WWL>Topics>>8-5 9:10am Tommy, should the names of priests accused of sexual abuse be public?

8-5 9:10am Tommy, should the names of priests accused of sexual abuse be public?

Aug 5, 2014|

Tommy talks to Fr. James Bretzke, a Professor of Theology at Boston College, and legal analyst Tim Meche, about a sexual abuse scandal in the Church

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And a -- Yeah I'm waiting for a little little staging here apparently there was sponsors some background music that I told me. Yeah. -- -- Thanks I have decided David. Because occasionally as events warrant stick aging music -- -- -- wanted to call it an orchestra do you really think. It's like the old days of WL in 1927. We have a live orchestra here. -- sounds likes of them was -- would have gone home -- line up the beautiful Roosevelt roads now. -- decided to institute a new features and I'm -- And it is called the right. Acts of the morning today of the day of them to gripe -- he sure of the morning that is so wonderful idea. To probably not such a good title but. We'll work on it right of the morning. Right of the morning to Stuart yes yes the cry of the day in the morning -- jeweler I think would be good working title but yeah it off your chest. Even better. Get it off your chest like that -- we start the music again our speakers. -- and offered -- I don't think one just and I don't think you can just started news. A new name with announcer music go over so it's the which is they get off your chest. Text of the morning -- ago and write it down payment on. Because occasionally target an announcement that there. Com. People text me things that they see on the road and it has nothing to do with what we're talking about but -- think they just have to get it off their chest now. So for now on I would encourage you. To text me with whatever gripe you have. Unless it's that music because we all know that was annoying but. Whatever -- you haven't read it I'll read the you know what if people and aggravated. I'll make it to get it off you -- text of the dollar -- -- and as it is today is I'm on I ten heading toward new loans -- a new Orleans police Ford Explorer urges flew by me on his way to work. No emergency no lights was binding and a twin span I'm on 79 he has been on ninety. A mile ahead of me now must be nice to be above the law when -- late to work especially when my taxes or paying. For the automobile and -- gas that's a great example it is because you know why that is the inaugural. The inaugural -- initialed the first ever. Get it off my chest. Text of the morning like it. And I had a kind of different experience the other day. Why does that keep coming back it up. Like this stomach flu you can't avoid -- have a blog and start so anyway led to a different experience on. Their -- the other evening because I don't know -- you wanna see a police officer. Is actually you know Mark Carney guys in uniform old woman in uniform I don't I don't speed. Would you normally do that. But he drives the speed limit always I -- Generally close to lament well and this officer was on a phone -- two weeks ago people were passing him on big goal. I mean Golan 6570. Miles an hour he was doing the speed limit on a cellphone. And have seen that not just in Orleans parish have seen it in plaque humans have seen it in Jefferson. Where people now don't don't care but some argue -- does speed and -- it they don't care -- so we'll talk about that's money to put an end. In this thing does not have to be related to commuting or driving it could be. Somebody at work and will you -- the yard collar protection. In case somebody's got to so they -- and all wins that you can texted us when we come up with to get it -- future last text I am under Rembrandt you came up with that name a reminder call to. Well that's you know -- -- -- Colin if you like but I think she you know -- anger. Now I'm not angry all I think that's a great idea I think you should do that as well I think we should. Open it up for phone calls if you had to get it off you chest. Text slash call now slash email tweet of the morning in my I'd like inclusive enough for -- could be like horrible service at a restaurant or a gas station massages and you're through the roof. OK good thank you David eyed idealist. Let's move on to our guest. By the James Gretzky professor of theology at Boston College friend of buyers and and we want to have him on because renew -- serious now. From. Because. There's something going on in the diocese of Lafayette. And that the bishop has decided not to release the name of fifteen priests. Some -- or accused of abuse he says six are now deceased one is no longer priests and none of the fifteen is serving in ministry. They do not have an assignment and they do not celebrate -- or perform in any ministry in churches in this diocese or elsewhere. Amendment diocese paid though. A ton of money. To the victims and I would wonder. Unless there's a statute of limitations in multi -- Tim -- -- legal analysts about this after. Hmmm why there's no criminal prosecution of these people -- -- -- that -- argument father James Gretzky. Professor of theology at Boston College as I