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7-5-14 11am, Garland, Violating the Constitution

Aug 5, 2014|

If you or I violated the constitution and illegally spied on members of Congress…then got caught, would we get away with just an apology?  The CIA did and may.  Does that surprise you?  Is this the government we learned about in grade school civics class?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This half hour. Of -- go back -- what we talked about Lance our. -- also a moment to a new topic but. -- just wondered could get a job a couple of phone calls. We've we've heard from the fire them. We heard from the pulleys. And we heard from India. Professor of economics at the university and a and a fireman. Once again touched on the issue that we Yahoo! and seventeen point five million. In back pension payments. Can come a bigger -- him and those seventeen and I think -- -- -- year. Could could be some around 35 million. -- -- and an apartment -- about that he said correctly. That they might be able to negotiate both and the copilot in the year CAO. A New Orleans chief administrative officer with the man. In charge of money and funding the money. He pointed out. After nick Dalton with a -- pro union pointed out. Atlanta and then emphasis Italy and at one point five billion dollar pension pro. -- their apartment. And they were able to get business people and city of their shoes and business leaders. Together. And find a way to -- -- put spread out over period. And hopefully that's gonna happen a year and a policy for -- because. And -- -- -- said some things that are irrefutable. We -- are progressing in the NC I think Mitchell -- Had to go in and -- and a boom booms when -- Long group -- -- choose from making any progress. Without a major problem. And I think he's done but you reviewed the economist we have. The ladies did. Pure ruled government search. -- -- looked at our finances in this that he was study after study. And it it keeps going back to. There's a small group -- Inco and Andalusia region Howard had to beat -- so something like 40% of us are paying property tax. And there or non profits. Better have property of their and really using. But there are also not paying taxes on -- -- gives them the ability to -- just as investment. All those things we have take a look at that and much -- portions of view. Do you believe him when he says. Over a billion -- -- broken drinking water -- We're gonna get there. Think it's over a hundred million a year just the main thing in the new gates and walls we and around the city. And we're gonna get there. And fifty billion in the -- room -- we need. To keep the wetlands room -- and to -- the -- as a -- doors. And is confident. That we or -- Attracting entrepreneurs from all over the country no doubt about that. Do you buy that we will be able to handle these big ticket. We have -- -- -- appreciate it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- well at all of that and everything we've got going on it's really not money in the bank. Her album you're sensitive about it. And -- away -- revenue from. Everything. And so Smart count. And start doling out well -- -- -- on the update but. I mean obviously nobody -- -- conduct and in the blood and money you know get a handle so you know -- I don't know the you know better than -- this chapter out. -- the conventions. And all this and didn't do you sit there count on it mine or in this. Not sure exactly how come -- to. Well I'm like you not an expert but it. The islanders and users. Is. You know the -- went to the legislature. Did this year. And this war. Slight raise in property tax wilders. -- to bowl. In order to decide where the EU would have the option of voting. On. Do showed more than it is on the Super Bowl. Remember the -- -- and -- government quote. Saying that after the live Super Bowl we've we've got about -- -- or are. About hundred. And I think from conventions and everything. And the. It all. Thousand dollar could. It's. I think you know. I. Mean obviously you know nonprofit really need to boring and I realized -- -- -- -- really you know. Yeah you know. It shouldn't. It. That. What you're. Does that -- where were in the bill. And in order to problem. No and I'll I'll wish I had more detailed info and I appreciated call. But it is my understanding a lot of that is leapt up to the legislature in the money becomes -- superdome the money becomes the conventions. And in my early years I've spent a lot of time at the legislature. And maybe you changed. But. New Orleans has always been considered. Not all of Louisiana. By the north from prison -- that I think. And and do you view -- call in for a I think we have trouble getting money from the legislature. Two letters have moral ball we June operate in this city. I think your argument is you of this state gave us -- biggest amount of money for the superdome issues among the movement for the convention centers and expect to be paid back. I think and he has a point when it sells. More attracting people and things are improving. In there there are other little things that only among and his band is mine with pink. But I was -- in Scientific American web site landslide. The west. Water shortage problem. Isn't -- I just assumed. There wasn't it's no B Miller majoring PO wintertime in their poured -- was not delivering more water. But the very or players. That that feed from the bottom. Going -- And if that's true. According to this this web site there may not be a no water. In the coming years and you're talking about. Tens of millions of people. I think one of the reasons we got people coming year. It's cheaper lived here in particular for young won't reviewers and New York. Chicago and certainly San Francisco. The coaches grade the food is great. Different. Of people -- for the plays better. So you can ever -- we might have an influx. Of people from around the country and others. Story over and talking about people. -- deserting