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7-5-14 1pm, Angela Hill, What's Trending?

Aug 5, 2014|

What’s Trending on WWL! Join us for candid, fun, in-depth discussions about the week’s top trending stories in news, sports & on social media. Today’s crew--Dave Cohen, WWL’s News Director, T-Pot from B97, and Todd Menesses, co-host of First Take with Steve Korte!

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We are starting out in sports social media. But I wanted to tell you that our second hour we'll be talking with a very motivated group. Who was fighting the re routing of the old Metairie road train. Into their neighborhoods in Orleans parish they are very fired. And at 3 o'clock a whole hour with New Orleans assessor Carol Williams. So if you -- any questions about your property assessment this is your time to call. But let's start with what's trending in news with -- and wellness director Dick Collins good. In sports with co host of first take Steve court -- NASA's. New. And in social media missed wonderful people. Special have. Swirled on the ninety's that reject it. And -- W and and nobody. Ever is listen I didn't it is right. Now should go ahead and start with some serious things let's talk about that terrible. You know this and maybe because of the images -- this story has been trending and -- WL dot com for more than 24 hours now. After saint Tammany fire district one responded to a structure fire. At the sunrise on second restaurant in 19292. Street and this thing was an impressive blaze. The good news is he was contained mostly to the attic in the upper areas we still don't know the exact. Estimation of the damage or if and when the restaurant will be able to reopen by. Folks have beaten there at sunrise -- -- tell you that is a very popular place and owner has said we are definitely -- -- and he actually he is fifteen employees. Took them to a very nice restaurant that's letting them a cook breakfast there on Gause boulevard at and that's France that's a frontal do that. And -- nice place great atmosphere. They're still trying to determine exactly what happened it was actually the paper delivery guy yeah we saw the fire 1:30 in the morning and it was already. The raging. And call in firefighters were able to get it under control on about half an hour but a lot of damage to the sunrise. Lot of damage nobody her talent is -- impressive pictures at WW. And you know there was another fire. On Sheridan drive in lake view and out. Four people in the house luckily no one hurt but the dog died. The. -- and that is always a very difficult thing for a family and we've talked to many family members about that is. That temptation of wanna go back in yes find that dog the problem is dogs tend to. Instinctual -- in a fire nozzle into a tiny confined space and they usually very difficult to find. And it's not necessarily the safest place it's. Heartbreaking obviously and it's interesting when when you talk about. Tragedies. And you say that an animal died you get that reaction the teapot this and that on. If you say it at a human being guy the up -- to. But if you said dog -- it's -- Is it -- -- caddie here wants to bet. That -- We talked not. The -- when the greatest photos I've ever seen was on the horrible horrible fire on magazine. That went to a whole string of winning that cat scratch yeah that -- practice and others and -- and around that man who lived above the headlights and can it be McCain hand years ago. It winds and firefighters giving them oxygen remember that. I'll never fried my son has a firefighters and they are trained they have actual CPR. Dummies just like the any resuscitation dolls that you learned to do human CPR on. They're resuscitation dolls for dogs and cats they learned to do mouth to snout home and mouth to mouth and they learn resuscitation techniques for animals at standard training requirement. Part of your family so very much. I have for animals and all of them you know I'd like -- -- and we -- give all of them mouth to snout if they needed it yes. Woods yes I think. An -- and eventually -- -- yeah something like oh my gosh what can I do and you would do I don't know if I would go back I -- I wouldn't go back in you know my children of course of the and I first priority -- them. It is -- it is fire questions. I just I just not to make fun of a fire or anything but just when you're saying manages the way my brain thinks like just keep thinking of the seen in the kiwis big adventure running in the pet shop and saving all the animals during the fire and he finally got to where all the snakes were in the tank and legislate. Used. And NEC Enron and Iowa that that snakes in the face because he's caring about. It's wonderful you have this memory -- -- -- we -- it is incredible. Ottawa telling I know he does many things to talk about in sports that I think right off the bat -- Tom Benson taken yup. Not to the hospital and yet he's he's. One fine it was precautionary measure they said that they gave us some oxygen according to Greg -- who's the altitude. Got to him you know it's a little bit higher there he's fine so. I'm -- my first time you know living in in Tennessee for awhile. And