said a friend of ours and he's been known that. Speak his mind morning father Martin. Mom I'm the one thing that confuses me is if the church is gonna have a new transparent policy would you really use the out of well we're grandfather an -- in that was and from now on we're gonna be transparent. Well -- IA I would agree I would say no I don't think that the good policy just. Particular issue is complex because the the other side of the coin that is very rarely the given any attention is there are -- good number of all accurate. I know one that happened where parish priest that it was a friend of mine was removed so I know exactly of which you speak. And becoming a priest in the United States. We give up many things but we do not give up -- civil rights and -- still can vote we have. The bill of the bill of rights of first ten amendments the constitution still apply to a and the issue of criminal prosecution really rests with the civil authorities so -- Want to criminally prosecute them they should and I agree that this. Statute limitations probably should be extended because. People have it and behind him in the past -- I aim I'm leery of having all concede and I live in a state famous for which trials that we now know where or. It. In the case I'm talking about I don't mention any names here but he he was investigate he was immediately removed. Charge was it was made -- -- they gave him minutes to get out of the rectory pack his stuff and leave. Ultimately they found the charge to -- did not credible but. For whatever reason -- wouldn't back off on and on -- they wanted to make an example of him or not. And yeah he was allowed to be a priest I think did not practice in ministry. And it always bugged me because it seems like. A civil authority or police department it's just look in Florida conviction and -- admit when they're wrong if they get the wrong guy and handling any -- obviously want pedophile priest but. It does no good to punish an innocent guy but yet. Protect those that are guilty and would just ask you do you think. That all of that. Among letters and it was only a small percentage in the first place but you don't hear about the what is -- -- -- 93% of priests that have never been accused of anything. Right yeah that one of the issues in Rome -- bilateral for seven years signed a little bit how that works is. The organization within Rome with in the Vatican that they handle these things. Has many other things in this portfolio it's called the congregation for the doctrine of the city's. They are overworked and understaffed. So that's one procedural problem. And everything in Rome does in fact go slowly this idea of a right to a speedy trial which is. Foundation on Anglo American jurisprudence. Is not the end he kicked out in culture and so there's this is this is a cultural problem it's a bureaucratic problem. And it's a very difficult problem to results. Com -- do you father ultimately trust the church to police its owner should all of these cases of you should be screened by the of the -- over church in Rome should they be automatically. Turned over to civil authorities are civil authorities notified in what but his church policy now. Well I'm I'm against I mean everything to Rome broke the aforementioned reasons you're just -- -- down. I put great. Trust in these Lee. Boards that -- oversight at each of the diocese. I think they should be sacrosanct. In the diocese archdiocese of Saint Paul Minneapolis they had some problem with that. Bad I think is the first line of defense and I think these people should be given. Autonomous power to review all of these things because I think that's what it's going to function best. Had there been any says studies done or statistics released on how many of you know the accusations made the world. Proved to be -- nothing happened wanna learn a -- -- not true. Well I I'm sure that there are studies may I -- I myself don't. Don't have those numbers in hand. You don't want to have a guilty person at large -- key. But there in the I know myself -- to -- them falsely accused. I can think of one particular individual that if it had been -- civil case would have been thrown out in the first day by the DA's office is just ridiculous. In the church's -- turn this thing that they came out in. The early 2000. They said they use the term credible accusation and we have misunderstand that is mean almost certainly true. Credible really means not physically impossible so the accuse someone who ever lived -- that state. The -- not credible but he lived in the states. But it's. Use of the evidence -- -- doesn't rise to like what would be grand jury indictment -- -- in the church is doubt chartered still can keep the guy out of ministry. Thank you father appreciated time I really do pleasures Ali's father James Gretzky professor of theology at Boston College that is not afraid to speak his mind. So as you won't come back to 2601878038668890878. When it comes allegations of child abuse. Molestation against appreciate that automatically be turned over to the criminal authorities. Or do you trust the church to investigate its own. Should the name be released immediately. Hum -- should be