the coastal. Because they're too expensive. Because of hurricane threats because of rising seas. Insurance is going through the route they can reported. And it's kind of and so the grapes of its right of the grapes. There heading for the midwest. And having all of the coached. Because they Joes can afford it -- Libby got the west. And as water. And they got these and self. They're running from cost. We got water. At some dumb we got too much when we're gonna water shortage. And we're a different beautiful. Extraordinary culture. That people couldn't afford so. And they may be brought it we may be attracting. Over the long. The question news. Jim we bring in -- have some of the changes to handle. These huge. Monolith that. Projects that we have in this city that are just basic needs and lives. Governor right back what do you think -- a general 170. Where only our country through pretty good success faded dollar and 087. -- Let's talk about what we're going to be -- about in the next half flow bringing in. Senior fellow with the Center for American Progress national security team. And it and let me. Bring mobile gonna talk about it and in this meant. I broke war and in the swamp. Near dissolved itself the new war. But everybody else's pork so nobody knew. They report nobody felt war. Nobody felt like there was something that authors have access to but they didn't. But I get sort of -- war. Whether I've taken a legal system. -- take a look. Our government. Whether -- take a look at international national banks. And what they -- from wayward at. And here's the most recent example of what -- The well ultimately we have skewed this question. If you are. Violated the constitution. And illegally. Spy at all and hacked into the computers. Of members of congress members of its and and then got caught. And then said we didn't do categorically. It's alive that we didn't we didn't do. And then we come back and say. Actually we did -- group Georgia. In my -- in news. Is does the government moved we learned about in great groups civic clubs. Is that what we've been talked about. In this country. But the CI Mary. Was being investigated by -- senate committee. All and how they handled interrogations. If they tortured people than they did wise and who are -- there -- under what circumstances. In the senate committee plunged in Brooklyn bulls signed a good take a look at. And those guys sit by and which gonna come over the building and used these secure computers. And then. They hacked into the computers. To see what the -- and the commitment was doing. And when you read this story that some notes this problem and whose wall charger. This is how they -- Senate intelligence officers improperly. Access computers. Can can you imagine. Us being in court. The CIA of the government on one side of us -- our little depends attorney. And and they say we packed in to their their machines we say. The importance -- and couldn't intuit. -- improperly. Access to your computers. What do you think what happened. What do you think a lot of the action would be. And then. After theirs were reported what to CIA did the report found that quote. Some CIA employees. Acted in a manner inconsistent. With the competent understanding. To me. Group we're seeing this more Moret in what does it do. -- -- let me digress. Talking with the a couple -- over the weekend about the solution. This simple goal and that is the problem is when you grew up in the elements. You're not eat. We it's. Been. Seen -- whoever. Clandestine operations. And then in the back of the government's. Dark -- -- And they do a lot of things that are marginally wall problem whatever. And -- to -- that may be true. But I don't read about it or it didn't read about it in dissolve ones. Shortly after. I didn't get a room that in general my pro at a dinner on Twitter. -- -- your own bench him I didn't get a room police. Didn't get in the papers and -- And -- it's. We knew all about it now. When the very fact the winning no. CIA. Had that cool Moody's. Track into this and it computers. To see what the senate. Was gathering information on in their own organization. They get caught. Out of the CI Berlin. And its. -- restrictive and subject -- but he says it is not basic -- not true. And and what he did a -- to. Liberal blogs on the hills. CA CIA may have violated two of the men. May have violated. International well. So. There or real reason to think this is breaking. Ball rule. But so far. The CIA says. -- endured and then there is said. And we're soaring. We don't -- mean to. Certainly was. A bad judgment on our part I go back to begin. Are we poor folks now. That don't have access to this kind of treatment. If you hacked in to a secure. Congressional. Seat a computer. You think you could initially say and do. And then have to prove was found. You come back and there were actually did did but -- -- sure. It's and here's here's Britain's quote. Right after this rubio believes a lot of people -- claiming. In particular senators. That there's been this from them to sort of spying and monitoring and acting. Will be proven wrong. He was when we came back and said actually. You're. What do you think two's exit rule 187. Total pre anywhere in the country exit it and -- generally it's. Is this cable -- it is. The government. At all. That you've been taught about the -- believed in. 2601. Rates. Welcome back -- can continue -- concerts and revolutions. That the CIA eighties and my terms because -- and pundit. Anywhere in the news reports intrusive committees computers. Apps and -- committee -- his looking at Tennessee. And there of their methods of interrogation is torture used -- -- broken so -- And after being assured that they could go to a certain location and use certain computers I think provide about obviously. It was probably won't be that that he CO. -- to those computers. But in the beginning of the year and leader of the -- the director John Bruton said it's not true we