get above everybody saw him. I think people have a tendency tend naturally to talk louder on cell phones anyway. I think so I think -- said that you know they've just for you've had to go crawl all morning talking about how. When it gets so distracting that we have people in the eighties. Eighteen to 34 Drupal whatever weather go from 222422. Of the 24 hours a day. By them. And and where the apps can be used for everything in the world. So I think it's it's. There are also reference in North Carolina on the way at all of the eastern -- board coming our way. Who will give you 15%. Off if you do not use your phone while you're done it. That's a good idea and you know also known. To be people go on every game with a with a cell phones in the middle of the table. At a person and it picks it up as a pay for the bill. You know it's so bad right now comments of -- -- Nichols say for example the students. Will sit and appliance and texting each other when they're six inches of our full support. During lecture. Incredible thank you Tim -- lady call you have a good day -- is an interesting comment from 108537. Before. Nine -- our return serious and I guess this'll bring my Catholic credentials -- the players while for some people went. Bishop left yet refuses to release the name of pedophile priests and it serves no purpose. One man says is abusers still operates. Editor says well being investigated. Him. And cleared of any wrongdoing but I guess my question would be shouldn't this be a criminal investigation Indian trust of the church. Do investigate their own -- governments have been in the past. And now the church's new policy of openness when it comes to claims like this. But this happened ten years ago like it would seem to me -- you wouldn't say -- grandfathered and went on to release the name you would say no when he enters the transparency were to -- the name. Be made public 8546 before nine time Olympic traffic and where that would go to Terrell Robinson. I Tommy Tucker -- 59 the Pope is out with his ten. Rules suggestion for happiness if you will tell you about those when we come back we'll also talk about a decision by the -- Lafayette not to release the names of Metafile priest we also have some tickets for you just like we had yesterday. To see The Gipsy Kings August 16 that this anger and I have to do is keep listening fool or the Gypsy -- singing hotel California. No matter that song in the movie the big -- anyway when you hear that I gave -- a number to call in any -- -- gonna win a pair of tickets from WWL. Gypsy kings -- some fusion blending traditional flamenco music of Latin rhythms.

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