kept secret until the investigation is completed and they get a matter of public record here when it comes their criminal. Investigation and -- misspoke there is Simon DA in civil. Cases he got the do you confused as DA has nothing to do with the a civil case but I ask you this and also have you Evers apparent. Dan has an -- to be around kids by yourself just. Because of the Specter. -- false accusation you know -- all know by now I got to get a -- and daughter. But I would never ever. Be alone with. 01 with with one of her friends or I would never. Did it take more -- -- car if we were riding in in Italy to callers and had to take somebody somewhere. I would always on my daughter no you ride with me along with any other kids -- -- and that's because there have been some false allegations made and in no way am I making excuses for molesters have had a files but all it takes. Is a false accusation or whispered to ruin somebody's life and that's all -- remembered for not. That the fact that the charge was found them to not be true guys have gone to jail before. Sent their by their daughters who say they were who said they were raped there either the the ex wife forced them to say that. And these guys spent 2030 years in jail until a daughter recanted. So you tell me when we come back to 60187803866889087. Should the name of the names of accused. -- -- be released within their priests. Or civilians and the archbishop is refusing -- list of released the names they've paid out a ton of money in claims. But he says to allow the fifteen. Six are dead. And none of them are inactive ministry. Antitrust -- church like we say and do their own investigation or should it be turned over. To the -- criminal authorities and have you ever been afraid. Until being alone with kids there we're not your own because you just didn't want. Any any chance of any kind of false accusation Tommy -- back in a flash on -- WL. Tommy Tucker at 927 and in some calls here about our text rather about. Being protective around kids that are not your own. And it's not that you don't trust yourself -- that you don't wanna find yourself. Because you tell somebody -- run and around the -- Give you feed off the coffee table and all of a sudden you find yourself on the wrong end of false accusation. My husband -- says it never is alone with our daughter's friends. -- I never swim in my own pool. With the kids' friends. In terms of the archdiocese release in the name of pedophile priests who were dead as good point. There is no cause of action defamation of a dead person their for the archdiocese should release at least those names. -- -- you know to thanks thrilled of course they have mentally ill and -- radio family and is always. Got a great show planned for you today at 1 o'clock what's trending on -- WL. Candid funny and depth discussions about the week's top trending stories in. News sports and on social media today's -- Dave Cohen. Our news director teapot from B 97 and Todd -- coast of co host rather first date with Steve court. Then issued trains be rerouted from Metairie road holly grove in mid city. -- coalition against the middle belt is vehemently against a proposal to reroute trains through holly grove. And at city. And is a big problem in -- to about coal train answers competency signs in yards there. Then at three Orleans -- tax assessor Gerald Williams. You agree with the city's assessment of your property it's the figured it determines how much you pay in property taxes. Orleans -- business owners and homeowners have until August 15. To challenge their property tax assessment do you think you've gotten a fair assessment and how much was your property assessed how much has changed rather since Katrina it's an open mind on this -- legendary -- Angeline feel rather weekday afternoons. From 1204. Right here on -- -- -- -- and lessened because that assessment it all depends what you're talking about pay in taxes. Being bought -- house if you pay in taxes and then as things weren't -- 150 you kidding me. Send them somebody's -- -- out your half opt for fourth -- 40000450. At least. -- here we go listen -- for this now please. Those who -- in Gypsy kids. Singing hotel California -- you wanna win and their tickets. Valued at a 119 dollars and see the aforementioned kings. Slashdot -- and Gypsies. At this anger on August Saturday August 16 0260 WI NS. Or 2609467. Right now -- it's -- play that again. He's six OW lioness 2609467. Right now -- -- tolerate you win it's WW well. Right now a hundred -- WL first news with the difficult. David -- what did you get your corn or did you not get your corn flakes today you seem rather disagreeable. I'm not sure how to answer seat being disagreeable and then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah notion around this by -- third spot you're kinda thing I think it was you'd know it in which you just do it whenever. If you see something and that right -- all got to get it off the chance I'll texted and it will. Given the attention it is there you don't have to wait we will take your caller you're taxed right -- Incident and not leading edges edited on the woods what's going on in our shares -- ago with