did not act. Another comeback considering actually we did boob -- -- We -- group with senior fellow with -- for American progress is national security team can and -- sure appreciated that talk. I'm just asking the audience and and forgive me for framing it like this. I broke pour in cajun country but everybody was fortunate nobody told me. And a total audience I'm appeal poor because it feels like. Their large group of people getting something that I don't have any access to. Government. The law big banks. I have a sneaky feeling that a five hacked into ace and two plus send much let's send it towards. Packed into their computer's been caught. That I could say I'm so sure. And and that's -- Nothing occurs. It is the CIA. Beyond that the law. Well I think we've got a real problem here with the intelligence community. And in Washington and the just. Unprecedented. Who wrote. Mostly in secret that it occurred. Since. Not Lebanon response to terrorism and the strangle holes. That. The CIA and other intelligence community seemed to have overt political process in Washington and a time for call. I'm very revealing quote. When this whole flap erupted and in public in March this year. That. And Nancy Pelosi and of course she used to be. That ranking democratic member on intelligence committee were forced to became speaker and of course now it's still the leader of the Democrats now. She said that. Many in Washington many members of congress both in the house and senate. Are afraid to publicly criticized -- you know saying because of what they can do you view. To get back in terms of retaliation and and that it's really just a chilling comment from such a senior official. And I think we've seen evidence of what happened here. During this episode about senate investigation into the CIA detention and interrogation program. And and has always been true or -- we just. Those that -- educating concerning our our our civic Clinton's. In -- school and high school. Where we just naive to believe that this -- bullets and were -- -- that we've all worked in the way mountain boards. I think what we've seen news is that explodes in these kind of things the pendulum swings back and forth of course. And met many people are probably familiar with the excesses that were exposed in the wake of the Watergate scandal. -- and the church -- committee hearings. And and that really prompted a culture shift in the CIA and intelligence community and and I there was a pretty. Good piece of journalism. And the US news and world report this week where. Tom -- and interviewed a series of a former senior CIA officials. Come trying to get them to reflect on what. That the investigation. The torture and detention program. Has met for the CIA and one of the figures that -- -- was not there it was a pretty senior official during the eighty's and ninety's. And his initial response was there's just no way that that the CAA wouldn't even contemplated buying on on its oversight committee and the senate. Is that there. And then that was kind of the time when when the pendulum was swinging back in the other direction after the that abuses that. Previous terror or exposed by the church committee and have now. What we've seen -- the pendulum swings in the other direction and and and hopefully. With it. The episode that this torture report that's going to be coming out here hopefully. And the next days weeks will start processes of moving. Culture of Iranian intelligence community back in the right direction. If even avoid didn't -- your rights as a breeding available from journal. CIA officers. Improperly. Accessed. Computer. No hacking no broking two notes dole. Then they say that this can be -- here and they may have vitally that the constitution's. Separation of powers and Fourth Amendment protections. Against unreasonable searches. If this was an individual the media would rioted is they've been charged -- it. And and didn't you have. Their conviction. Until we'll try. We're in public good to a new and they're guilty. One what is that not transferred to Justice Department CIA. Banks that. Watched not only drug money but terrorism. Well I think you know I think -- here in this particular the that there wasn't a criminal investigation. Well. Witnesses. Well all of that we advance. This stage so far is that the CA. Inspector general has delivered its report. At what comes after that. We don't know me in this was delivered last week -- I think. We shouldn't assume that their work won't be further actions taken and after the findings of the internal investigation uncovered. At least five CIA employees improperly accessed or cost be accessed. Those computers I think. We shouldn't get too caught up in whether or not this is packing or not. And I think I mean there's a debate about what technically means with detecting means fact. Packing in the that is the CA computers systems and they can't tactic -- we can't hack into their computer system. But let -- clearly indicate is that this CAA violated its own agreement with Senate Intelligence Committee about. Who would have access to the computers and who would. And I think this should throw some light on to the extraordinary. Efforts that the CIA -- to frustrate. That's the senate committee's investigation and its proper oversight functions. I mean is kind of ridiculous on it states that the CIA would -- to the intelligence committee that the only way. They can have access to the documents that are in the possession of the CIA used to go to. Specifically. Set up CIA run computer network -- At a CIA facility and it can only have access to those materials there means that justice. This this Senate Intelligence Committee should be able to access just about any document that the CIA cat is part of its normal. Oversight function and apparently it does the CIA needs targets committee go. Simply to access the document is remarkable and of course the whole brouhaha. Resulted from. The fact that the intelligence