had to do. A remote on top of one of the mountains one time and at a place just like voted the top of the -- I just couldn't understand why I was so out of breath and this remote and someone today minutes thinner and thinner air you're not used to it your year you came from the -- to the. Just as does that it has been released from Maya. He was he got some oxygen and as great -- that it despite what's concerning though. His last week he was treated for dehydration brand new recall at the NFL owners' meetings he'd felt when he fell almost -- stage and hit his head. He's 87 years old well. So you know if it's one thing you say you know thank goodness he's OK but. In these three incidents in recent weeks and months and he's 87 year old owner of the teams that we love so much sent to them the pelicans and so I think there is reason for concern. But -- You have to think he's 87 years old he still work in deals everyday he's going to camp he's watching the team that's pretty remarkable. And Sean Payton said it was great having him that he got actually energizes the team when the owner comes out just to give you an at a point and that they thank you and to be there. It actually means something to the place. All right let's talk about four with little break Champ Bailey. -- he's he was back at practice yesterday ride the bike on the sidelines of people were asking about champ but you know he's he's there he's. No specific code word from from the coach or anything but again as we've said before coach Payton. Kind of likes to keep things close to the -- as -- any coach in the NFL really truthfully probably the one that talks the most is Rex Ryan and it usually gets him in a lot of trouble when he talks so much and that's probably what most coaches don't put. -- on the the other side flip side of that Drew Brees has been talking and coach -- With a national media in fact -- fall was there. And because the saints are at green -- this year we hear this every year. Saints fans are always welcome we overseer to be mirrors to review the decision to states that are would go to vote. Well because they're at such a luxurious location. And the national media is there at the players to come and visit the longer and they're doing all sorts of pieces on this and every one to ET is impressed with Brandon cooks that's all you're hearing about in fact Marshall -- interviews Drew Brees. Ask him a little bit about the you know the the oblique injury and and so forth and he says the same thing coach Payton says -- -- today. Just take it like it is siesta where you play in the first pre season game goes well you know I don't know if if I don't that's not. You know it's not too terrible it's the first pre season game etc. etc. coach Peyton has said today talked about it me he was asked again. If he's gonna play in the first pre season game he says I think but like I said yesterday it's dated day in the night -- said that they've -- stated day. And by its. It's not that crucial if Drew Brees does not play in this first -- as -- It's bank sees Brian as a Santana muddy ground would want him and not play as an enthusiastic in the -- right yeah to make sure he is 100%. Exact for the games that count to 100%. We're gonna take a break we're gonna -- -- missed teapot is gonna talk about. Fifty shades of -- Looking forward to that stay with the -- Angel on WW well yes we are trending with top Manassas state Colin and teapot and teapot wants to talk which trending in. Fifty shades of gray. Yes you know they released the and that trailer for the movie that's coming out what was that last week and it's used because I started reading the book. For issued Friday and finished signed up a and a yeah and I saw trailer. When it first came out and out like whatever -- but saw the trailer again yesterday and I'm like oh. I do think that the what was your reaction. From the. Knowing that like knowing that he's making it to the trailer. And a interest well. It's very interesting at every cent that it. Just interesting. -- -- of course is going to be controversy with that there are groups the same groups that oppose pornography. That are coming out and speaking out against fifty shades of -- thing that it promotes violence against women. -- August between consenting adult they argument is that perhaps he's more than just rough but he's. Overly persuasive or even abusive and I guess that's a debate that's gonna continue until the movie is released and then there. I mean it's it's that way in the book he -- -- Might sound like you ready to. -- wonder what percent I watch -- have read it. I don't know I mean do you think men would be interest in new meaning. No. Nine. And an -- I read it Carroll is kind of believe -- don't you have a -- she's just I don't know she's she's a girl about at all. And sometimes guys and girls and arc for their. -- we knew when you start doing stuff like this it's like retro romantic you know movie your common the instant. Brain suddenly more and a Homer Simpson. And any time his hearing -- -- went shoot everybody over IBC's creature that is now mine. I Christian grade is he can be very roomy so it's kind of like our politics at a masochism. He got its. Well