a headline news update on your official weather station WW -- map -- dot com. Good news for commuters. Gasoline prices are still falling and if you look around today you might find it for less than three bucks a gallon. The new average in the New Orleans metro is 329. Over a 119. New people have joined another lawsuit designed to stop the implementation of common core in Louisiana. Most of these are disgruntled Louisiana parents. The second American aid worker who was recently diagnosed with the ball law in West Africa has arrived back in the US. Officials said Bangor international in Maine. Say the plane carrying Nancy right ball landed there on a really refueling stop in customs inspection. Before heading on to Atlanta and that's where her colleague is being treated right now. Tracking Wall Street the Dow Jones down 44. NASDAQ is down thirteen and oil at 98. And WWL sports Christian checks in from West Virginia. That's it was bothers me is. August as the strangest thing ever seen what happens -- there that's what bothers me you is out with that off my chest and right to monitor its occupancy where that Miley does well let's move on and tell you that today its board stock. With Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia will be checking in live from training camp at the Greenbrier. With the latest from saints' training camp -- will be at. For today Sean Payton and the saints players of course special gas and I'll talk about what's happening. And how excited are you. To see that first round draft pick Brandon Cox in action in this Friday night in that first pre season game I'll check in and cast my vote I'm real excited. Analysts don't look now -- the forecast that 30% chance for rain today. And tomorrow rising to 40%. For Thursday and highs will be in the low ninety's throughout. Right now mostly sunny 83 and Armstrong international and Slidell right now at 81 degrees. Let's get a look at WW well traffic. That traffic moving well at present if your make your way in from sly -- twin span is in good shape. And problem freeing the present time if you're at -- city connection -- -- -- -- all that. That's a treat you well a year trip across the calls when the south and last -- no action to breakdowns to report. And your trip across the -- -- carries the way to cameramen are doing fine almost an operation -- -- -- formula ash and -- the draft or brought to buy Gulf Coast bank and trust. Throughout the month of August Gulf Coast bank is hosting auctions in August to raise money for nonprofits there's something for everyone just go to any branch location or visit auctions in August dot com to bid today it's just another way that Gulf Coast -- -- supporting our community. The -- -- traffic center on Tehran doesn't have traffic difficulties excellent -- thank you Caroline David Blakey now back to Tommy Tucker WW LA -- -- -- dot com. I'd let's congratulate Dave Newman not the Dave Newman Super Bowl mom though. And some of the songs. -- a dream not him at a different -- different anyone appeared to agency Gypsy kings. Saturday August 16 that zanger their valued at a 119 bucks don't forget you -- -- buy tickets go to Ticketmaster. Dot com or by phone 807453003. Week -- It says here. And of course will have some tomorrow morning to give away here and got a W out Bob has a gripe we're gonna get to it in just -- second. But David Blake I wanted to share with you the pope's. Top twelve tips for happiness. A dozen things -- indeed be happy but probably. Well -- the like gave Letterman stopped and -- I don't think. You guys that play dentist is what the the Pope gay Davone. Interview to an Argentine magazine Cameron -- gave twelve tops tips rather happy living one live and let live. Now the chances give yourself to others. You help people and be surprised how good he can feel moved quietly in the world. Don't be a rocky stream runs over everything that a running river quietly peaceful. Enjoy leisure. Don't build yourself up that so many anxieties that you gotta get basic idea that. He says spend your time well not your money Sundays for families find jobs for young people. Number seven respect nature number it is kind of strange. Never be photographed with out of poppy. No dad not all come it came from it's it's not bad advice on tea that. Number nine always get along with a host. And number ten let go of things and negative things quickly. But he should put it along with a host right about then how I was early -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- these are real -- an -- along with the -- and and a puppy thing. Don't preach your religion to forcefully he says. He says Russell it's -- brings on paralysis. And then work parties. And that that is true that I really do like goes the other side of the pope's ten. Which is actually a thing about it enjoying the leisure yet which I think for a lot of -- -- harder and harder to do. These days whatever thing like you said it's going on in the stress in the game you know we a lot of break and there are. And today my daddy got dressed in his soul he was a stickler. For not doing anything on Sundays and and when I was older in my own house that was gotten aggressor