community actually. Seen any internal CIA review. And detention and interrogation program. That the CIA refused to give to the committee. So. You know it's kind of a meeting. To me that the CIA would react in this day. Essentially to prevent the intelligence committee from having access to its own internal review that paralleled the investigation that the committee was undertaking. So why is there a lot of disturbing episode. There last disturbing aspects of this episode. I am I'm hopeful that the -- -- comes to it. To put more pressure of the CIA. -- to change course. It's a limb Olympic break through when we come back to -- talk about his. Went back -- July. And the Justice Department is Susan early July. Was quoted saying there's no reason to open a criminal criminal investigation. On either side of this issue. Let's talk about that we come back but do. We headlined say -- investigation fund CO IV improperly. Access and it computers. And and to me god took that to mean how acting the reason we always have a experts who owns two correct me your. Gives them information wouldn't have book form we've been -- with the senior fellow. When the suitor for American progress is -- security team can have plunged did you correctly watchers saying is. There is some debate sends this senate committee. Worked. All and CIA computers. As to whether or not legally this could be called acting in the first. Sector. Yes that's right and and I think that. Will sweet sometimes get caught up in and the language I was guilty of that myself when this first came -- And and that -- now. But it is somehow kind of detracts from that behavior. And I think this is much more evidence of a preacher at a path between that CIA and its oversight committee between two branches of government. Then direct. Evidence of something illegal happened. And that -- that while it is it made certainly seemed like out of this context if private citizen were to engage in this kind of behavior would be clearly illegal. It's that it is somewhat of a different environment that that is. Setup between. The agency and it's and it's oversight branch in the legislature. And -- very usual arrangement which CIA and the senate. I agreed to proceed on this investigation. And ultimately means that nothing illegal occurred. But they -- certainly was. A breach -- faith and there certainly was inappropriate actions on the part of. Agreed to it's earlier of July report just department says it looked at this. No reason to open a cruel and the execution on either side but here's nobler more recent report says. The Justice Department begin review whether I'm there -- Or send that staff. Had acted improperly. In the mean time John Brunner and the you have CIA. His turn to he it is inspector general. To investigate. Themselves. Well where is all that -- So. The this that broke into the news. And senator Feinstein -- leads the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee and really has ten. A robust defenders of the intelligence community in Washington. That the consternation of the some. And her party she's Democrat. On on issues ranging from two rounds to the -- performance on intelligence. Activities writ large. Which he went public and absolutely eviscerate -- this CIA for referring to the to the Department of Justice. -- dad. For potential criminal violations for. Like CIA believed lions. Unauthorized access to CIA documents. I'm so that was. What prompted that. Then. -- senator Feinstein asked the DOJ to look into. Whether or not this CIA had been improperly accessing. The intelligence community -- that intelligence committee staff. Computers so there were there were charges on both sides of this and that's what the DOJ was looking. Where it stands now is that earlier this -- as you noted the DOJ. With the information that they had at the time decided that they would not then pursue a criminal investigation of either of the CIA or the senate staff. But just last week. The CIA's internal review. It's inspector general delivered its report and and it concluded that the CI ADD improperly accessed the senate staff. Computer system. And it recommended potential disciplinary action for at least five CIA. Employee. Director -- and had a lot of egg on -- face. When that report became public because he -- vigorously defended the NA when senator Feinstein initially meter charge. And said that that the -- charges were groundless. He has apologized privately to the community. He has set out. An internal review board that will be led by former senator Evan I'm. A Democrat from Indiana to see weather what weather and if so what disciplinary action that -- failed -- against -- Subjective question but and Jude to have security. I believe. You have to have frost. Even though biscuits a little complicated when the American people read here and watched this sort of thing. Or we're losing trust and in our government to -- and our walls. I think that's that that is being a problem that we've been facing for. A long time certainly the erosion of trust and faith in government to be able to do. Keep things well and make positive change for people's -- in -- states and around the world and I think this is just one episode. In that. But and I hand. Heartened in some respects at least that President Obama. Which stand up on it's an it conference on Friday and saint from the White House podium that the United States did engaging in torture. In the past. And that. We have to own up and take responsibility for the actions. You know that doesn't go far for a lot of people who. I want there to be very strict accountability for the CIA and -- and and aggressive investigation and potential criminal investigations of those those actions. And I think. We and for cobra the time okay we we we call me today because -- looking to get educated on topic. And certainly do -- -- -- a -- Now on glad to have a got to be here and went for it and against some time and and by -- WWO come right.