I think we should go as a group and go to the movie and then we'll talk about it trending I don't know if the data. Look at them -- weaken weaken go sneak out and -- guardians of the galaxy and you don't -- There will be a book report I'm sure yeah thank you very much teapot. This story captured you know the two men that felt so badly for them. Trapped in the finish sorting equipment here this it is really harsh on where -- All -- getting a whole lot on their medical condition but we know that they were badly mangled when they fell into. Why police have described to us down an empire and documents bearish. As this Fisher and equipment that's kind of like imagine an industrial washing machine with massive blades. And somehow. There's still try to -- how these two men ended up in that but as it's spinning they then become in trapped. In this piece of machinery. And the first man they were able to three in about half an hour. Took three hours -- cutting apart the machinery to they would know bolts and screws to -- do. And so they had to literally cut this guy out he was. Guess the good news is able to stop the machine while they were doing well machine stopped. As a cause all of them being jammed in -- and were able to disconnect the electricity and dying and stop that but they had to then. As soon as they got him out they knew that massive blood loss was a real concern when you're in an injury situation that the pressure. From being trapped holding a role in that holds everything inning keeps the blood vessels from being able to flow freely. So they did -- met him and the good news is both men are still alive one has severe damage to -- like the other two all of his lower extremities. An ancient wonder if one wasn't trying to help the government and now that's one theory currently have you know one may have gotten stuck the other tried to help about the still trying to get to the bottom and -- obviously -- evidence interview -- they -- -- they were both critically injured today but they're not Thomas. This status of that injury at this time. So we're just waiting to hear more on that but it. You know -- just reminds you there's so many dangers absolutely in everything we do and that's right the industries we work and there's danger and. Safety is is his big machinery like that you've just got to be paying attention every second. Just aren't that quick how. I Wear shorts cutting trees and the city 11 summer and when I was in college in any of the big chipper machine where you are -- -- and I can just imagine how. Something giant like that they have in purchase. Get I was sleeps it was give -- give you the creeps I mean just did you watch this stuff get. Turned up and throw in there and. Powerful machine -- -- very tumultuous five never heard about fish sorting equipment out there when they bring in the fish in off the boats. Now they've put in here and in this spinning motion and the multiple -- help separate them out. And this that the day Brooke fisheries in empire and so will wait and see when it physicians are the good news is that both men are still alive. After that then we will be thinking glorious effort to -- it. Mr. Todd. David Wilson career over. Yeah. You know we talked about this kind of goes along with. And we can bring this up again and Andy Dalton and and his payday and sort of talked about that yesterday but. After three years and in the NFL the giants running back David -- careers -- 23 years old I'll think about that at 23. What you wanted to do all your life you finally got a chance to do it is over one. Well he had a a neck condition -- neck in the spine he had a injury. Last season. That put him out to and he was injured. Had a spinal fusion surgery in January. Because of last year's injury. Went to practice it cleared for practice for full contact. On July 21 that one day in and got injured again in that practice and the doctors examined him two doctors and said look. It's best if you don't play again now he he is accepted. That which is this is -- a mental thing for 23. Saying he says quote I don't want anybody to feel sorry for me your pity me I live. I lived my dream a lot of people only get to dream their dream I live that dream. Now I have a chance to dream another dream and -- that into. Now this isn't exactly -- -- drew robberies started. Getting so involved in efforts to teach rookies how to manage their money -- the average player in the NFL last for two years. Either because of injury because they're not good enough because of whatever the situation average player only plays for two years and he started an effort after seeing so many broke. Veteran players summit would play 1012 years who spent everything they made along the way living these. Lavish like -- Sarasota NFL celebrity. There's a whole special that ESPN did. In their -- -- -- -- -- 360s movies about. Broke NFL players I mean guys that were big stars. That are now broke. It's shocking to see the ones who -- currently playing him and are not managing their money privately. I've known a couple who. Have been current players who don't manage your money properly and if they have an emergency they don't know what to do. But diplomats and people