anything -- you know this that we -- -- an -- -- in the I wish I didn't bottom -- six days a week so -- I let me go to. Bob real quick as you know Blake said when he -- you instantly. To let you get your gripe on a few tests -- woods but any of their Bob. And watched. This being. -- -- card. Just. It is difficult. -- It. Slow down -- cool and will hold them to stop. And that you bigger. It is who intend to do. And that news in. All. Areas. And the law. Of holes. Out implemented. It is true and yeah and it would be -- To air. Well. And let you. It. On the cases. On. And all. I'll. Let it cool down in the vehicle and actors. -- I'm glad you called Bob and I'll be -- that are not -- enough -- -- -- Well thank you Bob and you know instead of talking. To the radio you ought to talk on the radio he may make a difference in Nash dubbed W a legal analyst joins us right now. To get back to our conversation about. Resent her being that are accused of molestation releasing their names confidentiality. And what does a loss say about. Once an adult is accused of molesting -- -- good morning Tim how are you. Throughout our thanks taking time did did you wanna get anything off you chest before we start. -- There are still thinking about the better or co host for the yellow note dated about -- being photographed with a poppy. Yeah yeah get ideas tell me -- about all of this on a serious note here about when when somebody is accused of molestation does that. Automatically become a matter of public record in. And if your private body do you have the right to. Investigated yourself -- do immediately call authorities are you required to do that helped me out here. Well into crime is committed and you're rested obviously that the public work. Many times. The police announced. That their -- people Princeton and you know that. I don't look at the public record but you guys in the media reported without. You know -- trumpet like it happened. The victim doesn't have a duty to reported. Yes but it dole learned that it. Continuing to happen however and if -- good -- from people like psychologists and counselors and -- well they didn't have a duty to report that type kind. When you say continuing. And the if it only happened one time man and a I don't mean net -- way to say it's acceptable but if there was one occurrence. Group and a child goes a psychiatrist and says the years being molested. It's senators are priests or maybe the priest is a molester -- somebody else. At that point is the adult. Obligated to add to notify authorities do they ask the person themselves who did you wanna go criminal with this hasn't happened who wrote. A report. And then it does it become a matter of public record if the police don't. I mean you can't can you ask the police what active investigations are under way or if if for example in a parish there are rumors about. Father a an outing when he used a fake name here but. And and the Perry says we know what while it's pretty serious let's see what's going on. Can they call. The authorities and saying here you investigating father AEO will please comment on that -- a public record and only become public record. When somebody's charged. Well yeah public record. Yeah but -- you know prohibited you guys in the media can -- court. And many times aren't law enforcement all -- at certain sometimes that well. We have secrecy rules recording what happens within that growing injury. Process. But we don't have secrecy rules for Gordon the investigation is now sort of sometimes that talking confirmed -- well not obligated to beat away. So in terms of what happened. In the past. Did the law say back in the eighties that if if any professional was notified of abuse they had to call authorities or is not a. Scenario that relatively he knew that the nation -- You know at first it extended to professional -- Psychiatrist -- Counselors. And com debt. The professional organizations could that it mormons know that more people to talk to the old style and and they didn't want to have to report trouble fortunate that now they do. Secondly it extended to create it and sometimes it extend to what was. We've been concession and it actually Kate before the Libyan Supreme Court right now our out of that room. Order of the day whether they can make a priest set aside. And he's suggesting that. What he's learned it. Concession. Should remain secret. Will -- -- -- -- -- probably sometime this fall. So the controversy. So criminally if somebody. Is chargers something they have the right don't -- to face their accuser. Yeah okay so. If somebody's name is leaked or bill comes publicize when they are not charged with anything but being investigated. Force they molestation did they have. Any kind of were right or redress as far as the the person accusing them of heaven their name released. Yet again that that could. Well it could respond publicly they could call press conference and say OK what happened in the fall that level that it. Name the person who's accusing them even if there are minor. Well -- statute of limitations in terms of child abuse so far or rape whatever. Priest might have been accused for of -- Some of the -- with the priest that this archbishop. A Lafayette the names that you won't release the if if someone does happen in the eighties is there really a statute of limitations when it comes -- molesting a child. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It thirty years with the big debate and -- In the case -- act of murder forcible rape that is inappropriate actually had. Physical and of course was a child under twelve there's no statute of limitations. Because it a year in the PH and prosecute. So we have a rather wall statute of limitations. In this state and many of those cases of the district attorney want to could be -- So you know date that there's a saying it that your quite familiar with with -- is what's legal is not always right what's right is not always legal so if the law didn't say. Back in the eighties that. The the person had to be reported. But there's credible evidence because settlements were paid out that there was a crime that took place legally. The church wouldn't be required to notify the authorities of the people are still living because it happened. Before this law was an act enacted. Literally yep but I think the Roman Catholic Church -- the -- -- for a few years ago announced that -- new policy would. Vitro always -- civil authorities and I think as the current policy your pitcher designed. But that takes me to what's right and once legal because. You would think in terms of morals of this happened in the eighties. And and say it was one of those offenses that carry no statute of limitations will then. Being taken out of active ministry even though that's what. The rules of the church said at the time and and sending off for treatment or whatever and even though. They were not required to reported to the police she would think. None of that should be grandfathered in in terms of either confidentiality. In terms of that the church not reporting it to the police that if if if for whatever reason it's a crime for which the statute of limitations has not expired. Where you would think morally at least and I know that's not a legal question for is that the church would have. If they were still a chance for prosecution. A moral obligation to report the -- authorities. And I think they did I think my understanding is. Under the new guidelines. Under the last spoke. After they had advisory commission -- -- that we're gonna report everything couldn't things that happened way back in the past and they do it. And it's just attorneys were -- do whatever they wanted to do you know I don't know many prosecutions that came out of the cases. I just don't -- -- -- -- there would be such hesitancy than there to release the names. -- problem and there are about what to protect their own hands and and which is Catholic Church was under considerable. Attack publicly and they want to minimize that once you don't control like in the organization while. Thank you Tim appreciate your time anything -- -- that you want and no I mean. I guess the bottom line is for victims out there. If they wanted to be the case prosecuted they're at thirty years from. Go to the police you know outline of the position return -- to complain and did you go public that if they want to. But that's up to him. Thank you Tim appreciate your time as always thank you that -- mission dubbed W a legal analyst back in a flash under the W well. My tummy -- it evidently you are running -- a little late buoyant time for Mario and -- morning Mario. And he signs all right good let's not get right to it I can't trust the you won't get the urge to police themselves. In light that historically they've it's a lot about it -- go out and wait to cover up these sort of incidences. Now as far as. My behavior around though he'd be around. Other people's children. You know. Just avoid being -- that kind of -- yeah I'd have done my wife and I. -- -- club Ford elementary school. While living in Fort Wayne, Indiana. And that certain situations where I'd do consciously -- -- no -- not do that because. Because at that -- to keep an all out in the open everybody is being leaned in and things like. And outages to protect myself because the thought of abusing a child sickens me as a insured those you lead and I would never. Ever do anything I -- but just to avoid any kind of false accusation I'll always on somebody else in the room. Yeah -- -- -- into my my third. You know for releasing the name of someone with a cute rabbit wouldn't do that because. There's always those been -- delegate in compute thank you to get. -- -- -- -- -- And nobody remembers a retraction. Thank you Mario appreciate your time which we had more for you coming back under the W. I Tommy Tucker thanks to you all for listening and calling and texting this morning and haven't some fun. And two Shelden Williams and Jordan -- and David Blake and Ryan Newman. Anke they're right here -- BO garlands coming up talking about the sitting -- sacrificing money for NOP database firemen and the sheriff. -- about spying on members of congress. And is America opening the door to worldwide. Oil sales. Increasing three hours coming up with Garland thing -- and other W.

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