that it -- Drew Brees have a clothing and might as Drew -- you keep opening more sandwich restaurant why -- -- that because Drew Brees knows that at any minute he can and all over and come to an -- and he has got. With three kids and a fourth one on the way yeah I mean he's very Smart and he wants them to enjoy a great lifestyle forever and this guy yet to -- three years in the NFL it's done let's hope that he. Had somewhat controlling his money and has money working for him now. Well we're gonna move very quickly on wouldn't say happy birthday to Sandra -- first she turned fifty -- -- what a stunning moment. She is one of the top earners yeah. So that's what I was gonna say. She has a house -- it would reconsider her local I think a plan. That a child from here year yes -- five point one million dollars. But she -- -- 51. You want to do my thing and pick an important dot right and if you had a million. Low. 51 million. -- you ever having that much money but can you imagine doing a movie where it's pretty much issue. Yeah and space -- and have to carry that I will -- gravity. -- was again yeah. 17 academy of every mrs. Bradley is like it's on cable and watch him but it's not the right now. But no but good for her and that's that's a wonderful thing is that you know they dismiss women after 25 and what she's fifty. -- women who are really doing. During her show on CBS. Yes sign in to -- -- -- of space mysteriously pregnant. After thirteen months honestly I think that -- seeing her deceased husband hello when I think that idea of over fifty has come. Angel bit. Certainly. It is exciting event 51 million last year -- coming up we'll play of the richest person in Louisiana is. Other wealthiest people around the -- that's that's -- great teams will be right back and let's go to the news trending and you -- hang on waiting to hear. From Dave Collins who is the richest person involved however I talked about a during this trending period once it's made -- don't know where I wish it -- tonight. Sponsor money for that Tom Benson is the wealthiest man in Louisiana. According to this new interactive map we have a WWL dot com. Move a veto put it together it's a real statement tonight. And Tom bets and they say it's worth one point five billion dollars the lion's share of that is the saints. Yeah I am but the pelicans have value obvious is car dealerships the banks here on other real estate. Tom -- worth one point five billion. Interestingly. Right now where he's up at West Virginia the Greenbrier is owned by the wealthiest man in West Virginia Jim justice is worth one point six. Billion dollars a slightly wealthiest Tom Benson. And you know what on a national scale Tom Benson. Really isn't amongst the -- of the biggest -- folks -- Texas -- Alice -- one of the -- From Sam Walton in the Wal-Mart fortune 35. Billion dollars. I'm Jim Walton in Arkansas 34 point seven billion Christy Walton moved Colorado she's worth 36 point seven billion in any of the technology money. With Larry Ellison of oracle fame in California with 48 billion and of course the -- Bill Gates up in. The Washington -- eighty billion. Dollars. And I always have to remind myself a billion. Is a thousand million -- so what he had a Millie what if you hit five milling and you feel like while yes what if you hit a thousand million. I would just like a million dollar wants a 1000000 hi I have a million dollars once I think I can really be set for. It's nice but when you think about how expensive things are it doesn't go as far as it it doesn't yet doesn't tell us and -- do you think -- As a as nice as I say like like I'm speaking from experience -- there's -- good. College education schools are expensive and then when you have that much money you're not send your kid like a regular school you're gonna want to send your child to a much better schools though and really wouldn't want to know if you invested and you get 5% 5% not bad these days right we'd like it. That's 50000 a year you'd. In -- fifty rounds are normally yeah yeah and that's just off of -- million dollars -- -- I fine I think you're right what we find and I see this all the time and and I remember you know. When I was making. Just pennies as in now is looked at people who made more than -- -- that got my remain as much as they did. Then I'd be upset but. Like everybody else I see it. As people make more money they wanna buy a nicer house you know one by minister and Mars they wanna take more lavish vacations they wanna eat -- nicer restaurants that. That people in general now. Don't save they spend whatever they may well we get a promotion or raise they get a nicer -- interest. If you talk about a lot of these wealthy Americans and folks and and when you talk about them you talk people who know them though is that what you're you know what they're kind of and with it -- cheap but they're kind of stingy with their money -- that's how that. To be well yes because they know it and right they still live like it they weren't trying to make the money and that's how you hold onto it. I. You are correct. Well some big news out of L issue. Yeah now. Can I don't know if the issue so we saw this coming bill she started -- practice yesterday and Jalen mills the star defensive back. I've remember over the this summer. He was. -- arrested for second degree battery and that has now been classified as a misdemeanor. By the FDA in Baton Rouge. And he -- a lot in the play yesterday's to practice yesterday says he was suspended. But now apparently the suspension has been lifted it practiced with the Jews now the yeah on the play yet just with the yards by the ones and it's. Miles says you know -- he's gonna face them extra conditioning runs as part of his punishment. And you know we're gonna we're gonna do it a lot of it internally -- waited to punish him and so forth now. He still faces the charges they've been legacy dropped to -- mr. meaner -- simple battery charge. Four apparently punching a woman in the face. After she came to his apartment looking for another woman. And did you know that this happened last year with with Jeremy hill. The running back there was and I think that's a bad back bad and then. Go over gonna suspend their gonna spend and then he took a team vote as they do the quotes. Well whether or not we let Jeremy go back on the team to play and of course the teams that you -- implies it was demo on on them misdemeanor yet another misdemeanor -- thing off not a felony. I'll get back to the whole Ray Rice thing when when you get to realize where he's gonna discipline these guys I mean come on extra running is not disciplined. For a football player deal on Tom sorry you know but Ray -- usually you -- and -- the run extra laps if you do something goofy on the field if you if you missed an assignment. He supposedly punch somebody in the woman got him in the woman in the -- got to rest it's it's gonna run extra laps. Now he says he's not guilty and of course innocent -- proven guilty by this story that we got when the police arrested him when she goes to us now she's bang and honest or she's looking for a friend and -- she didn't want in the apartment with him. She says. He wouldn't come out she turned to walk away and he's saying comes up behind -- capture and children sucker punches right now or stitches. And that was witnessed here. And I know he maintains his innocence but it gets back to the Ray Rice thing Ray -- punches his then fiancee now wipe out cold dragster. Through a hotel and get suspended two games. He punches a woman in the face. Is initially by police. Charged were booked for second degree battery the DA says it didn't rise that leveled the misdemeanor so now it's he -- a woman in the FaceBook will still a template but not we're gonna make him run our. This could go on and on we're gonna have to take a break has missed teapot -- some things to talk about like. Scrabble yeah hi how it's important stay with -- -- Angela under the and you go we're back with thought our wonderful friends real quick if I like to do little trivia. This is a saint street you what happened 45 years ago today. 45451969. 45 years ago today time is up now Tom -- signed by the saints now. By the chargers thank you William Taylor -- loved you since we district we're talking. I do love this game. I don't play I. I watched my other line and my husband play they've played now those two really intimidate me when it comes to scrabble. Because there -- like words you know him well worth the difference the app I've done but I can't play with Stevie and I. Kind of gone away. As he he so many words that he's a big reader Nat gas and he intimidates me so I will never play with him. Now he's got 5000 more words to learn and I know apple killer dot com and right. Scrabble -- that count to execute I did words with friends I would look on. So yeah and I. Think this is a really good idea that there -- it because it does help younger people -- younger generation. Kind of get interested in this game and it's sort of brings people together because like with Stevie who played with has gone so you think she knows all her words that he knows that and he knows a lot of the new words and and when you have game time but things like hash tag and GO cash yet romance Jaffe bright L unless the buzz kill again yes what is it. Are all legal words and scrabble now according to Merriam Webster. Jot down. Jot them Jon -- got them I've never heard that in her life. As pertaining to a drop and then there's -- pad what is meant. That that's an Atlanta radio. Play video games out okay they -- frankly it joystick to join that we've learned something like enemy ethnic for a friend or enemy. So what does that really mean that it's -- -- -- -- -- -- If friend if you make them and. Hey maybe you know each other for -- time he'd done a school together for relying timing. That's not a BF that now no now. I'll talk behind your back but. When you're in yeah I'm very cordial. Did get passes on their new. On the subject of that kind of world social media what is this about a string of social media meetings. Lead to crime. At the latest. We now have from the North Shore and we've seen them all over the place now where. We keep seeing people meeting on social media and then crimes happening in fact now in Kenner. We had a guy from grant now who had some air jordans. That he won -- -- so he went on kick and an in state Graham to with a social media sites and today gets in Jordan's anyone wanna buy them. -- a teenager from Canner said he like that I am. You know let's meet -- that I met on 31 street and -- and according to police. The I want to buy it didn't have enough money. To pay the 160 dollars per pair this guy was selling his air -- sport. So it's -- Bobby write -- laughed he came back and apparently still and have the money but had a friend with a gun. -- says it actually five of them that that robbed the individual who was selling is air -- took four pairs of Jordan's. And fled with them they have since arrested. Four of the five suspects in -- Careful when you do that because you don't know these -- -- -- -- you've got to told us this morning was hey. If you meet someone online and you're gonna actually meet them in person at least two Witten somewhere public -- -- parking lot of -- mall you know or restaurant or at the library or somewhere where there are people around -- still have -- 10 and you know this comes on the heels we had two people report being carjacked. After setting up a date -- with someone they met on social media police still investigate this if one of those was. Action -- the true story and we had another woman I say that she met a man. On social media. They went on a -- went back to his place and after she rejected his advances for sex after the date he -- So police are saying come on if you meeting people on -- and use common -- be careful he got to know -- year. I'm I'm just amazed it's -- 160 bucks for a pair of shoes that. Well let me tell you I'm -- I don't know we're trying to get her friends are different -- Except. I saw ten issues and a well known department store Forman. 12100 dollars well you know gold almost. They had several different kinds it was the most extra think I was stopping people have you seen this 12100. Salesman is -- look these are 1250. So in my my son my thirteen -- been making repairs Jordan in the first month it was looking like 250 box. But yet you Wear -- to school. You crazy second quarter fifty out of maybe I'm I'm most of lucked out because none of my kids -- in the global brand -- when I was never there it's there -- where. Beat the fine there where announcement -- I got a pair of hand me downs of the regional air jordans but that's an -- Michael Jordan's first issue that lived in Chicago that was being beat deal that you -- you still have no shadow Hassan Adams I'd be. Rick wouldn't it be wealthy yet have a million dollars -- one of. Stay with -- everyone we're not done trending. All right let's go to lots of news and and this is interesting and very very sad about. The woman -- -- -- shocking and I think that's why it's still trying to for two days in a rose have been among the most popular stories on web sites across the country the mother and a girl pencil point this Pennsylvania boy. Whose decomposing body was found on the third floor of their home. Said she didn't know her son had died until days later when the smell became overwhelming. And it -- to watch how is that possible. Well she says that they have six children it was her husband's responsibility take care for mentally disabled son who lived on the third floor. And she in their routine. Tended to the other five children. And since she never went to like see him saying I never a couple of days anyway. Man how can you go a minute without saying Heidi she says that was just part of the quote normal routines. And that. The husband knew that the child had died did -- question he says. Couldn't bring himself to tell her about it -- -- -- -- it yes now. We're gonna switch very quickly breastfeeding week and yet it is our world breastfeeding week and it's it's here to protect and promote and support breastfeeding which is some that is a real big hot button issue. For a lot of people it is yeah and for all the health reasons and but sometimes have difficulty -- yes yeah so I did it for a year for both my girls very healthy the best thing -- do wonderful interview -- -- -- at Morgan and up on -- kind of emphasis is. Two yet to viral sports video is going around one talk about Michael Jordan he has a a basketball camp but it shows that he still got it. In the video he is in front of the big campers and their parents. And he makes eleven shots in a row all around. From the from the court in street clothes doesn't miss -- -- -- -- I'll -- three H three pointers from the site everywhere it makes this in a row. And then Clemson quarterback colts -- scared his teammates as they arrived at the facility. Yesterday. -- practice and in the interest to their facility that there west so -- own facility they have mannequins with a different uniforms on. Well one of the mannequins it was actually him. And the uniform just standing there. So as they walked in and and the big lineman of the best he just cannot. That and it states scream and run out 11 of the guys runs out of the building screaming double faults of the ground -- -- tough but it's pretty funny though. He had a good time doing. Now -- that is absolutely hilarious could have a two semen on -- -- -- mannequins and store but big but really just a quarterback and a.